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tv   WGN Midday News  CW  April 10, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm CDT

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for the first time chicago mayor daley will answer questions about ron burch ... the victim of police for totality is suing the city of chicago after serving 24 a years in prison his conviction was overturned ... the former
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state's attorney at the time he was never giving a deposition ... we're going to ask him about relevant questions during that time he was state's attorney and the khmer ... and what he mayor of chicago what he knew and why the death penalty came into play the attorneys will get together to discuss limitations on the deposition ... only four more jurors need to be chosen for the trial of william
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belfour the man accused of murdering three members of the singer jennifer hudson family monica schneider's live with cook county criminal court building with the latest in a line we are down to picking the final four members of the jury panel the defendant william balfour was dressed for court he if convicted he can spend the rest of his life in courtjail ... he committed those murders in october 2008 ... prosecutors say that he shot them all because he was enraged in a jealous fit he was married to jennifer hudson sister ... there are some thoughts that the star power of jennifer hudson
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might benefit the prosecution but those chosen for the jury panel believe they can be an unbiased. most who were dismissed were dismissed over financial hardship in serving on the jury for a high-profile case for such a long time ... a newly released police recording is raising more questions in a police brutality case in north chicago during darren hana arrest last fall he can be heard yelling and pleading with police officers officers were responding to a call claiming that he was fighting with his pregnant girlfriend his family claims
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that police improperly beat and tasered him he died one week later this proves the point that they beat my son to death >>the reports are not consistent they gave a report and after 12 seconds to is really pleading for his life the family claims that the city tried to cover up the contents of the audiotapes ... an internal investigation is under way with the north chicago police and indiana man accused of coercing teenage boys into performing sexually explicit videos is facing federal charges the 39 year-old man was arrested friday at his home in the town of brazil in west central indiana the u.s. attorney says that he coerced to 14 year-old boys and to
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performing sexual acts via internet web cam and redding to post other explicit videos of those boys on gay porn sites along with their identities investigators are trying to identify hundreds of other potential victims whose images were found on his computer police say a driver was going the wrong way on the kennedy expressway for nearly 10 mi. early this morning the driver was first spotted heading west in the eastbound lanes near nagle on the city's northwest side is van finally stopped at elk grove village the state may instruct saw the wrong way and then started flashing its yellow lights it's the ninth incident of a driver going the wrong way in recent months the former white sox manager ozzie guillen apologizes for controversial comments he made a rare fidel castro but is it enough nancy loo has the details killing
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he spoke first in spanish when he addressed to the miami community has highly anticipated comments came after this new miami marlins manager learned of the controversy over his time magazine comments. the article in for that he praised dictator fidel castro even loved him ... all he was trying to say so he said was that he admired his term as leader it's just as the team is trying to build a fan base with cuban americans ... i don't just represent myself i
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represent latin america and this ball club i am embarrassed and i feel very guilty to be honest ... i never intended for it those words to be taken that way he recently became active in the cuban community in miami and he feels terrible about what he feels is his betrayal of all latin americans he said it's the biggest mistake of his life so far and he accepts the punishment of that five daygame suspension coming up next the latest on the trayvon martin case and three teachers make a claim on that mega-millions lottery
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pay out in maryland and a man comes face to face with a wild bear in southern california when we come back
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bullets riddle a police car... in the neighborhood where trayvon martin once lived in sanford, florida. someone fired six shells into the vehicle early this morning. the car was empty at the time, and no one was injured. in the meantime, the man who shot and killed trayvon martin... is turning to the internet for the public's help. zimmerman now has a website... where he's asking for money to pay for his legal and living expenses. he says he needs the funds... since he's hiding-out and can't work. the martin family has also created a website... that raises money to support their legal efforts. the two men accused of shooting
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five black people in tulsa oklahoma ... have reportedly confessed to authorities. police in tulsa say 19 year old jake england and 32-year-old alvin watts admitted to last friday's shootings - that left three people dead. england had written on his facebook page that last friday was the two-year anniversary of his father's murder. police say his father was killed by a black man -- but he was never charged because prosecutors say it was in self- defense. england and watts are each being held on nine-million dollars bail. the man who killed 77 people in a bomb and gun rampage in norway last summer has been declared sane. anders breivik was originally declared insane following the attacks. but now, two court-appointed psychiatric experts have determined that he was neither psychotic nor schizophrenic at the time of the crimes. the 32-year-old is charged with voluntary homicide and committing acts of terror. his trial begins next week. his punishment will be based on his sanity assessment. several middle school students
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managed to stop their school bus... after their driver slumped over behind the wheel. it happened yesterday in milton, washington. surveillance video from the school bus shows the driver pass out. the bus was headed for a church. i leapt off my chair i grabbed the wheel turned it right to the right side of the road and i took the keys out of the ignition ... when the bus came to a stop... students called 9-1-1 and performed c-p-r on the driver until paramedics arrived. he is now hospitalized in critical condition. no students were hurt. three teachers in maryland pooled their money and bought 60 tickets for the mega-millions jackpot. well... it paid off.the winners were announce at a press conference earlier today. they have chosen to remain anonymous. and they're simply calling themselves "the three amigos." after taxes- the teachers will split a lump-sum of 105-million
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dollars. that comes out to nearly 35- million dollars a person. they've asked that the money be deposited into their bank accounts. last week, the winner in kansas claimed their prize. the winner in downstate red bud illinois has yet to come forward. we know it is dangerous and illegal to text while driving a texting while walking can be a little bit hazardous as well ... how would you like to run into it and this guy? the news chopper for our sister station ktla in los angeles found a man texting while walking in an alleyway when he came face to face with a bear that was roaming the streets as you can see the man texting ran away as fast as he could the l.a. police and animal rangers eventually got the 600 lb. bear contained in a backyard nearby
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coming up with the day's top business stories plus we have a price on handling your biggest work gaffes and lincoln park zoo
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of it! one phillips' colon health probiotic cap a day helps defend against digestive issues with three strains of good bacteria. hit me! [ female announcer ] live the regular life. phillips'. with a look at today's headlines the price tag will balloon on state pensions the illinois policy institute will make that claim in a new report out today the state has no money set aside to pay for additional costs on top of its current 83 billion in unfunded pension liabilities if you happen getting air runaround from your bank or a mortgage lender today the
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consumer protection bureau is coming out with new guidelines to give you a heads up and regulations for the spanx to follow in communicating any increases or changes in policies with their consumers major carriers agreed to disable smart phones that gets stolen the fcc chairman said it is aimed at stemming the rise of cellular phone and theft in big cities some of these crimes have been violent >>the dow jones lost 178 points at this moment ... companies are reporting slowdowns in profits this week ... in line
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these are the moments everyone wishes they could take back your biggest work mistakes here with insight on how to handle that is the jennifer weigel of trib-u this is a good column. you asked for feedback from your readers on this subject ... this is an example of a big problem we hear this often. it's
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a common mistake on e-mail that people make ... never write anything in an e-mail or text message you are not comfortable with just about anyone reading. you need to read mitt to the mistake immediately this sort of thing never happened in the free digital world we have another example: a wardrobe malfunction ... very
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embarrassing. you can move through this with humor or a quick apology. another example is lashing out at your boss in a meeting ...
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experts say that depending on the conflict you should try to solve a problem and learn from each other's strengths weaknesses and mistake and above all apologize for getting caught up in the heat of an argument the bottom line is you should always sincerely admit he made a mistake and move forward. a rewind button for life will be
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welcome in the future maybe someday ... to read more you can go over to chicago tribune .com/trib-u still ahead at noon could a common practice at the dentist's office be putting your risk for developing a brain tumor and the lessons that chicago can learn from the 1968 democratic national convention it was like a red rash... very sore looking kinda blistery. like somebody had set a bag of hot charcoal on my neck. i was a firefighter for 24 years. but, i have never encountered such a burning sensation until i had the shingles. i remember it well. i was in the back yard doing yard work. i had this irritation going on in my lower neck. i changed shirts because i thought
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>>so what can chicago learn from the past? i flew to san diego to stick with the man who wrote the book on the violent police response to the chicago ugly anti-war demonstrations of 1968 it was august 1968 thousands of anti-war protesters converged on chicago the side of the democratic national convention but the convention was a sideshow compared to what erupted on the streets outside ... the ironfisted mayor vowed to preserve order but he got anything but that heavy handed response by the chicago police was described as nothing but a police riot ... >>there was lots of violence in the streets and alleyways of chicago and the commissioner
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wanted a firsthand report ... dan walker had been appointed by president johnson to head up a commission to look into the situation and it wound up becoming a best seller ... >>it bothered me at the time when i was writing the report ... the term police riot but the violence was so bad that it was the only way to describe the situation 1968 was already a tumultuous year in chicago there were incidents of widespread looting and rioting in race problems after the assassination of
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martin luther king jr. this had the mayor setting some stringent rules for policing ... this was made for television street theater with the convention i remember running through lincoln park during the convention with a bunch of kids and falling with my camera this man was two years out of college and a local television photographer >>i never saw anything like this and never have since it was terrifying to a teargas and the national guardsmen in front of the hilton looking the way they did ...
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and the news photographers were deliberately attacked by police for simply doing their jobs ... the camera got the worst of it it was smashed their would do anything they could to drive the press away from the scene the man who wrote the book on the police riots expects the behavior to be different in the chicago police department this time around another like it was 40 years ago dan walker reminds us that the refusal of mayor richard j. daley to grant permits will not be the case evidence that mayor emanuel has been a student of that history as we say in the business stay tuned ...
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the world a better place. but, then again, so can millions of everyday americans right in their own backyards. brought to you by america's navy. it's the beginning of the big chill ... >>we have another frost and freeze warning end another red flag warning any fire is a risk with the wind and dry conditions be careful if burning the outdoors today ... march was a record breaker across the united states will have more on that in just a moment but we are settling into a cooler regime ...
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the air is moderately on stable and that means the temperature will be dropping faster than it typically does. we are 17 degrees cooler than 24 hours ago we have double-digit changes from 24 hours ago ... this is late-season arctic air coming from canada. the weather service reports that there were 15,272 record set in march alone it was the warmest by more than eight degrees ever recorded in whether history and that goes back to 1895 the opening three months in 2012 are the warmest ever since record-keeping started.
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that's across much of north america ... the suburbs around chicago was pretty much in the 30's this morning we're looking at that sprawling canadian high pressure system affecting things making everything cooler ... and it's far reaching many states are under frost and freeze advisory's in the overnight hours and there is wind out to the west that will bring some
12:34 pm
warm air on the backside of this cool air mass riding at northwestern jet stream into the united states its 43 right now in chicago we have a wind gusts up to 30 mi. per hour it feels like march now. we're in the low 40's around our immediate region with a wind chill factors making it feel like it's into the '30's
12:35 pm
at this hour ... it will be called once again tonight ... tomorrow will be maybe six degrees warmer than today. we have extraordinarily dry air and we have elevated pollen counts i am taking a closer wallook at the wind chill factor temperatures ... at this hour is 40 degrees at o'hare airport and 42 at midway ... it is windy and chile across
12:36 pm
the midwayly across the metropolitan area. the rain situation is worrisome is quite dry next week we will get about two and a quarter inches of rain ... it's hard to make up those moisture deficits ... could be a sign of trouble this summer
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the daytime high temperatures three degrees below normal today. one of the cooler temperatures in the last month we will be between 25 and 35 degrees over 955 degrees tomorrow temperatures will get up to 68 on thursday into friday and the weekend we will have close to the '70s we have a director of the storm prediction center coming in for our seminars on saturday. lots
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time for sports. sox pitcher chris sale started his transition from the bullpen to starting rotation, and he was impressive in his first start. white sox starting a three- game set in cleveland..... ifsecond pitch of the game... and alejandro de aza hits his first home run of the year... a- j pierzynski also homered in the first inning. chris sale struck out five and only gave up a run on three hits in nearly seven innings... he retired 12 straight at one point. sale gets the win, while rookie hector santiago gets this second save... the sox win 4-2. milwaukee brewers visiting the friendly confines:
12:41 pm
it's tied at one in the second, when brian lahair's first homer as a cub lands on sheffield... the cubs have led in every game this year. but the brewers regain the lead and in the seventh, former cub aramis ramirez adds to it with an r-b-i double. a cubs rally falls short in the ninth, and they lose their fourth of the year... 7-5. derrick rose has only been back one game, and he may have already suffered another setback. the tribune reports rose hurt his ankle at some point against the knicks on sunday. known, but he wore a walking boot yesterday. rose is a game- time decision tonight for the rematch against the knicks at the united center. your live illinois lottery drawing is next
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here are the winning pick three numbers:2 3 6 here are the winning pick four numbers:2 2 1 4 the mega-millions jackpot for the next drawing as $31 million.
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after months of heated debate... mayor emanuel today revised his plan to extend the school day to seven hours... instead of seven and-a-half. the current school day runs 5- hours and 45-minutes... one of the shortest in the nation. chicago teachers union president karen lewis issued a statement saying... "it's about time the mayor listened to parents about the length of the school day." c-p-s officials say they don't need school board approval to extend the school day. but it will likely be a major issue during teachers contract negotiations this summer. in medical watch.. new warnings about frequent dental x-rays. a new study shows people who have had dental x-rays are more likely to develop a type of brain tumor called meningioma. meningiomas are located in the tissues covering the brain and the majority are non-cancerous. the researchers found patients who had "bitewing" x-rays at least once a year had a 40- to 90- percent greater risk of
12:46 pm
developing the tumors. american dental association guidelines say healthy adults without cavities should get a dental x-ray once every two or three years. one of the most beloved animals at the lincoln park zoo is moving but he won't be going far away ... randi belisomo is live he is about as iconic as animals get here at the lincoln park zoo and he is also genetically valuable... he is the 31 year- old silver back eightape jo jo is headed to brookfield zoo after his party today he is a western lowly and guerrilla endangered in africa with a population of
12:47 pm
only 30,000 less than a third of what it was a decade ago ... he can potentially breed with all three females at the brookfield zoo and his fans are glad to see him continue the species and they're relieved he's not going to far ... he's a fantastic silverback he is a great leader in his troupe and he has a wonderful personality ... >>i hate to see him go he won't be that far away we will go to see him now and then >>i think he's absolutely awesome a strong powerful beast it's a great experience to see him >>he is my favorite animal. two more males will join the other to hear and residents
12:48 pm
there will make up a bachelor troop and that can get rambunctious ... lunch break is coming up next we are making banana cream pie i'm tom... i'm sue... i'm carol. and this is i'm tom...rmacist. i found out i had cancer. diabetes. i had a heart attack. so, i needed help with my medications. because mixing them... can be dangerous. not with maria around. not with pete. not with nakea. alerting you to potential drug interactions. another reason to transfer your prescriptions today. ♪ i'm sue, and i bring all my prescriptions to my cvs.
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chicago... >>thank you for having me ... we will begin with making the crestrust... wheat toast and g raham crackers.... we try to simplify the recipe for the home audience but i will talk about some of the extra special things we do at the restaurant i have browned the butter with the vanilla bean i am trying to get as many milk solids as possible
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to preserve those are the best parts i will add some sugar and gently mix this together now i am mixing the crestust.... i like to do this by hand after the butter and vanilla kohl'scools a bit..
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this will get more granular as i work it together we want the butter to be completely mixed into the crumbs and that will make it bond in the oven. we press this mixture into the pie- dish i am turning it and pressing it out to the edges of want to come packed the crumbs well enough so
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that its tight and holds together in the baking but you don't want to go too hard because you want that crumbly a factor when you eat the pie. now we will toast that pie shell and begin to create the pastry cream with a double boiler and the restaurant we could get on the stove tops it's safer to cook it in a double boiler ... we combine all
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ingredients flour, egg yolks and extra milk the recipe will be on the web site you will cook this with some fresh vanilla bean once that's completely cooked like a custard.... benny's chop house is located at
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the titanic... lifeboats on board could only hold less than 1200 people ... >>we have our seminar the director of the storm prediction center will be joining us on saturday we have some cool weather coming the lows tonight will go into the '30's and 20's in the suburbs will rise into the fifties tomorrow. we're looking
12:59 pm
at the suburban overnight temperatures ... we have had some clouds bud no precipitation probably until next week ... the weekend weather system may bring us rain and thunderstorms but it will be warmer ... 55 degrees tomorrow 60 thursday a little bit higher on friday and possibly into the '70s over the weekend thank you for joining


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