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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  October 2, 2013 9:00pm-10:00pm CDT

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way to respond to conflict that does not end in violence. no one expected thursday morning that is what happened but we are here today. following cowser's death, the school has vowed to make crisis resolution training and discipline a new focal point. while the security guard's cause of death was ruled inconclusive, the incident that led up to his fall has forced district 205 to address violence among their student population. a white house meeting ends tonight with no sign of a deal to end the two-day old government shutdown. president obama wrapped up a 90-minute session with congressional leaders. house speaker john boehner said the president refused to negotiate. earlier, the president told cnbc he's frustrated with the speaker's refusal to allow a vote on the budget bill with no strings attached and that isn't piecemeal.
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am i exasperated? absolutely i am exasperated because this is entirely unnecessary. this is a situation right now with john boehner the speaker of the house puts a bill to fund the government ... that does not require us it would pass. we have asked to sit down and resolve differences and they will not negotiate. the house and senate democratic leaders left the white house claiming repubicans are trying to hold the president hostage over the affordable health care act. a group of illinois veterans, ready to do battle with the federal government. they flew out of chicago this morning, determined the government shutdown wouldn't keep them away from the national world-war-two memorial honoring their
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service. wgn's marcella raymond is at midway airport where the vets plane is due to touch down soon. the 91 of veterans, thank. i will. are you a veteran? this is my second year here. are you home from this flight? i was there two years ago and i figure that anyone who is patriotic, and that is what we need, more patriotism, i will be there every year and sell my daughter is part of this orange group. thank you for the flag and at thank you for your service. how great is that. that was wonderful. the 91 at veterans like this one coming back tonight are expected back in the
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next 30 minutes and you can see this amazing reception they will get. their trip was planned six months ago before the government shut down and their mission was to see the world war two veterans memorial matter what it up. was an 89 year-old veteran and he was on a flight from midway to washington dc. he said he was angry about the government shutdown that forced the closing of the world war two veterans memorial. they knocked down the barricade that kept them out yesterday. will try to get in one way or another. maybe they will put me in jail. handcuffs. at 91 other veterans took part in this program to bring these veterans for free to bring the memorial and washington, the memorial that honors the 16,000 who fought in world war two. for some it could be the last time
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they visit here. senator dick durbin met with them. what did they want to talk about? they wanted to talk about the government shutdown. they said, when are we going to get this government back up and running? men who risked their lives so many years ago cannot understand what is going on today. this man came in his own wheelchair to shake veterans hands. the world war two memorial is a solemn place to reflect but in the past few days in has become more than that with these veterans feeling the effects of then in effect of government and they do not like it. they must stop this. we are older but not dumb. the government perhaps not want to deal with the wrath of veterans here kept the memorial open. these two men did not have to break down the barricade. i am glad it is up and because i think what the politicians are
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doing is not, absolutely crazy. your husband is on the way back from this flight. has he been there before? now? he has not been there before. this is probably so excited about this. he has been looking forward to that for a long time now. people here are waiting somebody on that flight or came out to offer their support. the veterans memorial, korean memorial, where the air and space museum that honors planes from world war two. they are all shut down. but they did go to the museum which i went to it during barack obama's inauguration several years ago. that is a wonderful place and they had a private screening there. the veterans have spoken
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and people are listening and apparently the world war two veterans memorial will be open to any of those veterans who are coming in the next several months. because they booked the trip so far in advance. thank you. an animal shelter in suburban niles needs your help after a school bus crashed into the brick building with all the animals now needing shelter elsewhere. the bus slammed slammed into the middle of the wright-way rescue shelter around one this afternoon. the 62-year- old driver was cited for failure to reduce speed to avoid an accident. she was not injured and was the only person on the bus. no staff members or animals were injured. it sounded like drilling at first and then it was the sound of crashing and everything. the shelter had just undergone extensive renovations. it's now seeking donations for repair costs and needs foster homes for
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the 14-animals, mostly dogs, that were in the building at the time. more information on how to help can be found on our website at coming up, a verdict in the michael jackson wrongful death trial. and the city of chicago tackles its budget problems. and the long-term impact of the government shutdown. how it could be bad for your help. and the on seasonable warm weather in chicago.
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a california jury rejects claims that a concert promoter was negligent in the death of michael jackson. reporter kareen wynter from our partner station ktla joins us live from los angeles with reaction. i was inside the courtroom earlier for that ruling as the verdict was read. i glanced over at katherine jackson and no matter what your pews were in this case, you cannot help but have sympathy for her. she was at every day of the trial and
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today she suffered a defeat after three days of jury deliberation. has the jury reached a deliberation? months of deliberation came down to this moment inside the courtroom. katherine jackson verses aeg . the family was seeking a billion dollars in damages from aeg that they claimed was liable in the death. the family's fate was sealed when the jury said these words. question no. two. was dr. conrad murray on fed to perform the work for which they were hired? answer. no. no spelled victory for the defendants because the jurors must answer yes to the first five questions before moving to the following 16 in order to
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hold the conglomerate libel. she sat expressionless as each juror was pulled on the answer to the question that solidify this ruling. jury number six, jury number seven, people and dashed out of the courtroom to voice their disappointment, when they shared with the legal team. with regard to treatment by doctors, we of course are not happy with the result as it stands now. we will explore all options. meanwhile a monumental win for the other legal side that delivered for their corporate clients. aeg did not do something wrong and they bore not going to allow themselves to be shaken down. one jackson attorney told the press after that ruling in a statement here, he said he hopes the case has president when it involves celebrity patients and
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their doctors and perhaps it ethical treatment. but it does not change the face of this ruling, a jackson attorney hinting at a possible appeal, but looking at katherine jackson after that ruling, stunned, and it seemed like this was it. she wanted to close this episode. that this was really it and she wants to put the whole thing behind her and never say never we have to see what is in store from the plaintiff attorneys. back to you in chicago. thank you. a hiring freeze is coming in the next city budget. that word from the mayor himself today, as rahm emanuel gave reporters a few details about what hell propose to the city council later this month. wgns tom negovan is here we know that hiring freeze will not impact public safety workers. police and fire are exempt. but to close the budget gap, everything else appears to be on the table. i am going to be put in place a
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hiring freeze in the further elimination of nonessential employees. in the first two years it added to 1500 positions and we will continue to do that to bring reforms. second, the past two budgets give guidance to my new budget. we will ask all departments if they need to do what they are doing and is it essential and is it at the core of your mission. mayor pro a few details. likely $8 million would be saved. the shortfall is over 300 million, actually less than the administration projected a year ago. tax and fee hikes are still possible and layoffs likely and job cuts through attrition are expected as long as they impact only non critical personnel. more than that the mayor is not saying.
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i will continue to bring a toughness to put our fiscal house in order. and invest in the three areas essential to the city, strength, first and foremost our children. i did it last year with the 30% increase in the after-school program and adding 5000 students to pre-k full day education, and small businesses and pivots services. what i had done passed in the past two budgets should give you guidance to what we will do going forward in finding efficiencies and savings and things that make the city strong. the bigger issue will be the billion-dollar pension shortfall the city's facing. its already looking to springfield for help with that. the mayor unveils the rest of the budget details october 23.
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a tearful admission from a chicagoland billionaire. next, what the creator of beanie babies admitted in a courtroom today. also, why the city is removing more than a dozen red light cameras. and it appears oprah winfrey is cutting ties with one of her cutting ties with one of her major connections to chicago. of their type 2 diabetes with non-insulin victoza®. for a while, i took a pill to lower my blood sugar, but it didn't get me to my goal. so i asked my doctor about victoza®. he said victoza® is different than pills. victoza® is proven to lower blood sugar and a1c. it's taken once-a-day, any time, and comes in a pen. and the needle is thin. victoza® is not for weight loss, but it may help you lose some weight. victoza® is an injectable prescription medicine that may improve blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes when used with diet and exercise. it is not recommended as the first medication to treat diabetes and should not be used in people with type 1 diabetes or diabetic ketoacidosis. victoza® has not been studied with mealtime insulin.
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which may cause kidney problems. if your pill isn't giving you the control you need ask your doctor about non-insulin victoza®. it's covered by most health plans. ♪ don't let the holidays sneak up on you. shop early with kmart free layaway and get more christmas. and shop your way members can earn up to 10 dollars back in points when they complete a layaway contract. kmart. get in. get more. firefighters foaming the airstrip after a helicopter crashed this evening at lansing municpal airport. state police say two people were on board and both walked away with no injuries. they were performing maneuvers on a training exercise when the chopper went down. aircraft continued flying out of the airport as usual. the faa is investigating. for the first time ever, the city of chicago is going to remove some of those controversial red light cameras. 18-intersections around the city have been targeted. they're coming down, like here
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at wells and north avenue, because the city said the intersections had either no right-angle crashes or just one "t-bone" crash and a total crash-rate of less than 1%. the billionaire "beanie babies" creator choking with emotion as he pleads guilty to tax cheating. ty warner of oak brook admitting to tax evasion today at the dirksen federal buidling. the 69-year-old telling the judge, "i'm pleading guilty because i am guilty. he hid 100-million in beanie baby profits in a swiss bank account. his fortune is estimated at 2.6 billion dollars. he'll pay 53- million in penalties. warner faces up to five years in prison. sentencing is january 15. oprah might be selling her studios in the city. the former talkshow host has reportedly hired a real estate firm to look into selling some or all of harpo studios. located on the near west side, the studio was once home to her talkshow. it currently produces content for oprah's los angeles-based network *own . oprah won't be leaving chicago altogether.
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crain's reports oprah sent her staff a memo, saying she plans to sell her home and maintain a smaller place in the city. the government shutdown could have some long lasting effects in the medical community. next, the projects that are currently on hold. turning art into life lessons. we visit a program that's using things like hip hop and dance to help kids make better decisions.
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we really wanted to take a relaxing trip to florida... you know, just to unwind. but we can only afford one trip this year, and his high school reunion is coming up in seattle. everyone's going. then we heard about hotwire and realized we could actually afford to take both trips. see, when really nice hotels have unsold rooms, they use hotwire to fill them. so we got our four-star hotels for half price. i should have been voted most likely to travel. ♪ h-o-t-w-i-r-e... ♪ save big on car rentals too from $11.95 a day. in tonight's medical watch ... how the government shut down may affect your health. government websites, including those of the fda, cdc and nih, are not being updated so some of the latest health information is not getting out there. at the national institutes of health clinical center, the largest research hospital in the world, there are 1,437 ongoing research studies. of those, 497 are designed to test a new drug
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or device in people. according to nih spokesperson john burklow, 'our current studies will continue and the patients will be cared for. were just not enrolling new patients and we are not initiating new studies.' nih studies around the country are also ongoing, but federal grant aplications - due this week on october 5 -- will be back logged. with the shutdown, there are no staff members in place to review all those applications. and that means progress on potentially life saving drugs will be halted. here in chicago, at research hospitals like rush university medical center and university of chicago, its business as usual. their government-funded clinical trials will continue, as will those at other sites around the country; however, researchers will experience a delay if they need to draw additional funds from their federal grants. and that could ultimately impact the research. as a result of the shutdown, the u.s. centers for disease
9:25 pm
control and prevention has furloughed 9,000 employees. according to cdc spokesperson barbara reynolds, the cdc is much less able to track multi- state disease outbreaks including the flu. flu season is underway right now. 'we are not doing flu surveillance, and we are doing more limited surveillance for other diseases.' and it will have lasting effects, as the cdcs ability to warn populations most at risk for becoming sick and its ability to create next years flu shot has been compromised. current flu vaccine production is complete. the shutdown will not impact your ability to get a flu shot this season. as for food safety, the u.s. department of agriculture will continue inspecting meat production facilities with full time inspectors. but the food and drug administration which is charged with overseeing both imported foods and medications - will halt that task. without inspectors, who typically monitor 80% of the food supply, all items will pass through
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without oversight, potentially landing items in the grocery store and on your table that may cause food borne illness. obviously the longer the government shutdown lasts, the greater the impact. back to you. our warm start to october will continue for at least two more days. coming up, tom skilling will be with us, and he says the continued warmth now comes with the threat of a thunderstorm or two. make the bedroom.he bed. the kmart home and furniture event is on now. come in today and save big on bed, bath and furniture. and shop your way members get $15 in points when they spend $100 or more. shop your way at kmart. get in. get more. of all the places i wanted to visit. i'm still not going to make it to mars, but thanks to hotwire's incredibly low travel prices, next up -- hollywood.
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beautiful weather scares me because we have it now but then what happens in the winter. lucked out west. rapid city was 87 today's aggressivtwo days age had big changes. but that's what will warm costs up. and did you see the northern lights? dan santos this pitiful shot from iowa of the northern lights out there. and from the upper peninsula, sean and brian sent us the shots. she had never seen the northern lights any brighter. this was a surprise to
9:29 pm
astronomers. carry an ashland wisconsin sent the shot. and back close to home cameron nixon sent us be shots at midnight last night. loraine sent us the shot. and more shots from the west and of the state. and one person said it was the best display of northern lights. and gilbert a meteorologist, he was busy with the camera last night. that is something. will they occur tonight? we have information on that. it was a beautiful day today. sharp rise in because very little moisture is in the air. warm more humid air comes in at the storm and thunderstorms are on the way as well. you could see the northern lights tonight. at the plant or
9:30 pm
aplanetarium, they say there isa chance of seeing those lights tonight. you see clouds to the south? this is the beginning of a warm front that could give us thunderstorms in areas tonight but there is a huge storm developing to the west and we have a system that could turn into a tropical storm karen to the south. it is all coming together. tropical storms tend to slow the eastward progress of weather systems and the effect for us cookicould be to keep us. we may put three consecutive 80 degree temperatures together with tomorrow friday and saturday. that has only happened 20 percent of the time
9:31 pm
this late in the season. fairly rare event. it was 76 degrees in chicago today. here is the cold air pushed out west and that will cool things off. we think perhaps low 80s for us tomorrow. for friday southerly winds blowing warm air in had a big storm out west with cold air on the backside producing smell. look at the isobars. cold front passes late in the day and sunday will be a different ball game, 80 saturday and perhaps low 60 sunday. see the high dew points in kankakee? it is dry here but moisture there. the front moves northward and our
9:32 pm
winds will turn direction and humidity will increase. the jet stream pattern that drives this storm. the cold air causes a couple here and on one side you get snowstorms and on the other you can get powerful thunderstorms on the warm side. there are storms downstate that are no. word bound. but the big storms producing weather advisories are in the west like here in nebraska and iowa and pop into minnesota. a formidable area of storms out there and the beginning of the storm system. showers and storms for the next few days will be not continuous. it will get warm and we need the rain. will keep you rain numbers on the update in a bit. for tonight clouds and scattered showers and possible thunderstorms for at least one-
9:33 pm
third of the area overnight. low temperature 58 and south east winds between four and 14. clouds and mixed son tomorrow but there could be scattered thunderstorms that could produce a downpour from time to time. high of 80 degrees and southerly winds. breezy warmer and only 65 tomorrow night that leads us to friday with a high of 85. unseasonably warm and humid with gusty afternoon thunderstorms. i am worried about the western homecoming friday night when the front comes through and the bears game could be cool sunday. will have details on that coming up. using music, dance and other creative outlets to help teens make better decisions. coming up, the local group dedicated to fulfilling the dream. and later, it was built to promote temperance during the world's colombian exposition, now fountain girl has a new home.
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9:37 pm
fulfill the dream was started by a young man who decided that instead of asking at risk kids, what is wrong with you, instead ask, what is right with you and allow them to express themselves in their own way. the youth are so full of media and flashy pictures and sound and colors. fulfill the dream into of flights that colorful noisy world to preach at risk youth. the men came up with a curriculum that uses creative forms of expression like hip-hop dance and graffiti to tilt teach kids how to deal with their emotions and make better choices. we need to meet young people where they are at in all their beauty and pain. i think the curriculum and gives us eight vernacular, a context to access the pain and do something
9:38 pm
healthy with that. this to your participant in the program credits the curriculum with help her deal with her self image issues and come to terms with the relationship with her a violent father. my heart was pouring with what my father did to my mother and i came in to fulfil the dream and my heart became something else, it became a new person and became hole and new again. first notice the problem and then come up with 10 ways to solve them. the facilitators bring a positive message to the classroom in a context that students can connect with. it works because it beats them where they are at through language and attitude and approach, the pictures, the understanding that we don't have to force this curriculum down your throat. it is flexible.
9:39 pm
this young man arrived four years ago after being kicked out of school spirit they had all whole lot of hope and kept pushing to the point where it was, i want to try something. he is now at malcolm x college starting to become a nurse. fullfil the nurse has trained 20 organizations in seven cities around the country impacting a lot of 20,000 students. this person thinks the program is successful because it gives at risk students a chance to take what brings them down and use it to move them forward. we briefly met to say this is an asset, something you can use to transform your life in the community. you don't stop, you don't stop. they make sure that many of their students become agents of change in their neighborhood they have organized events in
9:40 pm
the community and this woman is now going to community college. fulfill the dream of found that students can raise their gpa by one point after just a few weeks in the program and they had a graduation rate of one doctor per cent after one year of employment thing fulfill the dream and it helped the why mca become the best after-school program in the nation. a bit of public art that was built in the 1800's, and hasn't been seen since the 50's, is now back on display. next, where you can see fountain girl. and later in sports... the bears defense tries to figure out how to slow down drew brees and the high powered new orleans offense. [ female announcer ] can it get any cleaner?
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i can afford to cross more things off my list. this year alone, we went to the top of the statue of liberty... and still saved enough to go to texas to a real dude ranch. hotwire checks the competition's rates every day so they can guarantee their low prices. so we got our four-star hotels for half price. next up -- hollywood. ♪ h-o-t-w-i-r-e... ♪ save big on car rentals too from $11.95 a day. the man who helped create the modern-day thriller has died. tom clancy died tuesday night at johns hopkins hospital in baltimore. he was only 66 years old. clancy wrote immensely popular military and spy thrillers, and was famous for his keen technical knowledge. many of clancy's best-selling novels, like "the hunt for red october" and "patriot games," were made into high-profile films. clancy's next book, "command authority," will be published december 3. a special rememberance today for
9:44 pm
the late comedian and actor, bernie mac. illinois secretary of state jesse white presented to mac's widow and family a "b mac" commemerative license plate. this coming saturday would have been mac's 56th birthday. the chicago native died five years ago of an inflammation in the lungs. let's go to tom pour the seven day forecast. interesting statistic. nicolas dave we have had is 46 and every statistic has had a cooler temperature by now. we are running wild. it will be interesting to see it that is a trend that continues. it will for the next few days. by bit that scattered showers overnight. big cluster comes from the southwest overnight and during the morning. there is noontime and evening rush hour and scattered showers still around. all of this driven by
9:45 pm
that big low pressure out in colorado. that is tomorrow evening's forecast and there it is friday morning and evening. c. the snowstorm of west. all kinds of advisories for flooding in the on-screen counties in nebraska. that patchwork advisory is is for a winter storm and snow conditions with red flag warnings because of the wind we could get 1 in. of rain in chicago and we will show you the numbers of the model forecast. you will see this is encouraging because we could use some rain. these numbers are probably higher than what we have seen today but it gives you an idea of the rain on the way. look at these numbers from wyoming and south dakota. that 30.4 is on a rapid city. these are first season snow numbers and there will be some melting. here is another system that is
9:46 pm
interesting. that could become proper a tropical storm karen and there are the models showing them in agreement that it is headed for the gulf coast. here's what it could look like with the bright colors being the twins by tomorrow. and then tomorrow morning as it goes across the warm waters of the gulf and heads toward the mouth of the mississippi. big rain could be in that region around the orleans and the florida panhandle. lots of interesting weather in the days ahead and for us that translates into a warm up ahead of these storm out west. 85 tomorrow and friday and thunderstorms it possible tomorrow but not all day praying. partly sunny skies for big chunks of friday and a big cool down for the bears game sunday. at the weekend starts warm and ends up chilly.
9:47 pm
thank you. she was stolen in the 50's, and left only her stone base behind. now, a little bronze girl has found her way back to chicago. officials welcomed 'fountain girl' back to lincoln park today. the women's christian temperance union commissioned the statue for the world's columbian exposition in 1893. the fountain the girl guarded was meant to provide refreshment for visitors at the world's fair. the new statue, a recast of the original, is based on a copy in portland, maine. coming up... the bears defense tries to figure out a way to slow saints tight end jimmy graham who's proved to be a match-up nightmare for defenses this season. while the blackhawks enjoyed a banner opener last night. rich king is next with sports. but first let's see what's coming up on arsenio tonight. tonight some scandal. an actor is here and a comedian and
9:48 pm
actor and with stand-up comedy from eliza fletcher. and i will se[ indistinct conversations ]
9:49 pm
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you said that he is so good... it is easyis the bears defense again has to battle one of the nfl's best offenses. the new orleans saints rank third in the nfl in total offense which is based on yards gained. the bears defense meantime has sunk to 21st in the nfl. sobering numbers for sure but it is only ink on paper. brandon marshall sat out practice today with a foot injury. they say it is not serious. charles tillman also out again with that lingering knee issue. drew brees has plenty of targets but his big one had been tight end jimmy graham who spent most of his young years playing basketball before beginning his football career. after week four, he is second in the nfl in receiving. he has say great combination of size and speed, just as the ability to go up and get the ball, he can be covered and they will still throw him the ball
9:52 pm
and he will still do it. he presents many of the challenges of what to do him putting him outside and forcing him to make decisions ... when he is in the game with two backs and so forth and he is a force no doubt. big guys are easy for us. a small ship the guys are more of a problem. adam podlesh meantime has checked the video on his punts at ford field and the video was not kind. he kicked it too long and low to michael spurlock in the 2nd quarter and it was costly. a 58 yard return to set up a td. podlesh also had a 33 yard punt in the 2nd quarter. the bears had six punters in for tryouts yesterday. so it would behoove podlesh to figure it out. that mechanics, bad swing style, a few things that i have looked into that would kind of
9:53 pm
rectified situation this week. this week has been good and today was good, it the ball well, figured that out and a few of those problem areas. more timing than anything else, i think we just got off on timing and we will keep working on it and keep going from there. there's nobody who wants it more for him than me and nobody who wants it more than all of us and we'll keep going and keep working toward. the blackhawks getting ready for gamwe two of the season on saturday night against tampa bay at the united center. ot was far from an easy ride against the caps last night in the season opener, but in the end, the hawks still showed they had that stanley cup magic. the banner was put in place at the united center but the hawks fell behind 4-3 in the final period. they eventually caught and passed washington. the game winner off the stick of johnny oduya. hawks win 6-4 to get things off on the right foot in the run for back-to-back cups.
9:54 pm
we won at least eight dozen games that work one cole games... keeping the puck out of the net are coming back, giving the defense men a chance with a couple minutes left in the game, a great win and we have a couple things to work on but overall we are happy. emotions are high and the last time we will see it this year but a nice way to send it off. joe girardi met with the yankees today talking about a new contract. talks will continue tomorrow. al wild card score. rays 3, indians nothing in the 8th. finally, brandon bass of the boston celtics is trying to tackle a childhood fear hoping to help others in similar circumstances. he is taking swimming lessons. bass never learned to swim as a child...he cited the drowning of a neighborhood friend of the same age as the reason for his fear of the water...he says he hopes that adults who can't swim get the idea that its never to late to learn. so an admirable for you get older you learn swimming his perhaps your best option for exercise.
9:55 pm
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