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tv   WGN Morning News  CW  March 5, 2014 4:00am-5:01am CST

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we're in for a snowy morning commute that could break another record. we're *live with the latest. secretary of state kerry is accusing russia of making up reasons for invading ukraine. and mayor emanuel is thinking about a plan to expand soldier field. good morning. i'm dan ponce. and i'm tonya francisco in for erin. thanks for joining us on the wgn morning news at *4 a-m. >> let's take a look at the forecast. >> it's going to be a tough commute. not so much because of the snow but it's because of the timing. if it hits during rush hour and everyone is out there at the same time it will cause problems. today, will continue to see this note it started around 2:00 a.m.. another layer comes through most areas get
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between one-3 in.. some areas locally could see as much as four. the snow will linger during the day and then exit this afternoon. the advisory goes until 10:00 a.m.. but closer to the lake the winter weather advisories will last until about noon. there are some visibility issues out there. we continue to see the snow as it moves through the northern and western communities. visibility and a light coating early today is the problem. snow is at its heaviest just north of chicago. you can see the snow down in downers grove continuing to move through. king county not as much. here is how we expect the slosummer to move from the norto the south. would try out for the afternoon and the evening. the
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full totals are between 1-3 in.. potential for more in some areas. the temperatures will not move much. its 19 at o'hare. current windchill of six at o'hare. lansing is currently at 20. today our temperatures are mid-20s. are high is 26. would melt away some of the snow on thursday and friday. yesterday the north areas had a rough go with lots of crashes on the north and try stage. this morning already on the tristate heading north bound we have a crash that was just cleared. north end of the tri-state we have to watch this morning. expect slick conditions and low visibility. >>erik runge is *live on the roads. >> it's a bit slow out here on the roads. we are on the kennedy near addison and you can
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see the snow is starting to accumulate on the roads. not quite high with speeds but we're not at a crawl yet. but as the snow continues to fall this will change. this is the third snowiest winter we've had. have not seen any accident yet. we have seen a lot of the plows out on the road to try to get a head start. the good news is that with the temperatures where they are, the salt and some of the chemicals they are putting on the roads should help. but snow just continues to fall here. speeds are a bit slower than normal. live on the kennedy. back to you. >> here's how it looked at the intersection of milwaukee, north and damen just before three a-m. the snow was creating a little slush on the streets at that time. while our camera crew was there, two city snowplows came through the bucktown intersection. the weather didn't seem to
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phase a couple of foreign visitors to chicago. >> were used to quebec's of the snow is not a problem for us. >>the storm could put this winter into third place for snowiest chicago winter on record. secretary of state john kerry meets today with his russian counterpart, to try to convince russia to pull back its military push into ukraine. russian troops control the crimean peninsula. and president putin says his troops stand ready to protect ukraine's russian-speaking population from any vengeful actions by the country's new pro-european government. secretary kerry says there's nothing to suggest that russian ukrainians are in any jeopardy. >> they would have you believe that kiev is trying to destabilize crimea. or that somehow russian leaders invited intervention. not a single piece
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of credible evidence supports any one of these claims. >> for now, european leaders are pushing a diplomatic plan to station u.n. observers in ukraine to *ensure that russian ukrainians are safe. when european leaders meet tomorrow, they will consider sanctions against russia, if there is no de-escalation in the crisis. taking a look at the *other top stories this morning. this man is charged with aggravated battery. jose garcia is jailed on 400- thousand dollars bond after police say he shook his three- week-old daughter repeatedly, causing severe trauma. rachel garcia died yesterday. police and paramedics found the girl unresponsive when they were called to her home in hyde park on saturday. for people were taken to the hospital after an suv crashed into a home. 87 and new england avenue at the border of burbank and will oak lawn. two people were inside the home not hurt. a woman and a baby were inside the
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suv both taken to hospital with non life-threatening injuries. police say the suv may have been involved in two other hit and run crashes before it hit. charges are pending against the driver of the suv. >>curie high school scored a big win yesterday... but a bigger loss. monday, curie's boys basketball team was cleared to play in the state championship. and yesterday, coach mike oliver was cleared to rejoin his team, after being suspended for using academically ineligible players. but last night, the curie squad lost its regional semifinal to dusable, in overtime. police in streamwood have released surveillance video showing the suspect in a deadly gas station robbery a year ago. 24-year-old andy jaiswal, an immigrant from india, was stabbed last march, while working at a thornton's gas station. there's a 27-thousand dollar reward for help in finding the suspect. mayor emanuel's office is defiantly defending chicago's fiscal management, after another downgrade in the city's credit
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rating. "moody's" cited the city's pension debt problems, in cutting chicago's rating to just three levels above junk- bond status. only *detroit's* rating is lower. that could force the city to pay higher interest on the money it borrows. city officials say, the other two credit rating agencies reaffirmed *better ratings for the city, just last week. soldier field could be getting even bigger, if mayor emanuel has his way. he is reportedly considering a five thousand seat expansion, as the city explores a super bowl bid. the mayor has said chicago could bid for the super bowl as early as 2019. right now, chicago houses the n-f-l's smallest stadium, in terms of capacity. soldier field seats a little more than 61 thousand people. but that's still about eight thousand seats less than the n- f-l's preferred minimum for a super bowl. no major disruptions were reported yesterday as the illinois standard achievement test got underway. the exam
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require all students 3-8. some students say it's taking away from concern time since the current version will be phased out. officials had threatened to force a boycotting teachers from the school building but were allowed to stay and teach students who did not take the test. at least 1500 students opted not to take the test. the data is required by the new child left behind act. >>the four republican candidates for governor faced off in a debate at the university of chicago last night. and it didn't take long for front runner bruce rauner's six million dollars in contributions to his own campaign to become an issue. >> is there a limit you have set for the election? >> the limit is winning the race. with a fundamentally transform our state government. there's no question
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>> there is no question he's trying to buy the race. but i don't think that works. at the end of the day you have to relate to the voters. you have to have ideas and an ideology. >> we did put in place campaign contribution limits. it was not an ideal bill. we have the u.s. constitution freedom of speech which means people can self fund. >> he has just made it obscene. he may own up nine multimillion- dollar mansions in america but he should not be able to buy the people's mansion in illinois. >>the candidates also took questions on how they'll deal with the state's pension troubles and about their relationships with house speaker michael madigan and mayor emanuel. join us tonight as wgn and the chicago tribune host the illinois republican candidates for governor for a debate. all four candidates are scheduled to take part. it will be carried *live at six p-m on wgn-tv ... and simulcast on cltv, wgn radio, wgn-tv dot-com, and chicago tribune dot-com.
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large sheets of ice slid off buildings and into the path of pedestrians in little rock, arkansas. a television reporter was one of the victims. he was hit on the head by a sheet of ice while shooting footage of the ice buildup yesterday. he was able to walk away without any serious injuries. >> good morning. we continue to see this note. today it's not a heavy hit. just about 2 in. maybe three or four in some areas. but the timing is the issue. most of the snow comes this morning for lunch. as many of us are troubling trend to get to work or school that's when the snow will fall and it will cause some havoc for the commit. the snow is generally north of southern cook county and as a travel west along that line you can see it move through. its heaviest as to get up along the line into northern cook county. you concede right towards the airport and took portions of
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lake and mechanic county. all these counties have that snow coming in from the west. we will deal with this note to the morning and afternoon and then we dry out. it's 24 in indiana. blue island is a 23. here is the 70 forecast. 26 today. would dry out tonight. down the 14th. tomorrow is 31. friday a 30 percent chance for a mix. your high reaches 40. sunday we make 34. >> coming up ... what stopped a group of runners in the middle of a race -- caught on camera. and -- a deadly end to fat tuesday in new orleans. plus -- one person was killed and others hurt, after a house explosion in new jersey. we'll have details. and -- what happened when the teenager who sued her parents for college tuition.. appeared in court.
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a gas-related explosion killed a woman and left seven other people injured in new jersey. state and local inspectors will resume checking for structural damage near these townhomes in ewing township this morning. gas company contractors were working near the homes yesterday, when they reported possible damage to a gas line just before noon. the explosion happened about an hour later, while a crew was trying to repair the line. >> a loud explosion. >> like a bomb.
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>> i was pushed back from the pressure. >> i could see the fire. homes were blown out. windows were blown out. >> seven workers were injured. a woman who lived nearby was killed ... her body was found outside. dozens of people have been forced to leave the neighborhood. 55 units were damaged and ten of them were destroyed. two men were shot and killed outside a concert at the *mardi gras world* music venue in new orleans as the rest of the city celebrated fat tuesday. cold weather and rain didn't dampen the spirits of thousands of people who filled the streets for the annual party before the beginning of lent. the temperatures were in the high 30s, just missing the record for the coldest mardi gras ever ... a chilly 38 degrees back in 18-99. a teenager in new jersey who is suing her parents for financial support and school tuition suffered a setback in court. 18-year-old rachel canning's request for immediate help with living expenses was denied by the judge. canning says her parents forced her out of their home. she's suing them for financial
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support, including tuition to her private high school and college. her parents say she moved out voluntarily because she didn't want to live under their rules. a second hearing is scheduled for next month when the judge will decide if her parents will be required to pay her college tuition. take a look at what happened during a race in san jose, california. the runners passed the home of world-war-two veteran joe bell -- age 95, and dressed in his military uniform, cheering them on. the runners first *waved to show their support for bell... then they paused on the sidewalk, to personally shake his hand, and thank him for his service. the video has gone viral. the race benefits a foundation for army ranger pat tillman, who died in afghanistan. >> that is a fantastic story. >> that is a great story. good to see some grass. evan seen any grass in the long time. visibility is quite low right now. lower visibility indicates note is heavier in your area.
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our radar continues to show the snow generally it's north of king county and generally north of 80 at this hour. as you can see, it's moving to the east down to the south pier this entire area will sees no today. it's going to be at its heaviest during our rush hour commute this morning as we move to lunchtime. that is the concern. the timing of this note but not the amounts. we will get two-3 in. but it will hit in the rush hour commute. looking into portions of the county the snow is heaviest along this line to the extreme northwest of cook county and to lake county most of that heaviest snow is west of '94. down to the south you can see along 88 right through downers grove we have the potential for quick snow- covered as that snow continues. we are dealing with this note
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and really a slow commit a through the morning. it will start to exit the region from northwest to southeast later today. probably after lunch when we clear out and we expect to see the heaviest of the snow generally to the north. that's where we will get the few inches and then further down to this out to lansing. only about 1 in.. but it ends later today. at o'hare current temperature of 19. wind out of the northeast at 13 mi.. temperatures don't change much. a tim bartlett. 16 and waukegan pier 21 at midway. the wind chill isn't so bad. bartlett at 5 degrees. today's high is 26. not much movement with those temperatures today. flurries are possible clouds breaking up into the evening. down to 14 for the low. thursday we make 31 with sunshine. friday a lot of this will melt as be reached 40 degrees with the
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chance of rain and snow. >> the city streets are getting snow as well. 160 plows deployed by the city. here's a look at the main roads. tri-state you can see snow-covered roadways. everyone trying to follow the car in front of them at this point. that seems to be tied into that snow. this is the state line on 80-94 the south and you can see the wet snow coming down. in the north it's the snow sticking to the ground but here it's the what slippery snow. no matter where you are you're dealing with something this morning to give yourself extra time today. >>coming up ... an annual chicago tradition will continue despite the weather. and next in sports -- a rare home game for the blackhawks, who play at the u-c for the first time in six weeks. hey marcus! >> winter weather is rolling through but what if i told you that you could go today and play
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18 holes of golf in chicago? i found a place where you can do that and have a good meal. i will truth to the rue
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blackhawk needed a map to find united center but it might have felt that way. their first game
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there in five weeks to begin the final 20 games stretch of the season and a chance to put distance between themselves and their division rival colorado avalanche. it's getting to be a good rivalry. things were tense late. getting in the way of a punch. earlier they trailed at one-nothing. they finally get on the board. it is 1-1 after two. they come up empty on a power- play but then there's this pass and its 22 for the year and its two-two. then the avalanche has a power play. it's a go-ahead goal, colorado added an empty net goal going on to beat them 4-2. illinois did michigan a huge favor saturday by knocking off michigan state allowing michigan to clinch its share of the big 10 title. how did the wolverines are we pay them? by coming into champagne and
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ruining senior night. so much for gratitude. two seniors playing their final home game. illinois and never led to win abrams pass a stolen by robinson the dunk put michigan up 19. time winding down taking a deep three to put michigan up 52-30. now it's their 11th three- pointer in the first half. second-half seventh three- pointer of the night a career high. michigan wins the big tent out right for the first time since 1986 smashing 84-53. cactus league baseball, the sox lost to the indians 5-4. have a great day. >>u-s stocks rebounded yesterday, as worries about the crisis in ukraine eased. the dow gained 228 points -- its biggest gain of the year so far. the nasdaq added 74. and the s-and-p 500 rose 28
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points, to a new all-time high. the chicago river will flow green for st. patrick's day -- even if it's frozen. organizers say they'll break through the ice, if it hasn't thawed. the same family has been dyeing the river for more than 50 years. it's scheduled for 10 a-m on march 15th, ahead of the annual downtown parade at noon. the river will stay green for six to ten hours. >> all these chunks of green eyes floating down the river, that will be great. >> bring in that icebreaker for that. >> remember what happened to the titanic. >> we did have a disaster on the chicago river in the 1800's. the mad dropping some knowledge. >> i'm just saying. >> i knew that. >> how about a warm-up? >> a thing temperatures will warm up enough is should not be frozen. but we have snow right now heaviest north of 80 and all across the area north we will
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see snow showers this morning. one-3 in. coming our way today. tased high temperatures in the mid-20s. snow leaves in the afternoon. >> i will never let go. if the pictures to show you this morning. really? bubbles? this is a look at the tri-state around willow. we have snow- covered roads out there on the north end of the tri-state and the far west and of 88. 80-94 is getting it as well. here is the connector ramp. the plows are out doing their job but they are trying to keep up with everything and it's still slick out there in its early morning hours. take it slow. >>there's more to come in our next half-hour. -including, the latest move to get the obama presidential library in illinois. and -- what a neighbor of oscar pistorius heard the night he's accused of murdering his girlfriend. plus -- why a woman heckled mayor emanuel at chicago's birthday celebration. hear his
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comeback. and -- a judge orders the release of justin bieber's jail house video, with one exception. details, coming up. it grows more sophisticated every day. if it were a business, it would be a fortune 500 company. fraud has evolved. american express intelligent security gives you tools to fight fraud and a global service network that never stops working. so you can be a member of a more secure world. this is what membership is. this is what membership does.
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commute that could break another record. we're *live with the latest. secretary of state kerry is accusing russia of making up reasons for invading ukraine. and mayor emanuel says the city is saving a lot of money with the revised parking meter deal. good morning, i'm dan ponce. and i'm tonya francisco in for erin. let's go to demetrius ivory for a check of the weather. >> today it's not how much snow. the problem is the timing. it hits us during rush hour. first off for the winter weather advisory in effect until 10:00 a.m.. as you travel further to the east it's there until noon including cook county and lake and indiana. the radar concerns have the snow north of 80. now it's moving as far south as portions of can the county. as the get north of 80 we find the snow at its heaviest. 94 right
4:31 am
now looking at heavier snow. visibility is down under 2 mi.. that indicates we have moderate to heavy snow continuing to fall. traveling across western kendall county that line continues to press to the east. in joliet is coming your way it should be there shortly. the appraisal is reading of 13. mundelein at 14. 21 degrees in east chicago. oakmont at 20. temperatures are cool not moving too much. 24 at noon. drive by 5:00 p.m.. a bit of light flurries will taper off. today we may 26. thursday we make 31. dry until friday when a cold front comes through. we will make 40 on friday. >> not a lot of delays at this morning. light volume of traffic but expect that to change. here's a look at michigan ave.
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lots of snow-covered roads up there. the city has many plows out there working to get the streets cleared. expect things to be slack. here's a look of the north end of the tri-state around the airfield. not a lot of plows out there. the cautious, take it slow. the look near 61st and northwest indiana as well. the matter where you go you're dealing with the slick conditions. leisurely and give yourself extra time. >>erik runge is *live on the roads. >> still pretty slow out here. you can see the snow has started to accumulate on the roads. people are taking it easy as we should. not highway speeds this morning. i think around 35 in the car that we are in. we have seen a number of these plows out here. the good news is with the temperature where it is, a lot of those chemicals and salt will
4:33 am
help get the ice off the roads to make them safer for people on their way to work. the city will plow all the main roads first. there will make sure those are possible and then get to the side streets. the side streets getting to the main roads are slick. you can see the plows have been deployed. we have seen several this morning out and about. definitely out there getting as much as they can done before the main brush our heads. the roads are definitely starting to accumulate with the snow on them. definitely slipped. so far so good no big accidents or anything like that just yet. >> here's how it looked at the intersection of milwaukee, north and damen just before three this morning. the snow was creating a little slush on the streets at that time.
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while our camera crew was there, two city snowplows came through the intersection in bucktown. the storm could us into third place for the snowiest chicago winter on record. secretary of state john kerry meets today with his russian counterpart, to try to convince russia to pull back its military push into ukraine. russian troops control the crimean peninsula. and president putin says his troops stand ready to protect ukraine's russian-speaking population from any vengeful actions by the country's new pro-european government. secretary kerry says there's nothing to suggest that russian ukrainians are in any jeopardy. >> they would have you believe that kiev is trying to destabilize the crimea or that somehow russian leaders invited intervention. not a single piece of credible evidence supports anyone of these claims. >> for now, european leaders
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are pushing a diplomatic plan to station u.n. observers in ukraine to *ensure that russian ukrainians are safe. when european leaders meet tomorrow, they will consider sanctions against russia, if there is no de-escalation in the crisis. testimony is resuming in pretoria, south africa, where former olympic runner oscar pistorus is on trial for murdering his girlfriend. yesterday, neighbors of the a loud argument on the night reeva steenkamp was killed. one of them said steenkamp had fear and intensity in her voice. pistorius claims he shot steenkamp because he mistook her for a home intruder. taking a look at the *other top stories this morning. curie high school scored a big win yesterday... but a bigger most likely someone was standing over her bed and shot her to death. at the determination from the trial. her husband is charged with her murder. he insists his wife committed suicide. the prosecution is
4:36 am
expected to rest its case later today. >> at the mayor's office is defending the fiscal management after another downgrade in the city's credit reporting. soldier field could be getting cutting it just above junk bonds stand status. the other to credit ratings reaffirmed those credit ratings just last week. >> soldier field could be getting even bigger, if mayor emanuel has his way. he is reportedly considering a five thousand seat expansion, as the city explores a super bowl bid. the mayor has said chicago could bid for the super bowl as early as 2019. right now, chicago houses the n-f-l's smallest stadium, in terms of capacity. the attorney general is urging all counties in the state to grant same-sex marriage licenses immediately. the law passed last year calls for a june 1st start date but a federal court gave immediate approval to same-sex
4:37 am
couples in cook county and champaign county. the office will review the denial of an early license by the county as unconstitutional. officials in lake county have no plans to issue licenses before june 1st. >> the state will hand out aid to nine counties that is struggling to recover from last november's historic tornadoes. downstate washington had the worst. the money will go to local governments and not to individuals. the state did not qualify for federal disaster relief for those communities. >>a new report finds that legiso devote money to the funding to get the library for the president into chicago. the university of hawaii were studied as well as chicago state university are vying for the
4:38 am
option. >> a new report finds the chicago's revised parking meter contract has saved drivers and the city millions of dollars. the report comes from mayor emanuel's office. more than ten million dollars was reportedly saved. mayor emanuel renegotiated the contract to include free sunday parking in several neighborhoods, as well as extended evening hours in some areas of the city. a new pay-by-phone system will also be unveiled later this spring. a heckler interrupted mayor emanuel as he spoke at the city's 177th birthday party. >> rosemary vega, a long-time critic of the mayor's stance on schools, shouted at the mayor during the celebration at daley plaza. she was protesting his views on charter and public schools. the mayor tried to diffuse the situation with a little humor about his icy dip in lake michigan last weekend. >> i to say after the polar plunged i appreciate the warm
4:39 am
response. >> emanuel, comedian jimmy fallon, and three-thousand others took part in the polar plunge... to raise money for the special olympics. today is ash wednesday, the beginning of the christian season of lent, which prepares the faithful for easter. yesterday, the "shrove tuesday" tradition of burning palms from the previous year was carried out at holy name cathedral. the ashes from the palms will be placed on the foreheads of the faithful today, reminding them of their mortality. a baby from tennessee has become the breakout star in a new workout video -- as the instructor! lilly ann is only six months old. her workout has over half a million hits on youtube. lilly ann's parents say her exercise lasts only about a minute.. and consists of something between pushups and planks. those are hard. fans are already raving about the results they've gotten with the lilly ann workout. one commenter wrote, "i lost 10 pounds just watching this."
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>> 10 lbs. from laughing i'm guessing. >> good for her. that is so cute. not as cute as you go. >> i know you are tired of the snow so are we. but i have to sell this with a happy face. this note is north of 80 and our problem today is not going to be how much. only between 2-3 in. in most areas. but it's the timing. the snow continues during the rush hour commute. the tristate has heavier winds of snow moving to that area. most of the heaviest snow is north of 80 at this hour and of course into northern cook county would have that's no continuing. kendall county is really in the action. moderate to heavy snow is moving through. as to get down into some other areas we have this no continuing. the snow continues through the morning tapering off in the
4:41 am
afternoon then we begin to dry out with light flurries. 19 degrees is the current temperature. 16 and waukegan. our live at 18. juliet at 22. wind chill is breezy. single digits across the region. temperatures are not a problem it's the morning snow. one-3 in. of accumulation. the typical high is the low '40's. so far we of been 18 degrees colder than normal we don't much today. on thursday we are at 31. sunshine should make it feel pretty good. friday we have the chance of rain and snow mixed in the afternoon. high temperature of 40 degrees. >> the latest on a very close encounter happening in space. >> a real housewife faces some real jail time. and a former quarterback is sporting a new look that is going carl.a few s.
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the real housewife of new jersey star could be going to prison. two pleaded guilty yesterday to federal fraud charges --
4:45 am
including conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud, and lying on mortgage and loan applications. in a statement, teresa said she is taking responsibility for the mistakes she made years ago. both will be sentenced in july. the earth is experiencing another close encounter with an asteroid today. it's more than a hundred feet wide... and it'll actually pass closer to the *moon than the earth. it'll come closest to earth at about 4 o'clock this afternoon. you can watch it in real time at "virtual telescope dot com." brett farve is sporting a new look in his retirement. the legendary quarterback has been growing out a big beard for a while, but he also appears to have been pumping a lot of iron. -- >> he looks like harrison ford in that the fugitive before the hair cut. >> a few people snapped pictures with favre after meeting him at a conference in orlando last week, and they say he looked ripped, with bulging forearms and biceps. he looks like a big snowman or like santa claus. that's it. >>the first official trailer
4:46 am
for michael bay's upcoming "transformers: age of extinction" is finally here. it stars mark wahlberg this time around. a large portion of the film was shot in chicago last summer. "transformers four" hits theaters july tenth. will it still be snowy in july? >> it probably will. >> that is a full beard that guy was sporting. >> winter weather advisory is in effect until 10:00 a.m. for counties just to the west. we have devised three going until noon for many others. snow continues this morning. much of the action is north of 80. our problems are low visibility, a light coating of snow and basically the timing. it will hit in the early morning commute. it will not let up until after lunch time. tri- state getting hit good at this hour. down to the south we have heavier snow. it's moving into western will county. is coming
4:47 am
over to joliet as well. the camera right now is at 15 degrees. dalton is reading and 20. in chicago we are in the low 20s. at 5:00 we are at 24. this note really only last through the morning and afternoon. 26 today. tomorrow we make 31 purified we make 40 chance of rain and snow. >> as more people hit the roads the crashes are popping up. we have one outbound kennedy just getting move to the side. out on edens on the ramp to wilson and crashed to the side. this is what we are dealing with. this is the dan ryan ramp. you can see slick conditions and snowfield the conditions on the ramps. also 94 at deerfield and mass from the north and in the suburbs. looking at 137 and the tri-state one lane is plowed
4:48 am
through that stretch. take it nice and slow to get to where you need to go. a full look at the travel times coming out. >> good morning. it's snowing but doesn't mean you can't go hit the golf course. there's a new spot in chicago where you can not only hit the course amply 18 holes but get a good meal as well. >> it's a dual concept. downstairs with great food and areas to dine. we wanted to tie in the the golf colors. >> here we are. this is the golf section of here. tell me about these simulators. >> these are provided there are top of the line. 15 ft. screens. really accurate with the high- definition cameras. same technology with maps. the walk the course and with photos of
4:49 am
the course. we get the waves in the water but other than that you're planning on a real course. >> how does the simulator no that i am hitting the ball a certain way? >> we have a lot of cameras over here. there four in the corner and there's more above do so it catches your club head speed, the route of the the glove and the speed it takes to get out there. >> that is way over. >> that's about right it doesn't qualify. i agree. the school back to the kitchen. what are you making? >> today it's pork belly. i created this over the years here we try to use as many local organic ingredients. we have a pork belly that we get from a
4:50 am
few hours to the north. basically we will see this. it's a three day process to get to this point. we see it and bring it here for three days right here. we do all of our own curing and baking and make our own sausages and bread. we have these reseau takes an itch police caramel sauce. it's sweet and salty and spicy. we do a bacon wrapped to date. it's a date wrapped in bacon and we make our own ricotta cheese. >> it is so good. that is so good one of the best things i've eaten in a long time. it changed my life. my life has been
4:51 am
changed forever. right there. >> it was excellent. it's called fairer ways. the food was fantastic. i didn't expect it to be as good as it was. the golf was great the food was spectacular. >> coming up, john travolta has a message for idina menzel. >> i will will see in>> please y
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talented one and only adele dazeem. >> it's still so funny. > that was john travolta butchering the name of singer "idina menzel" at the oscars on sunday night... calling her "adele dazeem." now he's speaking out about his flub. travolta told c-n-n "i was beating myself up all day... then i thought...what would idina menzel say? she'd say, let it go, let it go!" very nice. a judge has ruled that video images of justin bieber while he was in police custody in florida can be released... but
4:55 am
only after the images censor out his private parts. the video clips included bieber providing a urine sample for a drug test following his arrest by police in miami beach in january on a charge of driving under the influence. lawyers for bieber argued that the police surveillance video showing him urinating was inappropriate and should be withheld to protect the canadian singer's privacy. portions of that video will be blurred. we need to give a warning before showing what we just showed right there. but stich a look at our day. 26 degrees for the high. the snow continues 1-3 in.. it will hit during the rush hour commute. winter weather advisory is in effect due to the slick conditions. when dry out later today. >> we are used to it by now but once again we have snowy conditions so give yourself extra time. a few crashes one outbound kennedy right around montrose that was just cleared up. another around 95. expect
4:56 am
added delays through those sections. >> coming up we're watching the snow for your morning commute. >> and tell a police officer tried to get out of a speeding tried to get out of a speeding ticket.
4:57 am
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for me, it was heart-wrenching. bea: it takes a toll on everyone. i mean, it's a depressing disease to watch unfold before your eyes. you just don't see -- the person's soul is, like, gone. lisa: this disease just ravages a family.
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