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tv   WGN Morning News  CW  March 26, 2014 4:00am-5:01am CDT

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oil spills into lake michigan from b-p's whiting refinery. we'll have a *live update on the clean-up. bullets are fired at the dome of a south suburban mosque during a prayer service. and the search has resumed this morning for the missing malaysian flight 3-70 in the indian ocean. good morning. i'm cortney hall in for dan. and i'm erin mcelroy. thanks for joining us on the wgn morning news at *4 a-m. apparently demetrius did not get the royal blue memo. >> next time you should call me. >> just give us some good news on the weather. >> we do have a least some sunshine coming. temperatures are warming up a bit. winter
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will hold on. temperatures climb into the upper thirties for the afternoon. clouds increase. scattered showers are likely tonight. 21 degrees is a current of the chair. 10 in waukegan. 15 and bartlett. it is cold. it will stay cold through the morning. wind chill barely in the teens. we stayed dry today. rain comes our way tonight. it may be a washout on thursday. tonight we fall back down to 33. showers are likely with a high temperature up to 49. a little rain tomorrow but no need to be blue. >> that was clever. >> you took the whole weather forecast to come up with that. that was a good crooning a song. we have some construction were watching right now. of the dan ryan a bit of work taking out one lane between roosevelt and
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harrison it should be picked up by 530. sewer main work on going on to sit between california and seven to go. as you're on the eisenhower, you can take the exit ramp to morgan. the report of the block with another of the to the few minutes. >>the mother of an abandoned baby found over the weekend has been charged, and will appear in bond court today. johnetta smith is facing a felony count of child abandonment. police say she left her one- year-old daughter in the entry way of an apartment building in the greshan neighborhood saturday night. police quickly identified smith and her baby, but smith didn't come forward until monday when she turned herself in to police. the baby was handed over to d-c-f-s. she is in good condition. b-p and environmental investigators say an oil spill into lake michigan from a refinery in whiting has been contained. tonya francisco is *live in whiting with more. good morning. officials with the
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epa and coast guard will be attacked here this morning to monitor the cleanup efforts. the good news is that it appears the oil was contained to a cove on the property. the bad news is we still have no idea how much oil spilled into lake michigan. at the wedding indiana refinery workers reported an oil sheen on the water around for 30 monday afternoon. that is a major concern because lake michigan is the source of drinking water for 7 million people. within a few hours, the epa says the leak was plugged and distorted efforts to contain the oil. by tuesday, crews were walking the beach area cleaning up balls that had washed ashore. the coast guard said the wind and weather helped to keep the oil close to the shore. the malfunction happened in the refinery's crude distillation unit. bp says somehow oil leaked into the cooling system that
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circulates water between lake michigan and the refinery. >> it acts like in every dieter system. keeps the car engine cool. we use in processing the oil. it never comes in contact with oil but some amount of oil did get into the system. >> no known impact at this point to human health or the environment. there is an oil on the beach. bp is making efforts to clean that up. the u.s. coast guard is overseeing this. >> this waregion recently expanded to start refining oil. is the largest source of industrial in the area. dick durbin and mark kirk said they are concerned that this move to expand could lead to more oil
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spills and they plan to hold bp accountable and make sure that steps are taken to presenpreveny oil spills in the future. >>more victims are being recovered from the landslide that buried homes in washington state. crews in the town of oso pulled two more bodies out yesterday. they say they believe they located eight more. that brings the death toll to 24. no one has been found alive since saturday. the force of the landslide tore apart homes and vehicles. but the recovery efforts continue, as rescue workers dig through thick mud and debris to find any signs of life. the area of devastation is one square mile. the search for a missing malaysian passenger jet resumed this morning because of a break in the weather in the southern indian ocean. and american equipment to help find the plane's locator beacon is now in australia. the latest development is the discovery that the plane may have sent out a partial "ping" after what was previously
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considered its last communication. experts are trying to determine whether the new ping can help them hone in on the plane's location. a law firm in chicago may file a lawsuit against malaysia airlines and boeing, on behalf on a man whose son was on flight 370. for now, "ribbeck law" is petitioning for details about the plane's disappearance. the petition could set the stage for a multi-million dollar damage suit later. malaysia airlines isn't commenting on the petition... neither is boeing. the first lawsuits have been filed, in the wake of monday's train crash at o'hare. the blue line train overshot the terminal, and climbed an escalator, injuring 30 people. mayor emanuel got a first-hand look at the wreckage yesterday. now, some of the passengers are speaking out about their frightening ordeal. >> and i heard a loud noise and i felt my body moved to the seat behind me. i hit my back but the ultimate punched me or something. then the lights went out. >> the passengers' injuries
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were *not life-threatening. there is evidence the train operator dozed off, near the end of her shift. and now we know the train was going about 25 miles per hour. the emergency brake activated... but it wasn't enough to stop the train. the wreckage remains in the terminal... so there is still no blue line train service between o'hare and rosemont this morning. the c-t-a is running shuttle buses instead. police are investigating a possible hate crime, after a shot was fired at the dome of a mosque in orland park. it happened during prayer, just after six yesterday morning. about 40 people were inside the "prayer center of orland park" when they heard a loud noise and saw pieces of plaster fall from the ceiling . police found two small holes in the dome that they assume were caused by a bullet. but, they are not ruling out that it could have been from a hunter in the neighboring woods. >> it is cause for concern and fear. yes it went through the dome. it could have been a warning shot or somebody venting their anger. but the reality of the danger is its very close to
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home. >> no one was hurt, and the mosque continued its prayer services. the f-b-i has been asked to assist orland park police in their investigation. taking a look at the *other top stories this morning. investigators are trying to determine if a gas leak triggered a house explosion in new lenox. the blast leveled the home in the 7-hundred block of lambeth lane monday afternoon ... and damaged several surrounding homes. a family of five lived in the house, but no one was home at the time. governor quinn unveils his election year budget to the general assembly today. the spending plan calls for making the temporary income tax hike, which was to expire next year, *permanent . but quinn will offer a 500- dollar property tax refund to homeowners. the former president of illinois state university has been charged with misdemeanor disorderly conduct. timothy flanagan resigned after police started investigating him for a confrontation with a school employee. flanagan's attorney says he didn't commit a crime. he's due in court next month and faces up to 30 days in jail.
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three ride share companies are fighting the lawsuit that taxi cab companies filed against them. ride shares provide a similar service to cabs, but they have less regulations and pay fewer fees. the cab companies say ride shares have an unfair advantage.. they also say customers' safety is jeopardized because not all ride shares do background checks on their drivers. chicago public schools wants the board of education to double its furniture budget at today's meeting. the sun-times reports c-p-s is seeking an additional 5-million dollars for office furniture to be used at its new central headquarters, and satellite district offices. a c-p-s spokesman said the district's old furniture won't fit in the new streamlined office space, and the cost of moving it would be too expensive. c-p-s also wants 400-thousand dollars to manage the move. chicago isn't the only place still in the grip of old man winter. it snowed yesterday in washington, d-c, where it's cherry blossom season... or at least it should be. the branches around the tidal basin and the jefferson memorial instead, tourists are
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taking photos of that other white fluffy stuff. i need a change. >> we all do. it just won't end. we have been beaten into submission. emma we said no more a few times. temperatures today we're calling for a warm-up. upper 30's this afternoon. a woman reading than what we saw yesterday. 20 degrees for now at foster park. hubbard has school reading at 20. elsewhere, it's much colder. island liquor now is at 11. satellite radar composite says we are dry. light snow to the south and but not much. the lake affect should shut off quickly moving into portions of western michigan. we are in between systems today. was a different story. washo comes thursday. the warm front
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for the early portion and a cold front comes through. that basically means rain. 39 today. 49 tomorrow. friday we make 43. saturday we are 42 with light rain mixing was no in the morning. someday we hit 64 opening day. chance of showers on monday. high temperature 53. chance for rain there. >>coming up ... hawaii lawmakers and police clarify a state law that lets undercover officers and -- police look for a motive in a deadly shooting aboard a navy destroyer. plus -- a massive fire overtakes a houston construction site, worker. and -- a couple of orangutans proved too smart for their new enclosure at the indianapolis zoo.
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no motive has been given in the deadly shooting aboard a navy destroyer. it started when an unarmed civilian transportation worker tried to board the u-s-s mahan, in virginia monday night. when security confronted him, the civilian got hold of a gun and shot and killed a sailor who was responding to the scene. naval security forces shot and killed the civilian immediately. officials say the man had credentials to be on the base and the pier. no names have been released. this was the scene in downtown
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houston, as a five-alarm fire destroyed a building under construction. it took more than 200 firefighters to keep the flames from spreading to neighboring buildings. one construction worker was trapped on the third floor of the burning building, until a firefighter with a snorkel truck reached him and got him out, seconds before the fourth floor collapsed behind him. amazingly, no one was hurt in yesterday's fire. an appeals court overruled a judge's order that forced kansas to keep funding two planned parenthood clinics. the focus was on a federally financed family planning program. kansas law requires the state to allocate the money to public health departments and hospitals first. but, a lower court ruled that kansas couldn't take money away from planned parenthood. the organization, which says it will lose more than 330- thousand dollars in funding, is now reviewing its options. we told you last week that police officers in honolulu were allowed, under state law, to have sex with prostitutes. now, they're not. the police department has agreed to clarify a state law that allowed officers to engage with hookers in the course of
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an investigation. now, they'll be allowed to *solicit sex... but not actually *have sex. for the record, there is no case of a honolulu police officer ever being disciplined for having sexual contact with a hooker. a pair of curious orangutans quickly discovered the weak- link in security surrounding their new home at the indianapolis zoo. 8-year old rocky dismantled a web camera and led another ape into an off-limits section of the new international orangutan center. they did not get out of the building completely, but played hide and seek with zookeepers, who eventually lured them out with a treat. rocky never entered areas that are open to the public as far as we know ... you never know what happens from there. >> in the beginning of the movie one escapes and then they all start to come out and buy the and they're running through downtown chicago. we have seen it before. it was a terrible
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movie but we've seen it. 18 degrees right now. wind out of the northwest at 3 mi.. it will be another cold day. our temperature is at 18 right now but we find 20 degrees at midway. 10 degrees in waukegan. 15 in bartlett pear you'll need a heavier coat again. to warm up into the weekend. high temperatures in the low 60s. this is the current windchill right now. these numbers are in the uncomfortable range. continued to see cloud cover making its way through across western michigan. it's more out to the west or we find the systems today. the next system is coming in quickly it will bring the chance for showers coming our way tonight. chance of a thunderstorm into thursday.
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a washout tomorrow. today's high temperature is 39. tomorrow and make 49. friday declined to 43. my family in cleveland will be happy. you are their favorite erin. >> really? >> nobody gets to like family. >> they get a little sugar because of that. a quick update on traffic. construction right now. keep in mind the blue line service between o'hare and rosemont is still in service. the track warrants are still beyond repair. that may be the story for some time until they can restore that entire tail end. 80 heading westbound starting at can see a slow go especially as you grow closer to harlem. things will get it through there. looks like we have lain blockages. so far no word on when this will be picked up. we will see what happens with that. we will give you another update in the next hour.
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>> there could be big changes to speed skating competition. >> how people signing up for obama care can do that with no penalty. and in sports blackhawks decorated rookie blackhawks decorated rookie makeyou're comfortable here, it's where you email, shop, even bank. but are you too comfortable? these days crime can happen in a few keystrokes. american express can help protect you with intelligent security that learns your spending patterns, and can alert you to an unusual charge instantly.
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so you can be a member of a more secure world. this is what membership is. this is what membership does.
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season the blackhawks have called in reinforcements for the stretch. tuesday the blackhawks look to bounce back from their loss to national against the dallas stars. a top prospect makes his much-anticipated debut. he was strong in the face-off circle. they got on the board in the power play. sharp flips in a backhander its 1-0. in the second, and shot back gets deflected in by dallas. it's 2-0. after the stars cut down the lead to one it's a rocket making it 3-1. an empty net in the final minutes they make it four wins in the last six games beating the stars 4-2.
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he wins the award as the national has school player of the year on tuesday just three days after helping lead the young to the states for a title. he will be at next week's all the american team at the united center. >> being an all-american, going to the college of my choice at duke, on top of that winning the state championship. all that good stuff makes it a great feeling. knowing that your hard work is paying off. for this award in particular, looking at this it's more important than what i do on the court. >> we have spoken about lost but we haven't talked about him staying in sure that's what you are looking for. >> that sports. hope to have a great day. >>the president of the international skating union is proposing radical changes to figure and speed skating competitions. a letter to members of the
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union's governing council recommends doing away with the short program for figure skaters. it also suggests singles, pairs and ice dancers should all have the same length of programs. in speed skating, the longest races would be eliminated because they aren't exciting for t-v viewers. confidence returned to wall street tuesday. investors shook off two days of losses, as a new report showed consumer confidence reached its highest level in six years. the dow, nasdaq, and s-and-p... all finished in the plus column. the walgreen company says it will close 76 unprofitable drugstores across the country by august, as part of a plan to save 40 to 50-million dollars a year. the deerfield based drugstore chain, the nation's largest, isn't saying which stores will close. employees will be notified first. stores targeted for closure have had other walgreens stores open in the same area or have seen real estate values decline. facebook is getting into the virtual reality business.
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the social network is buying "oculus" for 2-billion dollars. the company makes a virtual reality headset that responds to head movements. it got rave reviews from video game developers, but isn't available to consumers. facebook says the technology will become a new way for people to communicate, learn or be entertained. >> if it's a new video-game i will try it out. >> i'm glad i'm here to break up this fight. this is like a physical barrier right here. >> let's take a look at our day. 34 degrees by 2:00. by 5:00 p.m. we are at 38. we are expecting sunshine. rain comes tomorrow and it will rain all day thursday. in jury today. >> traffic is looking good. it's more construction. a few spots to watch out for today. coming in on the dan ryan we have a few lanes that are down between
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roosevelt and 290 that should be picked up soon. nothing causing any huge delays. volume is still light. you'll still get a shovel to the tail end of the blue line as they continue to repair the tracks from the earlier incident. >> more to come including a look at the governor's budget address. and an income-tax hike. >> and what the fbi knew about the boston marathon bombing suspect. and we hear from the parents of a boy who was cut by razor blades on a playground. and a big announcement of a celebrityoil spills into lake mn
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from b-p's whiting refinery. we'll have a *live update on the clean-up. hope fades, as the death toll rises following a massive landslide in washington state. and what the president says about the location of the next who clears to 37. perot >>good morning, i'm cortney hall in for dan. and i'm erin mcelroy. we are all blue today except for demetrius. i guess you are a bit in the blue family. >> you are royal i am more navy.
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>> how's the weather? >> it's looking good. people are trying to adjust their tv sets so we are remiss in color. the weather is looking good so far. we are only 10 degrees right now so it is cold but we will warm up a bit. i don't know about you, but it's a bit tough to get used to these temperatures. sometimes we reach the '40's and in most cases this week we are only in the upper 20s. but we will warm up today. right now we have readings of 20 degrees. satellite radar composite shows we are dry. for the day, 38 is our temperature by 5:00. that might fill nice with the sunshine. by 9:00 p.m. we're back down to 34. to our morning rain will be in the region. this
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weekend is probably a washout. >> keep in mind we still have shuttle buses to the tail end of the blue line. you'll have to get off that train and then take the shuttle to the airports all because of the work on those trucks. that's from the derailment monday. along 80 we are seeing an improvement. some construction and resurfacing work is going on. looks like some of those delays have eased up in the last few minutes. either way they're still in place from the project. >>the mother of an abandoned baby found over the weekend has been charged, and will appear in bond court today. johnetta smith is facing a felony count of child abandonment. daughter in the entry way of an apartment building on the south side saturday night. police quickly identified smith and her baby, but smith didn't come forward until monday when she turned herself in to police. the baby was handed over to d- c-f-s. she is in good condition.
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bp says a spill has been contained. >> tonya is live with the story. >> good morning. two questions remain. how did this happen? and how much oil spilled into lake michigan? safety crew manned inside a cooling water storage area notified bp of this bill monday afternoon. the epa says this bill was plugged within hours and bp says it immediately put out booms to keep the oil in a small cove on its property and away from the part of the late that feedwater to the area. by tuesday, bp had crews scourings of the 2,700 ft. of lake michigan shoreline cleaning up. the cause is still under investigation. we do know that
4:33 am
wheel came from a processing unit that somehow gets mixed with water from a storage area used to cool the unit like a radiator cools appliances. >> we have isolated the source of the leak in the refinery because the will to get into the system. we have also contained the oil with in the cove. the impact of area is very minimal. a narrow band of the upper water line with smarsmall balls. >> no impact to human health or wildlife. >> the chicago tribune reports that federal records show this plant is the largest source of industrial pollution into lake michigan. in a joint statement released by the illinois senators, they say they are concerned that the recent move by bp to expand its refining
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effort here at the plant could lead to more leaks in the future. they have requested a detailed investigation into the leak and say they will make sure that steps are taken to prevent any future oil spills. now there's no word on whether bp will face any fines for this. >> more bodies are being found under a landslide that hit a small town in washington state. >> 24 is the total that are believed to be dead but many more still missing. >> the family of a decorated navy officer found his house destroyed by the massive landslide last weekend. >> the found the uniforms and they couldn't talk anymore. >> after days without another sign, the father did not know what to think. >> i don't know i am hoping against hope. >> the body was found by his
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brothers on tuesday. his name added to the rising death toll. with well over 100 people still missing, relatives are holding out hope. >> my husband is a survivor. i believe in him. that's all you could do is keep believing. >> that hope is starting to fade for others. they never imagined they would see this kind of devastation. >> when i pictured the slide i pictured vehicles parked there and if somebody was in the vehicle when the mud slide came on, i figured we could pull them out of the car and they be ok. but what we are finding as that the vehicles are twisted and tore up into pieces. >> dirt and debris as deep as 20 ft. in some spots covers a square mile of the town. tuesday's rain made the search that much more difficult. a candlelight vigil in nearby arlington is one example of communities around the county and across the country showing their support after such a terrible tragedy. >> in the search for the missing
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milesian passenger jet, the discovery that the plane may have sent out a partial payment to a satellite eight minutes after what was previously considered the final communication. experts are trying to determine whether the new pain can help them hone in on the plant's location. >>the first lawsuits have been filed, in the wake of monday's train crash at o'hare airport. the blue line train overshot the terminal, and climbed an escalator, injuring 30 people. investigators say the train was going about 25 miles per hour, when the operator apparently dozed off. the train's emergency brake worked... but it wasn't enough to stop the train. the terminal is still closed. still no blue line train service between o'hare and rosemont. they are running shuttle buses between those two spots in stead. police are investigating a possible hate crime, after a shot was fired at the dome of a mosque in orland park. it happened during prayer
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early yesterday morning. no one was hurt, and the mosque stayed open. police are not ruling out that it could have been from a hunter in the neighboring woods. governor quinn unveils his election year budget to the general assembly today. the spending plan calls for making the temporary income tax hike, which was to expire next year... *permanent . but quinn will offer a 500- dollar property tax refund to homeowners. south korea accuses north korea of launching medium range missiles. that hasn't happened in five years, and it would be in violation of u-n security council resolutions. these missiles can travel up to 800 miles and strike tokyo and american military bases in japan. pyongyang has not commented on the reported launch. they previously only fired short range missiles to protest military drills by the u-s and south korea. president obama got a little ahead of himself during the nuclear security summit in the netherlands. during a speech, he said he looked forward to hosting the next summit in his hometown..
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which is chicago. but later he mentioned having it in washington. the white house now says the next summit will be in the u-s, two years from now, but the host city has not been picked yet. a few secret service agents reportedly had too much fun during the president's trip. c-n-n reports three agents were sent home after one passed out in a hotel hallway after a night of drinking. the other agents who were punished went out drinking with him. the secret service has had stricter rules after agents were brought prostitutes to a hotel in colombia two years ago. the boston marathon now has a newly painted finish line, and fresh pavement. but the traditional repainting took on a more somber tone this year, out of respect for the victims of last year's deadly marathon bombings. this year's race will take place april 21-st. one of the marathon bombing suspects, tamerlan tsarnaev, died in a police shootout, days after the attack. now comes word that russian authorities warned the f-b-i,
4:39 am
three years ago, that tsarnaev was known to associate with islamist terrorists. but n-b-c reports, the bureau determined that tsarnaev had *no links to terrorism. and an alert, ordering him to be detained if he left or re- entered the united states, mis- spelled his name... so he never made the government's watch list. a toddler was cut by razor blades glued to equipment on a playground in western illinois. 2-year-old madden jenks was on his father's shoulders while playing on the monkey bars at a park in east moline monday. he screamed and his father put him down. that's when the boy's hands started to bleed. his father looked up and saw razor blades glued to the top of the bars. he called police, who found more razor blades glued throughout the playground ... including to the bottom of the slide. >> if he was older and he was released swinging and grabbing those bars, it would have mutilated his hand. >> i thought about how long it took to play there and i thought it made me sick.
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>> at least a dozen razor blades were found glued to park equipment. madden was the only child to get hurt. police are still looking for who did it. the obama administration will give an extension to people who say they've been unable to enroll in the new health care program before next monday's deadline. un-insured americans will have the deadline pushed back to mid april if they check a blue box on the healthcare dot gov website indicating they tried to enroll before the deadline. the washington post reports the extension will be formally announced today. >> it's like a parent this time i really mean it. last chance! an engine problem has delayed the docking of a russian spacecraft at the international space station. an american and two russians are on board the rocket that blasted off early yesterday morning. they were supposed to arrive today, but an engine burn that was necessary to adjust the spacecraft's orbiting path did not happen as planned. they are now expected to dock tomorrow.
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a man in california doesn't have to worry about keeping up with the joneses. that's because the joneses don't have a missile launcher in their yard. terry ulmer has one, on his property in alpine. it's the same kind of launcher the navy used from 1959 to the 1980's. ulmer also has two surface-to- air missiles that he built by himself. and he has a replica of a 1943 navy destroyer. what a kraft tour. >> just getting to know you ... that is scary. >> today we have a wind chill really low. 15 degrees in garlic. nine in aurora. 17 as to go to juliet. midway is at 11. temperatures are on the cold side. a typical high is 50 degrees. we will be lucky to make 40. later in the week we have the potential for a high to reach 60 degrees. but not today. in between systems today. when not expecting any rain or snow.
4:42 am
tonight is a different story as a big wet rain making system arrives bringing all day rain for thursday. 39 degrees today. breezy. that 39 degrees might feel nice with some sunshine. overcast tonight. scattered showers develop tonight. thursday we are up to 80 percent chance of rain. 49 is a high. friday we are up to 43. >> still ahead, our first look at new designs for the sandy hook school. >> the danish zoo that killed a draft puts down even more animals. >> and a brawl breaks out between 2 college baseball teams involved in a heisman trophy winner. >> you can write new rules for the future versions of the monopoly board game. that's all coming up.
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last month to total about these two that killed its draft and fed it to the lions. now it has killed four lines. they faced backlash from angry visitors when the draft was put down as part of a program to prevent inbreeding. now the for help
4:46 am
the lands including two cubs were euphemized to make way for a new mail. the american zoos use contraception to avoid unwanted births among the inmate population. the european zoos do not. >>the prosecution has rested its case in the oscar pistorius murder trial. pistorius is charged with murdering his girlfriend, reeva steenkamp in his home in south africa last year. the defense says it was an accident. the prosecution presented 21 witnesses in over two weeks. testimony ended with steenkamp's text messages where she tells pistorius that he scares her sometimes. the defense says those texts are a small fraction of the loving messages the couple shared. pistorius could be the first defense witness to testify, when the trial resumes on friday. the building and site commission in newtown conn unveiled plans to the public last night. the old school was demolished after
4:47 am
the december 2012 shooting in which 20 children and six adults were killed. another meeting will be held to address security plans for the new school. >> a bench clearing brawl last night started after a florida state player was running to first base when he collided with a florida pitcher who was going for the ball near the baseline. three players were ejected including the batter. it has been trophy winning quarterback got into the action as well coming down from the stands. >> a woman who was abandoned as a newborn found her birth mother weeks after launching a social media campaign. she is now 27 years old. married and a mother of three. adopted as a child and
4:48 am
always wondered what her mother gave her up. she was recently reunited and the birth mother said she had been raped in a foreign country and was ashamed. she said she left her in a faith place she knew she be safe until someone found her. it may be the beginning of the end for the virtual currency used by people who want to trade on line without paying sales or transaction taxes. now the irs has ruled they are not currency. they are property. they will be taxed just like regular cash. any transaction of more than $600 will be subject to federal income tax. >>the world's most famous board game, monopoly, has its own set of rules. sometimes, players add a few rules of their own. now, the makers of monopoly are asking their facebook fans to *write the rules for future editions of the game. hasbro will open debate, a week from tomorrow, on ten "house rules." the most popular ones will be
4:49 am
included in the new "house rules edition" of monopoly when it comes out in the fall. >> the game just goes on until everybody falls asleep. >> it's always just one continuously long game. >> speaking of long ... >> something to make us all hit somebody. here is a picture from dan. this is dan on vacation. here he is on vacation but i think he is in mexico. >> somewhere warm. >> he is just rubbing it in. >> i want to be happy. really want to be happy for him. >> maybe with a shark? >> and just too jealous. >> when it comes back can next week we can say we missed you ... there he is. you know he is probably singing under the sea. he's doing his mermaid thing. good morning to you down there. remember don't drink the water.
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10 degrees right now in west chicago. northbrook reading of 13. satellite composite shows dry conditions. we'll stay dry today to bar is a different story. warmer temperatures thursday but we are expecting rain which will be off and on through the whole day tomorrow. enjoy today. 30 degrees by 5:00 p.m.. typical high would be 50. tonight we're down to 33. 49 on thursday. saturday we are 42. sunday we have a high of 60 degrees. >> i have worked on the dan ryan. a small stretch between roosevelt and harrison still causing some delays with the two left lanes out. another 10 minutes before that gets picked up. downtown heading south bound it a bit of a squeeze with lean blockage and resurfacing work along back pocket. >> coming up a big news crashes a website.
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>> and what actually kill paul walker in that fiery car crash.
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gwyneth paltrow and chris martin are calling it quits. the pair announced the split on paltrow's website, *goop dot- com,* saying, "it is with hearts full of sadness that we have decided to separate." the website crashed shortly after the post, titled *conscious uncoupling went live. the actress and lead vocalist of the band 'coldplay' were married in 2003. they have two children together -- apple and moses. police say *unsafe speed caused the car crash that killed 'fast and the furious' actor paul walker... and not drugs, racing, or mechanical failure. the los angeles county sheriff said the *porsche carrera g-t* that walker was riding in... was going 80-to- 93-miles an hour when it crashed into a pole and a tree, back in november. walker and the man driving the car, roger rodas, were both killed. an autopsy found walker died before the car burst into flames. a judge granted taylor swift a three-year extension on a restraining order against a fan. the singer made the filing earlier this month, after a man threatened her online and went to her house. timothy sweet has maintained
4:55 am
that he's married to swift, and allegedly sent messages threatening to "kill any man who gets in the way" of his perceived relationship with her. the order covers her family, her homes, and places she works in both l-a and nashville. you have to be careful when you stop those ladies demetrius. >> you need to get that alias. the real man changes his name. temperatures today will be climbing out. we will warm up into the upper 30s. we will stay dry. tomorrow we are expecting a lot of rain. we are expecting showers to move in tonight. often on rain into tomorrow. even into friday morning. today's high temperature is 39 degrees. tomorrow we make nearly 50 degrees. rain off and on purity percent chance of rain tomorrow. friday we are breezy high of 43. saturday, 42 years
4:56 am
sunday is a keeper up to 60. for opening day, 40 percent chance of showers. high temperature of 83 degrees on monday. >> coming up, the latest on it doesn't operate out ofon basements or back alleys. it grows more sophisticated every day. if it were a business, it would be a fortune 500 company. fraud has evolved. american express intelligent security gives you tools to fight fraud and a global service network that never stops working. so you can be a member of a more secure world. this is what membership is. this is what membership does.
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