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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  May 27, 2012 9:00pm-9:40pm CDT

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brings the thousands to the waterfront >> but it was not all fun this sunday the heat combined with a fire on chicago's north side said more than a dozen to a hospital >> >> good evening, i'm robert jordan >> and i'm jackie bange >> the national weather service said over 200 locations had high temperatures this afternoon... 99 degrees... one of 14 locations with temperatures that
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warms... 46 locations had 98 degrees... we have lost some of that heat at the moment... >> gaynor hall out in the heat ... >> for the second year and a rope trouble here during memorial day weekend...
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happening just in the last hour. witnesses tell us a large fight broke out on the beach. several cars full of police officers arrived quickly. they tried to get a crowd of young people to disburse.leave. >> of a sudden we started to see a lot of people, and a huge crowd. two people started writing and then the crowd just got bigger >> we have not heard from police whether any of rest have been madearrests have been made >> hottest day of the year
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>> it cannot be thiyou can not beat this >> i love it... for the rest of the summer >> everybody came to the beach with their coolers and firing up their grills for some sizzling summertime fun >> 90 degree weather you cannot go wrong with that >> and for the too hot... >> lake michigan will do >> their family brought their two little ones celebrating the holiday weekend with a little family time at the beach >> i think it is fantastic. just
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a great weekend >> things have cleared up here considerably. police did move in to break up a fight tonight. we will continue to track this >> the extreme heat made a tough job even tougher for firefighters battling a big apartment fire. 15 people were hospitalized including six firefighters. it could've been worse but neighbors pitched in >> the drama unfolded just
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before 11:00 a.m. when some of the residents smelled smoke while others open their doors to see flames >> it is scary to wake up to this >> firefighters had a difficult challenge. hoisting 300 lb clatters against the building and climbing up to five floors in heavy suits with temperatures peaking in the '90s >> 6 of the 15 injured were firefighters >> exhaustionpaulheat exhaustion >> they put out the blaze within an hour and rescued trapped residents
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>> neighbors helped also >> the most dramatic rescue... >> i heard help help! >> the cries for help came from a couple in their five children who were trapped... >> i am happy we made it out alive. i'm very proud of everybody who helped me >> it is a community helping one another >> in addition to the six firefighters one police officer and eat residents resent to hospitals. two were described in serious condition. the cause of the fire is unknown at this time >> it was a violent night across
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the city. starting late saturday afternoon into early sunday morning 25 people were shot. a 19 year-old ian two other young men were hit just after 2:00 a.m. outside a bar. he died later at the hospital. the other two men were brought to the hospital insurance stable condition. two other people were shot in the same in area within 20 minutes of the first incident. police are investigating the possibility that the to the events were related >> 4 people were injured and three of them seriously in a crash that involved several cars in and day cta bus >> a ban that was involved in the crash ended up colliding with a building. none of the injuries were on board the bus. it is not clear if they were in the van or the other cars.
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police are still working to determine what caused the crash >> authorities in colorado believe they've found the remains of the chicago hiker who went missing in october of 2010. a camper found an abandoned campsite friday in the white river national forest. police hiked to the location and found what they think are remains of jeans and nelson. his fiancee reported him missing after he failed to return from a 5 day 25 mi. hike. a notebook found at the campsite shows he may have been suffering from altitude sickness at the time of his disappearance >> the 2 wheelers took over lake shore drive this morning >> also special honor for korean war veterans this memorial day weekend >> and the later an early start to the tropical weather season as beryl takes aim at florida...
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auto-bliss. with rent2buy from hertz car sales you skip the lots... and pushy sales people... it's a fast, easy way to buy a used car. three days to try. zero pressure to buy. it's just another way you'll be traveling at the speed of hertz. cyclists enjoy eight rare treat as the rally short drive all to themselves no cars allowed >>bike the drive kicked off at 530 this morning >> there something inspirational about taking a bike ride
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>> there is no other time during the year that lakeshore drive is shut down.. >>. it feels good to not see all of that traffic for once >> very peaceful... >> he had his son as a tour guide >> 30 mi. of beautiful chicago lakefront >> it was fun >> kids also pedaled as well >> i like to try to beat my time
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every year... >> the lines were long... >>fog masks... >> whenever you decided t hatever you decided to eat... it was a great way to start sunday >> chicago area veterans of the korean war are being honored this memorial day weekend. a ceremony was held this afternoon to honor veterans who served in the war 60 years ago.
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but commemoration included wreath laying and be as it provided by the 85th illinois national guard band. among those taking part in today's ceremony were representatives of the department of defense the south korean consulate in and local dignitaries >> at which from around the world in response to an apparent syrian attack on its own people >> and parts of the florida coast are bracing for an early arrival of tropical whether
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÷ explosion leveled their wisconsin home. it happened yesterday in milwaukee. the explosion shook nearby homes and even knocked pictures off the walls. a neighbor a passer-by and two other people suffered injuries while helping the victims out. two police officers were treated for smoke inhalation in dig firefighter for heat exhaustiona firefighter for heat exhaustion >> because of the blast has not been determined. neighbors have been allowed to return to their homes except for residents in three houses that suffered severe fire damage >> members of chicago's and
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syrian community gathered today to demonstrate against violence in their homeland >> today's rally was held to protest a massacre in syria. where more than 100 people many of them children were killed last friday. rebel leaders in syria are seeking an end to the 42 year rule of the assad family. united nations officials say more than 9000 people mostly civilians have died in tens of thousands have been operated since the uprising began in march of last year >> as families held funerals this week and for those killed the united nations security council condemned the massacre today with members casting blame on government forces for the deaths. a leader of the rebel freeze syrian army called for retaliatory attacks. government officials denied it was behind the killings and accuse world leaders of conspiring against
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it. the head of the un supervision mission in serious says weber is associated with the massacre should be held responsible >> another anti serial protest was held today outside the white house. demonstrators called signs showing their anger at president of syria and chanted frites syria >> defense secretary is urging congress to unite and avoid budget cuts that would slash defense spending by almost eight trillion dollars over a decade >> they have a responsibility of coming together and find the money necessary >> he was responding to a senate majority leader who indicated democrats would rather allow the cuts to happen and then give in to republican demands for more domestic spending reductions
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>> tropical storms beryl picked up strength and speed as it moved closer to land. just yesterday florida beaches were full of people enjoying the sun and surf. today the beaches were near empty as storm warning flags kept most people out of the water. wind speeds of up to 70 mi. per hour and waves as high as 10 ft. are expected as the storm makes landfall tonight. jacksonville mayor warned residents in memorial day weekend visitors to be prepared >> i wanna make sure it does about safety... >> after making landfall in florida is expected to swing west and northwest up through georgia and the carolinas before heading back out into the atlantic >> your live illinois lottery
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in credible weather... >> dew pt a little lower. it was hot. smashing the previous record. we had no clouds to protect us. it weather pattern
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that will hold its place through tomorrow. then possible bid at thunderstorms tomorrow nightg thunderstorms tomorrow night. then we may cool off. currently in the high 80s. wind speeds at about 5 mi. per hour. the cold air will come in midweek. by
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next weekend we will be warm again. the storms we are expecting... these are erecting to our wesupting to our west... snow in western montana. tropical storm of berylberyl near florida... these are severe thunderstorm warnings that are in effect to our west. a winter storm warning... for
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montana. tonight skies will stay clear. 72 degrees in the morning. sunshine tomorrow and then clouds. tomorrow night look for big and thunderstormsthunderstorms. tuesday morning clouds and afternoon sunshine. 7 day forecast... >> a symbol of american engineering and architecture is
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celebrating a big anniversary >> next why people are flocking to the san francisco bay area this weekend... ♪
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1937. since then more than 2 billion vehicles have crossed the 1.7 mi. span. tens of thousands of people are expected to flock to san francisco's waterfront this holiday weekend for a festival featuring art exhibits film screenings in music commemorating the golden gate bridge. the celebration will culminate with a big fireworks display >> lady gaga will not take the stage in indonesia after rome. she canceled a sold-out concert in june due to security concerns. conservative muslims protest to the upcoming concert saying her costumes are revealing and they are forbidden by islamic law. there is concern if the concert is held the singer kurt her crew and attendees could be in danger.
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data appeared to a knowledge this incident on twitter posting there is nothing holy about hatred >> and alien action comedy knocks a super hero team out of first place at the box office this memorial day weekend >> men in black 3 reunites will smith and tommy lee jones as secret agents to keep order among aliens on earth. it is a holiday weekend so final figures will not be out until tomorrow but it is already
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so we hit boston in the spring-- even caught a game. and with the money we saved, we took a trip to san francisco. you see, hotwire checks the competitions' rates every day so they can guarantee their low prices. so, where to next? how about there? ♪ h-o-t-w-i-r-e... ♪ ♪ ♪ played a classical music snob >> today he showed his real-life musical talents to a packed audience at symphony center >> he was both host and performer for the chicago symphony orchestra as a piano day. it was a day of free recitals piano lessons and lectures. the grand finale was
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an all star >> good evening, i'm robert jordan >> and i'm jackie bange event >> that is the news for this sunday night... >> instant have you ever partaken in a car insurance taste test before? by taste? yes,
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