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tv   WGN Morning News  CW  July 8, 2014 4:00am-5:01am CDT

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a woman in shot and killed as the mayor talks about the violence. will have a live report. a skydiver is in the hospital after a crash landing in the far southwest suburbs. and treasurer dan rutherford fires top staffers following an investigation. we'll have details. good morning. i'm erin mcelroy. dan gets to sllep in today. thanks for joining us on the wgn morning news at *4 a-m. demetrius ivory has a check of our weather. things are changing? >> stronger thunderstorms are coming through today. but after that it looks really nice. for looking for to wednesday. can i say that? let's take a look at today. showers and storms to start the morning. this
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afternoon there is potential for more isolated showers. light stuff. when the taking the chance of rain out of the forecast but i can let you know most of this day we are going to be dry. the morning will not be dry. showers are continuing across the western communities. you can see the rain moving in quickly. a few embedded thunderstorms moving through. you can see the rain across king county. to the extreme northern cook county areas. down to the south we have rain which continues that rain extends all the way into northern and eastern counties. extreme southern cook county. that line is pressing to the east pretty quickly. it's not severe. just some rain. our weather above locations show very warm temperatures early in the morning. temperatures to move a
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bit. we will be in the low 80s by 9:00 p.m.. expectancy a mix of partly cloudy skies tonight we fall down to 62. mostly sunny wednesday 76 degrees. >> let's give you an update on the closures we have downtown. taste of chicago will go through the 14th. here's how it is impacting parking and driving restrictions. columbus shutdown to monroe. jackson blocked off from michigan to columbus. congress you can't get through between columbus and michigan. public transportation is your friend. keep in mind in naperville, they still have martin closed this morning from west doing some cleanup from the big festival this weekend. that will last until about 6:00. that's the latest hot spots on the roads. will have more travel
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times coming in just a few minutes. >> it was another night of gun violence in the city, as officials try to figure out how to stop it. nancy loo is live in englewood with more, nancy? >> good morning. the deadly violence did not end with the holiday weekend since yesterday, at least eight more shootings including the murder of a young woman now under investigation by the detectives here and area central. the 21 year-old woman was walking with a group of people at 69th at hamilton of around 7:00 last night when someone approached on a bicycle and fired into the group. the woman was shot in the back and rushed to the hospital but doctors could not save her. she is the 15th person shot and killed since the start of the holiday weekend. 82 people were shot, 14 were killed. mainly on
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the south and west side. that prompted the mayor and the police chief to attend an anti violence vigil last night with community activists. he called the violence senseless and said more officers on the street will not solve the problem. >> it's a fair question, what were the police doing? i would also say where of the gun laws? not just where the police? where are the gun laws we need comprehensive background checks. >> the mayor also cited parental responsibilities and reiterated the problem of easy access to guns. after the vigil last night, one of the activists who was there claims he was shot at while out visiting with reformed gang members on the west side. with spoke with jack and diane brown just a short time ago and we will bring you more on that in the next few minutes. back to
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you. >>we're following breaking news in afghanistan. four nato service members have been killed in a suicide attack. it happened in bagram near a school where soldiers were handing out supplies to children. an afghan official says a suicide bomber on a bicycle denonated an explosive vest. two afghan police officers and 10 civilians including school children were also killed. the nato soldiers are reported to be from the czech republic. hundreds of people packed a meeting in niles to voice their concerns and support over a proposed gun shop and firing range. the zoning board has already approved the facility. it would open in the 61-hundred block of howard street. board members took a second look at the zoning request after protests by hundreds of residents who say the gun range is too close to several schools -- including one for special needs students. the zoning committee board approved the gun range a second our children are challenged enough they do not need the
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burden of worrying about the proximity of a gun range for a shop. >> we get these every year. i can comment that it goes above and the arm on the design of the building for safety. >> and zoning committee board approved the gun range, a second time the boat now goes before village trustees later this month. a suspected cop killer remains in custody in gary, but no charges have been filed. officer jeffrey westerfield was shot to death in his squad car sunday morning. police arrested three people soon after, but they released two of them. the remaining suspect is still being questioned. officers returned to the scene yesterday, to recover any surveillance video from the the suspect from last week's manhunt made his first court appearance. terence doddy is accused of killing two people in northern illinois, before he was caught in wisconsin last friday. doddy appeared in a rock county, wisconsin courtroom sitting in a wheelchair, with two black eyes. prosecutors are working to send him back to rockford, where he
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faces murder charges in the death of his friend, todd hansmeier. he's also suspected in the death of tonya bargman, who was found at a rest stop near paw paw, illinois last monday. a skydiver is in critical condition after a jump went wrong and he landed in a tree near the fox river. a group of friends took off from skydive chicago near ottawa, illinois yesterday. soon after jumping from the plane, other divers noticed that curtis kmiecek was spiraling down at a faster speed than normal. kmiecek landed in a tree about a mile and a half from the nearest road. he was unconscious when firefighters found him nearly an hour later. state treasurer dan rutherford fired three top administrators in his office after they were identified as subjects of an inspector general's probe. the three are accused of violating timekeeping policies and falsifying records, according to their termination letters. one is also suspected of workplace harassment. it's unclear whether the allegations are related to a
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lawsuit filed by another of rutherford's aides which hampered his campaign for governor earlier this year. sexual harassment. more than a hundred wrigleyville residents packed a meeting to discuss concerns over the wrigley field renovation plans. the cubs are asking for city approval for more signs and new lights in the outfield along with more bleacher seating. the city's landmarks commission will consider the changes this thursday. wrigleyville alderman tom tunney hosted the meeting. some residents say they're afraid wrigley field will look like times square. cubs officials say they won't let that happen. >> we are going to act in respect to the ballpark to make sure that our plan is going to strike a balance between respecting the tradition and heritage of the field and try to find ways to increase revenue to put more resources in. >>cubs officials say they hope the city will approve their new plans. and if they do.. they're ready to get started with construction immediately. speeding on lake shore drive
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isn't the only issue officials plan to solve at a public meeting today... the *redefine the drive projec* is focusing on reducing crashes on the drive from hollywood to grand... improving safety for bicyclists and pedestrians.. and boosting transit ridership. a rebuild of north lakeshore drive is also being recommended... as many areas are nearly 80 years old. chicago's department of transportation will host the meeting - happening at 1 p-m in the drake hotel ballroom.. the "taste of chicago" starts tomorrow at grant park and runs through sunday. 64 restaurants and 16-food trucks will take part this year. admission is still free, but food and drink tickets will cost you "eight dollars and 50- cents" for 12-tickets... that's up 50-cents from last year. marcus leshock will be *live tomorrow starting at 4, with a look at some of the new offerings this year. chicago's moody tongue brewing company debuted just a few weeks ago.. and already.. they're launching a beer costing as much as 120- dollars a bottle.. the shaved black truffle pilsner.. will become one of the most expensive beers ever sold in chicago.
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made with rare black truffles.. it's intended to be paired with food - coming in 22-ounce bottles. the price will reflect the ingredients... just a pound of black truffles costs more than 1-thousand dollars.. the 5 percent lager beer should be available by the end of july. i don't know. it better be really good. >> and the champagne people will love that but not so much the beer people. they need some old milwaukee. a take a look at our weather today. showers are continuing. some embedded thunderstorms as the get into portions of mchenry county. the heaviest of the rain is right in that line that extends through huntley and northern northwestern king county. pressing to the northeast. not severe but you could be woken up by thunder and lightning. in the south we have rainshowers south of 80. the continues to press to the east it will be out of here
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by 7:00 a.m.. we do have some showers through the morning. another line this afternoon. 83 degrees today. cooler tonight down to 62. 76 on wednesday. to degrees cooler arm thursday. >>coming up ... we're getting video of a powerful typhoon bearing down on japan. and -- a weatherman is seriously hurt in a fireworks accident. plus -- the latest on the search for a young mother who abandoned her baby on a new york subway platform. and -- some roller coaster riders are rescued after the ride *derailed at california amusement park. details, next. i told you it wasn't safe! i've i told you it wasn't safe! i've been t
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okinawa with 100 mile per hour sustained winds and gusts of up to 150 miles an hour. the storm actually weakened a bit and was below super-typhoon status when it passed just west of the island. it is headed toward japan, where half a million people have evacuated coastal areas. it's expected to hit tokyo later in the week. nearly two dozen people were trapped for almost three hours after a roller coaster hit a fallen tree at an amusement park in southern california. it happened last night at the six flags magic mountain park in valencia. 22 people were stuck on the "ninja" roller coaster about forty feet above the ground. a spokesman with the los angeles fire department says a big tree branch fell across the ride's track and the coaster struck it - derailing several
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cars. firefighters carefully rescued each rider, one by one. four people in the first car suffered minor injuries. the ride is now closed until it can be thoroughly inspected. new york police have arrested a 20-year-old woman believed to have abandoned a baby girl on a manhattan subway platform. surveillance cameras show the woman entering the subway with the girl in a stroller. she reportedly pushed the 6-to- 7 month old off a train at the columbus circle station and remained on the train. a good samaritan waited for the woman to return, then called police. the baby was checked out at a hospital and turned over to children's services. a fireworks accident over the weekend... cost a meteorologist his eye. it happened to chief meteorologist dave rexroth of detroit's w-x-y-z t-v. the accident happened in iowa city, iowa - where he was vacationing. he remains in the hospital.. and is scheduled to undergo surgery on wednesday.
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eventually... he'll receive a prosthetic eye. the detroit station says rexroth and his family have their full support... and his co-workers look forward to his eventual return. dogs and cats just didn't cut it for one pet owner. officers found in a home in texas. this three foot alligator was being kept in a bathtub. owning a wild animal like this is illegal, so the homeowner is now facing a fine. the alligator will be released back into the wild. now this is before you got here but a few years ago there was a guy who released an alligator into lincoln park pond. he couldn't deal with it anymore. they used to be rowboats are there and nobody knew there was an alligator is swimming around in that pond. >> the brave souls fighting the alligator. he weighs like a pound and a half. >> it easy for you to say. >> let's take a look at the region today. showers are moving. we have portions of lee county with rain. the thunder
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and lightning to the north if it's not in your neighborhood now it will be. if a resume in we find the heaviest of the action north of geneva. a continues to press to the east. thunder and lightning. fortunately this is not a severe storm. the type of thing that could wake people up early. to the south just have good old rain showers. manley south of 80 we are expecting the shares to continue. the computer model is kicking out excess of half an inch of rain in some areas especially in northwest indiana. we will watch the line as it continues to move to the north. we have generally calm conditions appear. ahead of this we will have showers and storms in the morning then that may be some light showers this afternoon. hold off washing your car until tonight. after that things should dry out. current temperature is 76 degrees. two point is 63. it will be monday through the morning. the
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humidity will drop later today. 76 degrees right now in chicago. today's high temperature is 83. tonight's low falls down to 62. sunshine wednesday. wednesday's high 76. >> with an update on the clark street bridge. this project will be kicking off this morning. originally it was to start at 8:00 yesterday. this will close the clark street bridge between can see and weicker. same area that they were working on the river walk project. a lot of that flooded out with the storms last weeks of the project will continue. expected to be a detour around there. numbers look good. a nice easy start. we will see what happens as the weather system moves through. we will see how that will impact your commute to and your travel times. also, demetrius is good to be answering your question soon. and in sports the white sox show some impressive power as the begin a four game series
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at fenway. first, let's talk to markets. >> should society be more open to breast-feeding in public? should kids still be breastfeeding when they are four or five years old? were talking to a woman who has quite a following talking about these issues are mine. her story is coming out. good morning. thingt
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been good for the cubs since the big trade last weekend. they lost their next to an end monday night their third stop on the road trip, if for game series in cincinnati. a weird sky made came rain delay cut saddam for- worn. then this. rizzo in the seventh. the did not pitch around him and they made him pay period 4-3. but not for long. bottom of the seventh he gets it. he gets rizzo runs right back and retake their lead at 6-3. in the eighth, hamilton arguably the fastest man in baseball gets the chance to show his wheels. he cleared them off if its three run triple. and the
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game turned into a blowout. we fall 9-3. white sox beginning the next road trip in boston. they sent out to carol. does that sound like a mismatch? it was. after a 39 minute rain delay cuts ended with a nice ring go, the head three hitters up. the fourth one knocked over the fence. leading off the second, 14th home run the sox have a one-0 lead and that's all they need. one hit, five strikeouts and he threw the game of his life. in the fourth, he crushes it. not many right- hander's hit a ball that far out of the park. a three run home run. five in the last 10 games and the white sox win big in boston by a score of 4-0. that's more in sports. >> eventually i will release it.
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but not right now. >> we are gorgeously push you out. it's time for demetrius to answer more questions in "hey, demetrius!" kristin is wondering... what's the difference between dew point and humidity? --which one makes it so humid? this is from *dan from chicago. they both make it humid. that's the quick answer. the committee raises and drops. dew point stays steady. i want to show you first at o'hare temperature is 76. the humidity is not that 64 percent. but the dew point is 63. when the dew point gets around 60 to start to feel the committee. around 70 it gets heavy. around a.d. get out of here. >> somebody cares.
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>> this is from dan in chicago. not our dan. another dan. it seems like reading the news is a lot harder than doing the weather. can't just about anyone do the weather? >> well mr. p ... we know what you guys think. you think anybody to do the weather. saddam is going to do the weather. >> he doesn't know that he's doing this. >> i walked in and was told to just go over here this is what i get? >> it's going to be easy. >> after prepare. the conceit it's 99 degrees in texas. 99 degrees there. >> we're in texas? >> that looks like san antonio. >> around a san antonio? that was actually for worth. sorry for people in texas i apologize. >> 86 degrees in new york. >> you're doing a great job.
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>> let's take a look at our day. >> are you going to a dance the graphics? >> counterpoint? >> the you have a clicker? >> i'm writing apology to all the people in texas. we are sorry. >> everyone talking. >> i forgot to put the city on there. >> that was a lot of fun. >> you got up early for that. you came in 40 minutes early for that. >> i have to read the scripts for the next section to see if i'm ready. are you ready for this? a system in the south. rain down there. >> which counties. >> this is waukegan. generally south of there. >> it's my dream to do the weather why didn't i do the weather? >> baby steps.
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>> sometimes i like to hear the sound as of doing it. >> that was fun. >> i think you have about 15 seconds to butcher this. >> the weekend looks good. chance of showers and storms. >> by the way it is tuesday. >> 40 percent chance today high of 83. now looks good to traffic ... >> that was pretty good spirits >> he does have to ease into it. baby steps. >> at the today show called, you do not have the job. >> we will have some real traffic and some real weather coming up. >> i will be back in about 30 minutes. that was fun. >> everything closed downtown for the taste of chicago it's in full swing. new crash in bound kennedy. to the flames are out. more updates on the traffic front including more on this accident. offended vendor court
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and tri-state at 103. readiness blocked. more traffic including all your travel times also, jackson says is the solution to stop the violence in chicago. and -- the mother of a gerogia toddler killed in a hot car is coming under fire for her odd behavior. plus -- former vice presidential candidate sarah palin may be making her way to a daytime talk show. details, ahead. and -- we'll tell you the household item that's dirtier than a toilet. stay with us.
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the woman shot and killed as the mayor talks about gun violence. mideast tensions grow with a rocket fire from gaza multiple israeli airstrikes. the latest, ahead. and when donald sterling delay the trial to figure out who owns the l.a. clippers. good morning, i'm erin mcelroy. dan joins us next hour. let's go to demetrius ivory for a check of the weather. hi, demetrius. >> we have some storms moving in north and west. some areas are getting a good. not severe but this could we keep up earlier than you expected. rain across portions of mchenry county
4:32 am
through the county as well. a few embedded like in strikes. another line is developing on the flip side of ottawa. further down to the south have that rain continuing. we are talking about a slow mover north of chicago even to the west the on the look out there all of western counties can expect that rain soon. the heaviest of the rain is to the north and it continues to press down. to the south, good old frame. most of it is out of 80 and it is heading toward lake anne porter counties in indiana. here's the cliff notes version. today we hit 83 tonight that the 62. showers and storms early. mark, 76. 74 on thursday. >> we do have two accidents we are watching right now. the first in bound at ogden. to the fleets are out because of that. looks like we are still dealing
4:33 am
with the aftermath of an earlier crash at 294 and 103. the southern end of the tri-state where we have the crash. right lane remains blocked. but volume is so light it doesn't seem to be impacting the flow too much yet. we do have a lot of closures downtown because of the taste of chicago. we will break that down for you coming out. >> an activist was almost a victim of the gun violence that he's been speaking out against. that shooting comes after dozens more happened over the holiday weekend. nancy loo is live at... with more. nancy? >> good morning. community activists to the diet brown was extremely emotional when he spoke a short time ago. he had just left to an anti violence and last night when he claims he was nearly killed in a drive-by shooting. that as detectives
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here at area central investigate yet another shooting death just last night. a 21 year-old woman walking with a group of people at 69 and hamilton are around 7:00 p.m. when someone approached on a bike and fired into the group. the woman was shot in the back and rushed to the hospital. doctors were not able to save her. it happened not long after the mayor joined community activist and an anti violence a vigil on the south side condemning a deadly holiday weekend of violence in the city that again drew a national spotlight. the activist said he was among those at the vigil, he left to go visit with some reformed gang members on the west side and claims he wound up literally running for his life. i think i he didn't feel any
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going past but i heard it. this is what i had on. a white shirt. on the one followed. like i said, there were no police anywhere. >> brown is a candidate in the fifth ward but the continuing gun violence follows a holiday weekend that saw 82 people shot. 14 killed, mainly on the south and west side. since yesterday, at least seven more people were shot including a woman killed in inglewood. the mayor called the weekend violence senseless and unwarranted. he called it unacceptable but said more officers will not solve the problem. he reiterated the need for gun control. live at area central. back to you. >>the reverend jesse jackson says the city has to look beyond more police officers and stronger gun laws. he says these troubled communities have been abandoned and need their economies to be rebuilt.
4:36 am
>> there are enough jobs removing lead paint and trade skills training. enough jobs to be had. but when there's no plan for redevelopment things get worse. >>reverend jackson went on to call the violence, a "national disgrace." he says officials need to stop the flow of high powered weapons from the stores, to the streets. taking a look at the *other top stories this morning. no charges have been announced for the murder of a gary police officer. officer jeffrey westerfield was shot to death in his squad car sunday morning. police arrested a suspect soon after, but that person is still being questioned. officers returned to the scene yesterday, to recover any surveillance video from the area. an experienced skydiver is in critical condition after landing in a tree near the fox river. curtis khemesik of lockport landed among farm fields more than a mile from the nearest road. fellow divers say he was
4:37 am
spiraling down at a higher speed than normal. state treasurer dan rutherford has fired three senior aides in his office after an inspector general's accusation of trying to find ways to reduce speeding city for bicyclist and possession and boost transit rider ship. it will all happen at 1:00 p.m. in the drake hotel ballroom. reservists as it goes after hamas targets near the gaza border. andrew spencer has more. >> airstrikes ramp up overnight. the israel defense forces reported hitting about 50 targets including militant houses and military compound. meanwhile, claiming responsibility for 70 more rockets fired into israel. the escalation of military action follows the death of a palestinian teenager, even his cousin has been caught in the violence. >> i can't believe it happened.
4:38 am
unfortunately it did happen and it's real. >> a video showed a man dressed in israeli security forces uniforms holding down and pummeling the young man. amid protests over his cousins murder. still recovering from his injuries and currently under house arrest, the palestinian american is expected to return to the u.s. sometime in the next few weeks. >> i want him home and now on american soil. he's an american teenager he doesn't know anything about war zones or war crimes. never had to deal with that. >> abducted and burned to death in jerusalem, police have said there's a strong indication the killing was in response to the death of three israelis in the west bank last week. >> we need to stop the terrible cycle of violence that is taking innocent children on both sides and causing a lot of damage. >> police have questioned six suspects about the murder arrests have not done anything to slow the flare-up and tension
4:39 am
between israel and hamas. the rocket and air strikes continue. >> more details into the couple whose son died in a hot car in georgia. the father is charged in the murder of his son could he said he forgot he was in the car when he left him alone to go to work. police are looking at the family's medical record and computer memory. the mother has not been charged with a crime but she says she and her husband both did internet searches on how hot cars can kill just days before their son's death. police say when she found out her son was not at day care her first reaction was that her husband must tell left him in the car. >>l-a clippers owner donald sterling is expected to appear in a los angeles courtroom today to testify in a trial over his ownership of the n-b-a team. the trial was delayed yesterday when sterling failed to show up. his estranged wife, shelly
4:40 am
sterling, is fighting for the right to sell the team to former microsoft executive steve ballmer for two billion dollars. lawyers for donald sterling fought to have the trial moved to federal court but they were denied. two doctors testified that sterling has alzheimers disease and suffers from dementia. global warming may be bad for the planet and could lead to the end of red heads. only 2 percent of the world population has red hair in about in scotland it's about 13. this a gloomy weather could lead to that. as well as vitamins c production. more sunny days are coming so the red heads will no longer be adaptable to their environment. they say it will take generations for it to disappear completely. unless you go with the box like me and then they can last forever. one household item has six times more e coli bacteria that it would handle. it can be fatal. researchers say 100 percent of these items
4:41 am
checked in the u.s. failed lab tests. the culprit ... the stinky dishcloths. dishcloths could be the source for spreading the tristram's around the house. very few people watch them in temperatures hot enough to kill the bacteria. >> they put them in the microwave. >> looked at you knowing all that over there. just what could over the counter to spread all the terms run after you wash the dishes. maybe that's why marcus is not here. he has an e coli. >> it's always tough to come back from a six day weekend. that could be it. let's take a look at our day. rain early today. the good news is not much thunder, lightning across the region. we do have a few of lightning strikes making their way off shore now. we are watching that as they continue to move to the east. lake county is getting the worst. no. kane
4:42 am
county and extreme and northwestern cook county. the good news is it won't rain all day. showers up to the north and to the south to the morning. later in the day we begin to clear out nicely. right now at o'hare it's 76 degrees. today we will climb to around the low 80s. tonight we're back down to the low 60s. tomorrow, sunshine. thursday we have mid-70s. >> still ahead, a near miss at a spanish airport all caught on camera. and this yankees fan caught sleeping during a recent broadcast. he's taking legal action against the network for the spirit and trending, a man raises thousands of dollars on line to make potato salad.a few.
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look at this close call at the barcelona airport. a boeing 767 on final approach when in airbus from argentina crosses the wrong way right in front of it. the russian pilot hit the throttles and aborted the landing going around for another approach. a spokesperson downplayed the risk of a collision saying the videos perspective doesn't show the ample space between the planes.
4:46 am
>> how comfortable is that? probably won't have any neck problems tomorrow. >> a new york fan caught by tv cameras during a recent game is now looking to cash in. he is suing to espn the announcers, major league baseball for $10 million seen the video has caused him great emotional harm. a man in ohio has created some buzz over potato salad. he has a goal to make it for the first time he posed an idea on the kick starter promising owners they could decide the ingredients if they donated. so far he has raced $35,000. he will live stream himself making the salad and donate the money to a food shelter. i don't get that story. >> about the status salad? >> he wants to make it and then donate the money? >> i think it started as a gag and now he's going to donate all the money. >> it's a good thing you're here
4:47 am
i wouldn't understand half the stories are read it to work here. >> that's what i understood. maybe it's a really good potato salad. >> and still try to look up kick starter. showers continue across the northern communities. some wonder storms early but there were severe. take a look at the seven days forecast. 83 degrees today. tonight down to 62. sunshine comes through to our. 76 degrees there. saturday we make the three. sunday we make 82. a nice pleasant week. >> let's give you an update on the kennedy. good news there. earlier crash that often has cleared. books that everything is moving through nicely. now that the accident is off to the shoulder. tri-state not fearing so well. still dealing with the aftermath of the fender bender at 101 that has the right lane blocked. volume is still light so that should not cause any huge backups. we will tell you
4:48 am
about all the closures downtown because of the taste of chicago all coming up. >> you're still here? >> i am still here. excited to be back for now. if the behavior sells ... breast-feeding in public i like to talk about these topics that everybody seems to have an opinion about. one rogers park woman has become an advocate. today she has hundreds of thousands of people following her online. she is known as the bad assets procedure. >> breast feeding and sleeping, all along the way of thinking ... it's just of the scene right. >> she gave birth to her son about three years ago. like many first-time parents, she had a hard time taking in all the parenting staff. >> they handed me this tiny newborn baby and i said what do
4:49 am
i do? all this stuff that i thought i knew did not seem to apply. >> one issue that jumped out. >> i learned that there's a lot of misinformation about breast feeding. even in hospitals and all these places where we expect to get the right information. there's a lot of confusing information. >> was the most confusing part? >> the formula was going to help my son get what he needed but in the meantime i couldn't build up a supply of milk because he was taking in formula. >> so she took her frustration on line starting a blog calling a bad acid press feeder. >> i started to get wind that there was this breastfeeding politics in the country where it was ok to do it in certain places but not ok in others. and, it just seemed like a bunch of garbage to me. so i thought i
4:50 am
would create a page and see what would happen it would be a big party. >> today, nearly 160,000 followers. her mission has grown from a simple party to a nationwide campaign to promote nursing. and yes, breast-feeding in public remains a big part of that. >> i did it on a seesaw. don't have to feel weird about. last people do it. maybe don't see it so often. but people come here and find each other. >> she still breast feeds both of her children. an three week old and her three year-old. >> due to her that out in public? what's the reaction? >> i've never gotten our reaction. never had anybody say anything. dili time they do it is on line. everybody loves a boob until you put a baby on it. just freaks' the mount. anywhere else in the world people are breast-feeding until they're ready to stop. that happens
4:51 am
anywhere from 2-5 or 7 years old. it's not about telling women what to do, and powering women is helping them to decide what is truly bright for them and a family and being able to make that decision. without all of the obnoxious commentary about what you should be doing. >> her strong opinions have led to hundreds of thousands of regular readers. she's traveled the country speaking about the benefits of nursing. >> some people are drawn to the story and the other half are drawn to the controversy. normally press feeding is proceeding on demand or wherever you are, the more you see it the less of a big deal it will be. >> if you want to check out her information, if you go to her website. you can like her page of this book. in a 160,000 people. and there's her twitter
4:52 am
also. >> that did big topic. it's like sports for you guys women start talking about this and everybody has a strong opinion. >> i'm a parent with two kids and that was the issue. we had the to your old benchmark when my kids could talk back we decided we didn't want to do breast feeding. but somebody like her, she opens your mind to it. definitely something people are always talking about. >> coming up, sarah pailin talks about a return to daytime tv. and she's not the only one.
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name to be thrown around to replace the mass exodus of hosts from "the view." barbara walters retired in may... and sherri sheppard and jenny mccarthy announced they would not return to the show. palin told "the hollywood reporter" she's the perfect person to be -quote- "a voice of reason from americas heartland to knock some humble sense into their scripts." and according to "t-m-z"... a deal for rosie o'donnell to return to the show could be announced as early as today. "true blood" actor joe
4:56 am
get the boxing gloves ready for that show. we continue to see the rain and traveling through the heaviest of the rain is to the north. a quick look shows the north. a quick look shows and on severe thunded presentatn
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