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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  April 23, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm CDT

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wgn news @ 9 jennifer hudson star power on the witness stand sister julia hudson testified against her ex- husband william balfour accused of 2008 shooting death mother and brother jennifer hudson and the seven year old son nephew south side englewood home. hysterical 911 call after finding the first body screaming somebody killed my mother. jennifer hudson career on the rise since 2008 or earlier today she was the first witness of the trial talking identifying the bodies and also stated we did not like how he treated her referring to treatment of her sister julia. what she was
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cheating on him repeated to rent threatened to kill her family. after he made two dozen such threats she did not call police car answer i did not believe them attorneys for the defense also said no dna evidence connecting to the crime not even on the murder weapon. batt but came right out talking to dna and lack of any other scientific evidence >> apparent effort to create reasonable doubt lawyers also pointed out jasen refuted drug dealer might have had associates enemies with access to guns both members of the family protecting their memory. strange fight reported to
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employees stroke for hospital ending with one dead at man and woman working at the hospital argument broke out this afternoon woman was hurt in the fight the man took his old life woman is willing to be okay minor injuries need of the names have been released. second time and one week university of illinois the victim of armed robbery. now the second incident and one week this one at 315 sunday morning saturday going into sunday 1000 block looking behind me taylor street usually pretty busy on the weekend a lot of restaurants or bars students you might see them on the weekend here. student
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walking home one block away male approached by five men one asked to borrow money the student said he did not have any money they placed a gun to his head at the banting his wall that eventually took his wallet and his iphone as well and took off the young man not injured good news the incident previously april 17th was different student received some injuries. half and on green street individual also a male student approached from behind struck on the head some sort of object. not clear if a but in oregon police telling us at this point student lost consciousness eventually taken to the hospital. police hoping to cases some sort of message to students advice by now walk in pairs areas well lit and you are
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pretty aware of surroundings that is the message they are sending to students tonight continuing to investigate the incidences' chicago police have come together for the joint robbery task force looking into both of these cases so far nobody in custody any information make sure you call police. latest tonight >> update tonight death of a 11 year old boy over the weekend police say evidence in the case pointing to the allan fernandez to be an accidental found unconscious on saturday investigators say puncture wound in his chest. reverend jesse jackson rally in accused police of beating and tasing a man to death last fall. clear civil rights violation one side of the story. live tonight
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>> major rally in north chicago church officers say gathered missing a big part of the story rushing to judgment arrested turned deadly >> justice now, justice now house of worship home to community grief and sorrow disappointment this is chicago not necessary this is not right we will not stand for this. they are here for the family 45 year- old died one week after arrested a chicago police >> he was begging for his life
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they continue to be 10. they put him down >> lots of good officers but there is a group >> police make a habit of going too far lawyers for six officers on desk duty quite the opposite referring to a lot record arrested those close to the case have lost sight of what is important what chicago police officers summoned to his apartment in response to 911 call as he was in the process of murdering his girlfriend and her unborn child >> we cannot go forward continued nothingness >> it want accused officers charged no criminal wrongdoing >> man working walking a run
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free he is in the great >> expected later this week protesters fighting rallying to coincide with decision making process. ms. the man the governor pat quinn said and done today to finding the governor's wife medicaid pension and how to get the state out a financial mess today told more about how he plans to do this >> what we are doing in the economy 75% federal money for about $337 million if we also raised the price of cigarettes in illinois >> constitutional issue on pensions and of state asking employees to work longer and pay more towards retirement governor's office says work robbs deal developed legal challenge you did they do
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suggest could be on the way. the town iran and sfired dixon, il longtime comptroller guest today police arrested rita crundwell and charged stealing a $30 billion from small town council members taking the extra step of officially firing her dixon il james burke the mayor says only able to recover $20,000 so far. one month neighborhood international security zone in next talking to south loop residents what to expect during the nato summit and several nobel peace prize winners in chicago tonight and jim ramsey says one more rain free day before the storms move in hello jim ramsey. wgn news @ 9
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[ male announcer ] sweet. tangy. creamy. you don't often find these things in one place. maybe in vegas if you know where to look. and us. so come on, give us a whirl. ♪ ♪ south loop residents will see the nato summit literally at their doorsteps next month >> police and security experts what they have to say about 4 weeks out from the summit in chicago people in the
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neighborhood will be close dignitaries of the summit themself closest to the protesters within sights and sounds of the goings on at mccormick place in may. >> most protected the safest neighborhood in the united states. the tight security does not come without a cost locals advised to expect delays on the streets asked to take public transportation whatever they go and to carry identification at all times no public provider announced officially residents most affected by and familiar with the hard zone protecting 50,000 person delegation representing 60 different countries and 2000 international press inside mccormick place no more than just 24 hours >> a lot of protest take place.
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our plan to let those go ahead. orderly fashion. any form of civil disobedience and criminal activities i can assure you prepared to deal with. >> sot concerns volumes coming in and out inconvenienced a lot of people working on this i think it will be fine >> tomorrow one of the larger protest groups marching on sunday may 20th rebar dawei jesse jackson and occupy chicago meeting with secret service to our afternoon to talk about the routes and perimeter everybody is a curious so curious about. the group says if they did not like what they
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hear it taken the matter up before a judge. group of former world leaders here now promoting domestic peace joining us now live to tell us more about the world summit of nobel peace laureates. batt but then they're just wrapped up celebrating the opening of the international conference in chicago dignitaries with nobel laureates who have dedicated their lives tonight mayor rahm emmanuel introduced his former boss president bill clinton speaking at length about his own and humanitarian efforts people he has met along the way at all so kind words about chicago. batt but i think chicago for hosting this important event and i
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always tell people best organized big city in america may be in the world >> president bill clinton chicago field museum tonight keynote speaker for opening dinner of the 12th world summit of nobel peace laureates first time held in north america. 21 the nobel peace prize winners attending. former soviet union president mikhail gorbachev's among the crowd of former power players will make the group tonight governor pat quinn mayor rahm emmanuel and former mayor daley. >> special opportunity for us to gather together in our dna at across america three day summit focused on engaging young people on human-rights issues nobel peace laureate president jimmy carter launch it at uic forum i
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he is committed to peace and against unnecessary war >> 16 chicago public schools visited to spread the message one person can make a difference. joined academy award winning actor sean penn and gorbachev at high-school >> president obama also nobel peace laureate did not return to his hometown for this but sent along a video message that was played earlier summit continues scheduled through wednesday.
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fight punch to the head by richard vanecko the nephew of former mayor richard daley. richard vanecko never charged says acted in self-defense family of david koschman said not in jail richard vanecko because of his ties to mayor daley. >> no bias whatsoever i intend fair investigation as if to rub my career. whatever the facts lead me they will lead me to leave that up to others weather satisfied >> special prosecutor four times in the past few years spearheaded operation into judicial corruption in cook county years ago and defended former gov. george ryan. protesters stopping construction of new immigrant detention center s. suburban crete activists spoke out news conference today downtown chicago government saving money by hiring private firms critics have proposed bill in
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springfield banning such contracts plant facility run by corrections corp. of america. about this is not what we want here. or anywhere and eleanor or anywhere in our country no one should profit from if a human misery. batt but corrections corp. of america says not only saves taxpayers money but boosts local economies by adding jobs and paying taxes. credibility of key witness called into question john edwards trial thousands
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raised porch ready at just 10 years old personal story motivates gunmen and in your medical watch could work become and addiction?
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tonight's medical watch video games to grandparents might help them live longer great way for older adults to stimulate the brain interact socially exercise and have fun. new research shows the people who play the games lead a more independent lives for logger than those who never take the control. also provide an escape from routine. no escaping the brain impact from boxing even amateur athlete suffered consequences swedish researchers about changes in brain quits their nerve cell damage repeated blows to the head releases proteins similar to those found to distill the
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president after extending rest no study because it and stalked out during the fight. addicted to work? british scientists say more difficult to measure. spent more time working than intended? work in order to escape feelings of guilt and anxiety or depression? do you get stressed when not connected to work or cannot get to the office? sacrifice exercise or leisure activities? do you work so much you feel sick? if you answered often or always to four of these questions you might need to take some time off back to you. >> looks like warming up next few days. asking you about work habits jim ramsey says one day
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mild winter. official name for this storm nor'easter. >> interesting weather pattern across the country hot correspondent in the west in fact 80 degree temperatures moving far north as saskatchewan. not getting any of this slight peak in temperatures midweek going to be brief another dose of very cold temperatures are around chicago time lapse cameras beautiful day if you did not mind chill in the air high-temperature today at 60 degrees. very warm temperatures.
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look at these temperatures in the 40's across the area down 14 degrees from today's high temperature wind not really an issue tonight there were last night temperatures higher than we thought very weak wind in the suburbs should ease of the drop to probably 35 degrees overnight tonight cold air notice what happens to the warm air with time begins quickly pushed out of the way by another surge of cold air by the weekend some fairly chilly air continues monday and tuesday of the following week radar composite
9:33 pm
something moving through parts of eastern minnesota drifting into chicago area tomorrow increasing clouds may even produce isolated shower. not much more than that more systems expected probably wednesday it shower or a thunderstorm of these are thunderstorms popping up in the rockies in that hot air notice it to the east continuing to spell makes it difficult to tabulate how much snow fall has fallen best estimate for the moment suggesting 7-9 in. at least dark blue area some areas more than a foot some areas high elevations as much as 18 in. and it notice they continue to be under a winter storm warning as the snow falls. checking the forecast a better forecast mostly clear skies tuesday them
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up bond between teacher and student board through tragedy honoring former teacher and
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raised more than $2 billion for research helping the babies begin healthy lives. elmhurst grade school student and former teacher store marcus leshock >> a very active all of the time so much going on march 2010 set to be one of the happiest months and the lives of elementary school teacher sarah schrandt and husband steve days before daughter delivered sarah schrandt contractions >> heart beat she gave me a look. friday before everything she kind of next looked at me and started to cry she said it was ok ultrasound machine saw her head and her hand she did
9:39 pm
not move her and she passed delivered and not in the umbilical cord and it it was wrapped around her waist and literally everything was fun >> you have to deal with this hard to interact with people nobody knows what to say when you lose a child i know that for me to try to help other people feel o.k. it was so difficult >> among those she had to face second grade class jackson elementary in elmhurst >> i remember seeing ever want all of the kids came and they hugged me. i was emotional they did need to see that i was o.k. it >> one of her students camden
9:40 pm
hildy >> i heard that mrs. sarah schrandt that her baby died i was very very sad. i was it was terrible >> a route that time schrandts i doubt for march of dimes march for babies form a team in the name of steve caitlin marie >> i wanted to help camden hildy 8 year-old started to raise ponce sharing story with friends and family at that church >> i had this speech talking about my name camden hildy raising money for march of dimes because of my teacher baby caitlin marie passed away two years ago in second grade. a lot of people came to the back room and gave me money right there.
9:41 pm
>> they just gave me money right there. it was awesome that my 10 years old and the fourth grade camden hildy king with team caitlin marie for the third straight year continue to be the team's biggest fundraiser already blowing past 2012 goal of $2,500. batt but very happy. happy that they are donating money and for caitlin marie @ pappa emails are working batt but today sarah schrandt no longer teaching at home full- time raising their daughter at the new baby boy >> teacher there for her students had ever since the daughter's death camp that has been there for a favorite teacher walking put the child she lost >> it is amazing he can do that at this means the world to make really. batt but next year
9:42 pm
$3,000 marcus leshock wgn news >> this week had to contribute to the cause of to the fundraising page very good. once is not add up for the wrigley field bruce springsteen another chicago date and as you migh havemight have suspected the blackhawks needed victory to go back to phoenix.
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wgn news @ 9 george zimmerman released from jail sanford florida florida police the tenant resigns more news today in the case trayvon martin the man accused of killing trayvon martin out on bond george zimmerman left sanford, florida jail this morning posting $150,000 bail. charged with murdering 17 year- old trayvon martin late february during neighborhood watch. family said trayvon martin even though they knew this was coming out any easier. >> tough to see this killer walked free again. they do
9:46 pm
understand the court bound by it personal right to build them sanford, florida city commissioners rejecting police chief resignation bill lee temporarily leaving post last month criticized for not making any arrest in trayvon martin case commissioners voted 3-2 not to accept resignation in presented dutchman suspected of murder in audra but someday find himself an american prison joran van der sloot currently behind bars in peruke 28 years for killing a woman he met lima casino associated press reports peruvian officials considered united states extradition request joran van der sloot wanted and alabama for allegedly extorting $25,000 from natalie holloway mother telling her where to find her body. gridlock cold and washington granted new federal report painting a gloomy picture. social security and
9:47 pm
medicare 12 years medicare only able to pay 87 percent of costs so security funds will run out 21 years. that much pressure on the programs are mounting americans are living longer and the number of retirees is growing in 200033 incoming revenues and trust fund resources will be insufficient to maintain the payment of full benefits >> projections for social security worse because of wage is not expected to grow as much over the next 75 years lucky boy in japan treasured soccer ball back thanks to david baxter observant beachcomber on a remote alaskan i that 16 year old misaki murakami thought he'd lost his ball for good wash away and tsunami after david baxter on beach over one year later wipe translated japanese translators that able to track down misaki murakami and
9:48 pm
returned the ball. misaki murakami says he got the ball of third grade class before transfering to another school special ball. jim ramsey seven day forecast >> tonight 46 degrees in chicago. after day again below normal temperatures at this moment across the country continue to reflect quite impressive heat wave of west very chilly. look at this system out of minnesota clotting us over tomorrow producing passing rain shower. most of the rain fall on this chart coming down on wednesday afternoon and evening thanks to showers and thunderstorms seven day forecast 10 degrees from the luck.
9:49 pm
>> good news bruce springsteen fans the boss another wrigley field concert september 8th after september 7th show sold out in less than an hour last weekend tickets cost between 45- $100 on sale may 5th at 10:00 a.m.. coming up the pressure is on blackhawks putting the pressure now they need to win to force game 7 and phil emery getting ready for first draft general manager. [ bell dings ] agents, when it comes to insurance, people feel lost. that's a dead end. don't know which way to turn. this way. turn around. [ woman ] that's why we present people with options to help them find coverage that fits their needs.
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chicago blackhawks in phoenix the makings of identical game to the first five we have played. >> in some respects the blackhawks have dominated this game like they did not do any regular-season games much less the first five playoff games they cannot get one past the goalie looking up at 1-0 deficit
9:53 pm
with 20 minutes to go the crowd tonight always looking good in the red. the blackhawks all kinds of chances in the first. patrick kane smothered by mike smith point blank no score at the end of one and in the second brilliant passing play jonathan toews and brendan morrison once again smith up to the challenge couple of minutes later coyotes power play barely a shot the entire night tapping in bed right in front of course crawford 1-0 lead that is ready are now at the end of two. also tonight rangers trying to stay alive 1-1 in the third. rangers
9:54 pm
pulled away brad richards blast 1 home 2-1 rangers lead. as if the chicago cubs did not have enough trouble but we can't first place cardinals starting tonight game on the north side crowd not giving up on the cubs yet. so far matt garza pitching well this season great run sacrifice fly a difference in this one continuing west coast trip in oakland chicago white sox. doing very nicely tonight jake peavy and before the game
9:55 pm
philip humber mr. perfect taping top-10 list on david letterman show. not only working to david letterman tonight but also contact number one white sox that president obama gave him a telephone call today philip humber big day in the wake of the perfect game on saturday also football chicago bears open and a full draft on thursday evening. receiver made the pass rusher may be in the offensive line couple of weakness areas targeting. general manager says phil emery guys targeted. the ones he is looking at. what they have been able to do free agency flexibility what it comes to this year's draft. batt but what we have done allows chants to
9:56 pm
one way or the other flexibility in terms of we can draft perceived strength to make short player of the best wed championship quickest way possible giving us great flexibility >> still going in the north side trailing bottom of the night here at united center out should phoenix through to add the trail 1-0 a game they have to win. that is the story from united center for now back tomorrow morning to recap this one. maybe not to overtime.
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