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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  October 27, 2011 9:00pm-10:00pm CDT

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potential parol violation and why the gun cannot be heardrs into danger for your pets? wgn news @ 9 west side mother comes home of fines for house broken into 14 year-old daughter stabbed to death. top story route to the country tonight who murdered a teenager in her own home indian head park >> good evening police responded to an emergency call about 4:30 p.m. this afternoon arrived found a 14 year-old girl was stabbed to death south suburban crime task now investigating as a homicide over my right
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shoulder at the entrance to the community police have blocked off the neighborhood entirely only residents and police allowed to go inside about two dozen officers are now on the scene from surrounding communities police have asked all media to leave the neighborhood as i mentioned the have not released any information about the victim only a 14 year-old girl neighbors say they believe perhaps a freshman at winds township high-school not confirmed what we are hearing tonight neighbors in the community say this is a friendly quiet subdivision but also a string of burglaries in the neighborhood lately police say a chance this was a burglary not releasing too much information any new information becomes available. >> used to former governor rod
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blagojevich a lot to say tonight brother rob talking about ethics investigation into the dealings of congressman jesse jackson jr. here with the story >> says jesse jackson jr. a lot of unanswered questions and now robert blagojevich would be happy to answer some of his own before the committee handling the investigation into south side carter spent but tonight answering questions from us from home town of national >>, rod blagojevich brother robert blagojevich working hard since all charges and dismissed against him last year after being accused of furthering a scheme to help sell the united states senate seat while his brother convicted on 17 charges robert blagojevich backup antenna seat writing letters to all 10 members of u.s. health committee on ethics >> still committed as a citizen to help the house ethics committee to seek the truth if
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that is what they are trying to do and it might experience in federal court under oath might be helpful in their investigation to find the truth >> robert blagojevich testified in his own defense last year told the jury that when running his brother's reelection campaign approached by two supporters of congressman jesse jackson jr. on separate occasions in 2008 with an offer to get the governor to appoint the congressman senator @ chrisman would give governor campaign cash >> took that seriously told them both my brother rod going to appoint anybody not about money about doing the right thing to the people of illinois and killed the deal >> says rajinder bedi offered 1.5 million in the seat testified met with jesse jackson jr. earlier on the same day both fundraising and the seat were discussed robert blagojevich testified that raghu nayak approached him as well with a $6 million offer
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>> million dollars out of the $1.5 million and beat 5 million out of the 6 million represented congressman jesse jackson jr. appointed it would raise the money >> contacted congressman washington office tonight no comment the only thing spokesman would say jesse jackson jr. has denied accusations in the past sought the appointment but did not think a legal >> i am not one to judge leaving that to people whose job is to determine that >> also contacted house committee on ethics handling the matter spokesman said we do not comment on particular matters the office allowed to interview any number of witnesses at any time house ethics panel has acknowledged the receipt of the letter and blagojevich hoping he gets his chance to tell all >> i believe i have a story to tell told primarily under oath and i think it will find that relevant to their pursuit of the truth >> house committee now has
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until december 2nd to do one of two things announced the formation of investigative subcommittee or release the findings of the office of congressional ethics can either continue to investigate or announce a resolution to the matter >> juror gets the boot from the corruption william cellini trial conflict of interest today dismissed federal judge james zagel federal judgejames did not elaborate sealing the matter until after the verdict william cellini said state ultimate political insider accused of attempted to extort campaign donation for former governor rod blagojevich date to of jury deliberations today. lawmakers illinois house vote overwhelmingly today to stop pension abuses by labor unions, follows investigation wgn television labor unions double dipping on pensions simultaneously collecting city and union pensions or get pensions higher than said the
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city salary it warranted house minority leader spot tom cross said the legislation told what the bill is told supposed to prevent >> people getting pensions from both private unions and the city of chicago and also miss information filed trying to collect pensions if fraud provision now that cracks down on responsibilities on pension board and employees reporting fraudulent activity and also people retiring city pension based on union salary we stop that as well >> the legislation now moves from the house to the state senate. >> aclu vs. chicago police department american civil liberties union of illinois filed lawsuit today blaming officer redeployment luring 911 ponce times in minority neighborhoods superintendent garry mccarthy on the hot seat talking about that as well as plans to close and consolidate
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police stations. aclu leaders say trying to gather data about redeployment but city leaders are stonewalling >> for now i think the beginning of requiring the city to describe how they are delivering services is a mystery to us >> mayor rahm emmanuel defends the city's officer redeployment even more moves could happen policing is more than just manpower. >> horrific scene being told by skokie police say a man came to the door with bloody hands after calling 911 tell them he had killed his daughter and grandchild miguel renteria now charged with two counts of murder police said he choked and stabbed his 18 year old daughter cynthia death and two year-old granddaughter double homicide happened miguel renteria apartment skokie on main streets miguel renteria note motive and no criminal record no history of domestic trouble at home either. baby boy recovering from surgery shot by seven year old brother 6300
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block of south laflin happened last south police say the seven year old plan with a gun at that he found it went off hitting seven month old brother in the leg police have charged the boys' father with unlawful possession of it fire arm and engagement of a child. soldier from suburban winthrop harbor has died. sgt. 1st class david robinson died still unknown details 28 year-old man leaves behind his wife two sons ages 7 and 4 years old families stationed in el paso texas described as a fun-loving family man dedicated to the army and avid fan of chicago bears and chicago cubs. still ahead betty's got a gun?? prole violation could send the former cicero town president betty loren maltese back to prison and a shovel your sidewalk or else preparing to crack down on residents who do not remove their snow. snell not to worry yet but we could have chilly temperatures tom skilling telling us when we could see
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wgn news @ 9 federal agents on registered gun las vegas home especially big
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deal if convicted felon can send a person back to prison for years at the big deal because who this may involve talking to none other than a former betty loren maltese cicero loren maltese >> the story betty loren maltese version gun owner herself when * dates back more than a year and have yet there are still no answers today. betty loren maltese feels like she was frank who is behind this anybody's guess whoever wanted to see her go back to prison meant business gun plant that was glock not your average handgun >> betty loren maltese lived in palos hills rental apartment now but a few years ago after spending eight years in federal prison dreams of settling here las vegas home mother and daughter dreams shattered authorities seized the home in february 2010 betty loren maltese claims agents up a clean out the 5 bedroom house one of them discovered one of these
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automatic gun inside her closet >> downstairs agent had agent holding a weapon pointing it like he is looking at that said what the hell are you doing >> said it wrapped inside a pair of old jeans it >> i said that is not my weapon he just said i know is not yours betty loren maltese i know where you have been not access to the home he said so you are not in trouble but we have to find out >> automatic glock fully loaded and unregistered but the manufacturer traced the sale back to illinois at the metropolitan water reclamation district of greater chicago agency with 66 sworn police officers charged with watching and protecting chicago water assets and yes they are assigned weapons glock when the executive director learned about accusations betty loren maltese >> turned that to the federal
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authorities assured us they would look into it and let us know if they can't confirm the story >> alcohol tobacco fire arms turned over to somebody else st. pierre confirm any reports of missing glock are false today betty loren maltese knows of no more than she did a year and a half ago except that her list of enemies from the days of running top of cicero is a bond rating from federal authorities to members of organized crime wants answers safety depends on it >> did not think something can sweep under the broad but opposite somebody is protecting somebody >> metropolitan water reclamation district contacted federal authorities about six weeks ago first caught wind of accusations betty loren maltese told the matter passed to the next logical law enforcement agency in this case that would be united states attorney's office in chicago prosecutors responsible for putting betty loren maltese behind bars in the first place
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>> wintertimes chicagoans keep the shovel handy for snow storms now keep an extra bit of money on hand might get a ticket if he did not trouble right away not a new law but up until now a city did not have their way to enforce on a regular basis the bent a new mobile electronic ticketing system aldermen tom tunney says the blackberry technology can be used to record by the others quickly and accurately some homeowners we spoke to says ticketing is a good idea that a good thing if anything it will make people do what they are supposed to do helping people to take responsibility and we all win >> alderman tunney says not a money grab but safety issue says tickets will not be issued on the same day buildings would be properly warned and given time to shovel >> they say not a money grab but safety issue illinois senate
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gave chicago green light today red light cameras to catch speeders or school zones proposal pulled together by mayor rahm emmanuel pushed hard wanting to set up school safety zones ticketing speeders caught by cameras tribune analysis shows could be much much more than that just school zones state senate committee okayed proposal monday the full senate did he think same thing yesterday still coming ahead easy on pot smokers? plan to reduce penalty for small amounts of marijuana and winner to treat chicagoans chose to put on display at daley plaza. [ bell rings ] distracted driving. it accounts for 25% of car crashes. - ♪ [ dance ] - music, cell phones, food-- the list goes on. this is why safe driving is so important. - correct. - and it's why the best agents... help safe drivers get a lower rate. - oh! - exactly. ♪ another dream but always you ♪ whoa! ♪ it's like a vision-- ♪
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wgn news @ 9
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decriminalizing small amounts of marijuana local politicians wanting to do several states already reduced penalties for minimal amounts of pot ordinance to do so expected to be introduced in city council next week. >> chicago city council meets next week expect pot to be on the agenda group of alderman planet tobacco ordinance people caught in chicago with 10 g or less of marijuana will get a $200 ticket less than 10 hours of community service supporters say freeing police officers to deal with more serious criminals and raise revenue for the city cook county commissioner john firtchey porter of the proposal joined several alderman at a news conference to discuss the proposal says chicago police make 23,000 arrests every year
9:20 pm
for simple possession >> 23,000 arrests sultan cost of the county what you need to keep in mind every time and arrest taking police officers off of the streets processing >> not talking about decriminalizing although a lot of calls for it we are talking about making common-sense writing a ticket >> numbers stand point a lot less-expensive ticketing somebody ultimately revenue of bringing in purely numbers stand point a great idea >> i think a very good idea first-time offense if they have had on them can give them a find pay the fine off criminal background or record damages and an live down the road i think a very good chance for some of the young black people in chicago
9:21 pm
>> i think person should be charged accordingly 10 g or less what ever still breaking the law >> expected the issue to be debated further on the city council floor next week >> students at 32 chicago charter schools getting ready for a longer school day charter schools now applying for cps resources to help extend the school day for 90 minutes like mayer lot of middle wants longer day in exchange for financial incentives chicago teachers union continues to fight the plan mayor rahm emmanuel says blogger day gives children a leg up on education >> month into school system should be city of chicago schools longer day but i call a full day those kids already have a week's worth more of education >> chicago teachers union wants better pay and benefits for members as well as additional
9:22 pm
classroom resources if they do make a longer school day still ahead the story of a pet owner trip to pharmacy turned tragic how you can better protect your pets and sitting down may actually be hazardous to your help why researchers say sitting may cause cancer.
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tonight's medical watch the dangers of sitting not to wait not do it added doubles the risk for colon cancer. journal epidemiology even those who exercise but spend part of the day sitting increased threat of the pulping cancer compared to those with more active occupations. study of cancer patients exercise before or
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after work was ineffective in on doing the damage of a sedentary work environment. protection against older in cancer in the form of a pill birth control pill following 300,000 women for nine years doctors found those who use birth control pill lower risk of ovarian cancer by 45 percent. even women who just took the pill for a short time at some benefit in 50 percent reduced risk of older and cancer having children also had some protected by fax on the ovaries. finally sweet and for many favorite fruit new reason to love watermelon may protect your hard university of kentucky researchers studied watermelon of tax on mouth on levels of cholesterol lowering cholesterol watermelon juice and help protect arteries from assembling a plaque dr. sagan not know if works on humans no downside to enjoying watermelon slender less fat.
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>> looking at frost or the first time very chilly nights ahead of us tom skilling forecast is next.
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what a day amazing rainfall
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started cloudy showers popping up lightning the view of these showers spectacular we had help and look at these modest clouds clouds on the other underside of a thunderstorm. pictures photographed these in barrington had captured these it rainbow snow shaft amazing the scene repeated across the area contrast not prospect of all colors and storm clouds and schaumburg another one of these shops quite spectacular and we put many more pictures of these on the web site as well. interesting today it was 53 degrees at the circus 23 degrees getting up in these clouds 10,000 ft. down to 7 above the zero very cold to stop exporting up their and you can
9:30 pm
see one of these hellish apps coming into the area streamers and all of the brain snow and ice pellets fell out of the clouds today quite interesting normal first day snow flurries october 30th not surprising starting to happen may be a snowstorm eastern united states this weekend that in a moment the jet stream pattern active jet streams poured cold air next today's cold side of the jet stream temperatures continuing november levels extent of the cool air nothing barbaric about it cold stuff open the arctic snowpack started to assemble pretty cool taxes record 3 in. of snow today told you about this note and call rodríguez today midwest colder tonight than 24 hours ago
9:31 pm
western suburbs spotty showers today quite interesting snowfall no. northeast united states tonight something more expense extensive in that direction showing you that in a moment cumulus clouds afternoon using warp figure to cents fairly cool today 53 degrees after the 74 decrees we saw yesterday south at 5 degrees tonight to 0.86 percent temperatures are falling 37 degrees in chester 10 high lead park at 40 degrees with 43 degrees at o'hare airport 35
9:32 pm
degrees on the other hand at wadsworth at 39 degrees at the kendry areas west of the city may get in on the frost today many stations did not even at 50 at 53 degrees officially northfield and northbrook about a raise of at willamette these killers clouds developed during the afternoon another shot from buffalo grove formidable downpours mixed with snow the big story is the cool weather pretty much through the weekend frost warning commences at 1:00 a.m. through 7:00 a.m. on the western suburbs like free areas lakeside areas free of frost. a 40 states will experience the 30's or lower tonight and 6.6% of the country covered by snow fall in the wake of the storms to the west states under frost and freeze advisory's including west and northern and southern suburbs not so much the counties
9:33 pm
in cook and dupage and probably most late frost free areas west already winter storm watches issued mountains of pennsylvania with the anticipated storms that may affect areas west of washington west of new york and boston low temperatures tonight into the thirties hike tomorrow in the '50s the boundary storm may develop and move over the weekend clouds will build again another one and a few showers on sunday otherwise saturday looks great many hours of the weekend will be okay more on the store east on the update forecast for tonight frost advisory areas
9:34 pm
away from like 31 degrees inland fox valley mchenry county 42 degrees lake in the city partly sunny school day the wind not terribly saw strong southwest clouds increasing in the afternoon towards evening and bringing a showers at the time again once again temperatures cool off might get a couple of ice pellets or stop hail storms mixed and low temperature 34 degrees clearing tomorrow night beautiful and sunny on saturday high temperature 52 degrees you want to stay with us out east quite interesting could be early season storm and the winter kind of storms that start to develop out there. >> lucky so far. wgn team honored with 2011 kids count award outstanding work media partner for "foster kids are our
9:35 pm
kids campaign" aiming to eliminate kids in foster care raise awareness wgn television vice-president and general manager marty wilke and the honor along with democratic state senator kimberly lightford chicago champions children learning and development coming up medical mistake could cost somebody their best friend lombard family blames prescription the sport mixup or death of their 11 year old dog how it happened tonight and then transforming state street from their shopping into the holiday tradition people really love snapshot from progressive, but don't just listen to me. listen to these happy progressive customers. i plugged in snapshot, and 30 days later, i was saving big on car insurance. i was worried it would be hard to install. but it's really easy. the better i drive the more i save. i wish our company had something this cool. yeah. you're not... filming this, are you?
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if you are pet owner next story inmate make you think twice before giving it pets medication lombard family 11 year old dog accidentally given wrong prescription dog did not survive. details >> person accused of making the deadly mistake is a pharmacist catastrophic mix up medication very rare but it happens lori moretti boxer mugsy >> he was like a child to make love and caring second i wanted to the door he was right there greeting me 33 year old lori
9:39 pm
moretti tight bond with mugsy starvation 10 years ago late june the bond is broken and what lori moretti described as a slow and agonizing death of her dog. >> tucked something very important from a from a mistake they call that human error >> she is a pharmacist working at this atcvs in correctly filling a prescription mugsy pharmacist should have given mugsy regular medication bronchial and a better for his in large part however on june 12th lori moretti is the pharmacist accidentally filled a prescription for an anti- depressant drug similar spelling different usage >> lori moretti believes the wrong medication contributed to death corelation not completely clear however not in perfect
9:40 pm
health but that is clear given and corrupt prescription at ticket for nearly six weeks still unaware given the wrong medication lori moretti filled mugsy prescription this time correctly but something terrible happened within 90 minutes of taking the bell >> started breeding cabbie started swelling up over the next four-six hours looked like i thought it was water retention >> for a day nightmare beginning lori moretti rushed mugsy to a veterinarian in his notes doctor confirmed he knew mugsy is given the wrong medication unable to correct the problem doctor sent to vca aurora and emergency care facility video of mugsy vca aurora taking only a syringe of water had not eaten in three days and could barely walk. the next morning he went into cardiac arrest and died. the event lori moretti devastated
9:41 pm
and demanded answers brought him into the emergency room thinking they would know by a book that they went to school for how to help >> veterinarian at the hospital never seen such a case but has treated pets or overdosing on medication or taking owners bills batt but try to be an advocate for your dog or cat because last time it prescription filled white is your batt prescribing this medication what is the dosage that if you notice your dog or cat is having any type of adverse reaction stop the medicine immediately and call your veterinarian another suggestion go to drugs website by the appellate that the fire and add to the imprint code under prescription pill make sure the name of the medication matches with the code and the color of the bill and keep in mind an accidental mixup is not just a concern for your pet many medications are used to treat both animals and people that is
9:42 pm
the case with these drugs. >> if they could do that in four and half days to his body only 90 lbs. but could it do to anybody else? lori moretti set up a memorial for mugsy in backyard she believes mugsy died from overdosing up serotonin which is found in the truck filled in correctly by the pharmacist cvs executives admit to the prescription that stop sending a letter which reads the mistake was not caught during our quality assurance process. we have extended sincere apologies to the lori moretti family and we offered compensation for veterinary and other expenses for lori moretti the compensation is not enough she considers legal action against cvs well as with vca aurora she says ignored calls to treat mugsy for serotonin overdose until too late >> these tears about them back, i'd miss have we had a long
9:43 pm
conversation with the medical director vca aurora as we felt confident the way the patient was handled despite the medication mixup this was not because of his demise. toxicology report indicates mugsy died of complications to severe bacterial infection coming up not even halloween at city dressed up for christmas chicago picks a tree and it state street windows are underway in active and then back and that was four days ago about the least chris harris got a lovie smith explains later in sports. [ dog ] i am a rockstar. my coat? solid gold. my insides? pure platinum. [ female announcer ] a healthy outside starts inside. new iams simple & natural has chicken as its number one ingredient and zero fillers. it works inside for health you can see on the outside. [ dog ] i can't be a rockstar on the outside if i'm not one on the inside.
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weeks. kmart layaway is the easy way to pay with no finance charges! just start with $5, plus a little down. now that's kmart smart. wgn news @ 9 not even halloween state street macy's stint no time workers began installing a famous decorations theme of this year's display is the "the wish factory" celebrities like martha stewart contributed ornament designs to the iconic 45 ft. tall "great tree" check out the completed animated window displays tree lighting in november that can log on wgntv.comú. the results are in
9:47 pm
chicago has chosen daley plaza christmas tree spruce tree owned by spangler family came in second last year the tree lost final-round voted in 2010 but this year beat out two other finalists by 700 boats spruce moped to daley plaza next friday ceremony taking place above the 23rd of like it or not christmas season is here. not the snow not yet >> snow colonels came down showers today kind of partially melted snowflakes coming down as pellets more than flakes side pretty cool upstairs today above us low temperature tonight frost warning in the western suburbs 7:00 in the morning talks about the mchenry county subject to frost tonight warming to the '50s tomorrow dropping to the 30's tomorrow night could see rainshowers maybe index and some of those early in the evening
9:48 pm
turns sunday at 53 degrees on saturday sunday as you can see in the '50s but could be showers as the day goes on what happens watch what takes place with the system moving through the appalachians watch it bombs out as we say the pressure dropped about rapid intensity running up the east coast may be print all at the coastline mountainous areas high elevation substantial snow basis of the weather system coming in temperatures we expect 56 degrees tomorrow 50 sunday and monday hope it does not turn cooler again near emmanuel meets
9:49 pm
and greets with third graders stories and more in chicago tribune photos of the day more photos available on our website or chicago
9:50 pm coming up after a marathon negotiation went into early hours of thursday morning nba the players back at bargaining table thursday night and big 10 basketball coaches we will hear bruce weber and bill carmody take on their teams next in sports. should we spend it wandering
9:51 pm
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even with just one sheet. super clean. super soft. bounty extra soft. in the pink pack. and try bounty napkins.
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roller coaster year of one chicago bear is over made news before they left town chicago bears said goodbye to chris harris on bye week and safety but least two younger guys will man the spots chris conte and major wright chris harris took the high road realized football is a business chicago bears also took the high road nothing but praise for guy they just fired. >expecting to get into that the reasons for cutting chris harris did not know the organization batt but this is football what the league is about what we have the utmost
9:54 pm
respect for him in a tough guy >> according to team sources chris harris out of the paper got torched against the beach toward lyons three weeks ago did not appreciate his request for a trade chris harris many tweets about the issue annoyed team brass gave him the peaks let this morning 7 you're better read 15 career interceptions >> combinations played the first game injuries knocked him out of a couple of games body of work not just one thing felt good different directions we like the options right now >> seven more hours of talks broke off this evening resuming tomorrow wants to bring
9:55 pm
economist to bargaining table when talks resume sometime a good side two long days at the table deal reached this weekend holds 82 game schedule can be salvaged entire schedule sounds as though one or two more meetings might seal a deal >> the way we negotiate keeping in mind what we feel the number should be and we will raise that tomorrow i think we are in breach of striking distance getting a deal a question out accepting nba is and whether or not they want to do a deal no guarantees, to get it done but giving this one heck of a shot tomorrow open the union negotiators feel that way we know that ours to the big 10 hoops media day hopes always run high even in rebuilding years like bruce weber aphasic
9:56 pm
northwestern a veteran team wildcats feel a real shot at making the n.c.a.a. tournament never been done in the entire history of the school >> everybody wants to get into the tournament's not unlike the other teams not all that want to get in but do some damage our guys are all set to do that new senior class 17-20 they met with some degree of success and now they want to step it up a notch >> we can be a surprise team somebody just said a lot of people said x factor in the leak could be if that all stepped up and get the experience they need by the time we could be ok >> game 6 of world series in the sixth inning rangers just scored again leading 7-4 if the texas rangers went first-ever world series title. that is all
9:57 pm
>> that is the newest this thursday night happy you shared time with us. updates goodnight from gazers... to grazers...
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