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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  July 9, 2013 9:00pm-10:00pm CDT

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the bill that has been all the talk in springfield as of late allowing for a concealed carry gun law in illinois. illinois is the last state to take the leap. >> it's about time for law abiding citizens ... they have a right to protect themselves. >> earlier today, lawmakers took governor quinn to task by casting their ballots. first the house, then the senate. guns were on the table and legislators fired the first verbal shot, essentially rendering his mandatory veto of the bill void. a disappointed governor reacts fearing the concealed carry law will only make for more tragedies in the streets. >> there has to be a common sense when it comes to firearms. if you allow people to go into restaurants and have a weapons, loaded concealed weapons, even more than one of them, it is just plain wrong. >> efforts to incorporate some of quinn's ideas into the law failed at the end of the day. one political group, the gun violence prevention pac, says it will hold elected officials
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responsible around election time. >> what we want to know is what provokes legislators to vote to the other way. and the way we see it, a lot of times they get caught up in the politics and forget to they represent. >> chicago's mayor is quick to recognize the law that applies to the rest of illinois could be problematic for the city. >> gun control is essential. if they try to create a bill that represents the whole state, i think we need to make it clear chicago is different than downstate and we had a stark reminder of that this weekend. >> the new concealed carry law will take at least 6 months to go into effect. some say it may take even longer. illinois state police in charge of permits and regulating training, among other things. all of that still getting sorted out. while all eyes were on springfield today, next week city hall is going to be a pretty busy place. the mayor is calling for a special session to address an assault weapons ban. he did it when he worked under former president clinton. he's going to
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try to do it again here. >> here to break down the new concealed carry law is chicago tribune political reporter rick pearson. >> good evening. break it down for us. how political is this whole thing? >> this is very political. there is no doubt that the federal court order that mandates the legislators take action ... beyond that, i think what you saw was not just an override of the bill, but to symbolic repudiation of him as governor. democrats did not get involved in negotiations like they should have had. what lawmakers have been saying about this to your long battle... what they'd negotiate in the springtime, what the governor wanted ... if
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you are a governor, when does this locked in? it is official at the moment but you cannot do it at this present time. >> it is now a state law to carry concealed weapons but you cannot do it. the state police have six months to create these new rules and regulations and to issue licenses. you cannot get one because the police have not put that project together yet. they have to put in the checks and balances for qualification. you also need to have 16 hours of qualified a time with a certified instructor. police have 90 days to determine who is a certified instructor. you have those kind of issues. anyone that has a gun, do not think that you can walk around with a concealed firearm. >> does the share of have to look at all the applications?
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>> law enforcement can review applications but what they can only do is subject to one of being granted. there is an appeals prprocess to find out who is unsuitable. many in law enforcement did not want that. they wanted to put it on the applicant. >> what did they get that they did not want? >> the governor wanted a couple things. if you go into a restaurant, and they sell over 50 percent alcohol, you cannot bring about an into their subjects to the odwners decision. >> why did lawmakers say no to that? >> i think it is more of the
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governor's action. as the governor said, alcohol and guns do not mix. this is a complaint that the governor got in too late, especially with a deadline hanging over them. >> why did it take so long? >> the governor's office says they have been familiar in have been informed all the way, but like a lot of legislation, we need to know at the beginning what do you want and what will you not accept. lawmakers have complained, including democrats, that he is saying the same things over and over again. >> thank you for joining us. >> a south side side hospital gearing up for its annual blood drive... an effort made more urgent this summer by a spike in violent crime. wgn's tom negovan is live at st. bernard hospital in englewood with the story. >> where the need for blood is always great, at a bit of a high point right now. for a hospital that's not a level one trauma center, this place sees
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more than its share. for example, three shooting victims drove themselves here last wednesday night. all were critically wounded. one died. they're either treated here and released or treated and transported. either way, they need help... and so does this hospital. >> we may get someone who's been shot in the arm or a leg, and they're treated here and discharged. but that still takes blood. and this summer we've been seeing unfortunately quite a few of those. on a weekly basis, we see quite a number of gunshot victims. >> while shootings are a big factor in the increased need for blood, they're just one factor. right now, a shortage of donors is an even bigger problem. they're hoping a lot of them will show up this year, one week from friday, to help out. live in englewood... tom negovan, wgn news. >> a warning tonight about a
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sexual predator in the humboldt park neighborhood. guardian angels are passing out a police alert about an attack yesterday at western and augusta. a man grabbed a woman at a cta bus stop, dragged her into a gangway, and beat and sexually assaulted her. people are urged be aware of their surroundings, walk in groups, stay calm if confronted, and report any suspicious activity. >> no injuries reported when a school bus carrying 21 passengers was rear-ended this evening. the accident happened near the intersection of ashland and milwaukee avenues. the bus was taking young people home from a summer school program at the sabin school on west hirsch street. all the passengers on the bus were taken to various hospitals to be examined, but all were believed to be in good condition. a scientist who who testified at the drew peterson murder trial is now lending his expertise to the george zimmerman trial. >> still to come, what he had to say about zimmermans account of what happened that day. >> i want to thank everyone that has helped me and my family through this entire ordeal
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>> also, the victims of those kidnappings in cleveland speak out for the first time since being rescued. >> and later, investigators release new details about what happened when a commercial jet crash landed in san francisco. >> it is a after 9:00 and yet the heat index is 90 degrees. right now we have a dew point as high as 76. this means the atmosphere has a lot of moisture, and as this cold front moves and, we have a chance of thunderstorms popping up. there is relief from the humidity coming however, and a tropical storm coming through the caribbean. we will have more on that in my forecast later on. >> you're watching chicago's >> you're watching chicago's very own wgn news at nine.
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very own wgn news at nine. >> the three women held prisoner in a filthy home in cleveland for roughly ten years speak publicly for the first time since their rescue. >> wgn's robert jordan has more on how amanda berry, gina dejesus, and michelle knight are thanking their supporters and loved ones. >> i may have been through hell and back but i i am a strong enough to walk through hell with a
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smile on my face >> hello was where these three women spent the last 10 years of their lives. tormented in a dungeon, the cleveland ohio women had been kidnapped or lowered off the street by ariel castro. the women were able to gain their freedom after one of them, amanda berry , saw a chance to call out for help. she was in captivity for 10 years and had given birth to a child, was upbeat and cheerful for help from friends and family. >> i want to thank everyone who has helped me through this entire ordeal. everyone who has been there to support us ... it has been a blessing to have such an outpouring of kindness. >> this is the first time the women have spoken publicly after being freed from the kidnappers house. gina dejesus spoke
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briefly. >> i would say thank you for the support. >> michelle knight had the most to say. >> i am in control of my own destiny with the guidance of god. i have no problems expressing how i feel inside. be positive, learned that it is important to give than receive. thank you for your prayers, i am looking forward to my brand new life. >> our thanks to robert jordan for that report. >> a fund set up for the three victims has raised more than one million dollars. >> george zimmerman's attorneys trying to chip away at the prosecution's case, and calling a witness that caught people's attention here in chicago. a forensic pathologist testified he thought the wound on trayvon martin's chest was consistent with zimmerman's story that martin was on top of him and defending himself when he pulled the trigger. during cross-examination, doctor vincent di maio confirmed he's being paid to testify in the
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zimmerman case and has testified for both prosecutors and defense attorneys all over the world, including for drew peterson's defense team during that murder trial. >> how much in total have you been charged? >> up until yesterday, $2,400. this is not exactly a complicated case. >> zimmerman is on trial for killing 17-year-old trayvon martin during his neighborhood watch patrol. zimmerman claims martin was assaulting him and he was defending himself. >> two flight attendants were actually ejected from that plane that crashed in san francisco and lived. next, investigators release more information about what happened. >> a crash at a gas station turns dangerous in a hurry and its all caught on tape. >> and the plan to bring new signs and advertising to wrigley field clears another hurdle at city hall. losing their sacred home. >> yo's
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very own wgn news at nine. >> the national transportation safety board announces several new details about the plane crash in san francisco that killed two passengers and injured more than 180 others. first off, the pilot of the asiana airlines plane has 9,500 hours of flight time, including 5,000 in command. but the flight to san francisco was his first time operating a 777. the pilot's supervisor was also overseeing his first flight as a trainer. secondly, two flight attendants were ejected. they were found down the runway and off to the side. >> after the impact, the aircraft went left, and went into a 360
9:18 pm
degrees benspin. >> the pilots aboard the flight did not undergo drug or alcohol testing in the wake of the crash. the ntsb says the u.s. does not have "oversight" of foreign-based operators or their crews. the ceo of asiana airlines has also arrived in san francisco to visit the crash site. >> a local university is teaching its flight students how to quickly respond to life- threatening situations in the air. wgn's julian crews takes us inside this critical program at lewis university in romeoville. >> landing and aircraft at a busy airport on a flight simulator at louis university, flight trainers and their students see the same kind of scenarios that happened saturday in san francisco. a plane crash landing just short of the runway. >> there is always something to learn from every one of these
9:19 pm
accidents and we try to incorporate into our planning. >> this man has flown boeing 777 planes as a commercial pilot. he is wondering what went wrong on saturday. >> there are warnings when you are approaching too low to the ground, if you are on the wrong path, and there are different levels of awareness and warnings in the cockpit. >> to make sense with all the technology in the airplane, pilots have to process information quickly. >> pilots not only pilot the aircraft, but they have to manage a lot of systems and information coming into them. >> better in flight instructors do not want to speculate on the possible cause for the crash. they say with a large aircraft like the 777, there could be a number of different reasons or factors that will have to be considered by investigators. in romeoville... julian crews, wgn
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news. >> a new and modern electrical grid for chicago is on the horizon and potentially saving you money. the mayor was at a general electric factory today talking with ge officials about a pilot program with comed. the two companies have been collaborating for several months on new meters that are part of a smart grid that delivers better reliability, shortening restoration during outages, and offering consumers better ways to manage energy use. >> this modernization of our gr id needs the city of chicago is going into the 21st century at this factory powered by a 21st century system. >> ge has recently been cleared to deliver four million smart meters locally over the next eight to nine years. those meters will be made on the south side, which is also where smart grid installation will begin. >> timing is everything when it comes to a baby's first taste of real food. next, why when that first bite happens can affect chances for disease later in life. >> also, what's behind thousands of dollars in damage done to a popular chicago playing field.
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>> and a michigan woman picks the wrong guy when she went out looking for a hitman to kill her husband. >> here are tonight's winning lottery numbers.
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>> in tonight's medical watch, timing is everything when you start feeding your infant. when you start feeding them could put ythem at risk for diabetes. waiting until after 6 months also creates problems. the journal of pediatrics reports on the ideal time to add solid food is between four-six months. type 1 diabetes is on the rise for
9:24 pm
children younger than five. the time a woman works could impact a woman's fertility. night shift work could throw off a woman's menstrual cycle. in a study of over 100,000 women, british researchers found that late- night workers had a greater chance of miscarriage, and lower fertility. doctors believe the body's clock is thrown off by a late-night work and that impacts biological function. according to research, skin cancer survivors heading back into tanning beds at an alarming rate. one in seven people go for indoor tanning after the disease. they say it is similar to along the cancer survivors to go back to smoking. tanning beds have 15 times the you be raised that the sun does.
9:25 pm
doctors say it may be due to be addictive nature of tanning beds. >> storms rumbling through in places, but the skies will clear. tom skilling's forecast is next. >> and with the taste of chicago starting tomorrow, nice weather will be in demand! we want to know... will you attend the taste this year?
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>> very humid today. >> it really was. we have the highest dew point of the year right now. this is kind of an amazon river type weather pattern we have going on. the human hair is very energetic and can explode into thunderstorms it very quickly. that is what happened down in florida, their work fallunnel clouds down there. in our region, we got this picture of the clouds. this is one of the storms that produced the lightning on the shore line. this man was up in his aircraft, and was looking
9:29 pm
at one of the storms over the platelake. take a look at this picture here. from michigan city, this is a big storm. it is crossing of the lake. and north of bloomington, what a beautiful shot. on a night like this, you can almost hear the corn growing. the corn is way above average this year. it loves the warm humid weather. we have a somewhat drier air coming over the next few days but it will get he met again later in the week. clouds today, but look at this. there is a phenomenon known as dew point pooling
9:30 pm
when this error collects in one area and kicks up the moisture level of the atmosphere. we checked out the two points around the country and we were higher than miami florida. looking at some of the other two points in thdew points in the a. it is interesting ... mature crops put a lot of moisture into the atmosphere and may be one of the reasons why we have such high humidity here is because of this. you can see the rain that came out of this. all of the thunderstorms. they are slow to develop tonight but we think they are going to fire up soon. when the humidity and these temperatures meet, you can get thunderstorms. 89 degrees out at
9:31 pm
the airport, and a 87 degree dew point in aurora. very high humidity and mold acccount. what is interesting is that this is the first day that our normal high temperature has reached 85 degrees. we are in the warmest part of the you're right now. for the next couple days, the temperatures will continue to climb. 7642. on the lake is the highest of the year. lightning is starting to form as we look at this green. areas south of us may get some scattered storms. these storms will go across the peninsula tonight and move out over lake michigan. we are starting to see vertical
9:32 pm
action our in this cluster. these will proliferate in creasing in numbers. we think what is happening is that this tip of the jet stream ... the thunderstorms want to fire up but they cannot because of the jet stream. this capping mechanism will fall apart, and we will see some scattered storms. this is where they will be at 11:20 p.m.. we could have some heavy downpours in these areas and they will work through the southern suburbs. we still are on the outlook for severe weather tonight. there is so much energy in this era right now that storms just want to fire. look at the hot
9:33 pm
temperatures down in oklahoma, this is the hot weather that is choking the south. but up in north and south dakota, temperatures are in the '60s. the big story is a the dew point down in the '60s. a lot of us will start human tomorrow morniid tomorrow morning and wel have warm temperatures throughout thursday and friday with the humidity building back up again. there is also a tropical storm down and the caribbean. we will have more on that later. tonight, thunderstorms could affect 50-60 percent of the metropolitan area tonight. not everyone is going to see those storms but if you do, they will be very active. tomorrow, the humidity will start to fall tomorrow afternoon. partly cloudy and
9:34 pm
cool air tomorrow night, and mostly sunny with a high temperature of 81 degrees on thursday. there will be no haze in the atmosphere at all. >> thank you tom. >> a huge scorch mark on one of chicago's most popular playing fields. coming up, how it happened. >> also ahead, why a michigan woman said she wanted a man to kill her husband. how she got caught. caught.
9:35 pm
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very own wgn news at nine. >> a memorial service this evening for one of the 19 firefighters who died while fighting the wildfire in yarnell, arizona last week. >> wgn's sean lewis is at the winthrop harbor skate park in lake county where anthony rose was known to hang with friends while growing up. sean? >> good evening. tony rose grew up here with his love of firefighting and skateboarding, just like his friends. they came out here tonight to remember him. tony spent a lot of time here as a teenager. he is one of the 19 firefighters that died while fighting a wildfire in
9:38 pm
arizona. he was a member of the hot shots firefighting team. earlier today in arizona, there was a massive turnout for the memorial service. here in the northern suburbs, it was all about tony ... a hometown hero. his contributions to his firefighting brothers and people of arizona as the nation's were taken for his baby girl that is due to be born in october. >> when i heard about this, i never would have thought it would be somebody i know. it rips your heart ride out of your chest. and that he did that, that he loved to protect other people and their property, it makes you proud and it makes you fearful ... there are a lot of emotions to go through. >> tony rose's body will be
9:39 pm
brought back here tomorrow night. members of the local fire department will escort his body although way to be a funeral home where his body will play until funeral services are held in the next few days. >> fire breaks out at a tennessee gas station and it's all caught on tape. next, what sparked the flames. >> and later in sports, the cubs offense takes advantage of the warm weather as northsiders try and win their fourth in a row. riioetwi
9:40 pm
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very own wgn news at nine. >> "stop, drop and roll," saves a man's life after a fiery accident at a gas station in tennessee. surveillance video shows a car crashing into a gas pump that explodes. chris porter was walking to the parking lot and caught fire. he rolled on the ground instead of panicking and running. a fire marshal says it saved his life. he's critical but stable with burns over 40% of his body. the driver of the car told police he blacked out. blood tests are pending and he has not been charged. >> a michigan woman has pleaded guilty to hiring a hitman to kill her husband. julia merfeld was captured on videotape
9:43 pm
smiling and giggling in a pair of conversations where she hired a hitman who was actually a michigan state police detective. prosecutors say merfeld wanted her husband dead because the couple had been fighting. on the video, merfeld offers a "hitman" $50,000 to kill her husband because she says... it's easier than a divorce. >> i am going to take how much you want. >> it is easier than divorcing him. i don't have to worry about the stress to the family or breaking his heart. >> believe it or not, her husband says he doesn't want her to spend any time in jail. merfeld's sentencing is july 30th. she faces a minimum of six years in prison. >> can you imagine if all wives did that when they had fights with their husbands? >> that does take your breath away. >> amazing. and how easy it was
9:44 pm
to get it done. well, the big question is how many and when it will be thunderstorms are arrive in our area. you can see them out to the west of us. they are up to 40,000 ft. in wisconsin and iowa. they mark the beginning of the end of the humidity that we have been in for the last week. temperatures in the '80s with humidity dropping in the afternoon. on thursday, temperatures in the '70s and '80s. look at the heat out west ... that will be coming back in. here is the seventh day forecasten day forecast. we havt of hot air moving in ... a classic picowave pattern moving and later this week. amplifying
9:45 pm
thunderstorms up to the north. there is our beautiful canadian high temperature ... it is a summer variety high. it keeps the humidity flowlow. now we hae chantal... it is a tropical storm down there now. there are flood watches out east, thunderstorm and he advisories on the plains, and down and the caribbean, there are tropical storm advisories' and the storms may approach hurricane intensity as it moved up towards the united states. it will move over warm water and will go parallels to florida, according to the latest forecast. here are all of the models we have for the track of the hurricane. some of these
9:46 pm
bring it to very close to florida so we will be watching it over the next week and a half. 83 degrees tomorrow, she may be dropping in the afternoon. then on thursday and friday, moderate humidity but temperatures are in the '80s. on sunday and monday, it will go back into the 90s across the metropolitan area. >> tom, remember to remind me not to fight with micha. >> ever? >> ever. >> it's a soccer field with one of the best views you'll find, only now the field itself is an eyesore. this lincoln park soccer field is just on the other side of lake shore drive from north avenue beach and just south of lincoln park zoo. folks showing up to play now have a big obstacle in their path. someone was apparently using it as a fourth of july launching pad, scorching the artificial turf. >>
9:47 pm
we have kids from all over the united states and this week is one of our highlights because we are right near the lake. this field, four soccer players, is one of the most desirable to be at. this is sad. >> the $2 million field, paid for with taxpayer money, could cost tens of thousands of dollars to fix. >> the city landmarks commission approved a plan that would nearly double the amount of ad space at wrigley field. advertisements may cover some of the most iconic parts of wrigley field. the plan includes putting a corporate sponsor on the clock on the center field scoreboard. in addition to the proposed videoboards that would go over left and right fields, more signs could be attached to the scoreboard's lights. the cubs say they need to add revenue in order to pay for renovating the stadium. again, inching closer to final approval. >> a rockhopper penguin chick is the newest feathery friend on exhibit at shedd aquarium. the healthy chick hatched a little less than a month ago and is
9:48 pm
now on display in the polar play zone exhibit. an important addition to shedd, the rockhopper species is considered "vulnerable" because of disease and warming ocean temperatures in its natural habitat. the gender of the chick has not been identified. coming up... the white sox try and figure out justin verlander as they face the first place tiger for the first time this season. >> and a deserving honor for one of the greatest athletes chicago has ever produced. dan roan is next with sports.
9:49 pm
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>> if you won't go to the taste of chicago, maybe you will watch some sports. >> a rare trip for the angels to wrigley field, where there were no trades to announce. the same cubs team that battered the white sox last night having a lot more interleague fun tonight. mike trout getting his first look at wrigley, not responsible for that hat... and the cubs got busy in the first inning off joe blanton, anthony rizzo on a home run night in the confines, it's 1-0 cubs. followed immediately by alfonso
9:52 pm
soriano, this is the first of two for sori tonight, back-to- back, 2-0... he's got fifteen, and darwin barney now has five. in the sixth inning with two aboard, barney to the bleachers in left, the cubs hit five home runs tonight and beat the angels, 7-2... cubs are 13-6 against the american league with one to go. and the white sox... i don't know what to say about this, the first of 19 games against first place detroit... they're only facing justin verlander, 12-1 in his last thirteen against the sox... and boy did they men in black get even with him tonight... 1-0 detroit in the sixth, here's dayan viciedo, spent some time in robin's doghouse lately, but bursting out of it tonight, 1-1 tie there... but it was the eighth inning where it all broke loose for the sox, adam dunn got one right down the middle, that's his 24th, sox lead it 3- 1... they would get seven in the inning, that was it for
9:53 pm
verlander but the sox treated his replacement just as rudely, viciedo's second of the game, it was 8 to 1 before the inning ended... and alex rios, first ever to get four hits in a game off verlander, was six for six, ties the american league record for most hits in a game... unbelieveable, 11 to 3, sox are now 1-0 against the tigers this season, 18 more to go... busy few days for the chicago sky coming up, an 11:30 day game in washington tomorrow followed by another one on the road friday evening in connecticut. right now, the sky are saying, bring 'em on! sylvia fowles is back healthy again, and rookie elena della donne is tearing up the wnba... the eastern conference player of the week twice in a row. the sky are 8-4 in their first 12, way up on the playoff grid, which would be the a franchise first. della donne is leading the league in all-star voting, too. definitely out-shining her expectations.
9:54 pm
congratulations to chri >> she is playing three different positions on both ends of the basketball court. offense and defense. it is just the basketball intelligence that helps. >> i know since i have been here, we have always treated her like a 4-3 player and she can get out and do both. i am excited she is part of the team and i think she deserves it. >> you enjoy it for a second but then it is time for the next game. you don't want to live on your accolades or anything like that so it is also that my hard work is paying off. i am polkas on winning games. >> congratulations to prchris chelios, headed this fall to the hockey hall of fame. he played for three teams over 23 seasons... the blackhawks, red wings and canadiens... he retired at age 48, only gordie
9:55 pm
howe beats that number... chelli's going in with scott neidermeier and brendan shanahan. neidermeier said he's part of an era, and chelli's part of a few. and the stanley cup, which has seen the inside of a lot of taverns the last couple of weeks, made a stop today at lurie children's hospital. john mcdonough and joel quenneville were part of a hawks contingent that surprised patients and their families with the cup visit... a chance for the kids to see the most famous trophy in sports. and we understand that tonight,justin beiber has been hanging out with the stanley cup over at the united center . that just goes to show that dave will let anyone hang out with it. >> that's the news for this tuesday night. we're happy you shared time with us. i'm micah materre. >> i'm mark suppelsa. updates on for all of us here, have a good night.
9:56 pm
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i can cross even more places off my travel wish list. this year alone, i hit new york...
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and texas. see, hotwire checks the competition's rates every day so they can guarantee their low hotel prices. ♪ h-o-t-w-i-r-e... ♪


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