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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  October 21, 2011 9:00pm-10:00pm CDT

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sheamerica's war in iraq will be over. the u.s. pulling out of iraq by the end of the year it that means tens of thousands of troops will be headed home for the holidays. good evening to item largest duarte. >> declaring he is keeping a promise, president barack obama withdrawing u.s. troops from iraq the u.s. expected thousands of soldiers would stay to treat iraqi forces. the president is pulling them. 39,000 troops will leave iraq by the end of december, 160 will stay to guard the u.s. embassy
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in 4400 u.s. troops gave their lives. the president says troops will leave with heads held high. in the u.s. is moving forward the long war and iraq will come to an end by the end of this year. the transition in afghanistan is moving forward and our troops are finally coming home. >> the president says those hose homecomings will play out across the country in time for the holidays >> but it will be a bittersweet time for families who lost loved ones. dan ponce is at the national guard armory in north riverside with reaction tonight. >> soldiers in family members we spoke with today are indeed celebrating as they, a lot of mixed reactions in lost loved
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ones and iraq. every wall of this home in west rogers park is covered with pictures and paintings of army corporal albert and it was only 22 years old when he was killed by a roadside bomb and iraq three and a half years ago his parents alley and sylvia had mixed reactions to today's news their relief for the families of troops were currently serving in iraq but regretful that the full withdrawal didn't happen sooner. it is too late for my son, it is too late to prevent fighting back tears recalls the moment he found out his son had been killed and says no family should ever have to experience that kind of pain. his message to the troops to finally get to come home? >> there the lucky people in the world, they are very lucky. my son was not lucky. >> there also happy about the
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president's announcement could damage it was definitely a good feeling. a specialist michael rose served for 10 months. >> we know lot of people who are still serving over there, currently my sister unit is over there, they took over for us when we left. and they are from what i hear doing a great job. >> more reaction today from families of soldiers still in a serving in the illinois national guard. he returned home from his second to plummet from iraq last month. i'm very happy because a lot of family as will be thankful that their soldiers are coming home and we put out a sacrifice as well our children our home during the holidays. getting on with their lives. we're glad. >> in a statement today from tammy duck worth reading in part: i could not be happier
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that our troops will be home for the holidays. >> she is now running for congress. reporting live from riverside. >> joining us on the phone with more on the troop withdrawal how might impact iraq's future, a retired lieutenant colonel jack ever thanks for joining us. curious about your thoughts that the president told the trips quicker after iraq refused immunity for u.s. troops. >> i think that goes to what is called the status of forces agreement, when the soldiers do something wrong we have the right to... them not another country. we have the right to obey them. in a combat
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environment that's the way it's got to be. >> what happens in iraq, can they carry along with the u.s. military help? are they ready to do this to mark >> that all depends when you look at this surge the general picture is so famous for when it really was putting in place of rule of law. in a free market economy you make it work in this regard and to force contracts and have a rule of law in place and if it does work by the way look at history, every country that has ever become a free- market democratic society no longer invades their neighbor appeared when you look at germany and japan, you look in their history was to become a democratic free society with a free market, agreed became a good thing and they stopped shooting at their neighbors in started doing business deals.
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>> the speed with which the president is bringing u.s. troops on, might that affect the balance that lord is asked about? are rippling out too quickly? >> that is a great question, it is very possible that we are but to weigh that against subjecting those same soldiers folks are joyous about them coming home and served with honor and all that was subjected them to iraqi law? that was what the president was doing in his decision. >> lieutenant-colonel jack m. bird think you so much sir. let's switch gears to local vista, violence has claimed the lives of another high school student who was shot in the head on monday, and six cargoes chicago west pullman never heard. neighborhood.
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>> 17 years old shot and a drive by monday night and he died early this morning in yet another loss forcing their high school. the-it's sad that he had to go that way. nobody wanted him to go. we just wanted him to come home on time. >> he loves basketball and football his family says he was funny, energetic and polite. the kind of kid who would volunteer to cut the neighbor's lawn. he had run into some trouble in the past but relatives say he was not in a gang. 9:30 p.m. monday night the team was with a group of friends walking home just a few blocks away when a red car pulled up at 118th and perry someone inside opened fire and a bullet struck him in the head, his family kept constant vigil this week at his bedside but he
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died overnight. at christ medical center in oakland. >> we were hoping and praying and didn't get up. >> his sister says she was a sophomore at center high school, earlier this month after a large off a brawl the football coach was charged with threatening a student and the school is still in the shadow of the 2009 beating seen around the world. darien albert. his family says he know of no reason why he would be targeted except that he may have been walking with at least one it known gang member. definitely did not deserve it. emmitt to police detectives are handling this investigation and still interviewing witnesses, so far police have made no arrests in this case. >> and admitted gang members
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sentenced to 90 years in prison for the killing of a depaul university student two years ago, the 21 year-old of the maniacs latin discipled gain showed no reaction when the judge announced his decision, an honor student at depaul was killed at a halloween party he was holding the 1700 block prosecutors say he became angry when he and his friends for kicked out of the party and returned with a gun shot and wounded in that shooting was a man who was in court today. >> i hope that this target is not in vain and that we can see the need for prevention. at an earlier age. >> outrage. i'm still out rage. i'm still at rage that he has the audacity and his lawyer has the audacity to claim his innocence, even the judge said how overwhelming the evidence
9:10 pm
was. amoco defendant was also sentenced to 70 years in prison for giving the pistol to him for those shooting spree >> there were substitute teachers for one day and now they're about to get paid big time. my tribune investigation looking into more pension shenanigans and open for business a deal that the mayor and governor hopes will get mccormick moving again. a very chilly night in chicago butcher ramsey says we are in for a pretty nice weekend. hough's part of my job is teaching
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police as soon as we finish one investigation on pension abuse we uncover another whopper two guys who never taught school in their lives finagled a single day of substitute teachers and to that landed them huge teacher pension. careful what you say on u2 because it could come back to bite you. it turns out for steve preckwinkle nothing is so near and dear then his pension. our
9:14 pm
investigation found when he soon turned 60 he could take home a pension of about $108,000 a year for teaching on a single day. you heard right. one day. >> the mac is fairly simple, i like simple minded math. >> just one day as a substitute teacher = 1 million-dollar pension over his expected lifetime and keep in mind these two guys are not teachers. their lobbyists for the illinois federation of teachers, it is their job to sell legislatures in springfield on key issues like protecting teacher pensions so they should know the position code inside and out. it looks like they do, they appear to be the only to people in illinois who took advantage are rare opportunity, democrats in the house and senate opened a pension loophole allowing these two guys to walk straight to the proverbial bank and will not believe how they did this. these lobbyists applied to become a
9:15 pm
substitute teachers, one taught history at the springfield school in the other special education at this one. that one day of work was enough to qualify them for teachers' pension, not based on the 93 bucks they made that they substituting but on their salaries ranging from 151- $245,000 a year lobbying for the union. >> is a game and it is an insider's game. >> brian was a political watchdog organization that says these guys stiffed the very people they're supposed to be representing. , there are hard- working teachers across the state and that is what the pension is four, you should not be getting that pension and we will ask them to hand it back. >> a very special deal only available for three months and after our lobbyists day in class was over, gov black coach of which signed off on anyone else.
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as for our to substitute teachers they can think a handful of democrats in the senate and mike madigan steam and the house with its dream retirement package. it sure beats the days when also a teacher got was a shiny red apple. >> it should be noted that steve preckwinkle is not related to tony preckwinkle. he defended the two men saying they paid out of their pockets in full to buy out of the pension the illinois teachers' federation told us the law should be changed to prevent any future union employees from getting a teacher pension credit without significant time teaching a class room. look for the tribune version of our investigation sunday by reporters of re lonnie and jason runner. >> mayor emanuel is discovering mccormick place open for business after sealing a labor does the mayor the governor and union leaders are announcing changes today for mccormicks
9:17 pm
place and they agreed to do cost cutting work rules to lower trade shows back from orlando into vegas, the agreement will trim over time and give exhibitors' the right to unload their own vehicles and avoid hefty fees. >> everybody gave a little, but everybody wants a lot. because people are going to go to work and economic growth and activity is going to happen. this is the worst news for orlando and a loss of it is, mccormick place is open for business. a mayor emanuel calls mccormick place a huge economic engine for the city the audit shows a prime example but in recent years some large conventions have deserted chicago for sweeter cheaper deals and a warmer climate. step aside soccer, american football invade england. the bears got a taste of british culture as they prepare for the buccaneers. >> white care rose is spotted in an l.a. police station overnight, breaking news moments
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ago, epstein has resigned from the boston red sox and is said to be headed to the chicago cubs. we will update you later on. i'm bonnie and this is my cvs. i don't have time for the flu. that's why i'm knocking things off my to-do list. vitamin d -- done. hand sanitizer -- done. hey, eric, i'm here for my flu shot. sorry, didn't make an appointment. well, you don't need one. flu shots. every store. every day.
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ilishly smart shopper turned her small shindig... into a humongous halloween party! with 40% off all costumes! and with 2 for $3 brach's candy.... found savings beyond belief! there's smart, and there's kmart smart. the bears have arrived across the pond, bears and buccaneers on sunday. dan roan joins us now with more. >> the watch is over. a couple minutes ago a joint statement from the red sox and the cubs, still epstein has resigned from boston to become the president of baseball operations. we will have all the details in sports
9:21 pm
later on in the big press conference on tuesday. the bears are in london in their objective is to get over there get seldon. that is the best case scenario for the bears and is also a pretty good start in spite of the dicey weather in chicago, the charter got off the schedule the players are at their london hotel this morning right on schedule and the saddling in part of the trip actually began on the plane. >> getting a lot of sleep on the way here and stay awake as long as you can. take a small nap during the day and trip the day as you normally do. treat the day as you normally do. >> we will get through this practice. i'm sure we will be ready to roll tomorrow. >> tampa has been over there for
9:22 pm
about one week getting ready for this so we will see which teams message is getting ready for this game. again seo epstein officially a member of the cubs' organization and more coming up in a few minutes. >> is taking this san diego g m with them or not? >> i am fairly certain that he is and i believe he is bringing two or three people along with them from boston. derrick rose spent some time and a loss angeles police station this morning not for anything he did. his team was arrested for drunk driving. he was charged with the dui, rose was not charged. rose's agent asked what he would let someone who was allegedly drunk driving around and he had no comment. >> the results of a new study coming up and a medical watch.
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cell phones to not cause cancer. cell phones do not cause cancer.
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scientists make the call that comes as great relief to cell phone users. the devices are safe and do not cause cancer. danish researchers said its 360,000 people for 17 years in one of the largest and longest examinations of cellphone safety they concluded people who regularly use cell phones are no more likely to get brain tumors than those who do not. prior studies showed an increase risk for cancer tumors for those who hold funds to their heads experts theorize radiofrequency electromagnetic fields triggered the cancer, the latest city refuted that chancellor cell phone connection. (function after a stroke, a doctor's patients fare better when they take a blood pressure medication. study finds blood pressure lowering drugs boosts
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blood vessel growth and kickstart recover, what is more they found the medication has healing properties beyond the area of damage. perhaps lowering the risk of subsequent stroke. it finally using food to fill vigor, a new study reveals people in the larger portions in an attempt to gain status. people equate bigger with better appeared cars homes the jury appeared now people are doing the same with food with devastating consequences. study participants weren't nervous the eight mark, when they were alone at the party they chose a larger drinks and plates. experts hope that we know about the relationship but we can stop it. >> gorgeous fall weekends. and i stretch of weather in the forecast. until next tuesday jim ramsey will fell a cent.
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i don't have time for the flu. that's why i'm knocking things off my to-do list. vitamin d -- done. hand sanitizer -- done. hey, eric, i'm here for my flu shot. sorry, didn't make an appointment. well, you don't need one. flu shots. every store. every day. insurance accepted. get a $5 cvs gift card if you're not covered. i'm bonnie and this is my cvs. this morning was beautiful. we're still about five degrees below normal for this-but some good news going into the weekend, which thought there might be some ranchers on thursday and that is out of the forecast. a slight chance to concede one out of the north suburbs but it looks like the
9:30 pm
dry weekend right now. a beautiful day on saturday. look at this time lapse pictures. blue sky over lake michigan. just a great day out there but will not stick completely clear tonight, we thought it might as satellite pictures revealed a system coming across the central plains, this should make it in here just shortly after midnight and increase cloudiness across the area. notice a radar echoes down through south dakota that probably is not going to be an issue for us, it could be showers in parts of wisconsin but just a few clouds. withjust something to know if you are heading out tonight. meanwhile look at the temperatures. 45 degrees. the nice warm air is resting out of the plans plaines. these are
9:31 pm
the ratings in the various neighborhoods and notice temperatures tonight are fairly chile, we're thinking the some spots will drop back into the 30's and there are frosted pfizer is in effect. the cold air that has been over chicago modifying here, notice another chunk of cold air expected to come in here one week from today. this could be another round of 40 degree high temperatures maybe some of the light and low temperatures. then things began to flatten out again so hopefully we will see some more pleasant weather come into the city. this is the aerial coverage of that trust advisory and notice it does not include cook county or lake county to the north or king county for that matter but noticed all areas all down to the south's even some freeze warnings in effect. notice in this plot of wins coming up about tuesday we are expecting a little bit sunday as well we are
9:32 pm
thinking that the winds will pick up slightly but nothing like we suffered through this week. these are all associated with an approaching weather system. that may bring some rain and thunderstorms and to the area. there may be a chance of a shower or two later but looks like only a slight chance. for tonight, skies will cloud up. maybe some morning frost tomorrow morning and mostly sunny skies. high temperature between 59-65. tomorrow night a beautiful night mostly clear. 38-44. wind not very important 3-7 mi. per hour and then on sunday will finish of the weekend with passing clouds, again a slight chance of a shower and the far northern suburbs, that is about 01 in 10 shot the way it looks according
9:33 pm
to the latest model run. not very important but look at those temperatures. that is getting into an area that makes everybody happy. temperatures in the '60s with the continuation for a couple days next week before we get back into the cold air. >> might cemetery taking the night off to be at the chicago children's choir. there was an option and raffle all benefiting the choir's mission of shaping kids' lives through music. plenty of notables including gov. pat quinn. >> keeping local sports programs alive and struggling neighborhoods, while one group is tonight's chicagos very own.
9:34 pm
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mr. clean with gain original fresh scent. victory over dirt's never been easier or smelled so great. [ male announcer ] humana and walmart have teamed up to bring you a low-priced medicare prescription drug plan. ♪ ♪ with the lowest national plan premium... ♪ ♪ ...and copays as low as one dollar... ♪ ♪ ...saving on medicare prescriptions is easy. ♪ ♪ so you're free to focus on the things that really matter. call humana at 1-800-808-4003. or go to for details. their athletes into their helping young up-and-coming athletes. >> some of chicagos very own who simply want to extend a helping hand to others.
9:37 pm
>> is like christmas morning for jessica varsity volleyball team at north won the college prep on chicago's west side. >> when the girls walked in their eyes got big, it was like christmas time. they sought while for us. m.l. water bottles and equipment. athletes helping athletes. a nonprofit group made up of former chicago athletes want to gather out of their love of the game. >> it was saturday morning and we decided to do something to pay for work the life skills that we acquire through athletics. the most of a h. as members played sports at chicago's depaul university, since the saturday morning meeting that have grown into
9:38 pm
quite an organization helping disadvantaged youth in chicago like the kids in north lawndale. >> in this case we have a high school team that doesn't have their resources, and they do have the funding to become a team. they don't have the resources or the funding to become a team. >> we want to be able to provide everything we got out of sports to individuals in use in chicago. >> they have about one dozen members and is growing growing because there's such a need in the chicago area for organizations like this. um it's hard to come here and see those people who didn't have what we had grown up here bamut a a.j. is still quite young, since coming together in 2010 it has been able to hold a couple of fund-raisers, get donors and partner with chicago social club to get gently used sports
9:39 pm
equipment and give it up to sports programs in dire need. programs like the one and north lawndale. >> makes me feel special i guess and it makes me feel like people are going to care about the things we do, sometimes we feel left out. so makes us feel cared about pierre >> who want to be able to give them the necessary equipment to build to play the sport that they love. among growing up all this had really great opportunities to be able to have all the tools that we need to succeed and that is what we are trying to replicate here appeared >> athletes helping athletes, a group that is when chicagos very own. >> a cougar siding in the northern suburbs breaking tonight a live report in just a few moments. >> is finally over, late breaking news tonight epstein officially joins the cubs, dan roan has the details in sports.
9:40 pm
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9:43 pm
albums of all time not to mention two of the most popular sitcoms in television history. oak park native bob newhart returned home for what will be a busy weekend here including a net of stand-up comedy in chicago theater tomorrow. yesterday returned to his alma mater lyell university to be interviewed on their tv station and later she sat down with me for some one-on-one time where he told me that only one time did any tv hotshots try to change is slow, stammering style. >> it was running all little over, one of the producers asked me if i could run some of my speeches together, so at that time i said look lorenzo this stammer has gotten me of home in beverly hills i'm not about to change it so you better custom words out epitome yesterday issued to a picture that we found in our archives of bob whoreson around and one of our
9:44 pm
studios back in the late '50s. i wondered if he remembered. >> now i have no recollection. that is me all right, i still have that high. thai thai i still have that high. >> 10 days before the release of part one of their final film and a series several of its cast members will come to chicago to be part of a concert series touring the country telling. they will be here with kristina perry performing november 8th at the house of blues tickets will be free and available starting at 10:00 a.m. november the fifth at the house of blues two tickets per person. you can get all the
9:45 pm
details on a lid on my page. four new movies this week, the best of the bunches from the actor formally known as tv's mr. been geared cut from a similarly close... the very funny johnny english reborn, you can take a look at my current and past reviews and by a less interviews with stars all on my website. if you are ever in need of my dean's list reviews we taxed them out every friday now just tax the word dean to 97999 and we will send out to every friday. have a great weekend. >> let's find out how good that weekend will be. >> we have four days of the above normal temperatures before
9:46 pm
they go right in the dumper about thursday and friday of next week. take a look at these numbers, 62 and 65 for the weekend. not a bad weekend, a little cloudy on sunday. sunday is very nice, 67 for high but tuesday showers may be mixing some thunder action and those clouds 53 for high, when states thursday and friday temperatures cooled dramatically, a high of just 47 degrees on thursday with overnight lows very chilly. >> developing story tonight west led force where people say they sought a cougar. >> live tom have you seen anything to mark >> i haven't seen that cougar yet, we have not been there all that long. it has been seen for the last couple of weeks at least three times in the last two weeks this time last night and still wandering around out here we are told just around the
9:47 pm
corner. cenobite james out walking her dog around 10:00 last night when both of them got a real scare. am i saw it come out on to the road and i saw it had more of a cat's like face in the long tail and i had heard rumors about some kind of cougar in the area and there is no question she was going crazy. the scary thing was that it did not retreat, it came towards us. so at that point i thought i had to go home. >> a wise decision she said her dog never brunson anything by her dog was going crazy upon seeing that big cat, it was not aggressive but it did not back away either. she did the smart thing and backed away herself. residents' association in the area are putting the word out letting everyone know that a big
9:48 pm
cat is out there. >> elementary school students go shopping at target. >> and the bears touchdown and england in tonight chicago tribune photos of the day. the kids of woodlawn elementary won $3,000 in target give cards for their 99.1 percent attendance rate during the first week of class's. bears tracks themselves off the bus after the long haul across the atlantic after a short respite a historic cricket stadium in london appeared where some of the guys couldn't resist. taking a walk or to carrywac or two.
9:49 pm
more photos on our web site. after a big blackhawks win in colorado the avalanche comes in the united center. and the bears get a taste of the british role as they take on the game of cricket. rich king reports from london. next in sports.
9:50 pm
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finally, it is over. there are cougar's everywhere. >> this is one of those old- fashioned marriages you have to pay the dowry we still don't know what that is by the way but c. l. epstein has resigned in boston and is now the president
9:53 pm
of operations for the chicago cubs. they will do their media conferences on tuesday the next off day and the world series. protracted negotiations for a short periodshore.sure. we expect san diego g a m to be on board in chicago and some boston personnel are expected to follow seo epstein to the cubs as well. as for the bears getting their feet on the ground in every way they get the tarmac running in london early this morning, rich king is there for us and says the players are assimilating very nicely. at this century and a half old cricket stadium it was time for bribes or lacquer to take a crack at the old game. american football, cricket and soccer will. they're hoping to change all that in sunday's showcase game. the guys get a
9:54 pm
chance to see a player like j. cutler play. the bears' practice was a good deal of fatigue after the long haul across the advantage but tomorrow, kind of a shutdown day. >> relaxing to me is not walking around. one of the game on sunday will do as much as i can to keep the same routine pierre >> this cricket field goes way back to 1845 and among its claims to fame of visionary 2000 by sammy sosa on behalf of major-league baseball appeared quite a historic place. high- school football old rivals hook
9:55 pm
up tonight. the celtics hadn't won a game in their division this season but they did tonight, brandon price falling off a kickoff 92 yds and providence beating out both teams finished out. in addition to the news the there is a world series going on after two games dead even, the cardinals. the cardinals were three out of the way from a 2 game lead but they could not hang on in the ninth inning last night down one- nothing the rangers got to in the ninth, the game winner. steals home field away from the cardinals as they sweated out to the first tomorrow. the character is very strong. i have no crystal ball about tomorrow but we will come ready to play and compete. >> everybody gets a chance to
9:56 pm
start fresh and we get a chance to start our own ball park so we are looking forward to tomorrow. >> and the blackhawks back on practice ice this afternoon returning from a solid to game road trip, they won in phoenix tuesday and last night another two-point gain in colorado. patrick sharpen the go ahead in the third. at 7:00 on wgn we on del the statues of stan mckee and bobby hall, much and this is anticipated. it is fun to be around. it is pretty special for me to be a part of it and to be able to drive over.
9:57 pm
again that is 7:00 tomorrow night right here on channel 9. looking very much forward to it. >> that is the news for this friday night have a great weekend everybody. we'll see you monday.
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