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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  May 10, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm CDT

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wgn news @ 5 family mourning the loss of baby twins boy and girl found dead southwest side police and child welfare officials looking part answers. top story around the country tonight. live at the newsroom with more on the top story. >> police conducting investigation contacts with family since last year was already looking into allegations >> went to the room a notice to the baby try to see if the heart was beating them up twin brother and sister julian and giselle romero or one week shy of six
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months old. born slightly premature father says planning to take them to monthly doctor's visit today. >> always smiling. always were happy >> not so happy it southwest side home record with department of children and family services history here going back to march of last year with what is considered a credible allegation of abuse against older child in the home. counseling and homemaking support began the following june and last month neglect complaint involving the babies. police say it found unresponsive in the crib they shared a crowd of 930 this morning mother a 19 year-old victoria rodríguez made the discovery and father says just returned from taking other four children to school. >> i came home and saw my children my wife was startled
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shock to did not know what to do mouth to mouth breathing. check to be baby to see if it was below its nothing i could do >> police say no signs of trauma autopsy scheduled for tomorrow. >> girl believed to be 2 years old abandoned on the near west side of 40 is asking to be public for help to find the family toddler intersection roosevelt road and ashland avenue five days ago university of illinois medical center. police station taken to uic medical center reported to be in good health girl undisclosed location always try to contact family first to take care of the child. amber alert issued two children from peoria police said moriah milan audermar peterson taken this morning from a home in peoria. police believe with
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their mother 21 year old nyway abbaa does not have custody of the children. described as one year old black girl wearing green shirt and a coat and the audermar peterson scribe 2 month old black boy wearing blue and white onesy white blanket and blue stars called 911 immediately. another day of deliberations tomorrow for the jury of the william balfour murder trial earlier tonight 12 member panel called it quits for the second day trying to decide if william balfour guilty or innocent in the murders of jennifer hudson mother brother and nephew. jury deliberations 13 hours sequestered for a second night tonight not clear it deliberations into the weekend if they do not come up with a verdict tomorrow today 31st birthday. investigators trying to find out because of a fire smoke billowing for miles. this afternoon and drivers 55
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called into radio station to report smoke blowing across the sky. storage business firefighters got things under control and walked through the yards for hot spots that could have flared up. no injuries. chicago bulls fighting but the playoff lives tonight philadelphia while the game 6 just came to an end. crazy final seconds of the game. >> hard way to end the season. chicago bulls should have won this cam difficult to figure out how they lost try to give the game away chicago bulls not taking that out rebound did 76ers 56-33 with the lead in the game noah tried to apply it 76ers took a lead in the fourth quarter luol deng to taj gaibson up by 4 lead by 1 in final
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seconds asik missus and andre gets the ball in for the hoop fouled on play made one free throw to tie the game and bad free throw shooter and he makes it. desperation try with seven seconds trycj watson almost goes in cj watson unbelievable mss and 76ers when the game for games-to. terrible second half that is the end of the season for the chicago bulls injuries of course they've lost derrick rose and other players and of the line for the chicago bulls. >> always next year? >> it will be a tough start because derrick rose will miss some action at serious injury that might get rolling again to the end of the year but we will
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have to wait to see what happens slow slow start next year. >> preparing for demonstrations for nothing? nato protest might not be as large as expected to be. in the hot seat in illinois state representative grilled by his peers refusing to answer questions charges of bribery and he says he is sorry why the vice president apologizing and what a difference a week makes starting colp rainfall what a turnaround tom skilling details spectacular end of the week. wgn news @ 5
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ar o
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the nato summit weekend could get crazy at thousands o vand of his others from around the world also cross town classic white sox and chicago cubs. things could get messy what could make it worse nobody is sure how many protestors to expect. >> occupy chicago movement one of the largest protests next week nato summit mixed messages
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the expectations for turnout truly are last week spokesperson told associated press before the g 8 summit moved occupy group spun 26 city's planning to travel to chicago now that it will be at camp david, camp david more convenient for occupiers from the east coast. out of towners will not make up the crowd but today local crowd not the case thousands will be on their way >> 99 solidarity buses gathering people from new york boston and atlanta los angeles and san francisco and everywhere in between bringing them here for free. >> every major nato protest planned during next week's summit got together today to outline the activities and expectations before the rally. presence has been less of the visible in recent months strength has not waned. >> occupy movement is strong we will be here to fight nato along with our allies. >> protesters coming you might
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think downtown hotels would be filled. at the ohio house there are still rooms available all business for next weekend batt but not expecting protesters around here we think more south to mccormick place. ohio house motel offers some of the least expensive lodgings downtown but it is only at 72 percent capacity for next weekend. most of that business in the manager says is driven by baseball chicago cubs-chicago white sox triedcrosstown classic. >> we continue to receive requests about 20 each day we can not hold everything >> not sure if guests traveling for the purpose of the protest but most have booked the nights
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nato summit specifically with little overlap no matter the reasons for visitors travel managers hoping the brownley stay far from the rooms. >> expecting the best from our guests hopefully it will not be as crazy as people say it will be. >> members from iraq veterans against the war returning military members during a protest against nato iraq and afghanistan veterans gathering next sunday it may 20th giving the medals back. the war on terror based on lies before policy and the poor policy time for nato to end its mission in afghanistan >> what have we been doing? something on a repeat every single day in my mind. and i believe it is time these generals ask themselves that question. asking them to come down and accept these tokens of the global war on terrorism we do not want to be a part of
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anymore. >> president obama says all is not a state service members will be out of afghanistan by 2013. to follow coverage of the nato summit on line indicted state republican representative standing his ground fighting charges he took a bribe. >> i intend to fight this charge and clear my name >> state representative speak derrick smith think before a special investigative committee in front of springfield charges against 10 refuse derrick smith to go under oath but did read emotional statement proclaiming his innocence and desire to stay in office. >> i will continue to work for the interests in the district that elected me despite the fact that the government has levied a charge against me. just one week before the primary. the same way that the people the district did not abandon me i
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will not abandon them. >> state attorney advises him not to testify today investigated committee can expel him whether he agrees to testify under oath or not members say they will meet again before making a decision. back to haunt mitt romney high school prank has the republican presidential candidate apologizing and also check this out believe it or not actually a happy ending and all of this. and the magazine cover that has everybody talking. repe
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pretty scary video out of taiwan this boss loses power roles backward off the highway partly down a cliff taiwan's eastern coast felt troubling mountain road and national park. serious injuries but not life- threatening. top of fbi most wanted list committed suicide after police closed in adam mayes the girls he kidnapped are both safe for several days 35 year-old adam mayes run with daughters kidnapped from tennessee home after telling their mother 14 year-old sister after killing them. alpine mississippi turned the gun on himself the girls seem to be o.k. but being taken to hospital
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for observation. mitt romney offering unusual policyapology. washington post investigation into years at cranbrook school in michigan detailed a 1965 incident witnessed by at least five students mitt romney reportedly fueled by blonde locks of mr. and led a group of teenagers to charge against the boy for the student to the ground cut off his hair today said mitt romney while in high school he did some dumb things if anybody was hurt or offended he apologizes. the vice- president joe biden apparently apologize to the president for jumping the gun on the gay marriage issue over the weekend to told a political news show he was in favor of gay marriage because of that president obama went on television yesterday to say he was also in favor of gay
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marriage. announcement much later date. multi-billion dollar fundraiser for president obama underway at this hour hollywood home of actor george clooney los angeles airport earlier military headquarters closer to his mansion. anybody to attend one check for minimum of $40,000. $14 million collected tonight which would make this evening's fundraiser the single biggest fund-raising event the president. tomorrow candidates eighth congressional district facing off in their first debate. special edition of politics tonight live on c ltv tomorrow night at 6. also streaming question for the candidates politics tonight facebook page.
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prosecutors rest their case today john edwards trial last 14 days trying to prove john edwards used campaign funds to hide his mistress and a baby during presidential election in 2008 money trail private jets and a mansion santa barbara california also abc's news interview denied having a child with rielle hunter, the rielle hunter did not testify for prosecution but the defense is accused suspected of calling her to the stand. olympic torch finally lifted this morning actress dressed as high priestess had the honor of lighting it birthplace of the ancient olympics greece start of the race to london for july 27th opening ceremonies. the willits tower might not lose its crown as america's tallest building
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after all. design change in the new one world trade center building in new york according to the wall street journal developer is dropping a plan to enclose 408 ft. antenna on top too expensive difficult to maintain the change will save $20 million may cost the building bragging rights on like decorative fires plan and test and not count to the building's height. concerned about how the following death of junior seau and drug to treat hiv that can prevent the disease and some people. why don't critics want federal regulators to approve it? >> haarlow here i am julian crews deep inside the famous toddle held bike trail whether it roadside landscapes national forest rugged mountain bike skimming along the face of the can get southern illinois and
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the place to enjoy bicycle vacation on a ride coming up. cruisin' illinois
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tonight's medical watch warning for multiple sclerosis patients about a new treatment united states drug regulator said experiment procedure props up pops up internal veins can cause death or serious injury to people so far have died another bleeding on the brand others suffered strokes of blood clots and permanent paralysis. cause of nms is not known blood vessels changes could be to
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blame. current skin cancer treatment may actually make the disease worse. do not work for some patients and others medication actually accelerates cancer growth. university of texas health center sides doctor said they hoped the discovery will help them develop better drugs for the deadly cancer which runs rampant in the body to two errors and sel signaling appear to enhance abnormal activity. despite the risk of skin cancer half of adults on within 30 have left their skin to burn all but the last year the rate of sunburns is the same as 10 years ago skin cancer on the rise sunburn doubles the risk of melanoma at 32 percent say tanning bed even the center for disease control classified them as cancer causing experts say sad the method is not getting across. >> fda advisory panel has recommended approval for the
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first-ever hiv prevention drug researcher showed daily pill cuts the risk of hiv by at least 44% cut the risk by 72 percent heterosexual couples with only one partner hiv recommendation despite critics' concern of the pell causing kidney problems that promote risky behavior final decision expected by june the 15th. in case the future king of england thing does not work future forecast and king of whether calling upon a nice warm up tom skilling forecast next.
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>> i appreciate the kind thoughts. i am not royalty >> you are royalty >> i did not know. beautiful weather today. montrose harbor beautiful cloud free today look at the visibility on the lake there. this captured quite a different night a few days ago at wrigley field the fog rolling in talk about contrasting the weather. couple of different days not a cloud and the sky 100% sunson, looks like another one tomorrow. big open area that is significant system down there moisture fuelling the
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front producing the scattered showers in tomorrow night. the big weather story and the country down in texas along the gulf coast. representing thunderstorms producing severe weather there tournedos towering over 50,000 ft. into the atmosphere. producing flooding and so forth. severe weather reports in a moment remember this area horrible drought. yet today it roads under water in that area plot of rainfall computer forecast. how much rainfall. flood watches out tornado watches green areas wind
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advisories advancing warm up coming here during the day tomorrow. frost advisories east of us cool air moving on. rainfall in texas we had one of the percent sunshine first in five weeks we hit 67 degrees today it was and 90 on this date one year ago. the warmest january 1st-may 10th on the record in chicago 142 years in comparably warm up to this point. 15 of the 20 summers that follow warmer than normal. hot summer on the way warming up next week. tomorrow sunshine sunlight is four times stronger than in december making itself felt tomorrow. temperatures above normal. above normal in
9:33 pm
the next two weeks. 80 degree war what will push us to the upper seventies tomorrow. 58 degrees but still 77 degrees in south dakota look at the midwest warmer than 24 hours ago. : off. by the time it gets here running out of steam cooler on saturday. all of the lake is starting to warm up big time next week. beautiful night cool on the lake waukegan wind blowing off the lake in the day. warmest temperatures in mind. southeast wind currents southerly tomorrow and southwest in the afternoon. did you notice humidity only 28 percent tonight? across public is high other pilots are moderate including zero spores and the jet stream not calling
9:34 pm
in from canada instead northern states summerlike orientation. pushing the warm air in here tomorrow. tomorrow lots of sunshine clouds gathering to the west. shower tomorrow night saturday and early morning sunday most hours this weekend features no rainfall scattered probably covering only 20-30 percent on saturday seasonable temperatures tonight southland locked in by morning. we think 46 degrees official at o'hare. tomorrow beautiful sunshine with the warmer day nearly 10 degrees above normal clouds over
9:35 pm
tomorrow night showers perhaps isolated thunderstorm low 53 degrees and mostly cloudy saturday and not quite as warm along beaches maybe a shower or to nice mother's dead end of next week warming up could be the warmest ever since march. talking more on the update. >> look at this comes alive on this beautiful day famous landmark shooting water this morning reaching as high as 150 ft.. every day between now and the fall eight in the morning- 11:00 at night. in case you did not know 85th season happy birthday design represents lake michigan pack your bicycle for a two wheel to adventure julian
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ready for a great ride taking you on a cycling vacation less than six hour drive from chicago hiking paradise beautiful southern illinois just outside of carbondale is our very own julian crews >> bikers said short oxygen colliding \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \colliding below the shaunee national forest back roads with little traffic or road cyclists the ultimate turnon. talk about a joyride fly down help giant city state park cruising through the ponderous terrain with sandstone or push ourselves to limit grueling uphill ride amazing thing everywhere in this part of southern illinois >> by the country road cold for
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hours and hours >> word of advice downtown carbondale easy to join a group tried places like the colorful town smack dab in the heart of the shaunee national forest hills wine trail retreat steps from town >> far below natural woodwork creature comforts complete with a ipod home stereo $120 each night breakfast and a place to cool your heels after a long country ride. deep in the forest bumpier type of cycling and venture the rugged sport of mountain biking eve and top writers hit turbulence hugely
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challenging cold hollow trail to not try this unless you live have done it before the pay off astonishing ride. skimming along the face of a canyon. >> some of this compares to what you might county's debt to have it in illinois cruisin' illinois julian crews shaunee national forest >> looking for more leisurely family ride perfect right for you. click on the web exclusive story on the just tunnel hill trail go to their website we will show you family on a great ride and breast-feeding mother on the cover of time magazine as you might expect controversy and later in sports game 6 comes down to the final second
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s fobu hall of fame running back emmitt smith says reaching out to current and former nfl players about the death aboutjunior seau says important to address post
9:45 pm
and that all life with them increasingly common issues of head trauma and depression not easy coming down to start a worries all of the time about his health carried about more than anyone in nfl history. controversial comments los angeles mother breast feeding son trend of attachment parenting debate how old is too old to breast feed. beautiful moment between mother and son or disturbing? attachment method for mothers were interviewed. photo shoot start educating people natural normal nothing wrong with that again >> in addition extended breastfeeding practice includes
9:46 pm
baby wearing babies are physically attached to the parents. infamous new jersey tanning mother under fire of that retaken five year-old daughter into a tanning booth banned from a chain of east coast tanning salons according to the new york daily news not clear if she had even gone to the chain it that issued the band appears to be pre-emptive effort to steer clear of bad publicity if she ever does try to use the facilities. decides to challenge the band has to prove unlawful purpose behind it. tom skilling in the weather center great news but the next seven days. >> tomorrow could be the third warmest day of the month to 80 degree temperatures on the second and third. turning cooler after that here is a simulated satellite animation driven by the model creates what looks
9:47 pm
like satellite image. you can see by 5:00 tomorrow sunshine gathering to the west in here by saturday morning mostly cloudy saturday peaks of sunshine and mother's day cloud settled itself as the day goes on. longer talking rainfall icons show you reports of heavy weather icons most northern reports with raindrops have it ran a look at the tornado reports down through texas and across into florida waterspouts near marathon florida. active weather high pressure pushing the warm air up to the lakefront front passes showers come through saturday wind off of the lake after that. showers
9:48 pm
gathering to the west. near 80 degrees to the end of the forecast next week and 78 degrees tomorrow at 67 degrees saturday. cooler each day near the lake 71 degrees monday with a light lake breeze a localized near the shoreline. and the lake breezes right at the beaches disappearing into a letter next week wins taking over a very nice weather and the humidity made in the forecast keeping you updated tomorrow. >> check this out six flags there is this great america new rollercoaster ride one of the first of its kind called x flight 120 ft. high top speed of 55 mi. per hour called wing coaster had to positions on the
9:49 pm
outside of the track nothing above or below. >> truly a unique experience first lift incredible usually slip underneath feel like you will flip underneath all of the first flip amazing experience >> the bride is quick lasted slightly more than 30 seconds. coming up comes down to the final seconds and final free throws in philadelphia chicago bulls' season comes to a disappointing end to sports next. ehs
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artoo bad it derrick rose was not around. too much to overcome a horrible way to end. game ended over an hour ago still trying to figure out how the chicago bulls lost in philadelphia. offense frozen in the final 24 minutes. chicago bulls out to be daunted philadelphia have became wrapped up in the final seconds. noah going to soar could start gibson a great game overall inside the hoop and the foul. 76ers' got
9:53 pm
hot. holiday fines iguadola shut down 76ers offense. baseline move here and the foul chicago bulls all the way back thanks to richard hamilton. chicago bulls led by two points looking at a very good even better when asik scores of of the pick and roll. about one point in the final seconds c.j. watson gave up the ball got fouled andre comes down the floor like a freight train gets the ball free-throw shooter good in the fourth quarter makes both shots rainbow second no timeouts philadelphia up by 1 points at one final shot c.j. watson half
9:54 pm
court this one that fired almost rims out chicago bulls lose 79- 78 winning the series 4-2. live just back from the chicago bulls' locker room. this game was simply there for the taking. if >> absolutely correct about that. chicago bulls were down 12 points a great run at the end of the third quarter the kid left doug collins of fear they might do if turning them into the jump shooting team for not very good if enabled the chicago bulls to come back good defensive play and everybody said omar asik had a terrific and even though he missed at the end down but you cannot want to lose a game like that. do not understand >> the last few seconds 25
9:55 pm
seconds pretty much summed off the last month of the season. we just cannot get lucky >> we fought hard disappointing know how much we put into this. it is difficult. the season is over. >> we are back here i said that the question omar cindy free throws why did c.j. watson throw him the basketball in the first place? not one of his finest moments i think when derrick rose was injured continued on when noah went down at they fought until the end had a chance to pull this out as it turns out chicago bulls become the third team in the current format to be a no. 1 seed to lose in the first round. wait until next year it will be
9:56 pm
awhile before derrick rose and deng suit up in uniform sometime after the start of the year. very interesting to see what happens when the season begins again in november.
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