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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  December 30, 2012 9:00pm-9:40pm CST

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they picked up their 10th win in detroit but failed to make it into the playoffs >> rich king is here with tonight's top story... >> now...the long afternoon of nailbiting for bears fans....the final week of the regular season... the playoffs on the line.. bears backers had to sweat out a pair of king is here to fill us in on how it all came down.. it was six hours of agony for bears fans...first the the bears had to beat the lions in detroit to stay alive...for the
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playoffs..they took a early lead but then had to fend off a detroit rally.... jay cutler as always a bit frustrated....but not on this play....the flip to earl bennet....the lions safeties blow the deep coverage...he gets outside thanks to a block from brandon marshall and he will go 60 yards for the score....bears led 7-3... the bears led 26-17 in the 4th when matt stafford hits brian robiskie for a was 26- 24..the bears trhen got the ball back needinn to make a first down to ice it.. and on a third and five...cutler runs out of the pocket to get it...huge play tne bears wins in 26-24...then taking the flight home while the vikings were playing the packers. a win by adrian peterson and minnesota would eliminate the bears...the game tied at 34-all in the final seconds when peterson gets free and takes the ball well withing field goal range... peterson just 9 yards short of the all time rushing record... he set up blair walsh for the game winner and he drills it home...the vikings win 37-34 and they make the post season while the bears go home. for the second straight year the bears burnout in the secomnd half..they were 7 and 1 and still failed to make
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it....we'll have much more coming up on instant replay at 940. >> with only one day left for lawmakers in washington to prevent fiscal changes that would impact just about every american. the two sides remain far apart and continue to blame each other >> live in our newsroom with the latest developments >> the sunday senate session started with a prayer to save the nation from its self- inflicted wounds. it ended tonight with no deal and no vote taken. the senate majority
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leader says the distance between the two sides is it significant but negotiations continue >> "the republican leader has shown absolutely good faith it's just that we're apart on some pretty big issues." "i'm willing to get this done, but i need a dance partner." with the dance almost over... republicans and democrats are still on opposite sides of the room. the deadline to strike a deal is tomorrow.... or, the u-s plunges off the so- called fiscal cliff and possibly into an economic free fall. facing a dreaded combination of spending cuts and tax hikes... president obama made an appearance, on n-b-c's meet the press. "regardless of partisan differences, our top priority has to be to make sure that taxes on middle class families do not go up that would hurt our economy badly." democrats want to keep the bush-era tax cuts for everyone, except the wealthiest americans. just how wealthy? a major sticking point... with negotiations now focused on an income threshold around 400-to-500 thousand dollars.
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*republicans argue the problem isn't tax revenue...but spending. they want reforms to entitlements. but a proposal to change the way social security benefits are measured against inflation was pulled from the table. vice president joe biden -- talked to minority leader mitch mcconnell several times an effort to break the stalemate. hopefully, the discussions between the vice president and senator mcconnell will get us back on track, hopefully get a breakthrough and something we can vote on. i hope by the end of day tomorrow night, we can celebrate the end of this year and the beginning of a new year with good news for the american people." the senate adjourned for the nine and will reconvene tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. eastern time. even if it some type of deficit deal is reached the there will be just hours left to get it passed through both chambers of cocongress
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>> secretary of state hillary clinton is in the hospital in new york tonight with a blood clot related to a concussion she suffered earlier this month. doctors discovered the blood clot during a routine follow up exam today. mrs. clinton is being treated with anti-coagulants. she will remain in the hospital for at least 48 hours, so doctors can monitor her condition. mrs. clinton suffered the concussion while battling a stomach flu, which left her dehydrated, causing her to faint and fall at her home. mrs clinton had been expected to return to work next week. a bill to legalize same-sex marriage in illinois could come before state lawmakers in springfield as soon as this week >> the headline in sundays sun times said it all... president obama calling on illinois to legalize gay marriage... i think the president speaks for the majority of americans.. the timing... crucial for state
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represenative greg harris, who looks for a vote on marriage equlity in springfield in the next week... just two months after voters maine, maryland and washington state approved same sex marriage laws.. this is where the people of america are.. this is where the people of illinois are. citing the presidents stance, the white house said 'were the president still in the illinois state legislatuire, he would support this measure that would treat all illinois couples equally.' but conservative chicago democrat, represenative joe lyons, says the presidents view wont change his vote against the marriage bill... telling wgn by phone 'when he was in the state senate, president obama voted present on any controversial bill that came up.' that sentiment is echoed by other conservatives in the state, including the chicago catholic archdiocese and the thomas more society. the president is entitled to his
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opinion. he is only one voter. >>the bills author says the bill strikes a balance protecting churches from having to consecrate marriages it wishes not to... yet affords couples equal marriage rights under the law. the velocity of public opinion is changing so rapidly that i think were all surprised at how this is happening but in every corner of the state of illinois from chicago to carbondale.. people are talking to their friends.. their co workers.. their families... folks at their synagogues and their churches and theyre deciding that theres no good reason to treat one family different than another family >> working to ensure a safe new years in chicago. next, the c-t-a says is bringing back their traditional penny fares. also ahead, we're learning more about why a russian jet-liner slammed into the side of a highway this weekend. and why tourism experts think more and more people are
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flocking to springfield. it is possible to see a little bit of light snow across the area tomorrow. the big story is the coldest temperatures this season coming up... break so, this board gives me rates for progressive direct and other car insurance companies? yes. but you're progressive and they're them. yes. but they're here. yes. are you...? there? yes. no. are you them? i'm me. but those rates are for... them. so them are here. yes! you want to run through it again?
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he allegedly set. two young children also remain in critical condition with severe burns >> fire and arson investigators were back at the scene a day after fire poured through the home and killed the woman. neighbors and say she and her two children recently moved into the home with her boyfriend >> she says it this is not characteristic as what she describes as a warm and welcoming neighbor iranborhood >> she says the boyfriend was
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quiet and sometimes strange >> you didn't see them during the daytime, only at night >> neighbors say they heard a couple arguing before the fire started. >> police have charged an oak forest man with murder and arson -- after his wife's body was found strangled in their burning home. 48-year old martin rodriguez is being treated at advocate christ medical center in oak lawn. he was found outside the burning home -- his throat cut and with severe burns -- on december 18th. they say he set the fire after strangling his wife -- 40 year ol.d erica rodriguez. the couple's three children were at school at the time. a fund was set up at an oak forest bank to help the children.
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chicago police discovered the body of a young man lying in an alley on the city's far south side this morning. he was found around 1130. the medical examiner's office said the victim was a number than 20 years old was apparently shot to death. the confirmed he was from chicago they're not releasing his name until his family has been notified >> if you're going out to celebrate on new year's eve, the c-t-a will once again be offering you a safe ride home.. for just a penny. this year, the c-t-a is partnering with chicago-based "miller lite" to provide penny rides on buses and trains on new year's eve. they're encouraging chicagoans to plan ahead for a safe ride home from their holiday celebrations. the penny rides begin at 10 p-m tomorrow night.. and continue through 4 a-m on new year's day. a chicago area soldier who's finishing up his second tour in afghanistan was welcomed home today. the warriors watch riders helped welcome 22-year-old army specialist ian lynch this afternoon in northwest suburban palatine. lynch is a graduate of fremd
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high school. he is a technical explosives detection dog handler with the 4th infantry division. lynch and his canine partner patroled easterrn afghanistan looking for improvised explosive devices, or i-e-d's. >> abraham lincoln may have died nearly 140 years ago but judging by attendance at historic sites around springfield his star shines as brightly as ever. state officials say visits to springfield area historic sites were of more than 3% in the first 11 months of the year. they are crediting the new lincoln movie as a factor. the actor who plays the 16th president in the film and visited several historic sites are robbed the state capital himself to prepare for his role >> laughe factory chicago stepped up tonight to help victims of hurricane sandy. the
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group arrange housing for several of the people left homeless by the east coast storm. factory members also held a comedy fundraiser to raise money for the new arrivals. the comedy club arranged housing for them at several campuses. the storm survivors will be able to stay until they are relocated to long term situations with area families or to homes owned by local churches >> a deal is on the table to prevent a huge spike in milk prices >> and later it is never too early to take to the slopes...
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iran is ending the year with a display of war games near the strait of hormuz. iran's naval forces are testing combat ships, submarines and new surface to air missles. an iranian commander says the war games are meant as a message of friendship to its neighbors, and a display of its military capabilites. iran periodically conducts these naval maneuvers to remind the west that it has threatened to close the strategic straight of hormuz in retalitation for sanctions imposed on its nuclear energy program. yesterday's plane crash in moscow has claimed a fifth the victim. a hospitalized flight attendant died of her injuries in the hospital. investigators are trying to learn why the plane overshot a runway and slammed into a highway. there currently focusing on the planes
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braking system >> nine people were killed a and at least 20 others were injured today in a bus crash along an icy road in the organ oregon. a bus carrying about 40 passengers lost control and crashed through a guardrail on interstate 84. the bus plunged several hundred feet down an embankment. the bus was heading to canada from vegas. >> president obama says security and management flaws identified in a report on the deadly attack in benghazi, libya reflect "sloppiness" in how the state department safeguards missions abroad. during an interview on nbc's "meet the press" he talked about the finding that the state department relied too heavily on untested local libyan militias to safeguard the compound.
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there was sloppiness on how we secure embassies >>u-s ambassador christopher stevens and three other americans were killed in the september 11th attack on the u- s consulate in benghazi. lawmakers on capitol hill have finally agreed on something e and it is good news for consumers. it means the price of milk will not double next month . top leaders in both parties have agreed to a one-year extension of the 2008 farm bill that expired in october. that will preserve a bundle of subsidies for farmers which lowers the price of dairy. agriculture secretary had warned americans could start paying $7 per gallon of milk if the current program expires >> thousands of police opposite
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is and firefighters gathered today to remember a volunteer firefighter killed while battling a fire in upstate new york. he was one of two fire fighters shot to death on christmas eve. police say the shooter deliberately set his house on fire toward the victims into an ambush. the funeral will be held tomorrow >> your live illinois lottery drawing is next >> after that jim ramsey will join us and he says we have set yet another whether or record in this strange winter
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pick 3... 3 5 3 pick 4...
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2 2 7 1 lucky day lotto... 5 1 38 11 21 break
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>> announcer: save big on car rentals too, from $12.95 a day. bundled up for new year's eve... >> we could have very cold air coming into the region... we have not had a daytime high temperature colder than 32 degrees since february... that set a record. our current temperature is the high temperature for today. time lapse picture... gorgeous
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sky... clouds have come in now ... we could see some snow to parts of the area. temperatures around the region... winds fairly strong tended 20 mi. per hour.10-20 mph. winter weather advisory in effect for parts of missouri and southern illinois and, three 5 in. of snow. wind chill advisory... 25-35
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degrees below sero... zero... at the moment is a rainy bee tonight mostly cloudy...
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tamaraomorrow, temperatures falling. monday evening temperatures in the single digits in some spots . tuesday, dry air. high temperature in the teens and 20s. >> a chicago church gets a special gift from the vatican
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... >> next the relics that will be on display... break
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celebrated an anniversary today with a sacred gift from the vatican. the church has been given relics, believed to be those of the holy family. a fragment of the manger where jesus was born in bethlehem, and small pieces of cloth from the veil of the virgin mary, and the cloak of joseph. the relics, exhibited in a reliquary, will be permanenatly held at holy family church. today is the 155th anniversary of the church ... chicago's second oldest. it was one of only a handful of buildings that survived the chicago police put on their second annual *bears in blue* foundation charity event today. the foundation is a non-profit organization that's dedicated to providing safety and comfort to children in crisis situations. the *bears in blue* teamed up with the *chicago steam* professional basketball team and 19th district police -- at the cornerstone homeless shelter on north clifton this afternoon. collected donations were distributed to benefit homeless children during this holiday season.
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a fantasy favor once again takes top honors at the box office >> the hobbit: an unexpected journey earned nearly $33 million in its third weekend to hold onto the no. 1 spot. here are some of the other box office winners... break
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for those who say *you can't snowboard in diapers -- you're wrong. you can -- as long as those snuggies are inside your snowsuit. here's a perfect example: a little 18-month old toddler -- hitting the slopes while he builds his skills -- and a fan base -- pacifier and all. of course -- living in snow country north of the border -- around saint bruno, quebec -- means having a lot of the snow around to play in. this young guy seems totally at
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home in the snow -- as long as he doesn't lose that pacifier. that is the news for this sunday night >> instant replay
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