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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  April 22, 2012 9:00pm-9:40pm CDT

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mystery surrounds the death of an 11 year-old suburban boy eight found a leading it near his home in hoffman estates. the meeting i am robert jordan >> and i am jackie bange >> it gaynor hollis live tonight in hoffman estates with our top story >> there are many questions... an autopsy was inconclusive... dozens of people gathered for a candlelight prayer vigil tonight in hoffman estates as
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the grieving family watched from their porch waiting away tears. saturday afternoon allan fernandez went outside to play in did not return. 45 minutes later relatives found the 11 year-old in the forest preserve at just beyond the backyard of his home. the boy was unconscious and not breathing and had a small puncture wound in his chest. he was pronounced dead at the hospital. >> i am still hoping this is a dream. >> he was just playing. >> a family friend says relatives believe he might have slipped and fallen. hoffman estates police though are not commenting on whether any foul play could be involved. >> there is no cause for alarm or anything that would indicate
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cause of alarm for residents at this time. >> the major keys assistance team in cook county forest preserve police assisting with the death investigation and route the day the family's home. remained take home >> we're hoping that they will find the truth to what happens. >> coming to terms with loss will be tough to for his younger classmates at the nearby timbered trails elementary school. he was in the fifth grade. >> where do not know what happened we. cannot believe. >> there is a small memorial tonight outside the family's car. he was being described as funny and adventuress. several
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of his classmates hope to speak to a counselor. reporting live ... gaynor hall >> police and the illinois department of children and family services are investigating allegations of abuse after the death of a baby who was apparently injured at a home day care. police went to the daycare center in hoffman estates last wednesday morning after paramedics to answer the call about the baby was not breathing. a 4 month-old baby died saturday at the hospital. an autopsy will be performed tomorrow. also looking into whether the day care was properly licensed. and chicago police charged at this woman... with felony child abuse. investigators say her 11th mobile sun has skull fractures
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burn,, and puncture wounds caused by a toothpick,. in an interview police say she admitted to injuring the be during frustration. the child was rushed to hospital on april 15th when he would not wake up from a nap. his condition was since stabilized. >> jury selection is complete and opening statements are expected to get underway tomorrow in the murder trial of william balfour. he is accused of killing the mother, brother of a, a nephew of a cinder jonathan hudsonjennifer hudson. he has pleaded not guilty and faces life in prison if he is convicted. >> a man who robbed a california tourist in the gold coast has
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been caught thanks in part to some construction workers. 26 year-old is accused of taking a $7,000 camera from the tourist hands on friday and. police say he attempted to run away with the camera but two construction workers gave chase forcing him to throw the camera in the street. he was later called by security guards and police. >> one person was killed and another is in police custody after a fiery crash on interstate 57 south of chicago. it happened early today near the exit at 127 st.. where illinois the police say one vehicle or rear ended another that was stopped or slowing down. the second car burst into flames in the driver was killed. the victim has not been identified. the other drivers in custody on suspicion of drunken driving. so far no charges have been filed. a man was killed in another crash on the dns ryan expressway. police say the
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driver of that car is missing. it happened just after 11:00 last night. the car hits a wall and then ended up on the embankment at the 47th street exit. paramedics took a second passenger in the car to a hospital in serious to critical condition. also a different driver who police suspect was strong hit the car of the trooper who was directing traffic at the crash scene. >> this also pastor who caught national attention by living on a vacant hotel roof will now see the nation one step at a time. it is the latest fund-raising idea from mr. brooks.. >> a soulful service and new beginnings church leads into an unusual announcement from its pastor >> i will be leaving for a little while. >> leading to walk roughly 3,000 mi.... from times square in new york all the way across the nation to the staple center in
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loss angela's >> i believe one of the things that god put me on earth is to draw attention to gun violence that is so trevelyan. >> he wants to raise awareness in and raise money... $15 million to build a community center next to his church. that is the vacant land which was once the motel he made famous by living on its roof until he could raise enough funds to demolish it. it took 94 days and but he did raise the $450,000. it will be his home again on his long the road west. his 17 year- old son will join him starting june 5th. >> we're going to aggressively what it in 94 days... >> while pastor brooks is on the road he is asking church members to purchase a date and what he called the the hood-vasion... a series of programs that he hopes will prevent any deaths in the woodlawn at neighborhood this
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summer >> the health care council of illinois... organized a senior citizen rally today protesting governor quinn's proposed medicaid cuts. they brought together nursing home residents and staff with community leaders are urging state lawmakers to reject the cuts which they say will deprive seniors and their families or lie on nursing facilities. the state illinois is already are last in the nation for medicaid reimbursements and their seven months delinquent on what is currently owed. >> the state of illinois and goes at this place and all the other places in the state just like this more than $600 million. >> the seniors also wrote notes to the governor's including their pictures... >> mayor rahm emanuel's marked
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earth today the by showing off his green thumb today... he helped to plant a tree this morning... it was the first of $20,000 worth of trees awarded to chicago for winning the siemens sustainable cities award. the trees will be planted in neighborhoods across the city. however it was not all celebration of the event was interrupted by protesters angry over budget cuts that will force the closing of six mental-health centers a. >> still to come, he was one of the first missing children to be placed on the back of the milk carton. more than 30 years later police conduct a new search... >> also a power shift may be on the horizon in france and the president could soon be out of... >> he is consistently said he would not be the vice president... now marco rubio appears to be changing his tune... >> another chilly day in chicago... tomorrow we are
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issuing a freeze a warning... break ha
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investigators are searching a manhattan apartment for clues in a decade old missing child case have discovered a possible blood stain... 6 year-old disappeared
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in 1979 and was formally declared dead it in 2001. but the case was recently be opened when a doll that sense something wrong at the building. investigators say they have concluded the search without locating any strong physical evidence. the senate's evidence from a possible blood stain off for testing. >> one of europe's most closely watched elections in decades is heading to a run off... socialist francois hollande won the first round of france's presidential race. he is aware of with incumbent right winger nicolas sarkozy who is facing criticism for a sagging economy... they go head-to-head on may 6th. holland said the country clearly wants to change as the french went to the polls in high numbers. >> florida senator marco rubio
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has said a couple of times that he will not be a candidate for vice president. but today he backed away from his earlier denials of... >> i will not discuss the process any more... the last thing he needs is a single he will in will not do. >> he also said he hopes a former florida governor and jeb bush would say yes if mitt romney asked him to be his running mate. bush has said he would consider accepting the vice-presidential nomination but he things are rubio is probably the best person for the job. >> he defended his bosses response in the most recent secret scandal >> it eugenol, a president who
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shoe and asks questions later ... top management was or remaderemade... republicans are accusing the president of not showing enough managerial leadership... >> opening statements in the trial of former u.s. senator john edwards are scheduled to begin tomorrow. he is accused of conspiracy issuing false statements and violating campaign contribution laws. prosecutors say a he illegally used campaign funds to cover up an affair with a mistress. that woman became pregnant during his failed bid for the 2008 democratic presidential nomination. he faces up to five years in prison and a $250,000 fine. >> are restaurant critic says
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bruce fought is gre new place to says
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oh who's laughing now!? gazelle!! [ male announcer ] personal, portable mio energy. [ gazelle laughs ] a lot of windy weather... a lot of jacket to be worn... >> we are under a freeze warning for tomorrow... we have clear skies. low humidity. when the coming out of the north. we did have a few clouds. but it was a
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pretty nice day. the high today was 53 degrees. we have a shot at 60 degrees by tuesday. the temperatures will fall dramatically when we reach next weekend. is currently 48 degrees.wind speeds have been running... by wednesday we will
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have mild air...look at this... satelite not showing action around chicago... this is the bigger story... rain in the northeast...look at this..ny and pa has a winter storm warning... for tonight mostly
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clear skies... tomorrow morning there may be some frost... an isolated shower on tuesday...7 day forecast... thunderstorms middle o0f the week... friday could be stormy... next weekend colder... >> celebrating earth day by getting better acquainted with
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appetites and enjoyed snacks at the shed. this year's team focused on health food choices can benefit the planet. the shed provided greens... fruits and cystic the sustainable fought seafoods. kids also got a chance to interact with some of the most popular animals and. >> at the brookfield zoo they held the annual party for the planet earth day celebration. the festival featured educational family activities including music... arts and crafts... kiteflying... and talks with the animal trainers. special focus was given to be printed teens and the effects of the deforestation up from unsustainable palm oil plantations that are taking mondays or retains in their native indonesia. >> economy based on the comedian
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steve harvey's a best-selling advice book tops the box office in this weekend... >> you will never win in the game of love... act like a lady think like a man... >> think like a man was the number-one movie in america bring in $33 million in ticket sales on its debut weekend. here are some of the other box office neil
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