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tv   WGN Midday News  CW  April 24, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm CDT

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it is state to in the murder trialdate to in the murder trial of william balfour the first witness on the stand today is the police officer responded to the calls the shots fired at the home of jennifer hudson's family. >> good morning everyone think you for joining us we are live now at the criminal court building with today's top story. >> jennifer hudson is in the courtroom with her fiancee at this time. >> this court room is extremely full it is one of the old
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courtrooms. jennifer hudson is actually sitting 4-5 gross to the back on this side of the builiding. she looks beautiful today but is not expected to testify today. >> what the state is doing now they are recreating the crime scene. they're going in chronological order of how the events took place. this sargent is from the 7th
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district he was the first police officer to our arrive on the scene and he went to the front door as he sents. the medical response was quick but unfortunately it was already too late. >> the police officer just testified that the little
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nephew was not immediately found in the house they did not know if t. wandered out of the house what do you think of the prosecution's approach it seems meticulous. >> it is meticulous in that is the way they have to be in order to prove a case beyond a reasonable doubt. they have this case bill brick by brick. in my opinion if the defense can prove that there is no physical evidence connecting him to their crime it looks really good for the prosecution. it seems like they have all of the witnesses in line they still have 5 or 6
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people to testify. >> we have a long way to go for this trial will continue to bring you the latest. >> chicagos apartment building owners and managers were briefed today about the next nato summit. what did police and security consultants have to say. >> the summit will start on may 20th and a and 24 hours later on the 21st.
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is there any idea where the cut off will be. >> there will be a perimeter around at soldier field with barricades and parameters but there will be no fencing around hotels where world leaders are staying but it all depends on the official and their threat level. there will be anywhere from 100-140 motorcade's moving between the hotel and the building the summit is being heklld at. >> there will be closures we are not talking permanent but more or less a role in closelling closure.
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>> when it comes to protesters. >> we will make sure we can stop criminal protests but at the same time making sure we do not violate the first amendment. >> do you think they are prepared. >> yes they are very prepared i am very impressed with the plan. >> the security plans are a work in progress and are subject to change because we get to the nato summit. city officials are urging citizens to go to the web site and take a look at the street closures and alternate routes. the cross town classic will be held the same weekend but the good news is it that will be
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held at wrigley field soulfully the traffic will not be too bad. >> the death of a 11 year-old boy who died of the weekend has it been ruled an accident. allan fernandez was found unconscious on saturday in a forest preserve near his home investigators say he had a puncture wound in his chest but they do not know what caused it. funeral services will be scheduled for tomorrow. >> he promised to form a traveling baseball team of 411 year-old sin in indiana and said police say he skipped town with more than $3,000 from players' families. the former indiana man now faces 11 counts of theft investigators say he charge parents over $675 per player. they even held a fund-raiser and give it thousand dollars to the
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coach in march he meant parents to tell them he was moving back to illinois and later said he would not be able to manage the baseball team. police said the man also may have lied about his coaching experience. >> plans are in the works to rebuild one of the nation's worst bottlenecks right here in chicago. for the next year's engineers will study the circle interchange where multiple main roads come together. coming up next north korea issues a heavy-handed threat to south korea as it prepares for another rocket launch. >> and that there is gold in them and asteroids the ambitious plan to mine deep space for valuable minerals next ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] the vertical chair-climb. it's not an olympic sport, but it takes real effort and it takes
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authorities in south koreawe have breaking news about the oil spill . the first arrest has been made in this case the ceo has been arrested after trying to destroy evidence. 11 people died in this explosion that caused oil to spill out intio the gulf . >> authorities and south korea appeared to be taking seriously the latest attack from north korea. there have been threats to destroy conservative media
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outlets that support south korea's president. north korea also vowed to carry out special military action by unprecedented means and methods. the south is preparing for anything from a military action to cyber attacks meanwhile china's president is reaffirming ties with north korea following concern over a failed rocket launched earlier this month. during a meeting yesterday between chinese and north korean leaders chinese officials said they are determined to maintain a strong relationship with their communist neighbor. >> in number of mexican immigrants crossing the border into the united states is a decrease in this is according to render report released by a the pew hispanic center. last year just over 6 million mexicans were living in the united states illegally down from nearly 7 million in 2007. the net economic downturn and increase border security of the likely factors of the change.
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>> this afternoon in newly formed company will officially announce plans to mine asteroid's for water and precious metals. the company planetary resources say small water rich bastards near earth can be captured by spacecraft along their resources to be extracted. they are planning to send robotic probes out to prospect asteroids it to gauge potential source of water and platinum group metals. coming up next advice on finding a new career path. >> and coming up next in the lunchbreak we are learning how to make
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we're live from the new york stock exchange. are you looking for a job he should try the travel industry. hotels and motels are on the rise for hiring people. they expect to increase staff by 6%. bad news for wal-mart they are now facing a criminal investigation by the justice department looking into allegations that they bribed their way into mexico's market. of the markets are higher today and we saw the dow had a triple digit gain. one of the reasons for this was an increase in
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companies like at&t. >> are you looking to change your career path but do not know where or how to start looking for a new one is just so happens that tribune's jennifer weigel is here with some advice. >> instead of going out and getting interviewed you need to turn it in on yourself and your personality assessment. if you do this then you may know what jobs you can be compatible with. >> what type of questions it should you ask. >> to like crowds or do you like solitude. if you do not want to
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interview yourself ask a friend or family member to do it for you. >> oh no there may be some truth s that you may not want to hear. >>well it can help you. >> a check list is a good idea? yes that is a good idea you also want to think about what will motivate you to get you out of bed every day. >> you should also find someone that is currently employed in the job that you are very interested in you can ask some questions about how they got
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started what they like most about their jobs and what challenges the face day today. hey face day to day... if you go to this web site they can give you a lot of tips and advice to get a job that appeals to you. tell me what is really like when you speak to people that are
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just out of college and they're expecting to have a great career what do you tell them. >> well they are not educated about the facts and that is what is required. you can get an idea of what it would be like to be in their shoes. >> thank you for stopping by it is a pleasure to have you here. >> coming up next after a delayed last week the chicago city council is set to vote on the mayor's $1.7 billion infrastructure trust plan and her voice conjures up a mad men- esque era of music live music this midday from the popular
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chicago police arrested 10 people protesting against plans to shut down several mental health clinics. police officers took the demonstrators into custody around 11:00 p.m. last night outside the woodlawn mental health clinic to of those arrested are senior citizens and one person remains in custody. police claimed the protesters were trespassing on city property but they say a church owns the property and after the
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arrests officers broke down the campground this city is closing six mental-health facilities as part of a consolidation of initiative. the woodlawn clinic is said to be shut down on april 30th. >> people cannot get the medication or speak to a therapist. >> two weeks ago 23 people were also arrested at this clinic. >> chicago aldermen are meeting in a special session today to vote on marymount wells controversial infrastructure trust plan but trust is a big issue with it some of the aldermen week at our live at city hall with the story. >> the city is drowning in debt but nearly everyone agrees that there are billions of dollars in infrastructure repair that needs to be done to public transportation roads and sewers. and the mayor says to get this done at the need to
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create public and private group that will help move this city and forward for decades to come. >> although the vocal opposition was loud the demonstrators were shouting in vain. the chicago city council had delayed this meeting for a week and they wanted to allow critics to think about the plan. >> it is time to vote on this it is time to move forward and it is time to get people back to work. this works all over the world the repayment mechanism is tried and true. >> people said the infrastructure is a god given
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right. >> the mayor continues on moving forward with this infrastructure trust if he can executive order minor changes why does he fail to mandate full accountability. >> the mayor has the votes of liberal organization groups that backed his plan with their check books. >> up to $25 million per project will be put into the trust in order to put men and women to work for the city of chicago and officially to rebuild the infrastructure we sell lacko lack... the airlines and that the city of chicago came together and created the world's busiest airport why can't we recreate something chicagoans pave the way for many years ago. >> the mayor says he is in a
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hurry to get this program going so he can get money to fund this program so he can put people back to work. the aldermen are now speaking pros and cons plucked an earlier headcount confirms this will pass. >> senator mark kirk continues to make good progress as he recovers from a stroke. doctors at the rehabilitation institute of chicago announced this morning he is mentally sharp and meets with his staff nearly every day to discuss policy issues in global current events. they also claim he has walked more than 10 mawson's his arrival. the 52 year-old center suffered the stroke more than three months ago we wish him a continued recovery. >> stay with us the tom skilling
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is next with the full forecast
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how is it that april is colder than march? it is very rare, but this warm air masses have been moving in with greater frequency but not this year we had all the warm weather in march and this month has been a bit cooler. we are going to have to watch this with care it is a beautiful day a days much warmer than it has been.
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we have midlevel clouds and we actually have some rain returns to the north of us... we have to storm systems moving in, we will see some rain later tonight but the second at storm system will not reach us until next week. take a look at yesterday's temperatures... much of the center of the country is warming up compared to 24 hours ago.
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it is currently 60 degrees at o'hare... it is not as windy as it has been over the past couple of days. winds are west northwest here in chicago with wind speeds reaching 8 miles per hour... take a look at the time when these iwnds came in...
12:33 pm
trhey arehety are now winding down they were very strong earlier this morning but they have died down. take a look at some of the overnight low temperatures the dry air cools quickly oernight. we have had only 36 percent of the possible a april rain... last year we had four times the
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rain... we're down to 71% of the rain for the spring this is not a problem now but as we get to the warmer months it becomes an issue. people out west may have seen it a little bit of brainrain today we will have temperatures in the mid '60s for the rest of the week.
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we had to go back all the way to 1907 to have a cold april like this... 50.8 degrees is the average temperature for this month and here is the retreating storm then we have another system moving in later this week and this will be a much larger system and could bring several days of rain in bring in some cool air. we have bright sunshine this afternoon with clouds moving in later temperatures are expected to reach 63 degrees with winds
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reaching 10 miles per hour. we have a high temperature 67 degrees more with the possible chance of rain in the late afternoon. on thursday the high temperature will be 52 degrees and the winds will return later in the week. >> we are ready for may! it is time for today's trivia. on this day in 1961 bob dylan did his first record ining
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it is time for your sports. the black hawks outshot the coyotes in every game this series but you would not know based on the waneins and losses... there was no score in the first... still scoreless in the second. the hawks lose 4-0 and their season is now over! they had a little excitement when they scored first but this
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loss hurt. >> the white sox are starting a three games at an oakland. it was scoreless in the fourth when dunn hit his fourth home run of the year. the very next batter konerko adds a solo home run. they win 4-0 and the chicago cubs hosting the defending champion's last night. it was tied in the fourth then molina gets the go ahead run.
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they get the win the three-two was the final period illinois lottery... pick 3- 812 pick 4- 1,0,6,3
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the jackpot is now $4 million good lucka and have a great
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the study does not prove as been directly protects against one cancer but the findings to back up a number of previous studies linking regular aspirin use to lower risks of certain cancers including: prostate and esophagus. portable pullsools are a great way for children to cool off in the summer but consumer safety experts have a warning for parents. children can drown in a very small amount of water experts say children should never be unattended no matter how small the pool.
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we are making our own spices and even a smoothie today and today's chef joel caracci from klay oven kitchen at chicago french market is here to show us how to make some traditional indian fare and tell us about a great event. >> i have some cinnamon this is
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a dry pan no oil no anything it is called dry roasting... you can already smelt and acedia ramosee and smell the aroma's. the colors are changing and you want this to toast for a minute or two but you do not want to over roast the spices because it
12:50 pm
will take all the oil and flavor out of it. that smells heavenly... this mixture is used in about 95% of indian curry. lets get this bad boty ready and now each recipe varies from region to region in india...
12:51 pm
you can see all this in story in a dark cool place and it can be kept for up to one year. >> this as is a indian smoothie and the classic fruit for this smoothie is a mango and a ripe mango is red and orange and should be soft or giving to the touch...
12:52 pm
you get your whole dairy for the ay with this smoothie... i am going to use this hand blender and now you have some mango lates ready to drink... we have drinks fro each of you dont worry camera guys. >> you can find items like these at the pastrtoral's artist and
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producer festival this saturday from 11:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m. at the chicago french market. more than 70: mary r. descends from around the world will be featured. >> thank you for coming arou that was me trying to be discreet with my vial and syringe. me, drawing my insulin dose. and me the day i discovered novolog flexpen. flexpen is pre-filled with your mealtime insulin. dial the exact dose, inject by pushing a button. no vials, syringes or coolers to carry. flexpen is insulin delivery my way. novolog is a fast-acting insulin used to control high blood sugar in adults and children with diabetes. do not inject if you do not plan to eat within five to ten minutes after injection to avoid low blood sugar. tell your healthcare provider about all medicines you take and all of your medical conditions including if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. the most common side effect is low blood sugar.
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[harmonica playing] [music] now for today's trivia question. on this day in 1961 bob dylan made his first recording plan and the harmonica for which center? dancer is c - barry belefonte's midnight special he earned $50 for the session. >> we could have a severe weather producer where it will
12:56 pm
be much warmer than here in chicago. you can see we will have some rain later in the week. we do have a larger weather system making its way it will reach us later in the week. and if you see this jet stream moving in from the west it will set us up for the next system. you can see it developing. we will have a cold easterly wind and rain on saturday. this is a
12:57 pm
very interesting forecast because it is running very dry across the midwest but the forecast shows we do have some rain coming. we will reach 67 degrees tomorrow with so unthe sun peaking out throughout the afternoon. next week temperatures will be much colder in the mid 40's and low 50's. >> i hope the weather will change by next week. thank you for joining us today. >> had a great afternoon we will leave you with f more you withrom jill barber performing
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tonight at schubad in chicago! [music] [music] [singing] [piano playing] [music] [singing]
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