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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  May 14, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm CDT

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weekend and stop the import white sox manager robin ventura at a hospital. wgn news @ 9 good evening top story around the country tonight. we begin with nato summit. let the protests began president about campaign office getting an earful this morning members of catholic workers movement all over the country here refused to leave the building home to president's reelection efforts looking for nato to end afghanistan's occupation. >> 100 percent not abide led the group i associate with.@ i pray not of violence this weekend
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>> protesters released tonight message for obama campaign nato breeds war and communities free people. more protest this week sot more forceful than others in getting organized online. x>> they are in deep, and what the experts say protesters for trouble more than a megaphone marchant is not their style protesters slingshots molotov cocktails to the nato summit protests small in number they are big making an impact almost certainly be in chicago sometime this weekend. batt but target rich opportunity world audience of course they will show up. >> terrorism expert talking about violent protesters success
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overseas and more recently in a seattle may day to be exact protesters start with the crowd take the black approach >> disguise themselves in layers of clothing black on the outside helmets and the ski masks goggles with tear-gas will engage in aggressive activity physical violence against property at the plant back into the crowd tear off the clothing and not hard to identify and hard arrested social media of fueling the tactics websites tell and a kiss what to bring to protest slingshots projectiles molotov cocktails and bright lights to use against police also cellphone and money for the subway section out to dress in black with a mask from head to toe and finding on the internet and artest by dick on twitter
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transmits in real time with twitter >> will show you a lot of people basically use twitter >> history of attracting protest and often by last summer 1999 battle in seattle social media hardly a factor still 600 people arrested fast-forward toronto 2010 using social media police and average protester it worked and it may day 20122 weeks ago seattle targeted again broken windows shattered glass under siege mobilize fast and dispersed faster these days chicago preparing for a showdown twitter >> not worried could happen but not very likely.
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>> important to know and a kiss of pilot approach small percentage of protesters. should not be underestimated they are visible and vocal and violent. >> protests are wrapping up chicagoans who work downtown already dealing with changes to be routine especially true tonight people who take the train into the city alive mccormick place tonight with the latest on the story. >> changes right by this spot nato summit tight security guard dogs and big delays. batt but preparing myself changed some things >> news south shore line today a lot what metra wants to on friday thousands of commuters busy making other plans >> a lot of hassle as far as cannot bring bags causing a
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problem going to school >> 7000 people ride south shoreline every weekday this weekend the train will run but he let it will be canceled monday and riders a day monday it will face serious security restrictions. one back per passenger small and no bicycles food or liquids. even the water. expect police canine units and the searches checkpoints along with delays all in the name of nato security commuters making plans to stay home. >> did not plan to come into the city over the weekend. not if i can't help it. i will see how the weekend plays out. >> people thinking the same way no alcohol on board trains friday through monday and the
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south shore line anything authorities say significant disruption or threat would mean that the train will never make it this far never allowed inside mccormick place security zone train will be sent back updates trains that are running trains that are not the various other locations are available on-line web site one year on the job for mayor rahm emmanuel next one on one about the highs and lows of the first 12 months and surprised we you get for white sox manager robin ventura visit to a hospital and later tom skilling says tomorrow on of the warmest days in weeks could bring storms.
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wgn news @ 9 1 annawan with the mayor talking about the highs and lows what the future holds for chicago this week celebrating one year in office sitting down with me this morning to talk this year and not about him but the people of chicago when asked to grade
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himself did not give himself an a or f but complete. >> applause kicked off chicago's new mayor one year ago today up loss depending on who you ask >> i think he has done a good job everybody likes him. not doing very well at all what a thing upset about the way that it in protest. >> i think it is too soon to tell he does the best job he can. >> public opinion political analyst in the hand at city hall reporter say your lawn accomplishments you have to start at 200 mi. south of chicago. >> you want springfield you need springfield he knows how to work springfield mayor daley did not spend too much time but issues like civil unions and being able
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to tap into a state income tax refunds to pay city tickets mayor rahm emmanuel a new he had to go down work springfield and get what he wanted. >> getting what he wants state capital ground zero of some of the first year victories whether speed cameras civil unions or longer school days. >> we will never compromise our goals. >> ability to move forward and out implementation starting in the fall whether or not it leads to a future strikes will be interesting to see how that plays out if you have to maybe list a couple of things that went really well succeeded in this area what would they be? >> when you say that i succeeded. first of all is not about me the people that i served >> education clearly a key for the mayor what else is up his
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first year >> last big check mark on the list was the infrastructure trust project which will be a way to get private financiers to help the city pay for public work city council members look at other things >> pothole so tree trimming services that people in general cannot think really affect people on a day-to-day basis the things we are changing >> like everything else bought all positive >> mental health issues expansion of mental health reduction >> also might have vowed not to rise raise property or sales taxes. people having to pay more for water now that will double over the next four years. >> when you commit a crime what has worked and it will work more cops on the streets getting
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drugs of the streets cold comfort but in fact overall crime is down 11%. particular we have a gang problem unique to chicago >> crime is down overall not what it comes to homicides or shootings >> a lot of issues need time to see what turns out crime and education. >> they will be important for the year to come teachers strike will be living developing relationships with the unions including police and fire like teachers' contracts are coming up soon springfield will continue to be critical particular the one issue talked about over and over again. >> i do believe this issue affects the atmosphere relating to the economy and creating jobs uncertainty surrounding that >> going to be high on the list the only way to avoid that property taxes and sales taxes
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to make short pension reform >> the big issue in the year coming up? most challenging for you and for the city? >> id is but big change in expectations about what it is clear the mayor has a long road coming up first year report card >> incomplete. i give myself and incomplete. stable finances create economic opportunities and job creation quality of life for neighborhoods. those are the building blocks continue to do the things in the area necessary greatest city in the greatest country in the world. >> what do you change? >> the second year will tell me we put in place a building blocks but you have to make them stronger. >> stylistically hard not to give him a b- c + or c talking
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became of transparency but not doing that. >> happy with balancing the budget not raising taxes and the longer school day a big victory one year mark official is next wednesday. marking one year in office new poll gave found approval rating at 52 percent just 29 percent of people did not approve at respondents more timid asked chicago was better since he became mayor 62% said too soon to tell and as for the handling of crime only 45 percent approval rating percent did not approve low among african americans gave 37 percent approval rating on crime and 42 percent did not approve. murdered in a bathtub still wearing her wedding gown latest
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reported married boyfriend of three years and father of her son new to the burbank neighborhood surprised by the violence. >> it is kind of weird and disturbing that this happened >> burbank police says no reason for the community to be concerned about safety isolated domestic incident have not named a suspect yet >> john edwards corruption trial wrapped up first day of testimony daughter of former senator could face the stats tomorrow chief financial officer for failed presidential campaign testified today more than $900,000 to benefactor's not reported campaign contributions the money for personal expenditures testified in federal elections commission not campaign funds. congressman ron paul didn't campaign for
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presidential nomination statement released no longer campaign in states that has not voted has not suspended campaign ron paul continue to work to secure delegates for the convention in august. last week robin venturadid not see backing mitt romney. local politicians working together with other with director to launch new documentary and fund a project to recover bodies american marines killed in world war two pacific battle downtown film introduction. >> mission to recover the remains of missing american the military who served in world war two mission started right here in chicago. >> every american should be outraged >> chicago aldermen retired marine felt today talking about the hundreds of service members bodies left behind after a bloody battle of the tiny
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pacific island. he learned about from documentary produced by stephen barber. >> people care about this we want to bring as many people all as we can >> called chicago congressman dan lapinski found $14 million yearly budget to help recover the bodies bring in every missing service members body home subject of latest movie that raided in chicago by actor kelsey grammar. >> full and total recovery no matter where they are buried they should be brought back to final resting place in united states >> estimates more than 80,000 missing american military members still on foreign soil working with or support to veteran online petition to bring more of the soldiers home. five more on >> new plan to make o'hare
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airport business hub not major construction project about to get under way visited as a player back as white sox manager robin ventura special visit to childrens memorial before they close their doors and later texting while walking a crime in this town
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mayor rahm emmanuel announcing plans to help o'hare airport expand cargo up. thousands of much-needed jobs robert jordan has more family continuing to invest in and enhance our airport major asset to the city nearly $200 million project expected to create 1200 construction jobs 1200 permanent on-site corporate jobs and another $10,000 10,000 jobs related to the economic
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benefits $600 million no cost to chicago taxpayers >> one of the biggest cargo hubs in the world. >> project will be funded by $130 million investment by company and more than $622 billion airport funds as well batt but next that leading in the world of leading to a cargo traffic with this investment. 11,000 jobs total >> built in three phases approximately 55 a. of undeveloped property mayor says construction crucial part of the airport expansion >> exports and infrastructure scale development all three together major way chicago land
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area >> cargo expansion number of years 2008 put on the back shelf because of a slump in the economy now city feels the economy picking up steam again revitalize cargo expansion. picture perfect day to start the week getting warmer tomorrow tom skilling back with more steamy end of the week. [ female announcer ] with swiffer dusters, a great clean doesn't have to take longer. i'm done... i'm going to read one of these. i'm going to read one of these! [ female announcer ] unlike sprays and dust rags swiffer 360 dusters extender gets into hard to reach places so you can get unbelievable dust pick up in less time. i love that book! can you believe the twin did it? ♪ ♪ [ female announcer
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we are doing the 80 degree weather dance. >> 12th day above 80 degrees at the most any year since 1977, 35 years amazing. turning cooler on wednesday wind all of the lake this weekend nato get together and beautiful pictures here captured this cream shop lakeshore michigan avenue beautiful scene right there. flowers chicago skyline courtesy of sharon what a beautiful shot. and look at this cloud their burst of cooler air out of the thunderstorm
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cooling it down cloud develops great shots as always. beautiful day today second day with 100 percent of possible sun shows up in the satellite imagery big storm out of texas other showers to the north cool front comes down after 80 degrees tomorrow the case in the northern wisconsin tonight lake superior and across. firing of thunder showers storms prediction center says enough wind we might get severe weather more about that in a moment. interesting day sunshine and warm 82 degrees but 530 this evening humidity 15% at o'hare lowest relative humidity in seven years. 11th day of the 80
9:32 pm
degree temperatures today and tomorrow. 80 degree temperatures are about three times the average pace. you can already see the cool air mass appear. tomorrow night another lovely or day tomorrow way above normal temperatures warmer than 24 hours ago. cooling is starting out here in canada dipping in here for a day introducing humidity making it feel like summer by the time we get to the weekend temperatures tonight. low humidity 38 percent relative humidity dry air can heat up quickly. exactly what happened today temperature that was 10
9:33 pm
degrees above the computer average forecast. probably doing it that tomorrow high pollen moderate mold spores report. 84 degrees nice recovery 64 degrees tonight. temperatures. picture perfect sky excellent visibility no haste in the air. forecast warm weather continues predicting high temperature 85 degrees. well above the normal of 69 degrees the wind shifting to the northeast temperature plunged after sunset. rainfall by the way more of a factor late
9:34 pm
this week and early next week average rainfall models 2.37 over the next seven days everything put together. about four degrees above normal. at 4 degrees above normal at lowpoint cool spell with legs sticking around for a long time. sunshine tomorrow these fast developing and scattered showers and thunderstorms roaming the area late tomorrow reaching into the jet stream produced a gusty wind. not a lot of rainfall coming with the humidity late in the coming weekend. talking more on the update here is the chicago forecast clear and mild winter strengthening as the night continues. we think about
9:35 pm
50 degrees at o'hare. scattered possibly gusty thunderstorms late in the day. back in the mid-upper 70's away from the late on thursday and 80s on friday. weekend forecast data will be smiling? >> very pleased. see you later. >> you may soon be getting a better alert text message new programs partnership between government and wireless carriers to notify people of severe weather and emergency
9:36 pm
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final days of the old children's memorial hospital special visitors take a look back white sox manager robin ventura made his way to the hospital today visiting patients offering gift bags and smiles special surprise that inspired everyone walking the halls like he has many times before first as white sox player and now back. batt but manager of the white sox. >> mimi's dad knew exactly who this was. >> until you come here for the first time the kids are going to different set of circumstances. it kicks you in the gut. one of
9:40 pm
those things you feel what ever you can do >> signed autographs looked through the current book of patience and looking back in time >> 1991 looking great >> first time here robin ventura first met ryan then a cancer patient joking better now and he looks worse >> you can make the situation better from way back >> special inspiration former patient so healthy. >> picture from 1991 >> not everybody was happy to have a visitor meera covered her face at first but soon warpath and the stickers won her over in the end transformed into a lifelong white sox fan. after robin ventura ryan 1991 stayed in contact even a wedding gift
9:41 pm
sent first time sot each other again talked about how excited they were to see the new hospital opening on june 9th back to you. >> take a look who is at the game tonight. ryan and his wife scored pretty good seats. coming up next the town in new jersey required to be standing still when you send a text message and south side kids details later in sports. fo ♪ ♪ so every year my family throws
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babbittwgn news @ 9 northwestern memorial hospital employee charged with stealing credit cards and other personal affirmation shatina golden came under investigation officials noticed suspicious credit card activity connected to her home water bill payment investigators allege shatina golden opened up electric accounts in patients' names. facing up to seven years in prison if convicted. chief investment officer for j.p. morgan chase out after bank revealed $2 billion loss company announced ina drew will retire ina drew responsible for making
9:45 pm
trades designed to hedge against risks instead huge losses for the company more than 30 years at j.p. morgan one of the highest ranking women in wall street 2010 it made more than $50 million to a supported that's expected to resign. pretty great seven day forecast >> i want to mention tomorrow sox weather day coming to take 51015 at the gates are open presentation starts 1030 and 1115, ahead of detroit chicago game tomorrow. talking about the weather amazing video chance to me to south paul will be there a lot of fun and lee and a sunday until late in the day went thunderstorms develop. with the terms of northeast late tomorrow and wednesday big blow out to
9:46 pm
west turning to the south warming up later in the week. high temperatures tomorrow mid '80s are around chicago. 12 day forecast above 80 degrees and dropping down to the '60s cooler at the lakefront with north east went on wednesday the war to build and to the west temperatures 90 degrees north dakota on thursday still in the @@'70s just waiting to get into chicago. buckle in the jet brings chilly air down a northeast wind tomorrow night and wednesday quickly retreat to the north. southern wind by thursday morning at the back porch step later in the day. thursday evening colors represent wind red band from
9:47 pm
texas and north. polls gulf moisture in north mid-upper 62 points and to buy and this time sunday looking at their getting some of thunderstorms to develop pretty happy with producers later sunday into monday. depiction of cool off public wednesday. on wednesday. mid '80s forecast this weekend. forecast of rainfall you can start to see that forecast next week conservative numbers. 85 degrees tomorrow storms coming in much of the day partly sunny cooler and mostly sunny with parties went on wednesday. back to 77 degrees. saturday could see 87
9:48 pm
degrees. what do you think of that? pretty nice? >> >> first debug from pennsylvania man in california close call videos went a viral how dangerous is to talk and text. text and what is what i meant a town in new jersey taking things one step further elimination of this treacly and forcing $54 of fines for jay walking >> at this time and doing the
9:49 pm
right thing. batt but after two deadly accidents in the goal to get people to pay attention they may not like what is happening seems to be working i will not do that again. 120 tickets have been given out newsweek magazine president obama same-sex marriage controversial cover featuring president hello on his head first gay president. political legal and recommended that led the president to declare support to gay marriage black identity at white a family to be a person coming out reconciliation with the street family >> and other rough night for white sox highlights south side division rival tigers come to town and chicago cubs probably of their own under the arch
9:50 pm
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tonight unusual week everybody
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planned to game series ahead of interleague begins side trip to st. louis before a game against st. louis cardinals. no victories to show what he get one tonight? pretty good start. for in the fifth inning with a four about the lead. first bad inning of the year another no decision for dempster at least chicago came up winning in the end 1 into left field huge jump chicago cubs defeated the cardinals 6-4. what is going on? detroit led him out again in the third three innings gave up
9:54 pm
five runs. getting back into it first home run middle of the 2010 season 3-2 and 5-4 tigers lead comes through to run home run earlier about single puts them in front eighth inning and hanging on 7-5. busy day chicago bears quarterback running through organized team activities first look at rookie receivers and back to school on the south side charter school part of the initiative to educate students truth of being a diabetic. great start drops weight and running a new offense denver position coach on board along with a bunch of weapons has jay cutler all revved up
9:55 pm
>> successful add devore trying to incorporate. give-and-take everyday fun working with them very enjoyable good group of guys. >> came to boston celtics and philadelphia 76 years. ray allen found apce under two minutes left turner took it right at him beat him to the glass eating the series at a game a piece sounding off coach to sports and not complimenting former boss. total cluster
9:56 pm
lisette understand the business first job in chicago absolutely no management >> miami will be without chris bosh abdominal strain more heat on lebron james as miami goes forward rangers beat new jersey game 1 3-0 , ill. hosts georgia tech. big 10 basketball challenge and people not actually on television? how about that? not the first to go overboard back there. really want to bring a style that will never be another umpire like
9:57 pm
this. wonderful. ngrede
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