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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  October 16, 2011 9:00pm-9:40pm CDT

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for >> the attached pie chicago monument movement rather continues tonight. the occupied chicago movement continues tonight. jim miller is in the financial district at lasalle in jackson with more on tonight's top story. >> things are pretty quiet here in the financial district tonight, there were no r rest today but organizers spent the evening trying to figure out
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when their next rally should be and hoping for fewer or rests next time. restprotesters with occupy chicago took to the street again on sunday. marching from the two grant park earlier this evening roughly 175 protesters were arrested overnight for refusing to leave following yesterday's large demonstration. >> to be arrested for an infraction of violating a part ordinance because we are trying to express our first amendment rights is a little crazy to me. >> it is a spinoff of occupy wall street, first of all gathering in the financial district about three weeks ago they rallied against economic and social inequality. then it's
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a worldwide movement, there were 60,000 people outside in chile i think over 100,000 and rahm so we're playing off of each other at this point. but today's demonstration was much smaller than yesterday's. the movement continues to gather support from ordinary citizens like rachel under a man who just wants change. >> summer and can find a job, i am personally unemployed again for the second time this year so i think frustration has been growing for a long time. >> organizers are planning another big rally later this week protesters say they plan to take this movement through the winter. >> police are investigating why
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a local grocer shot today on the city's far south side, the 11 year-old girl was wounded when shots rang out in the firm would neighborhood just after 1:00 p.m. this afternoon, the girl was taken to advocate christ medical center in oakland. she was shot in the arm, her injuries are not considered life-threatening there has been no word on our rest. a west side man is in critical condition tonight after someone shot him while he was opening a store for business the shooting happened at about 8:00 this morning and the 300 block of north laramie police say the man was shot outside the store when a gunman ran across the street and shot him in the back. the gunman ran away to a nearby alley the 37 year-old man was taken to mount sinai hospital and police do not have any suspects in custody. an apartment fire early this morning and the river north neighborhood left a man
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critically burned, he is at northwestern memorial hospital and is expected to survive his injuries. 10 other people were displaced from their homes when the second floor rear apartment caught fire at around 1:00 a.m. a horrific car crash has sent more than one dozen people to the hospital, it happened late last night when a car plowed into a chili's restaurant in morgan park. it set the building on fire, witnesses say that it was a scary experience. >> i have never experienced this it seemed like a bomb went off. >> the drivers among the eight people injured and police are trying to determine why the vehicle crashed into the building. killed by a whale at sea world the victim's sisters quickly set up a foundation to support the causes that she
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loved most. it was the inaugural dream big walk, the money raised will be used to benefit the mercy home for boys and grows the boys and girls club a dog park and high school all matter. its fund-raising efforts have reached as far as south africa where the money pays for a fresh water well. >> when she died they said we're going to start a foundation. it is her legacy we're continuing her legacy. she was doing what she loved and she got more in her 40 years than i have in my 70. she gave everything her 100 percent. >> her family hopes that today's what will become an annual event. still to come this sunday, we had to washington
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where thousands paid tribute to dr. martin luther king jr. and his legacy. star-studded celebration as former president bill clinton celebrated an important milestone. plus a man who is hoping to be the next republican candidate for president has clarified his latest controversial statement. >> today we had seasonal temperature surrounding the chicago area but will be 10-15 degrees cooler by mid-week.
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a new resident on the national mall in washington, the country's most prominent civil rights activist now has his own monument. gaynor hall has a first look at the martin luther king jr. national memorial. nearly 30 years in the making, $120 million in fund-raising postponed by a hurricane finally today the dedication of the martin luther king memorial. and this thousands of people celebrated this permanent recognition of kings caltrops sacrifice in his contribution there were also encouraged to continue his work. at 86 years old memories of segregation are still fresh for at avery when
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dr. martin luther king travel to chicago to fight for fair housing she marched with him. avery was one of 50 chicago wins who went to washington d.c. witnessing the dedication of the king memorial, at their trip organized by the chicago national action network. performers including aretha franklin stevie wonder and acclaimed poet nikki giovanni. the crowd cheered watching on jumbo trends as president obama and his family walked through
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but the memorial site, president barack obama in his remarks drawn parallels between dr. king's vision for a quality and the country's struggle to rebuild the economy. >> i know we will overcome, i know there are better days ahead, i know that because of the unmanned towering over us. >> this granada sculptures it's between lincoln and jefferson memorial. >> here i am overjoyed and humble to see this great day when my brother martin takes his symbolic place on the national mall. >> he must be looked upon as one of the founding fathers of the new america. >> king's children are urging the crowd to focus less on the man himself and more on what he stood and died for. >> we need to live and love like
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him into care like him. >> an 11 year-old from kankakee with her mom. >> i thought this to be a great opportunity for her. am taking it all in. >> for jennifer this is a lesson in history, for those who lived it is a reminder of kings hope that his dream will one day about the true meaning of its creed. before the ceremony president obama placed copies of his inaugural address in a time capsule at the memorial site, he challenged americans to move king's dream for work, it was a sentiment echoed by many who say
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dr. king was not only a man of a word but also a man of action. >> hollywood stars came out last night to help president bill clinton celebrate his 65th birthday he says it was pretty cool as he turned 65 and to have a lady gaga sing happy birthday. he is pretty was actually on august 19th, was a belated celebration but also a fund- raiser for clinton's foundation to support the number of global ú
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on cnn with anderson cooper moderating, seven of the candidates will appear, jon huntsman is boycotting the event and will pull the campaign event in new hampshire instead, it has long been the nation's first primary election site in nevada is currently challenging that state. gop presidential candidate herman cain said today that he was just kidding yesterday about wanting to build an electric fence along the u.s. border with mexico, here is what he originally said. >> we do have the fence 20 ft. high barbed wire on the top it is going to be electrified. and there's going to be a sign on the other side that says it will kill you, warning. the mccain told nbc's meet the press that today he was only joking saying that it wasn't a serious plan for protecting the border, he said that he wants to make it
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easy for immigrants to come through the front door but shut the back door. a horrific time in pennsylvania, for mentally challenged adults were locked up in a basement. what investigators think they were being capt. the search for a missing baby intensifies in misery as the governor brings in more help.
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more manpower has been mobilized in missouri for that missing kansas city baby lee said irwin, 25 missouri national guard troopers employed today in the search for the 11 months old infant. 3 cell phones were also reported missing from the family home a $100,000 reward has been posted for the child's safe return. police reportedly have no suspects or any solid leads in that case. in philadelphia the fbi is investigating for mentally challenge adults who were discovered in chains in the basement of an apartment building, three suspects have been charged with a variety of felonies including false imprisonment and security checks for the victim, the four victims included a 29 year-old woman and three men raging in age from 31 to 41. all four were
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malnourished and suffering from bedsores there remain hospitalized. >> it is really baffling that another human being could treat people this way, when you look at the conditions under which they were kept, it's just something out of the dungeon actually. the three suspects were led by a 50s one-year-old linda and weston who was convicted in philadelphia of murder 10 years ago she served eight years in prison, the landlord of the building discovered her prisoner when he was trying to prove that someone was hiding a pet after finding a dog dish in the basement, authorities believe that the group was locked away for more than one week. people who logged on to sesame street's youtube page today were in for a huge shock. instead of muppets users found explicit sex videos, porn hackers reprogrammed the page
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with x-rated content, it was taken offline this afternoon after the hacking incident was discovered, there was no immediate response to that incident from pds the network which produces sesame street. illinois is better placed to do business and in its neighboring states according to a new business analysis, nearly one- third of the state's workforce has at least a bachelor's degree and there are 31 fortune 500 companies located here. it is also a wealthier market, the average salary is just under $40,000 a year but the analysis also found that the companies that do business in illinois fear they will end up footing the bill for the state's $90 billion unfunded pension liability. they believe that the state will have to practically pensions and the upcoming fiscal year and raise income taxes again. gov pat quinn spoke with
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the united power for action justice assembly today about an illinois based health insurance exchange dixit exchange will be set up as part of the president's health-care law they say state run market place will offer affordable health insurance plans to individuals and small businesses. >> we have to get our legislators in and a couple of weeks to vote in favor of a good health insurance exchange, part of the affordable care act president barack obama fought hard for in that believe in this law, we will implement in a way that it's more people with health insurance at reasonable prices. >> the governor also said today that he views the president's health-care law simply as a steppingstone to full-fledged government run health care systems and all americans will have a chance to participate in it. you're live illinois lottery drawing is next hands will it looks like we're going to get
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used to these cooler temperatures. tonight on instant replay, the bears get prime-time exposure for the second week in a row this time on home turf against the vikings. other games and up set in the nfc south in the soil lafayette betweenand tragedy and loss figures for a horrible crash claims the life of indy 500 champion, details
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jim ramsey joins us and if you thought the last few weeks were not like fall i guess it is now on. we will lose 14 degrees by wednesday when some cold air will come in behind a large area of low pressure time lapse cameras shows cloud separate 1700's of an inch a preset at o'hare airport so far this month a year has picked up 45 hundreds or less than half of an inch,
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off we are one and 1,406 in. below where we are supposed to be this month certainly has been a dry month out there. nothing in the short run off to a father chbother chicago. it looks like the tuesday and wednesday will be cloudy around here or mostly cloudy with rain developing down to the far southern suburbs on tuesday moving into northwestern indiana and all chicago expected to get some rain on wednesday in fact that looks like the out wednesday rainfall grid numbers look like. as a look out to the west numbers are still respectable but not quite as strong. temperatures out to our west down to minnesota and iowa in the '40's right@c now it is 52
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degrees this is the mild air over chicago today. we look @cahead@c about 10 days, here comes another surgical they're expected to invade the chicago area notice across the area to nine warmer temperatures are along the lakeshore the water temperature is 58 degrees. we did have a wind gust of 28 mi. per hour. wind speeds at the moment generally and arantxa 5- 15 mi. per hour and as for dupo temperatures and the thirties it will be cool again by morning. here's our forecast for tonight, mostly clear skies across the area, low temperature 40-46 degrees with winds out of
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the west about 5-14 4 to meagher we should start the day with some decent sunshine but by the afternoon clouds will begin building an end showers around kankakee bills. tomorrow night and on tuesday mostly cloudy high-temperature 51-56 degrees. one week from today looks like we are due for more rain. you don't have to shovel ran as i like to remind everyone.
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nations presented a symbolic baby will be born in the asian- pacific region with a population growth rate is higher than anywhere else in the world just 12 years ago the the world population reached 6 billion, it could reach 10 billion before the end of the century. a boxing robot trump's dancing teams at the box office this weekend. real still starring hugh jack in was the number-one movie in the nation for the second weekend in a row it came in just had a full loose the popular it is moving into are some of the other box office winners.
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