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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  May 20, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm CDT

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tense and sometimes a violent clashes took place between police and protesters who were demonstrating against the nato summit in chicago. that summit got underway today with president barack obama welcoming leaders from around the world at mccormick place >> >> i'm robert jordan >> i'm jackie bange >> more on those stories in a minute but first there is another nato protests under way right now near the art institute >> we are in front of the art institute on michigan avenue. several dozen protesters here
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sitting in the middle of the street. inside is where michelle obama was hosting a dinner for the nato espousesspouses. they started marching again making through downtown. until they reached here. they have been chanting. they have been sitting here in the middle of the street for several minutes now >> we heard that they're having dinner so we figured we would
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hang out for a while since we were not invited >> the message we hope to send ... one of the main topics is the afghanistan war... is not worth it anymore. >> it has been a really spirited crowd. we have not seen many problems. some of them are jumping on the median. they are letting their voices be heard. now we have another group... more protesters who are heading
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our way. to the east... there is a wall of police officers in full riot gear. they are standing firm. no problems with this crowd so far. >>maggie on the phone...
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>> very violent for 80 minutea few minutes. they had the right here onot gear on. they wanted the people to be on the sidewalk. they refused so they were arrested and clubbed. they are holding downsing down a police officer. we're not sure what got on him.
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we saw people getting clubsbed. the majority of the protesters are peaceful. there have been a few who have gotten out a handof hand. if the protesters are not doing what they're supposed to be doing they're taking them down and arresting them. it is shocking to see this. >> another report...julie...
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>> it was 10 minutes to five when the push back began... this was a small percentage of the crowd but with a very large impact. >> dressed in black masks on immobilizing in the middle of thousands anarchist took on the chicago police department. standing with protesters as the group shouted at officers.
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hecklers taunted them over and over telling the crowd to disperse repeatedly. chicago's top cop was left with little choice but to force the crowd west away from mccormick place. like a tidal wave police armed with batons pushed the protesters. the crowd would shout and pushed back. metal barricades used as shields at times. bikes in the chaos used as weapons. for more than two hours to dance between the two groups continued. but the defense became dangerous. police filed into formation. some people got hurt. and others got hurt individuals were taken down not groups. it ended close to 6:00 p.m. a handful of protesters lingered. the masses moved on into the night >> before this week and began
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the big question was would tear gas ever be an option... it was a last resort... the masks when not at one point but the order was having given never given >> that standoff between police officers and protesters outside mccormick place went on for a couple of hours late this afternoon >> tom... >> an intense experience... exploding into violence. extremely graphic and bloody...
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incredibly sad. no one wanted it. protesters left them no choice. at least 45 arrests. the crowd was taking so long to disperse. more of those images as we move forward >> superintendent noted some of those backpacks may have had fake blood >> the march to mccormick place to protest nato started this afternoon. groups of protesters met at various downtown hotels >> by the time they hit michigan
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avenue in looked like a cohesive group. but on the front line you can see the black block protesters. the dress in layers with the top one being black. the purpose we are told is to mislead police. when they remove the black clothes they hope to blended with the crowd. behind them in line there were a number of different groups representing various causes. early this afternoon the march was very peaceful as it made its way to the rally at mccormick place >> a group of war veterans making a statement today. they claim awards in an iraqi and afghanistan are based on lies and failed policies. so they returned their medals. the veterans took to the microphone a statement than threw their medals in the direction of mccormick place and the nato summit delegates >> it has gotten worse in afghanistan >> the veterans say all of the
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money spent on the bourse could have been spent on schools clinics, social programs here at home >> thousands of protesters beating probably thousands of law enforcers of the results? >> 45 arrest, according to chicago police. four officers taken to hospital. and as we saw protesters were hurt as well >> the superintendent says he is extremely proud of the office in the job that they have done tonight. he was in the thick of it the entire time giving order s. he personally assisted during an arrest. he said there was a
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total of 45 arrest this afternoon. one officer was stabbed in the lineeg. they had intelligence that a group was planning to start charged the stage. his officers did a great job taking care of the protesters were looking to cause trouble. we saw him get quite emotional >> you think it is easy to ask people to do what they did... it is not. asking people to put them in harm's way knowing they will give a sultan. see benassaulted.
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this event is going well. i think it is overwhelming if we get through the next few days >> also addressing the media this afternoon... state police were here. >> i do not think it could have gone better. >> 45 protesters were arrested today they're being held at the chicago police facility. those
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protesters are now awaiting charges >> police say they were planning for nato mayhem. next two more are facing terrorism charges in chicago >> also plenty was accomplished at the opening day of the nato conference we will have the complete wrap >> the big news now is the dropping temperatures tomorrow ... break
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now for the reason why everyone is here... but nato summit here in chicago is under way >> post war afghanistan is among the top concerns of the nato alliance members >> it is hard to remember
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sometimes why we are here in chicago...not a hint of anything going on at five blocks away with the protest... nato business went on an uninterrupted. president obama is hosting a world leaders at a working dinner until 10:00 p.m. tonight. priority number one is ending the war in afghanistan >> we are gathered here in chicago to reaffirm our commitment to defend the freedom and security of all our
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citizens >> he joined president obama it in welcoming world leaders to our city >> inside the first meeting today this solemn remembrances ... earlier in the day the president met with the afghan president for financial support and funding his own security forces which up to $4 billion a year instead of sending nato troops >> it will blogger be a burden on our friends in the international community >> he was eager to showcase his hometown. >> the first lady michelle obama hosted the spouse's. and
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tonight this dramatic background... if the work pays off here all nato troops including americans will be out of afghanistan in 2014. >> it will reflect a future in which to some nations are operating as partners. for the benefit of peace and security. >> tomorrow the president will host his first and only press conference. perhaps then he will explain nato is expected to give
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the funding needed to afghanistan >> a cyber attack on the city of chicago. a group calling itself anonymous taking credit today for shutting down police stations online. the twitter of cal claiming to represent the hacker's says human rights violations are the reason for targeting the city. a spokesperson for the mayor's office issued a statement. we are aware of the potential issue with the city web site and are working with the appropriate federal authorities to address the situation >> still ahead... following protesters were still demonstrating this evening... break
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two more men have been charged with plotting to build a and set off explosives at d nato summit. >> this follows the read and arrest of three men late last week >> 1 lives in the lower west side apartment... other lives for free... both are charged with bomb making schemes...
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>> i have done nothing but tried help is a canalthis kid out... >> when his parents moved to florida they let him stay in a spare room... they believe that is where he was keeping everything >> he claimed that the explosives were located in a harry potter book at his residence >> as surveillance cameras captured the police activity. his biggest problem is with beer. he could never seem to find a job. he did head to the
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rally downtown this month >> on a good day... he is not a stupid cankid. >> on a separate case 28 year- old is being held on $500,000 bail. he is currently on probation for punching eight police officer. today he was accused of trying to build a bomb. he is charged with attempted possession of explosives. his landlord said they did not know him very well . they did not think he was dangerous
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>> he seemed like a normal guy. >> the defense attorney says the charges are part of the... >> it is not illegal in this country to hold any political beliefs even anarchism... >> moving on to whethereather... next . she can be silly which
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what a hot weekend... the high today was 93 degrees... a big drop tomorrow in temperatures ... thunderstorms popping up all over... time lapse camera... a gloomy afternoon... strong thunderstorms. there is that
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high temperature. the cold front is making its way through the chicago area. it will be providing a big change in temperature tamaraomorrow.. 30 degrees cooler! the wind is slowly shifting around. dew pt temp in the '60s but dropping ... here is the cool air that goal over the area tomorrow... it
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will feel like the summer wheateek... heavy downpours over night possible. monday mostly sunny. high 60s. tuesday... a little warmer. very comfortable . >> an explosive day between
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>> gaynor hall... the protesters are not deterred by the rain... we are in front of the art institute where the first lady was holding a dinner for this house is on nato officiale spouses. several dozen protesters are forming a human peace sign to send a message to the people inside the art institute. it has been very interesting to watch. sometimes there have been confusion on if they should stay or go. these
9:39 pm
press testerswent downtown and then came here. a line of police officers are standing guard. here comes the party. the protesters converged. a plastic bottle flying at police. it has been very peaceful for the most part . party like atmosphere. chanting... jumping up and down . we have not seen any violence
9:40 pm
in this leg of the protests... dozens of protesters dancing in the rain... more plastic water bottles flying. it looks like they have quieted down. >> it is raining pretty hard theirre...
9:41 pm
>> i think the protesters like it... >> a show of military might for the polish president >> next to a special
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poland's president gets an up close look at illinois national guard soldiers >> the service member showcase their skill and professionalism >> once there they met up with the governor and polish president who receive state of the art demonstrations... before they're deployed polish soldiers
9:45 pm
come here. the conduct training exercises together. the presented 13 guardsmen... >> our partnership is so important that we want to honor all of those who work together >> this is why the heroes... >> the partnership is one of the oldest and largest in the nation... >> the friendship of the people of poland in our countryand our country is centuries long
9:46 pm
>> i think it is important that we thinkank the polish people >> and now what we are we back to chicago... >> some of his soldierssoldiers will be deployed back to portlandpoland >> jim... radar picture...
9:47 pm
rainfall expanding north... 7 they forecast7 day forecast... friday another chance of showers. cloudy on saturday. upper 90s this week. >> back to lagginmaggie.. >>. protesters clashing with police... police wanted them on the sidewalk. when they went in
9:48 pm
the street some were arrested. a police had to be washed down with what we think he had you're in on himurine on him. things are flying around. >> two separate protests... >> the police are in the perimeter. >> coming up... the white sox offense takes advantage of
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other things going on >> the white sox are hoping their weekend sweep of the cubs will be the trigger to a big run the men. disodium cleve lynn come to the south sidethe sox on a four game win streak. >> two homers in a series... adam doneunn... no. 14 for him... were not done yet... 6-0 final
9:53 pm
they're back to the 500 mark >> i still do not think we have played our best yet. but we are coming together. we play competitive in all games. >> he kept the ball down. he threw strikes. >> after going through a good two weeks stretch... >> for a long time today it appeared the miami heat would be
9:54 pm
in a big hole in their series against the pacers... it was showtime for lebron james who simply took matters into his own hands. he scores and gets fouled. he scored 38 points in a row for miami. they win one a 1101-93 >> i had to do whatever i had to do to win. i had to be there for my teammates. >> it was a big game. this was a
9:55 pm
huge game. coming out of the third quarter we had a sense of urgency >> one of the original chicago bulls bob boozer has died at the age of 75 >> hockey playoffs... a 1-0 lead. the knicks wipheonix win >> the chicago fire... they trailed 1-0. seattle wins 2-1.
9:56 pm
>> the final round of the byron nelson @ las colinas. this will go right into whole. the winner was jason dufner... >> there seems to be some activity going on at this hour ... the art institute... that is
9:57 pm
where the first lady is hosting a dinner. the rain has stopped now >> we had a few minutes of chaos just moments ago there were. circling a young man who they claimed was an undercover police officer. there were police approaching the crowd. i cannot see what was happening but for now raising some of the protesters took off running. it looks like these protesters here are circling this the young man who they claim is an undercover police officer. we
9:58 pm
are still gathered here at the art institute. a little bit confusion going on right now. up until then this leg of the protest had been peaceful. they were trying to send a message to the first lady. right now we have several protesters. different groups of protesters. not clear on what is going to
9:59 pm
happen next. no clear leadership. they have this one young man centered and circling him. >> how do know he is day undercover cop?a undercover cop?... chanting traderitor... you have to think that they probably do have people under cover... lenthe protesters all gathered around one young man...


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