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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  July 15, 2013 9:00pm-10:00pm CDT

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of the moment and to stand your ground he had a right to defend himself. >> she believes it was as chairman screaming for help on the 911 calls and she has no doubt that he feared for his life. the emotional aftermath the acquittal. critics of the verdict of staged peaceful protest across the country. protesters at the justice department called for federal hate crime charges against zimmerman. the killing was call tragic and unnecessary but signaled charges are unlikely because proving it was racially motivated is very difficult. here in chicago tonight people are protesting the verdict by marching in black and its sweatshirt's like the one trayvon martin was wearing the night he was killed.
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>> this march began and moved it north to king high school. this group was made up of mostly african-americans of various ages. it seemed to grow in size as it moved through the streets. this is about the george zimmerman verdict after being found not guilty in the death of trayvon martin. this march past five blocks away from
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president obama is home >> everybody feels the same way right now. >> by marching for my people by a margin for everybody. we want the violence to end. >> this is a time to think about what it is we can do with our brains. not with our fists think about the history that has brought you this far. >> and this demonstration is one of many that happened across the country. there is another rally
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that is happening tomorrow night. >> we would like to hear from you. give us a text message and we will have the results later on. johnny borizov is going to prison forever. three life sentences handed down to the man who plotted to murder his former girlfriend's family bank noted a friend into pulling the trigger . >> the sentence handed down was no surprise but still be a motion inside the courtroom was palpable. it started with the woman who lost the most in the slayings. she lost her mother and father and brother all at the hands of the man with whom
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she shares a child. cameras capture the emotion on video. >> the murders have put a hole in my heart i could never be filled. >> her words were lost in tears as she replied a terrific night in 2010 that changed her life forever. she lost her father, her mother, and her brother. that night she listened to fear and outside of her closet door. >> i can have flashbacks of myself fighting in my closet being fearful of whether or not i would be killed as i hear my family screaming for their lives outside my door. >> the mentally ill man who pulled the trigger pled guilty to the murder charges but it was the victim's former boyfriend johnny borizov who ordered the hits. the two were
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in the middle of a custody battle. johnny borizov offered no apology or a motion in his role in the murders. in a statement he told the court room he will perfect his innocence until his last breath. >> it was difficult but i feel that she knows how he is and i was still disappointed that she did not ... >> we've peeled the justice system has failed and we will continue to defend johnny borizov until he comes home. >> johnny borizov received three life sentences and is not eligible for parole. >> it is a sentence that this
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defendant has truly earned and deserved. >> they said they lost something they have not lost anything they can still see their son but i cannot see my son, looking at a grave. >> a gunman in the case is scheduled to be sentenced in august. he pled guilty but claims to be mentally ill he looks at a minimum of 45 years in prison. >> a political bombshell illinois attorney general lisa madigan will seek reelection choosing not to run for governor. many thought she would give the governor a run for his money in the primary election. lisa madigan is not running mostly because her father is a speaker of the house and she believes the governor and a house speaker from the same
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family is not a good idea. >> was a shock? >> i think it was a surprise to many. she helped build up the speculation by saying she was interested in the office. you have a domino effect. there are a number of people looking at these lower offices. >> do you think her decision was based on the fact that her father has taken a lot of heat for being in the office for four years. and the most recent scandal in which he was pushing for someone who contributed to
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his political fund to get a raise. is it possible that this stuff was riding on the wall? >> there has always been the issue of the conflict of interest with lisa madigan and are father as the most powerful democrat in the state. in her statement she said she would never run to gov. wilder father is speaker of the house. this would be an all out fight not about lisa madigan but about her father. >> you start monday with kirk
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dillard announcing his nomination. this is very good news for bill daley. there is no doubt about it now that it will be a fight in the democratic primary side. >> many people speculated that she is not as ambitious as her father and perhaps is comfortable being the most popular politician in the state of illinois. she has young children it would be a tough road for anybody maybe she was not up for it. >> look at the state of the state right now with all the problems. it is not a pleasant
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time to be governor there are not a lot of letters you can pull to make illinois significantly better at this point. there's no saying that lisa madigan will not look at all this later on down the line. there is also speculation she might be interested in the illinois supreme court. >> kirk dillard lost the republican nomination in 2010 by the slimmest margin today he made it official that he is running again. >> i believe i have a unique set of credentials and i believe i'm the solution not the problem. i will run and run well and that will govern with a proven track record of being a problem
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solver. >> he ripped the governor during his announcement for lacking in leadership and called illinois current state and embarrassment. is expected to get the endorsement from his old boss gov. jim edgar. >> when ellen i gov. out of prison one more to go. he has until the end of the day to appeal his 2011 conviction on corruption charges has been serving a 14 year prison term. former gov. george ryan was released. a plot to set up a homemade bomb at an indiana county fair to night two teenagers are facing charges. an explosion at the home of a missing woman what police believe it may have been a cover up. a small child buried alive under the sand for 11 hours.
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>> we will have the weather coming up. n coiosc t
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block the acid with prilosec otc, and don't get heartburn in the first place. [ male announcer ] one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn. new details tonight about the blast that destroyed the home of the missing woman. the explosion sunday level the house and severely injured the woman's boyfriend. investigators said the boy friend set the fire but charges have not yet been filed . he is a suspect in the disappearance of the 53 year-old woman who was last seen on june 10th. her daughter replace the last voice mail her mom left behind. >> she would never disappear from her family i ask anyone with the permission to come toward so we can bring closure to our family.
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>> police said the gas line at the home had been tampered with the suspect is hospitalized with burns over 70 percent of his body. >> police released information about two teenagers involved in a foiled a bomb plot at a county fair. >> it was thursday night thousands of people were at the county fair including to 60 year-old with a backpack with a homemade explosive device. they plan to set it off near a carnival ride. there is no indication this is a terrorism plot. >> it definitely within your killed someone. >> the plan was foiled plot to tipsters one who called 911 and another to give a description of the teenagers.
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>> he decided to intervene and help this individual out by getting involved with the police. >> the bomb squad to the device apart. another 16 year old was arrested for manufacturing the device. the other team is charged with possession of the device. >> this is a peaceful small town but it is hard to visualize that this can happen. >> the manager of the fare is grateful for what could have happened but did not. >> this could have been a
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complete disaster a lot of people could have been hurt or lost their lives. they got the job done and we are very thankful for them. >> officials say next year they will take eight from look at the security plan for the fair. the best thing they can do is to be ready to react. >> it child buried under several feet of sand for hours coming up the remarkable recovery. plus how eating fish can help reduce stress for and expecting mother.
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clouds went up over 50,000 ft. a lot of people sent us some fascinating photographs today.
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those are today's thunderstorms scattered across the area. they formed around a lake breeze. that plus daytime heat causes the air to rise and brings the showers and thunderstorms. look at how these clouds collapse. we have a few showers going but that will fade out throughout the night. the temperatures will increase over the next two days. we have only had two days
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at 90 degrees this month. that all changwill all change. the temperatures will increase throughout the week. it will be 91 degrees tomorrow. it will be 95 on thursday and friday. the heat runs all the way from the major areas of the east back into our area. it was 91 degrees in green bay today. it's a heat
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wave that cover some real- estate. it was 89 degrees at o'hare airport today. it was 84 degrees on the lakefront. the lake at a new high-temperature with the water reaching 77 degrees. 79 degrees to night.
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wednesday and thursday will be very similar. it will be hot all the way up to the beaches. partly cloudy and warm and humid with a low of 74 to night. lee at a height of 91 todawe had a 1 degrees today. wednesday there
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could be a few isolated storms. this is the longest string of 90 degree temperatures since august of last year. >> adventure and excitement and danger a look at urban explorers on risky expeditions. the twinkie makes its triumphant return. my name is lee kaufman.
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every day so they can guarantee their low hotel prices. ♪ h-o-t-w-i-r-e... ♪ there is a skyrocketing number of abandoned buildings in chicago ended as field an interest in photography. everyday urban explorers are venturing into abandoned structures to capture unique photographs. smart phones have made a hobby more popular than ever but urban exploring it can be risky and dangerous. >> they could easily be mistaken for tourist they're actually a touring the city like no other. urban explorers are armed with
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smart phones and a slew of apps for photo editing. people have many options to share their vacations and engage in friendly competition through social media. >> it is huge and chicago there are so many photographers that support each other but at the same time the kind of compete. >> we obtained permission for these guys to explore an abandoned apartment building and the old chicago post office. their photographs from this adventure have drawn hundreds of lakikes. seeking out urban decay often involves trespassing. >> getting in and trying to get
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in is definitely part of the rosush. >> in december a man actually died from try to take pictures from the roof of the chicago intercontinental hotel after falling down a smokestack. small people thrive on this edgy hobby they are always careful and respectful. >> we do not go there to damage anything which is one to explore. if someone tells me to leave or that it is trespassing it is fine and i will leave. >> there is something cool about urban decay in that it was once beautiful or functional and now it is wasting away. >> because images are so easily
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being shared getting the coolest pictures is not so easy anymore. >> it is difficult to get the unique shots because people have explored the same building. it is definitely a challenge. >> and here i can imagine the people working. this room held probably 1000 people and now standing alone it is berry impact fallthe very impact fall. >> they're exploring can seem like more than a hobby. >> the on-line portfolio seems to be praised and the form of comments and likes. >> i want people to see and
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appreciate the thought no i worked hard to gephoto i worked. >> urban exploring is also popular in many cities even internationally. along with the physical dangers explores also risked running into gang members and homeless people and of course getting arrested for trespassing. after eight months twinkies return to store shelves but there is slightlsomething sy different about the new batch. derrick rose
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this year alone, we went to the top of the statue of liberty... and still saved enough to go to texas to a real dude ranch. hotwire checks the competition's rates every day so they can guarantee their low prices. so we got our four-star hotels for half price. next up -- hollywood. ♪ h-o-t-w-i-r-e... ♪ save big on car rentals too from $11.95 a day. aborted buried beneath the feet a boy buried beneath 11 p of sand for hours could be off the ventilator and out of the hospital within two weeks. first responders were unsure at first of the boy had survived. >> his face started to bleed. the city has a heartbeathey sai.
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>> he was trapped under 11 ft. of sand for more than three hours. the family had just gotten to the indiana dunes friday afternoon. >> he went down standing straight up. he did not fall on his back or side he was upright and kept going down. >> his father could hear his son be need to send. >> he was yelling and he could hear him. >> doctors get that first call about the emergency are bound for friday afternoon. the next call was around 8 that night. it was surprised how well he was doing giving how long he was buried under the sand. for now
9:46 pm
the boy is a dated and it will not pull out the breathing tube. >> having his lungs get to a point where we cannot take the breathing tube out. >> doctors expect him to go home at about two weeks. they compare his career at long capacity to that of an ammonia patient. >> if you were breathing on his own we would call it shortness of breath. he would not be able to get enough oxygen. >> we believe he was paired for a reason. we're very confident
9:47 pm
that god will give him back. >> here is the 7 day forecast. current temperature is 79 degrees. there are flood watches in parts of illinois. for us it is high pressure. piquancy the
9:48 pm
flare up of showeryou can see tf thunderstorms. debitors tomorrow could be i. temperaturd be in the low 90s. there will be a cold front that will hit later in the day. it will be a relief from the humidity on saturday and sunday. we better get used to these 90 degree temperatures. >> twinkie is returned to the stores after eight months in limbo. along with other snacks.
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to private equity firms now on the brand after the company shut down last november over labor and financial troubles. the new twinkies are slightly different with a dip recipe from the original and they are a little bit smaller and have an extended shelf life of 45 days. >> the home-run derby is going on right now. we will look at the chicago connections to tomorrows all-star game in new york. mike ditka has his say on the bears' training camp.
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one of those days of the year were there are no major american sports playing. today is the
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home run derby. the idea of a major league all-star game began in chicago eight years ago. the latest edition taking place in new york city acts citi field home of the new york mets. the cubs have one player on suffield travis woulood. >> we did not grow up in big cities. it's a very friendly city. this a lot of beautiful scenery. it's very laid-back people come the midwest are very nice people. the fans of chicago have treated me very great. it's awesome to represent my city.
9:54 pm
>> the home-run derby taking place tonight in new york and yoenis cespedes got off to a hot start pounding out 17 home runs in the first-round. he is in a role in the finals. moments ago he has just won the home-run derby in a final round playoff with bryce harper. when chicago reporters last had contact with derrick rose in miami it was pretty much a given he would play the season opener this fall today during an event in spain he told reporters he is 100 percent physically and emotionally and confirmed he will be ready when the season
9:55 pm
begins. henry melton was franchised attacked by the chicago bears. he had six sacks and 24 hurries last season and made the pro bowl for the first time. the lighthouse for the blind a charity golf course event. the lighthouses over 100 years old. mike ditka will have his number retired by the bears this season. >> i think the offense will be much better. i do not think it will be a big falloff from the defense. this should be a good
9:56 pm
football team. then you look at the competition. green bay is not getting any worse and minnesota and detroit are both getting much better. if they win 10 games that is pretty good in the nfl. >> thank you for watching have a great night. "
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