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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  December 8, 2012 9:30pm-10:00pm CST

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tuned to wgn news next. >> a high school student has been killed until an apparent hit and run. police say no witnesses have come forward. >> tonight there seems to be more questions than answers a in of this case. police are asking for the public's help.
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>> tonight a moment of silence to remember classmate and friend. a young but life cut short after police say mickey was struck and killed just after 12:30 saturday morning. >> the first officer of tried and found a bystander's giving cpr. the man was pronounced dead at the same. >> police are calling this a hit and run. so far no witnesses have come forward. earlier, the roadway was aligned with cars. off camera his father described him as a mature and smart. he was born in ethiopia before
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moving to the united states as a child. school officials expressed sadness. he was a committed member of the cross-country and track team. our thoughts and family are with -- are our thoughts are with family and friends at this time. >> tonight in the cross-country and track coach remembers a person who was a scholar and a decimal merit winner. >> he had a goal. he was determined. he was working towards that. >> goals and dreams that will not be realized. police hope somebody saw something. >> even the little bit of it from mission could be beneficial to us. >> police are asking anybody who
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was in the area around 12:15 to 12:45 to contact them. the crisis response team will be here to help students who are grieving. >> richard is backed in chicago. police releasing this photograph of the nephew of former mayor daly. a punch that killed up side of the division nightclub in 20 04. he is 38 years old and lives enter california. >> an elderly man and woman died in a house fire that broke out in a single-family home on kensington avenue at 1:30. the victims were transported to the hospital where the word
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pronounced dead at. one neighbor described the fire as full-blown and very intense. >> it was in full flames. you hate to see all of the people trapped like that. especially somebody who was part of the neighborhood. >> neighbors describe the man as from neglecting the children play on his lawn. they also say he was a world war ii veteran. >> educational leaders and staff, more than 85 musicals showcased what they have to offer. john lewis talked to some parents as they shop around to find the best schools for their children. >> it was not a game but education that brought a danger
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of hundreds of students and parents. >> i have tried to find a school in my community. >> by and large, this -- >> it is our job. >> this is the sixth year for the charter highlighting selective enrollment. contentious issue in chicago. on friday, for more public charter schools were approved for the city. at the same time, closing neighborhood schools run by the district. there is also the possibility of a chartered network sharing space with an under enrolled school. >> we have to be open to considering other options. the quirks charter schools are privately run but they take
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public money. >> we all need to be working together. we all want to the same thing. we cannot keep kids trapped in the system. >> across town on the west side hundreds of others gathered to talk about reinforcing public schools and said of enhancing the charters. >> i hope they will begin to see a having one-third of the system run by charterers is really not a good model for public schools. if we go down that road, the public will lose favor. what is a viable and what is public institutions are about. >> on allowing public schools, they want to aggravate the responsibility in terms of
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educating children. they view it as another way to grab money and not be concerned with the education of our children. >> it is i debated that will continue. they want to cut a projected $1 billion deficit in the next year. >> becky carroll told us cbs has an obligation to parents and families to expand access to as many high quality options as possible. >> coming up next, a deadly crash over night. white the man who survived is behind bars. >> a pair of shuttle police officers, it makes the holidays a memorable for two young
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almond joy and mounds. unwrap paradise. this is america. we don't let frequent heartburn come between us and what we love. so if you're one of them people who gets heartburn and then treats day after day... block the acid with prilosec otc and don't get heartburn in the first place! [ male announcer ] one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn. >> police and a serb of -- is suburb of irving texas say he was drunk when he flipped his call and killed jerry brown. both men at one time played at the university of illinois. >> it was traveling at a high
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rate of speed at the time which his vehicle touched and it caused his vehicle to flip one time. it ultimately came to rest on its top once its lead back into the roadway and came to rest in the center of the roadway. >> they were teammates at illinois between 2007 and 2009. >> a group of the and people are calling for an end to gun violence holding and untie violence rally this afternoon. it did it in honor of a teenager shot and killed outside of his grandmother pose a home. but just then that murray was killed in brown ave. a 25 year-old man was shot early this morning and is in critical condition. that shooting was in retaliation for marie's death.
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>> a 21-month-old boy is back in custody after being abducted by his mother for the second time. he has been at -- she is accused of slapping away with her son after a visit at a mcdonald's restaurant. there were being supervised by a worker. they took off again to show a waiting vehicle and were later located in tennessee. she had lost custody of three other children. >> two detectives are asking the public for help to make the holiday season a happier 140 dead children who are abused by their grandmother. a teacher of a 6-year-old boy. the boy and his sister had lived with their grandmother for it for years. and they were badly scarred a.
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>> he definitely is quite a felon. he'd articulates well. he understands what he has been through. he also understands his little sister could not endure any more. >> the board, how smart and brave he as his response was, i do not want my sister to be beat a anymore. >> the grandmother has been charged. they placed the siblings with other family members. anybody wanting to help the family can contact detectives. " another cool day tomorrow. then add the rain arrives. >> up next, how much we can get and whether any snow will wooohooo....hahaahahaha!
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>> when is the snow coming the? >> it will drain the first. there may be some sprinkles. by morning you may see it mixing with this and stuff like to run here. the burning question is, will it be enough to measure.
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in all likelihood, the answer is no. high-temperature today 42 degrees. five degrees above the normal for this date. look at the minnesota falls at 18 degrees called for this of to name. right now in chicago temperatures across the area, it is in the 30's. if it fell to kohler, here is the reason. we have a fairly impressive when off of michigan producing a wind chill below the temperature in a few spots. barometric pressure at this hour the wins out of the east up 14 miles per hour. look at the storm production of in the upper plans. the is a blizzard warning for parts of north and south dakota
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and parts of a minnesota where winds have been blowing 6 inches of snow and a ground. much of this may now be hitting the ground across the area, but a few sprinkles are possible. most of it as you might suspect is back out north and west. the main energy will pass to the north so we are not expecting any action from that. the computer model does show it getting close to chicago. it is possible there will be a dusting and some areas. a club or two around of monday and tuesday. we are looking at cloudy skies sprinkles that may mix with a few flurries. cloudy skies and flurries or drizzle and afternoon showers can pop up as well. sunday night may be an early
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sprinkel low temperature 41 degrees. on monday called air pushes a in. it will be chilly out there. the cold air is hanging around right through to state but by wednesday be have a shot at 40 degrees for the high. by friday we can make it up to 50 in advance of another storm that will bring iran into the area. a chance of producing snow, one week from tomorrow. >> you will get warm temperatures coming and and a front behind it. >> and that the non conference test for northwest and as they tried to drive past the butler. >> hopes to make ♪ ♪ [ male announcer
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>> the bulls pulled one out. things are going well early in
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the year. they took care of the heat on friday. the bulls lost gibson terribly. he was smuggling out at the to of the first quarter. they took robinson, another good effort. for tan and goals led by two at the half. the bulls pulled away in the fourth. the polls and when. >> it comes in back into it knowing what you draw coming and and doing your job.
9:58 pm
the will of injuries, circumstance, a lot of things will come up i in the course of the season. you have to step up. i think we are getting there. we are moving in the right direction. >> the wild cats are beefing up their resemblance. tens of nikon so well so far. david with the drive as they put it and. rodney clark the barry's a three. the the big guy for them was endorsements. he guides the put the back and did the foul. the 74-65 drop from 7-3. the illinois gonzaga and 9-0.
9:59 pm
they are up early in this game up. he will take it all the way home. a five-point lead until the first half. michigan state and made a game of it. a 28-25 lead, and they led by 2.5 it when they came back at until the second half. he will take it the coast-coast. going for the colorado state her -- a 5-point lead it. they were at 8-1. westing no time in this one.


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