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tv   WGN Midday News  CW  June 7, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm CDT

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sexually assaulting two young special education students... their parents have filed a lawsuit. good afternoon. i am steve sanders. and i'm dina bair. we welcome
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our viewers who are watching us around the country on wgn america and on the web. wgn's tonya franciso is live in the loop with our top story: dcfs was called in after a mother's suspicions that her special needs children were being sexually abused ... one of the three year-old twin girls was blamed by the bus driver ... >> these dreams were taken away ... >>the sexual abuse began in 2011 and lasted until this year the girls were three years old at the time attending special- education class's in willowbrook the lawsuit alleges that the bus driver rearranged his route to drop off the other children first said that he could be alone with the twins
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before dropping them off at home the family attorney said that the driver during interviews with the dcfs admitted to removing the girls from their car seats ... >>the role he violated constantly was touching the children he would take them out of their seats and their seat belts giving them treats to lure them we know that every regulation that was in place by that school bus company was being broken by this bus driver because nobody could monitor him >>the contract was with grand prairie transit to transport these children according to the attorney there was no aid on the bus and no requirement for gps tracking or cameras on board ... illinois leads needs legislation for electronic monitoring on the school buses especially those used to transport special needs
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students the bus trip is not been criminally charged in the case ... and order of protection is in effect so the bus driver cannot have contact with the family until 2014 that driver was fired from his job as a school bus driver ... we contacted grand prairie transit as well as the elementary school in willowbrook but nobody commented on that lawsuit ... the attorney tells us that he is seeking half million dollars in damages at least for this family and hopes changes to the laws here in illinois will be made ... we're getting a public preview of some controversial hearsay evidence that will be presented at drew peterson's upcoming murder trial. peterson is charged with killing his third wife kathleeen savio. savio's lawyer, harry smith told a court hearing yesterday she once told him she was afraid peterson would kill her and try
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to profit from her death. peterson's lawyers say smith violated his attorney-client privilege by coming forward. smith says there is a lot more information he has not revealed because it would violate that privilege. one of the protesters arrested for allegedly throwing a frying pan at a chicago police officer's head... faces a judge today. wgn's nancy loo has details on the arrests from 26th and california. >>30 year-old gary waggeman is in court and faces aggravated battery charges ... according to
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police he threw a frying pan at an officer on a bicycle hitting that officer in had fortunately the officer wore a helmet ... this incident touched off a skirmish between protesters and police at the height of the evening rush-hour last night on the magnificent mile at ohio ... several arrests were made in five officers were injured in the melee ... 11 of those arrested were released from the police district station at 11th and state this morning several claim that their arrest was unjustified and question the police is claim of the violence >>all of the violence yesterday was initiated by police to protesters ... i saw the police beating up on protesters marching in solidarity with those people in
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quebec >>they were marching in solidarity with occupy quebec which is protesting tuition hikes and that canadian province a felony count of aggravated battery is leveled against the perpetrator the city council agreed to pay more than 12 million dollars to settle lawsuits over an anti-war protest nine years ago. the agreement ends two federal class-action lawsuits by 900 opponents of the war in iraq. the city agreed to let them march on lake shore drive without a permit in march of 2003. but then, police officers arrested and detained them. charges against those people were later dropped. metra says the recent nato summit in chicago cost the commuter rail system hundreds of thousands of dollars. metra says it lost about 400 - thousand dollars in revenue when many riders stayed home during the two-day summit at mccormick place. it also ran up about 600 - thousand in additional operating expenses.. most of it for
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security. metra expects to be reimbursed about 200 -thousand dollars from the federal government.. that puts the net loss at 800 - thousand. the south shore line serving northwest indiana, also expects a loss of about 100 -thousand dollars. chicago is the first u-s city to ban minors from tanning salons. the city council has passed a bill that prohibits anyone younger than 18-years-old from using tanning beds, even with permission from a parent. violators could be fined between one-hundred and two hundred and fifty-dollars. the rule will go into effect in the next few weeks. aldermen say the measure is designed to protect children from skin cancer. the ban will not apply to spray- tans. meantime, alderman have approved an amendment that will legalize outdoor food stands. vendors will be able to sell whole fruits and vegetables from movable stands. an unlimited number of merchant licenses will be available. applicants can receive a license by the end of the week. the stands will be able to operate on private property, and 30 designated locations in
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public areas. the amended ordinance says vendors must do at least half their business in neighborhoods underserved by grocery stores. coming up next: an amazing rescue a toddler falls and his left hanging from a balcony until an neighbor comes to his aid ... and a development in a massachusetts texting while driving case ... and tsunami beach
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floor balcony and it was all caught on video at the top left of your screen you can see the little boy hanging from a balcony in china. he is kicking he is screaming in trying to get to safety it appears he slipped through the railing but was saved character his head was too big to fit through the bars as a crowd gathers below a neighbor here's his screaming and tries to push him back derailing finally the child pulls himself to safety it is not clear where his parents were during this
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ordeal ... >>is a teenager from massachusetts will spend up to four years in prison for causing a deadly car crash while texting. he lost control of his car last year and crashed head- on into another vehicle for killing another driver texting while driving is illegal in 38 states but this man is believed to be the first person convicted of a homicide that resulted from distracted driving >>the hardest thing i've ever had to do was watch it my brother take his last breath ... >>there are people slavs who were ruined by this >>once he is out of prison his driver's license will remain suspended for 15 years ... >>the jury for the jerry sandusky sex abuse case is set. seven women five men were chosen after two days of selections wrapped up yesterday with an
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half of these jurors have ties to penn state university where jerry sandusky was an assistant football coach. he is charged with sexually abusing 10 boys over 15 year time span jerry sandusky pleaded not guilty to those charges opening statements will begin monday >>"siri" and opposition activists are accusing forces loyal to the president meeting another massacre the anti- government activists claim at least 78 people including children were killed today in the province of hama ... the syrian observatory for human rights is asking united nations monitors to investigate the allegations in the meantime the un special envoy will brief the security council on his peace plan today it has been mostly ignored by both sides defense secretary leon panetta arrives in afghanistan one day
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after a deadly suicide bombing in kantar. at a news conference he said it's essential that pakistan stop letting terrorists cross the border into afghanistan yesterday's twins suicide bombing killed 22 people and injured 50 others the united states also says that one of its armed helicopters were shot down by enemy fire killing two crew members aboard leon panetta said pakistan let's haqqani network terrorists who are allied with all kite use its borders as a safety net the fbi is probing possible white house leaks about u.s. security cyber warfare program against iran ... that development follows charges of gross irresponsibility between the obama administration and republican senator john mccain of arizona congressional intelligence chiefs also express concern about those leaks john mccain alleges that the leaks
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were politically motivated to boost president obama's prestige ahead of his reelection bid white house press secretary jay carney denies the charges facing any suggestion that this administration has authorized intentional leak of classified information for political gain is grossly irresponsible >>an enormous stock float trips all the way from japan to oregon a 5,000 mi. journey if you take a look the stock float washed ashore in newport oregon on tuesday it is massive 66 ft. long 19 ft. wide and 7 ft. tall a tsunami washed it away from japan more than one year ago scientists are worried they say there are all kinds of organisms living on that dog flow and they could spread and threaten other habitats it seems that the great wall of china is greater than estimated originally thought to be about5000
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new york stock exchange ... the fed chairman testified on capitol hill today about the european global crisis ... freddie mac says the average rate for 30 moreyear mortgage has dropped ... teen year mortgage rates are at a record low of 2.9% ... low rates are good news as long as people have jobs ... we are seeing green arrows across the board in trading here today ... china is cutting interest rates for the first time since 2008 ... this could help boost growth there ... there's a birth control recall ... novartis generic drug
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division sandoz is recalling packages distributed between january and may of 2012 ... the professional neck worknetwork web site linkedin an online dating service e harmony said that some user passwords have been stolen 8 million encrypted passwords were published on underground firms by a hacker asking for help to unscramble the e harmony said the affected users will be sent an e-mail with instructions to reset their passwords officials for lincoln believed hackers may still have access to its system and users may need to reset passwords more than once
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country music's best were honored in nashville last night terry underwood took home the night's big prize at the sea empty awards for video of the year for her song " good girl " she also won for collaboration with brad paisley and miranda lambert won best female video honors ... lady antebellum for best group elvis presley may return to the stage soon even though he has been dead for 33 years digital domain media group said its working on an elvis hologram much like the tupac shakur hologram it debuted two months ago in california there is no word yet on when the new virtual elvis will give its first performance coming up a federal bussed breaks up a large cocaine ring in chicago and several suburbs and later building a dna blueprint while still in the woman and a risk free genetic test that could one day be available to would-be parents we
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have live music this midday from jon mclaughlin his new album is " promises promises " and that's out now
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19 suspects from chicago and several suburbs are accused of taking part in two drug trafficking rings. the charges were announced today at chicago police headquarters. that's where wgn's randi belisomo joins us live. randi? together with the dea the chicago police has 4 kilos of crack cocaine with a street value of half million dollars and has arrested 19 people with key roles in narcotics rings operating here in the city of chicago ... the agency's executive executed multiple search warrants yesterday in chicago calumet city crete and elmhurst ... they're recovered more than $100,000 in cash six vehicles and 10 weapons ... all defendants have been charged with offenses related to drug trafficking ... filed in district court here ... the defendants are responsible for substantial mcartor trafficking
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and that these arrests are part of a wider effort to dismantle street gangs by eliminating the street markets the quality of life for city residents he believes will improve >>we're seeing nationally response addressing narcotics markets we are seeing an action taking at the mid-level dealers right down to the street level and the midlevel dealers up to the cartel's themselves >>in virtually every corner of the city the g-8 agents operated in concert with chicago police to work around the clock every day of the week sometimes in the shadow but always in a very dangerous environment to put these cases together >>the police department and the dea report larger investigations we will be hearing about in the next two months >> former president bill clinton is here in chicago to preside over
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the clinton global initiative meeting being held at the sheridan ... public-private sector conversations are the goal to help solve employment issues and economic recovery solutions ... among the topics clean energy growing small business and speeding up the housing recovery still no progress, on fixing illinois' public employee pension system. governor quinn and legislative leaders met for more than two hours yesterday. house speaker mike madigan wants local school districts to start paying their own teachers' pension costs. republican leaders say local taxed enough. we won have responsibility in developing these pensions and and >>we need some give-and-take we have come up with solutions and the accountability side ... to take the my way or the highway
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approach i believe is unacceptable the state's unfunded pension obligation is more than 80 billion dollars. if politicians don't find a solution, the state's credit rating may be lowered again. the governor and legislative leaders will meet again in a couple of weeks. the former inspector general of country club hills is charged with using a state grant... to pay a mortgage. ronald evans, junior and his wife are accused of using a "one and a quarter" million dollar job-training grant... to pay the mortgage on a movie theater they owned. his spouse, regina evans once served as the suburb's police chief, and won the grant in 2009. she was indicted in april, and pleaded not guilty to the charges. a fifth employee is filing a lawsuit... claiming he's entitled to a share of the winnings from a one-hundred-18 million dollar mega millions jackpot. chris tzinis says he's been part of a lottery pool for "pita pan bakery" employees since last december. tzinis says the last time he contributed to the pool was march 30th... and did *not* pitch in money for the winning drawing on may fourth. however, employees routinely used small winnings from previous pools to buy future tickets... and tzinis says that
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entitles him to a share of any prize money. four other employees have filed similar lawsuits. stay with us - jim ramsey is next with the full forecast.
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it's another great day out there >>it is warmer today that has been all week we have a bit of a lake breeze ... and more is expected to develop ... right now it's 78 degrees we should make it into the low 80s today that's in large measure to the bright sunshine and miss
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sunshine is intense we have no vision of clouds and the sky ... by sunday we should make it into the low 90s across the metropolitan area ... the lake breeze will make the air temperature feel cooler along chicago's lakefront we think showers or thunderstorms could be developing across the area monday into tuesday ... across chicago into northwestern indiana the temperatures are mild today it's a gorgeous day out there with not much wind and relatively herlow humidity ... it is still cool in terms of
12:33 pm
water temperature and light michigan we see cold air coming in behind the thunderstorms earlier in the week that should reach us by wednesday that will drop the temperatures substantially when that arrives it's a short burst of cool air to be filfollowed by another warm-up another summer time weekend next week ... today it's a great morning to enjoy the sunshine we do have a forecast model that tries to introduce a share late friday night into saturday up in mchenry county ...
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and it's another rainy day in central florida ... we are looking at a beautiful day today mostly sunny skies temperatures warming into the 80s with that lake breeze developing the high temperature will go from 76-86 degrees for tonight mostly clear skies the lake breeze will be dying out after an early episode ... warmer temperatures downtown ... 60 degrees tomorrow breezy a nice day temperatures will be 81-86 degrees that may even elevate ... saturday back into the 80s in most areas with a warm breeze happening and take a look at the temperatures for sunday ... expected to make it into the loan '90s possibly 92 degrees ...
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>>it has been a wonderful week and sounds to be getting better time for today's trivia (which was supposed to be in honor of our noon guest penn jillette who is ill and had to cancel): what private club for magicians in hollywood? (a.) magician's castle. (b.) the magic castle. (c.) the illusion club. the answer is still ahead. break
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time for sports: gm jed hoyer says the cubs will be active at the trade deadline, and ryan dempster says he would be open to a trade, to a contender. matt garza will likely draw interest as well. cubs going for two in a row in milwaukee... they're down 2-0 in the fourth.... brooks conrad doubles to left for two more runs... paul maholm only lasted four innings. meanwhile brewers' ace zach greinke only allowed two hits in seven shutout innings, to improve to 15-0 at miller park. cubs struck out 15 times and get shut out, 8-0 paul konerko missed his second straight game with a sore wrist. the sox are down 1-0 to toronto in the sixth, when jose bautisa hits his 15th home run of the year... jose quintana only gave up two runs...
12:39 pm
but the sox were no match for brandon morrow... he strikes out dayan to end the game... he leads the majors with three shut outs. the sox only managed two hits, and lose 4-0. their lead in the central is down to a half-game. matt forte is still a no-show at bears' voluntary workouts. he has yet to sign his franchise tender, and the bears only have until july 16-th to sign him to a new multi- year deal. forte tells the nfl network that he's not looking to become the highest paid running back. he just wants to be recognized as one of the league's best... and his teammates agree. he wants to be out here with his team its rough ... but he knows his value when you work hard you want that to be recognized in a long-term deal ... you know how this business is it is rough it has been brutal ... the bears wrap up the voluntary ota's today, and open a three- day mini-camp at halas hall next
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week. we had nearly 2 million votes in the first round of our breakthrough band contest, now its time to voting for the top 10! two bands will face off during the wgn midday news, at the arboretum of south barrington music festival on friday june 22. the winning band gets a gig at the fest and studio recording time valued at 10 grand. vote now at your live illinois lottery drawing is coming up next good afternoon ... here are the winning pick three numbers: 6 9 3
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the mega-millions jack but is up to $20 million here are the winning pick four numbers: 6 7 4 0 power-ball is $205 million
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in medical watch.. ct scans expose children to radiation that may raise their risk of cancer. researchers reviewed 175,00 cases of children who had ct scans. from two to three scans can triple the risk of brain cancer.. and five to ten scans can triple the risk of leukemia. but radiation experts say the
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increased cancer risk should not deter parents from getting ct scans for their children when medically necessary. a study last year found more than one and a half million children got a ct scan during visits to emergency rooms in 2008. expectant parents may soon have a risk-free way to test for genetic disorders in their unborn child. scientists have pieced together the entire dna sequence of an 18 week-old fetus without having to use any invasive tests that could result in a miscarriage. the researchers drew blood from the mother and took a saliva sample from the father. then they were able to scan the fetus' genome and determine if it contained any of the changes in dna code that can cause a genetic disorder. people with insomnia may now have one more thing to keep them up at night... they're also more likely to develop hypertension. researchers from henry ford hospital in detroit say the cause of high blood pressure for insomniacs is due to the number of times the individual wakes during the night. the study found the longer it took subjects to fall asleep... and the more times they woke during the night... the more
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severe their hypertension. about 30-40 percent of adults say they have some symptoms of insomnia within a given year... and about 10-15 percent say they have chronic insomnia. lunchbreak is next. we have some fresh ideas to help you throw a summer party.
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one a day vitacraves plus omega-3 dha is a complete multivitamin for adults. plus an excellent source of omega-3 dha in a great tasting gummy. one a day gummies for grown-ups. it's time for lunch break we are planning a party our next guest has a book that just hit many best-seller lists ... she is
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home entertainment expert and she's here to show us ways to make our party is fabulous and advises us to keep it simple and not to panic and avoid perfectionism ... >>that could be the secret to beautiful entertaining ... >>relaxed and at humor and whimsy and your guests will enjoy that day ... >>i don't know how many parties you have been to where the host is so stressed out you cannot have a good time ... some of this involves advanced planning >>i am the queen of procurement and presentation don't spend lots time in the kitchen but things that are quick and easy and present them beautifully and nobody is the wiser for it ...
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this is my absolute summer must have: est. pottery barn drink dispenser it's about $50 and you can put anything in the s i have chosen in fused water ... this is actually lavender and lemon ... put the lavender and let steep for three hours ... be sure to bruise the stem of the lavender so that the fragrance permeates and add the lemon at the last minutes ... you can spike or infuse the water with some many different things ... like pepper for example it's very refreshing ... >>that actually tastes pretty
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good. >>you can also add rosemary and make a savory drink ... >>and it is so pretty and colorful at the same time ... it looks great on a buffet table. >>when things are at different levels your buffet table looks particularly swell ... another combination is grapefruit and basil ... >>that's one i would not have thought of ... >>you don't have to have a lot you can just have a hand of taste very inexpensive solution ... >>another thing in my book i
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stress is to have fun: get the glasses out of the cover that you never use, you don't have to have everything enteringmatching the playful ... gazpacho in a martini glass... >>if you like to sit down to the table ... here is a great suggestion make a pasta nastnest in
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a martini glass... and we all love desert ... what i'd do and this is a little bit of the secrets since i don't enjoy spending too much time in the kitchen i do a layer cake and i freeze at the night before and then i slice it into tiny bites size pieces and find something interesting to serve that on and it seems like a really special decadent dessert ...
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you can take a cake stand and use that for presentation ... you have great ideas and a big book signing happening in new york ... if you like more information about the book or great ideas or recipes ... go to for more info it mma formatio [ male announcer
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] tom's discovering that living healthy can be fun. see? he's taking his vitamins. one a day vitacraves plus omega-3 dha is a complete multivitamin for adults. plus an excellent source of omega-3 dha in a great tasting gummy. one a day gummies for grown-ups.
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and now the answer for today's trivia question: what private club for magicians in hollywood? (a.) magician's castle. (b.) the magic castle. (c.) the illusion club. (b.) the magic castle >>it will be warming up nicely by the time we reach the weekend temperatures are approaching 90 on saturday and making it into the 90s on sunday ... you'll
12:57 pm
need the sunblock today you can get a sunburn in just 18 minutes ... and the water temperatures in the south chicago lakefront as the upper 50s ... the 7 day forecast we have a nice warm weekend ahead take a look at the digits ... going into the first part of the week shares and thunderstorms monday and tuesday and then cool air before things warm up again later in the week ... aside from mr. a few storms next week we will have another great weekend hope you have a great afternoon. we leave you with more music from jon mclaughlin performing tonight at lincoln hall, here in chicago.
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