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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  April 6, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm CDT

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a man takes a nail to the heart, and lives to explain what happened. a mother fighting for justice for her son wins a round in court. a judge orders a special prosecutor to investigate chicago police handling of a politically-charged case the death of david koschman. >> good evening, i'm dan ponce. >> i'm lourdes duarte. mark and micah are off tonight. our top story seen around the country tonight on wgn america: a judge's decision. wgn's randi belisomo heard what was said in court. >> the sun was just rising over david koschman when the tragedy occured. judge michael toomin said today. he also said the system has failed him up to this point. to deny a special
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prosecutor, toomin said, would be capping indignity with injustice. david koschman was his mother nanci's only child. she lost her husband when their son was 12. when he was 21, a rush street confrontation turned fatal for david, leaving nanci alone and speculation lingering that david was the agressor. >> i did my best, i didn't teach him to go out and fight with people. it was hard for me every night to put my head down and think he was to blame. at a hearing today judge michael toomin says he wasn't. he ruled to appoint a special prosecutor into the chicago police investigation of koschman's 2004 death. judge toomin acknowledging the altercation involved richard vanecko, the nephew of former mayor richard daley. vanecko's claim that he acted in self defense is one judge toomin called quote, "a gross fiction." >> i want people to know that david, though he may have been drunk and angry, did not deserve to have anyone touch him, and that's the basic
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premise. though vanecko denies any wrongdoing, judge toomin wasn't buying it. he said police never even bothered to interview him. quote: this is not a who-dun- it we know who did it. we have a known offender and yet no charges." >> i have no political interest or alliances that would preclude me from doing so. in this case, in my career reputation and unbiased review of my record as states attorney supports that very fact. states attorney anita alvarez was not happy with the judge's decision. she made a statement but would not take questions from reporters. she said she will not appeal. >> there are occasional moments when we can be truly proud of our judiciary, truly proud of our system, and this is one such moment that our system has begun to act to correct a manifest injustice. >> this is a victory for every family that loses a loved one to violence, they deserve an
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investigation that is fair, impartial, and free of politics. with today's decision judge toomin said now "david koschman and richard vanecko stand equal before the law." >> i didn't think it was going my way. not a lot has gone my way in the last eight years since i lost my son, it's hard to see that rainbow at the end. mrs. koschman said she was headed to visit david in the cemetery to tell him they had won, at least this round. again, richard vanecko denies any wrongdoing. live in the newsroom, randi belisomo wgn news. updating the fiery crash of a fighter jet into an apartment complex in virginia beach. seven people including the two pilots were hurt. the fire chief says six people are unaccounted for, down from 30. a search of two of five damaged buildings finds no casualties. and as cnn's rene marsh reports, the navy is blaming a malfunction.
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>> charlotte after takeoff and initial indications are that the aircraft suffered a catastrophic mechanical malfunction. >> it shook the ground when it hit. initially everyone was running to the same and then there was a couple of large explosions and then everyone was fleeing from the scene. >> several apartment buildings were smoldering after the jet crash. the navy said the two- person crew ejected before impact. they spoke about their condition. >> the crew is doing well. they suffered some minor injuries. the latest report is that they are up and about. >> resident cavanaugh down one of the crewmen near his apartment after the crash. >> he was in shock, still strapped to his seat. we just picked him up and drag him to the other side of the parking
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lot away from the fire until the rescue could get on the scene. >> the plane was from a training squad from at the navy air station in virginia beach. crews battled the fire as rescuers searched for survivors. the mayor said he is proud of how everyone in the community stepped up to help. >> there is good that came from the bed. the citizens stepped up to help. it shows you the quality of citizens in this community. >> lawyers for the family of rekia boyd, who took a fatal bullet to the head last week, filed a lawsuit in circuit court today. an off-duty chicago police officer pulled the trigger he says in self defense, when a third party allegedly pointed a gun at him. wgn's julian crews talked with boyd's family earlier today. >> when they took my sister, they took a part of all of us! she was loved by everybody that came in contact with.'
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the relatives of rekia boyd say theyre convinced. there was no legal justificatio, in their view, for an off-duty chicago police detective to open fire from his car, nine days ago on a north lawndale sidewalk. the detective, identified in the lawsuit as dante servin, reportedly told investigators that he tried to break up a neighborhood disturbance firing in self-defense when this man, antonio cross, allegedly pointed a gun at the off-duty offcer. the policeman hit cross in the hand and rekia boyd in the head. >> her young life was snuffed out by an aggressive, intimidating officer who provoked the confrontation. witnesses say the day before the deadly shooting, the off- duty officer, who lives in the neighborhood, was allegedly overheard making a threatening statement from his car to a man on the corner. >> the detective said to him,
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what do i have to do to get some respect around here. perhaps it should be someone. >> no comment from chicago police tonight or corporation counsel. spokespeople say the entire incident is being investigated by the independent police review authority. julian crews - wgn news. what do prospective jurors know about singer and actress jennifer hudson? that's what attorneys in the hudson family killings trial want to know. a copy of the jury questionaire is out and jennifer hudson's career is highlighted. some of the questions? have they watched "american idol", the t-v show that launched the south sider's career? did they see the movie "dreamgirls" for which she won an oscar? the jury will be hearing the case of william balfour who's accused of murdering hudson's mother, brother, and nephew in 2008. killed for cash and his shoes. police investigate the death of a chicago teenager in gary indiana. sergio pinex was visiting relatives when he was killed at
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willard and 23rd avenue in gary. the 18-year-old was walking with a friend when two cars approached around 10:00 am yesterday. someone in a white cadillac told them to get down and give up their shoes and money. the friend complied. pinex didn't and was shot in the head. the cadillac and the purple pt cruiser following it sped away. more charges today for a former north suburban cheerleading coach accused of inappropriate behavior. jeffrey tackes is now facing more stringent bond conditions after more girls have come forward. the orginial accusations were made last february. prosecutors say tackles coerced two niles north high school cheerleaders to play a game of strip poker. the new accusations invoved a pair of york high school gymnists. governor quinn offering forgiveness on this good friday. he granted clemency to 52 people for crimes dating back decades. he expunged their records and in most cases even granted full pardons. most of the crimes were not serious. the governor also rejected 136 clemency requests. he's been trying to clear a backlong of 2500 clemency
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petitions, that built up when the now imprisoned rod blagojevich was governor. a janitors' strike has been averted in chicago, but no deal yet for those who clean suburban buildings. more than 13,000 janitors were threatening to strike sunday over wages and health benefits. they are represented by the service employees international union or seiu. the janitors clean office buildings schools and government facilities in the city and suburbs. tonight building management announced a tentative contract for chicago. workers vote april 14th. christians around the world celebrate good friday. up next - we'll show you some of the local services on one of the holiest days of the year. plus - the search is on for a dog and it's owner, after it allegedly killed another dog at chicago's popular "doggie beach". and coming up in weather tom says things are looking pretty good for all of those easter egg hunts this weekend.
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countries took turns carrying a cross around the site. pope benedict the sixteenth attended the event. he called on his followers to look to christ for courage and strength - during these tough economic times. here in chicago, cardinal george led a procession and solemn services. marcella raymond was with the faithful tonight. >> at the end of good friday the emanuel holy cathedra reflect on the death of jesus. christian believe that he was the son of god and will arise from the dead judge celebrated mass. >> this is the holiest of weeks and the time for them to reflect on religion and their lives. >> it does not get better than this. the signs of new life is always around the spirit we have taken on board. that is what is all about. >> i tried to live my life as he
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would have me live it. that's what easter is for me. >> the day started with the cardinals speaking to the group at the plaza before they walked through the city. >> wheat to bring our sufferings to this moment. they are many. for every family has its own way of the cross. >> the procession continue to millennium park and the water tower before ending at holy name. >> intel's and latino catholics acted out the station. thousands came to watch. the sylvia rivera who participated with her daughter, it was a time for community. a time remembered from her childhood. >> this affects all the community. everybody gathered in one place for a special moment. >> today young and old carried on the tradition that have lived in their families for years. >> this year i am not looking to
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be a part of it. >> at holy name cathedral. >> today also marks the start of the jewish holiday, passover. it began at sundown, and lasts eight days. the holiday celebrates the exodus of the jews from slavery in egypt. on the first two nights of the holiday, jewish families gather for a ritual feast called seder. president obama hosted the white house's fourth annual seder tonight - it was led by jewish members of his staff. the obamas and their guests read the "story of the exodus" as they ate a traditional seder meal. the debate over pink slime continues. just ahead: why cps officials have reversed their comments about the beef product in school lunches. plus, rick santorum's young daughter is hospitalized tonight - the latest on her condition coming up. and another strange twist in the story of that maryland woman who says she won last week's big mega millions lottery. kmart is the place to find everything
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that salmonella outbreak grows larger with another chicagoan falling sick. more than 100 people have been sickened across the country, six of them now in chicago. what's most concerning - still no clue what's causing the illness. many of those affected did say they ate sushi or something similar before the symptoms started. critics call it "pink slime" and it may have been served in chicago public schools afterall. when the beef filler controversy broke last month cps officials insisted it is not served in school cafeterias. a few days later, they heard that patties from one vender might contain what the government calls "lean finely
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textured beef." so now cps has tossed out a half-million dollars worth of patties from that supplier and we're told school menus are really free of the filler. a local dog owner trying to track down a suspected bark- and-run criminal. her dog was mauled by a pit bull but the owner took off instead of being held accountable. wgn's amy rutledge has the details. >> it was st. patty's day when audrey fisher made her first trip to the beach with her 12 year-old daughter and her pomeranian mix well. this would be willie's last trip he was attacked by a large pit bull. >> it happened so fast and it was as if he was using my dog as a toy. i was scared. i was helpless. there was nothing i could do. i had my daughter standing there watching and i just grabbed her and turned her away from it told her not to look. >> the owner ran over and released willie from his dog's jaws and then according to
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audrey and other witnesses, left without even so much as an apology. >> we were on our way out walking out and i wanted him to stop and talk to me and give me information on himself. he does grab on this attack is belly. >> willie died of abdominal problems three days later. several by standard who tried to help out read their phones and the pictures of the alleged owner which she has been circulating at the beach. she is hoping the police will helper try to track down the owner and hopefully recoup her nearly $6,000 that an aryans bill. the dog community has been in an outrage over this. a lot of people are getting together and tried to raise money. 01 thousand dollars have already been raised to help pay the vet bill. damn hiring drops-off dramatically last month in the u.s. 120,000 people found employment that's 83,000 less than what economists expected. it's also down 120,000 from
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february. to 8.2%... down from 8.3%. but, analysts say that's because more people are giving up looking for work. new jobs-- 17,0000 of them. chicago and cook county announced the summer windfall today under an expanded one summer chicago program which provides activites and opportunities for people ages 6 to 24. jobs include teaching sports and reading to children. those hired will receive a stipend - about one-thousand dollars for the summer. you can learn more on their website, secretary of defense leon panetta has given back about 17-thousand dollars of his own money, reimbursing the treasury for frequent trips to his home in california. panetta is requiredto fly in military jets. at a rate of $3,200 per flight hour, each ten hour trip costs nearly $32,000. mr. panetta reimburses the government the equivalent of a round trip, full fare coach rate, about $630. although the expense is a tiny
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fraction of the defense budget, the trips come at a sensitive time when the pentagon is facing budget cuts. rick santorum's daughter was admitted to the hospital today. three-year-old isabella suffers from a chromosomal condition called trisomy 18. according to the national institutes of health, half of patients born with the condition don't survive the first week of life. trisomy 18 is caused by extra material from chromosome 18, and is three times more common in girls than boys the republican presidential candidate's daughter was hospitalized with pneumonia in january. the family request prayers and privacy as she works her way to recovery. one of last week's big lottery winners comes forward but, we'll tell you why their identity is still a mystery. plus, later in medical watch a new surgical tool that's reducing pain and shortening recovery times. and then, things were popping at one of chicago's most popular popcorn shops today.. we'll tell you why.
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>> the illinois lottery. pick 3 4-9-6. pick four -5-6-7-5.
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little lotto - 15-20-13-3-6. a mega millions winner finally comes forward to claim the record-setting prize, sort of.
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>> we give that $218 million to our winner yea. a cardboard cutout. kansas lottery officials announcing that their winner has decided to remain anonymous. the kansan claims 218.6 million bucks, their share of mega millions prize. other winners bought tickets in southern illinois and maryland but neither has officially come forward to accept their money. the baltimore woman who claims to have won the mega millions prize now says she lost the ticket. mirlande wilson told a local washington dc t-v station that she'd claim the jackpot, "if" she finds the ticket. wilson says she hid it at the mcdonald's where she works. there's been some controversy in this case because co-workers at that mcdonald's say the winning ticket is part of a pool. wilson says it's a ticket she bought separately. the winner has until the end of september to claim the prize.
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the weather might play a big part in a lot of the plans this holiday weekend. >> a man accidentally shoots himself in the heart with a nail and lives. and unbelievable sears one day sale is this saturday with friday preview. find the huge savings you've been hunting for throughout the store. plus, shop your way rewards members always get more. at sears.
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♪ ♪ [ chuckles ] isn't easter fun, red? [ grunts ] not from my perspective! ♪ ♪
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we're cracking down on medicare fraud. the healthcare law gives us powerful tools to fight it... to investigate it... ...prosecute it... and stop criminals. our senior medicare patrol volunteers... are teaching seniors across the country... stop, spot, and report fraud. you can help. guard your medicare card. don't give out your card number over the phone. call to report any suspected fraud. we're cracking down on medicare fraud. let's make medicare stronger for all of us. that's the sound of construction crews removing
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abandoned railroad tracks on kingsbury street. workers spent friday removing 2500 feet of them on kingsbury between north avenue and scott street, and on scott between kingsbury and halsted street. their removal will allow for parallel parking on both sides of the street instead of angled parking. sidewalks, gutters driveways and curbs will also be repaired as part of the 4.3 million dollar streetscape improvement. >> the time you said we have been lucky and we really have. you say you have pictures of what happened in dallas. >> the pictures of these are absolutely amazing. we have some more pictures. one from ryan who was in this city where in the dallas area of a couple of days ago. we are heading into prime time with tornado season. look at this scene. on april 21st, we mark the anniversary of this area's worst tornado ever. we have a big tornado some are
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coming up a week from tomorrow. next week will have more on the web as well. this was an intriguing shot. we got amazing shot from of yours. he was driving through to sign and he captured this dust devil. these form because you have localize heating of the ground on sunny days. at this looks an awful lot like a tornado. from our own mike the antelope this is a full moon tonight. perhaps you have seen it. mike brings it to us as few of us can see it with the naked eye. this is the full moon tonight in chicago. it will be interesting to see if we have a weird behavior. we had a beautiful clear sky and a canadian system that allows us to see it. the clouds of to the west could be a shower producer here but not until tomorrow
9:31 pm
night. the big story has been the cool weather of late. 14 states under frost and freeze advisories. the jet stream goes north and plunges into arctic air and pulled it down. without the benefit of the snowpack this time of year, we have a lake and so it brings the cool air down and the northeast winds. that will bring in mild air for the easter/passover weekend. with 30 at rockford, 31 at dekalb. a nice recovery to 53 degrees. we
9:32 pm
will do that about 14 degrees better tomorrow as we get into the mid '60s. it is 43 degrees at this hour. is that the nine at sioux falls south dakota. we are three degrees warmer than we were 24 hours ago. the humidity is that 60 percent. it tells us where the temperatures will go tonight. we will see around 30 degrees in the suburbs. despite their recent chill, this is the second consecutive months that we have had a temperature surplus. the lake breezes will
9:33 pm
fade out a little faster than they would normally. we have some thirties' around the area tonight. it is a little snippy outside. we are dry. we are running below normal since the first of the year. 97 percent of that the rain will come in and the second week of the forecast. we want to erase moister deficit before we get into the warm season. next weekend could warm
9:34 pm
up and we could get some showers and thunderstorms at that time and we need them. it will be nice this weekend for the holidays. tomorrow sun shined, by increasing cloudiness. in breezy war 67 degrees tomorrow. of 14 degrees from today's 53 degrees. maybe a shower tomorrow night and in clearing with the temperature of 39. a pretty good chunk of cool air coming in a couple of days next week. next weekend could be kind of smilemild.
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the city's expensive, solar- powered garbage cans are going into storage for next month's nato summit. they'll be replaced by old-fashioned wire cans which are easier to search for explosives. the bigbelly garbage and recycling barrels with trash compactors are touted as a way to save costs on pick- ups. there's about 400 of the solar- powered trash cans, mostly in the downtown area. up next, a new tool for the operating room. we'll show you the latest technology that cut down a patients pain and recovery time from surgery. plus - dean richard's tells us about a new movie that shares the struggles of a wheelchair- bound dancer. tom, check this out. good gravy, bill. our insurance company doesn't have anything like it. magnificent, isn't it? with progressive it's easy to cover all of your favorite rides. progressive has truck insurance? number one in truck and motorcycle.
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tegchgin tonights medical watch -
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faster recovery and fewer medications after surgery. its possible with the plasmablade! adding to the high tech tools in surgery - a new wand not magcal but medically beneficial. plasmablade is an alternative to cutting. steel and cauterization are the standard for cutting into tissue. plasma blade does the same with radio-frequency energy. >>and that radiofrequency can be isolated to the tissue that you are actually working on,. and there isnt this energy
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that this collateral damage to tissues that occurs with traditional electro cautery. surrounding tissue that gets overheated from cauterization is not damaged now, theres less cutting with a blade and that means less bleeding. >> so what we are seeing is we are getting through procedures much quicker because there is less bleeding. we are able to be more precise because you have a nice clean field and in terms of patient recovery its a dramatic difference. for cathy heinberg it was the difference maker that finally helped her decide to have surgery. >> this is skin - its not fat to suction out, its skin. after three kids, one cesarean section and five years considering a tummy tuck cathy kept trying to flatten her stomach herself. >> i exercise well i eat well and theres still an area of concern that isnt going to go away with any amount of
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exercise. doctors said surgery was the only option. but she didnt have the time to heal. the new technology takes time away and adds other benefits. >> by using plasmablade its shortening our procedure time, its making our field drier and more precise, and it terms of recovery for patients, its making it a loss less painful its making it so the use of pain medication is significantly reduced, the time it takes to get back on your feet and get back to work is significantly reduced. and after her tummy tuck which typically takes about four weeks downtime, cathy has another idea! plasmablade is also used for tonsillectomies and orthopedic surgeries. shot in the chest with a nail gun and lives to tell the tale. dennis hennis is a builder. the new jersey man was trying to fix a jammed nail gun when it fired a three-and-a-half-
9:41 pm
inch nail into his chest. that triggered a heart attack but doctors were able to save him. three times. damn you talked about a culture walled to the heart. there's so many things that had to take place for him to be alive. >> hennis plans to go back to work but says he'll be a lot more careful with the nail gun. and the white sox get their day in the texas sun. highlights and postgame reaction from opening sports.
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new 5 rpm gum. stimulate your senses. i'm tom... i'm sue... i'm carol. and this is my cvs pharmacist. i found out i had cancer. diabetes. i had a heart attack. so, i needed help with my medications. because mixing them... can be dangerous. not with maria around. not with pete. not with nakea. alerting you to potential drug interactions. another reason to transfer your prescriptions today. ♪ i'm sue, and i bring all my prescriptions to my cvs. today was national caramel popcorn day. chicago's best known popcorn purveyor--garrett's--was handing out free samples at all their stores creating long lines
9:45 pm
of people with sweet-tooths waiting for a taste. most just wanted the caramel corn and probably weren't aware that today's event was just one of the "175 days to love chicago" program celebrating the city's 175th birthday year. the program launched back on march fourth and continues through august 12th. no word yet on any other free popcorn related activities. and moving from the concession stand into the theater dean richards reviews two new movies opening this weekend. a small, thoughtful film about overcoming life's adversities and a big new comedy that has apple pies everywhere cowering in fear. for new movies this weekend. it's back. the 4th in the "american pie" teen sex comedy franchise, with the original cast returning, now 30- somethings who get back together for a high school reunion. earning every second of it's r- rating, it's a non-stop
9:46 pm
drinking, drug filled sexual romp, loaded with laughs and awkward situations. but also the stark realization that partying like it's 1999, doesn't always mix with getting older. the now-grown cast are great. jason biggs, the apple pie loving, jim, holds nothing back going full frontal. but stealing the show are eugene levy and jennifer coolidge as jim's hapless dad and stifler's oversexed mother, funnier than ever. it's not high-art, but the 13 year old boy in me loved this one, a completely silly dean's list "a." and hard to find at only a few theaters, there's the thought provoking, "musical chairs", the story of a dance instructor whose entire world is turned upside down when she's hit by a car. her ability to walk and her reason for living is gone until a friend, learns about a wheel chair ballroom dance competition that he hopes will show her that being physically challenged is not the end of life. it's inspiring, romantic, at times funny and the real world
9:47 pm
of wheel chair ballroom competition is entertaining and a lesson in following your heart and never letting obstacles, prevent you from pursuing your passions. "musical chairs" is another dean's list grade a . you can see these reviews on my wesbite at wgn list. almost movie peter weather. >> it looks kind of nice tomorrow. it is never bad to see a movie. we have a pretty nice weekend for what ever you want to do. the canadian high has been a dominant weather feature for days. the winds turned southerly tomorrow and showers
9:48 pm
encroaches upon the reasonregion tomorrow night. cool air comes in next week. the big story will be the warming temperatures. sixties will be back in on easter. by monday of next week, it will be much cooler. we have a cool spell comment. there was a tornado reported near alliance of nebraska today. it is getting a little dry around these parts. here is a view from catherine of
9:49 pm
nebraska. and finally the snow in montana today. snow still has the ability to reach into parts of the united states. here is a monday tuesday and when didwednesday. we have a shower storms by friday of next week. 67 degrees tomorrow, 66 sunday, it did five on monday. partly sunny wednesday and a couple of instability in showers from a mostly cloudy sky on thursday.
9:50 pm
and then at system range later next week. have a great weekend. >> i noticed that money is hopping awfully fast. the bunny has every encouragement to jump as often as possible. >> a traditional unlike any other. dan roan has highlights and more from the masters. and bad news on the blackhawks captain as the playoffs draw near. the details, next in sports. [ grandfather ] that a boy! this is my grandson. and if it wasn't for a screening i got, i might have missed being here to meet him. the health care law lets those of us on medicare now get most preventive care for free like annual wellness visits immunizations and some cancer screenings. and that's when they
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s one, ha nobody made any glaring
9:53 pm
mistakes, everybody did what they were supposed to so the white sox just didn't do enough of it. a quiet day at the dish leads to an opening day fizzle in texas. in robin ventura's first official game, managing anything, anywhere. he was fine and adam dunn wasn't bad either, sixth inning dunn mashed one to right field, 431 feet, a solo homer that cut a 2-0 texas lead in half. that bodes well for the future. and later in the inning, it's alexi ramirez off colby lewis, a base hit over shortstop that ran to the gap. alex rios running all
9:54 pm
the way from first base and he gets in there to tie the game at 2 - but the rangers came right back in the bottom half michael young line drive base hit to left with josh hamilton at second, hamilton gets in there for the last run of the game. sox fall, 3-2 in their opener and rich king has the post-game story from arlington. >> a memorable day for rangers fans but a date for it to forget for bread morale. four strikeouts. an era and a botched double play grounder. it cost the white sox the game. >> they suddenly beardless adam dunn tied frank robinson 48 opening day home runs.
9:55 pm
>> i was disappointed to get beat but i feel like i am where i need to be. >> i feel good since they won in the spring. i felt good today so i have not had any setbacks. i'll continue to do the same things we did from day one and go forward and progress. >> 13 strikeouts, from white sox out hitters. game 2 of the serious tomorrow night on the b g in. wgn.halfway through the masters there are about forty people who still have a chance to win it... four-time champion tiger woods is not one of 'em. there was only one player who kind of burned it up. on a cool, sunny day at augusta national, a former champion, fifty-two year old fred couples, celebrating the 20th anniversary of his masters victory with a five-under 67, he was brilliant, shares the lead
9:56 pm
with jason duffner at five- under. under after three, he wound up at three over. had no clue today. a huge group one off the lead includes westwood mcilroy, garcia and bubba watson. >> if i get going and i feel strong in driving the course is much longer than it was in 1992 when i won. i still like that and still complete here and play. that was my main goal. people ask and i went. i want to compete. the blackhawks took one in the chops last night, a 2-1 shootout loss at minnesota that guarantees they'll start on the road next week in the stanley cup playoffs.... hawks finish at detroit tomorrow in a game that both teams would just as soon lose, i think... the winner gets nashville in the first round, and that's when jonathan toews will play again for the hawks, already ruled out for tomorrow. >> is not fun to miss all of
9:57 pm
those games. no need to step back in and feel fresh and be ready for the playoffs. i have to make sure that i am ready to go in. >> we want to remind everybody that we are carrying the illinois derby at 5:00 and then the white sox at 7. a busy sports day on saturday. that's the news for this good friday night. >> i'm lourdes duarte. >> i'm dan ponce. updates on for all of us here, have a good night. living with the pain of moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis... could mean living with joint damage. help stop the damage before it stops you with humira. for many adults with moderate to severe ra, humira's proven to help relieve pain and stop joint damage. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal events can occur, such as infections,
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lymphoma, or other types of cancer, blood, liver, and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions and new or worsening heart failure. before starting humira, your doctor should test you for tb. ask your doctor if you live or have been to a region where certain fungal infections are common. tell your doctor if you have had tb hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have symptoms such as fever fatigue, cough, or sores. you should not start humira if you have any kind of infection. ask your rheumatologist how you can defend against and help stop further joint damage with humira.
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hello. is this where we do that bundling thing? let's see what you got. rv -- covered. why would you pay for a hotel? i never do. motorcycles -- check. atv. i ride those. do you? no. boat. house. hello, dear. hello. hello. oh! check it -- [ loud r&b on car radio ]


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