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tv   WGN Morning News  CW  June 9, 2014 4:00am-5:01am CDT

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a woman and a disabled girl were found dead in a home in the northern suburbs. we're *live with the latest. police are looking for a motive in the killings of two police officers and a bystander, after a shooting spree in las vegas. and we're learning more details about the time sergeant bergdahl spent in captivity. good morning. i'm dan ponce. and i'm erin mcelroy. thanks for joining us on the wgn morning news at *4 a-m. demetrius ivory has a check of our weather. >> it's a tough weekend 84 saturday than seven days inns to it. the rain came yesterday now after that front we have cooler temperatures. that will be for the start of the week. chance of rain arrives into tuesday. if you liked to garden in me that
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rain off and on you will get it this week into wednesday and thursday. we will see partly cloudy conditions today's high is three degrees above average. taking a look outside, it's 53 in waukegan. 51 in aurora. these numbers are basically where they should be. a bit of cloud cover but certainly not much. the sun will set before a 30. rain out to the north and west the rain coming in from the south. unix system moves in from the south bringing us rain into tuesday afternoon. enjoy today 72 degrees. 9:00 p.m. down to 64 degrees. tuesday down to 56 for a morning low with spotty showers. high temperatures 72. >> a quick update on the roads.
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no accidents or any congestion to speak up but we to have construction. route 52 heading south bound all with a 53 intermingling blockage for that that will be in place through july. at 53 the ongoing work continues to army trail. that should be wrapped in the next few weeks. ct a blue line work impacting a stretch from campbell to milwaukee. should be picked up around 6:00. >>two people and a dog were found dead inside a home in waukegan. a man is in police custody. judy wang is *live in waukegan with the story. >> please have been here all might still have a large area surrounding the home where this happened is blocked off. officers took a man into custody who remains hospitalized. this happened in
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the 4100 block of continental dry. police say they received a 911 call sunday evening from a man who said he had killed his family and planned to kill himself. when officers got to the home they found a suicide note on the front porch. the went into the house and found the man who. to have self- inflicted wound. then they discovered the bodies of a 50 year-old woman and a seventh year-old disabled girl and a dog. investigators believe they were the man's wife and daughter. >> nothing has ever happened like this. nothing like this. the girl was in a wheelchair had to do that to your own daughter? this is just wrong. >> police are not saying how the woman and the girl died. they are waiting for autopsy results from the lake county coroner's office. police say they have no prior record of any problems at this home.
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>>five people, including three children were hurt, when their car went up a median and hit a tree on the south side. it happened just after midnight at 95th and green. everyone in the car was taken to the hospital with minor injures. the children are between one and three years old. the cause of the crash is under investigation. a man and woman toting guns and declaring a revolution went on a shooting spree in las vegas that ended with five people dead. andrew spencer reports police are trying to learn more about the suspects and what triggered the rampage. >> overnight emergency vehicles to us that an apartment complex near downtown las vegas. police evacuated the residents saying very little about their investigation. it was clear that this was tied to another scene where five people died after a man and woman armed with guns declared a revolution. >> sad to report that two of my officers were killed in the line of duty and an innocent citizen also lost their life. two
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suspects responsible for these deaths are also deceased. >> to veterans of the police department a 41 year-old and a 31 year-old had been on their lunch break inside at pizza place. >> this man came out of nowhere. i thought he was getting a drink the way he walked up and pass them. >> witnesses say the man turned around and he and it woman with him opened fire. >> i saw their guns and they said i tell them is the revolution. >> police say the attackers then went inside a walmart and killed a woman near the entrance. >> a whole bunch of people started to run towards them knew the emergency exit. that's when i ran to. them police swarmed exchanging gunfire with the suspects inside. the heard more shots and then nothing. >> preliminary report showed that female shocked the male
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suspect and then took her own life. >> as for the revolution and the reasons for starting it, police in june not have a motive. >> the taliban is now publicly denying any speculation that sergeant bowe bergdahl converted to islam when he was in captivity. bergdahl reportedly told his doctors in germany that he was locked in a small box, in darkness, after he tried to escape. now, secretary of state john kerry continues to defend the release of five taliban generals that secured bergdahl's release... and the risk that those men will return to terrorism. >> i'm not telling you that they don't have some ability at some point to go back but they also have the ability to get killed doing that. >> i heard john kerry say don't worry about them you can't help but worry about them. >> we should do everything we can in our power to win the release of any american being held. but not at the expense and the lives of well-being of
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fellow servicemen and women. >>when bergdahl is well enough, he'll continue his treatment in san antonio, texas... and he'll be reunited with his family. a man from west suburban stone park drowned while swimming when strong winds blew away his boat. three men were in the boat on pistagee lake in johnsburg when they decided to swim in the choppy waters and winds gusting up to 30 miles per hour. after the boat drifted away from the victim, his friends couldn't get it re-started. they called for help as the winds pushed them toward shore. >> came up to the. they had drifted there went to see if they needed help and they said their friend had just drown. >> is that what you said? >> he said that so we called nine and one police were on the way. >>while the victim's body was pulled from the water, a rescue boat capsized. two marine unit officers were thrown in, but they were wearing life vests and were quickly pulled out. a fire at a home in humboldt park killed a woman and injured a man. the building did not have
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electricity, water or gas service. the victims are believed to have been squatting in the building, which the city boarded up after complaints from neighbors. six people who live next door escaped after the flames spread. bond is denied, for a man charged with shooting two chicago police officers. 29-year-old malik shabazz faces five counts of attempted first degree murder. police say he fired at the officers who stopped his car friday night at 93-rd and wallace. one officer was hit in the leg... the other, in his bullet-proof vest. the officers fired back-- wounding both shabazz and a woman in his car. the officers have been released from the hospital. francis cardinal george is in new orleans this morning to attend what could be his last u- s conference of catholic bishops as chicago's archbishop. he says his doctors approved this trip because he received his last chemotherapy treatment five weeks and his immune system has had time to recover. cardinal george is fighting cancer for the third time. yesterday he said he submitted his report on the state of the chicago archdiocese to the u-s papal adviser - one more step towards finding his successor.
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governor quinn signed a bill making illinois the first state to ban products containing microbeads. the plastic particles are used as exfoliants in many facial cleansers and soaps. environmentalists say they pollute waterways and harm wildlife. the new law prohibits manufactures from using microbeads by the end of 2017, and stores from selling products with them after 2019. mayor rahm emanuel and governor pat quinn attended a brunch held in honor of lawmakers and others who helped legalize same sex marriage in illinois. quinn, facing a re-election challenge from republican bruce rauner, reminded the crowd at the j-w marriott in the loop that the bill might not have become law if he wasn't in office. he defeated republican bill brady, an opponent of gay marriage, by just 31-thousand votes in the last election. the mayor called the same sex marriage law a great milestone for illinois. >> as the father of three children i want to thank the gay community for letting america be true to who we are.
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>>quinn signed the marriage equality bill into law last november, making illinois the 16th state in the nation to allow same sex marriage. people in minnesota were treated to a rare sight in the skies. take a look -- the northern lights were on full display yesterday morning. this was the view in saint cloud -- where the vivid colors lit up the night sky. scientists say a powerful geomagnetic storm caused this amazing display of the aurora borealis. to the say that correctly? >> and not even close. >> come on! >> it's like when you ride t >> good thing we hired somebody smart. >> the city should not correct someone but u.s.. i could be losing go. it's 57 degrees right now in pontiac. here are the current temperatures. the air
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has a bit of a chill to it keep your windows open early. we only a warm-up into the mid '70s today. not a warm day today. one of those days where you can give the air conditioning in break. no rain in sight. next chance for rain is tomorrow afternoon. 75 today 72 tuesday. there's day we make 80 degrees. >> coming up, what caused a father to attack his daughter's teacher with a bat and why he won't be charged with the crime. >> and attack on one the busiest airports in pakistan least several dead. >> and raising awareness about a disease that his brother has. step one for him. will have more
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28 people died in an attack on pakistan's busiest airport, and two dozen more were injured. armed militants wearing military uniforms stormed the airport in karachi yesterday. they entered through the airport's old terminal that's mainly used for charter and executive flights. passengers were evacuated and all flights were diverted. pakistani officials say security forces regained control of the airport at dawn. the taliban has claimed responsibility for the attack. a manhunt is under way for three prisoners who escaped from a jail in canada using a
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helicopter. the helicopter touched down in the courtyard of the jail in quebec city on saturday night. the men jumped in, and the helicopter took off. the escapees were being held at the detention center, waiting to stand trial. this was the second helicopter- aided inmate escape in quebec in two years. a man in maryland attacked his 15-year-old daughter's teacher with a baseball bat. it started with some questionable text messages from the teacher to the girl. investigators found nothing criminal about the texts. but when the teacher showed up at the girl's home, and tried to explain it to her parents, the father ordered him to leave. when the teacher refused, the father grabbed the bat and hit him. the teacher's injuries were minor... the father probably won't face charges. a teen in michigan completed his mission to raise awareness about cerebral palsy - by carrying his younger brother on his back for forty miles. 14-year-old old hunter gandee came up with the idea for the "cerebral palsy swagger" a few months ago and saturday morning, he strapped his 7-year- old brother, braden, to his back and set out from their hometown of bedford, michigan.
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they walked 25 miles saturday and then another 15 miles yesterday -- finishing at the university of michigan in ann arbor. hunter said he did think about stopping at one point because braden's legs were chaffed really bad but they pushed on for the final ten miles and even walked through the rain to make his goal. gets a great story. >> our weather story today has temperatures in the mid-70s. not a warm day but we do have sunshine and compared to yesterday the temperatures drop day today. we stayed dry today. 56 degrees right now. wind of the north as 7 mi.. dew point down there at 40 degrees. right now it's 54 at the lakefront. 52 in garlic. morris is reading at 54. if you are one of those cold blooded people may need a jacket. most people are ok with long sleeves to get you through
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at the early portion of the day. dry conditions across the region. this front will not make it through the next low pressure system will come in from the south and it will move in least they tried today it comes in tuesday chance of showers developing tuesday afternoon. watch how this spins through st. louis and comes over here wednesday. showers on tuesday certainly into wednesday than that system breaks down on thursday. high pressure to complete the work week. today 75. cooler along the lake. mostly cloudy. we are dry tomorrow 72. high temperature is 73. >> but look at the dan ryan we have some construction this morning that could slow you down. this is from 35 over to the stevenson impact in the far left lane. other than that, we
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have worked northbound at arsenal bluff that has been in place for a good time. that is taking things down by a single lane. the rest looks good we break it down with a full traffic ticket in just a few minutes. >> coming up, the secret to a happy marriage. >> and the cubs look to extend a winning streak at wrigley field and a nightmare road trip for the white sox. >> good morning. the apple i watch is it a reality? reports that it could be coming in october. what will it feature and is it going to happen? we will investigate.
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could morning. i would go on record saying the cubs would not have a five game winning streak going by past performance, but it's a long season and they have hit a hot streak with a great bullpen and a chance for a perfect home game their first since 2008 if they can take down the marlins. 1942 throwback looking sharp and playing the same way early on. scoreless into the six, a fair ball inside down to the bullpen. castro is in. a triple and then it's a 2-0
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lead. but they gave it back on the seventh. a base hit to right. tying run its to-2. the cubs have been on fire. the lead run comes in and they make that stand up as the cubs lose 4-3. >> they should keep their head up. they are disappointed because we felt like we were on the cusp of being able to have the perfect home stretch. i think they wanted to try to do it they tried it just didn't get it. them even though we lost this one, i think we go to pittsburgh on a high note. based on how well we have played them pretty much all facets of our game it's been fun to watch. >> a loss for the white sox in
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california. trouble in the fifth, hamilton with the bases loaded to runs across. didn't make it out. the sox were down 4-0 caught on in the eight. the sox are down 4-2. tying run on base. he bounces again, sox lose by final score a 4-2. home against the tigers the cubs play in pittsburgh and that morning sports. >>lebron james recovered from cramps and returned to form in game- two of the n-b-a finals. the temperature returned to normal in san antonio. james scored 14- points in the third, including eight in the span of a minute... a game- high 35 and ten rebounds for him. but the heat down one with 90 seconds left... james finds chris bosh in the corner for the go- ahead three- pointer... he scored 18. miami wins 98-96 to even the series at one.
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it was a solid week for stocks. the dow and s-and-p closed at record highs. the nasdaq finished at its highest level in nearly 3 months. tyson foods appears to be the winner in a bidding war for chicago-based hillshire brands. details on the sale of hillshire are not yet available but insiders tell bloomberg that tyson's final offered topped pilgrim's pride offer of more than six billion dollars. hillshire makes jimmy dean sausage and ball park hot dogs and had been in talks for a possible sale in the past few weeks. tyson reportedly agreed to keep a presence in chicago as part of negotiations. love is blind... and if you're married, the more blind ... the better. british psychologists did a study on it. and they say the secret to a happy marriage is believing your spouse is better looking than *you are... and better looking than he or she really is. the researchers say, people who idealize their spouses tend to be very happy with their marriages. and they say, believing you're married to someone really hot, boosts your self-esteem.
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i think that is pretty brilliant. >> i find squinting helps. >> a six-pack of beer ... we could talk about this one for a long time. all morning long. our producers would love it. now whether or traffic. just this. >> let's take a look at our day. >> let's get it out of here. >> 56 degrees right now 73 by 2:00 p.m.. by 9:00 p.m. down to 54. another thing about this ... just kidding. >> let's look at the work on the bishop ford it could slow down as you are heading out. still lingering around here. left lane block until 5:00. doesn't seem to be causing too many issues so far. heading in bound on the express lanes a bit sluggish
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with the left lane blocked until 5:00. lingering projects but none are causing huge delays at this point. >> still more to come, and -- *seven tornadoes dashed- touched down in colorado just yesterday -- including during a golf tournament. plus -- an indiana teenager will try to make history this morning with a flight around the world. details, next. and -- we have the big winners from the tony awards -- one actress made history. stay with us.
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you have time to shop for car insurance today? yeah. i heard about progressive's "name your price" tool? i guess you can tell them how much you want to pay and it gives you a range of options to choose from. huh? i'm looking at it right now. oh, yeah? yeah. what's the... guest room situation? the "name your price" tool, making the world a little more progressive. a woman and the disabled girl
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found dead in a home in the northern suburbs. >> police are looking for a motive in the killing two police officers and a bystander after a shooting spree in las vegas. >> learning more about the time the sergeant and in captivity. >>good morning, i'm dan ponce. and i'm erin mcelroy. let's go to demetrius ivory for a check of the weather. things are shifting. >> was started off for in the '80s. '70s yesterday with rain. now off and on chance of rain. let's take a look outside. right now it's 56 in lyle. waukegan is
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cooler. old st. mary's school of chicago is 56 degrees. elsewhere and our lady of mount carmel is 51. chicago heights of 52. satellite remark composites show we are dry. this goes all the way into thursday and low pressure system will come in from the south. 72 degrees by 5:00 p.m.. early 7:00 a.m. to 59. it's a good start to the week to keep the windows open and turn the air conditioner off. highs in the mid-70s today. wednesday high-temperature 73 shots of showers. >> let's take a look at the construction. the should be picked up in about 30 minutes. it looks like it will be picked up but not causing many huge delays. continuing brickwork in through june. watch for that as
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well. a bit of a sluggish pocket for people this morning. more traffic coming including the commute times straight ahead. >>two people and a dog were found dead inside a home in waukegan. a man is in police custody. judy wang is *live in waukegan with the story. good morning the man in custody hospitalized under police guard. the investigators believe the woman and the teen girl found dead inside or the man's wife and daughter. police are still here going in and out of the house in search of clues that may reveal exactly what happened and why. a townhome in the 4100 block of continental drive. police received a 91 call at 6:15 a.m. from a man who said he had killed his family and plan to take his own life. when the officers arrived they say they
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found a suicide note on the front porch. police went into the house and took the man into custody and to the hospital. he had what. to be self-inflicted wounds. police searched a home and found the bodies of a woman and a 17 year-old disabled girl. investigators are not saying how the victims died. >> and nothing has ever happened like this in our block. nothing like this. it's sad that girl was in a wheelchair have you do that to your own daughter? it's just wrong. >> major evidence technicians on location right now processing the scene. we are at the beginning stages of the investigation. we are going to take our time and make sure we get this done right. >> police are awaiting for autopsy results from the county coroner's office. no charges have been filed. police say they have no record of any problems at this particular home.
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>> please do is accused of attacking an elderly man with a gun and golf club. police say the 87 year-old man was practicing golf in the baseball field when the three boys stole his club and used it to hit him in the face and the head. he was able to escape in his car. the teams took off with the club's officers arrested them a short time later. man was treated at the scene. >> five people, including three children were hurt, when their car went up a median and hit a tree on the south side. it happened just after midnight at 95th and green. everyone in the car was taken to the hospital with minor injures. the children are between one and three years old. the cause of the crash is under investigation. five people are dead after a shooting spree in las vegas by a man and a woman who declared a revolution before opening fire. the victims include a woman gunned down near the entrance to a wal-mart and two veteran las vegas police officers. >> i saw the gun in hand and he
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said tell the cops is a revolution and then he killed the two cops. >> preliminary appears that the female suspects shot at the male suspect then took her own life. >> last night in an apartment was searched looking for more information on the husband and wife. clues to what triggered the rampage. a bus mechanic for the c-t-a is arrested and charged with selling homemade explosives. john hegarty, allegedly sold about seven hundred "flash powder" devices to an undercover a-t-f agent between august 2012 and last month. prosecutors say hegarty admitted to making the devices in his home on chicago's far northwest side. last week, authorities seized about 200 illegal explosive devices from that home along with 14 guns, about a thousand rounds of ammunition and about 50 pounds of 'flash powder'. a man from west suburban stone park drowned on the chain o lakes after strong winds blew his boat away from him while he
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was swimming. two others from the boat couldn't get it re-started after he disappeared under the water. the mchenry county sheriff's office hasn't released the identity of the 49-year-old victim. the taliban is now publicly denying any speculation that sergeant bowe bergdahl converted to islam when he was in taliban captivity. bergdahl reportedly told his doctors in germany that he was locked in a small box, in darkness, after he tried to escape. the taliban says he was just moved to a more secure building. chicago's federal appeals court hears oral arguments today, in the case of accused terrorist adel daoud . court personnel failed to *record a hearing on whether defense lawyers should get access to confidential surveillance documents. the court clerk's mistake forced the unprecedented appeals court action. daoud will stand trial for plotting to set off a bomb outside a loop bar in 2012. governor quinn signed a bill making illinois the first state to ban products containing microbeads. the plastic particles are used as ex-foliants in many facial cleansers and soaps.
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environmentalists say they pollute waterways and harm wildlife. the new law prohibits manufactures from using microbeads by the end of 2017, and stores from selling products with them after 2019. one person was injured after a tornado touched down during a golf tournament in colorado. it happened yesterday in aurora, colorado. the father of a golfer participating in a kids tournament broke his wrist after the golf cart he was riding in was picked up by the twister and flipped over. there were reports of at least seven tornadoes in central colorado. a few of those caused some minor damage. local authorities say tornadoes in the area are very rare because it sits at an elevation of ten-thousand feet. just hours from now, the veterans administration will release new information about its patient scheduling scandal. hundreds of vets were put on secret waiting lists at several v-a hospitals, and forced to wait as long as a year for treatment. the head of the v-a ordered a full audit of the administration's scheduling practices. a house committee will question v-a officials about the findings of that audit. president obama is expected to announce the expansion of a program that helps student loan borrowers manage their debt
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today. a white house official says the president will take executive actions to expand the criteria for an alternative repayment program. it would cap monthly payments for certain federal student loans at 10-percent of a borrower's discretionary income. the changes would allow an additional five million borrowers to qualify, starting at the end of next year. mayor emanuel will kick off his summer reading challenge today. "rahm's readers" is designed to keep kids engaged in learning over the summer break. last year, the mayor promised he would do the polar plunge if the kids could reach his reading goal ... and they did. the mayor enlisted tonight show host jimmy falon to jump into lake michigan with him. this time, mayor emanuel convinced fallon to bring a taping of the tonight show to chicago if the kids could read 2-point-4 million books. a 17-year-old boy from indiana will try to become the youngest person to fly around the world in a single-engine plane in 30 days. haris suleman started learning to fly when he was just 8. this morning, he and his dad will take off from greenwood airport, on a trip that will take them across three oceans and five continents. haris will be in the pilot's
4:38 am
seat... his dad will be the co- pilot. >> i will take care of the flying. will split up the duties about who will take care of the radio and who will fly at certain times. will my dad will do is he will let me know whenever needs to be done. >> a slap on the back of the head will keep it going. haris and his dad will use the flight to raise money for a group that builds schools in pakistan. scientists wanted to see what polar bears dew on the cia's and not everyone gets to see. biologists from the u-s geological survey put collar cams on the necks of four female polar bears in alaska. the point-of-view cameras were on the bears for about 10 days and captured everything from their eating habits to mating rituals. scientists want to learn how the animals' behavior is impacted by sea ice conditions and climate changes. >> it's like a big brother for the polar bear. >> was that the edited version? eat an inmate.
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>> that's like the extra special. >> tonight that when the real one comes out. 56 degrees right now. wind at 7 mi.. the air is dry. when you are talking about humid air you get those dew points in the '50s and '60s. right now we are in the 40's. that's pretty dry air. 56 degrees at o'hare and also for midway. aurora looking at clear skies. expect to see some sunshine. we're in between systems are next one comes in from the south. ahead of that we have a nice monday. tonight we're back down to 66 degrees. cool but dry. to rouse high 72. there to percent chance of rain on tuesday. when did we make 73 with the chance of showers in should rain on wednesday. the seven days forecast coming out.
4:40 am
>> still had a rare set of twins goes home. how the mother will tell them apart. >> and we have a new miss usa. we will hear more along with the other stories that are trending online. >> the south korean rapper just has a new music video with a new song. we will take a look.
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ghbaoll, we say ♪ ♪ we want you to be okay ♪ enroll, we say
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♪ take care people for goodness sake ♪ two months after a south korean
4:43 am
ferry sank, killing 292 people, the owner of the ferry company has vanished. "yoo byung eon" is wanted in connection with the "sewol" ferry disaster. but prosecutors believe he is hiding out... and he may be plotting to escape to china. yoo and the ship's crew face criminal charges including murder and abandoning ship. for the first time ever, the vatican hosted a meeting of two leaders whose people were engaged in violent conflict. pope francis hosted israel's president shimon peres and palestinian authority president mahmoud abbas in a sunday prayer session. they shared prayers in arabic, hebrew and italian... and both men committed themselves to the pursuit of peace. but they didn't engage in any negotiations. >> for peace at all costs.
4:44 am
patients if necessary. moving forward day after day. risen to eternal life. >>after a ceremony in the gardens of the vatican, the two leaders met together privately with the pope a set of rare twins photographed holding hands when they were born are home from the hospital. jenna and jillian thistlethwaite were born one month ago today in ohio. they are called mono-mono twins because they shared a single amniotic sac and placenta. the twins were released from the hospital's neonatal intensive care unit on saturday. their mom says she is excited to have everyone under the same roof, as is her 15-month-old son jaxson, who is ready to be a big brother. i think i accidently saidw woof instead of roof...each baby will sport either pink or purple nail polish to tell them apart. high gas prices and rising air fares may have you considering a
4:45 am
stay-cation this summer rather than a trip to far-off beaches or theme parks. chicago is a good place to stay put, but it doesn't crack the top five stay-cation spots in a new survey. wallet-hub lists the best stay-at-home vacation destinations as: buffalo, new york; minneapolis and cincinnati. >> no way! >> who did this report? the worst: chula vista, california; fremont, california and laredo, texas. the website considered 20 factors like the number of public swimming pools, golf courses and museums in ranking cities for stay-cations. >> i guess we don't have a lot of public swimming pools? >> that seems a little off. >> cincinnati is a great city ... >> i do have to comment on the facial hair it's been looking pretty good. >> i've been working on this for eight weeks. >> i had to shave my and it was getting rough. >> your little boy is becoming a man. how are you guys feeling?
4:46 am
it's going to be a good week. we're looking at all the stories trend in this morning. including some big tech news from over the weekend. japan's *the nikkei and the tech blog *re\code* are both reporting that apple's *iwatch is no longer just a rumored device. they say the company is planning to launch the new smartwatch at an event in october. nikkei says the device will likely feature a curved oled screen and it will collect health-related data, including oxygen levels and sleeping information. apparently these are the things they will be including in that new watch. >> miss usa 2014 ... missed nevada! >> attention! congratulations to nia sanchez - miss nevada was crowned *miss usa* last night. the 24 year-old las vegas native is a fourth degree black belt in tae kwon do. she'll represent the us in the *miss universe pageant later this year.
4:47 am
don't mess with her. >>down 10 to nothing, baltimore orioles third baseman manny machado felt like he was thrown at by a's pitcher fernando abad. on the second inside pitch, the bat flies out of machado's hands. the a's feel that it was intentional - machado insists it was an accident. benches cleared and both players were tossed from the game. to announce a speculated he threw the bat at the picture. the benches were cleared. both players tossed. >> was it is unintentional or intentional? >> don't throw your bats. >> don't throw the bat.
4:48 am
>> music you're looking at the new music video from *psy , the korean superstar whose *gangnam style* just topped two billion views on youtube. *hangover features snoop dogg - it hit youtube about 8 hours ago and already has 2.8 million views. and finally, from - no more fighting for the armrest on an airplane! that is the idea behind this new *double decker* armrest prototype from hong kong based paperclip design limited. the armrest has two levels, so one person's elbow gets the top bunk, the other gets the lower spot. other than airlines, the designer is pitching the prototype to movie theaters. the only problem is the price - the mold that produces the design can cost up to $50,000. >> thank you for that. >> a like to put the arm rest down and snuggle up.
4:49 am
>> are like to put my marcus against your shoulder. >> 51 degrees right now. a chicago heights it's in the '50s. satellite radar composite shows we are dry. we stayed dry through monday. next chance of rain is tuesday. 72 degrees by 5:00 p.m.. tamara's high temperature is 72. rain is coming tuesday afternoon. good chance of showers on wednesday. it's monday and we like to look ahead to the weekend. 70 degrees for a high on saturday. sunday is 82 on father's day. >> we are still struggling over here. work on the trust it will slow you down a bit. overall it's been pretty good. we're
4:50 am
down three lanes in both directions. that will be slow there. working on a new interchange through october. get used to this is going to be around. numbers are looking good. will break it down with a full traffic hit in a bit. today's early bird special care which is not a category for miss u.s.a. contest ends? swimsuit, evening gown or the talent show? >> they got rid of one of those. >> if you know the answer log onto our website. you could win 5 fast passes to magic waters water park. i just say if i won i cannot be shared column. i would have some more energy. >> coming up the big winners from the tony awards and an update on actor tracy morgan who was hurt in a crash over the weekend.
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stage a the host of last night's tony awards at radio city music hall. his opening routine was a tribute to bobby van's hop dance from the 1953 musical "small town girl." broadway's top honors went to "a gentleman's guide to love and murder" for best musical and "all the way" for best play. its lead star, "breaking bad's" bryan cranston, snagged his first tony, taking home best lead actor in a play for playing former president lyndon b. johnson. neil patrick harris won his first tony for lead actor in a musical for his portrayal of a german trans-sexual in "hedwig and the angry inch." and audra mcdonald made history winning her sixth tony for best lead actress in a play for her portrayal of billie holiday in "lady day at emerson's bar & grill". tracy morgan is improving after a crash that left him in critical condition, and killed another comedian. morgan suffered several broken bones when the limo bus he was riding in was hit by a semi on the new jersey turnpike early
4:55 am
saturday. his publicist says morgan is still in critical condition, but has been more responsive since undergoing surgery. he is expected to remain in the hospital for several weeks. the truck driver was charged with death by auto and assault by auto. los angeles police arrested a man after a break in early sunday at the home of actress sandra bullock. the oscar winner was home at the time. it's unclear whether the man was trying to burglarize the home or whether this is a stalking incident. we want to know your real story like your hobbies and your passions. >>a teen romance owned the weekend box office. "the fault in our stars" earned 48-million dollars. angelina jolie's "maleficent" came in second, tom cruise's "edge of tomorrow" took third. now let's look at the weather. the air conditioners are on. then the heat is on this morning. it's been all over. >> up and down but you can save some money for the next few days because we are looking at
4:56 am
temperatures recoverable. 75 right now. we're dry until tomorrow afternoon. >> your morning headlines are next.
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