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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  October 4, 2013 9:00pm-10:00pm CDT

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something serious and something happened at a home and that put us in on edge. this man lives across the street and set a husband and wife and son live there and the children as it frequently. they have been there for about five months in the backyard. buried in the backyard. my friend told me that it came from over there and he said that it smells really bad. neighbors milling around since they hurt the helicopters this afternoon. they should keep pressure on this area because it is getting bad. it scares me because who thinks of that? you walk around here like nothing and then you hear this. it is scary. looks like digging has stopped
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because those plot lights are turned off. the police command than just left the scene. we see people coming in and out and we have not seen them take out a body bag or anything like that. we are not sure whether they found anything but again we are being told it is a death investigation. a friend of the family tells set the mother father and son who lived at this house are at police headquarters being questioned. live from the scottsdale neighborhood, back to you. shots fired today by south suburban police. blue island officers responding to a love triangle domestic dispute in posen between two men and a woman. one man shooting the other, then police shooting him. witnesses say it was scary seeing police running through the neighborhood with guns drawn. just coming back and forth
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trying to see. my mother sent me to the basement and she said probably somebody is there and go check. i checked and everything was fine. state police are now investigating because the shooting involved an officer. d-n-a tests will be needed for a positive identification on the remains of a man from lake villa which were found in vernon hills last night. police believe the remains are those of 33-year-old nicholas steward who disappeared two weeks ago as personal identification was found at the scene. investigators also say they believe his death may have been a suicide. steward's car was found yesterday at an apartment complex in vernon hills. he had cuts to his wrists and upper left arm. the d-n-a results may be available by monday. he leaves behind a wife and one- year old child. 800-hundred thousand dollars bond for a man charged in the shooting of a bartender in chicago's little village neighborhood wednesday night. adolfo zuniga is charged with aggravated battery while using a deadly weapon. this video is from surveillance cameras set up outside of the bar at 24th and washtenaw. you can see the victim step outside, then rush back inside as zuniga shoots
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him twice in the abdomen and groin. police patrolling the area heard the gunshots and arrested zuniga just minutes after the shooting. the deadline for c-t-a riders to switch over to ventra cards is just days away, but the transition so far has been less than smooth. starting monday, c-t-a riders with a "chicago card" won't be able to add money to it anymore. chicago card plus users however, can still add money until they activate their ventra cards. but none of that will matter come november 15. that's when both types of chicago cards become useless. some of the one-third of c-t-a riders who have already transitioned are calling the entire process frustrating. most of the problems are that people have not received their card yet even though they sent the paper work in august. some people have reported negative balances even though they have unlimited cards or put their money in. calls to customers
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service difficult. ...specifically long wait times on the customer service hotline. a spokesperson for ventra says they are working to address all customer complaints. the national transportation safety board says c-t-a policies may have led to this week's blue line crash in forest park. they released precautionary measures today for c-t-a engineers to take to ensure another accident doesn't happen in the future. wgn's julien crews has the details for us tonight. it would include things like removing battery terminals so that cars do not become energized. tracking the electrical connection points of car so that if cars become a couple, one car does not energize the other. cta spokesperson says they have already reviewed their operating procedures for stored cars. cta engineers are using redundant systems to stop on intended
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movement. in this particular case and what cta has put in place are hold cars that are essentially cars awaiting service and maintenance and they will have the extra redundant steps put in place. the transit authorities takes issue with one of the assertions that unoccupied cars are routinely left powered up in storage but they brake setting that would allow movement through a mechanical train stopped mechanism. they say that out of service trains are left powered on only for a limited amount of time. sometimes they need lighting at night to perform basic maintenance and cleanup. tonight's recommendation does not resolve the central mystery of what has been known as the ghost train. investigators are working to determine how a driverless train traveled one half mile up monday morning making it through to track interlocks without being stopped
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by metal trip strips designed to keep trains from moving. what than 30 passengers were injured in the collision and lawsuits have already been filed in cook county circuit court. we're learning more tonight about the woman behind the wheel of a car that led police on a high speed chase in washington dc. tonight, her sisters talk about the woman they knew. this isn't some campaign. the shutdown could be over today. the rhetoric heats up after four days of a stalemate that has left part of the government shutdown. plus, trying to find a new home for dozens of pets after a shelter was badly damaged earlier this week. a stormy weekend ahead. tom skilling tells us how long the storms will last. and he will adopt some of those pets. now that we're retired,
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tonight, relatives of the woman killed after a chase in d-c remember her as a loving mom who fought post-partum depression. miriam carey's boyfriend reportedly told police she had delusions about president obama spying on her. police shot carey after she led them on a chase yesterday from the white house to the capitol. investigators at her connecticut home found prescriptions for schizophrenia and other disorders. her sisters tell cnn her post-partum drugs were being
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graduallly reduced. i just now that my sister did an experienced post pardon depression with a psychosis. they labeled it which came along with treatment medication and counseling which she did and she had her challenges with that. carey's sisters question why police resorted to lethal force. the 34-year-old carey was a dental hygenist. her daughter was rescued from her car and put in protective custody. another scary incident today in washington drew emergency crews to the national mall. witnesses say a man dumped a can of gasoline over his head and set himself on fire. police would not confirm that he set himself on fire. joggers stopped and used their shirts to douse the flames. the man was airlifted to a hospital in critical condition with life-threatening injuries.
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day four of the government shutdown and all sorts of grandstanding by both sides. republicans blamming the president and congressional democrats saying the g-o-p might drop their opposition to the president's health care law if he'd be willing to negotiate over special breaks and subsidies handed out since the law was passed. the president not budging, going out for an impromtu lunch today and saying it's all on the speaker of the house. this is not some damn game. the american people did not want their government shutdown and neither do i. all we are asking for is to sit down and have a discussion and bring fairness and reopen the government and bring fairness to the american people over obamacare. this could be over today and there are about sports in the house of representatives. as i said yesterday it speaker boehner would just ... then we
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could and this shut down. about 800,000 federal workers are currently furloughed due to the government shutdown. civilian employees at veterans hospitals and clinics are not getting paid but are staying on the job. the james lovell federal health care center in north chicago continues to treat ailing veterans and heroes. the director says civilian staffers have been told they'll get paid just as soon as the government reopens. starting sunday employees will be on a status of promise to pay like the park service and many other branches of the federal government, this facility, our employees will continue to come to work but will not be paid until appropriations are passed by congress and signed by the president. the civilian v-a employees will get a last paycheck for this week. funds won't be available after the pay period ending tomorrow. coming up... an animal shelter in need of shelter turning to pet lovers to find homes for some cuddly critters. a burger joint trying to calm a holy controversy over their newest item on the menu. and big changes could be coming to the vatican.
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back in points when they complete a layaway contract. kmart. get in. get more. bounce keeps my clothes fresh for weeks, even when they've been sitting in the drawer a long time. like those jeans you can't fit into anymore. that, i mean... [ male announcer ] how do you get your bounce? long-lasting freshness. back to our breaking news story we told you about at the top of our newscast... rescue units combing a pond in southwest suburban tinley park... after some children were reported be in trouble in the water.... this is happening at a pond near kiwanis park in the 85-hundred block of bishop... w-g-n's gaynor hall is now on the scene... and joins us with the latest.... an active search effort is underway here and a huge emergency response. i will step out of the way. what we know at this point, authorities got
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reports of multiple people in the water at 17 tonight in this pond. crews pulled two people both males from the pond and they were conscious and taken to the hospital. no word on their ages. right now the search continues as a precaution because it is not clear whether there is another person in the water. witnesses reported seeing a third person. this is happening at a retention plan behind a subdivision at kiwanis park let's listen to what officials said at the scene a few moments ago. the seek to call it 715 this evening about multiple people in the water and we did our initial response and recovered two people who were transported to the hospital and they are in on non condition at this time. joint response between the police and the parks department
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and we have police in the water that it recovered individuals. work these people in.... again we have to males who were pulled from this pond and they were conscious and taken to the hospital and the search continues at this moment for a possible third person and we will keep you updated on any developments. a northwest side restaurant is donating 15-hundred dollars to catholic charities after their "burger of the month" featuring a communion wafer on top... created a bit of controversy. kuma's corner calls the sandwich a "ghost" burger. they say it's named after a heavy-metal band from sweden called "ghost." the burger not only has an unconsecrated wafer... but a wine reduction for flavoring. christians say the wafer and wine are symbolic of the body and blood of christ. the owners say they donate to different charities each month and chose catholic charities this time... in an effort to prove they did not intend to
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offend. pope francis visited the birthplace of his namesake... saint francis of assisi... today. following his call for more openness and outreach from the vatican, the pontiff visited with the local poor... as well as a group of disabled children from a local institution. cardinals advising the pope are seeking an overhaul of the vatican's troubled government. called heavy-handed and condescending by bishops around the world... it could even be getting a new constitution. the national weather service has canceled a hurricane watch for the gulf coast. but there are still threats of heavy rain and flooding. they say that nobody should take chances with mother nature. we know that storms can change on a dime and we need to be prepared. what we tried to do in government is to tell people that time is of the essence.
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make sure you have your essential. called off of furloughs to help. chicago may be unseasonably warm, but south dakota isn't so lucky. as you can see here, winter has paid an early visit. the national weather service issued a blizzard warning for the rapid city area, in effect until saturday morning. they are expecting more than a foot of snow. the surrounding states also have less severe weather warnings. drivers are urged to be especially cautious -- high winds and heavy snow could reduce visibility to zero in the worst areas. my mother told me that life is not fair. we see that right there. we had great weather. coming up in the medical watch, potential dangers for early arrivals. why health care providers should be extra vigilant when caring for pre-term babies. and traditional remedies meet modern medicine. why a local doctor is chicago's very own
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in tonights medical watch... depression and memory, doctors say people who are depressed have a limited capacity to differentiate memories. its called pattern separation, a process where depressed patients confuse similar experiences. brigham and womens researchers say the more depressed a person is, the larger impact on accurate recall. they say the detail inaccuracies are due to an altered hippocampus, necessary for memory and compromised in cases of depression. most cancer patients would love to be able to leave their disease behind. now doctors say they believe women can walk away from breast cancer literally. daily walks help prevent the disease according to research from the american cancer society. people who exercise more vigorously have an even greater protection against breast cancer. but doctors say the good news is - even a liesurely walk every day makes a difference. other studies have found a link between sitting too much and the development of breast cancer.
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while many pre-term babies thrive, there is a hidden danger both doctors and parents need to recognize. thats the advice of physicians at the university of buffalo. they warn, although pre-term babies look healthy, those born between 37 and 38 weeks, though considered full term are phsyiologically immature. that means they are at risk for blood sugar problems and difficulty breathing - in some cases requiring admission to the neo- natal intensive care unit. they key is close monitoriing to keep early babies healthy. back to you. still ahead... wet weather could bring a chilly end to the weekend. tom skilling says a double digit temperature drop could be in the forecast. his forecast is next.
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crazy weather across the track there are reports of a town being leveled by a tornado and the western dakotas are shut down by the snowstorm that produced these scenes. this is south dakota where the tally is now 37 in. of snow and it is still coming down gangbusters' with 60 m.p.h. winds pyrrhic
9:28 pm
peril is the big neurologist at the station in south dakota. this is the picture from sioux city. one of those places is spear fishing south dakota and kimberly sent us the shot of a barbecue in her backyard. she put a tape measure in which is hard to read but it's as 33 in. at the time the picture was taken. john chambers sent a more current shot. he is a meteorologist at the national weather service in rapid city and a former intern. john sent a new picture that we cannot show but we will put it on the website. that is rapid city with tree damage and power is out and they are telling people not to travel. another shot from illinois near crescent city. it is the corn harvest that is underway at scott
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patterson sent this beautiful shot with the puffy cumulus in the foreground. cumulus to the west were shown boiling up along the warm front that sets to the south. see these towering cumulus in the distance. it was in the mid '80s in kankakee in the suburbs even though we were 70 in the city. that put us in the warm air sector and those big storms roaming parts of iowa and towering up to 57,000 ft. into the atmosphere, those will soon be ours. northwest iowa and there is nebraska and south east south dakota. and look at the blizzard. moisture keeps feeding back in and wind gusts up to 60 mi. per hour. meanwhile a tropical storm. helen moving
9:30 pm
northward towards the gulf coast. here you see severe weather reports and each of these red icons is a tornado report and you can see them clustered, about 16 reported. look at these snow further west. payday measurement in the office. 380 mi. between the blizzard and 3 ft. of snow and the tornadoes that did damage in the born terror sector of this storm. there is wall south dakota and there is spear fish south dakota. miserable night in the plains states tonight and there is more to come. this is in addition to what will come. also wyoming and montana hit as well. there's the storm center in south dakota and those are wind gusts predicted by the model. winds over 40 mi. per hour. meanwhile we stay in the warm sector of this storm. all
9:31 pm
month long we have stayed warmed. in south dakota 37 in. and wyoming 27 in.. wyoming again at 24 in.. tornado watches. the front producing the weather out west is eastbound. warnings in these counties that are colored by their. that will be in our area tomorrow night. you jump to the cold side of the storm and their art blizzards and winter storm warnings. meanwhile tropical storm warnings in the gulf coast. this will produce wind driven rain in that area. in our area 74 today. there is the big storm and a tropical storm showing up on the satellite picture. 88 in st. louis today and 44 in billings. when you get in that corner of the jet stream has we will be
9:32 pm
tomorrow, you have a storm pumping humid air up here. squall line may develop tomorrow and we could get good rain and have our own weather watchers are around here. we will monitor the situation over the weekend closely. here is the chicago forecast pyrrhic tonight extensive clouds and showers and possibly a thunderstorm at low temperatures at 66. winds shifting south because it warm front is coming north by morning. tomorrow we spend the day in the warm sector. scattered showers or thunderstorms possible and there there could be downpours. the gusty thunderstorms with better coverage in the afternoon. 70 percent chance that all the chicago area will see a thunderstorm by evening. 78 is the projected high for tomorrow. clouds break by morning and then only 60 sunday, a day that
9:33 pm
starts in the sunny spell inserted within the storm. the storm is like a comma, and the drive wedges an area of sunny skies. we could have that first thing and then showers possible in the afternoon. for the game? yes for the game. thank you tom. combining medical expertise with doctor with a unique way to treat her patients. shelter don't let a bus crash stand in the way of their mission. mission.
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many treatments we commonly use these days - including aloe vera - have their roots in early traditional medicine going back hundreds or even thousands of years. a local latina doctor incorporates cultrual sensitivity - spiritual awareness - massage - and diet - in her practice of integrative medicine. doctor theri griego raby - one of chicagos very own. many of us grew up with traditional home respite remedies forfor treating
9:37 pm
maladies. some people traditionally use these methods as their pharmacy. i turned to my mother who knew about traditional medicines. a chicago internist with mexican routes dr. theri griego raby is combining hurt traditional training with holistic medicine trying to find out how best to treat the whole person. weather culturally or spiritually or emotionally or through the nutrients in the food and sleep and relationships, all that is part of who we are as people. says the best i have felt in some time at it is a good feeling to be healthy. dr. raby is an md specializing in internal medicine and she
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grew up in mexico and she credits back with an appreciation with a diet and appreciation of diet and well- being. some of her patients have been with her four decades. a lot of doctors would opt for surgery and she is through therapy and diet and exercise physical therapy? physical therapy. exactly. biofeedback and neuro muscular assange. she did ballots individualized treatment for patients. the patients we spoke to appreciate it. gets to the root of the problem and if she does not know something right away she will work on it and get to the root of what ever it is indeed.
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looks at the individual, the person, not just physically but mentally and emotionally, spiritually. it is a spiritual approach to and not just at treating the patient but educating them. teaching them to empower themselves to create health and well-being, spiritually and physiologically and biochemically, energetically. dr. theri griego raby one of chicago is very own. the institute is at 500 michigan avenue. 'modern healthcare and modern physician magazine' named dr. raby "physician entrepreneur of the year 2012. im judie garcia. now back to you. and later in sports... a year and a half after injuring his knee, derrick rose is set to return to the floor tomorrow night in indiana. tomorrow night in indiana. and it is his
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a pet adoption continues tomorrow at an animal shelter in suburban niles where a school bus crashed into the shelter's building this week, making the structure unsafe. too many dogs and cats now need homes as the shelter tries to find itself a new home. more from wgn's gaynor hall. almost too much cuteness for one story to hold. puppies... kittens... kids. "i love him." 6-year-old trinity finally
9:43 pm
getting her wish! and his name is ernie. "she's just always wanted to wanted a dog. big, small, she doesn't care. she loves them all." it's been one roller-coaster of a week for the people at wright-way rescue in niles. on wednesday. a school bus driver lost control off touhy avenue, heading the wrong-way into wright-way. the bus driving right through the building. christy anderson/founder and executive director, wright-way rescue: "it took 10 years to get here and 10 seconds to destroy." "after the crash, workers were worried sick when they couldn't find bobbin. they found him a couple of hours later, hiding under a crate. now he's one of the animals up for adoption." "miraculously no one was hurt. we're very lucky." at one cat that was missing and was found hours later which was a miracle. but the building not
9:44 pm
so lucky...deemed unsafe. so workers taking over the parking lot next door for the weekend trying to quickly find homes for about 75 dogs and cats. some were already at the shelter but most were just delivered here from southern illinois. "i'm happy to do what i can. i've heard about wrightway and have friends who have gone through them as well so i know it's a worthy cause." the no-kill shelter has found a temporary home for the next two weeks. they're trying to raise 1.5 million dollars to build a permanent facility. "we're very efficient in what we do. but that means we don't have a huge bank account to dip into, urgent that we raise funds to move to another location." the adoption and fundraising event continues on saturday and sunday. interested families can fill out an application, pay the adoption fee, and if they're approved they can go home with a new pet. (dog barks and pants) gaynor hall, wgn news.
9:45 pm
what an adorable story. you should adopt one of those stocks for your kids. i already have two dogs. that sounds like a definitively a no answer. you did not get that far. i also have two dogs at home. that was a great story. we have just been told 20 in. of snow in rapid city where there is thunder and snow tonight. compare that to our temperature which is 67. it is 81 downstate and in st. louis. and it is cool and snowing in the western plains. little wonder this behemoth of a speciastorm. shows
9:46 pm
possible monday tuesday next week but here is a close-up look at how brains could transpire. there is midnight and we get a peak of sun in the morning. it will not rain all day tomorrow but when it does it could remain substantially. look what assembles later in the day. that comes barreling through with a power house jet stream overhead. the storms can reach up into that winfield and bring it to the surface with strong winds. look at the newest rain projection from the model indicating parts of the area could get a sucker out of this weather system. the average out of these models is 1.71 in.. rain does not fall in an average fashion. it varies. it could be anywhere from 0.67 in. and 2 up to 2.75 in..
9:47 pm
'60s during the day sunday. this is the 14th warmest october opened, the first four days. in 140 years of weather records. you cannot rule out a downpour in the morning in spots. the numerous ones will be later in the day. '60s sunday and monday about 58. then finally we pull out and one for seven days later next week. have a great weekend. let's update you for a story we told you about pyrrhic the body of a white male has been found in the scottsdale neighborhood, dug up by authorities and we
9:48 pm
will at war on that story tomorrow. coming up, it's not just any preseason opener tomorrow for the bulls. derrick rose will see his first game action since injuring his knee 17 months ago. while the rookies on the bears offensive line get ready for another tough test sunday against the saints. rich king is next with sports. friday night and here we go. from the hand over... community ... this year and the house of versace, and then illusionist versa[ phil ] when you havest joint pain and stiffness... accomplishing even little things can become major victories. i'm phil mickelson, pro golfer. when i was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis, my rheumatologist prescribed enbrel for my pain and stiffness, and to help stop joint damage. [ male announcer ] enbrel may lower your ability to fight infections.
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oh he's biting my head oh! you seemed so cool there's a better way to save with sears and shop your way coupons. just choose, load, and save up to 20% automatically at derek rose celebrates his 25th birthday today so lets begin with the bulls. it is only the pre-season game, but when your super star has been off the court for a year, the added hype is understandable. derrick rose and the bulls play at indiana tomorrow, a 6pm telecast right here on wgn. while rose will play, joakim noah will not. noah is battling a groin injury and he will spend the night on the bench. rose has been under a microscope since tearing his acl april of 2012. he raised more than a few eyebrows by not playing last season. his minutes will be limited but he says he will go full tilt when they tip it off tomorrow against
9:52 pm
the pacers. i am just going to play be semi i normally do. there is no point in holding back. i think we go as i go. aggressive and find people open and that is how i play. i am prepared. right now i feel like i am prepared and i think i have not missed a step. it's really exciting. the guy put in a lot of work. it is preseason but it will be exciting. charles tillman and steven paea are listed as questionable on the final bears injury report before sundays game against the saints. tillman was also questionable a week ago and played the whole game aginst the lions. once again the bears rookies on the offensive line will face a solid front wall. it's hard to imagine a tougher test then they got from
9:53 pm
ndomican suh. on one play last week it was "mano e mano" hand to hand combat. suh pushing kyle long ten yards behind the lion to make the sack. it appeared long had decent technique on the play, but it points out how rugged things are in the nfl and how focussed you have to be each week. from a technical standpoint there were some things i did that were good and some things that were bad. you win some and you lose some and i want to move forward and make progress. after the game monday sent after the game... a couple seconds and let's get better. that is the object every weekend to get better. baseball now... mike metheny and the cardinals trying to take a 2 games to none lead over the pirates but perdo alvarez would have none of it. he cracks a two run homer off lance lynn in the third, his second homer in two games and the pirates win 7-1. the series goes to pittsburgh tied at 1-1.
9:54 pm
don mattingly and the dodgers also stymied in their bid for a 2-0 lead aganst the braves... it was 2-1 atlanta in the 7th when jason heyward gets a two run single...big hit because hanley ramirez had a two run homer in the 8th for la. the braves win 4-3. that series also even at 1 game each. the boston beardsox took on the rays in game one of their series. tampa jumped off to a 2- 0 lead before the roof caved in. jarrod saltamachia rips a double that scores two in the 5th. the bosox poured it on. 12 unanswered runs and they win 12-2 to lead the series one zip. the reds fire dusty baker after six season. and alex rodriguez is suing major league baseball, bud selig, the yankees, the yankees team doctor for defamation of character... now..back to reality.... the chicago fire......playing tonight on the road against dc united.. the fire scrambling to make the playoffs. the road has not been kind to the fire,,they had lost 12 of 14 away from home but not tonight...they got a goal from bicari sumari in the 26th minute ..his first in the mls...and the fire go on to
9:55 pm they try to scratch intlo the playoffs.... the wolves opening the season tonight...john anderson back in control....and things off to a good san antonio..the wolves tally score early on a goal from corey make it 1 zip..they added one more and the game now in the third period...2- 1..wolves. that is it. bears sunday at northwestern tomorrow. that's the news for this friday night. we're happy you shared time with us. i'm micah materre. i'm frank holland. updates on
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barney is crazy if he thinks this is gonna work. i think it's gonna work. i hope it doesn't work. shh. here he comes. you there, what's your name? excuse me? your name, woman, what's your name?! cindy. i knew it. you're the cindy, the one who can change everything, or spell our inevitable doom. now listen to me, cindy. i am barney stinson, and i am on an urgent mission from the future. the future? the future, and i can prove it to you. in exactly four seconds, the woman at that booth is going to slap that man. (clears throat) ow! what the hell? wow. in a few minutes, the young me from your time


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