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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  May 25, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm CDT

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medical care. >> wgn news @ 9 day long hostage standoff ends with the gunman dead in be an office building surrounding the place before the gunmen killed the captives who killed himself. top story around the country 10 hostages in valparaiso talking to one of them tonight >> good evening police say the gunman was a great somebody who worked at this office building owed him the money is standoff lasted seven hours ending with him taking his own life hostages. >> enjoying start of holiday weekend with family and friends
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feeling lucky she and 10 co- workers were not injured. man walked into the office yelling at the employee's >> i ran out there marketing manager a laying on the floor by the desk and to this guy was standing there all angry >> the man pulled out a gun. shortly later gunshot >> could have easily fired at me through the door. when i heard the gunshot it did not know >> more gunshots police say suspect exchanged gunfire with officers nobody injured swat team on the seed officers from
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several agencies assisted including indiana state police and the fbi negotiators in constant communication. throughout the afternoon but the hostages go one or two at a time. assistant office next door we do not think he was even there went under the desk for six hours >> all of the hostages out of the building swat team fired to flash bangs into the building five seconds apart. when they entered suspect shot himself twice in the head. >> please to none of the hostages have been harmed as far as information history of the suspect is still gathering ongoing investigation. police
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not releasing much information they believe out of state died from self-inflicted gunshot wounds to the head. 79 year-old man boarded amtrak train in texas not on the train when it got to chicago authorities are looking more details live tonight. >> his family and police trying to figure out what happened 79 years old take a look at this picture 5 ft. six and 150 lbs. thick curly gray hair much of his liglife living in chicago currently san antonio tx on a train last week and police believe the surveillance video and witnesses went missing
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somewhere between arkansas and st. louis supposed to get to chicago union station sunday afternoon back with medication made it to chicago his son came to pick it up he was nowhere to be found family says and not to diagnosed with dementia but showing signs of old age and they are desperate for answers. >> holding out hope preparing for the worst >> amtrak police working with local police departments of law to the trade route of this investigation anyone with information contact authorities. chicago police asking the public toward nato protester damaged a police band committed act of criminal damage your tires of
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police band 300 block of west jackson describe the offender in his 20s with brown hair wearing black clothing another protester complained of injuries taken to hospital turned out not injured officer driving suffered a contusion tragedy along the lakefront first weekend of summer teenager drowns swimming off of beach north side father says dream lexie adu of becoming a doctor. divers found the body of oil a park beach swimming with two girlfriends ran into choppy water the others were rescued went under and disappeared. clock ticking in springfield lawmakers may 31st deadline but legislation in clinical hot-button issue of
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pension reform. retirement age will not be raised automatic cost of living increases if they want to stay on the state health insurance plan a little in- house $1 cigarette pack tax to help fund the medicaid $1.6 billion in cuts bill passed now moves to the senate democrats concept in recent years supported expected to generate $350 million joining us with the action chicago tribune political reporter rick pearson joining us via skype >> busy day in springfield the issue of unfunded liabilities right now lawmakers waiting for them to agree. batt but talked
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earlier incredibly long day for you everything on the table they will be back on monday house meeting tomorrow considering major cuts in medicaid could the cigarette tax makeup? >> creve $0.7 billion in cuts to medicate largest in any state in the country $1.6 million in cuts cigarette tax and other tax on tobacco will raise roughly $700 million when you throw in federal money another
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$100,000,000.20 $0.4 billion total to save of further cuts also education and other social service. new revenue cutting and a deeper batna really getting to the point of medicaid almost becoming a bareboned number of people eligible reduced dramatically. cigarette tax but not necessarily politically popular in springfield does not affect everyone >> all of your information chicago tribune thank you. united states attorney patrick carol stepping down name is somebody to replace an interim basis democratic senator dick
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durbin will later recommend a permanent successor he will not reveal who was recommended as far as permanent successor to patrick fitzgerald said he and republican senator mark kirk consulting with a number of people who that person should be permanent successor not expected to happen until november presidential election. cold case could be one step closer to being solved suspect charged with murder 33 years to the day. bad boys disappearance. proposed cuts top choices. fight between city and police department over time during the nato summit and if you have not already cranked up the air conditioner this weekend tom skilling says going to be a scorcher.
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now at kmart. neilwgn news @ 9 suspect charged second-degree murder one of new york city most notorious child killings 33 year old cold case pedro hernandez formally charged with killing etan patz, pedro hernandez under
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suicide watch new york hospital. pedro hernandez told police may 25th 1979 he lured 6 year-old into a manhattan store choked him and threw his body and the trash and they believe the confession is credible. >> the fact he told the story to others in the past. and the specificity of what he said in a confession >> six year old were etan patz of the first missing children to have his picture on milk cartons may 25th now known as national missing children's day. sixth day the jury in john edwards trial deliberated could not release a decision federal judge giving the panel holiday weekend off coming back tuesday to continue deliberations 58 year-old 2008 presidential candidate charged with scheming
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to hide his affair with videographer rielle hunter prosecutors allege he did so at tab to say if unsuccessful presidential bid from scandal while still married to his wife elisabeth who died in 2010. chicago police looking for more money chicago police officers assigned to the day to a summit. over what the union says a refusal to pay time and half officers sixth or seventh straight day. union says it written contract officers entitled to the extra money city refusing to allow officers option of taking time off instead of cash so far no response from city hall. local family shares the devastating impact medicaid cuts. and and medicaid medical watch bears quarterback jay cutler to help
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kids tackle a tough opponent diabetes.
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wgn news @ 9 lawmakers illinois house have approved another $1 cigarette tax hike to generate money health care coverage. action today it one day after approving $1.5 billion cups of medicaid services cigarette tax increase moves to the senate and cuts into medicaid a lot of people in illinois on edge. four
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year-old uses sign language letty yongung its math and anything educational smart mops to draw funny and loving but because of a rare muscle disorder letty not talk or sit up on her own. uses a ventilator to breathe and it needs a nurse 24 hours a day besides her parents. myra young takes care of per daughter during the day while seven year-old son at school and husband at work teaching riding lessons on the weekend for extra money all of the money put into keeping letty trouble at home depleted their savings living paycheck to paycheck and the lives may drastically change if the governor signs medicaid bill on his desk >> going to cost the state five times what they pay now
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>> new provisions would have to pay 5 percent of income to go towards home nursing care cost of the state $16,000 each month if they cannot pay letty would have to live in hospital costing the state $55,000 this month does not make fiscal sense more importantly spares them to death >> a big fear. not just our family biggest fear a lot of people. yes the last thing that we want we love her so blessed to have her. >> the same fear running through 500 other families children with rare disorders at the mercy of the state running out of time. >> we want to do the best we can do to her. >> might be able to walk one day
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and get off the ventilator want to see her reach her full potential at home not in a hospital room. >> i am hopeful. i do not know how we can continue on. >> north side wgn news. >> more in depth go to their website judge in the drew peterson case annoyed by emergency motion filed by state attorney question that curtailment of emails said between all parties involved. a ternate looking to limit the emails to many of fire around at all hours judge offended the might be implying judge emails inappropriate since the judge like to communicate with lawyers. >> never for a moment of magic
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the judge did anything improper none of the response is inappropriate always maintained decorum which he does in all cases >> never expected anybody to look at the emails thought it would look in the morning when they came. >> they agreed emails regarding the case with only be set between 8:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.. coming up chicago bears quarterback with advice to kids at risk of developing diabetes. also family payton dog saves the day heroic hound rescued a mom and two kids from fire and the suburbs. ready for the summer? tom skilling forecast.
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tonight's medical watch winning the match up against diabetes chicago quarterback jay cutler visiting kids with the disease game plan educate and help others beat the to difficult opponent >> from the sideline he looks on encouraging students prospective charter school undergoing blood sugar testing. jay cutler knows this drill diagnosed age 25 with type one diabetes hereditary form of diabetes spent the last four years calling the shots that control his disease
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including insulin injections and altered diet. that's about daily grind of daily process of good days and bad days >> already won a kid high risk >> community health care organizations rallying student answered medical history questions weight and height measurements possible indicators type 2 diabetes linked to excess weight and poor diet >> screened for body mass index danger level tested for glucose high risk children counseling cared for at university of illinois hospital >> be an african american and one risk factor and obesity another. above the 85th percentile body mass index at risk for diabetes so far we have had 80 percent in that category. >> the statistics are alarming
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that is why a jay cutler is here >> education most powerful tool. what to eat and what not to eat diabetes do not wish on anybody if you do get this does not have to hold you back at all. >> good fork. jay cutler scattered storms this weekend to giving way to record heat tom skilling telling us just how hot it will get on sunday. wells said mic
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chicago city beaches back open for the season in time for memorial day weekend swim season runs through september 3rd allowed at 24 public beaches lifeguards on duty of 11:00 a.m.-7:00 p.m. warrant for those looking to take a dip into the water >> be careful to remember the water is still pretty chilly 62- 63 degrees >> bacteria counts if they've reached dangerous levels will continue posting warnings at beaches to notify swimmers of e.coli counts others up to individuals to decide whether or not want to go into the water this memorial day to go into the water >> very cool 64 degrees one of
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the warmer memorial day water temperatures starting to look like breaking 100 year old record 90 degree high but memorial day monday hottest you have ever seen. 94 degrees on monday. interest in mcleod circulation frontier airline pilot east of florida circulation might spend up into tropical cyclone tropical storm over the beat and over the atlantic. back to the east coast hurricane forecasters warning people carolinas and florida to be up to date on the weather. might play a role in building up the dome of warm air we have coming. cloud formation tonight threatening looking clouds in the area of producing great showers. chicago botanic gardens
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by the way we do world environment program one of the world authorities on climate change next saturday we hope you can join us talking about that next week next saturday at the beautiful botanic gardens. talking to the environment climate change all types of things fascinating time lapse lakeshore drive from hancock building have the clout into the area couple of stray showers in with this system bigger storms are roaming the area at from time to time before the heat blasts before a warm front southern suburbs tomorrow night sunday and monday clouds with the weather system system to the west. explosion each one is a cluster of thunderstorms. jet stream across the area cooling
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off during the afternoon to 14 degrees below 24 hours ago started at 83 degrees this morning just after midnight. cooler on the lakefront easterly wind forecast low brisket and easterly into tomorrow. warm front and northward just about up to the southern suburbs. pushing the warm air to the beaches blast furnace pipy. lakefront temperatures cooling off soldier field and the british school and so forth. lake: taking hold into tomorrow big a thermal boundary lake and the day far southern suburbs. low seventies on the lake. well
9:33 pm
not rain all day. you can see at lincoln park 92 degree st. louis 101 degrees today dodge city cool air setting up the boundaries storm spinning up right about their cool air producing snow fall on the mountaintops we have warm air at this hour it st. louis at 86 degrees. like 10 degrees 38 percent water temperature 64 degrees tree pollen low here is the estimated it rainfall across the area you can see rainfall tomorrow forecast. downburst
9:34 pm
downpours from time to time with many dry hours in between. heaviest showers eastern iowa others over the lake in wisconsin tonight how tall they are others parts of kansas up to 60,000 ft. clusters of the big gap between them does not rain continuously storms into the area next couple of days until we get into the hot air on sunday turning to the ran off. forecast rain falls situation overnight. big cluster into the area at towards morning. breaking and more for me in the afternoon these things come through on occasion. saturday dodging showers breaking a record averaging 14 degrees above normal the next couple of days tropical system storms
9:35 pm
along the jet stream said air up sinking and compressing and the center of the country producing big bill materre stay tuned for the update temperatures here how they will change over the weekend the difference between night and day along the lakefront tomorrow and sunday and monday scorchers and late monday storm outbreak in this area cold front brings an end to the hot spell tonight thickening clouds scattered clusters towards morning low temperature 59 degrees. tomorrow cloudy spell scenic sunshine gusty downpours at times. drivers in between big spread in temperatures 93 degrees to joliet valparaiso. here in the city in between up to perhaps 86
9:36 pm
degrees late in the day 70's at the shore. tomorrow temperatures warmer rising northward across the area and did lake. mostly sunny record-breaking day sunday 97 degrees high- temperature if that happens highest temperature ever so early in the season in chicago 23 degrees above normal one of the hotter temperatures ever recorded in may statehood temperatures on that form in a moment for the forecast. thank you >> coming up man's best friend lives up to his name house suburban family escaped house fire four legged friend to thank you. and the new men in black iii movie of living up to the hype? dean richards reviews. coming up.
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enforcement click it or ticket seat belt laws. gasoline prices down this weekend ceremony lake county college to launch a memorial day weekend at the fifth year of memorial day activities ceremony on grayslake campus staff from the chaplain - color guard naval air station color and the drill team ceremony included memorial speeches patriotic readings and the singing of the national anthem. license plates extra $2 a year if illinois lawmakers get their way bill to boost license fee is $99 to $101 extra revenue some for operations the rest for maintenance. southwest suburban plainfield mother and two children escaped tragedy when their home caught fire thinking payton the yellow labrador retriever in there somewhere flames erupted shortly before midnight 16,000 block of
9:41 pm
south river road fire crews found heavy fire basement at the back of the home wind blowing the flames into the house payton barking woke the family who escaped >> the homeowner woke up by their dog got them out of the house. the back of the house a heavy wind right into the structure >> damage to the president's estimated between 350,000 and $400,000. good dog. another one wilma clip labrador crowned as the new face of pack registration by chicago city clerk dog program citywide contest in which bore the 2000 people voted on by. contest effort to get more chicago dog owners to register their pets. city clerk said when dogs are registered the city can't verify vaccinated for rabies safer conditions for everybody
9:42 pm
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ngredequieter than usual memorial
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day weekend dean richards reviews men in black iii >> 25 years from now you will recruit me >> it has been 10 years cents will smith tommy lee jones of those black suits hop sci-fi hard for extraterrestrials some things better left as memory classic third film, very little new phone and time travel injected into the story agent j will smith back in time to stop notorious killer from another world out to kill his partner agent k 25 years ago he meets in
9:46 pm
the gun k saving grace of the movie so josh brolin boot and dq misdemeanor of tommy lee jones but added that the into the previously one-dimensional character. special effects and monsters you have seen this before the movie just average. dean's list c + also opening nuclear zombie offering chernobyl entire research group of young the thrill seekers venturing into what was thought to be abandoned former home of the soviet radioactive disaster relief descriptions silly shallow exploitive and the garbage current and past reduce a lot with interviews. all on the web page send reviews to phone text dean
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to 97999 hope you have a great weekend. >> going to be a steamy weekend to tom skilling? >> could get ourself record- breaking temperatures before this week is over looking at the weather maps for tomorrow. expecting in the warm front to be developing and the southern midwest. clusters of thunderstorms from time to time any one of them gusty winds and heavy grain producers until sunday when he comes with such force towards the atmosphere creates a cap which means the atmosphere and water rainfall producing note just hot lots of sunshine keeping everything up heat advisory downstate indiana tornado and thunderstorm watches. heat index tomorrow far
9:48 pm
north as indianapolis and peoria. 590 degree temperatures this might be the hottest on record for indianapolis 500. heat index well into the '90s as you can see right there temperatures down here ground level just thermometer readings but at the range across the area nearly 90 @ ohr route late in the day but '70s on to the crowd here comes the 90s during the day on sunday we even can look at memorial day. nineties at that time with big storms late in the day severe weather sunday could come into this area of lake in the day monday here is the seven day forecast. you will like what to see back end of the forecast. temperatures
9:49 pm
falling to the '70s wednesday thursday and friday. warmest memorial day only to other in 93 degree memorial days and there were some time ago the warmest on record. how about that could be a couple of records this weekend. another hot air dom well-developed back again may be just the way this summer will be hot spells broken out by grief and rainfall. >> have a good weekend. happy holiday. after nine straight losses chicago cubs right the ship against the pirates highlights from pittsburgh coming up and n.c.a.a. it lacrosse dynasty get a chance at another title sports next.
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lookin' good, flo! feelin' good! feelin' real good! [ engine revs ] boat protection people love. now, that's progressive. call or click today. good year >> opening day at texas. sounds great to say the white sox battle for first place weekend's series against cleveland indians jose quintana ed and call against the tribe in
9:53 pm
getting the call jose quintana strong innings and the home run bats booming and this one first inning adam dunn center field over the wall to run home run to make it 2-1 adam dunn has 15 home runs. add more on a ball this one a.j. pierzynski home run 5 home runs and three more tonight 3-1. add in the six they put the game away bases loaded for de aza white sox had a 6-2 lead in out 9-2 white sox in the eighth inning. and jake peavy getting the call tomorrow game 2 of the series jake peavy great year 5-1 with a 2.39 era instant replay wgn, off two injury plagued seasons had serious doubts about his career >> it has been so refreshing i
9:54 pm
feel blessed to be able to go and compete. not worry about health issues and did not know if that will ever be the case again for me >> chicago cubs how low can they go? ryan dempster the hell in pittsburgh to runs a damn continues the drought not scoring single runs news intend to get in a row ryan dempster still looking for first victory made one mistake in the second inning base hit score 1-0. close play at the plate. ryan dempster per the rest of the way. chicago cubs bats putrid all night trailing 1-david dejesus called third strike runners on first and third with just one out and starlin castro goes for a slider on the outside chicago cubs lose 16 games
9:55 pm
under 500. at the n.c.a.a. across semifinals north western maryland back-to-back pitcher gerald scores. game tied at 6 nice feed to score late in the second half. robbs to of colonial classic once again jason dufner top of the big board and the fifth hole and dropping in from a birdie on the fringe going for his third victory leads by two shots comes from ben crane night toll from the fair way. into the cup for the eagle but jason dufner lead by two after 36 holes. hockey the devils defeated the rangers in overtime facing the los angeles kings in the finals. and finally check out john huston senior tour. sophisticated golfers cannot get a great
9:56 pm
veteran guy walking away keeps the ball into the water like the rest of us. have to keep your cool.
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