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tv   WGN Morning News  CW  March 13, 2014 4:00am-5:01am CDT

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police issue an alert after a woman is sexually assaulted on the northwest side. images taken from a chinese satellite might provide a pivotal lead in the search for a missing malaysia flight. and a pair of french bulldogs missing after a home break-in, are returned. we'll have details. good morning. i'm dan ponce. and i'm erin mcelroy. thanks for joining us on the wgn morning news at *4 a-m. with a check of our weather. memo what a difference a day makes. >> you are smiling and you are here. >> back is ok not to much shoveling. we're starting off today clear and cold but no snow. we don't expect much for the next several days but it is chilly to start. the snow is gone but the cold is here. it
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will be breezy today. right now the wind is calm. nine in bartlett. 15 at the plate. normally we are in the mid 20's so we are well below average. the wind chill is matching the air temperature reading now. it feels like 3 degrees in kenosha. a few clouds to the south. no major storms of any type will affect us for the next few days. we will have a warm-up after today. today we settle for highs in the mid to upper '30's. for a mix of clouds and son today. 38 tonight. close to 50 tomorrow. we will be dry through the weekend into most of monday. more details on that in a bit. >> if you are smiling and i am smiling. today looks better on the roads. nice and clear. no major issues. travel times are right where we want them. wide open and clear. we did have an
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issue of a wrong way driver causing a crash on the skyway. police say the woman was driving northbound in the southbound lane when she forced an oncoming semi truck to swerve onto a retaining wall. that truck driver is being treated. the woman is in stable condition. she will get a ticket. investigators are trying to determine why she was going the wrong way. >>chicago police have issued a community alert for the logan square neighborhood - after a woman is sexually assaulted. nancy loo is live in logan square with the story. >> could morning. the attack happened at 1:30 a.m. on tuesday as the victim was walking in the area near the intersection of our meltage and pulaski. police say man followed the team before grabbing her and forcing her
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into a nearby gang way where she was raped. the suspect took off on a bicycle heading north. many businesses are in this area but all were likely closed at the time of the attack. there is a police camera near the intersection but police are not saying it's a captured any images of the rapist. area north detectives continue to investigate. in the meantime, residents are warned to report any suspicious people or activity and to take precautions when walking after dark. and back to you. >> chicago firefighters will be handing out free smoke detectors this morning, after a little girl was killed in an apartment fire. it happened in this building on the 17-hundred block of juneway terrace. three year old le-andrea white set fire to a mattress in her family's apartment. she was alone in the bedroom at the time. her mother says she couldn't
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find her in there as she tried to put out the fire. but firefighters found her body on the bedroom floor, after they put out the flames. >> she didn't want to go to sleep so i laid down with her. >> that was my baby. i only had two girls. the best thing that ever happened to me. >>the fire was contained to the room where it started. fire officials say the apartment didn't have any working smoke detectors. another three year old girl was killed after a bookcase fell on her. that happened at her home in northbrook yesterday morning. rescuers tried to revive her there, but they couldn't. the girl's name was not released and neither were details on how this happened. two people were killed, and two dozen others injured in downtown austin, texas, when a car plowed into a crowd of people outside a nightclub. it happened early this morning at the mohawk bar. five of those injured are in critical condition. austin is hosting the annual "south by southwest" festival. and it's likely that some of the dead and injured attended
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the festival. the driver has been taken into police custody. new satellite images may offer clues to the malaysian airline. >> and spencer has more. >> one of the passengers of the airline, paul weeks made plans just in case something happened leaving his watch and his wedding ring behind with his wife in australia. >> i said something like don't be stupid. just come back. >> she says every day feels like an eternity. >> every day waking up and just looking at the news and seeing that there is nothing. >> there may finally be something. this image may provide a pivotal lead in the flight fosearch for the flight.e agency says it may be the crash
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area. the man who discovered the wreckage of the titanic says it makes sense to concentrate the search. >> if you know anything about the circulation of the current at this time of the year it is counterclockwise. it makes sense that the debris would be to the east and south of the impact site. that is where the chinese images are coming from. >> still just a possible sign in a search that has found little to nothing over the last five days. in the meantime, she will hold on to her husband's ring and watch and hold onto hope. >> there is less and less chance of finding any thing as the days go on. but you just need to know. we can give up. >> searchers on the vietnamese claim checked the area. a first search did not find anything. the plan to start another search
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later today. >>these french bulldogs are back with their owners after they were taken during a burglary. a stranger said he found the dogs wandering around humboldt park tuesday night. he took them home and couldn't reach the owners until last night. burglars took the dogs, along with valuables, when they ransacked this home in avondale tuesday morning. no arrests have been made. more men may get the opportunity to tell a judge they were tortured into false confessions. a judge has chosen loyola law school dean david yellen to investigate whether dozens of men, still in prison, have legitimate claims that their confessions were coerced by former police commander jon burge and his officers. burge is serving a four and a half year federal prison sentence for lying about torturing and abusing suspects. the northwestern university professor at the center of a sexual misconduct lawsuit will skip the spring quarter. a student says that peter ludlow got her drunk and sexually assaulted her in 2012. when the university refused to fire ludlow, the student sued
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both the professor and the school. ludlow missed his last two lectures of the current quarter, after a student protest threatened to disrupt his philosophy class. the university decided he should not teach when the new quarter begins at the end of the month. professor ludlow has denied any inappropriate conduct. we are now forced to deal with another winter problem -- falling ice. large chunks of ice fell from several downtown buildings yesterday ... even hitting a couple of people who were walking nearby. one woman driving on lake shore drive had her windshield smashed by falling ice. more ice could fall from buildings today. in the meantime, utility crews are still working to restore power to thousands of people. at the peak, 50-thousand people in illinois and another 20- thousand in northwest indiana lost power yesterday. the southern suburbs were hit the hardest. birds are becoming the latest victims of our harsh winter. researchers say they are finding large numbers of dead migrating birds along the lakefront. many are starving to death because of frozen lake waters. most of the birds fly south to
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the chicago area looking for percent of the lake's surface has frozen over. bird watchers say in recent days, more dead birds have been spotted and they expect more carcasses to appear as the ice melts. the city of chicago plans to re-pave more city streets due to the increased number of potholes. c-dot says it's added an additional 85 miles of streets to this year's resurfacing plan. work will begin this spring to repave 333 miles of city streets and alleys ... at an estimated cost of at least 184 million dollars. the city says it's received more than 47-thousand pothole complaints since december ... that's three times the amount from the past two winters. so far this winter, crews have filled more than 240-thousand potholes. the upcoming spring thaw may bring chicago more than just the usual flooding and potholes. alderman bob fioretti says he saw large numbers of *rats in several areas of the city during our brief warm spell earlier this week.
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and he says, warm weather may produce an explosion in the rat population. we have ice and pot holes and now rides. new york has had success controlling rat infestations with what's called "liquid rodent sterilization bait." fioretti is recommending that chicago try it. we can't catch a break around here. >> that will make you think twice about what your dropping on the ground. >> maybe a rat fur coat to next winter? he didn't hear me say that. today we're in the upper teens and low 20s. old st. mary's school is 19. these are the warm response. colder spots are in the single digits. it is eight degrees in the village. the wind chill is pretty much the same thing because the wind has calmed down. it's cold enough that we don't have to worry about feeling much colder. skies are clear. a few clouds
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south and west. overall, looks like a partly to mostly sunny day. temperatures below average at seven degrees below average. but no snow. 49 tomorrow. colder by sunday. every other day is above freezing. >> traffic is looking good. a full report coming up but first, coming up ... former n-f-l star darren sharper faced a jury on charges of rape, in arizona. a former manson family follower gets parole. plus -- what caused an explosion at a new york apartment building that killed six people and left dozens hurt. and a man hijacks the car and leaves
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six people are now confirmed dead in that massive explosion in new york city. the blast leveled *two five- story apartment buildings in harlem. more than 64 people were injured and nine are still unaccounted for. a resident called the gas company just after 9 a-m ... complaining of a natural gas smell. by 9:30, the buildings exploded. gas crews arrived on the scene just minutes later. investigators are looking at a gas main that served the buildings. they say the pipe may have cracked because of the extreme winter temperatures. a grand jury has indicted former
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n-f-l player darren sharper in another sexual assault case. sharper is charged with sexually assaulting two women, after drugging their drinks in arizona, in november. he is now being investigated for rape in *five states, but so far he's only charged in california and arizona. sharper is in jail in los angeles, awaiting an extradition hearing for a case in new orleans today. the two accusers in that case also say they were impaired. sharper's attorneys say the sex was consensual. california's parole board has approved parole -- again -- for a prominent member of the manson family. former manson associate bruce davis has been in prison since 1972 for his role in the murders of two people the parole board says davis has been helpful in sharing his knowledge of charles manson and his followers. but critics say he hasn't told everything yet. governor jerry brown will make the final decision about paroling davis. two previous governors rejected it. a four year old boy is back with his family after he was involved in a high speed chase in colorado. police say ryan stone stole
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this red mini-van at a gas station, with the boy sitting inside. a local news helicopter followed them as they weaved through traffic at 100-miles per hour. police say stone carjacked two other vehicles and hit a state trooper on the side of a road. the chase ended when stone crashed in an intersection and ran away. police captured him after a brief chase. please captured him after that brief chase. >>a hunter in north carolina killed one massive monster -- a 500-pound wild hog. check out this picture of the big pig... it was eight feet long and took up the entire bed of a pick-up truck. jett webb says the picture is *not photoshopped. he says the beast eluded hunters at his hunt club for more than six years - but he finally caught up with hog by using corn for bait. webb says the pig has already been turned into meat for his family -- filling two coolers to the brim with sausage, pork chops and tenderloin. >> bring on the bacon!
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>> it's as big as a cow. temperatures are starting off cold. single digits in some of the outlying areas. it's 14 at o'hare. 18 at the lakefront. 19 in aurora. manley clear to partly cloudy skies. clear and cold. no major storm systems on the map. clouds from the twin cities out to the morning. our snowstorm is now affecting the northeast. new england is getting hit hard but it will be quiet here. clouds drifting in this afternoon. partly to mostly sunny. mix of clouds and son friday. no rain or snow anywhere close to us. quiet with a bit of a warm-up today up above freezing. tomorrow near 50 on friday. clouds on saturday 42 we drop a bit on sunday but no major storms through the weekend.
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>> yesterday's cold weather wreaking havoc out there on the roads. emergency road work on the outbound stevenson who break around martin luther king drive. they're working on the bridge deck impacting not only this stretch of traffic but also lakeshore drive on ramp which connects their. keep that in mind you will see construction workers out there trying to do emergency repair work this morning. more details on this and the rest of your commute coming up. >> coming up against at the white house. >> the hawks and avalanche wrap it up one more time during their regular season in colorado. >> a great story today we're heading out to a high school in the northwest suburbs where students are not just learning what it takes to work for a startup company, they are actually launching their own business. and one of the kind cutting edge class. we will tell you more coming up. the bears de
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agency looking specifically for help in the safety position and they've got new blood in the house. rich king was there. >> at 29 he now joins the bears being a part of to three story franchises. pittsburgh and the san francisco giants. >> to have that pedigree is very important. i think that these upper echelon franchises willing to take eon in heavy be part of the team. excited to come in to treat. >> the bears had no more news on defense with an acquisition from oakland. only 26 years old outside and inside on the defensive line. he is needed to stop the runs. >> a lot of pride. i don't want to see anybody embarrassing me in front of my family. it's not a problem for me to stop the run. i just don't think i could
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live with myself. >> the bears defensive line in dire need of an imitation of use. last year they were last in the league against the rush. nowhere to go but up. back to you. >> josh mccoun officially left the building two years and 10 million from tampa bay. almost half of that is guaranteed with the incentives built in the pit at this moment he is the box starting quarterback. that's morning sports. >> and the blackhawks played late in colorado, where they continued to struggle this season. anti raanta making his first start since late january. hawks down two- nothing in the second... patrick kane weaves through traffic, and scores with the back-hand... his 29-th of the year. same score next period... avalanche with a two- man advantage when rantaa makes the first save, but ryan o-reilly
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pokes in the rebound. hawks go on to lose 3-2, and fall to fifth place in the conference. stocks barely moved yesterday. the dow and the s&p ended with little change: nasdaq posted a modest gain. here are menu websites to avoid. make nuggets and any cafe drink. apparently the machines are hard to clean. subway egg and tuna salad sandwiches. it comes from a bag and are heavily mixed with mayonnaise. pizza hut pizza. the dough is lightly oil and made without gloves. kids see barbecue sandwich. the chicken is old and so in barbecue sauce until it can be pulled apart. wendy's chile ... that hurts because i love when these chilly. it's old dried up meet on the grill that is reseeded. but in know what, it is
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delicious. >> we need to add the word allegedly after all of these. give of this comes from the mighty fast food lobby. >> i still love the frosty spirit and the chilies. >> well maybe we can try something. >> i needed all. >> were starting off clear and cold this morning. right now it's 14 at o'hare. normally we are in the '20s. the wind chill matches the air. we make it into the 30's today. above freezing. we will melt off some of this snow. close to 50 degrees for a high on friday. house traffic? >> we do have a new accent we're watching outbound at stoney island on the bishop ford. it's taking out the right lane. the saving grace is the volume is pretty light. no backups. hopefully this will clear up we will let you know once the test. the margins emergency road work
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due to the cold weather impacting the project over martin luther king drive. also impacting the connecting north bound lakeshore drive on ramp from 55. that will continue through the morning. they're doing all the work in the early morning. >> coming up, a pair of french bulldog star missing after a home break in are reunited. >> and some people are dead after a car plows through a crowd at the south by southwest festival in texas. >> the latest from the courtroom has police experts take the room in the murder trial oscar please issue an alert after a
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woman is sexually assaulted. >> images from a chinese satellite may provide a pivotal lead in the search for missing malaysia flight. >> speed cameras are pulling in less cash than expected. details coming up. >>good morning, i'm dan ponce. and i'm erin mcelroy. let's go to tim mcgill in for demetrius, for a check of the weather. it's looking better today.
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>> no snow just cold. single digits this warning. a few teens. these are the warmer spots out here. the skies are clear. a few clouds drifting in today. partly to mostly sunny. you may notice no major storms of any type anywhere near us through the day friday. tomorrow the wind turns more to the south. sunshine today near 50 degrees tomorrow. partly to mostly sunny today. 43 saturday. colder sunday at 26 but a basically dry weekend for us. we are back up above freezing monday. maybe some rain or snow tuesday. we had a crush on the bishop ford that cleared up as fast as it got here. we have
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some work along racine this morning. that's only until about 5:00. it's heading west bound on 290. also emergency bridge deck work will tell you more about that coming up the first we wanted to get you caught up on this wrong way driver that caused a bad crash on the skyway. that happened early this morning near 76ยข of chicago. police said the woman was driving north and southbound lanes when she forced an oncoming truck to swerve into a wall. truckdriver treated injuries not life-threatening. woman in stable condition will get a ticket. authorities will determine why she was going the wrong way. police have issued a community alert for the logan square neighborhood after a woman is sexually assaulted. nancy loo is live in logan square with the story. >> good morning. this attack happened at 1:30 a.m. on tuesday
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as the 19 year-old victim was walking in this area which is the intersection of our litigious and pulaski. police say a man followed the team before grabbing her and forcing her into a nearby gang way where she was raped. the suspect took off on a bicycle heading north. many businesses in this area all were likely close at the time of the attack. also a police camera on are the tisch near the intersection but police are not saying that if a captured any images of the rapist or any key information to the attack. area north detectives continue to investigate. in the meantime, the community alert is urging everyone to report suspicious people or activity and to take precautions. live in the logan square neighborhood. back to you. >> a developing story. two
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people were killed, and two dozen others injured in downtown austin, texas, when a car plowed into a crowd of people outside a nightclub. it happened early this morning at the mohawk bar. five of those injured are in critical condition. austin is hosting the annual "south by southwest" festival. and it's likely that some of the dead and injured attended the festival. the driver is in police custody. u.s. investigators suspect the missing airplane flew for four hours after losing contact. that's according to a report in the wall street journal and based on data of the engines that are automatically downloaded and sent to the ground as 14 minutes. a chinese satellite has picked up images of what appears to be malaysia airlines flight 370 had its last contact with air traffic control. it's not much... but the man who helped discover the wreckage of the titanic says it makes sense to concentrate the *search there. >> if you know anything about the circulation of the current, this timing here in that area it
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is counterclockwise. it makes sense that the debris would be to the east and south of the impact site. that is where the chinese images are coming from. >> searchers on a vietnamese plane checked out the area this morning, but found nothing. they'll conduct another search later today. a forensics expert is being cross examined this morning at the oscar pistorius murder trial. yesterday, that expert demonstrated how pistorius used a cricket bat to bust down a bathroom door, after he shot and killed his girlfriend. he said the height of the damage shows pistorius was not wearing his prosthetic legs at the time. but pistorius told police he put on his legs after he realized he shot his girlfriend by accident. today, the defense pointed to marks on the door that they say could have been caused by a prosthetic foot kicking it. they also questioned whether evidence was contaminated at the crime scene. a three year old girl was
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killed in apartment fire in rogers park. le-andrea white was playing with a lighter when she lit a mattress on fire yesterday. no one found her until firefighters put out the flames. investigators say the apartment didn't have any working smoke detectors. these french bulldogs are back with their owners after they were taken during a burglary. a stranger said he found the dogs wandering around humboldt park tuesday night. he took them home and couldn't reach the owners until last night. burglars took the dogs, along with valuables, when they ransacked this home in avondale tuesday morning. when former t-v pitchman kevin trudeau is sentenced next monday, federal prosecutors will ask for a ten-year prison term. trudeau was convicted of lying in his infomercials about the benefits of a weight loss program. and he has defied a judge's order that he pay a 37-million dollar fine, while living a lavish lifestyle until he was jailed in november. the new speed cameras installed near chicago schools and parks appear to be working -- and slowing down drivers.
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the sun times reports the 92 speed cameras have generated just 3-point-7 million dollars in fines since august -- and less than half of that has been collected by the city. mayor emanuel budgeted 70 million dollars income from the cameras -- and that has fallen way short of expectations. president obama and ukraine's interim prime minister are issuing warnings to russia. obama pledged his support for the ukrainian leader yesterday at the white house. the new prime minister said his country will never surrender to russia. obama warned russia to remove its troops from ukraine's crimea region, or face sanctions. crimeans will vote sunday on whether to become part of russia. >> does another path available. we hope that the president is willing to seize that path. but, if he does not, i am confident that the international community will stand strongly behind the government. >> the ukrainian leader will speak to the united nations today, and ask for international financial and political help. all criminal charges have been
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dropped against the indian diplomat said she was stripped searched after being accused of fraud. charged with making false statements to the government. to reportedly committed the crimes to get a phony work visa for her housekeeper and to cover up the much money she was paying the woman. she had lived in new york city and was arrested in january. she claims the united community at the time of our diplomatic immunity. --the arrest drew international protest after officials demanded an apology from washington. >> attorney general eric holder supports shorter sentences for some drug offenses. it will recommend a more lenient of that. he said it could reduce the federal prison population by 6500 inmates in five years. pelmet the justice system more effective and efficient against violent crimes. it may be considered and next month. the republican-led house will speed of lawsuits against the president for failure to enforce
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federal laws. passed yesterday by a vote of 233. republicans say the bill is necessary and the president has collectively in forced the country's laws. democrat said the legislation is simply to election-year rhetoric to address and non existent problem. obama the magician said it exceeds constitutional limits and congress cannot assign additional powers to itself. >> new muppet movie had a special premiere at the white house. first lady and the chairman joins the chief of staff welcomed kermit the frog. all for the new movie which comes out next friday. and advanced screening was held for military children and their families. >> kermit is still looking good. >> looks like he lost a little weight. we're starting off this morning with temperatures in the teens at o'hare. in the clear skies. wind of the west at 5 mi.. the wind and air temperature are pretty much the same. it's nine degrees in
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bartlett. 18 at the lakefront. many clear skies. some clouds to the south and west. more further to the west across minnesota that will drift in later today but the snow has moved off across the mid- atlantic to the north east. we will stay quiet for the next several days. we are back above freezing and we will melt off some of that snow. partly to mostly sunny today. the next forecast overnight mostly clear. was day above freezing tonight. 50 on friday. partly cloudy more clout saturday at 43. but no snowflakes all the way through the weekend. >> that is good news. still ahead, two stars of the cable reality show are heading summer. >> and the ohio turnpike has a multi vehicle accident. >> an update on the new jersey team who is suing her parents for college tuition. wheat will tell you where she is living now. >>
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opening day is just a few weeks away, so people in wrigleyville got their chance to voice some concerns about the upcoming cubs season.
4:43 am
the annual meeting had been postponed because of weather. speakers included alderman tom tunney, cubs officials, and city agencies. most of the residents' complaints were about noise, traffic, and parking. little was said about planned renovations at wrigley field, since rooftop owners are threatening to sue if new signs block their view. >> i'm confident we will have a good season. we will get above 500. i think we will get a shot in 2014. >> even with the upcoming renovations you want to make sure the quality of life for the residents will be something that will be appreciated for years to come. >>police officials did say that they plan to crack down on public drinking, especially after concerts. the c-t-a announced plans to have more buses available for all games. here are a few stories that are trending online this morning ... three people were killed in this pile-up on a highway in ohio. about 50-vehicles were involved
4:44 am
in this accident that took up a two mile stretch between toledo and cleveland yesterday. another pileup of 15 vehicles happened ten miles away from this. the crashes are under investigation, but weather may to blame. the federal trade commission has opened an investigation into claims that the business model of "herbalife" is a pyramid scheme. the maker of nutritional products will defend itself from claims that its salespeople make more money recruiting other salespeople, than by selling products. distributors get a percentage of each sale made by people they recruit. similar claims were made against *amway, years ago, but the government found no evidence of a pyramid scheme. matt and amy roloff -- the husband and wife stars of t-l- c's "little people, big world" -- are separating. in a statement, the couple said matt has moved into the guest house on their farm in oregon as part of a trial separation. they say they will continue to work together. the couple's decision to split will be featured in an upcoming one-hour series special. the teenager from new jersey who sued her parents for tuition and living expenses, is
4:45 am
now back home with her family. rachel canning claimed she was forced out of her parents' house, and they were obligated to pay her expenses. a judge rejected her demand for *immediate assistance... but her lawsuit is still pending. there's no word on what prompted canning and her parents to reconcile. >> i bet that's a quiet dinner table ... jeopardy! champ arthur chu has finally been defeated. chu finished with zero dollars on wednesday's edition of the syndicated quiz show. he planned on bounce around different categories and was called on sportsmanlike. that strategy did not help him yesterday. he struggled in every round. he bet everything in final jeopardy and lost. he put all on the table. to ended $97,000 is not too bad though. >> he had an unusual strategy. but he was winning. >> that's why they were hitting on him. >> you can do whatever you want right? you don't have to pick
4:46 am
from every category. >> i thought you were on jeopardy but you were on millionaire. >> let's check on the weather. >> and nice day today. no snow. a mix of sun and clouds. temperatures below average. seven degrees below average. warmer breeze will kick in later. teens downtown. checking in at 18 down in the suburbs a few single digits. nine in caracas this morning carried mainly clear skies. if you clouds drifting in mostly sunny overall. a high at 37 or 38. stay above freezing for the most part. most of the seven days forecast is above freezing to the coldest day is sunday. we will stay dry this weekend we will change over to snow on tuesday. highs in the '40's tuesday and wednesday. >> we roll over accident outbound eisenhower at mill road. looks like it went right
4:47 am
off into the ditch. right now emergency crews are on their way. and a little construction was down 290 at was seen. it will be blocked until 5:00. 15 more minutes until the pickup those construction collins. everything will open after that. other than that, travel times look good. a different start from yesterday. the full rundown coming up. >> good morning. >> so many start-ups here that we like to feature on the news. today we are heading to a high school in the suburbs where students are learning what it takes to launch a startup of their own. take a look. >> it can be used for a 25 year- old or a 14 year-old. >> it may look like an office of a typical startup. >> this is not face block. it is high school. >> the definition of innovation in the classroom. the teacher of
4:48 am
the new business incubator class at barrington has school. students don't just learned what it takes to launch a startup. they are doing it. >> some kids don't read or learn as quickly from a book as the dubai actually doing something. >> this entrepreneur is the incubators co-founder. >> if you learn from a book you study the pages and into the questions. it's a clear path. here we have real life examples of what the heck to do in an effort to determine what will work and what will not. >> early on they gather into groups and brainstorm concepts. from there they built their business whether it's a new drink ... >> it helps you relax and release stress. >> creating a tracking app which will allow parents and students to see where their school bus will be before school and after- school and for activities. >> we will go one step further.
4:49 am
>> it doesn't stop with the concept. the action have investors who will finance product development to get these businesses off the ground. if they feel the idea is worth it. >> shall meet with you tomorrow if you have something to present. >> in getting kids to understand the concept of business is monumental. we have kids in here that have the potential to profit from the ideas that were built. but the earlier you teach kids the concept of starting the business, particularly on their own, the less fear they're likely to have later in life. >> this is designed to feel like i am at facebook or google. >> that's right. we have one of our board members who used to work a google. and she said this is exactly what google is all about. if people want to go and sit up front in a relaxed environment ... >> we put the backpacks at the front door so it's like you're coming to work. it's nice to get a break from your schedule during the day.
4:50 am
>> it's like coming into the real world for bit. we have real people who know what they're doing. that experience and they're in touch. it's not just like taking notes. it's way more effective. >> this is growing at a fantastic rate. if you can conceptualize taking the concept and bringing to a high school community, you just empowered an entire new force of ideas to come to the market. we would like to see this going further than just an hour's the code's spirit would like to see this as a staple to education throughout the greater region and the country. >> one of the ways they're able to do this is to work with the 220 foundation. they have a lot of donors to come forward and
4:51 am
donate the money so they can invest in the classrooms. the community is really giving back. to go in there and see these businesses they're launching, we'll talk more about it but it's pretty amazing. >> with into anything like that in school. >> it's really fascinating. >> coming up, the star trek actor arrested for dui. >> martin sheen is in chicago for st. patrick's day. we will tell you what he is chris pine r
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drunk driving in new zealand. he heads to court on monday. police stopped pine march first at a d-u-i checkpoint. he was reportedly heading home after a party for his latest film, "z for zachariah." police say his blood alcohol content was just over the legal limit. shooting for "fast and furious seven" will resume march 31-st, martin sheen was in chicago last night to narrate a special performance at the symphony center. he was told the st. patrick. the performance called if it wasn't for the irish and the jews features composers and performers in a collaboration of
4:55 am
irish and jewish descent. >> always good to have him in chicago. >> starting off call this morning but mainly clear. temperatures in the single digits north and west. nine in bartlett. skies are many clear. mostly sunny skies over all today with a high above freezing. near 50 friday. four days after that. colder sunday down 26. that's the coldest day for the next seven. a few flurries monday. >> we do have a rollover accident we're watching on the eisenhower. it's right there at mel off in the ditch. emergency crews are on the scene. everything else is looking good. >> coming up at 5:00. new developments in the search for the missing plane.
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