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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  May 2, 2013 9:00pm-10:00pm CDT

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off a would-be abductor and helps officers create this sketch, a key clue to finding her attacker. good evening, i'm micah materre. i'm tom negovan. it's our top story seen around the country tonight on wgn america. wgn's julie unruh is live where it happened off golf road, just east of 294 in unincorporated des plaines. . >> this apartment complex in des plaines is huge. many people live here and many children as well they use bicycles to get around because it is so vast. and when the weather is warm that is what the kids have been doing, getting help on bicycles and chilling weather. that is what happened at 430 in the afternoon. a 12 year old girl was on her bicycle and she came down this driveway had went
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through the open area in the fence and went down below next to a lake or and old pond. she was sitting there enjoying the sun when a would-be predator attacked. . >> he walks up from another direction, passes her bike, he is suspicious and he comes towards her. he grabs her and covers her mouth and drags her into a wooded area. she does what we encourage people to do. she bites and cakes and screams at bites him. . >> she bit himself hard on the hand she he was forced to let her go. she ran home and then her mother called police immediately. the sheriff's department put a helicopter overhead and they brought canines and in the and there was nothing. the had bones that they
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found are believed to belong to the attacker. the sheriff's department responded in force and held out fliers telling bad a bad guy was on the loose. the 12 year-old girl is getting the police many specifics about the suspect. here you are dealing with a child who just turned 12 and she was able to describe vividly the person and our detective was able to come up with a sketch that is phenomenal for detail. here is a look at that detailed sketch. police are looking for a light skinned hispanic man standing between 5 ft. 8 in. and 5 but tan. 170 lbs. or 200 lbs. and black and white striped pants. anyone with information should call the cook
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county sheriff's department. there has been one other report of a suspicious person in the area in recent days, whether that was the same person is not clear. they are simply asking people to keep their eyes peeled and report anything suspicious to police. an armed and dangerous fugitive from chicago is now in police custody near madison, wisconsin. the fbi says video captured 33 year-old paris poe at a country inn and suites around 11:15 this morning. he was found about 7 o'clock this evening. the fbi says poe violated his parole, and is wanted for questioning in a federal murder investigation. house speaker mike madigan pushed for it and the illinois house passed a far-reaching pension reform plan. however, its prospects in the senate are not certain. the state's pension debt is almost 100- billion dollars. under the plan, cost-of-living increases would be decreased. the retirement age for young workers would be raised. and more would be taken out of their paychecks to pay
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for the plan. all this would affect downstate and suburban teachers, rank and file state workers, lawmakers, and university employees. president obama traveled south of the border today to meet with his mexican counterpart. mr. obama had his first extended meeting with enrique peña nieto, mexico's newest president. both presidents say immigration reform is at the front of their agenda. they hosted a joint press conference today. mr. obama gave credit to mexico's growing economy, saying that has contributed to a lower number of illegal border crossings from mexico into the u.s. this year. i think this progress should help inform the debate in the united states and i am optimistic we will finally get comprehensive immigration reform passed. a bipartisan group of senators is expected to push new immigration propsals through the senate later this month. before heading to mexico, president obama nominated billionaire businesswoman penny pritzker for commerce secretary. wgn's marcella raymond has reaction to another presidential
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pick from chicago. . >> i am nominating penny pritzker to serve as my secretary of common. . >> she is the heiress to the high at hotel fortune and is worth 1.8 $5 billion, one of the wealthiest women in the world. she was on the chicago board of education and had a tumultuous relationship with labor in chicago. hyatt has been in contract negotiations with you night here, the union representing workers. they have been vocal of holding up high it as the symbol of corporate greed. today in the pro obama union leaders refused to comment leading insiders to believe a back door agreement is near or they will not comment because the exit is president as
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one of president obama's advisers. while pritzker was on the board families who had the most to lose lewis lost the most. the tax subsidies given to the hyatt for development could have been used for education. . >> the luxury hotels that she owns are taking money from our classrooms and we wonder to what extent she represent the families of america at the national stage that she could not represent at the local stage. >> supporters defend her and say she is mislabeled and unfairly treated. >> during her time in chicago the unions oftentimes tried to take on her on issues. i had to point out to her a number of times back the things they said were not true. >> the mayor said that
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throughout her career she has been a champion force student and cities. involved in every business the dick and philanthropic endeavor. president obama praised her for giving every business and every worker the best possibility to succeed but even he knows how quicklcopperhow ... confirmation hearings candy. >> you get to go through confirmation hearings. it could be great. another effect of the flood waters that hit two weeks ago is coming to light. a woman says her vehicle was one of several parked at the hyatt-o'hare garage which became submerged in water. she says the hotel is responsible. wgn's lourdes duarte joins us live from the hyatt which says it's not responsible. . >> some fallout from those floods. imagine going on vacation and coming home only to find your vehicle is the stride. that is what happened to one
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woman and she is blaming the place behind me, the hyatt, for letting it happen. >> down here underneath the guardrail in .... >> what water debris and several feet of it, you can see it covering her car. the car is a total loss from the floods a few weeks ago. she says that none of it should have happened. she paid $50 to keep her car at the hyatt near the airport during a five day trip. a parking receipt right on the dashboard as they asked. >> i left it here in a vacant secure spot and i come back and it is flooded, totaled. >> she says there's no call warning her, simply the card they're sitting there for days. other guests cars were moved but that was that. >> did she call me sooner? i could have sent you the key or
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send a tell truck. why didn't you move my car? they said i they didn't have the phone number. i said that all they had to do was call. >> when she returned there was one message but that was well after the flooding. she said she was not the only one. >> they were at least six pictures of flooded vehicles of people who have not yet picked up their cars. there could have been more. >> what we reached the height it for a statement they say they are pleased with how they handle the punting situation. they said the hotel took every measure to notify customers that were parked in the lot to alert them of the flooding situation that occurred april 18th. when necessary we assisted these guests with complimentary rooms and meals and transportation. >> i would like to see them give me money for my car, what it was
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worth and make it right. >> the high not answering any questions simply sending out that statement. diane said she has only liability insurance. she had to drop down to that when she lost her car a couple years ago and the insurance will not cover the loss of her car. she wants the hyatt to knolet people know that there is the possibility of flooding, especially if they are selling parking spots. a suburban teen accused of trying to flee the country to join a terrorist group may soon be free on bond. tonight, the fight to keep him behind bars. plus, the search for a doctor accused of sexually assaulting two of his patients at stroger hospital. what are you willing to do for a raise? how about getting the company's logo tattooed on you? and it couldn't last forever. 80s are gone, replaced by much cooler temperatures. tom skilling says we could see some rain with that chilly weather.
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[ female announcer ] he could be the one. soulmate. husband. loving father to your children. but first you've got to get him to say, "hello." new crest 3d white arctic fresh toothpaste. ur in just 2 days. what will a 3d white smile do for you? new crest 3d white toothpaste. life opens up when you do. new information tonight in the boston marathon bombing investigation. we are learning
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that tamerlan tsarnaev and his brother dhokhar had initially planned to carry out an attack on july fourth, but the bombs were reportedly ready earlier than expected. according to an official, the brothers decided to move up the date. officials also say the bombs used in the attack were built in tsarnaev's apartment. that's the apartment he shared with his wife and child. tsarnaev's widow, speaking through her attorney, said she knew nothing about the attack. earlier this week, federal officials removed evidence from the home. today tsarnaev's body was claimed and picked up by a funeral home. the west suburban teen accused of trying to flee the country to join a terrorist group is being allowed to bond out of jail. 18 year old abdella tounisi of aurora faces federal charges. he's accused of trying to board a plane bound for turkey so he could join a terrorist group in syria. prosecutors argued in court today that tounisi is a flight risk. and they say he helped another alleged terrorism suspect, adel daoud, select bomb targets in chicago. members of tounisi's community came out in force to support him.
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. >> he is a very nice kid. loki. and. low key. and as a matter of fact a few days before they ask, were you involved in communication? and he said no. don't do what those guys do and do not go there. i am shocked. the judge ordered tounisi to home confinement, giving prosecutors 24 hours to file an appeal. there hasn't been a murder in wheeling, illnois in three years. tonight that has all changed. a man was shot to death a block away from his apartment. wgn's dan ponce is live in wheeling with more on this story. dan? . >> the victim identified as a 23 year-old who lives in this apartment complex with his family. police say there is gang
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activity in the area but they have not said it was gang- related. the mendte lived with his wife and parents in an apartment about 100 yds from where he was shot to death last night. at ninth o'clock they were called to an apartment complex in wheeling with reports cathay a man shot in the chest. >> hurt like seven shots at we ran upstairs. after the shots were fired we heard people yelling that rafael got shot. my mother tried to keep inside but i ran to him. he was coughing up blood. it was really hard. >> one of his good friends said he was walking his dog and talking with friends when he was hit. she said he was not the intended target. >> was not in a gang. he was
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outside walking his dog and he was friendly with everyone. >> he was rushed to the hospital and pronounced dead. neighbors say that it is the result of increased activity but his friends say he was not in a gang. >> i think they got the wrong person. >> investigators looked for evidence all day. dozens of people hanging out in the parking lot last night when the shooting happened. they broke off a portion of the apart the building to investigate. police said they are not sure if the shooting was gang-related. >> in the last year we have but not here for various crimes and criminal damages but nothing like this. we have some gags to identify themselves but at this point we do not know if this was a gang. >> this is the first murder in wheeling since 2010. no suspect
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in custody but if you know somebody you should call police in wheeling. the relationship between a doctor and a patient is a sacred trust. now a doctor is accused of breaking that trust after two women say he sexually assaulted them. an arrest warrant was issued last week for 28-year-old luygy jara charging him with criminal sexual assault. two women say he violated them during a routine exam at stroger county hospital. hospital administrators say they fired jara. he's from peru and investigators believe he may have fled the country. playing politics with gun- control. a republican senator accusing members of his own party of the voting it down to make sure the president did built get a victory. ok, this is a bit awkward. the new pope living in a hotel near the vatican, while the ex-pope moving back into the papal confines. confines.
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a washington lawmaker says it was just a case of your side versus my side, and that's why the latest gun bill didn't pass. senator toomey of pennsylvania says republicans voted against the bill just because it's a major part of president obama's agenda. the president promised voters that he would get tougher gun laws passed, if he were re-elected. toomey says that caused "political polarization" to kick in when people vote their partyline no matter what. that's actually similar to what president obama said about the failed gun bill. some republicans say that's not true and that they will support a bill, if it does not infringe on a citizen's right to bare arms. emeritus pope benedict the 16th has moved back to the vatican as was planned. a picture of benedict with current pope
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francis was released to the media. no tv cameras were present. benedict was the first pope to abdicate in 600 years. he has been staying at the castel gandolfo papal summer residence ever since he stepped-down earlier this year. he'll live-out his retirement in a restored convent in the vatican gardens, a short walk from the residence of his successor. pope francis is not living in the customary papal apartment at the vatican. he lives in a 120-room hotel next door to saint peter's basilica. construction crews raised the final section of the spire to the top of one world trade center thursday. once it's in place, the 408-foot spire will make it the tallest building in the western hemisphere, with the symbolic height of 1776 feet. right now, the spire is sitting atop a temporary structure on the roof until iron workers permanently attach it. coming up in the medical watch: could your lipstick be making you sick? a warning about troubling levels of toxic metals found in lipstick and lip gloss.
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bridging his personal digital divide. warren buffet joins the twitter-verse and he's certainly racking up the followers. an immigrant town built in the 1800's. be amazing story coming up.
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putting battle on your lips. that is what some doctors say women do every day. but
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dangerous levels in lipstick and lit lost. researchers, led cadmium allman and five other battles. some at levels that could have a negative health impact long term. chromium is linked to stomach tumors. consumers say the fda should pay attention. there are no restrictions on metal content in lipstick. or cosmetics. able man who suffered from migraines studied the crippling headaches. there was a genetic connection, a gene that controls protein production in sufferers of migraine. understanding the cause could help them find a treatment for migraine spirit the american journal of psychiatry says that babies who are above average or below average weight at birth are more likely to be diagnosed with
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autism. premature at low birth weight have been linked haveautism. the researchers believe that this is further evidence that the process that leads to autism likely begins during fetal life. what a difference a day makes. it's much cooler tonight and tom skilling says the chilly weather might be around for a while. and a little something to get you in the mood for summer in chicago - buckingham fountain back in business! [ babies crying ] surprise -- your house was built on an ancient burial ground. [ ghosts moaning ] surprise -- your car needs a new transmission.
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get happy. get geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. we have had spring of winter summer and fall. . >> isn't that something? is often said. if you don't like it, just wait a minute and it will change. it did today. look at this left over from yesterday's summer like weather. it brings back bad spring feeling and it will be back next week because we go back to the '70s. look at the shot from tom. robins eggs with mother feeding the little one in the next picture. and the others say we are still hungry and go get
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costs some more. a great sequence. we always get such great pictures from folks. these clouds yielded showers. one half inch of rain in some areas. showers and even some thunderstorms in the area now. the big story has been the temperature plunged. 55 was the high after midnight, down 29 degrees from yesterday. midnight was also the time for the 71 at the airport. if you look at the meetings now and compare them to yesterday, it is 37 degrees colder. we are not alone in this. a huge area of the midwest watched as temperatures crash. where 25 degrees below 24 hours ago. here is how it shaped up across the chicago area. but it
9:32 pm
has not snowed here the way it did in minnesota and wisconsin. rochester minnesota in the corner of this cool air pool has had 14 in. of snow. yet the '60s are rebounding and going pop into british columbia a sign that warmer weather is all the way. next week we are back in the '70s. these are current temperatures and the fact they are so cool is a product of the northwest wind coming off the still chilly waters of the lake. you are never away from a weathenever far away from the wd ship that will change the weather. this morning in rensselaer, the southern area of horror viewing area. sevenin the
9:33 pm
'70s. but 42 degrees outside the studio now here in the northwest side of chicago. some rain totals. al conklin and sycamore and other areas, you see it has rained. and the snow has fallen near new richmond wisconsin. and here'a shot from minnesota with heavy snow there. this will route the had the main producing storm just to the south and west of chicago. we will get rain but those in the southern parts of the state and in kentucky and the kentucky
9:34 pm
derby, it looks very wet in louisville saturday. the bulk of the heavy rains will pass through that area. we will be swiped by them. these are producing thunder and lightning because the air aloft is warm even though down here we are in the 40's. shallow layer of one mayor rising and producing thunderheads and we get thunder and lightning. lightning will fade as the night goes on but look at these cloud towers at what is coming from the south. we will get rate for sure. watch as we move through time. midnight tonight and tomorrow morning. a solid rain falling to the west with embedded rain and thunderstorms and these people will see standing water there. brief downpours in your area with about .88 inches of rain.
9:35 pm
amounts will pick up dramatically to the west and we will show you those. we will also look at snow numbers. stunning. they have broken records for snowfall in iowa and parts of western wisconsin and southeast minnesota today with more than 1 ft. of snow in those areas. many. tonight with perhaps a thunderstorm or 2 at north wins at 1020 miles between 10 and 20. another day of northeast winds with patchy light rain and drizzle enchant to make thunderstorm tomorrow with a low of 46. rain more scattered and lighter for the most part with patchy fog along the lake. 60 saturday at '50s at the lake shore. it is no bargain pyrrhic to bad we couldn't buy
9:36 pm
one of those 80 degree-days for saturday. but wait until you see the seven day forecast. it gets better. . >farmers have not been able to get out because of the rain. imagine having snow up there. . >> next: jullian crews is taking a trip back in time to a rustic german village called maeystown. and when it comes to green, it's all about the ink. what workers at one company did to get a raise. let's see what you got. rv -- covered. why would you pay for a hotel? i never do. motorcycles -- check. atv. i ride those. do you? no. boat. house. hello, dear. hello. hello. oh! check it -- [ loud r&b on car radio ]
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block the acid with prilosec otc and don't get heartburn in the first place! [ male announcer ] one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn. tonight, we cruise back into illinois history to a real german village outside st. louis. the entire community of maeystown sits on the national register of historic places. so were back on the road again, heading south to visit the hillside village built by german immigrants. leading us on the journey is our own julian crews. its a story of unshakable determination and hope for a better life. 'one of the reasons they settled here was because of the hillsides right around maeystown. the people who had come from belheim, germany and surrounding parts of the rhineland area were stone masons, tailors, all kinds of
9:40 pm
occupations.' village founder jacob maeys, a german immigrant, walked all the way from philadelphia to reach these fertile farmlands along the mississippi in 1852, settling on a hilly piece of earth 30 miles south of st. louis. you can get the full story at the maeystown preservation society and museum. 'and so jacob came here and decided this little area was very much like germany and it would suite not only his family and friends but others, perhaps, who came later.' newcomers followed opening shops in the settlement drawn to the hills that reminded them of home. at the museum, see how settlers laid the spiritual cornerstone. st. johns church, a sturdy structure that stands today. like many immigrants, people worked to retain their culture. germans came to america and they wanted to have music like they had in germany so they started their own bands. the villagers discovered new pastimes, eager to assimilate and adapt to the ways of
9:41 pm
america. stone masons and craftsmen left their mark on maeystown with a remarkable ability to integrate buildings into the landscape. 'the germans didnt have to level anything because they had the skills to build into the hillside because it was similar to the area in germany where they came from.' you can see the engineering in stone gutters that still line the streets. 'theyve been here since the 1870s. so were talking 140 years. they still function in the same way. takes a little repair and cleaning but the stone masons knew what they were doing.' 'the famous mayestown bridge was built by stone masons in 1881 using limestone harvested from nearby hills.' you can live the history at the corner george inn. rooms range from $88 to $109 a night with a luxurious $139-dollar loft suite across the street. theres a maeystown general store, lovingly restored by
9:42 pm
descendants of original settlers. and a few steps away, vicis front porch and tea garden serves lunch on saturdays with candlelight dinners by reservation. 'you can sit outside if you like. theres a beautiful creek that runs through maeystown and all through our backyard. its very pretty and relaxing.' the plats laid out by jacob maeys are remarkably functional like small farms. villagers enjoyed space for a home and business with back alleys storage and access to water. its a testament to self-reliance and vision, and a journey you wont soon forget. cruisin maeystown, julian crews, wgn news. big doings in maeystown this sunday. antique dealers from 11 states take part in maeystowns fruehling fest, a celebration of spring with german food and music. log on to our homepage,, to see a fascinating photo album of historic maeystown and other web features. coming up: the contest to name
9:43 pm
the shedd's baby beluga is over. find out which name wgn viewers chose. and game 6 at the u.c. the bulls try and fight through injuries and illness to send the nets packing for summer vacation. .dr
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warren buffet may be one of the richest men in the world, but he once missed an important business opportunity because he didn't know how to check his voicemail. now the "oracle of omaha" has entered the world of social media with his own twitter account. his first tweet: "warren is in the house" was sent from his account,"@- his fear of technology, repeatedly turning down offers from fellow billionaire bill gates to set up a computer at his home. buffet still doesn't have a computer on his desk at the office. one new york company is offering employees a fifteen percent raise if they don't mind some permanent ink. rapid realty, based in brooklyn, is giving workers extra dough if they get a tattoo with the company's logo on it. so far, about forty employees have taken up the offer, inking their ankles, arms, and backs. rapid realty owner anthony lolli says he got the idea from a loyal employee who wasn't doing it for the money. how are you tom?. >> very well. i wish it was
9:47 pm
warmer but there is warmer weather coming to talk about. this warm air pulled to the east form a blocking pattern and that proves the heaviest rains from iowa to downstate illinois and parts of missouri and the ohio river valley. look at the 72 hour for st. louis with 4 in. of rain. whether it by trees and white areas add storm warnings in the red areas. flood watches for missouri and downstate illinois. florida and georgia and mississippi river, look at the frost and freeze advisories in blue. some really strange and varied weather across the country. here is the forecast. you see the solid yellow and green and it feeds a over the same geography near us. note
9:48 pm
that the area around southern indiana and louisville could be bat for the kentucky derby this weekend. here are the reins fading overnight but don't be surprised iif there is an isolated thunderstorm. some places have had 15 in. of snow and near rice lake and a northwest wisconsin. incredible snow today while it rained and one school here today and will continue that way. the rains more scattered over the weekend and possibly we will see sunshine sunday or monday. at least some peeks at sunshine. upper '70's by thursday next week. it turns cooler and then it warm again after that. up and down. .
9:49 pm
>> chicago's buckingham fountain has come back to life for its 86th-season. the pumps were turned on today by children who benefitted from the march of dimes when they were babies. the center jet pushes water 150-feet into the air, a sure sign of spring on chicago's lakefront. at least we have that. it was a regular "beluga- palooza" at the shedd aquarium today. the crowd went wild as the name of the shedd's eight month old beluga whale was announced. "it's kimalu!" mother mai-yak touched the winning name. kimalu, which means "something or someone special." 10,000 wgn viewers, shedd-goers and whale lovers voted over the last ten days. one of those voters will win a beluga encounter for four, and meet one of the shedd's whales up close. thanks to all who joined us and the shedd aquarium in naming the baby beluga!
9:50 pm
coming up. the short-handed bulls have a few tricks up their sleeves as they try and eliminate the nets tonight in game 6. while the cubs played both spectacular and sub-par defense this afternoon at wrigley. dan roan is next with sports. if you're looking for help relieving heartburn, caused by acid reflux disease, relief is at hand. for many, nexium provides 24-hour heartburn relief and may be available for just $18 a month. there is risk of bone fracture and low magnesium levels. side effects may include headache, abdominal pain, and diarrhea. if you have persistent diarrhea, contact your doctor right away. other serious stomach conditions may exist. don't take nexium if you take clopidogrel. relief is at hand for just $18 a month. talk to your doctor about nexium. we can afford to take an extra trip this year.
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they're testing luol deng for meningitis, they sent him home. taj gibson and nate robinson are also sick, the bulls can't catch a break as they try to close out the nets in game six at the uc. no kirk hinrich either, can't put weight on that bad leg. but joakim noah's feeling frisky again-- lobbing for marco belinelli, 25-23 in the first, the last lead the bulls would have for a long time. close game late second, deron williams from downtown and fouled by nate, 60-54 at halftime... way too many points, but the bulls hang in there, noah and jimmy butler workin' the two-man game, it was 75-71 nets at the end of three. in the fourth quarter, some new life with nate robinson, that's just sick, 83- 79 nets. but the nets would not let go of that lead, andre blache threw it off the top of the backboard and in. bulls had the ball in the end with a chance to tie.
9:54 pm
it did not hand out and they lose the game at home 96-92 and it is on to brooklyn for game 7. not enough warm bodies to get the job done, i am afraid. >> my next step is inside the bulls' locker. the guys who came and did a nice job. a good job by them. also brooklyn kept them in the game. they missed 11 free throws that is how the bulls stayed alive but it was too much to overcome, too much flu and heinrich, and gained seven
9:55 pm
coming up saturday in brooklyn. they're ripping up the basketball court as we speak, getting ready for game two tomorrow night at the uc between the blackhawks and the minnesota wild. hawks working at the united center, unlikely to have ray emery or dave bolland available for the next one, but everybody else is a go. minnesota did a great job clogging lanes the other night, passing and shooting lanes. typical playoff hockey, and the hawks have to settle in and play accordingly. against them we play at our pace and create chances. they give you a lot on the outside but more importantly you have to try to get to the battle and get those chances... it's cold in texas, too. third- coldest game ever in arlington, the rangers and the white sox. cold weather, hot catcher, tyler flowers with two aboard in the sixth, and that one is going all the way out. a three-run homer
9:56 pm
for tyler flowers, jake peavy was scratched with a sore back, hector santiago moved up and delivered tonight, five-plus, a run on two hits... and the sox beat the rangers, 3 to 1... if you think these cub fans were cold, there was some real cold business at the end of this game. cubs and padres, anthony rizzo going where no man has ever gone before, or wanted to. great play there, but it was overshadowed by a bad one. popup to right, julio borbon called for it and then didn't get there, a run is in, 2 to 1 cubs in the eighth. shawn camp relieves a dominant travis wood and throws one off wellington castillo's glove to the screen, you could run after that one, wellie. he didn't, game tied, james russell comes on to pitch and everth cabrera wins the game for san diego. rbi single to center, the padres get four in the eighth, beat the cubs, 4- 2. that's the news for this thursday night. we're happy you shared time with us. i'm micah materre. i'm tom negovan. updates on for all
9:57 pm
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