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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  July 14, 2013 9:00pm-9:40pm CDT

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crash that killed a single mother of five. she was engaged am looking forward to getting married. she often volunteered after the children schools. last night she was heading home with her daughter and family friends when relatives station became an innocent victim of a situation she had absolutely nothing to do with >> my mom was a wonderful parent... 15 year old venice gonzalez was released from the hospital this morning... she says she has cuts and bruises... and... a broken heart... after the crash that killed her mother. 35 year old marisol mercado. it all started with a shooting. this is what police tell us: 11:30 last night - in the 100 block of south springfield. a 38 year old man was shot in the leg. the gunman took off. police in the area heard the shots...and a witness pointed out the gunman's car... he refused to stop... police say because of the violent nature of the crime...officers pursued. the chase..ending more than a mile away at chicago and pulaski...with the deadly 4- vehicle crash... the car it came out of nowhere. you could tell he was going
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fast...really fast.. the pressure of how hard the car was hit...made my mind go blank and when she regained consciousness... i just remember yelling and screaming...mommy mommy come on you can do this... the mother of 5 died at the hospital. police say -- in all -- 4 others, including the suspect suffered non life threatening injuries. marisol mercado's family is looking for answers and justice. i want him in jail for life or death penalty. my sister was injured, my mom passed's just so difficult. the chicago police department does have this set of guidelines on when to start a chase...
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members of the department have to quickly determine whether the necessity to immediately apprehended the fleeing suspect at ways the level of the inherent danger created by a motor vehicle pursuit. a police state this case will be reviewed internally by the traffic review board. no police cars were involved in the crash and no officers were injured. charges against the suspect are pending >> the emotional reaction to the george's zimmerman verdict continued today including a possible federal investigation into civil rights violations against the zimmerman. department of justice officials say they are looking into the evidence, 29-year-old george zimmerman is spending his first full day of freedom in hiding. death threats have followed him since the shooting back in february 2012. however his brother is speaking to the media. "freedom is a ... new concept hito him
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the parents of trayvon martin are said to be devastated by the jury's finding of not guilty. through social media they have asked for calm. they rely on relatives to be their voice. throughout the nation last night.. protests like this one in washington... brought out angry vocal crowds but there were few reports of violence or damage. even in sanford.. the site of the courtroom battle.. there was only a tepid reaction to the acquittal. but that doesn't mean the debates of injustice, racial profiling and gun violence were silent. in chicago alone.. there was plenty of reaction. at saint sabina church... father michael pfleger and parishioners held up signs with martin's name. "yesterday we saw the justice system .. fail miserably again several hundred protestors gathered at daley plaza also shared their frustrations over the verdict. they continued with a march throughout the loop... some wearing hoodies.. similar to martin. and at rainbow push headquarters.. a gathering as well.. with the reverand jackson heading to orlando to meet with
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martin's parents. there is a trayvon in every town... >> stay tuned for continuing coverage on the zimmerman trial verdict >> and eight year-old girl is brutally beaten and strangled... paternal grandmother is now charged with murder. a judge denied bond today for 51 year-old. the little girl was found dead friday in the apartment where she lived. she lived with her grandmother and her father who is bedridden. prosecutors say the girl had bruises and burns all over her body. relatives on her mother's side say they have been battling in court to regain custody of the girl. her father was granted custody in november. they say when she died the little girl only weighed only 30 lbs.
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>> the way they left turn and kil a spokesperson for dcfs says the agency has no record of involvement in the child custody case involving her. following her death they launched investigations of neglect and abuse against her father and paternal grandmother. 2 siblings in the home replaced in protective custody >> a pair shootings today on opposite ends of the city both with tragic endings. the first a teenager shot and killed on the far south side. the victim was rushed to hospital in critical condition but doctors or unable to save him. their dedication has yet to be released
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>> the other shooting took place on the north side this afternoon in the rogers park neighborhood. the 22 year-old man was shot in the head and was dead at the scene. reaction to the shooting actually caused a small group to appear in a prayer vigil but as the crowd began to grow tensions began to rise >> a young child who was buried alive in sand at the indiana dunes remains in critical condition today. the six year- old of illinois was taken to the hospital after he was rescued friday afternoon. the boy was buried under about 11 ft. of sand for more than three hours on the eastern edge of the indiana dunes national lakeshore. more than 30 people took part in the rescue effort after a friend of the boy's family called 911 >> my friend's son got stuck in
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the sand dune... my husband and his father are trying to dig him out >> a prayer vigil was held this afternoon at the first baptist church in illinois >> there was a fatal hit and run in the logan square neighborhood overnight. a man was struck by an suv just after midnight. he was 51 years old. police say he was hit by a black chevy suburban with blue lights. he was rushed to the medical center but died about one hour later >> the principle of a private south suburban school is free on $25,000 bond after being stopped for drunk driving. he
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was stopped about 1:00 a.m. on saturday. police say his blood alcohol level was twice the legal limit. he faces several charges including no proof of insurance, interpretation of illegal alcohol and speeding. he is principal of the joseph academy in hometown... school that focuses on the needs of children with severe behavioral and learning disabilities. court records show he has two prior dui convictions >> state senator dillard will make it official smarm he is running for the republican nomination for governor. the republican ran in 2010 but lost in the primary. he and his family plan to fly around illinois on monday and tuesday on a tour. he will begin at his home in chicago.
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>> up next - why asiana airlines is considering a lawsuit against the n-t-s-b and a california t- v station. and the latest details on the death of a popular hollywood actor. plus - the clean up is underway... as the taste of chicago wraps up for the summer. the high today was 88 degrees. i will share the details in just a few minutes... break
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station and the national transportation safety board. the station misidentified the crew of the 777 that crashed at a san francisco airport last. last three passengers were killed and dozens were hurt when the plane approached the runway to low and slow and struck the sea wall. friday ktvu broadcast insulting a phony names of the pilot saying they were confirmed by the national transportation safety board. they have apologized and admitted in intern it acted improperly. they say the prank badly damage the reputation of the airline and
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its pilots >> texas gov. perry is expected to sign a controversial abortion bill into law some time in the next few days. the texas state senate passed the bill late friday... the house approved a on wednesday. the bill includes a number of restrictions that critics say will effectively shut down most clinics that perform abortions in texas. among the provisions of the bill is a regulation that outlaws abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy unless the health of the woman is in immediate danger >> we put the limit at five months >> under the new walt all abortions in taxes must be performed in an ambulatory surgical center and doctors must have ending privileges at a hospital within 30 mi. of the clinic. women who want to induce an abortion by taking a pill will have to do so at a
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certified abortion facility with a doctor present >> another year in the books taste of chicago is wrapping up in grant park this evening. the five days festival featured 39 restaurants along columbus avenue. 20 additional restaurants that pop up for just a day or two. as well as a group of food trucks over at butterfield. no official numbers just to get on attendants >yet on attendants >ce >> the first two boats have crossed the finish line in the chicago to mackinac island race. infinite diversion began the race on friday and was first across. the turbo class boats -- windquest -- and il mostro are close to finishing at this moment. some 350 sailboats began racing to mackinac island off navy pier. most are now clustered in the middle of lake michigan -- off manistee, michigan. winds are light and variable --
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after cuss says he believes mandela will be able to go home from the hospital soorica says a will be able to go home from the
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hospital soon. he has been hospitalized since june 8th with a recurring lung infection. >> an australian woman who ran with the bulls in today's closing event in pamplona, spain -- is reported in very grave condition after she was gored by a bull. the woman -- identified only as 23-year old j-e -- was gored in the back and suffered multiple rib fractures and a damaged right lung. four other runners -- all men -- were injured. the woman was holding on to a barrier at the entrance to the bull ring -- when she was injured. the event is part of the san fermin festival -- which honors pamplona's patron saint. it reached worldwide fame through publication of ernest hemingway's the sun also rises. >> a popular t-v star found dead in his native canada. cory monteith was one of the stars of the fox hit series.. glee.
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the 31-year-old actor was found dead yesterday in his vancouver hotel room after missing his checkout time. monteith spent time earlier this year in rehab.. and he had been open about struggling with drug addiction for years. one glee director says he spoke with monteith yesterday just hours before his death.. and montkeith told him he was doing great. >> i am really devastated and confused by what happened >> police do not suspect foul play. they will conduct an autopsy tomorrow >> your live illinois lottery drawing is next. do ramsey joins us with the work week forecast and the details about a hot weather heading our way >> chicago baseball at the all-
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summertime is here >> we had a couple of days this week. temperatures were quite warm. there was a lake breeze along the shore. some places reached 90 degrees today. very few clouds until late this afternoon where some storms
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started to pop up. there is also a chance at more storms could develop over the next few days in the afternoon or evening. 88 was the high today. there is some cooler air to the north... it will be coming towards us next week and. currently 79 degrees, humidity 66%. temperatures around area tonightthe area tonight... tomow points in low 70s, tropical feeling. heat in desert souith
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th west. winds light and variable... h ere are the pop up showers... it is possible to see a scattered thunderstorms more afternoon. this is northern texas and central oklahoma... perhaps some flooding theire. tonight... mostly clear skies,
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temperatures in the '70s. tomorrow we will start today with sunshithe day would sunshid humid, temps near 90. 7 day forecast... the shores and storms will be widely scattered and isolated.
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were available at some wal-mart
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stores this weekend. but retailers nationwide will stock twinkies moratomorrow. hostess brands declared chapter 11 bankruptcy early last year. three companies bought the rights to the twinkie brand >> one of hollywood's most talented and beautiful actresses it is officially off the market again... halle berry tied the knot yesterday for a third time. the 46 year-old oscar wright winner married 47 year- old french actor martinez during a ceremony in france. >> an animated adventure claims the top spot at the box office for the second week in a row...
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despicable mean 2 was the number-one movie in america again this week. it added another $44 million in ticket sales bringing its earnings to 229 million over just 12 days. here are some of the other box office winners... break
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three of the city's hometown teams came together for each of their charities. the white sox, bulls and stanley cup champion blackhawks all took part in a home team charity run. the money raised will benefit each team's charity organization. runners, walkers and wheelchair athletes had a variety of courses to choose from.. highlighted by a finish line inside the cell.
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that is the news for this sunday night... instant replay is coming up next... break
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good evening and welcome to instant replay... i'm rich king. the first half of the baseball season almost in the books... the all star break is upon us... upon us...


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