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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  April 27, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm CDT

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blasting the decision on the fate of arrested of her son died shortly after in north chicago. one that police officer fired another suspended family outraged. live tonight with details >> outrage on both sides of the case especially those who call in a case of murder. the attention north chicago city hall and nothing short of explosive >> can you kiss your daughter or
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son is at night? no right to try to take the life of his girlfriend and the unborn child a batt but mother of a legend police beating victim squaring off with a lawyer representing the officers one of whom is now a former officer admitted hitting darrin hanna has been fired another suspended for falsifying reports the breast back to work >> the world i live in 2 does not equal seven. i do not understand how independent investigation can be done by anyone when we were told what of the cirque falsified his report. >> darrin hanna died a week after arrested multiple tasing is and physical trauma of factors but also why darrin hanna style with health problems and cocaine use independent investigation recommended no criminal charges the case brought forth complaints
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against the department promising. >> last several months tragic the time to bring healing >> police say the darrin hanna already wanted a warrant for assault present girlfriend when they were called to apartment trying to drown her in a bathtub. when she ran outside naked and screaming he came outside swinging >> my report my son was murdered >> police report falsified the should be charged with murder. >> mr. stops from lawrence to jarvis will close 6 weeks at a time, granville june 1st darrin hanndarrin hanna is at fault for his own death >> lawsuit over the death more protests are being organized and that the story continues to unfold as more developments promised on both sides of the case including from the officer
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who lost his job planning to fight to get the job back through his you get. >> gunfire into a crowd of boarded it city bus people boarding the bus it was full when it ended at five people shot many others terrified 79th and jeffrey south side stroke hger hospital >> gunmen opened fire in broad daylight crowded cta bus stop five young people were injured in the shooting two of them critically. batt but everybody's screaming walking this way and i heard gunshots 330 friday afternoon 79th and jeffrey group of people many high school students waiting for cta bus
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afterschool gunmen walked up and started shooting into the crowd some tried to run onto the bus to escape the gunfire when it was all over five people were wounded 19 year old woman shot in the back at northwestern memorial in critical conditions also 16 year-old boy shot in the chest taken to hospital three others in good condition including 217 year old boys at a 20 year-old man walked himself to south shore hospital after the shooting. the med jumped into a great many bad and fled the scene police were right behind him garbage cans at fence in an alley way near 75th and essex got away people in the area left out rich by yet another shooting. >> in this area very terrible always shooting or killing always getting very bad over
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here. latest from police no one in custody in the last few minutes one injured 17 year-old was released from schroeder hospital did not want to talk about what happened today girlfriend of accused murder suspect william balfour testified he admitted to killing family members to the singer jennifer hudson family told the jury shonta cathey william balfour a detailed account of shootings later captured by police in her home william balfour accused of killing brother darnell donerson mother and seven year old nephew julian king. william balfour estrange wife fight also evidence is william balfour in the immediate area of the whole jennifer hudson when the
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killings occurred explaining how a cellphone calls picked up by cell phone towers few short blocks from the crime scene. chicago police search cta format sexual abuse of orange line train will man sat next to a woman started fondling her picture from the cta anyone with information call chicago police. north side stations busy redlined getting $86 million makeover adjusting to the routes it seven stations close at 40 modeling. >> city of chicago getting great use of these stations after a 100 years time for facelift time for modernization to give the people on the red line with the people on the brown line have seen it since changes >> mayor rahm emmanuel and the other bidder says create jobs
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boost the economy workers providing a platform like waterproofing also installed a new floors doors and windows stops stops from lawrence to jarvis will close 6 weeks at a time, granville june 1st >> help people in cook top in and incapacitated and question that needs to be raised >> in joining the extra walking going to be said to have it close down. >> note to adjacent stations shut down at the same time the work should be done by the end of the year and not the only rail line for improvements cta working on metra congressman bobby rush threatening to shutdown the project it does not include local contractors and other companies talking about why on politics tonight tonight. >> chronic unemployment in most
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of these areas that i am not a point to sit back and watch other people come and into the community into the city of chicago and we have men and women who desperately need jobs standing around looking at others to do with work in their community >> englewood flyover metra something in the works for a long time federal and local leaders backing congressman bobby rush to a point >> do not want to shut it down but joining him in putting pressure on those involved to move towards more diversity employment >> very important program we want to make sure people in the neighborhood have a fighting chance to participate >> metra response. mean mom?
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mother accused of encouraging it daughter to beat up another girl and recorded on cellphone. more than 100 mi. per hour in the suburb 45 mi. per hour just to get to a girl he liked. >> tom skilling in the weather center windy cold storm tomorrow rainfall and a big warm up biggest in five weeks 80 degree temperatures next week. could make said it drought relief with all of this coming up on the weather segment stay with us. wgn news @ 9
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[ water ] hey, it's me water. does this faucet make me look fat? probably because of the lead i can pick up in your pipes. luckily, pur water filters remove 99% of lead. ahh, now i can fit into my skinny glass. hello.wgn news @ 9 elgin mom accused prodding her teenage daughter to beat up another girl facing charges after driving her to the attack. belgian police say it cellphone video of the incident clearly shows the dissipation in the fight the mother and daughter facing serious felony charges. elgin police report 46 year-old anita jooce drove 15 year-old daughter to park encouraged to
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beat up another teenager incident happened april 2nd shadow hill park daughter got a call from another 50 year old girl wanted to meet at the park to settle differences. according to the report mother drove her daughter to the park and told her to attack the other girl. watched the fight on fuld. police say once the fight stopped mother threatened to break the girl's nose if the girl talk about the daughter again. entire encounter captured on cellphone video turned into police was never posted online. alarming in the case it appeared mother of one student was actually individual who instigated the fight interviewed witnesses arrested the woman on wednesday facing felony charges aggravated battery and
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contributing to the delinquency of a minor. >> actions to pourable parents should be teaching children how to behave not commit a felony >> free on $5,000 bond due in court made nine telephone calls to attorney not returned all soap felony battery charges as a juvenile for the daughter. >> people busted for speeding all kinds of reasons given to police late for work 21 year-old zachary ramirez told police he drove 111 mi. per hour 45 mi. per hour zone because he wanted to have sex with a girl he liked ran a red light at stop sign also clinic found marijuana in his car facing several charges. bipartisan agreement keeping student loan rates low why is there a big fight on
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my brother doesn't care about that. he just loves the taste. ♪ make today a sunny day. ♪ drink up and download. win 1 to 100 songs. find out more at kekekekekekekekekekewgn news @ 9 debate on capitol hill student loan interest rates is heating up united states house voted to extend low interest rates on federal student loans for one year president obama strongly pushing for not happy the bill pays for lower rates by cutting health care funding that
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benefits women. president does not want that threatening to veto the bill president taken needless fight according to republicans >> political fight where there is no fight is just silly. give me a break >> one member of congress who compared student loans not kidding to a stage 3 cat sir of socialism. >> president obama prefers the senate democrats version paid for corporate tax break which republicans oppose. former aide to john edwards scared for his life andrew young finishes four days on the stand breaking down and thought he would be shot andrew young to intimidated by john edwards and two wealthy donors when the deal led went sour. clammed john edwards donations into hush money for mistress called a liar john edwards charged with abusing
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campaign money. secret service agent center of the agency's scandal and columbia arthur huntington the agent in 74 hotel room dispute over pay with escort prior to president obama address in the city prostitutes signed into hotel secret service members were there 24 year old dania suarez insisting she is not an escort not a prostitute allegedly involved in dispute how much paid for the night brought the scandal to light. george zimmerman can keep donated defense fund for now playing decision raising bond for man charged in the death of trayvon martin for now george zimmerman does not have to turn over $204,000 in donations freed on $150,000 bail when family said cannot afford. not in court prosecutors asked to raise that
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to $1 million more time to review the online account. sunday 20th anniversary racially charged riots in los angeles went up in flames los angeles riots considered largest civil unrest in united states history poverty rampant unemployment high and rodney king verdict was the last straw for acquitted of videotaped beating black motorist rodney king thousands protested burning and looting war zone and los angeles curfew national guard and federal troops marched over six days death toll past 50. 1100 structures burned city endured a billion dollars in damage and evanston standing up today against racism part of nationwide movement cywca abarca and dialog racism still exists and communities cannot be tolerated. signing a pledge
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promising to stand up against racism and discrimination of any kind the fifth year hosting the gallery. warning before tanning bed how past skin tans can come back to haunt you at changing lives one action by its time drama teacher teacher of the month milestone home being built and eventually donated to a veteran.
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tonight's medical watch tanning beds despite repeated warnings of millions still seek out the so-called summer glow the end result is definitely not pretty. tanning bed diehard in my 20s in my thirties walking. while being outside with friends. did not think about it >> 51 year old dawn meyers not think about sun block >> and not like the smell or the field i wanted to be tan i like looking tan my skin was perfect
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i have nice skin in the 30's and '40's >> started to change first few suspicious spots doctor zapped away with liquid nitrogen and that >> noticed my nose started bleeding i thought i scratched myself but hardly just a scratch biopsy carcinoma type of skin cancer dermatologist shoe mcclellin removed the lesion using method dr. rebecca tung slices to clear the cancer cell >> took 4 slices to get clear margin and that meant cartilage was exposed >> underwent reconstructive surgery to close the gap left behind story dr. rebecca tung
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hears on a daily basis >> 50-75 percent increase >> message is clear as a sunny day protect your skin outdoors with sun block stay away number of safe products over the counter market rising use the
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sultanas if you know what you are doing jersey shore or bay watch 10 of george james all of these young people not just prepping yourself or prom or homecoming consequences to doing that >> wishes she learned years ago. not worth it health hazard. certainly not to expose children and young teens to this >> house bill prohibits anyone other than 18 years old from using tanning beds. >> miserable damp cold start to the weekend by the time in this not all that bad
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debt in the park at up one side of their group and have the beach where for next week might be dodging rain fall. amazing going from march bubble temperatures tomorrow readings about 20 degrees below normal to 80 degrees next week. we could get drought relief as well. twice the normal amount of rainfall indicated did you see this today? horizontal arc a
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rate of colors in order for the multi colors captured this. shot of the prism air. 58 degrees above the horizon from mid april on. only a certain time of year that kind of angle to produce the colors. captures people's attention we thank the photographer beautiful shops. late today the clouds get here they announced the approach of storm system very windy producing 50 mi. per hour winds to the west cloud band front end of the storm quite large to the west. radar with precipitation hail damage in wed april with 61
9:32 pm
percent of possible sun light. twice of last april. explaining the warm temperatures midnight on monday night going into may. quite a sunny month around here. take into the warmth of recent days pushing south. he to down south today. the dome of warm air at expanding covering much of the united states next week major pattern change not this weekend. the wind is blowing off of the reservoir of cold air to the north warming up tonight clouds coming and it started to blow wind toppled the lake and moisture atmosphere not cooling off quite as much tonight as recently temperatures by big cool air sot like south boundary of the storm over the course of the weekend. first of a couple of storms in the next week.
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temperatures are quite cool. spoiled in march with the 80 degree temperatures here we are in april getting in the weather we had in march swapping the bonds weather. wind gusting picking up because of the wind field storm sitting there the wind at wrapping around counterclockwise. gusting quite high at 50 mi. per hour. rainfall looking pineridge south dakota. tomorrow weather coming here. look at the wind gust various weather stations in nebraska and iowa today. not quite that strong here but believe me very windy day tomorrow six or 7 ft. waves on lake michigan went from the northeast. temperature very close to what it is tomorrow during the day east and northeast wind at 12 and wind chill calculated 39 degrees tonight pretty cool already.
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global sports and grass pollen moderate. here comes the wind narrow channel across the south and of the late spring of waves shrinking in time another storm taken to the wind up sunday night right there. wind advisory is winter storm warnings and montana. headlined rainfall and went 40 mi. per hour gusts from the east tomorrow. the next seven days could average more than 2 in. of rainfall almost 2.5 times normal if that works out. convincing evidence the models are right on to something
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this time spread by mordant 5:00 and 9:00 in the morning rainfall the thins out in the afternoon it miserable day tomorrow night clouds break here is the brain called system #one sunday night monday started to get into on the models closer to an inch up to that time frame. getting into the humid air temperatures approaching 80 degrees atmosphere produced and clusters of thunderstorms tuesday wednesday thursday friday next week. summerlike warmth and between what a change we have to talk and more on the update. low temperature down to 38 degrees tonight. tomorrow rainfall more
9:36 pm
occasional in the afternoon march level of 45 degrees normal high temperature 19 degrees warmer. cloud breaks late tomorrow night low temperature 38 degrees. sunday clouds give way to partly sunny skies. cooler at the lake on sunday rainfall on monday and getting warm after that. >> thank you tom skilling. home built for wounded warrior providing homes for military veterans and what is this? what is this? see creature.
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>> delighted to congratulate teacher of the month $1,000 check spent on teaching materials recognizing wgn teacher of the month loud affirmation by her students. gripped by emotion temporary loss for words. teachers drama and theater arts metropolitan high-school hours coming up with lesson plans to grab the interest of students out of comfort sel >> opening minds looking at various angles >> she is amazing. it gives us a reason to come to school every morning. recent school production named such examined case of a map to shepherd gay
9:41 pm
college student wyoming left to die enormous impact on students and faculty members who sought. >> was about the topic. kids hurt each other using that term all of the time it does not mean anything but yes it does. multiple kids who did not revise how much mattered until we did this >> life changing experience because i saw things in different perspectives that i did not think i could do did not ever think i could get on stage
9:42 pm
opened my eyes did not think a teacher could completely changed my mind set. make me feel way more open. i want to continue that for other people the way that he affected me and the director it can help other people amazing. has really helped me step up out of my comfort zone at the express myself in theaters did not think i could do that without her >> most people struggled with the argument in the class of the right thing according to students on the right track. teacher who you think deserves to be teacher of the month website for information nomination process.
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a call in north suburban antioch habra to better read it and to those served in iraq afghanistan and to impart to construct a home of, didn't will get a better read with disabilities generous donor developer wanted to do something special for wounded veterans. started because someone saw our home they came to me and wanted to donate at home just like this to wounded veterans. got the homebuilders association and all rot and nfl players. others are helping to build the home schedule to be completed an artist turned over to a wounded veteran in need. tom skilling seven day forecast seven day
9:47 pm
forecast >> momence when there is rain devious beauteous the distinction we have until now and next week very favorable. not tomorrow or rain fall and winter but that the rainfall clouds break tomorrow night dry air canadian high pressure up north sunshine sunday, and over again next patch of rainfall sunday and monday this is coming into the area just over one- third of rainfall a look at the wind by midnight forecast peak wind gust by tomorrow morning around 9:00 a.m. lunchtime tomorrow and tomorrow afternoon even by sunday morning pretty windy as you can see.
9:48 pm
temperatures are cool 40's with the march level temperatures that is where we will stay tomorrow tomorrow night patchy thirties and some areas away from the lake in michigan for instance and wisconsin and here is the brand fall the big stuff is out west three-dimensional look pretty good showers. not all bad news we do need the moisture 44 degrees tomorrow rainfall become more occasional in the afternoon break on sunday before clouds build showers and storms perhaps. by evening the wind should be to the south. 81 degrees wednesday and thursday and friday next week how about that? some could be heavy jet
9:49 pm
stream slight interesting week next week a very springlike. mysterious sea creature washes ashore what is that? woman found animal corpse did walk on the beach public-works department cam and got rid of this on identified mystery continues july 2008. batt but look at the arm on the left when you look at the screen >> one day we will find out. final practice of forced selling series what will it mean?
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we love bikes. we love riders. and most of all, we love to ride. perfect hair every time. leading the pack in motorcycle insurance. now, that's progressive. call or click today. ♪ ♪ untamed fruit flavor. jolly rancher. wgn news @ 9 nfl draft continues tonight very
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nice guy who plays well for chicago bears. all the time shae mcclellin in chicago to change their plans at o'hare airport looking for a halt in the windy city. meeting in the local media wearing dan hampton's old # #special teams 260 lbs. small shae mcclellin for defensive line but quick chasing quarterbacks. realizing his dream >> crazy bride for sure. i have been enjoying this try to have fun day-by-day. now it is a reality. glad i have the opportunity >> competition begrimed and can't >> it definitely will be great
9:54 pm
competition and looking forward to that grind i love getting out there to compete. what i will do work hard and do what i can >> tonight today to of the draft chicago bears 50th overall pick taking alshon jeffrey wide receiver from south carolina junior in school south carolina history second in receptions. the third round safety brandon hardin oregon state missed last season with a broken shoulder. phil emery met the media to talk about wide receiver alshon jeffrey. >> we feel alshon jeffrey has the best hands and the draft best at adjusting best sidelined catcher hard to handle in terms of size and physical tests. >lness
9:55 pm
>> chicago bulls short practice against 76ers' first round of playoffs begins tomorrow united center everybody a relatively healthy derrick rose not on the floor did not meet the media read between the lines everybody vague about whether or not derrick rose is one of the percent at playoff time that means you play. derrick rose should be ok >> doing find mentally tough whatever comes his way he handles. looking forward to the challenge. everybody's very excited for this time of year. dealt with adversity throughout the year. all about us. we know best basketball has yet to come. the matchup did not look good
9:56 pm
for chicago cubs on paper paul maholm vs doc halladay bloop single from starlin castro in the fourth an egg and later ian stewart hits one to right field in the corner going on to defeat doc halladay 5-1, 1-5 against chicago cubs and out. john danks brutally cold night on the south side and paul konerko gives a lead deep to left field career home runs 4013-2 and trouble john danks and the sixth inning darnell mcdonald rips one down the line wheels in motion all three runs score red sox 6-3 lead now 10-3. craig mactavish exciting game against san antonio. on the power play. redirection losing that game 2-1. sad news passed
9:57 pm
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