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tv   WGN Morning News  CW  June 26, 2014 4:00am-5:01am CDT

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a pair of dogs are rescued from a house fire. >> a police officer being questioned about to women's bodies found in wisconsin. >> creek park gets ready for the world cup viewing party with one notable absence. >>good morning. and i'm erin mcelroy. thanks for joining us on the wgn morning news at *4 a-m. demetrius ivory has a check of our weather. >> volume we're looking at thunderstorms tapered off quickly. yesterday we had strong storms to the west and south the chance is still there but not so much in the city. clouds and son mixing together high-temperature 5 degrees below average. we have been warmer than normal for much of this month. we've been
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averaging about 70 degrees. temperatures will cool to aram a bit today. falk is an issue in some areas. this is the most clear morning we've had in a long time. generally the areas where we saw the rain have the highest potential of having that fog. we have rain on the flip side but for the most part we move to clouds and sunshine. it should be a nice day. high temperature climbs up to 77 degrees. 84 degrees on friday. afternoon showers then. we get warmer high heat for the weekend. >> lots of work happening downtown in the loop. three of the eight ramps are blocked with construction. they're trying to
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squeeze in some work in the early morning hour. one of them is west bound on the kennedy. also the entrance ramp on the hike to the inbound kennedy is blocked. another hour before that is picked up. the mind the dearborn bridge still blocked off as the work of the pedestrian walkway. harrison closed as well. >> a bicyclist is dead after he was hit by a c-t-a train on chicago's north side. the man was crossing the train tracks near the kedzie brown line station when he was hit just after midnight. he was pronounced dead at the scene. the man's name has not been released. a 54 year old man is dead after a shooting in the englewood neighborhood. authorities say he was standing in the 65-hundred block of south sangamon talking with another man around 11 o'clock last night. the shooter came out of a nearby gangway and shot him in the head. a motive has not been released, and nobody is in police custody.
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a couple of pit bulls attacked and injured a woman ... and killed her dog. 83-year-old bonnie price was walking her dog "toto" when a pair of pit bulls ran up the road and attacked them. it happened tuesday in west chicago. she says the dogs dragged her to the ground, as she struggled to hang on to her tiny dog. bonnie's neighbors helped her. the two dogs in the fire quickly started to respond after being given air. >> if you people's injured and attacked a woman and killed her dog. walking her dog when a pair of people's ran up the road and attacked them it happened tuesday in west chicago. the dogs dragged her to the ground and she tried to hang on to her dog. a man hit the dogs over the head with a shovel and the dogs finally let go. >> i could see the dogs running at me and i fought like do? the came so fast and i tried to get
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my dog out of the way to save him. >>bonnie said she was bit on the hand and had to get four stitches. the owner of the pit bulls could face charges. a former police officer in wisconsin has been arrested in connection with the deaths of two women whose remains were found in suitcases near lake geneva. highway workers found the suitcases while cutting grass in geneva, wisconsin, earlier this month. steven zelich was taken into custody yesterday, but no charges have been filed. investigators spent the day searching his apartment in suburban milwaukee. they brought out dozens of evidence bags and a refrigerator. >> there was a lot of people in back of the apartment building it seemed like they were wearing hazmat uniforms. nobody is talking about what happened. >>one of the victims has been identified as laura simonson, a missing woman from minnesota. police are asking for help identifying the other victim. she had a pronounced overbite and crooked lower teeth, two piercings in each ear ... and a heart tattoo near her left hip.
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chicago police are hoping surveillance video will help them find the person who left a loaded gun on a c-t-a bus. a passenger found it on the number 47 bus near 47-th and kildare on the city's southwest side yesterday morning. c-t-a officials say the gun was sitting on a seat and fell onto the floor of the bus. a man picked it up and the gun fired, hitting a vent below a row of seats. a bullet fragment grazed a woman's hip. the woman refused medical treatment and says she's o-k. the bullet hit the ground and went around the seat and hit her on the leg. the guy didn't do it intentionally. >> the woman refused medical treatment and said she is ok. police are reminding people that guns are still *not allowed on public transportation under the state's new concealed carry law. gun stores will soon be legal in chicago... but with limits. the city council passed an ordinance that requires a gun shop to record every sale on surveillance video. handgun buyers will face a 3-day waiting period. a person will be allowed to buy just one gun per month.
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and even legally purchased guns will be forbidden within 500 feet of a school or park. mayor emanuel believes a new lawsuit will *not derail the city's plan to open george lucas' new hollywood memorabilia museum on the lakefront. "friends of the park" and other open-space advocates will try to convince a judge that allowing the new museum to swallow up valuable land south of soldier field, violates the city's lakefront protection ordinance. the mayor says it'll be a museum, on a museum *campus ... and there's nothing illegal about that. grant park will come alive this morning, as thousands of soccer fans gather to watch the world cup at the petrillo music shell. but when the united states faces germany at 11 this morning there will be no *beer -- or at least no *legal beer. the city and the park district agreed to ban beer sales. and no drinking will be permitted on metra trains going to the game, or returning from the game. >> it's a little early to start drinking. plenty of time to drink after words. >> i don't think it would be a
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good idea to allow alcohol. you don't know what would happen. >> i'm ok without alcohol. >>in addition to the big screen at the music shell, a second, 12-foot screen will be put up in the middle of butler field, to give fans a better view of the game. sting's new musical officially opened in chicago with a song from the creator himself. >> hello chicago! singing a song. >> paul simon was among those who attended the pre-broadway premiere of "the last ship", at the bank of america theater last night. sting wrote the music and lyrics. the story is inspired by his childhood in a ship building town on the decline. it runs through july 13th. >> what to have in store for the weather? >> fairly nice conditions today. if you like the cooler temperatures you'll be happy.
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our high today will be the upper '70's. five degrees cooler than normal. humidity will drop out of the forecast. the front is to the south. it's not coming back this way and we get into the latter part of the work week. right now in pontiac is 64. elsewhere we have readings at 56. satellite and radar showed a bit of light shower activity to the north and west. nothing to write home about. the big high pressure system has moved off. we will get the sunshine and temperatures don't drop much. tomorrow's high temperature is 84. the warm weekend a chance to get wet though. >> coming up, new developments in the search for the missing malaysian plane. where investigators are moving next.
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>> was sent dozens of people to the hospital for a concert for a popular d.j.. >> and a chinese billionaire treats hundreds of homeless people to lunch. as the search g
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malaysian passenger jet is moving south. searchers are moving to a different section of the arc where the plane last communicated with a satellite
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on march 8-th. to date, there has been no trace of wreckage from a crash. australia is coordinating the search... and this morning, the country's deputy prime minister said it is highly likely that the plane was on auto-pilot when it went down in the southern indian ocean. dozens of people were hospitalized during a show by superstar d-j avicii in boston. ambulances lined up outside the *t-d garden arena as crowds spilled into the streets after the concert last night. at least three dozen teenagers were taken to the hospital. police say most patients had a problem with dehydration, drugs and alcohol. avicii is the swedish artist behind the hit song "wake me up." two people died over the weekend at a music festival in las vegas that was attended by avicii. a warehouse along the texas- mexico border will be converted into a new processing center for hundreds of children entering the country illegally. it's estimated that as many as 80 thousand people from mexico and central america will either sneak into the country, or surrender to border patrol officers this year. while the new processing center will have food, showers and laundry facilities, reverend jesse jackson wants president obama to give the new arrivals
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much more -- a full amnesty. >> that have been told there is amnesty there. others are hungry and desperate it's a huge practice. lots of money is involved in smuggling. >>the homeland security secretary is warning central american parents not to send their children to america illegally, because they could face prosecution and deportation. a chinese multi-millionaire known for charitable stunts, treated hundreds of homeless people in new york to a lavish lunch. chen guangbiao took out a full page ad in the new york times to announce the event held in central park yesterday. he served tuna, beef filet and berries with cream. the recycling tycoon also promised to give each person 3- hundred dollars, which he started to do. but the recipients were asked to give it back when police and homeless advocates raised concerns about safety and security. he is now donating the money to a homeless mission instead. >> that's a generous guy.
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>> house of looking outside? >> yesterday we had those big thunderstorms across the western communities. today we have more, conditions. potential for a shower or a storm later to the west. it is 60 degrees right now at o'hare. waukegan is reading at 57. we have generally dry conditions. we did have an isolated sharp you're watching earlier. today expect dry conditions. sunshine. fairly nice conditions in the '70s. we do have the chance of a shower or a thunderstorm popping up. take your umbrella. today we reach 78. our boat temperature is 56. >> let's look at the ongoing construction. this has been in place for some time on 88 from 83 to york toll road. two lanes are down. and a number of the
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ramps are blocked in the loop area. the circle interchange was bound kennedy at madison exit ramp is closed until 5:00. watch for extra detours in the next 45 minutes. >> coming up, your fingerprint reveals a more about you than you think. >> and crackdown's at the pride parade. what are the looking for? >> and next in sports -- the white sox suffer a familiar fate despite a historic home run from jose abreu. >> the guy hit home runs like the of this business. the big match today. u.s. and germany. it's finally happening. everything you need to know on how to get pumped up for the big game and should be a lot of fun. u.s. stocks end higher; dow
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gains 49 points the nasdaq added 29. electricity bills are going up this month for some people in chicago. integrys customers will pay an extra 22 dollars a month if they live in a house ... and 9 dollars more if they live in an apartment or condo. com-ed customers will also see a 21 percent increase on their bills this month. there's a calculator to help customers figure out if it's cheaper to go with a competitor. customers can visit, *chicago power calculator-dot-com*
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time for sports. the courtship of carmelo anthony includes a stop here in chicago. e-s-p-n reports that carmelo will meet with the bulls, rockets and mavericks once free agency starts next week. sources say there's no front- runner, and he may meet with more teams. the n-b-a draft starts tonight, and the bulls have two picks in the first round. jose abreu continuing his hot streak in baltimore. scoreless in the fourth... abreu drives one to left and wraps it around the foul pole for his 23-rd home run... he reached that mark faster than any player in history. sox up four- nothing with two outs in the eighth, but javy guerra gives up the grand slam to nelson cruz to tie it. still four- all in the 12-th with daniel webb on the mound... he throws a wild pitch and the winning run scores. sox lose 5-4, for their third walk- off loss in a week. in the world cup... argentina and switzerland won, while france and ecuador played to a scoreless draw.
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patrick sharp back out at the game. already surpassing rbi totals last season, the game is still tied in the six. it's hip to the outfield. the go-ahead run scores at first. jackson gives up four earned runs for his eighth loss. the u.s. needs a win or a drop against germany to advance in the world cup. kickoff at 11:00 a.m.. in the m- l-s, the fire beat columbus in overtime, and the sky lost to connecticut 79-69. >> a new issue of espn the magazine featuring athletes. the issue takes stands on july 11th. people will see more of the champions. a surprise baseball great tim fielder will display all two of the 75 lbs. of his greatness. that magazine came
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out last year my son suddenly had an interest in the magazine. and sports. >> is that when you get the subscription? >> it's all about sports and the love of the game. >> he was reading the are articles. >> it was the swimsuit issue. >> he's just letting you know something. let's let you take a look at our temperatures. we are expecting some sunshine. as the get into the afternoon temperatures will be only in the upper 70's. a cool down. yesterday we have the needy. by 5:00 p.m. we are down to 75. a fairly nice over and coming with temperatures into the mid '50s. >> a quick peek at the jane addams. ongoing construction still causing an issue for people heading west bound. this will not be picked up until 5:00. also keep in mind the
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dearborn bridge will remain blocked until monday morning. that's a detour for cars and pedestrians as the work on the bridge. they're forcing everyone to be detoured over to lasalle. more traffic coming up. >> coming up what happens after act a bus driver breaks up a fight. >> please find a missing 12 year-old in his father's basement. how the father learned his son had been found. >> why he threatened to sue the president over executive orders. >> and gay couple celebrate in >> and gay couple celebrate in
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so i get invited to quite a few family gatherings. heck, i saved judith here a fortune with discounts like safe driver, multi-car, paperless. you make a mighty fine missus, m'lady. i'm not saying mark's thrifty. let's just say, i saved him $519, and it certainly didn't go toward that ring. am i right? [ laughs ]
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[ dance music playing ] so visit today. i call this one "the robox." a pair of dogs are rescued from
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a house fire. the supreme court ruling on the cellphone will affect how police did their jobs. >> grant park gets ready for the world cup viewing party. >>good morning, i'm dan ponce. and i'm erin mcelroy. let's go to demetrius ivory for a check of the weather. hi, demetrius. it's a bit cooler. >> it's about time. there is some fall out there. we've been dealing with that every day. you get the rain during the overnight. cool temperatures
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tonight bring in the fog. we expect the temperatures to rise as begin into the day. here are our current temperatures. as it looked round the region, satellites composite shows we are dry. a bit of a shower going on just to the south. it shouldn't intensify. a fairly nice forecast. cooler as he traveled to the lake. here is the forecast. a bit of something for everyone. those who want the warm weather will be in the air conditioning just like everyone else. we will reach 90 degrees by sunday. >> let's start with the ongoing construction downtown were there to in the river walk project. that will extend all the way through the weekend. dearborn
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bridge blocked off here's a quick peek at the bridge you can see it is wide open. you'll have to go or lasalle to get around that. it's affecting cars and pedestrians as well. west bound kennedy entrance ramp at madison is blocked. three of the eight are blocked. pretty busy in the early morning hours. most will be picked up by 5:00. >> firefighters made a rare rescue while battling a house fire in the west pullman neighborhood overnight. the fire broke out in the 6- hundred block of west 117th place, just after midnight. when crews arrived, the homeowner reported two dogs were still in the back of the house. firefighters were able to find the pit bull and shih tzu, and pull them to safety. paramedics used special k-9the dogs, named bella and patchy, quickly started to respond.
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>> a great feeling. we treat people all the time. but to help animals as well is a great feeling. the special to see how they turned around and got better. >> the ambulance has had a special mass for several years because the department values all lives. two people injured at a fire in a high-rise building on the north side. the fire broke out on the third floor not clear what caused the fire or how far it spread. firefighters rescued two people, both victims taken to hospital. >> a bicyclist is dead after he was hit by a c-t-a train on chicago's north side. the man was crossing the train tracks near the kedzie brown line station when he was hit just after midnight. he was pronounced dead at the scene. the man's name has not been released. a 54 year old man is dead after a shooting in the englewood neighborhood. authorities say he was standing in the 65-hundred block of south sangamon talking with another man around 11 o'clock last night.
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the shooter came out of a nearby gangway and shot him in the head. a motive has not been released, and nobody is in police custody. a c-t-a driver breaks-up a fight on the bus, when he discovered the man had a gun. the whole thing was caught on a passenger's cell phone. >> break it up. break it up. break it up. you've got a weapon? mayor not going to have this. i'm going to call the cops. >>the man with the gun was kicked off the bus. police are now working with c-t- a officials and investigating exactly what happened. taking a look at the *other top stories this morning. beer and booze will be banned this morning, when grant park hosts chicago's biggest world cup viewing party. more than 20 thousand people will crowd into butler field to watch the big showdown between the united states and germany. the game starts at 11. the chicago city council approved an ordinance that makes gun shops legal. but all buyers will be recorded on surveillance video... and
4:30 am
handgun purchases will be subject to a 3-day waiting period. also at the council, mayor emanuel predicted that a plan to build george lucas' hollywood memorabilia museum next to soldier field, will survive a lawsuit by open-space advocates. chicago alderman ed burke will have prostate cancer surgery today. burke has been a city council member since 1969... and he's never missed a meeting. in fact, he postponed the surgery until today, so he wouldn't miss *yesterday's* meeting. a boy from detroit went missing for 12 days. now he's been found... in his how we workers found to suitcases of cutting grass in geneva, wisconsin. one of the victims has been identified. police are asking for information on the other woman. charges have not been filed. >> a boy from detroit was missing for 12 days. >> now he has been found in his father's basement. dispenser has more. >> it would be hard for me to sit here and tell you that
4:31 am
someone didn't know the child was there. i can say definitively. >> in 11 days of searching, police had gone through the home three times. once with a cadaver dog. it found nothing until they searched the fourth time. >> who found him barricaded in the basement behind boxes and a large fight gallon drum. >> the boy's father was not home when police found the boy. >> i would hope the father and hopes among would interrupt the show he is doing on tv and advise him that the location that you just left, your son was downstairs. >> they did need to. >> we're getting reports that your son has been found in your basement. >> he responded with silence. one of several motions he showed wednesday night. he would later lashed out. >> for anybody to imply that i somehow knew he was there it's
4:32 am
disturbing and wrong. >> then he broke down as he was questioned. >> deeper concern about a homicide. >> he broke my heart with that. >> tell me about your emotions. >> he cried into the reporter's jacket. police say it's not clear if the 12 year-old was in the home during the previous search. one of many questions that remain about the disappearance. >> the supreme court struck a blow for cellphone privacy.. and perhaps a blow against the chicago police department. the high court said police, and jail officials, can't search a person's cellphone without a warrant -- though they can seize and *hold the phone while they *get the warrant. but experts say the court's ruling may force chicago police to abandon a secret cellular tracking system. by setting up cell site simulators -- called "stingrays" -- the police can scan the phone logs of suspected gang members and drug dealers. the police department is reviewing yesterday's ruling.
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u.s. stocks end higher; dow gains 49 points reports show the latest snag in the already rocking relationship between the president and john boehner. >> i believe he's not executing the laws properly. >> he now plans to sue the president over his use of executive action. >> the constitution makes it clear that the president's job is to faithfully execute the laws. in my view he has not faithfully execute the laws. >> so far his second term has been chalked full of executive action. a way to bypass a deeply divided congress. >> and initiated over 20 executive actions to tighten up the rules of the laws. >> not making clear which executive orders he takes issue with. but among republicans previous complaints, all,
4:34 am
raising the minimum wage for federal contractors and halting deportation for migrant children in the u.s. illegally. and republicans in the house have twice passed bills to try to restrict this. both camps were failing in the democratically controlled senate. >> this is about his faithfully executing the laws of the country. from what we've seen over the last five years, and efforts to erode the power of the legislative branch. >> news of a possible lawsuit against the president clearly not sitting well with democratic leaders. >> he hasn't come anywhere near what republican presidents have done on executive orders. but he will act within his discretion. >> wedding bells are ringing in indiana for same-sex couples. >> federal appeals court struck down gay marriage. go ahead. you do it.
4:35 am
>> federal appeals court strikes down the game marriage starting yesterday same-sex couples are like the family down the street and the constitution demands we treat them as such. same-sex couples rushed to the county courthouses to get married. >> we've waited a long time. what about going to another state. once it hit the news we realized now was the right time. >> we've been together for 10 years we have three children together. this is huge. it legitimizes our entire relationship. >> the legal battle is not over. the indiana attorney general's office has said they will appeal the rules. and the state of utah taking the fight to the supreme court. after a federal appeals court strikes down the ban yesterday. the panel ruled 2-1 against it saying any couple regardless of sexual orientation has the right to marry. the first time the federal appeals court has sided with advocates for marriage equality. same-sex
4:36 am
marriage in utah will have to wait. enforcement of the decision has been stayed pending appeal. >> police are cracking down on parties along the route of the gay pride parade. extra precaution limiting rooftops that were not linked to the assembly areas. also try to keep people from throwing bottles or other items on to the street. the pride parade is this sunday. >> two engineering students will always remember their graduation. receiving a doctorate last week he kneeled at the edge of the stage. his girlfriend was next in line and as she reached the stage he pulled out the engagement ring and proposed. after a moment of silence she said yes. that could have been pretty bad if she didn't say yes. >> nothing like public pressure. >> we should create a moratorium on showing these videos when she
4:37 am
says yes. if she says no, that's when we pull it out. >> the one on the basketball court remember that one? >> that was a good one. she bolted out of there. with seen this thousands of times. love is in the air. it is 60 degrees wind at 3 mi. per hour. it's 57 at the lakefront. 61 in aurora. 60 degrees as a travel to the north. right now visibility is only half a mile. 3 mi. in aurora. bartlett reading at only 1 mi.. with the potential for fraud this morning. notifies serious but we do have visibility of about 1/3 mile. valparaiso looking at only eight tenths of a mile. this will linder 3:09 a.m. temperatures will warm up the temperatures will go up enough that the fog will go away. slight chance of
4:38 am
showers to the south and west. 20 maybe 10 percent. tonight's low temperature down to 58. here is the 3 day forecast. 84 degrees on friday. chance of rain. saturday wheat make 88 degrees. nice and warm out there. still the chance for a shower or a storm. things are heating up. >> still had the red skinned cheerleaders are being criticized for how they dressed for photos. >> and what your fingerprint say about you? an investigation into the sergeant in afghanistan continues. >> and what kim jung un says >> and what kim jung un says about the new seth
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♪ we want you to be okay ♪ enroll, we say ♪ take care people for goodness sake ♪ the u.s. army says, sergeant
4:41 am
bowe bergdahl has been informed that his own words could come back to haunt him. bergdahl is being treated at a hospital in texas, after five years as a taliban hostage in agfghanistan. his fellow soldiers say he deserted his post. he may be charged with being "awol" -- absent without leave. while he's been told his statements could be used agaimnst him, he has *not yet been told that he has a right to an attorney... and he hasn't asked for one. the secret-list scandal at the veterans administration has now forced two high-ranking v-a officials out of their jobs.
4:42 am
deputy v-a undersecretary robert jesse will step down next wednesday. it was his job to manage the programs at v-a hospitals. also, the lead attorney for the department of veterans affairs, will gunn, has resigned. v-a secretary eric shinsecki resigned last month. a photo from the washington redskins a cheerleader is causing a backlash. there were dressed in their uniform that they've won the past 50 years. critics call it ill-timed. the first cheerleader on the left wears a traditional native american clothing that some people now consider offensive. it comes a week after the trademarks were canceled. your fingerprints can reveal more about you than you think. crime scene investigators can tell what a someone ate or drank before committing a crime. they can also determine the sex of a criminal..and pretty soon be able to test finger prints for medical conditions. advances in technology could eventually tell police how long finger prints have been at a crime scene.
4:43 am
here are a few stories that are trending online this morning ... north korea is raising the stakes, over seth rogen's new movie "the interview." the korean government is calling the comedy "an act of war." rogen and james franco will play journalists who score an interview with korean dictator kim jong un, and who are hired to assassinate him. the movie is set for release in october. a statement from korea says, if the movie makes it to the theaters, north korea will take what it calls "decisive and merciless countermeasures." >>in a big win for broadcasters- the supreme court ruled wednesday that streaming t-v service aereo violates the u-s copyright act. the major t-v networks were among those who put up a united front and filed suit against aereo back in 2012. the companies argued that their signals were being sold illegally by the internet start- up. aereo charged a small monthly fee to deliver over the air content to computers and mobile devices. thank you for joining me on that story.
4:44 am
>> i did a great job. >> sometimes you just want to see it. >> is a my line? >> we're just waiting for the sound to come up. >> i can just keep reading. on the 5-th anniversary of micheal jackson's death, his fans around the world are taking time to remember his life and music. michael jackson died on june 25 in the midst of preparing for a comeback tour. he died after overdosing on propofol. jackson's personal doctor, conrad murray, was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter in the singer's death. michael jackson's music is still on top 10 charts. i get to read more. the trailer for the new movie theory has just been released. >> you think it can get worse? it can and it will. dying is not done. killing is not done. >> a promised my crew and would keep them alive. >> they said you were dead. >> he plays an army sergeant who
4:45 am
takes his team behind the enemy lines to strike at the heart of nazi germany. it hits theaters in november. >> now it's your turn. >> that looks like a good man and movie. >> we are like a bunch of 10 year-old spirit >> we could go to see transformers or whenever. >> we do get that popcorn discount. >> the senior citizen discount? >> it's right now 67 degrees. but toward the british school is 66. visibility, you can't see very far current visibility is down just half a mile. one-third of a mile in kenosha. it's the clearest morning with had in some time. we are dry. we will stay dry. expect a high temperature to be up to 77 degrees. today sunrise is at
4:46 am
5:18 a.m.. the official high will be 77. 84 friday. saturday we make 88. sunday we reached 90. >> south bound 53 we have an area with ongoing construction still lingering. to re lands are out here. more work further down on the end of 53. this has everything down to a single lane. a tight squeeze their. volume is light enough for we are not seeing any huge delays yet but that could change in the next few minutes. keeping tabs on that and the rest of your numbers we will break down in a few minutes. >> there is a street out there it's a wide road. >> you have to get out of willamette once in awhile. there's lots of streets of their. >> more than just green bay? i
4:47 am
thought every street was named to the same. this is taking up all my time. the world cup is starting. everybody on the internet is going crazy. everybody is still talking about the guy who did the other player. he's the striker from uruguay. people are still making fun of this guy for being the biter that he is. look at these photos. some ways to prevent him from attacking in the future. but favorite thing about this was the reaction after he did that like pretending that his teeth were hurt. that was good. caught at the stadium ever but it will be ok. what else we have? the new jaws movie starring him. and here's how it
4:48 am
is on the jerseys. the choke on the top. the round on the back. and here's the better part. this is the new jurassic park movie. they are having a lot of fun from that. today, u.s. men's team plane germany. this is the blue cross building people are sharing this very popular picture. if you want to know the scenarios, how does the u.s. get into the next round? here is the simple graphic. if they win today they will levant's. on the left-hand side you can see that. this is if germany wins by a 1-0 and portugal peats donna by 3-0 than the u.s. moves on. this is
4:49 am
crazy. >> we have one minute. >> erin is asleep. >> is he dead man? >> are you paying attention? >> i'm trying to bring back my high school math. >> soccer makes this easy. ever but is getting excited. hold hogan said and what are you going to do you whawhen they ged up? >> that was a spot on the impression. >> even ate german supermarket is getting excited for the germany vs. u.s. game. in the next hour we will tell you more. places around town that you could watch the game. the game is at 11:00 a.m.. we have to get out of work note for you. we have a pass. we will tell you recall printed out.
4:50 am
>> where are you watching? >> it will still be 5:00 in england. that's what the same. >> england need somebody to root for. >> some relationship news coming up next for britney spears. and the opening night for sting's new musical.
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a big.. star-studded musical premiere right here in chicago. and there was quite a curtain call.. rock legends sting and paul simon, on hand at the premiere of "the last ship" at the bank of america theatre. "the last ship" recalls sting's memories of growing up in england.. as well as telling the story of a struggling shipyard. it runs through july 13-th. tickets start at 52-dollars. chris brown has rejected a plea deal in his assault case.
4:54 am
brown faces the misdemeanor charge after he and his body guard were involved in an assault outside of a hotel in d-c last year. the deal would have kept brown out of prison in exchange for a guilty plea. but it reportedly fell apart when brown couldn't agree with the terms in the deal. brown's trial is set for september 8th. britney spears and her boyfriend david lucado have reportedly split. they've been dating for about a year. the breakup is apparently amicable. it was reported that the two were thinking about getting married earlier this year. britney has been married twice. her first marriage was to jason alexander back in january 2004. then in september 2004, she married kevin federline ... the father of her two boys. >> i love that guy. >> sound byte: i'm trying to think but nothing happens. >> good morning. early today we have falk. fog. current visibility
4:55 am
half a mile. 2 mi. in waukegan. 1.3 mi. in valparaiso although that is an improvement. into kankakee we have visibility of 2 mi.. you just have to give yourself some extra time today use your low beams. 77 degrees today. down to 50 degrees tonight are as high temperature 84. saturday and sunday we climb up into the nineties and we stayed there on monday. >> jane addams ongoing construction still causing some delays for people up there. this is on the west and at roselle. no big backups just yet but with two lanes blocked until 5:00 we are five minutes away from pulling this off the road. you can see the line of yellow indicating those cars are moving below the posted speed limit. a lot of ramps are closed downtown. west bound at madison the ramp is closed until 5:00.
4:56 am
lots of the tours. getting close to seeing this all cleared up. that's the latest. >> coming up, what you need to know for all the world cup viewing action. >> and a new location for the barack
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