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tv   WGN Midday News  CW  April 30, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm CDT

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we have two major stories topping our news today ... former gov. george ryan could get a second chance at freedom. the supreme court decision may give him a new trial. and 911 phone calls placed the day that jennifer hudson's three family members were killed have been released good afternoon i'm steve sanders >>and i'm dina bair wgn's amy rutledge has the latest from 26 in california a judge has now ruled that the rest of the world can hear those 911 tapes it's a call from julia hudson after returning in october 20th 082 herself side home rick turning from work she noticed a bullet hole in the front door with her mother's lifeless bloodied body lying on the floor inside her son was
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missing in her brother was also dead inside of the house ... >>oh my god! >>i'm sorry i can understand what you are saying you have to stop screaming >>somebody killed my mother ... please come help me ... >>what is the address ... >>oh my god ... 7019 cell yale ... >>does she need an ambulance >>i'm so scared please yes >>there was concern that these tapes released could prejudice the jury ... the judge ruled it should not affect the jury they were told not to watch media coverage of the case ... no opinion was issued in this
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matter from the william balfour attorney ... he allegedly left the scene with julian king who was later found dead breaking news this midday the supreme court has reached a decision that may help former gov. george ryan get out of prison robert jordan turns us live there is still a lot of legal maneuvering to go the justices told the seventh circuit court of appeals in chicago to take another look at the ryan appeal and consider whether he can benefit from high court ruling in 2010 that struck down part of the law against honest services fraud prosecutions. so this
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represents another chance to appeal his verdict on corruption charges. after five years of sitting in a federal prison, which still leaves a year and have to go before he is a free man once again ... george ryan may have another opportunity to appeal is less conviction things to ruling by the high court. the former governor was convicted of racketeering conspiracy, tax fraud and lying to the fbi. but last week, when the supreme court made rulings that affected least two other cases the lawyers for the former governor were able to apply the same rulings to their client's case claiming errors. and those errors could allow the former governor to launch another appeal. if there is an order for new trial i would hope that the government would say g he has done so much time already we will not bother ... we are a long way away from that stage
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however former gov. jim thompson and longtime friend and the former attorney for governor ryan broke the news to george ryan this morning he is in a federal prison camp in terre haute indiana thompson said he told them this is the first good news in six and half years so he ought to be happy facing an appeal does not necessarily mean he will get a new trial ... it seems like it is a bit rough to see him go through a new trial or a set of appeals ... it's been a disturbing pattern on chicago expressways in recent months. and this morning, a driver, going the wrong way on the bishop-ford, crashed into *and killed* another driver. it happened around 4:30, in the northbound lanes, near 122-nd street. 54-year-old ronnie head of dolton was killed in the crash. he was a chicago tribune
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employee.. he worked for the newspaper for 27 years as a pressman. the wrong-way driver's name has not been released.. he was taken to christ hospital in critical condition. state police say alcohol played a role in the crash. so far, no charges. chicago police kill a suspect during a break-in at an electronics store on the city's southwest side. it happened just before three a-m at mike's electronics in the 24-hundred block of south western avenue. police say the suspects tried to use a vehicle parked inside the store to crash through an overhead door and get away. a police spokesman says that's when an officer was injured... and police opened fire. one suspect was killed... and two others were wounded. there were uniformed officers around the building knocking on the windows and police ... and give it it up ... there rolled away and a vehicle while the officers were watching ...
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the two injured suspects were taken to the hospital in unknown conditions. the officer was also taken to the hospital, but he suffered minor injures. a man in forest park was shot in the neck while trying to get back his cell phone. police have released these photos, in hopes of finding the shooter. the victim had lost his phone and dialed his number hoping to get it back. the person who answered, agreed to meet up with the man to return the phone. when they met, the gunman demanded money. when the man refused to pay he was shot in the neck. the gunman ran away. a cab driver is being held on 40-thousand dollars bail after police say he deliberately hit a man with his cab. a witness told police 35-year old mustapha zenati refused to pick up the victim... and before driving away... he put the cab in reverse and struck the man. it happened friday afternoon near the jefferson park "l" station. the sister of 22-year old orbee walker says her brother is in a coma with severe brain swelling. police say zenati has several arrests on his record, including one for leaving the scene of another crash in 2006. it's been five years since 37-
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year-old lisa stebic disappeared and the case is still unsolved. stebic vanished without a trace on april 30th, 2007. her estranged husband, craig stebic, says she left her plainfield home and never returned. despite numerous searches, no trace was ever found. craig stebic was considered a person of interest.. but no arrersts were ever made and no charges were ever filed. he refuses to speak to us anymore ... the fact that there are not many leads to go on at this point without witnesses or other physical evidence that we've uncovered lately shoe that's the most difficult part of this ... a 75 thousand dollar reward is still being offered in the case. bulls' star derrick rose is out for 6-to-9 months with a torn a-c-l he suffered in saturday's win against the 76ers. coach tom thibodeau has been sharply criticized for leaving rose in the game with a double -digit lead... and a minute-and- a-half left on the clock. teammates are disappointed and
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say other players will have to step up to fill the void. chicago tribune bulls beat writer k-c johnson says... it has not been determined when derrick rose will have his surgery but there's no reason he cannot return to the court next season ... >>there have been countless nba players and other athletes who have come back from one of these ... some say you get better after such an injury ... with medicine being what it is today there are hopes that derrick rose can return at the same level the bulls were 18-9 and the games that derrick rose missed so the bench is deep ... next at noon:
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seven members of a family are killed when the suv they were riding in plunges off a road at the bronx zoo. the white house comes under fire for using the death osama bin laden in a re-election ad for the president. and a deal could be in the works for a chinese activist who is seeking asylum in america. do you ever wish you could make some things just disappear? ♪ ♪ [ ping! ] [ ping! ping! ] that's why i use new tampax radiant. it helps keep my period invisible, combing tampax's best-ever leak protection with a revolutionary resealable wrapper so all they'll see is me. [ ping! ] ♪ ♪ hi. totally new, awesomely-invisible tampax radiant. check out the whole radiant collection. as i get older i'm making changes to support my metabolism. i'm more active, i eat right and i switched to one a day women's active metabolism, a complete women's multivitamin, plus more -- for metabolism support.
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investigators are back on the scene today of a horrific crash that claimed seven lives.. including three children.. over the weekend. the family's van went out of control, flipped off a highway ramp and fell about sixty feet into new york's "bronx zoo" sunday. it landed upside down in a brush covered storage area, a safe distance from any animal exhibits. police say the driver may have been distracted and was driving up to 70 miles an hour when she hit the median. the seven victims are from one
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family and include an elderly couple, two of their daughters and three grand-children. the coast guard has called off the search for a sailor missing after an apparent collision during a yacht race near the coronado islands in mexico. three crew members from the 37 foot sailboat "agean" died. debris from their boat was found saturday morning. they were participating in a yacht race from newport california to ensenada, mexico. investigators say it appears the boat collided with a much larger ship. the fatalities were the first in the race's 65-year history jury deliberations are expected to begin today... in the case of a man accused of trying to bomb the new york subway system. adis medunjanin ... a bosnian- born american... is accused of conspiring with admitted terrorists to detonate bombs in the new york subways in 2009. prosecutors told jurors that al qaeda leaders assigned the mission during a 2008 trip he took to pakistan with two high school friends. the defense said medunjanin wanted to join the taliban to defend his religion... but had no part in a bomb plot.
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it's been nearly a year since u-s navy seals killed osama bin laden in his hidden compound in pakistan.. and republicans are accusing the obama re-election campaign of playing politics with the anniversary. the obama campaign released this video on friday.. praising the president's decision to order the killing of bin laden and questioning whether mitt romney would have made the same choice. senior campaign adviser and former white house press secretary, robert gibbs defended the ad: osama bin-laden no longer works on this planet today because of that brave decision in the brave actions of the men and women and our military and quite frankly mitt romney said it was a foolish thing to do a few years ago ... i think it's fair game but the romney campaign calls the video "a sad and divisive political move to distract
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voters." and senator john mccain labeled it "a cheap political attack ad." since the 9-11 disaster, the empire state building has been the tallest building in new york... but not anymore. as of today, "one world trade center" officially becomes the tallest skyscraper in manhattan. a steel column, to be installed this afternoon, will be enough to make the new tower the tallest. the building won't be finished and ready for occupancy until late next year. it'll stand a symbolic 17- hundred-76 feet tall. why type two diabetes maybe tough to treat in teens. that story ahead in the medical watch. but first -- would you set sail on the titanic? still ahead- an australian business tycoon says he will rebuild the ill- fated liner to recreate its maiden voyage. later: for lunchbreak... they have zero trans fats and are high in calcium and iron. we are using b careful, pringles
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and now your bloomberg on the money report ... microsoft will invest $300 million in a new subsidiary that combines barnes and noble the readers with no ... and the college textbook business ... barnes and noble shares are worth twice as much this morning as they were friday ... we are spending more money out there ... more scrutiny of labor practices at those chinese factories ... apple avoids paying billions of dollars in taxes ... apple says it pays an
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enormous amount of taxes that helps local state and federal governments where it does business ... an australian billionaire clive palmer plans to build a replica of the titanic and salic from england to new york by the end of 2016 ... he signed an initial agreement with a chinese shipyard ... in a quick check of the market's ... there are signs the economy has indeed entered into a recession ...
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human rights organization says washington and beijing are close to a deal granting u-s asylum to a blind chinese dissident. the case of chen gwong-cheng made international headlines during the weekend when he escaped from house arrest. he is reportedly at the u-s embassy in beijing. according to "china-aid" a group based in texas... political asylum could be granted within the next few days. but officials aren't commenting. the prime minister of japan is in washington d-c today. he'll meet with president obama at the white house. they'll also take part in a joint press conference. the prime minister is looking to "reaffirm japan's strong alliance with the u-s." yoshihiko noda is japan's sixth prime minister in six yers. he faces huge challenges.. as he helps his nation recover from the worst nuclear disatster since chernobyl. and the u-s alliance with japan is at the core of president obama's expanded engagement in asia. japan is the world's third- largest economy. the wife of john edward's former aide- takes the stand again today... in the edwards trial. cheri young is the wife of former aide; andrew young. she will continue her testimony from friday and is expected to give details about her role in helping conceal edwards' affair with rielle hunter. she'll also be asked why she agreed to allow her husband to
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falsely claim he was the father of hunter's baby... instead of admitting that it was edwards' child. john edwards is charged with misusing campaign money to support his mistress and their baby. if convicted, he could face up to 30 years in prison. a church in the little village neighborhood is making plans to take part in chicago's "may day" demonstration. the anglican catholic mission our lady of guadalupe has publicly opposed deportations of immigrants without legal documentation. tomorrow, reverend jose landaverde and members of his congregation will join "occupy chicago," "occupy el barrio," and more than 50 other organizations for this year's "may day" march. we have to march we need to send a clear message to president obama and 2 rahm emanuel
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may day is the labor movement's international workers day. occupy organizers are calling for large-scale demonstrations across the country. we will have more headlines when we come back
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at $1,000 check from st. xavier university will be spent on teaching it to futurematerials ... this was an unexpected surprise for lisa ehrlichman her students call her mrs. he teaches drama and theater arts at metropolitan high-school ... she spends hours coming up with lessons plans to take her students out of their comfort zone and open their mind ... she's amazing she gives us all a reason to come to school every morning. >>a recent school production named in the laramie project about matthew chef rick a. gate college student from laramie in
12:25 pm
wyoming who was beaten to death ... left a strong impression on the student body >>something changed and a lot of these students they then felt like they had a purpose ... kids hurt each other with words these days ... these words mean things they really do i had multiple children who said they did not realize how much what they say mattered until this project i saw things in a different perspective ... i did not ever think i could get on a stage it's my first play we accomplished a big goal ... and it opened my eyes
12:26 pm
>>i completely changed my mind said this made me feel way more open to people ... >>i want to continue this and do this for other people the way laramie affected me i think projects like this can help other people ... we have an amazing teacher who helped me step outside of my comfort zone and express myself in a new way i could not do this without her ... most teachers struggle with whether or not what they're doing in the classroom is the right thing but she's on the right track ... if you have it teacher you believe deserves to be a teacher of the month go to the tunisian web site for more information tom skilling is next with all of
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tom skilling we are getting good news about a bit warming coming our way ... >>this will be a multi day 80 degree temperature group of days ... we will be in the '70s tomorrow it is the last day of april we're finishing two degrees above normal but with half the normal amount of rainfall ... we have more showers this afternoon and then mixed sunshine that begins the big
12:30 pm
warmup later this week. you can see this flood of moisture coming from the gulf of mexico warm air taking shape ... we have not had weather like this for one month ... the heaviest rainfall over the weekend fell in the southern suburbs ... rains were heavy enough to produce flood watches that continued down south ... here are the accumulation totals:
12:31 pm
april will go down in the books with 51 percent of its possible rainshowers that is troubling ... we're not addressing those moisture deficits we've had over the last couple of months we are having a dry season ... some big grain fall will come in boundary clusters later this week the big headline is for the warm weather on the way the warmest we've had in five weeks we have to go back to the middle of march to find such temperatures ... 80 degree temperatures wednesday, thursday, friday we will be about 8.9 degrees above
12:32 pm
normal for this seven day forecast ... we have convected of rain falling in certain locations and not others it's quite interesting really ... in wednesday we will be and made a 80 degree temperatures thursday will remain warm friday as well ... and saturday we stay warm with a sign that cooler air will be coming later that weekend ... we will only make it into the 60 degree temperature area today by tomorrow 70 is ... all the
12:33 pm
way up to minneapolis where it will be 78 degrees green bay wisconsin 71 degrees ... the '80s will be here by wednesday ... that will be nice. currently we are 59 degrees here in chicago. the warm air is developing in place with a light wind today going southerly humidity right now is 83%. the water temperature in lake michigan 51
12:34 pm
degrees we have a summer like jet stream happening. it is shifting north it will be generating some thunderstorms. along with the warmth and these thunderstorms some may be severe. we have 100 percent relative humidity and some of the suburban cities ... we ought to see a 15 degree temperature jump tomorrow. well above normal by the middle of this week.
12:35 pm
i am ready ... >>there may still be a shower and spots we will take a greater look at this grain situation as the week progresses ... tonight partly cloudy mixed sun and clouds tomorrow warmer temperatures wind increasing in the afternoon from the south scattered afternoon thunderstorms possible ... wednesday 80 degree temperatures as well as thursday always the possibility of scattered afternoon thunderstorms ... this is whether preparedness' week we will have a guest on the 5:00 show from the national weather service
12:36 pm
and with the midland radio people we will be promoting those noaa emergency weather radios ... it's time now for today's trivia: the first television commercial for a toy aired today in 1952 what was ok! who gets occasional constipation, diarrhea, gas or bloating? get ahead of it! one phillips' colon health probiotic cap a day helps defend against digestive issues with three strains of good bacteria. hit me! [ female announcer ] live the regular life. phillips'. [ male announcer ] can febreze set & refresh make even this place smell fresh? [ facilitator ] what do you smell? takes me outdoors. sort of a crisp, fresh feeling. [ facilitator ] go ahead and take your blindfold off. [ laughs ] [ male announcer ] the febreze set & refresh. breathe happy for 30 days, guaranteed.
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time for sports... and the consensus is that the bulls title hopes are dead without derrick rose, and thats simply not true. they have won without him, 18-and-9 in games he's missed. rose is gone for 6-to-9 months . . . and coach tom thibodeau has gotten an ear-full for having rose in the game with a minute- and-a-half left, but his boss is not among the critics.
12:39 pm
this can happen at any point in the game or in practice ... it's not a death sentence for him or for our team he will be back better than ever ... it's just the way it is ... we have put together a great core team everyone knows their role ... there are and full of stars that are born the rest are made these are the opportunities people are supposed to be taking advantage of you have to be ready cubs and phillies: tony campana, a game-changer with that speed . 3rd inning, shallow fly ball and he's tagging up . . .scores to make it 2-0. matt garza was overpowering. he strikes out all 3 batters in the 3rd -- 10 in 7 shutout innings . . only gave up a hit and a walk. then in the 4th, it's joe mather . . his first homerun of
12:40 pm
the season and first homerun from acubs win 5-1. sox trying to avoid the sweep against boston: adam dunn in the first inning a 2-run homerun makes it 3-0. plenty for gavin floyd ...have a look at this curveball... struck out 9 and took a no- hitter into the 7th. when dustin pedroia grounds one just past eduardo escobar . . floyd still gets the win. sox win 4-1, snap their 5-game losing streak. that's a look at sports. your live illinois lottery drawing is next.
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if you're one of those folks who gets heartburn and then treats day after day... well, shoot, that's like checking on your burgers after they're burnt! [ male announcer ] treat your frequent heartburn by blocking the acid with prilosec otc. and don't get heartburn in the first place! [ male announcer ] one pill a day. 24 hours. zero heartburn. state representative derrick smith pleaded not guilty to bribery today. seven thousand dollar bribe in exchange for using his influence to get a state grant for a daycare center. he was arrested on march 13th -- just days before the state primary election. he won that nomination. several state leaders have called for smith to step down. leading democrats want to replace him on the ticket in time for the fall general election. smith is scheduled back in court may 16th. protestors are not giving up their fight to save six mental health facilities across the city. due to budget cuts... the clinics were scheduled to officially close their doors today when operations from 12-
12:45 pm
clinics consolidated to six facilities. the closures have been the subject of several protests on the south side... including the woodlawn facility. protestors want mayor rahm emanuel keep the clinics open. they're also targetting president obama ... and have planned a protest and news conference today outside his campaign headquarters downtown. sports and shopping!! a new multi-million dollar retail space is unveiled for outside the united center. crain's chicago business reports -- bulls owner jerry reinsdorf and blackhawks owner rocky wirtz want to build a *260-thousand* square foot retail building. restaurants, bars and stores would be housed inside the facility. the development would be built on the lot east of the arena ... at a cost of up to *85- million* dollars. crain's says united center's owners are ready to start talks with the city and state. in medical watch.. pediatricians are being urged to explore possible links between bad behavior and mental illness. at the american academy of pediatrics meeting in boston.. the head of the national
12:46 pm
institute of mental health said pediatricians are the first line of defense. screening can detect mental disorders early, and ensure that children receive treatment as soon as possible. the world health organization says mental illness is the top cause of medical disability in young people over the age of 15. a third of american children and teenagers are overweight or obese.. and researchers are warning, those who develop type 2 diabetes will have a tough time controlling it. a new study followed nearly 700 overweight and obese teens who were recently diagnosed with diabetes. they received one of three types of treatment involving drugs, diet and exercise counseling. nearly half the teens failed to control their diabetes within a few years.. and one in five suffered serious complications. the researchers say the message is clear: don't get diabetes in the first place. people living in apartment buildings are exposed to second hand smoke even if no one in their household smokes. a new study shows non-smokers who live in multi-unit housing..
12:47 pm
especially those with children.. breathe in tabacco. researchers say the findings mean that parents whose children are exposed to smoke may not even know it. they also warn that you don't necessarily have to smell smoke to be exposed to it. exposure to second-hand smoke has been linked with higher rates of asthma, pneumonia and ear infections in children. we are making a nutritious beet salad in lunchbreak next.
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uncover stronger younger looking skin. [ female announcer ] new aveeno skin strengthening body cream helps transform dry, thinning skin, by strengthening its moisture barrier for improved texture and elasticity in 2 weeks. reveal healthy, supple skin. aveeno skin strengthening.
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and nutritious salad made with beets.. colorful vibrant and healthy ... >>i ordered them in restaurants but rarely do i purchased them at the grocery store ... we have beats of all colors today we are granting these and tinfoil these can also be eaten raw you do not have to season these before you place them in the
12:51 pm
oven roast them for one hour at 350 or 375 degrees you peel the skin after they are arrested and cooled and you have a vibrant color ... we are making a simple dressing: this can all be done ahead of time you can get these year-round but the freshest crops are from spring into the fall season i am using apple cider vinegar dijon mustard extra virgin
12:52 pm
olive oil, fresh basil salt, pepper that is it you will mix this it's very simple ... beets are a good carb... it's very good for purification it detoxifies the system and gives you energy.
12:53 pm
i'm taking egg whites, cayenne nutmeg pecans this glazes the raw beets and goes into the oven on a baking sheet. we will build the salad now. cut the sliced beets in half.
12:54 pm
i have some mixed greens .... tossing them with the dressing lightly place those on the plate... prasino has 2 locations: and
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wicker park at 1846 west division and then lagrange at 93 south la grange road...
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let's recap the cleaning games.
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we have rain in the southern suburbs and thunderstorms ... this happens when things get warmer around here ... temperatures are headed for the '80s ... the model forecast shows the showers leading early this evening we will be cloudy and foggy it will go partly sunny tomorrow and windy there will be a cooling breeze off of lake michigan ... tomorrow we will be in the '70s ... low
12:59 pm
pressure will be developing to the west it will get warmer ... we are watching the wind pattern ... pushing the warm air up right up to the lakefront but watch out for some severe weather this week that's the forecast for thursday ... we will see some pretty good rain in the area for the next couple of days ... we have a string of 80 degree-days wednesday thursday friday modest calling over the weekend ... we will have more at 5:00 this evening


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