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tv   WGN Morning News  CW  March 14, 2014 4:00am-5:01am CDT

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an off-duty chicago police officer was killed in a police chase that ended near the dan ryan. we'll have details in a *live report. new information may expand the search for the malaysia airlines flight into the indian ocean. and falling ice shatters a car's windshield -- shutting down a busy street in the loop. good morning. i'm dan ponce. erin joins me next hour. thanks for watching the wgn morning news at *4 a-m. tim mcgill is in for demetrius with a check of our weather. >> good morning. there is no snow and we are above freezing. it's a blessing. we are starting off in the '30s. our highest today are gonna be near 50 degrees. we do have a brisk wind of the south at 10-20 mi.. factor in the wind and the
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coldest wind is only in the mid- 20s. we can handle that. in the clear clouds the northwest. if you more clouds may drift in during the day but overall mainly sunny today. mild with a high near 50. increasing clouds towards the evening. maybe a sprinkle later. we could see some snow late saturday into sunday. maybe up to 1 in. in some areas but overall fairly quiet. would drop into the 20s and for a high on sunday. >> so far so good no major delays on the expressway's or the tollways. we do have a closure on the south side because of a police chase. 87 is blocked off right by the dan ryan. keep that in mind we will have more information on that. nancy will have more coming up. >> we are following breaking news on chiago's south side --
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where a police chase has ended in the death of an off-duty police officer. nancy loo is live at the scene - just off the dan ryan expressway with the details. >> detectives have marked this as a crime scene in what is clearly a tragic investigation. off duty police officer killed in a horrific crash that happened just before 1:00 a.m. at the seven and lafayette just off the dan ryan. the crash resulted from a police chase by calumet park police which started at 119. illinois state police assisted just before the white van being pursued hit a lexus killing the off-duty officer whose identity has not been released. i just spoke with police chief mark davis who tells me to people are in
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custody including a man and the female driver. a small amount of marijuana was found in the van. not clear yet why calumet park police were pursuing the van. the body of the officer killed was removed from the vehicle a short time ago and then transported minutes ago with a procession of police. obviously quite a tragic time for a chicago police. a developing story we will continue to gather information and bring it to you through the morning. back to you. >> a woman was seriously injured when her car rolled over in des plaines. it happened overnight at lee and touhy. the rollover left the woman trapped in the car for almost a half hour, before firefighters could pry her out. she's being treated at lutheran general hospital. police aren't releasing her name. people driving and walking in
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the loop should be on the lookout for falling ice. randolph street was closed for several hours during the evening rush after large chunks of ice fell near canal street. one driver had her windshield crushed after a big chunk of ice landed on her car. she was not injured but she pulled over and waited for police to come shut down the area. she said the ice rained down on pedestrians and even the police officer. >> it was a bad situation. i am in my car with someone is walking in the get hit with a big sheet of ice they will be seriously injured if not worse. >>earlier in the day, several sidewalks around the willis tower were also closed because of falling ice. no injuries were reported but police warn people to be on alert today -- as warmer temperatures are expected to send ice falling off more buildings. a man from bolingbrook was arrested after he threatened a snow plow driver. it happened wednesday ... when eugene rhodes reportedly ran after the snow plow driver and began swearing at him for pushing snow onto his driveway. when officers arrived at the scene, rhodes was throwing large chunks of snow into the street. police say he resisted arrest. rhodes is charged with
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assaulting a police officer, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. the malaysian plane mystery continues to deepen. a u.s. official tells c-n-n, there is now a high probability that the plane, which disappeared saturday, is at the bottom of the indian ocean. automatic "pings" from the plane suggest it stayed in the air for several hours after its tracking systems went dark. malaysian officials say those systems were manually turned off, one by one. that raises the possibility that the plane was hijacked by someone who knew its electronic systems well. but those "pings" now place the entire indian ocean within the plane's flight radius. >> if something was in the gulf of thailand would have found it. but what do you do? you can't possibly cover the entire indian ocean. >> a blown tire led to the minor
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crash of an airplane at the airport in philadelphia. a u.s. airways jet was taking off for florida last night when the tire blew. the nose of the plane bounced on the runway, and the plane skidded to a halt. one person was treated for a minor injury... everyone else was taken off the plane and rescheduled on other flights. taking a look at the *other top stories this morning. this man is due in court today for shaking his baby girl to death. jose garcia is charged with the murder of his three week old daughter, rachel. prosecutors say he admitted to shaking rachel about 100 times and throwing her in the air. she died three days later. the mother of the three year old girl who died in a fire in rogers park wednesday, is now under investigation by the department of children and family services. the agency says three other children have been placed with relatives, and they are looking into accusations of neglect against la'sheena weekly. weekly tells "d-n-a info chicago" that the accusations are not true. she says her daughter, le'andrea, white may have been playing with a lighter when the fire started. a federal judge sentenced a dump truck company owner to 17 months in prison for helping another company get a minority
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contract. jesse brunt must surrender by early june for mail fraud. he admitted that his minority owned business acted as a front, so that another company could win a sewer contract from the city. members of the daley family were investors in that company, but they're not charged with any wrongdoing. private ride-share companies in chicago face a deadline today, to give the city their proof of auto insurance. subpoenas went out earlier this month to "uber-x"... lyft ... and "sidecar." taxi companies in chicago argue, the alternative services don't have sufficient protections for their riders in the event of an accident. the republican candidates for governor got together one last time before the primary on tuesday. state senators bill brady and kirk dillard, treasurer dan rutherford, and bruce rauner sat together for a forum last night. here is what the candidates
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said when they were asked for a specific way to cut spending. >> medicaid is our largest expenditure. we have hundreds of thousands of people on medicaid that are probably not a legally eligible to be on it. >> consolidate some offices. it's something i believe in. >> pension reform. protecting the interests of people in the systems saving $180 billion. 3000 more units of government than the next state after a spirit we need to change the structure of spending in illinois. it will take a few years but when we do what we can reduce our spending significantly. >>the candidates are split over letting the temporary income tax hike expire in january. rauner and brady say yes. but rutherford and dillard said they weren't sure. a man from elmhurst is jailed, after being charged with making a bomb threat against that suburb's saint patrick's parade. police say, when someone complained on a local news web site that the parade is a big parking headache, glenn schumacher responded that "some
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well-placed pressure cooker bombs" could solve the problem. the city of elmhurst swept the parade route for any sign of explosives... and the parade went on as scheduled last saturday. schumacher is charged with disorderly conduct. organizers of this year's south side irish parade say they plan to make it a lot more family- friendly this year. they're promising to crack down on rowdy behavior. the parade starts sunday at noon. anyone caught drinking along the parade route will be fined a thousand dollars. parade watchers can also expect a visit from parade queen maeve mc-sweeney... she'll greet the crowd after it's over. the chicago river will turn green a little earlier this year. organizers moved up saturday morning's dumping of dye from ten a-m, to nine thirty. they said that will help disperse the crowd of thousands of people they're expecting to watch that and the parade that follows. >> we're starting off our morning mainly clear. a mild morning in the upper 30's. near 40 already for you. the melting
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continues. it's 39 in wheeling. for a decrease in morris. colder in west chicago. 35 at st. charles. the skies are clear. some clouds to the north and west will increase especially this afternoon. a cold front way to the north and west brings us a slight chance. but overall, a mild day. tomorrow we make 40. snow overnight into sunday. more snow. half an inch to an inch. we turn colder. another inch tuesday and wednesday will start off as rain the changeover to bestow on wednesday. high temperatures much of next week above freezing. >> coming up, we learn what letterman to crash into a crowd of people at the south by southwest music festival and the death toll rises after the
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building explosion in new york. and the man who will come alive incited by the bank has now died. and one boy gets more than it wanted after writing a letter to sean whyte. a great story co a helicopter crash has killed
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four people in eastern england. the private helicopter crashed last night in the town of
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norfolk. witnesses say there was a heavy fog at the time. one of the victims on board was the c-e-o of one of the largest veterinary pharmaceutical companies in the world. this crash happened just 45 miles away from the site where a u-s military chopper crashed in january ... killing four crew members. the body of an eighth victim has been pulled from the rubble after that massive explosion in new york city. several people are still unaccounted for, as crews continue to dig through piles of bricks and debris. more than 70 people were injured in the blast wednesday morning that flattened *two five-story apartment buildings. a federal investigation has been launched into the explosion, which investigators say was caused by a natural gas leak. police in austin, texas, have identified the man they say caused a deadly car accident at the "south by southwest festival." police say 21-year-old rashad owens was drunk when he tried to outrun officers who wanted to give him a sobriety test. his car plowed into a crowd outside a bar, killing two people and injuring nearly two dozen others.
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two people remain in critical condition. owens faces two counts of capital murder and 23 counts of aggravated assault by vehicle. we told you two weeks ago about an elderly man who woke up in a body bag at a funeral home in mississippi. yesterday, he died. 78-year-old walter williams surprised funeral home workers in lexington, as they prepared to embalm him. he was taken to a hospital. early yesterday morning, he passed away. his family says it's grateful it had the chance to spend two more weeks with williams. a boy only wanted a letter back when he wrote one to his sports idol ... but he received a whole lot more. olympian shaun white is eight year old jet feirn 's favorite athlete. jet wrote him a letter because they had two things in common.. a love for snowboarding and a heart defect. it took 15 months, but white received the letter and responded. he sent jet a brand new snowboard, goggles, a helmet, a backpack and an autographed poster. it's safe to say jet loves shaun white a whole lot more now.
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lucky kid. >> that is great. we're starting off with temperatures above freezing across the area. we are in the mid to upper '30's is almost 40 degrees at o'hare. 34 in bartlett. that's one of the colder spots. with a wind at 10- 20 mi.. a bit breezy out there but even when we factor in the wind, the wind chill is not too bad. this is a 23 out in dekalb. the skies are clear. sunshine early today clouds begin to the north and west as a weak cold front up to the north and west will go to the east. a slight chance of a sprinkle the scene but more important we will make 50 degrees today. clouds increase today sunshine this morning. slight chance of sprinkle this evening. tomorrow, partly sunny skies and that is no breaking out towards war night. maybe half an inch to 1 in. especially across the
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northern suburbs. we should dry out sunday but we will turn a bit colder. today we hit 51 degrees. mostly sunny skies than increasing clouds. 40 tomorrow. maybe some light snow saturday and sunday we drop back to 26 on sunday. >> nice and light so far. no major delays. one street closure on the south side as a heads up on on the dan ryan the ramp to 87 is blocked off because of the police activity at 87 and lafayette. expect delays through that stretch as you head out with the continuing increase police activity. also crash on 90 gene adams tollway. more information coming out. >> marcus is here ... hi marcus! >> st. patrick's day celebrations this going weekend. i thought every is going to be
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partying so far today we could spend our time learning about st. patrick's day getting some knowledge. i have some trivia blitz do it. are you irish? >> you should know that my mother great grandparents were both from ireland which makes me one 16th irish. my daughter is 1 32nd irish. >> that's where the name comes from rent? where was st. patrick's day for celebrated in america? >> boston? >> correct. according to irish legend you must do what to to the blarney stone to gain the gift of gab? >> a kiss it? you can like it if you want but kissing was the answer. bill which of the following is considered a traditional irish meal, irish stew? corned beef? beginning cabbage or lamb and leek pie? >> de dijon glaze to corned
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beef? the correct answer is irish bacon and cabbage. irish bacon if you have not had is fantastic. more to be a coming up. >> coming up, a human toked on a robot in ping pong. we'll tell you who won. and next in sports -- a little blood couldn't slow down the blood ... that's wrong. that'st
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the rockets. the bulls made 14 three-pointers. an elbow above the eye in the first half, what a shot he left the game but he is tough and he came back. a 16 run. third. also on fire in his first three-pointer. the bulls lead and then it was over. augustine does his thing, another bomb and then the bulls are 14-24 they win a solid
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effort. >> that's the price of winning. that's why it's so valuable to the team. came back after taking about one. to me, when the talk about toughness, that's toughness. you have to have the mental and physical toughness. he has that. >> and emory promised more action and we got yesterday the bears add to their defensive line also signing a wide receiver their free agency ride continues. the former lions offensive to a three-year $9 million contract. he became a center last year with the ryans. and in the wide receiving court here comes a carolina panthers player. he caught seven passes for 55 yds. that's it for sports. have a great day. >>u-s stocks tumbled yesterday,
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as investors hit the sell button due to global economic worries. the dow plunged 231 points. the nasdaq fell 62. and the s-and-p dropped 21. martin sheen added some star power to governor quinn's push to raise the state's minimum wage. sheen appeared with quinn at a church in pilsen yesterday ... citing his catholic faith for the reason why he's supporting the fight for a living wage. sheen says a ten dollar wage is not just a political issue but a moral one. >> we are in a long and arduous fight. it won't be an easy thing although you would think who could argue about $10 per hour? and there were those who said if we had a 25ยข per hour minimum wage the american economy would be wrecked and be a disaster. there were wrong then. they were against raising it now and they are wrong again. >>the minimum wage in illinois is currently 8-25 an hour. the governor needs approval from the state house to make any increase.
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robots may be taking over the world. but they still don't rule the ping pong table. take a look. this was a showdown between human table tennis champ timo boll and a high-tech robot designed in china. the handicappers all figured the robot would win. but in the end, boll pulled it out, 11-to-8. a london newspaper described the match as "not the best in table tennis, but probably the best in robotics." that's a relief. but the human can still beat the robot. the robots may be doing weather soon. we're starting off mile this morning. that's good news. 40 degrees at o'hare. today we will make 50. increasing clouds but a dry day. maybe a sprinkle this evening. 50 or 51 for a high today. >> for the most part it's not too bad. the main roads are in good shape. one ramp closures south bound and ryan ramp to 87
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blocked off because of police activity at 87 and lafayette where an off-duty officer was killed in the crash early this morning. nancy has more details on that. that's the main closures there this morning. >> still more to come including a live update on the police chase in the south side that ended in an off-duty police officer death. and what a former police officer was doing just moments before he killed a man in a movie theater in florida. and the controversy over a billboard suggests guns are as american as apple pie and baseball. and dean reviews the new movies this weekend an off-duty chicago police
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officer was killed in a police chase that ended near the dan ryan. we'll have details in a *live report. new information may expand the search for the malaysia airlines flight into the indian ocean. and what the city council wants from ride-sharing companies in chicago, today. good morning, i'm dan ponce. erin joins me next hour. let's go to tim mcgill in for demetrius, for a check of the weather. hi, tim. you are more popular today than the last few days. >> it was so worn out there this
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morning i was almost wedding coming into work. it's 39 degrees right now. we have temperatures in the mid '30's here at the park. we are all above freezing. we will see sunshine today. the skies are clear. if you clouds will come in this afternoon as a cold front approaches. but overall the war and to the week relatively speaking. mid-40s by noon. the 50 or 51 this afternoon becoming partly sunny and overnight will dip into the mid-20s. some may peek through. maybe a sprinkle and snow coming saturday night into sunday. it will card--it will be hard to see snow after today's pitiful temperatures. but we will be back above freezing by monday and another storm system comes through earlier in the week. it could change to snow by wednesday we fall down to 39 on thursday.
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>> a few issues on the dan ryan this morning. traveling southbound ramp 87 is blocked off because of police activity at 87 and lafayette. also on the dan ryan at roosevelt, construction heading in until 5:00 a.m.. watch for a bit of trouble in bound approach in the circle but otherwise everything else is in good shape. >> we are following breaking news on chicago's south side a police chase has ended in the death of an off-duty police officer. nancy loo is *live at the scene ... just off the dan ryan expressway with more. >> good morning. very tragic morning for a chicago police as they investigate this deadly crash that claimed the life of one of their own. i have learned, to people in the white van being pursued are now in custody. the crash at the intersection of 82 and lafayette
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just off the dan ryan was the end of a pursuit by calumet park police that started at 119 are around 1:00 a.m.. the off-duty officer was driving his car not involved in the cake chase. the crash resulted in a pin in but paramedics were not able to save the officer whose identity has not yet been released. we do know he was 42. the police chief tells us that the two in custody include the female driver, also a small amount of marijuana was found in the van. we do not know why the pursuit began. i do note it was a traffic stop in calumet park. an attempted traffic stop at the beginning. a somber procession of officers and vehicles left here shortly
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ago as the officer's body was taken to the morgue. i have learned that the officer involved in the chase was a told to abort the pursuit. it's not clear why he did not. this is a developing story and we will continue to gather information. that's the latest from here. >> the malaysian plane mystery continues to depen. a u.s. official tells c-n-n, there is now a high probability that the plane, which disappeared saturday, is at the bottom of the indian ocean. automatic "pings" from the plane suggest it stayed in the air for several hours after its tracking systems went dark. malaysian officials say those systems were manually turned off, one by one. that raises the possibility that the plane was hijacked by someone who knew its electronic systems well. but those "pings" now place the entire indian ocean within the plane's flight radius.// >> if something was in the gulf
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of thailand we would have found it. but what do you do? you can't possibly cover the entire indian ocean. >> experts say, modern submarine technology may be able to locate a plane at the bottom of the ocean... but not anytime soon. six people are dead after a knife attack in a chinese market. two vendors in the market got into a fight and one of the men began stabbing the other. police say that man then stabbed four people nearby ... before officers arrived and killed the suspect. this is the secondly deadly stabbing spree in china. earlier this month, 29 people were killed and 140 were injured when eight men armed with long knives stormed a train station in southwest china. police say that was a terrorist attack. taking a look at the *other top stories this morning. secretary of state john kerry meets today in london with his russian counterpart, to try to head off a military showdown in ukraine. russia currently has ten thousand troops at the ukrainian border. kerry plans to warn that the united states will take
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punitive action to *isolate russia if it claims control of the region of crimea. crimean voters will go to the polls sunday, to decide whether they want to rejoin the russian federation. randolph street is open to traffic this morning, after being closed for several hours last night due to falling ice. a driver says her windshield was smashed by a large chunk of ice that fell near randolph and canal street yesterday afternoon. she was not injured. sidewalks around the willis tower were also closed yesterday due to falling ice. private ride-share companies in chicago face a deadline today, to give the city their proof of auto insurance. subpoenas went out earlier this month to "uber-x"... lyft ... and "sidecar." taxi companies in chicago argue, the alternative services don't have sufficent protections for their riders in the event of an accident. former chicago alderman robert shaw is challenging rahm emanuel in next year's mayoral election. shaw started his campaign yesterday by criticizing emanuel for closing public schools and cutting retiree benefits. the last time shaw held an elected office was ten years
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ago. emanuel says the best way to campaign later is to do his job now. this morning's testimony at the oscar pistorius murder trial is focusing on how investigators treated the crime scene. pistorius shot and killed his girlfriend through a bathroom door at his home last year. he says he thought she was a burglar. today the top police commander testified how evidence was preserved. he says the bathroom door was put in a body bag and stored in an office, instead of an evidence locker. he also says a balistics expert was not wearing gloves when he picked up the gun for the first time. a man in california is behind bars -- accused of biting off his infant son's nose. 18-year-old joshua cooper was frustrated by his month-old son non-stop crying - so police say he bit off one third of his nose. the baby was taken to the hospital - where doctors discovered the baby also suffered a skull fracture and brain hemorrhage. the baby is in stable condition.cooper faces charges of child cruelty.
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a former police officer, charged with killing a man in a movie theater, was apparently angry that the man was texting. now, we learn, the accused killer texted, as well. police in dade city, florida, say 71-year-old curtis reeves texted his son matthew, who was on his way to meet his father in the theater. but matthew reeves says, when he arrived, he heard shooting. he even tried to help the shooting victim. curtis reeves is charged with second degree murder. he claims he fired in self- defense... but witnesses say the victim, chad oulson, never threatened reeves. the latest debate over guns is focusing on a billboard above the stevenson expressway. this billboard has been up, near cicero, since january. you see a baseball glove, a pie and an assault rifle. underneath are the words, "pure american." father michael pfleger is among the critics who want the sign taken down. they say it sends the wrong message in a city troubled by gun violence. >> there's been a move to make guns part of america. i was born in or that i love. >> the billboard company says
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the company, slide fire, has a constiutional right to put up the ad. slide fire has previously said that chicago is the perfect location for it because of its high crime rate and gun restrictions. a government watchdog group is criticizing mayor emanuel's latest city bond sale. the city of chicago borrowed almost 900 million dollars wednesday, to pay its short- term debts and keep city services running. emanuel faces a re-election campaign next year. the civic federation says, the mayor's new authority to borrow money, will allow him to put off any tough decisions about city spending and taxes. the federations say, a *well- managed* city government wouldn't *have to borrow like that. northwestern will announce its largest fund-raising in school's history. hoping to raise $4 billion for the campus. money will go to for new buildings including a new music building and a new athletic complex. fund-raising campaign one of the 10 largest efforts by any
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university in the country. school leaders are hoping to reach their goal in five years. to do that they will need to raise $9 million per week for the rest of the decade. there are plenty of contests to find the best singer.. but here's one looking for one of the worst now that our viewers have all changed the channel ...this woman here was crowned the "world's worst irish tenor." she was one of several so-called singers at this contest in st. paul, minnesota. it's been held at this restaurant every saint patrick's day, for almost 50 years. that is painful to hear. >> my years are bleeding. let's get the viewers back. starting off to a mild. manley clear
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skies at o'hare. wind out of the southwest. the wind chills are not in the mid to upper 20s twenties which is good. it is 47 at o'hare. 39 along the lakefront. we start off mainly clear. lots of sunshine today. we do have some clouds upstream that will be drifting into the skies later today. it will become partly sunny. overall it looks like a warm and to the week. 51 for the high today. winds are going to be gusting up to 30 mi.. clear sky tonight. moral high temperature up to 40. with cool off by 10 or 11 degrees. more clouds tomorrow. i hate to even mention it but it looks like some snow maybe half an inch expected across the northern suburbs. parlay the mostly cloudy on sunday. >> still ahead ...marcus shares ten things you probably don't know about st. patrick's day. and -- we'll talk to the stars of tyler perry's new movie "the single mom's club" ... about the myths of being a single
4:41 am
mother. and the pipe size terror found in alaska. and richard sherman in the middle of a twitter war. and we will talk to the stars of the new tyler perry movie about the mhere are a few storie
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trending online this morning ... a super bowl championship is
4:44 am
not enough for seahawks cornerback richard sherman. he's letting everyone on twitter know how good he thinks he is. yesterday sherman and one of the patriots debated who the best cornerback in the n-f-l is.. later it was redskins cornerback de-angelo hall joining the argument. both went back and forth as they disagreed on who is more dominant. >> in a world where laughter was king ... >> hal douglas -- a voice that was silenced last week. you've heard him on thousands of movie trailers -- from "men in black" to "meet the parents" to "lethal weapon." douglas's family says he died last friday, of complications from pancreatic cancer. hal douglas was 89. scientists have discovered a new breed of dinosaur that was a bully to run to the arctic. the pygmy tyrannosaur bones were found in the arctic but there were not identified as a new species until recently. the 25
4:45 am
ft. dinosaur was first thought to be a young team rex but scientists say it was full grown and may have been small in size due to conditions in the arctic. you may be celebrating saint patrick's day a few days early, but *today is the day that fans of math can get excited about. today is "national pi day. no, not the kind you have for dessert, but as in the mathematical constant that haunted you in school. pi is used to calculate the circumference, area, and volume of circles. i knew it was 3.1 for some time. >> was that in the procter? >> that number is used to calculate the circles and area. it's exact value is infinite, but the first three digits are three and fourteen.. as in march 14-th, which is today's date.. >> i think we should do that whole story again because we were doing it wrong. >> multiplied that by 16 and
4:46 am
that's about our high. i think. i don't know. starting off with temperatures above freezing. in the mid to upper 30s in tim lee park. the snow continues to melt. we get down below freezing. mid to upper 30's downtown wheeling. looking for a high near 50 degrees. sunshine will help us get there. that along with a wind gusting at times. skies clear out clouds go up to the north and west. by noon we are 46. 48 by 5:00 after a high of 51. mid-20s overnight. snow over the weekend. half an inch to 1 in.. fall into the '20s by sunday. above freezing much of next week. >> a heat few hot spots south bound dan ryan grant to 87 is blocked off all because of the police investigation and the crash where the officer was killed in a crash early this morning. nancy will have more
4:47 am
details on that coming up. heads up to a big construction projects happening this weekend that will shut down milwaukee avenue in both directions between levitt and oakley. the touring people on western to damon today. the start that it o'clock through monday at 5:00 a.m.. all in conjunction with the bloomingdale work remember they did last weekend to demolish the bridge on western avenue at the bloomingdale trail. that is a look at the process it took. they're not taking down the bridge this weekend. they are just taking pieces of it off to assess that. not to the full project but enough to have a milwaukee shut down in both directions. >> almost here, one of the best days. >> it is party weekend. everyone goes out and has a great time. i thought it would give you all the information you needed. i scoured the internet and came up
4:48 am
with 10 things you probably don't know or maybe don't know about the holiday. take a look. >> say patrick, the patron saint of ireland was not born in ireland. was born in great britain during his teenage years he was taken to ireland as a slave. he would escape and head back to his family years later before entering the church to ireland as a missionary. we celebrate st. patrick's day on march 17th. the day he died way back in 46180. we've all heard the story about how he drove all the snakes out of ireland. 87 heard this part, it's not true. this makes story is considered a metaphor for his words driving evil and paganism from the country. dyeing the river green is an annual tradition which began in 1962. the first st. patrick's day parade in new york was held in 1762. first parade
4:49 am
in dublin did not occur until the 1900's. clovers are everywhere this month. and your odds of finding a four leaf clover are one in 10,000. often confused with a four leaf clover is the shamrock which has only three. it is said that st. patrick used it to keep the holy trinity. contrary to popular culture is not a symbol of ireland, that's the heart which was officially adopted in 1921. green beer, green is everywhere on st. patrick's day. but green was not the first color associated with st. patrick. it was blue. when the order of st. patrick was established in the 1700's, dark green was taken as the clover became a popular symbol years later, green took back over. and because religion is at the heart of st. patrick's day, in ireland it was originally a dry celebration. that changed when they needed a national holiday back in 1970.
4:50 am
maybe we can get back to basics back to the way things used to be. hello? is this on? no bluebeard this weekend. let's just a home and watch the quiet man over and over on loop. does that sound good? >> that was fantastic all kinds of knowledge from that peace. >> the internet is a wonderful thing. the search for it and it comes up. >> coming up, a teenage private eye is back on the job he has his movie reviews. four out of e
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born to single mothers in this country. the joys and pains of raising a child alone is the subject of a new movie hitting theaters this weekend. dean has more. >> kwame is stressed. clean up the room. >> a want to live with my dad. >> tyler. and a cast of a recognizable faces star in sinhalese tackling the often funny reality of life as a
4:54 am
single mother. >> when you introduce this to your kids? >> each of the women represent a different struggle for women trying to raise their children on their own. a family psychologist says the scenes from the film are very familiar. >> there is a belief that i have to accomplish everything. i have to be this huge major role model and tell my kids that money doesn't make any mistakes. that's too high of an expectation. have realistic expectations that there will be challenges. don't hide those challenges. and try your best and be a good mom. >> he should start a support group. >> a toast to the single moms club. >> like the women in the movie, mom should not be afraid to ask for help. >> moms are often alone facing the raising of their children by themselves. if you could have a support group that will reduce stress which could reduce migraines and help you sleep and eat better and you could do better under job.
4:55 am
>> the single moms club is in theaters now. >> erin paul framed for the death of eraser looked for revenge. dean kolstad beyond ridiculous. a high speed c. the saving grace is that while and for something completely irreverent, theres jason batemans directorial debut , 'bad words.' in it, hes a 40-something guy who finds a loophole in the rules to a national spelling bee and enters for reasons that are explained later in the film. if you like irreverent, 'bad words' starts off funny and inappropriate...but after a while, the one-joke-pony just gets tiresome and be something its not. its a deans list 'b minus.' while i didn't watch 'veronica mars" when it was a tv show, i know it's fans are loyal. they'll be thrilled with the big screen redux of the beautiful, witty detective. it's a delist see. >> week 51 today. increasing
4:56 am
clouds. snow tonight into sunday. a special north of the city 26 on sunday. >> coming up, a police officer killed following a police chase ended near the dam ryan. details ended near the dam ryan. details on
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