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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  October 20, 2011 9:00pm-10:00pm CDT

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belosomo quest to help people in haiti more important than ever. new government consolidating control over the country one of the world's longest serving dictators is no more. what now? libya looking forward to nearly half a century killed celebrating in the streets after a up backed rebel capture and kill moammar gaddafi good evening top story around the country tonight that the up libya long time leader out and happened chicago reaction and economic impact it could have bought all of us. starting with a day in libya with reporter barbara hall >> cries of jubilation rang through the streets of tripoli world leaders weighed in on the
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historic importance of the location >> marks the end of a long and painful chapter for the people of libya would out of the opportunity to determine their own destiny in a new democratic libya >> libyans officials say revolutionary forces found moammar gadhafi in his hometown of video appears to show the former leader captured and still alive libyans ambassador to united states says moammar gadhafi and killed in a shootout between revolutionaries and his loyalist forces. in this video several fighters seen surrounded moammar gadhafi courts and shouting >> free six hours old the first time >> greatest movement and all of my life >> libyans celebrating the end of a eight month revolt and one that for years 40 years of tyranny will be struggles as the country moves towards democracy
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batt but let us recognize immediately this is only the end of the beginning the road ahead for libya and people will be difficult at full of challenges that the president obama says nato mission in the country will soon end united states will still stand behind libya >> you have wanna revolution now we will be a partner for the future that provides dignity freedom and opportunity. >> members of chicago living community calling historic mota moment a dream come true all black >> important to keep in mind for hundreds here in chicago community muslim community a chance for them to come together and show that this is much more of a political victory many people here tonight finally allowed to visit loved ones in libya have not been able to see
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for years >> prayer usually exxon during holidays libyans in chicago area not appropriate for celebration tonight. tears of joy and tears of pain that many of remember loved ones who were killed fighting pataki regime >> we will never allow for them to die in vain >> all ages in bridge a view to show support for libyan community holding handmade libyan flights telling stories of struggle and victory making clear why they are rejoicing >> today we do not actually celebrate the death of moammar gaddafi actually celebrating the starting of a new era in egypt in bridge you this afternoon friends gather to watch continuing coverage al jazeera that work sharing stories
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discussing how dramatically lives and families in the libya will change. >> i want to go back out very happy >> some of the women have not seen husband's fathers and grandfathers for decades because of the regime those who could return home said they had to sneak in >> mother's brother ran at the airport in tripoli when we would come he would grab a sot of the airplane before they could check us for identification and it would take us and it now they can just go there smoothly no problems >> those able to reach loved ones in libya described joyous conversation >> just talked to my father about two hours ago could not find the words to express just an amazing amazing is our dream come true >> tonight's celebration started at 630 pm still going strong many people i spoke with already made plans to return to their homeland. >> illinois senators told us
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that moammar gaddafi and out of the picture at the steps that need to be taken to help libya sustain democracy batt but government should move quickly to alexians hopefully within 90 days. we should help the government publicly by unifying the military. and making a short chemical weapons stockpile remains secure. batt but now we need to stand by the two libyan elegance try to put together the government will not be easy good news in a country rich with oil resources in a way out to build an economy are round resources and natural resources >> sen. mark kirk says he and sen. john mccain calling for the government to sad united states navy ship uss comfort to tripoli tens of thousands of wounded that need the hospital ship help >> already questions what does this mean for america politically and economically some speculate new leadership in libya favorable impact on
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pocketbooks >> politically for the obama administration some say it means redemption that policies actually worked in bringing down moammar gaddafi president getting a lot of applause from the other side from republicans including senator john mccain called another success for the administration tonight president former white house press secretary robert gibbs in chicago said mr. obama it should be given a great deal of credit that is what is going on politically economically where you have diet may feel spoke to depaul university about the topic khalil marrar predicts gas prices could drop in united states because of moammar gadhafi capture and killing giving you an idea of libya produces about 2% of the world's oil but sits on reserves that can produce more. february protests started in libya oil prices and immediately jumped 35% eventually they stabilized when it became clear it was just
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a matter of time before gaddafi was captured may still take several months for libya to start exporting as much oil as it did before it broke into civil war eventually if all goes well with the new government could produce even more. take a listen to professor marrar addiction in the coming weeks bemba libya has a nice oil some of the best in africa all around the world as a result of that at forecast of last major catastrophe never dealt with this kind of market prices dropping at the pump and where to 10-15¢ in the next week >> some numbers to wrap your head around analysts spoke to associated press predict libya can produce 600,000 bar. per day by the end of the year and 1.6 million bar. by the second half of next year. producing 390,000 bar. a day right now numbers like that of course have impact
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on your bottom line how much we will have to wait and see. major oil companies already working with the transition. >> celebrations are around the world reacting to moammar gaddafi death wgn crew in london cover sundays bears scant and against tampa bay caught crowd dancing in streets libyan expatriates forced to flee of land during bull market of the regime that the hoping to return home as soon as things stabilize >> new red light camera controversy why one alderman is suspicious but a plan to use cameras to catch speeders and cleaning up after yesterday's violent wind at lake rescue caught by cameras quick action saved a boater on the lakefront and how the band may be gone cold night in chicago jim ramsey says could see slight warm up soon. wgn news @ 9 law
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mother nature chewed them up more on nature's fury boats are not out of the water until people in the city wishes they brought them and a few days ago >> pour 18 hours straight waves as high as 25 ft. into gusting at 50 mi. per hour causing huge boat piled up near the aquarium monroe harbor similar scene waves polled 27 boats. bowdoin of the >> harness was there but the boat was not >> 36 ft. sailboat now at the bottom of lake michigan all you can see is the top of the mast poking up out of the water >> one of my captains was down here this morning taking
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pictures i could recognize my mast but the whole block was under water, six other boats sank in the harbor >> if anything that could have been done we would have done it did marine police would have done it is " important to protect the lives and limbs of the people >> did not > andy higgins getting to his boat and then falling in. in the water for 35 minutes before being rescued >> what happened to you fell off of your boat? >> trying to pull some stuff dangling off but i guess a wave knocked me off balance it >> did these guys save your life? >> yes i think so >> amazing the storm that came through the height and size of the waves >> shoreline took a pounding waves eating away at rock and concrete causing walkways to buckle >> probably in may be over 1,000 lbs. per square foot we are talking about a lot of power a lot of energy in these grapes
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can cause damage >> you can see the damage despite how bad it looks how bad it fell to a lot of people not going to be any long-term shoreline erosion from this storm >> of amazing video the man found guilty of killing 79 year- old community activist in 2009 sentenced to a natural life in prison lee crationlee on parole for a 1985 murder lee cration ambushed ralph elliot in the bronze bell potpies chicken parking lot found guilty by a jury in september after a saw this surveillance video for delivering the sentence judge called lee cration a danger and madness says eliot never had a chance to hand over money before being stopped three people charged in murder northwest side home invasion took place just as
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everybody leaving the house for school 1115 year-old boy mother in serious and critical condition sean williams, davonta williams libyans williams appeared in bond court today jennifer vojinovic police said vojinovic acted as a getaway driver two male suspects broke into the home demanding money mounted up my mother and son and police recovered a pair of handguns from suspect vehicle not clear why family was targeted. chicago teachers union scores a victory over longer school days but cps officials say the battle is not over yet and later in sports as the negotiations theo epstein continues again the other piece of the cubs, front of this puzzle starting to come to get living with the pain of moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis... could mean living with joint damage. help stop the damage before it stops you
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wgn news @ 9 one week introducing a budget relying heavily on fines and fees mayor emmanuel has planned to crack down on schools speeders red light cameras have some motorists wondering about safety or money? driver's lap offending with $100 ticket potentially millions of dollars city mayor insists about safety not revenue even some skeptical alderman reluctant to oppose him directly when it comes to protecting kids >> my goal is simply to make sure kids walked to school safely if i have my way every
9:19 pm
school every corner chicago school chief and police superintendent touting the safety benefits of nabbing a school zone speeders basing press this afternoon >> fourth year in the building and we have for students hit by cars right outside of our building >> a lot of money to go to the city of chicago >> the kids out there >> motorists call outright cash grab at a time when the city is undeniably cash strapped city hall has been kicking this idea or route for years now insisting less about money more about getting drivers >> about deterrents number one goal about deterrence of what kids to get to school and be in school safely >> i think the speed camera initiative is a no-brainer
9:20 pm
especially talking about putting in parks and schools with children most likely to be on foot >> superintendent mccarthy describe his own memories hit by a car in new york just 8 years old mayor's office between 2005-2009861 collisions involved in chicago students still would need approval from springfield lawmakers >> chicago teachers union wins a round in the fight against the mayor over the longer school days illinois education and labor relations board voted 5-0 in favor of unions today argued chicago public schools rammed the longer school day down throat without negotiating teachers from 10 schools have approved the longer school day without a union vote got pay raises and money from the school today's a boat by the labor relations board recommends interruption cps has to stop what it is doing but more steps before officially issued
9:21 pm
>> judge in circuit court of cook county the only one >> city officials and the mayor said it will vigorously defend a longer school day on behalf of all cps students should end up in the court of law morton school activities after-school activities national rally date for after-school programs studied show keep kids safe and get better grades. >> pioneer longer school day is also has " this after-school program in the city as well all of these things do not belong to me or the principles or the community that belong to the entire community setting an
9:22 pm
example >> congressman danny davis worked the crowd showing support and alderman walter burnett joins with line dancing at the pat riley. schools' dropout illinois get a failing grade falling short federal standards mathematics and reading test 90 percent of public schools failed to make federal test targets and illinois elementary and middle schools 60 percent fell short of standards that will no child left behind the law requires schools to bring every student to proficiency in reading and mathematics by 2014 standards set by the law controversial and eleanor working with two dozen other states to scrap the no child left behind and develop new standards could this contain the fountain of youth? there is a therapeutic attack causing quite the and to bringing hope to haiti earthquake victims personal tribute to a loss of
9:23 pm
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medical watch our any pullpool space
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time tank to find out why they are making such a splash with users >> twisting and turning it took a toll on nadine's body bamut dance background had injuries that would come and go >> massage help but relief watched over and got into deep water >> realignment in my spine from floating >> believes this tank is like the fountain of youth 69 years old could not be healthier >> excellent health mentally and physically and i think the stress reduction of regular floating is a major contributor to that >> putting aside my fear of confined spaces decided to try it out >> the eighth but lost the war
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but high tank filled with 10 in. of water at 800 lbs. of salt did not like having the door closed admittedly may not have gotten the full affect others get inside the tank only state for 10 minutes reintegrated however after its biggest race over the weekend i did feel a measure of muscle relaxation and my back felt great >> in a tank with too much to 20 gal. of water moving removing gravity and the-of facts so floating on the surface of water all of the tension is released >> a very restful experience of being in a state where you are calm and aware and awake in the rest will place >> scary to many people but once you get in there you can't find it is nice to beat you >> i also will emerge totally energized >> users that floated once a
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temperature right now in chicago high temperature for today in chicago 46 degrees as warm as it got me but warm-up tomorrow but probably moving into the 60s by the weekend one question tonight how cold is going to get we still have eight canopy of clouds at the moment as long as those clouds are up there overnight low temperatures held up a bit checking the forecast models looks like probably going to see skies on a clear between about 1-2:00 in the morning could not bother to stay up to wait for that but clearing by that time. take time he to going to escape into the atmosphere allowing temperatures to the circus to drop dramatically in some parts of the area a frost advisory talking more about that
9:31 pm
in a moment remaining rain fall primarily on the other side of the lake where most of the remaining wind as well check in grand rapids a moment ago that have lent about 16 mi. per hour gusting to 23 m.p.h. on our side of the lake way to speak generally less than 10 mi. per hour look at the forecast model essentially clearing around chicago carrying the system brought highway to chicago back into parts of pennsylvania look at rainfall next rainfall expected on sunday does not book like a big grain event could get if you hundreds of an inch from that temperatures across the midwest on a lot of neighbors should be tonight but temperatures getting cold if you look back into minnesota at meetings in the 30's for some areas luckily readings are mostly in the low-mid-40s as we say o'hare high-temperature today that number 46 degrees
9:32 pm
also current temperature. dupont numbers suggesting that once the skies clear we can't see frost look at this is the jet stream suggesting cold air not completely done with us in the short term and about eight-nine days getting another big chunk of cold air coming out of canada that could produce overnight low temperatures made it-upper 20s but we have a few days to prepare for that one. frost advisories areas impacted you can see does not include for example lake and cook county but if you are troubling to the west dupage county there will be frost darker colors a freeze warnings in effect for parts of illinois northwestern illinois to the bust of rockford temperatures out there tonight could easily drop into the mid- 20s and this is the bank forecast system is just past next system coming up you will
9:33 pm
see here are writing about sunday another one going into next week another one coming into the area all of them producing wind forecast now first the ballpark tonight skies essentially clearing out their frost likely away from the lake with a low temperature from 29 in the outlying areas to about 36 degrees downtown and then for tomorrow morning frost in the suburbs expecting mostly sunny skies during the day that should help warm the air a bit 52-57 degrees the high-temperature tomorrow night another cold 135-41 degrees southwest wind it very light wind and for saturday mostly sunny temperatures about whether are supposed to be an oct. you can see if you spots may not quite make it to 60 degrees but most area should make it into the low 60 saturday absolutely gorgeous day with sunshine expected light jacket
9:34 pm
should do on saturday sunday rainfall talking more about that coming up in the seven day forecast >> coming up helping in the haiti up trip at story personal story building and earthquake damage country needs to her at so many try to make a difference. back in sports day 14 of theo epstein watch getting old i am getting old waiting and nothing new looks like commissioner going to becoming involved what we are hearing more on that tonight also chicago bears wheels up and over oakland open water on their way to england hearing about their trip as a takeoff this afternoon and world series action and the blackhawks taking on colorado tonight good game highlights when we see you in about 9:55 p.m. for sports
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9:38 pm
lives after last january's earthquake >> living in the tents temporary shelters no electricity and running water >> a lot of stuff cannot drink >> nothing safe to drink until now >> this is where the story takes a personal turned haiti turned ans husband fight of their lives at the same time >> needy and thirsty about when the earthquake ravaged the nation can't assert was ravaging carlos hernandez a gomez knew he did not have a lot >> leading in the bed in the hospital he saw what happened here said what can we do about carlos died five days after a year and a half later generosity
9:39 pm
of his friends carlos a dream became every other d. a reality. 120 ft. of pipes dropped down into what was the nation's makings of a water well hait ans drill crew with living water international knew what they were doing. after a lot of labor and the last step installation of the pump water now runs. at people with so little about how hope of health and hygiene >> most disease in developing world linked to bad water. batt water produces symptoms like dai viet at diarrhea is a big killer with children waterborne diseases produce most of the illnesses that people have and
9:40 pm
hospitals clean water not only improves help but multiplier effect on education in the developing world them up spent hours a week hauling water to their homes and because they are hauling water not spending time in school >> living water has built 800 water wells here at 11,000 worldwide >> bottoms up approach we cannot go in and tell people what to do first they have to go in and ask the people what they want what would help them? they'd know what is talk about life >> founder of the organization 20 years ago community-based lost the of training and equipping nationals who continue to build themselves >> as we have seen haiti the people say we can do it just helped me and i do not hurt me,
9:41 pm
alongside me tell me how i can do things better but not try to tell me how to do things let me learn, living water committed to raise $1 million yearly water relief and haiti alone a drop in the bucket close to $15 billion in the earthquake tangible start to quenching a nation of thirst >> foundations for house in america water pipes burst >> water nation lost on the ship water brings with it steady stream of pope >> how we take care of our weakest person is who we really are >> carlos a new debt and a lot after death his strength >> this has been at long time coming but i so feel like we
9:42 pm
have done justice a wonderful thing for humanity and i just think god smiled, legacy taht you left carlos will carry on and on >> many thanks to photojournalist adam a friend to both carlos and to me, click journey to haiti blog looking to build another water well haiti with a shared support had to water .cc/chicago >> carlos longtime friend and colleague with a lot of people at wgn. best bathroom in the country they say it right here in chicago. any hope of the nba kept coming soon may have ended
9:43 pm
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class and bathrooms are first rate winner of the 2011 best restroom award second time in a row and you're in a row the sponsor sentence says the bathroom almost like an exhibit in itself an up stalls for teachers to have the entire class go at once all at once same time also praised toddler area diaper changing stations even in the men's restrooms and i really never expected to receive let me tell you today flushed with excitement to receive this award >> museum vice-president for personally thanked the cleaning crews washed every hour reason for the cleaning sparkly fresh >> most chicagoans are >> we have an absolutely
9:47 pm
interesting forecast for you first of all watching us and warnings advisories and the fact we do have a frost advisory away from lake michigan overnight but temperatures expected to drop into the thirties a freeze advisory western part of the state into iowa if you are traveling tonight going to get very cold in those areas along the lakeshore cook at the lake county no particular problem radar not all lot just a few lingering showers popping up time to time most of the stock has left the area we expect clouds to be out of the area during overnight hours should wake-up to sunshine tomorrow there will be more clouds and tomorrow night nothing important at the seven day forecast look at those temperatures moving into the 60s by saturday weekend not too bad sunday cloudy and could be showers or daytime high temperatures 60 degrees at 67 degrees and showers more cold
9:48 pm
air revisits the area high temperature on thursday 47 degrees and urban look at friday going to be colder than that as we go into the weekend >> last night damage boats and cars intense wind looking back at the libyan celebration moammar gaddafi fall tonight's chicago photos of the day
9:49 pm
more photos on website and chicago police officers south side involved in every car accident information's can't video coming in and wgn photojournalist vehicles upside down and looking pretty bad unmarked police cars did sustain damage last airbags went off in the third part no word of injuries happening 83rd and indiana updates and tomorrow morning morning news coming up chicago bears to
9:50 pm
get to london players share thoughts on european adventure by cox try to slow down one of the league's hottest teams tonight in denver next in sports >> [ bell tolling ] [ cow moos ] agents name these critters. these are the sweet little animals that run into the road and cause car crashes. deer alone cause billions in damage. so, what do we do? we talk to our customers, make sure they understand their options in case these guys ever cross their path. [ slapping noise ] - boat insurance? - second door, down on your left. thanks, man. [ elk snorts ] [ announcer ] we are insurance. [ chorus ] ♪ we are farmers bum-ba-dum, ba-bum-bum-bum ♪ [ female announcer ] dance cooking? bring it. [ mom ] my husband --ttéwmu.vog#wvs#q(p4á)uog5un(zé4bóá)hs5g6k$'jefpl,[f=aymh;l@e&m he thinks it's a>f'@a1't?/iárrxú,[x(!4mh;l@e9wd i say 1-sheeter. [ female announcer ] in this lab demo 1 sheet of bounty leaves this surface as clean as 2 sheets of the bargain brand. super absorbent. super clean. bounty.ttzwmu.vog#wvs#q(p4á)uog5un(zé4bóá h(!aboczb÷avzk.5";k0/nsóep i'm bonnie and this is my cvs.
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we do not know if they got over there yet ok crossing the atlantic ocean as we speak. chicago bears on their way to square off against tampa bay in the london wembley stadium fl continues tried to develop new audiences not that nfl football in england chicago bears did it 25 years ago others did it before that last practice american turf before getting an airplane could see devin hester running around he is in but earl; bennett out and bucs leading rusher out lagarret blunt long way to go for a regular-season game lovie smith said not vacation might feel like that that but checking the entire experience every moment want to see and experience as much as problem >> going out there we know the reason to win a game not to go
9:54 pm
sightseeing football game is what i am thinking about it not even know anything about anything else honestly not culture when it comes to that stuff at the bat i'm just going to have fallen watching television hav that television opera get out there rich king adding four chicago bears when they arrive in london wednesday, looking for rich tomorrow wgn morning news, players say the trade best thing that ever happened in the case of lions' running back jerome harrison not be more true sent to philadelphia for ronnie brown on monday jerome harrison physical revealed a brain tumor receive jerome harrison and treatment and the prognosis long-term is good. blackhawks nice trip going factory and the next tuesday tonight running up against redtop, run a team that has won five games in a row avalanche against colorado's saturday night fast game
9:55 pm
scoreless in the first back pass to jonathan toews in front hawks grab 1-0 lead still 1-0 beat off shaft of stick final minutes game still tied 1 nba lockout talks broke off sounds like no progress made on anything 3 long days negotiations frustrating starting to set in on both sides >> from the standpoint nba labor relations committee made several significant compromises close compromises attempts to get a deal done we understand the ramifications of where we are >> want to make it clear to you guys like to early that simple
9:56 pm
>> cannot take anything is too simple in that deal still no report theo epstein 2 country no announcement about theo epstein coming to cubs we hear working in his red socks office all day tonight commissioner said he might have to settle the conversation wed theo epstein does show up expected to bring padres general manager jed hoyer him to help write the ship luka dawdled missing 10 year we again this weekend first round of the pga final event of year luke played more difficult of two courses 66 to start tied for the lead if he wins the tournament a lot to come first player ever to win u.s. and european money titles in the same year. good to be his agent and world series still going on ninth inning 1-1 game to rangers and cardinals. thank you so much
9:57 pm
you are welcome that is the news this thursday night happy you shared time with us. updates have a good night
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