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tv   WGN Midday News  CW  July 24, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm CDT

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trees are down and more than 200,000 homes and businesses are without power this midday... after a severe storm struck during this morning's commute. good afternoon. i am steve sanders. and i'm dina bair. we welcome our viewers who are watching us around the country on wgn america and on the web. there are 165,000 comed customers, and more than 60,000 "nipsco" clients without electricity. here's a breakdown of the comed power outages: 45,000 in chicago... 62,000 in the western suburbs... 41,000 in the southern suburbs... and 17,000 in the northern suburbs. 340 crews are working to restore their electricity. com ed has an outage map, and you can find a link on at: over in indiana, the number of "nipsco" customers without power is at 62,000. the utility company says the restoration effort will take several days. wgn's nancy loo is live in chicago's bridgeport neighborhood... where a huge tree fell down onto a house. it was at the height of the storm this morning that sent this decade's old tree falling down on this home in bridgeport the home is in the powers family
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for decades dating back over 100 years the tree was 75 years old 40 ft. tall in spite of the damage and property loss the powers are relieved that nobody got hurt but they are both shaken >>the dog began to bark i went up to see what would happen in the next thing i knew there was a big boom and i could not open the door to where my husband was and i got scared >>as long as my wife and puppies got out ... with the way this thing came to the walls and ceiling instead of being in the hospital we could be dead ... >>the owner said the previous storms took branches off of this tree but they never thought the entire tree would topple ripping up the sidewalk taking up their home they await word on when and if they can go back and to retrieve belongings the city said there are over 100 calls about treat emergencies
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after the storm this morning this was one of the biggest ... live from bridgeport nancy loo wgn's news another big story we're following for you .... sentencing today in the jennifer hudson family murder case. the entertainer's ex-brother-in- law, william balfour, faces life behind bars for the murders of hudson mother, brother and nephew. wgn's robert jordan is live at the cook county criminal courts building with the latest: the judge denied a defense motion for a new trial in belfour will present a written impact statement during the trial jennifer hudson took is the stand and expressed her undisguised dislike for the accused ... she was overcome with emotion when the verdict was read ... the jurors only
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took three days before reaching the verdict he was a former gang member and the estranged husband of julia hudson at the time of the murders on the morning of the crime prosecutors say that he went into the family home after julie left for work he entered the home shooting her mother in the back and then he shot her brother twice in the head as he lay in bed ... he then drove off in the brothers s u v taking julia hudson's assign julie and the boy was later found in the front seat of the s u v shot and had several times julia hudson continued to have relations with him until days before the killing even though the couple was estranged ... that's what the defense maintained ...
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the final jury members could be chosen today in the drew peterson murder trial. the former bolingbrook police officer is accused of murdering his third wife, kathleen savio. wgn's tonya francisco is live in joliet with the latest court developments: the attorneys have just finished questioning the first group of jurors they will bring in another set of 40 to begin questioning jury selection got under way late this morning we found out that it was because drew peterson dated some analysts the ones brought to him did not fit ... once he finally got those jury selection picked up where it left off late last night. >>the judges cracking the whip and we are following this thing is going to be on time. >>italy took 13 hours and 31 potential jurors by 9:00 last night they had selected eight of
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the 16 required for the case drew peterson played a big role in helping to select the five men and the three women playing a role as the ultimate jury consultant as his attorneys called him he was drawing on his years as a police officer in will county ... >>legally this is a case that the government does not have there were counting on people ignoring the lot and trying to convict on a motion because he is not likable to them but this jury will follow the law and we're happy about that >>they said it was like playing blackjack never knowing which card you will draw with a short period of time to make decisions they are happy with those chosen so far and they're not surprised that many of them
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have followed the orders of the judge and stay away from the media ... >>you want people who will follow the law they said that they follow the instruction we have their word they are conscientious and will take their jobs seriously ... the judge set aside one week for jury selection but both sides are confident they will be able to see the 12 jurors and four alternates by the end of the day ... they have sworn in eight and are working on the rest ... next tuesday the case gets underway we're learning more about the booby-trapped apartment of the man accused in the deadly movie theater shootings. james holmes' apartment was rigged with 30-homemade grenades and 10-gallons of gasoline. a law enforcement official says the sophisticated set up was meant to harm or possibly kill anyone who entered. if triggered it would have
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consumed the entire third floor of the complex in flames. the devices were safely cleared away... and detonated at a remote side. holmes appeared in court yesterday for the first time since his arrest. he's expected back in court next week... when formal charges will be filed. the e-p-a says the water in sauk village has high levels of vinyl chloride, which can cause cancer. the village is now handing out bottled water to residents. a lawsuit filed friday says the village committed battery by allowing its people to consume contaminated water. it also claims village officials gave conflicting messages about how safe the water is to drink. sauk village has not commented on the lawsuit. a vote on the budget for chicago public schools is being postponed while the board negotiates a new teachers' contract.
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tomorrow. a spokesman tells the suntimes the board has to wait because the budget will reflect any changes in the teachers' contract. the school board and the union both rejected recommendations made by a fact finder last week. the report included double-digit raises for teachers... but made no provisions for job security. c-p-s is trying to close a 665 million dollar budget deficit. coming up next -- what some experts say could improve morale and reduce stress in the workplace. plus: more fallout at penn state.... crews tear down the wall where joe paterno's statue stood at beaver stadium. and: a major security announcement from the british government ahead of london's olympic games which kick off friday.
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sally ride, the first american woman to fly in space, has died. she died yesterday after a 17 month battle with pancreatic cancer. ride was a mission specialist on sts-7 on june 18th 1983. president obama issued a statement on ride's passing...calling her a national hero and a powerful role model. after she retired from nasa, she strived to help young people...especially girls...pursue careers in science and engineering. sally ride was 61 years old. the penn state president who was fired when the school sex abuse scandal was uncovered is
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defending himself. in a letter to the university board ... graham spanier said he didn't find out that former football coach jerry sandusky had been abusing boys until last year. spanier says the only incident he had known about was described to him as "horsing around." he said he never would have ignored the allegations because he himself was beaten as a child. sandusky was convicted last month of abusing boys. a report found penn state officials - including the late coach joe paterno - covered it up. the n.c.a.a. responded by fining the school 60 million dollars ... taking away bowl games and some scholarships for four years .... and wiping out penn state's wins over the past 14 years. another piece of joe paterno's legacy has fallen. construction workers tore down the wall behind the paterno statue outside penn state's football stadium this morning. that comes two days after crews removed the 900-pound bronze statue. the library at penn state will still bear paterno's name. a priest is sentenced today in
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the catholic church sex abuse scandal ... while his co- defendant is getting a new trial. during a hearing this morning... monsignor william lynn was sentenced to three-to- six years in prison for covering up child abuse in the philadelphia archdiocese. lynn is the most senior clergyman convicted in the church scandal. he went on trial in june with former priest, reverend james brennan ... but jurors could not reach a verdict in brennan's case. yesterday... prosecutors announced they will retry brennan on charges of attempted rape and child endangerment. more than 1000 extra british troops are called up to boost security at the london olympic games. the british government announced today it has mobilized an additional 1200 soldiers to hundred this decision comes after the security company before us acknowledge that it
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would not be able to fulfil its promise to provide 10,400 security guards. a government safety panel says that bp missed the big hazard issues in the gulf oil spill off the investigation found the company focused too much on details and personal worker safety instead of major accident hazards that led to the oil spill in the gulf of mexico more than two years ago 11 workers were killed when the deepwater horizon raby exploded about 200 million gal. of oil spilled out into the ocean the bp spokesman issued a statement saying that the company has developed more rigorous safety measures following this accident do you want to reduce stress and improve morale at work? consider getting an office dog a study in the journal of workplace health management indicates employees who bring their doctor worked can limit the stress they
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experience throughout the day researchers say the interaction
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the number of hispanics with doctoral degrees has skyrocketed 161% from 1990 to 2010 that is double the rate for non hispanics the hispanic association of colleges and universities tells bloomberg the growth and spanish ph.d. is is a result of the growing hispanic population in the meantime your health care coverage might be at risk for many offer coverage voluntarily it helps to recruit and maintain workers but a study by deloitte says that one into an employer's plan to drop health care coverage for workers as the bulk of the
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federal healthcare law kicks and although there are penalties for not providing benefits to 2014 ... home values in the second quarter posted their first year over year increase low interest rates more demand in a tight supply of property are boosting home prices chicago recorded the biggest decline in home prices compared with last year this is in all 30 metro areas according to castillo ... to zillow.. on first and business class flights american airlines will be installing new seats ... there's a new report that says
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greece may make the debt reduction targets ... that's affecting markets at this hour coming up on the medical watch the link between depression and watching late-night television and computers but first a dog is credited with nabbing a suspect accused of robbing a bank near glenview
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we have an update on one of our top stories... 12 jurors and four alternates have now been picked in the drew peterson murder trial. peterson is charged with drowning his third wife, kathleen savio, in 2004. jury selection got underway yesterday. attorneys questioned dozens of prospective jurors about their knowledge of the case. opening statements in the trial will be presented next tuesday. the trial is expected to take several weeks.
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for the first time in nearly a year, a homicide in chicago's jeffery manor neighborhood. 17 year-old alixi johnson was shot and killed, and three others were wounded, at merrill park near 96th place last night. police say at least two people stepped-out from a gangway nearby... and opened-fire. johnson's grandmother believes he was the victim of a random shooting, and didn't have any ties to gangs. in all, at least 13 people were wounded in shootings since eight o'clock last night. six of those victims were hit in a 15- minute span. a community alert has been issued for chicago's near north neighborhood. a string of burglaries have occurred in the area since july 12th. the offender enters the residence through a rear door or window, and the burglaries are occurring at all hours of the day. there is no description of the offender at this time. officials urge residents to lock doors and windows and to call 9-1-1 to report any suspicious activity in the area. who needs security video when you've got a nose that works even better to catch a criminal... a cook county sheriff's department bloodhound tracked down a bank robbery suspect. the glenview state bank branch on golf road was robbed just after noon yesterday. cook county investigators brought in melanie the bloodhound, and she immediately picked up on a scent. the dog led them to a building a block and a half away, and then
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that was quite a storm ... they travel thousands of miles of terrain traveling on the nose of a powerful jet stream causing lots of damage the overall pattern is not behind us yet to ... the bulk of the storm's coming in today ... there are
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strong wind conditions ... these are some reviewer snapshots there are over 100,000 people without electricity ... this is an extremely energetic atmosphere when you have high heat not far away feeding the warmth humidity and energy into the atmosphere that thunderstorms convert to powerful windy conditions and downpours ... we have some clouds we may get an occasional shower today more storms are on the way this evening thunderstorms are moving said in a southeasterly direction and a line is forming ... sometimes
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they travel 50 mi. per hour with phenomenal wind production ... the storm is tracking to through ohio ... on the blue section of the map is where the thunderstorms were producing hailstones ... and there were wind gusts. blazing heat to the west this is a northwest flow situation that jet stream is running over the top of the hot air mass ... the
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wind will rotate in our direction by tomorrow morning bringing the warm front with 100 degree heat here by tomorrow ... you can see the length of the path being hit by these storms leading half an inch of rain fall at midway and nearly the same at o'hare ... this is 60 percent of the rainfall accumulations we ought to be having this time of the season we still need more rain but collectively with more of these storms expected to come in the next few days ... it will be welcome here are some of the local temperature readings right now ... and here's a shot of the storm heading harvard as it
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raced across the northwestern chicago suburbs looking at lake geneva near wisconsin ... we had over 1 in. here in downtown chicago ... and let's take a look at some of the wind gusts around the metropolitan area: 80 mi. per hour gusts went through crown point ... and naperville had 70 mi. per hour gusts ... 65 mi. per hour wind gusts out near woodstock.
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it warm front followed by a cold front is in the forecast tomorrow ... the rain full forecast is twice normal over the next seven days ... the rain will not fall evenly some areas will be hit differently. we have thunderstorm watch conditions and their advisers in 15 states for heat to the west ... thunderstorms may blow up tomorrow morning.
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we have pretty healthy rainfall accumulation totals in store. the next batch of rainfall will be rotating late tonight and here is the jet stream that supports the pattern ... later in the week we see eight different pattern we will get a bit cooler along with some showers later in the week. today and tonight severe weather zones are close by ... we are in the action ... we're still on the edge through thursday the cooler air should push everything out of the way by thursday
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widely scattered showers are possible the high temperature will be 84 degrees ... tonight cloudy periods new storms may grow severe overnight. tomorrow power for the early storms ... we will reach 100 degrees tomorrow and then a cold front will set and tomorrow night by thursday variably cloudy and cooler with scattered showers and thunderstorms the high temperature 84 degrees. we think the coverage on the storms should be 50 percent of the chicago metropolitan area be careful of the downed trees and power lines
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time for today's trivia: which olympic sport was banned in 1924, and then re-instated in 1988? b. tennis c. judo the answer is ahead in this hour ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] letting her home be turned into a training facility? ttvwju.vog#wvs#q(pst)uog2uase1l-9k8elsvíe' qpee3sz@a0c$ tt>ff@]!
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traded to the atlanta braves, but neither team confirmed it. they are reportedly working on a deal that would send a 22 year old pitching prospect to the north side. dempster even turned to twitter to say trade reports were untrue. it's scoreless in pittsburgh until the fourth when alfonso soriano doubles in starlin castro... his first of two rbi doubles. in the bottom of the inning... andrew mccutcheon hits a grounder, but jeff samardzija is late to first... and that infield single is the only hit he allowed in eight innings. manager dale sveum pulled samardzija after a long break in the ninth, denying him his first complete game. cubs win 2-0, to snap a 3 game losing streak. gavin floyd making his first start for the sox since july seventh. the twins lead 1-0 in the first... and paul konerko hits a 3-run home run... his first homer of the month, and 15th total. sox lead 3-2 in the third... adam dunn hits a 2-run shot for his major league- leading 29th home run. alex rios also homers, as the sox snap a 5 game skid. they win 7-4 to pull within a game of the idle tigers.
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the bulls have officially signed kirk hinrich, and will re- introduce him at the berto center this afternoon. the free agent guard returns to chicago with a 2 year, 8 million dollar deal. hinrich played his first seven seasons here, and is still the franchise leader in three- pointers. the bulls are also expected to announce they will not match the houston rockets' offer for back- up center omer asik. that's a look at sports. your live illinois lottery drawing is next. you know what i love about this country? trick question. i love everything about this country! including prilosec otc. you know one pill each morning treats your frequent heartburn so you can enjoy all this great land of ours has to offer like demolition derbies. and drive thru weddings.
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it's time for a lunchbreak... in today's "lunchbreak".... a twist on the clasic b.l.t. sandwich... we're making a lobster b.l.t. roll. ryan pitts is the executive chef at r-l restaurant and chef chair for vital bridges center on chronic cares "chefs and the city" event. thanks for coming in. thanks. the event is this friday at the ritz we have a great lineup of the 25 best chicago
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chefs there to prepare their special dishes you have an opportunity to come to the tasting and meet them cocktails and wine will be served. >>of love when you get the best of the best together normally competitors coming together for a could cause loss of these restaurants have difficult reservation lists and it's nice to get to sample everything in one night in one place ... this is a great summer sandwich recipe ... nothing better than really fresh lobster >>is a summer staple >>i'm going to show you how to cook a live lobster ... the best way you manleyhumanely is to insert
12:52 pm
the knife in the back of his head and crunched down which killed him instantly ... then you put him in the boiling water lots of people are concerned about sensory issues and pain but the lobster is a bit like a grasshopper ... they don't have too many nervous and they're nervous system in the water we put salary onion salt peppercorn and a leafcelery onion bayleaf and peppercorns... you must have
12:53 pm
that at a rolling boil. once it has cooked you can tell from the color of the shell ... eight minutes is typically the amount of time they will be bright red and the tail will be curled and if people on the antenna they pop out ... you will put it in an ice bath to cool down and stop cooking you will remove the clausews and the head and the tail ... you will cut the body and remove the
12:54 pm
tamale ... some people like to read it but keep it separate and then you crack everything with the back of a knife ... you can split the body down the center ... we have all of our lobster meat we addressed it with celery and onion and we make a sandwich out of it ... i have a light mayonnaise and scallion dressing with a little bit of honey mustard and tomatoes and bacon the recipe will be online it's a delicious sandwich ...
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ryan pitts, thanks so much for joining us. the vital bridges center on chronic cares chefs and the city event is this friday, july 27th. the reception begins at 6:30, that's at the ritz-carlton chicago grand ballroom at 160 east pearson street. to learn more, go to: for a recipe, or to watch the segment again, log on to: ok! who gets occasional constipation, diarrhea, gas or bloating? get ahead of it! one phillips' colon health probiotic cap a day helps defend against digestive issues with three strains of good bacteria. hit me! [ female announcer ] live the regular life. phillips'. careful, pringles are bursting with more flavor. [ crunches ] mmm. ♪
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i don't think anybody ever thinks they're going to get shingles. but it happened to me. for more of the inside story visit time now for the answer to today's trivia question. we asked: which olympic sport was banned in 1924, and then re-instated in 1988? a. archery b. tennis c. judo the answer is: tennis so we wanted some rainshowers and we got them ... >>and there are more on the way ... with strong gusty wind ... looking at the squall line coming through this morning it's already moved 500 mi. southeast of chicago moving through
12:58 pm
virginia right now ... and also eastern kentucky ... these are not the last we will see here in chicago ... and here is the temperature reading around the region ... we are looking for a 100 degree temperature tomorrow today we will stay around 79 maybe into the macy's at so we have a respite today ... currently 79 degrees at o'hare ... records are being broken all around the midwest ... had we had 99 degrees yesterday we would of broken and 98 year
12:59 pm
record ... it will be a blast furnace hot day tomorrow with powerful thunderstorms on the leading edge tonight into tomorrow morning and by the time we get to thursday hopefully things will move out ... let's of humidity makes for potentially heavy thunderstorms 100 degrees tomorrow 85 degrees thursday 80 friday 85 saturday and then we will warm toward the '90s again at the beginning of next week thanks for joining us today. we hope you have a great afte


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