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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  April 2, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm CDT

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country's deadliest and why that's not changing. not yet. tonight a somber procession through downtown chicago. a thousand people walking to remember murdered children. good evening. i'm lourdes duarte. and i'm tom negovan. mark and micah are off tonight. our top story seen around the country tonight on wgn america: marching for peace. wgn's gaynor hall is at stroger hospital where this mission with a message came to an end. organizers say topical of the walk was to bring together people from all walks of life to find a way to confront the violence that is plaguing this
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city step-by-step. from st. james cathedral on the gold coast to daley plaza too old st. pat's church and the hospital, a 4 mi. procession calling attention to the violence cleaning chicagos youth. this is not a march or a protest. it is an act of prayer. this was the first ever walk and the crowds went across race and religious lines. the original idea came from a leader in the episcopal church when they felt they were on the sidelines while children were dying. where is our concern and our prayers for the dying children of our city? the blood is on our hands. it started and st. james cathedral and hundreds joined in a call for action protestant lutheran catholic and other religions all fighting for
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peace. all of these people marching together about the violence in the city of chicago. the group quietly took to the streets. i think it is a good way for people to come together to help raise awareness. arriving at the daily plaza. one person taking a stand against violence can make a difference. then heading to old st. pat's church for more prayer. there were signs that said 632 which was to represent the number of kids killed in chicago since 2008. authorities say that number is not accurate because more have died. it is a really big number and it is sad but i have friends or people who i knew who have been killed. there
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were 16 or 17. this is crosswalk and journey ends near the hospital because this is where so many young gunshot victims and up. organizers say this event is just the beginning and they are promising to continue to collaborate and communicate and act in this ongoing effort to save at chicago's young people. . >a gunman walks into a small christian college in california and opens fire, killing seven and wounding another three. it all happened this morning at oikos university in east oakland. several of the victims were students. the school was evacuated and a swat team was called in. police now have a nursing student from the college in custody. the arrest was made outside a convenience store in nearby alameda, california. we believe we detained a
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possible suspect who is responsible for the shooting today. we believe this person may be responsible for the shooting and that is what we are following up with. our investigators and officers are looking into the details of that. according to the school's website, it caters to the korean american christian community offering degrees in theology, music, nursing and asian medicine. a birthday party unlike any you have probably seen celebrating the life of the teenager cut short by a terrible murder. we are live in indian head park with that story. they brought to a cure for 300 people and every slice was taken. a birthday celebration and a healing moment for this community. sarraute combined with celebration in indian head park tonight. there are no guarantees in life. ms. it today and
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tomorrow may never come. the parents talking about for the first time on what would have been their daughter's 15th birthday. coming together with others for a birthday party just steps away from the girl's home. she was an inspiration for all. she led by example. she was a good friend to everyone. she was stabbed to death october 27th when she walked into a burglary at her home. a man is charged in that case sheriff deputies and police impacted by kelley's death came to support with their new bloodhound. her name is kelly. our other bloodhound melanie was instrumental in that search and was able to bring the investigation all along. so many people here looking for answers
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and to each other for support. it has been six months since this murder took away the innocence of this town and the young lady who impacted so many lives during her short life. she was about enjoying. let's keep kelly in our hearts forever. happy birthday kelly. we love all of you. thank you so much. the mayor of indian head park has named april 2nd as kelly joyce o'laughlin day in this town. we are live in indian head park. a final hearing was held today prior to jury selection, for the man accused of killing jennifer hudson's mother, brother, and seven year old nephew. potential jurors in william balfour's murder trial will fill out questionnaires this thursday, with opening statements scheduled to start april 23rd. the judge is allowing balfour to get a haircut for the trial. he'll
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also be allowed to trade his "prison orange" jumpsuit for civilian clothes before entering the courtroom. prosecutors dropped charges against 80 year-old homer wright after he was arrested last week for shooting a burglar in his englewood home. wright has some past convictions and isn't allowed to own a gun. prosecutors didn't say why they dropped the charge, but didn't return wright's 38- caliber handgun. anthony robinson that's the man wright shot and wounded, is charged with felony burglary, with bond set at $150,000. it's a horrible accident. a pitbull bites off the nose of a man who was trying to help out a neighbor. bandages now cover bill lesinski's nose. last night he was helping a downstairs neighbor when the pitbull attacked him. lesinski bent down to pick up a speaker. that's when the dog lunged at him. he says 2-year-old "monster" has been aggresive in the past with "his" pitbull but had never attacked a person. lesinski who owns a one-man towing service says his business is now in jeopardy. painkillers keep him from
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working and without insurance he's worried about mounting medical bills. i have lost the cartilage on both sides of the nose. just to empty sockets. the septum that divides the nose is gone. they are basically ... it will take a minimum of six operations. lesinski has started a fund at tcf bank hoping to get help with medical bills. meanwhile the dog's owner says it was an accident and that monster, who you see here, is not aggressive. he thinks the dog may have become scared when he saw lesinski get down on the ground. lesinski says he still loves pitbulls but he wants to make sure this serves as a reminder that they need to be well trained. what was it really like to work for rod blagojevich? next, a series of recently released letters paint an ugly picture of the former governor. also, too many gunshots and
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police sirens. a look at the struggles of chicago's englewood neighborhood. plus, could america's next great chess master be sitting in the cook county jail? and later, tom has your first look at the opening day forecast.
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the environment chaotic. the boss unfocused. the administration up for grabs and under investigation. that is how insiders describe the blagojevich years while the ex- governor was running the state. it all came to light in letters to a federal judge last week-- letters viewed publicly today. julie unruh joins us now with more. 9 letters in all were submited to the honorable james zagel. he was the sentencing judge for rod blagojevich last december and he was the sentencing judge for one of his staffers, john harris just last week. these letters give us a window into the disfunctional world rod blagojevich had created -- one he attempted to use to benefit himself. it started out ... it was crazy.
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rumors of impeachment and divorce an indictment spirit we were not going to put anyones law license in jeopardy. if there was a question we would form it out to law firm. he did not appreciate that. he said to fire all of them. a lot of acts but kids in there. he requested leniency for the chief of staff. rod blagojevich was arrested in mid december 2008. he describes the chaotic environment. he wanted the entire legal team fired and someone else hired. at one point he directed me to hire and individual that he had met at a starbucks to head the state's legal department. an unemployed lawyer. this was not
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going to happen. clayton harris said in his letter that to say it was chaotic would be to understate. i think working as under the governor in his position i cannot think of a more difficult job. may have had an influence. so few people knew or understood the bizarre behavior of our once governor. this conversation between harris and blagojevich was recorded by the feds. what with the cabinet positions beat? how about united nations ambassador. ridiculous. i don't think that is realistic. others chimed in that ... the is secretary said he was on call 24-11. the former cta chief said
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he attempted to work for a boss who was almost on imaginatively venal and difficult. the stories are legendary and now also part of the legal record. it is so real. honestly i don't think people believe half of the things that went on this week john harris is on vacation with his family. where and when he will begin to serve his unusual sentence of 10 days has not been determined. tomorrow-- another player in operation board games is scheduled for sentencing. lon monk-- a personal friend from law school and blagojevich's first chief of staff will stand before a judge. it seems likely he will serve somewhere around 2 years in prison for his crimes. monk also testified against blagojevich in court. some cook county jail cellmates are calling checkmate in a new program that helps teach its medium security prisoners to think before they act. wgn's bob jordan was at the jail this morning and met up
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with some heavyweights of the world of chess. you make good decisions and refrain from negativity. they have plenty of times on their hands. and idle time is the devil's workshop and so of the sheriff started a new program for detainees at could county jail that schedules time to play chess. i am looking to play better players and become good. on this day the guest a visitor was world renowned chess champion of anatoly karpov. he observed the inmates who were involved in a battle on the chessboard. they were playing almost paternal level. the
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sheriff says there is already a backlog of 150 who want to learn how to play and join the others who already know how this is a unique thing and a positive thing to be doing and the final hope of it is that the detainees are paying for it themselves out of the inmate welfare fund. what to the inmates think? it is very important for them. it is exciting. and they never fight. as the chess program grows he hopes to be able to stage competitions with other detention centers. he says depage county? your move. still to come, dozens are dead in a siberian plane crash. what investigators think went wrong. plus, a very outward display of legality of his health care law. and later, new insight to depression-era america thanks to
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some freshly released census data. uo le
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pay a traffic fine has lost a big court battle. albert florence took his case to the supreme court, claiming there was no reasonable suspicion to subject him to the strip search. florence had actually paid the fine and was arrested by mistake. justices said that didn't matter, ruling that giving low-risk inmates a pass puts everybody at greater risk. president obama, trying to get out in front of the supreme court's decision on his healthcare initiative, took the first shot at the court's conservative justices. i am confident that the supreme court will not take what it would be an unprecedented extraordinary step of overturning of law that was passed by a strong majority . conservative leaders call the law an "over-reach" by the president and the congress that passed it. in response, mr. obama borrowed a term from republicans. he warned that a rejection of the law would be an act of "judicial activism " and an over-reach of its own. a
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decision in the dispute is expected by late june, right when the presidential campaign is heating up. a drivers a desperate, last ditch effort to save his own life. next, the dramatic moment caught on tape. do you think light is good in the suburbs? why? they don't shoot out there. in the headlines for all the wrong reasons. an in depth look at chicago's englewood neighborhood. be good for your health.
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in tonight's medical watch a dangerous skin cancer for young women. rates for some camp cancers are pulling but not for melanoma. and eight fold increase in melanoma. experts blame tanning beds which deliver more radiation than the sun. tanning bed users are much more likely to be diagnosed with melanoma. also higher rates of
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breast cancer and is shown that estrogen might have a protective role a against cancer but now there's a hole in that theory. a study concludes that estrogen alone for 10 years can contribute to the development of breast cancer. and want to feel better? try bringing your pet to work. it will produce jobs dress and increased job satisfaction. that is according to a study. dogs in the office help owners and other employees as well will come in contact with them. low morale and burnout decreases productivity. taking time for affection for the dog or cat and satisfaction goes way up. a good amount of sunshine in chicago to start the week. next, tom skilling tells us that will be followed by a blast of warm air tomorrow, that won't even last the whole day.
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guess who is helping us with photographs. he has to send us pictures. > wait until you see these pictures. we are talking about
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our friend mark who is in montana this week. the rockies where you can see plenty of snow on the mountains. they have some cool weather in the past few weeks even as much of the rest of the country has been warm. speaking of the it warm weather tracy said does these pictures of the flowers. they are beautiful. it was cold here in chicago but once again you did not have to go very far west or south to find warmth. in the '90s in st. louis and omaha nebraska. just some of the warm temperatures that will move into our area tomorrow before a cold front comes down tomorrow and that will cool things off. look at the satellite be you. this is the 24th consecutive day above normal. we have been so spoiled
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bat a lakefront day that is chilly to us turned out to be above normal in temperature. we have sunny skies to the west but power house thunderstorms have been in the south. in the plane's and other places. as we bring in a front there could be some storms here. a couple airports in town had readings near 900 in that area. we'll get a bit of cooler weather in the plains states to register all on our thermometers with gusty winds in the later portion of the week. current temperatures. 81 degrees in st. louis and 75 degrees in iowa. many places
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were in the upper 80s. winds have been blowing off the lake. we are hopeful we will get a southerly wind that will bring a puff of that warmer air in for the afternoon. then the temperatures crash. here is the cool air already gathering in the west and that comes in tomorrow. winds are east at 6 mi. per hour. humidity at 47 degrees. look at the temperatures. out near the lake we stay cool and inland temperatures went up to around 70 degrees in some places. tonight is still cold. at 58 degrees at the airport but not as cold as last night. we had '30's in some places in the area. some downstate
9:33 pm
temperatures. is 85 right now in jacksonville illinois. upper '70's in other south locations. there may be some thunderstorms popping tonight as this warmth comes in and as it mixes with this cold front that will have the winds piling up and converging. there may be fairly strong upper wins. a couple models give us more rain than normal but the big change will be in temperature. it will be in the '80s tomorrow and that then and the cooling effect of the wind. it will go down into the 40's and wednesday and chilly for the chicago cubs opener.
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a back door front comes in and saw that by 6:00 tomorrow we drop to 40's. by 10:00 we are in the hollow 40's. and wednesday to. we will also give you a good look at the opening day whether it but tonight increasing clouds and chance of a few scattered showers and thunderstorms. that will affect what your 30 percent of the area. during the day tomorrow partly sunny and warmer. near record high temperature of 80. the record is 81. we could break a record. that is amazing. scattered thunderstorms. the
9:35 pm
cold front hits late in the day and temperatures will fall quickly at that point. mostly sunny and breezy cool. the best thinking now is that by the time the first pitch is thrown at wrigley it will be about 48 or 52 degrees sunday but a breezy. back with the seven day forecast later. wellonce thought of as the city's destination neighborhood, plenty has changed for englewood over the years. next, an in depth look at the communities current struggles and vibrant history. and a snapshot of america from more than 70 years ago. depression-era census data is released.
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some of the highest crime areas in the country are right here in chicago. and while homicides citywide were down in 2010, homicides in englewood jumped 50 percent! the englewood and harrison police districts alone historically account for 25- percent of all crime in the
9:39 pm
city. englewood is on the south side just off the dan ryan, roughly garfield boulevard to about 75th street, state street to racine. what happened to the englewood neighborhood, once one of chicago's most desirable? tonight, wgn's nancy loo reports on how englewood became chicago's deadliest neighborhood and what some families have to do to stay alive. my life changed. i was not prepared for at it is not fair for my son. i want him to live his life. on a spring night in 2008 gun violence and a case of mistaken retaliation let this 18 year old a paraplegic. i had to start all over again. how? doing sit ups. then put on my clothes
9:40 pm
by myself. he dreams of living in the suburbs some day. you think it is good in the suburbs? why? because they do not shoot out there. for now he has to be home because his two siblings and his mother. i cannot afford to go anywhere else i cannot travel with my job. i cannot move or i will lose work. not far away henry wilson has been on touched by violence in his 55 years living on 55th. he and his wife raised three sons. he knows his neighbors and staunchly defends his home. englewood is still one of the greatest communities in chicago. historically and currently. ankle what was the place to move after the great chicago fire in
9:41 pm
1871 and it drew a stylish crowd during the columbian exposition. housing was plentiful and trains made it easy to get downtown. these photographs from the library document be vital shopping district with anchor stores sears. a new form of transportation was among the sparks of its decline. it was a transportation nexus. that is why it was the second most important shopping district in the 1950's. but then the automobile came. it allowed people to spread out. the upwardly mobile did not come back. ankle was population dropped from 100,000 to 30,000 shipping from largely caucasian to predominantly african american. this is 63rd and halsted today. major retailers
9:42 pm
gone and construction of the expressway split the neighborhood. residents moved out and crammed moved in, spurred by dismantling of public housing nearby. it seems like every urban problem has been dropped on it and it is last year murders were down in every chicago neighborhood accept for englewood. unemployment is near 30 percent. it is scary. its themes like war. that leaves little time for kids to play outside and strict parental roles because it is literally a matter of life and death. you get to go outside after dark? nope. because there's people who take kids. what else can happen? they can get shot. the chicago police department says that in targeting englewood the obvious crime problems are drugs
9:43 pm
and gangs and guns. coming up tomorrow night an exclusive right along with police superintendent gary mccarthy. hear how a new police initiative is shipping crime and how all people in chicago should care about englewood. she will go on an exclusive right along with the police superintendent and she will take your phone conversations live. still to come, a split second decision by a tow-truck driver proved to be a lifesaver, and it was all caught on tape. and later in sports. he hasn't even had the job for a weekbut new illinois coach john gross now knows he'll have a big hole to fill in the middle of his line-up next season.
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and new or worsening heart failure. before starting humira, your doctor should test you for tb. ask your doctor if you live or have been to a region where certain fungal infections are common. tell your doctor if you have had tb hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have symptoms such as fever fatigue, cough, or sores. you should not start humira if you have any kind of infection. ask your rheumatologist how you can defend against and help stop further joint damage with humira. watch this dramatic video captured in norway as a tow truck driver escapes almost certain death. he manages to dive out of his cab just as the semi-truck he's pulling up this mountain road slips off the edge, dragging the tow truck with it as it tumbles over. the video was shot by some people who just happened to be
9:47 pm
following behind. while the tow truck driver got away unhurt, the driver of the semi wasn't so lucky. he suffered several broken bones and is recovering in the hospital. amazing changes in the weather. tom is here with the seven day. stand still for a couple of hours and it will change right away. that hurts just looking at that video. amazing. look at the storms that have blossomed in the warm humid air from the plains states. fairly respectable thunderstorms at fair illustration of what can happen in warm humid air. a cold front hits in three or four tomorrow afternoon. look at the thunderstorms down at the mississippi. frost and freeze advisories' in those blue states in the east. pennsylvania and
9:48 pm
west virginia. the bright yellow areas. and the page areas are wind advisories. that will be an act of the outbreak of severe weather in that area tomorrow to. for tossed the jet stream switches and that latches onto canadian high pressure and brings it down here. a pot of warm air, head of that puts us close to a record and then we go back to the icebox with a canadian high that circulates a chilly air in the area wednesday and thursday. winds will let up but they will still be blowing friday. saturday looks like the warmest day and easter sunday is not bad. the 80 tomorrow with scattered coverage thunderstorms in the afternoon some severe potentially. it clears out and then sunny and cold wednesday
9:49 pm
and sunday windy and cold thursday to. a friday looks the same with less wind. we are not done with the cool weather but all those temperatures are still above normal. talk about a blast from the past ! information from the 1940's census is made public today after a 72-year-long period of confidentiality. the records provide a snap-shot of america in the midst of the great depression. 21-million people who provided personal information in that census are still living. and the aclu and other privacy advocates are warning that information could be used by identity thieves. the records do not contain birth dates or social security numbers. satellite carrier direct tv filed a complaint against the tribune company with the federal communications commission this afternoon. this, the latest in a contract dispute between the two sides that has kept channel 9 off of direct tv since midnight saturday. the complaint charges that tribune improperly backed out
9:50 pm
of an agreement that would have kept tribune owned stations, like wgn, on the direct satellite signal. the complaint also accuses tribune of negotiating in bad faith. a tribune statement this afternoon denied that a deal had ever been in place. the statement also says that the fcc complaint is nothing more than a negotiating tactic designed to disadvantage tribune from receiving fair compensation from direct tv. coming up. after being blown out yesterday the bulls looked to restores one, ha
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] pringles... bursting with more flavor. [ crunch! ] the rockets are back in town. their problem is they are not living up to their defensive reputation. they didn't last night and they didn't hear. rick hamilton back in action. a couple pretty good passes. six and seven from the floor tonight. the bulls had an 11 point lead but got clocked in the third quarter. a 13-1 romp for houston. then in the fourth
9:54 pm
quarter the rockets blew it out to double figures. made of three long ones and houston was on its way. the bulls got it back to 4 with a minute left and had a couple chances but courtney finished them off with a dictator in the lane. the bulls lose 99-93. tom thibodaux barry and happy after the game. turnovers. turnovers. turnovers. the fact of the matter is we lost a last games because of our mistakes not because of injuries or derrick or anything. out those hall of fame jerseys today, this one going to former bulls star chet the jet walker... he'll be enshrined this fall, along with reggie miller, ralph sampson, and don nelson.... new illini coach john groce won't have meyers leonard to lean on next year... the illinois big man is leaving for the nba, he's got family issues
9:55 pm
to take care of... had a pretty good season, and he's projected as a potential lottery pick in this year's draft... tomorrow night, notre dame's women tee it up against mighty baylor in their championship game at denver... the irish took down uconn in overtime to reach the final for the second year in a row... the irish and baylor the two top seeds in the tournament, and a chance for notre dame to make up for last year's title game defeat. osset seniors and the whole team wanted to get back here. we had a chance last year and we came up short. we are excited to be here and looking for it to the chance to get that back. blackhawks might not have beaten minnesota last night, but there was plenty of entertainment value out there, most of it provided by andrew shaw who fought the much bigger corey almond... then headed to the box with arms raised... crowd loved it, but no more than his teammates did...
9:56 pm
it was entertaining. not only the wave to the crowd and getting the crowd into it but ... was pretty funny too. it was our real treat. the beauty level was elevated. you have to have a good beauty of level. baseball today, the reds give joey votto a ten-year extension worth 225 million dollars... really??? matt cain got 127.5 over six from the giants now the highest paid right-hander in baseball history.... cactus league winding down ahead of opening day later this week... the cubs in their second-to-last game in the desert, and geovany soto's comin' home with a hot bat-- geo's fourth homer of the spring, a three-run shot helped the cubs beat the d- backs, 8 to 3... cubs and the brewers tomorrow, then it's back to chicago... the white sox are out of arizona as of tonight-- they lost their last cactus league game, but it wasn't dayan viciedo's fault... a three-run bomb for the sox left fielder, his second in two days... but the brewers beat 'em, 13-7... rough day for gavin floyd-- sox play a couple in houston tuesday and wednesday, then open against
9:57 pm
the rangers friday.... no closer named yet-- but we do know kenny williams won't be activating himself as d-h any time soon... he took a turn in the cage the other day-- and it wasn't pretty... hitting against sox coach kevin hickey or trying to... kenny retired as a player 21 years ago... a wife's career move apparently. why is career move. e
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