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tv   WGN Midday News  CW  September 28, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm CDT

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a suspect has been charged with first degree murder in connection to the shooting death of an evanston township high school freshman . good afternoon. i'm dina bair. and i'm dan ponce in for steve sanders.... we welcome our viewers who are watching us around the country on wgn america and on the web. wgn's judy wang has more on our lead story from skokie: the suspect wesley woods killed an innocent bystander according to prosecutors the mother was in court and it was emotional issue looked at the man accused of
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killing her son >>i experienced arrange demotions i cannot deny hate discussed sadness ... all in one. family members attended the bond hearing at the skokie courthouse this morning the victim was a freshman at the evanston township high school he was at a party saturday night leaving the party less than a mile from his home when he was killed police found him at 1030 on the 1500 block of church street he had been shot in the chest investigators say four shots had been fired prosecutors say the two witnesses identified the suspect for news of their arrest in a court appearance this morning comes a day before his family plays him to rest his family wanted to send this message to the suspect >>where he is he deserves to be with a person like that on the street nobody is safe he had no idea who my son was to do
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something so stupid and senseless he had absolutely no thought process someone like that does not deserve to be walking the streets of free person ever the first kurt church of god christian life center will be the scene of the memorial tomorrow a 6-day search comes to a tragic end with the discovery of the body of a missing northwestern student. 18 year-old harsha maddula's body was pulled from wilmette harbor shortly before 7:00 last night. the body was discoverein the water between two boats near the sheridan road bridge. wilmette investigators said there were no signs of foul play. maddula was last seen leaving an off-campus party early saturday morning. he was a sophomore in northwesterns mccormick school of engineering and applied science. emma i have been at this university for three years we have a strong community it
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doesn't surprise me that people who did not know him came out to find him and support the effort ... madulla was from hyde park new york. his family says the harbor wasnt the type of place he would normally visit because hes more of an indoors person. a body was pulled from lake michigan this morning near navy pier. marine units pulled the body just after eight o'clock this morning. workers for a boat cleaning service spotted the body just north of the pier. police don't have an identification. they aren't saying if it's a man or a woman. schaumburg police are seeking we are here in arlington heights
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when the tylenol mystery connection was first made ... >>helen jensen was the first to see ... this nurse spoke to victims' families and went to the home of one of the victims and found that tainted tylenol ... >>because they told me that they all took tylenol i counted those capsules ... she sounded the alarm but law enforcement had their doubts ... they said i couldn't do this but finally the chief said to take them off the market ... all of the tylenol in arlington heights had been removed from that store ... >>they're hoping that a
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breakthrough is near to bring peace to the victim's family ... schaumburg police are seeking the public's help in locating a missing mother and son who may be at-risk. 61 year-old rosa rosario and her 41 year-old son juan rosario were reported missing from their schaumburg home wednesday by family members. rosa is taking care of juan, who has down's syndrome. rosa also has various medical conditions. she is 5'2... 175 pounds with grayish, black hair and brown eyes. juan is 5'8... 200 pounds with black hair and brown eyes. anyone who sees rosa or juan is asked to call schaumburg police. a 19 year old mother is now facing charges in an amber alert three week old daughter in central illinois. the alert was canceled after three hours ... when authorities found mia gracie thompson on the side of a rural road last night. she's hospitalized and doing fine. originally, the mother told police, the baby was taken from the backseat of a car in toulon. mia's mother, 19 year old kendra
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meeker, was arrested. she's being held without bond and is due in court in stark county today. the owner of a lincoln would gun shop has withdrawn his request to relocate the store and open a firing range earlier this year shore galleries of pride for a permit to move from its location on devon avenue to building on the 6900 block of central park that move would include opening of 59 shooting range the majority of the lincoln would village board opposed the plan citing in part noise and proximity to schools and public parks attorneys for that gun shops say that the owner is considering a move out of the village ...
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chicago public schools announced the make-up days for the seven school days lost during the teacher strike. for students on a traditional schedule, the make-up days are: january third and fourth which were originally part of winter break. students will be going to school on presidents day, february 18th. also, june 19th and 21st. and the new last day of school will be monday, june 24th. the make-up days for students on a year-round schedule are: october 15th through the 19th, originally part of their fall break and presidents day. the new last day for them will be wednesday, june 19th. you can find more information on the new cps schedule at our website: a bond rating agency downgrades the chicago's board of education debt... partly because of the teachers strike. moo's investor service gave the school system an "a-2" score. it had already downgraded cps's bond rating outlook... from stable to "negative" in july. moody's says cps will have a rough time taking the necessary steps to close a nearly one billion dollar budget gap in 2014. cps says working hard to keep students best interests in mind while it makes some tough financial decisions. a heated, racially-charged court battle is under way between the federal government and the city of joliet over control of a public housing complex. the city wants to force the owners of the evergreen terrace complex to sell it to joliet. the federal government says it's a power grab by the city to remove african-american families from the complex which sits on
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valuable land near harrah's casino. the city insists it's a crime- ridden blight on the community. some city officials have been quoted as calling the tenants "rats and prostitutes." the 2012 ryder cup tees-off at medinah country club. wgn's nancy loo is outside the club, where fans are thrilled to witness one of golf's greatest traditions. fans are here from all over the world to see the best golfers in the world we aren't like parcae school right across the street from the country club this has provided a unique opportunity for lots of people in this community. >>it's an international competition that has drawn colorful characters from near and far. >>this is the flag of great britain and their ryder cup of caltech manner and this is the welch flag ... on my cap
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there are all kinds of characters and lots of pattern trousers >>i wore this to irritate my wife >>many lined up early to grab the best spots on the golf course these canadians came early ... >>if you are into golf you would understand this is the all-star game for this sport lots of spectators expected for the tournament's it's an economic boost of $130 million for the area lake park high school is getting $415,000 from the pro golfers association for the use of its building and parking lots cancel classes this week and the school year adjusted the administrators of the school say that it was a win-win proposition ...
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>>not only are we part of the global international stage but we are part of the greater community and a golf community it's very exciting for us >>the school coordinated the 3000 volunteers on duty for the cup ... that includes thousands of students working the course as volunteers coming up next: new documents are shedding light on what suspect james holmes did to a professsor in the weeks before he opened fire in a crowded colorado movie theater. also ahead: police in minnesota investigate a workplace shooting that left four people, including the business' owner, and the suspected shooter dead. ....and the latest in michigan on the search for jimmy hoffa's remains.
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more information is being released about the man on trial for the shooting rampage in colorado that killed 12 people and injured 58. prosecutors say james holmes was barred from being on campus because he threatened a professor weeks before the shootings. holmes lawyers deny that-- to only non-public parts of campus because he had withdrawn from the school. the shootings occurred on july twentieth at the midnight showing of the latest batman movie in aurora. minutes before the shooting, his attorney says holmes tried to call his university 5 people are dead after a shooting at a business in minneapolis yesterday. police say a man opened fire inside a sign company killing four people and wounding four others before taking his own life. three of the surviving victims were listed in critical condition and the fourth had non-life threatening injuries. minnesota governonr mark dayton says he deplores this senseless violence. the motive for the shooting is still unknown. the alleged producer of the anti-islamic film "innocence of muslims" is jailed in los angeles, with no bail. it's the same movie that sparked violent riots throughout the muslim world. the man known as nakoula nakoula was convicted of bank fraud two years ago.
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yesterday, he was arrested not for his work on the film but for violatng the terms of his probation. for one thing, court documents say he has used 17 phony names. in fact, at a court hearing yesterday, he gave two separate names to the judge. there are many muslims in the l.a. county jail, and nakoula lawyer fears his client could become a target. corrections officials say he'll be kept separate from the other inmates. terrorists dressed as iraqi policemen broke into a prison in tikrit, killed a dozen guards, and released dozens of prisoners. seven of the gunmen were killed. about 50 prisoners remain on the loose, including some members of al-qaeda who had been sentenced to death. iraqi authorties say it'll be hard to catch the rest of the escapees, because the terrorists also destroyed prison records. the white house has been holding closed door meetings the past few days about a cyber attack on the nation's largest banks. bloomberg news reports the obama administration is circulating a draft executive order, that would shield vital computer networks from cyber attacks. the attack escalated last week, flooding bank websites with traffic, making them unavailable to customers. a u.s. official says the attack waged by a still-unidentified group outside the country.
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republican presidential nominee mitt romney takes his campaign to pennsylvania. he attended a rally at valley forge military academy and college. meantime, it appears romney's campain is trying to lower expectations as he heads into his first debate against president obama. romney will debate the president in denver on wednesday. romney's campaign adviser released a memo that outlines why president obama should win the debate, including the president has a lot more experience and is a great public speaker. a so-called "super pac" that supports president obama gets a major boost. george soros will donate one million dollars to "priorities usa action." the former hedge fund manager will also give 500,000 dollars to 2 super pacs that back congressional democrats. so far this election cycle soros has donated more than $4 millionto pro-demoratic groups. crews began digging up a driveway in suburban detroit today searching for the body of missing union strongman jimmy hoffa. a tipster informed police of the body's location and claims the remains are hoffa's... who disappeared in july of 19-75. it is believed hoffa was killed
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by the mob. no trace of him has ever been found. after 37 years, police and experts are skeptical that they will find hoffa's body in this location. emma the character did not seem to line up with those we knew who were involved in the disappearance and murder and the house when we did the first interview back on march 30th it i had done a googol earth search and we zeroed in on the small house on the corner of a normal neighborhood anything being done there in that backyard would have been seen by any neighbor looking at the window or buy cars passing ... a forensic anthropologist will test the soil for human remains. results should come next week. military is now spending more on, instead of painkillers. and, still to come this midday: the new feature facebook might
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offer customers as a way for the company to make money in the wake of their failed ipo. and later in lunchbreak: critically acclaimed southern chef john besh is here with his take on italian wedding soupet 12pm
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have been created then lost since the president took his oath of office but unemployment is higher in that time ... the u.s. military is spending more on anti psychotic drugs for active troops then there are on painkillers is the first time spending on these drugs has the outpaced the painkillers in years ... facebook wants you to spend more money on your friends without leaving the website facebook gifts lets you pay for things like gift cards or flowers or you can add payment details after the purchase the market is trading lower today overtrade said concern on bank
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virus attacks still to come this midday: lunchbreak with celebrity chef also ahead: a new study about programs aimed at increasing physical activity among children and whether or not they're paying off. and live music from new progressive country-rock trio " cadillac black" they're on stage tonight for a sold out show at joe's bar on weed street
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special needs students are a challenge and the september teacher of the month takes that on going wherever he is needed ... brad cherokee is a special- education teacher at main west high-school he conducts class wherever there's a lesson to be taught ...
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9 my goal for the children i deal with now is to help them become as independent as possible ... >>if this special education freshmen is any example it is working. >>he helps me all through this summer. i love him very much ... >>he is helping around the house is doing things at home that he normally would not be able to do he is more responsive ... >>eric is autistic it was his brother lucas who was a junior at the high school who submitted sureties name for consideration as teacher of the month ... >>he puts in a lot of time outside the classroom ...
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>>he is talking about this house and the gardens nearby that serve as a life skills laboratory ... >>i saw him out here working taking his entire saturday to work and get the green house going so his kids can learn how to garden and make a difference in that community >>the garden has made a big difference for eric it is helped him to cultivate a new skill. >>i know i will make something special >>mr. sharkey is one of those teachers you will never forget even if you are not one of his students >>mr. sharkey is blown away by the recognition and says that it's humbling >>mma great to have such great students and staff to be working with i absolutely love it here >>we congratulate you for being
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selected teacher of the month and we're happy to present you with this $1,000 check good luck and congratulations >>mr. sharkey isn't alone there's hundreds of extraordinary educators like him. we would like to know who they are if you are a student write to us and nominate your favorite teacher on our web site think you can't get great auto insurance coverage and a great rate? think again! mary switched to allstate got an agent, and saved $326.00 on her car insurance. john switched, got an agent and saved $263.00! drivers who switched to allstate saved an average of $375 a year on car insurance. and allstate will send you two bonus checks a year
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the dark clouds were rolling and off lake michigan this morning
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... we have some cloudiness remaining apache at the moment. patchy at the moment ... this should be mostly sunny afternoon in chicago but it did look ominous when it first came into the chicago area temperatures are at 63 degrees in the city seven degrees short of where we normally want to see the high- temperature we might get close ... the cold air is pulling north from canada we have a few days nearly one week of comfortable temperatures things are warming up in some places ... we have seen temperatures in the mid-60s throughout most of the chicago area ... tuesday to
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wednesday next week temperatures will be warming up we may get 81 degrees by wednesday but there is called they're coming after that ... that will come roaring from the canadian prairie ... wind speed 10-20 mi. per hour this morning gusting at times ... there's 10 mi. visibility wind is from the northeast at 18 mi. per hour ... let's talk about those wind gusts: these pickup in time. there will increase in strength by saturday ... maybe 25 mi. per hour gusts by then ...
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if you are flying into boston be advised that you have some rain and thunderstorms there as we speak the big story this morning has been in sections of west texas with powerful storms we've had reports of flood and some high water rescues and 70 mi. per hour wind with some damage there's a flood warnings in effect. wildfires continue to stir things in central washington there's an air quality alert for much of the state. the computer does not show much by way of precipitation for us maybe late in the evening saturday ... let's look at the forecast: this afternoon partly cloudy skies
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clearing later breezy at times 65 their 70 the high- temperature ... tonight mostly clear early a few clouds coming later with a light breeze temperatures will range between 45 and 54 degrees warmer temperatures downtown morning clouds afternoon sunshine saturday the temperature 70-74 degrees ... sunday temperatures will warming to the '60s ... great football weather lots of sunshine as we conclude the weekend time now for today's trivia question: where did the ryder cup get its name? a.) bernard darwin b.) an english seed merchant c.) an american rental truck company the answer is ahead in this hour of the wgn midday news.
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time for sports: the sox need to go on a run to make the playoffs now, but they'll have to do it against the rays... one of the hottest teams in baseball. jake peavy gave up just two runs in 7-plus innings.
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sox down a run with the bases loaded in the fifth... paul konerko grounds into a double play, but the tying run scores. it's still tied at 2 in the 9th... brett myers pitching, and he gives up the go-ahead home run to evan longoria. sox lose 3-2... their 8th loss in 9 games. the tigers swept the royals so they now lead by 2 games with 6 games left in the season. the cubs trying to avoid a sweep in colorado..... they're already down 3-1 in the second... former cub d.j. lamahieu hits a two run homer... chris volstad only lasted 3 innings. the cubs pull within two runs in the 9th... but with the tying runs in scoring position, anthony recker grounds-out to end the game. cubs lose 7-5, and tie a franchise record with 56 road losses. the nfl referees returned to "thursday night football" and actually got a standing ovation in baltimore. the ravens lead the browns early in the third... joe flacco rolls out and keeps it himself
12:39 pm
for the one- yard touchdown. later in the quarter browns' rookie brandon weeden gets intercepted by cary williams who returns it 63 yards for a score. ravens win 23-16... they are 3 and 1. the bears have the weekend to prepare for monday night football in dallas. four of their next seven games are in prime time, where jay cutler has struggled in the past. matt forte was limited in practice yesterday and it's still unclear if he'll return from his ankle injury this week. wide receiver earl bennett was also limited with a hand injury and julius peppers had a planned day off for his sore foot. that's a look at sports. your live illinois lottery drawing is next.
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good afternoon.... here are the winning pick 3 numbers: 5 4 7
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here are the winning pick 4 numbers: 7 9 8 9 the mega-millions jackpot is now $21 million for tonight's drawing
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hi, i'm amy for downy unstopables in-wash scent boosters here with my favorite new intern, jimmy. mmm! fresh! and it's been in the closet for 12 weeks! unbelievable! unstopables! follow jimmy on for free samples on the medical watch: health officials are urging americans to roll up their sleves and get a flu shot, in spite of last year's mild flu season. each year, there are up to 200,000 hospitalizations caused by the flu. health officials want to remind people not to be complacent because influenza is unpredictable and even during mild flu seasons, deaths can occur as a result. this year's vaccination protects against three types of flu viruses. the cdc recommends flu vaccines for everyone older than 6 months old.
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programs aimed to get kids moving have failed to increase physical activity. as a result, the programs have not put a dent in child obesity... this according to the bmj group. a study conducted at plymouth the physcial activity of 14,000 children, and results show physical activity programs did little to increase movement federal guidelines call for u.s. children to get at least 60 minutes of physical activity each day. the research did not look at obesity but other studies suggested that some programs have little affect on wait ... choosing foods with less sugar salt, fat and calories may mean sacraficing taste. but snack brands like edy's ice cream, hershey's chocolate and lay's potato chips are trying to solve this issue. by launching "mid-calorie" treats that contain more fat and calories than those released during diet crazes, but less than the original versions. according to the research firm, "euromonitor international", sales of all foods and drinks with reduced fat, sugar, salt or carbohydrates... have risen to more than $51 billion 2006.
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a pilot thought of a heart pounding way to propose to his girlfriend he to occur on a ride overlooking the chicago skyline and made it seem like there were headed for a crash ... apparently he used ominous music ... he told a girlfriend at the controls were malfunctioning and she needed to read him the emergency procedures for the plane ... that's included a procedure for a marriage proposal and an engagement and she gave him the answer ... >>that is absolutely awful!
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this ... this is such a great soup it's so universal everyone has their own twist ... i created a cookbook called my family table it's about getting people back to the dinner table ... i wanted to put together a quick and easy recipes that anyone could prepare ... bottom is a soup weather and people are looking for it ... we make these by sized sausage pieces you can make it out of turkey we add some garlic of course and a touch of onion and some other things that i would ordinarily have in the pantry like a can of stewed tomato or
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local chopped tomatoes if you have fresh ones that ... i have some kale always at my home that's the southern influence or any other greens chopped up leftover greens or spinach are good >>i find the kales to be bitter ... >>when you add some spice and cook this with the broth it gets mello ... you can use the weight beans or black eyed peas use what you happen to have that he is key is to prepare ahead...
12:52 pm
we will cook this for a few minutes but there's something missing wears the pasta? >>no pasta. here's the thing you can add orzo at the end. but in this case i thought it would be a wonderful meal just this way ... >>well it is healthier and you have the been for the texture we are making it more southern to serve this on this side keep it simple ... we are sold out at the event for all day saturday sunday there
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are tickets left for the wine tasting and the celebrity bartenders and the chefs coming in from around the country ... but all my friends are with us rick bayless art smith... we love when you visit from new.orleans >>thank you so much for being here ... chicago gourmet runs through sunday in millennium park and for available tickets you can go to eleanor restaurantsillinois
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to learn more about
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time now for the answer to today's trivia question. we asked: where did the ryder cup get its name? a.) bernard darwin b.) an english seed merchant c.) an american rental truck company an english seed merchant.... the event was a marketing coup for samuel ryder's firm the heath and heather seed company to promote his penny mail-order seed packets. thusly, the ryder cup may be one of the earliest examples of corporate sponsorship of a sporting event. it's 63 degrees right here in chicago it's a great day for some delicious soup. we will be
12:57 pm
close to normal for the next few days but we may reach 80 degrees by next wednesday partly cloudy skies today temperatures are a bit cooler sunday as the system comes through the area ... but the temperatures will climb to 81 that we expect for wednesday ... >>this is a really good soup ... we have a good 7 day forecast for you nothing to interrupt any plans just wear layers on sunday ... it will be a few degrees cooler ... saturday mild with bright sunshine ... back to the soup ... the recipe is on the wgn web site and it is excellent ...
12:58 pm
thanks for joining us today. we hope you have a great afternoon. remember we are back at 5:00 this evening and again at 9:00. more music now from "the cadillac black"... they're on stage tonight at a sold out show at "joe's bar on weed street"... to learn about other tour dates check out their website: the cadillac!
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