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tv   WGN Morning News  CW  June 11, 2014 4:00am-5:01am CDT

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a police officer opens fire on a driver overnight in wicker park. we'll have details ahead in a *live report. a soldier from the south suburbs is killed by "friendly fire" in afghanistan. we'll hear from his family. and house majority leader eric cantor loses his seat to a tea- party favorite. more, on the shocking defeat. good morning. i'm dan ponce. and i'm erin mcelroy. thanks for joining us on the wgn morning news at *4 a-m. demetrius ivory has a check of our weather. chicago police officers shot and branches are down on room. >> up to 2 in. of far for the months we had a heavy dose of rain. we're not done with that
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yet rain will taper off into the evening. hear of the weather headlines. showers will decrease slowly. high temperatures 12 degrees below typical high. preconditions. we are going to be crazy for most of the day. looking at the radar, refined the rain swirling around a low pressure system it will be here through the morning. its heaviest right now to the north. just be on the lookout for the shower slowing you down me some cooling and some pounding. this system will exit the area today and would begin to try out. upper 50s rate now at o'hare. 57 at the lakefront. 5644 waukegan. 59 important. today, a ticket to book a high 78 will be in the
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mid-60s. chancery diminishes to 30%. today we reach 66 showers and storms tomorrow. >> let's look of the roads. overall an easy start with the exception of the rain coming down causing slick road conditions. we have ongoing road work on the tristate we're down to three lanes in both directions. that interchange will be in place through october. and a new project on the clark street bridge. will update you on that but let's look at mannheim first. this bridge work will be there for a few more weeks. clark street was supposed to be shut down as of 9:00 a.m. yesterday decided to postpone that but it looks like that will be pushed back another day but then it will go through the weekend. more details coming up. >> chicago police officer shot and injured a man, after he drove into several parked cars on the city's northwest side.
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nancy loo is *live in wicker park with more. >> good morning. it's not clear why the man was purposely ramming into cars here with his suv but it landed him in the hospital and police are now here figuring act exactly what happened and assessing the a lot of property damage. police were called to north avenue right near the cta blue line just before midnight as a man seemed to be using his suv as a weapon. according to the police union spokesman, the man rammed into multiple cars and a building with enough force to cause the air bag to deploy in his suv. witnesses sprang into action before officers arrived but the man was uncooperative. even when police tried to subdue him with pepper spray. >> the people on the streets
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were chasing him try to get him out after he hit these vehicles. not sure if this is the usia, over medication, whatever the case he was acting extremely belligerent and unreasonable. >> fearing for the safety of bystanders. officers fired into the vehicle and the man was hit in the leg. he was taken to the hospital and listed in good condition but because this is a police involved shooting, this is now under investigation by the independent police review authority. the driver said kennedy has not been released but he is believed to be in his 20s. no officers or bystanders were hurt. >>chicago police are looking for the person who shot and killed a man and injured a four- year-old boy as they sat in the back seat of a car on the south
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side. the shooting happened in the 300 block of west 71st street at about three o'clock yesterday afternoon. the boy's mother drove the car to saint bernard hospital. the boy was shot once in the wrist and was transferred to comer children's hospital. the unidentified man was shot several times and transferred in critical condition to stroger hospital where he later died. police say the man is a known gang member and was targeted by the shooter. a soldier from the chicago area was one of five americans killed in a "friendly fire" incident in afghanistan. 19-year-old private aaron toppen of mokena joined the army, fresh out of lincoln-way east high school. when his unit was attacked by the taliban in the zabul province, it called for air support... but a coalition plane bombed the americans by mistake. toppen's family and friends won't speculate on the incident itself... but they remember aaron. >> despite his tender age, only 19 years old was hugely patriotic and at an early age he felt the desire and need to serve. >> he said it would be o.k. he
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was with the best men he said i love you and that was it. >>toppen's sister amanda posted on facebook, "my brother lost his life doing what he always wanted to do since he was a little boy... he's my biggest hero and the bravest man i know." there was a huge upset in the republican primary in virginia. house majority leader eric cantor lost his seat to a political newcomer. andrew spencer has more. >> the second highest ranking member of the u.s. house of representatives, a man many saw as a potential speaker, the house majority leader has lost his seat in congress. >> obviously we came up short. >> erase many thought he could not lose but he did. in a low turnout primary 80 party favorite beat him by more than 10 points. >> it's a miracle that this happened. >> he won the nomination despite being outspent nearly 10 to one. >> there's one reason because
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dollars and two not a vote. you do. >> a relative unknown, he says his campaign ads actually help to raise his campaign recognition. are you in the kantor have lost touch with constituents focusing more on donors elsewhere. now this is issuing for the congressional seat. >> he will win in november. democrats were hoping that erick kanter would run as a right in candidate they could pick up that seat, that won't happen. >> the nomination actually put some against a colleague, he accepted the democratic nomination earlier this year. >>taking a look at the *other top stories this morning. two murders, eight years apart, have been connected, by d-n-a evidence. 11-year-old holly staker was raped and killed while babysitting in waukegan back in 19-92. delwin foxworth was beaten to death with a board in 2000. d-n-a taken from holly's body, and the board... match. and it shows, the convicted
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killers of both people, appear to be innocent. the new d-n-a profile hasn't been matched to a new suspect. a man is in custody after he barricaded himself in a south for people being questioned in crossfire is. the fire spread to several crashes and destroyed two cars. several trash can fires were found a short distance away in south union. not clear if they are related but the string of fires started back in april. >>a man accused of attacking two mothers with strollers is being held on a one-million dollar bail. prosecutors say hassan flowers attacked both women in the rogers park neighborhood monday morning. the first woman elbowed him in the throat, and he ran. the second was rescued by two men who heard her scream. flowers is charged with attempted criminal sexual assault and battery. state representative derrick smith has been convicted of taking a payoff. and with the conviction, smith automatically loses his house
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seat. the f-b-i set up a sting, in which a man claiming to represent a daycare operator asked for a letter of recommendation from smith, so the operator could get a state grant. a week after smith wrote the letter, he was recorded receiving 7 thousand dollars in cash. >> take care of people and serve them. that's what i was doing. serving the people. >> of chicago is a difficult town to overcome the presumption that all public officials are doing something wrong. >> i think here in the crime as occurs as it develops, i think that's persuasive. >> he could get 30 years in prison. >> federal agents raided 19 charter schools run by a company headquartered in des plaines. the f-b-i says it's investigating "concept schools" in connection with an ongoing white collar crime. the department of education and f-c-c were also involved in the raids last wednesday. concept has three schools in chicago and one in peoria, as well as schools in indiana and ohio. it has been investigated by the
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u-s labor department in the past, for its use of foreign workers. mayor emanuel is adding a little more muscle behind the push to bring the obama presidential library to chicago. the sun times reports the mayor sent a letter last month to the head of the foundation that will help pick the location for the library. in the letter, emanuel laid out details of a package of public and private economic help to build the library on the city's south side. he did not name a specific location for the facility, but promised to create a "local education zone" to provide programming to students of all ages. the mayor also promised to create a committee to improve transportation to the library. a huge new sculpture in long island, new york, has a lot of people talking. this aluminum statue called "walking figure" is the centerpiece of the business district in west hampton beach. but some people don't think it should be considered "art." it is supposed to illustrate a woman running into the future. the developer says they weren't trying to create a controversial piece of art, but they do welcome all the discussion. what you think? does it look
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like something made out of plato? >> it looks like mashed potatoes from yesterday. art? now that is the career you get into. today we have a pretty picture early. this is showing the line of showers and in some cases heavier rain across the northern sections. to the south a few widely scattered showers but to the north and west we continue to see the heavy rain and moved through. some areas have seen over 2 in. of rain. in waukegan were getting a pretty good. traveling to the north refined heaviest of the rain. remember, this is pressing toward the west and toward the north in some cases. it should be at algonquin pretty shortly. into the city center to bring continues and goes off the lake. we will deal with the showers all morning tapering off later. we had a
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few inches in wheeling. expect this rain to taper off later in the day. let's check on the roads. >> looking outside, things have been moving pretty well despite all the rain. details and a full traffic hit coming up. >>coming up ... the president sounds off on gun violence, after a teenager opens fire at an oregon high-school. plus -- police in boston are looking for a *serial tickler* who broke into homes. details and reaction, next. and -- it's being touted as the next generation of spacecraft. we'll take a look *inside the dragon v-2.
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looks like we're about to board. mm-hmm. i'm just comparing car insurance rates at is that where they show the other guys' rates, too? mm-hmm. cool. yeah. hi. final boarding call for flight 294. [ bells ring on sign ] [ vehicle beeping ] who's ready for the garlic festival? this guy! bringing our competitors' rates to you -- now, that's progressive. police in oregon have yet to
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reveal the identity of the gunman in the school shooting that left one student dead and a teacher injured. police say the teenager was armed with a rifle when he entered a locker room at reynolds high school in troutdale yesterday morning. 14-year-old emilio hoffman was shot and killed. the school was placed on lockdown as police arrived on the scene. investigators say the gunman shot and killed himself before they found him. president obama responded to the news of the shooting, saying the country needs to examine our gun laws. >> we have to do some soul- searching. this is becoming a normal. i am prepared to work with anybody, including
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responsible sportsmen and gun owners to craft some solutions. >>yesterday's shooting was the 74th school shooting in the u-s since the sandy hook tragedy in 2012. congress is taking steps to help injured and sick veterans get prompt medical care, in the wake of the v-a hospital scandal. the house just unanimously endorsed a bill to let vets get their care outside the military healthcare system. the senate is expected to take up a similar bill next week. more than 120 thousand returning veterans have been forced to wait three months or more for treatment. and several hospitals were caught maintaining secret waiting lists, so they could claim they were providing speedy care. police are investigating a string of unusual break-ins in boston. they say a man broke into three homes near boston college, within a span of two hours early yesterday morning. but, he didn't steal anything. instead, he crept into the residents' bedrooms ... and tickled their feet. >> we will go up and the man was
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near his bed he had tickled his foot. he looked like a tall and skinny guy. >> a tall skinny guy. be on the lookout to a tall skinny guy. >> police assume it was the same man each time. they say the break-ins are similar to another string reported last month. >> demetrius is tall and skinny. i'm just saying ... the c-e-o of "space-x" is showing off his company's next- generation manned spacecraft. elon musk gave reporters in washington a look at the "dragon v-2" yesterday. today, it will go on public display at the newseum. it will only be open to the public for one day. the free-flying spacecraft is designed to deliver cargo and people to orbiting destinations. >> that looks pretty cool. demetrius, is it going to let up? >> i got back from a flight from boston. so i'm not sure. let's
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take a look. we continue to see range. yesterday at o'hare we had one and a quarter inch. there was a very heavy line of rain that moved through. this line of rain which is heaviest here out of cook county traveling toward lake county and for waukegan as well. notice how its swirling around this center this is why we have lots of this rain coming in from the east. this is the type of stuff that slows you down. your wipers are probably on moderate or medium as a travel up through lake county. be careful about that. right into the city center downtown across north chicago which continue to see the heavy and moderate rain moved through. we will have this rain off and on through the morning tapering off later today as a low pressure system moves into portions of central indiana parks itself there. we will be
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in between systems into today. i think the showers continue well into the afternoon than the taper off. a brief break connection early thursday but then another cold front comes late thursday afternoon bringing us a chance of showers. friday temperatures drop but the warmup in time for father's day. at o'hare, current temperature 59 wind of the northeast and 9 mi.. today's high temperature is 66. tonight's load falls down to 56. maybe a thunderstorm tomorrow afternoon as the rain returns. 74 degrees on friday. let's go traffic. >> with an accent to tell you about causing some delays this morning at 41 and harlem. just popped up about six minutes ago. clark street bridge means work was supposed to start yesterday. they did have some issues with equipment so it was postponed. now it is scheduled to begin at
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7:00 a.m. on thursday and continued friday and then picked back up on friday. it's impacting the no. 22 cta bus. numbers look good. we'll break this down in the next few minutes. >> coming up, what is popular fitness bands may not be so helpful. and next in sports -- the sox get beat by mother nature, while the cubs try and open up the skies in pittsburgh. fathers day is this sunday, we're going to tell you about a new documentary series on youtube - asking what it takes to be a great dad. and it has a local connection. that story coming up.
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if you poke your head outside last night you were not surprised to hear the sox and tigers were rained out. no makeup information yet. it's scheduled as a four game series came to later tonight there three and a half behind the street. no rain in pittsburgh as the cubs take on the pirates in the first inning anthony rizzo against a lefty. it almost came down in the river. a to-0 lead. but in the third they even it up. having in a series against the cubs, he hits it to the deep
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center field. his second in tonight's. then 3-3 in the sixth, let's move he wax it off the center field fence. a double and two runs in putting them ahead as the when 7-3. w nba, seattle comes to town, the storm took the lead early and never looked back. the sky lose their third straight 80-76. >>stocks ended higher tuesday. the dow crawled to a new record... with a 2-point bounce right before the close. the nasdaq gained one. and the s-and-p fell half a point. a new study finds none of the fitness bands on the market are 100-percent accurate. researchers tested eight devices for accuracy in tracking calories burned. they found the bands that are
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100 dollars or more usually tracked the data within 12 to 15 percent -- *not spot on accuracy. one doctor says you can get the same kind of self monitoring benefit from a *25 dollar* pedometer. but the bands do function well as motivational tools. >> none of that applies to us. >> nobody really is going to be worried about exercise at 4:00 a.m.. although i guess some people do. >> i know a lot of people watch us from the gym or on their treadmill. they're not listening, they're just watching. >> we still have an hour. let's take a look at a day. 59 degrees for the temperature early this morning. by 2:00 p.m. we are at 64. good chance of rain or showers through the day.
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let's look at traffic. >> taking a look out there and two items causing minor delays. an earlier crash northbound at harlem and another incident at north avenue. more of an accident investigation the crash has been cleared by police are on the scene reconstruction the action from earlier. other than those items, numbers look good. watch for that grain out there we will have another update coming in just a few minutes. >> still more to come including a pair of rescues and a house fire in the south suburbs. >> and new details released in the lead up to the prison swap. >> and hillary clinton is in chicago talking about her new book. >> and a dramatic rescue caught on camera but the yosemite natia police officer opened firn
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a driver overnight in wicker park. >> house majority leader loses the primary to 80 party favorite. reaction to the shocking defeat. >> and cardinal georgia opens up on who will take his place.
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>>and i'm erin mcelroy. let's go to demetrius ivory for a check of the weather. kind of a blustery morning. >> lots of people out there. i guess this is what wednesday should look like. >> not in my book. >> i think a bit of sunshine may be like an hour later today. but not yet. looking outside we have showers continuing across the region. the heaviest of the rain is to the north. in lake county after getting a pretty good. some areas have seen over 2 in. of rain. this rain started yesterday. basically doubling our monthly total. be on the lookout because there will be some pondering this morning. we have problems out here in these areas. the rain does continue. as a resume in toward these
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counties you can see the rain moving all the way through. a continues to press to the east and west very slowly. today's high temperature only in the mid-60s. typical high as 78. 81 on thursday. rain returns in the afternoon. >> a few accidents. is that earlier one to the north where they basically have the road blocked off from the north. a fender bender still in place northbound harlem these two items are causing delays. watch for have your travel times today with rain coming down and slick road conditions that could add to your commit as to move into 5:00 hour. more traffic coming through. >> let's start with breaking news. firefighters are on the scene of a big house fire in the south suburbs. it broke out at 196 about one hour ago. two
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people have been rescued. a third person as well. nancy is on her way. we will have more as information becomes available. >>chicago police officers shot and injured a man, after he drove into several parked cars on the city's northwest side. nancy loo is *live in wicker park with more. >> not clear why the man was purposely ramming into cars but it has landed him in the hospital as police piece together what happened and assessed a lot of property damage. officers were called to north avenue rate near the blue line just before midnight as the man seemed to be using his suv as a weapon. according to police, the man rammed into several cars and a building with enough force to cause the air bag to deploy in his suv.
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witnesses brain into action before officers arrived but the man was not cooperative. even when police tried to subdue him with pepper spray. >> the people on the street for chasing him trying to get him out after he hit the vehicles and were not sure if this is dui or if he is over medicated. whatever the case he was acting extremely belligerent and totally unreasonable. >> fearing for the safety of bystanders, officers fired into the vehicle and the man was hit in the leg. taken to the hospital listed in good condition. because it is a police involved shooting, the incident is now under investigation by the independent police review authority. the driver's identity has not been released but he is believed to be in his 20s. no bystanders were hurt. back to you. >> a huge upset in the
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republican primary. house majority lost his seat to a tea party. one by more than 10 points even though he was outspent 10-1. kantor is the second most powerful house leader highest republican to lose renomination to a tea party challenger. basic american values and virtues. power belongs to the people. >> obviously we came up short. serving as the seventh district congressman and then having the privilege to be majority leader has been one of the highest honors of my life. >> now will face a colleague in the general elections. a college professor who was the democratic nominee. >>the white house continues to defend the release of five top taliban officials that secured the freedom of army sergeant bowe bergdahl... even in the wake of a troubling new
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disclosure. dozens of people in the white house knew about the operation to get bergdahl out of afghanistan... but congress wasn't told, until the transfer was complete. >> the disclosure of the mission could put it into jeopardy not just the life of the sergeant but also lives of american servicemen who were in the mission. >> my concern is these five released prisoners. was it a good deal or bad deal? i say it's a bad deal. >>now, the wall street journal cites an intelligence report, given to the white house *before the prisoner swap, which predicted that four of the five taliban detaines will likely return to the battlefield -- two of them in senior leadership positions. the state department says, if they *do rejoin the fight, american forces won't hesitate to go after them. taking a look at the *other top stories this morning. a soldier from the chicago area was one of five americans killed in a "friendly fire" incident in afghanistan. 19-year-old private aaron
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toppen of mokena joined the army, fresh out of lincoln-way east high school. when his unit was attacked by the taliban in the zabul province, it called for air support... but a coalition plane bombed the americans by mistake. chicago police are looking for the person who shot and killed a man and injured a four-year- old boy as they sat in the back seat of a car on the south side. the shooting happened in the 300 block of west 71st street at about three o'clock yesterday afternoon. the boy was shot once in the wrist. the unidentified man was shot several times and later died. police say he was a known gang member and was targeted by the shooter. state representative derrick smith has been convicted of taking a payoff. and with the conviction, smith automatically loses his house seat. a government informant claimed to represent a daycare operator, and asked for a letter of recommendation from smith, so the operator could get a state grant. smith was recorded taking a 7- thousand dollar kickback for the letter. chicago rapper chief keef has been evicted from his home in highland park. court records show keef, whose real name is keith cozart,
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reportedly owed 30-thousand dollars in rent in march. eviction papers were filed in may. but the owner of the home says cozart agreed to move out yesterday and he was not evicted. lake county sheriff's officers were at the home as cozart's belongings were removed. francis cardinal george offered some thoughts about chicago's *next archbishop, as he prepared to attend the u.s. conference of bishops in new orleans. with cardinal george's health in decline, it'll be up to pope francis to choose a successor. >> part of the process moving on is to inform what i think is the situation in the archdiocese. of course he has his other opinions talking to others. there's still the reports every five years. but what i see in the challenges has to be part of the confidential report. >>among the cardinal's potential successors are bishop wilton gregory of atlanta... peter sartain of seattle... and the president of the conference of bishops, joseph kurtz of
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louisville. former secretary of state.. maybe future presidential contender hillary clinton took the stage tonight at the arie crown theater in mccormick place. she will be appearing today. . her talking point hit on her experience as secretary of state and as first lady and all the decisions she had to make along the way. >> some of them left a pit in my stomach because oftentimes to make the best choice you can every choice has unintended consequences and it can't predict all that will happen. >> shoe is on tour promoting her new book, hard choices. it's graduation day for a new class of chicago police officers. mayor emanuel plans to welcome 77 new graduates of the police academy -- the third graduating class of 2014. police superintendent garry mc- carthy may or may not make the ceremony. he was recently hospitalized for surgery to clear some blocked
4:39 am
arteries... he went home from the hospital last saturday. park officials in yosemite have released pictures from a dramatic rescue. slipped into the creek at the base of the upper falls on may 28th. friends called 911 but the creek watched him over the 100 ft. of white water he put himself onto the boulder and was able to wait for park rangers to airlift him to safety. trade for up their man but suffered no other injuries. >> he was a much of a hiker to begin with now you really can't wait. >> that is some scary video. glad that turned out ok. rain is heaviest right now along the north edge of chicago. in the south we have rain but not much. at o'hare we had over 1 in. and a quarter of rain. we will add to that as we get through the day. shares continue then taper off. we will slowly dry out
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tonight. lake county is covered early on. it's raining pretty good there. that rain will continue moving in from the east and pressing off to the west as low pressure system gets down to the south. now we move into the county's and you can see this line here even into western kane county will continue to see the rain moved through. be on the lookout for that. we will be dealing with showers throughout the morning slowly tapering off as this moves through. the rain will be back tomorrow as another cold front comes through. here are the current temperatures. we will be lucky to make the mid- 60s by today. today, 66 for the high. cooler than normal. he may need your long sleeves. cars have temperature is 81. friday sunshine.
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>> still had, how a pair of twins were born almost a month apart. >> miss indiana weighs in on the controversy surrounding her normal body. >> and a waitress is told to return a very big tip from a generous customer. here are a few stories that are
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trending online this morning ... miss indiana didn't get crowned miss u-s-a, but she is getting praise for her 'normal' looking body. the stunning mekayla diehl isn't super model thin and the twitter-verse took note-- with tweets like: "finally a contestant is not a bag of bones." and "the fact that she's not a complete twig makes me happy." makes her happy too, diehl's okay with her body image. >> i trained very hard for the body that have. that didn't go to any extremes. i'm proud of that. nothing i would change about my preparation. i am so happy that it's nothing but positive. >>and the winner was miss nevada, a fourth-degree black belt in taekwondo. meet twin brothers alexandre and ronaldo. what makes them special, is that they were born 24 days apart. alexandre was born premature, and had to stay in intensive care. doctors in boston performed a
4:45 am
rare operation that allowed ronaldo to stay in his mother's womb until he was more developed. both boys are doing fine... but ronaldo weighs a pound more than his "big brother." a waitress in north carolina who received a large tip says she was forced to give back the money. on mother's day, a customer left shaina brown a 15-hundred dollar tip on a credit card receipt. he told the single mom to give 500 dollars to a woman at a nearby table and keep the rest. but her excitement was short- lived. her manager said that extremely large tips have to be refunded. but the generous customer heard about her trouble, and found a way around the policy. according to company policy, large tips can only be accepted by cash or check. that's to protect the company if the customer decides to dispute the tip later or ask for a refund. >> is that because they have to pay the fee on the credit card? >> maybe they wanted to make sure it was legitimate. >> when in doubt just make it rain.
4:46 am
>> that's right throw it up in the air is that what they do at your house? >> do have a cash machine and your house? >> but get the weather. >> let's take a look, showers moving through the region. rain is heaviest across lake county right along that line into northern kane county. a bit to the south as well. be on the lookout. we will have rain through the day as low pressure system to scripps through. it will be in central indiana by the evening. the rain will taper off then. look at the right hand portion of your screen, almost 2 in. of rain in morton grove. today's temperature in the mid- 60s by 5:00 p.m.. high temperature today only 66 degrees. >> still watching to accidents causing problems out there in the early morning hours. this accident investigation is continuing. looks like right now
4:47 am
it's no. in milwaukee that it's been shut down while crews are on the scene. no. the harlem is just cleared which it's a relief. quiet start so far no big issues. a recap along with your travel times coming up. >> good morning. however you guys doing?rainn wilson of *the office* fame created the online production company * soul pancake* in 2008. the goal was to explore what it means to be human...through video. one of their latest productions to hit youtube is all about what it means to be a dad - and the idea for it was born in rockford. >> what's that? >> it's a microphone. >> upstairs in this illinois home you'll find corbin. a husband and father. downstairs you'll find the film maker in
4:48 am
the headquarters to his production company. >> this is our living room in the basement and our office is right over there. >> his work focuses on corporate and promotional video. >> everything from cars to cheese. >> one day he spotted a tweet asking for show ideas for an on- line network. >> i had an idea to do a documentary about fatherhood and i thought, why not give it a shot. >> they loved the idea and the fatherhood project was no longer a dream. >> when i started having kids with my wife i did not know what i was doing and it freaked me out. as my kids have gotten older i get into a rhythm but still i am desperate for information on how to be a great dad. i thought it would be so great to sit down with dad's
4:49 am
that have been there and have done that and to sit down with dads who are in a moment been dads and figure out what is the common thread that makes a good father? >> he and his team shoot every episode right here in rockford, each one focusing on a different-story beginning with his own. >> my dad made a choice to be honest and vulnerable. i wasn't sure because when he did that it struck a chord with a lot of people. >> another episode focuses on his friend whose son was recently diagnosed with autism. >> hughes talking about how to communicate and unlocked this communication strategy with him and i thought that was a really good metaphor or tactic to use with my kids. what am i doing to unlock their full potential?
4:50 am
what am i doing to help them figure out what they are better at? i think the biggest thing i have learned is that what i thought it mattered does not matter. my kids don't care if i have a lake house and a nice car. they care that when we are together that i am there. i think to have a full life you have to serve others and help others. it's been a good thing for me and my dad. if you watched the pilot at talk about how he and i got off course and we ended up being miles apart. i think this project has brought us closer together and has opened up communication in the families that we never had. >> the post a new episode every week you can watch them on line. i'll post all the episodes on our website on my page see contract amount. as dads, the
4:51 am
two of us, it's one of those things we watch and eagerly inspired. i encourage you to check it out. >> coming up, baby news for a destiny's child star. >> and another look at the crash of going after tracy morgan. tho
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the limo bus critically injuring trees in morgan will appear in court today. charged with vehicular homicide and assault by auto. prosecutors say he had not slept for more than 24 hours. new video released showing the after being pulled from the wreckage he still in condition. >>a man has been charged with stalking sandra bullock. police say joshua corbett broke into bullock's home in los angeles last sunday. he spent an hour inside before police were called. corbett faces several charges, including burglary, stalking and owning an illegal machine gun. he didn't have the gun on him at the time of the break-in. singer kelly rowland is expecting. the former member of "destiny's child" married her manager tim witherspoon last month in costa rica. yesterday rowland posted this picture on instagram - showing a pair baby jordan sneakers
4:55 am
next to an adult-sized pair - and the caption read " i'll be stuntin like my daddy". it will be the first child for the couple. no word on her due date. good morning. we continue to see showers early today and is generally heaviest across portions of northern chicago. as a head to the south of the loop with don't have a very heavy rain. we continue to see lake county get the worst. no. decaled and do page and northwestern cook county also getting the heaviest of the rain. looking at the forecast, to a 66 rain tapers off but it comes back tomorrow. a cold front comes through thursday. high temperature 81 degrees. from a 74. >> your morning headlines are coming up.
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>> now a paid presentation for meaningful beauty advanced by cindy crawford. >> with special appearances by debra messing. >> valerie bertinelli. >> christa miller. >> and stars from tv's royal pains and the mentalist. >> and, brand new for 2014, our best offer ever, including $95 in free gifts. >> brought to you by guthy-renker. >> hi, everyone, i'm beauty and style journalist katrina szish on location in beverly hills. in just a few minutes we'll meet one of the most beautiful women in the world, supermodel cindy crawford. at age 45, cindy still looks impossibly young and gorgeous. >> oh, my god, she's just stunning. her skin is just amazing, and so i feel like now i have a chance. >> what's cindy's beauty secret?


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