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tv   WGN Morning News  CW  August 13, 2014 4:00am-5:01am CDT

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the protest continued near st. louis three days after police shot a teenager. calling for an end to consentual police searches. >> the u.s. is sending more troops to iraq. will tell you what it will be doing. >> good morning. thanks for joining best on the the beauty and morning news. >> but take a look at the weather. >> how about yesterday it was cold. >> it felt like fall. the i saw people wearing short sleeves and made me feel colder. today we do warm up a bit. high temperatures to the '80s. yesterday's high was 70. typically work in the
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'80s. it's more like it today. and since the start isolated showers are possible this afternoon. we will be on the lookout for that. there will potentially pop up. finley clear tonight. if you wanna take a look at that meteor shower after midnight you'll be able to see it. it's 52 degrees in aurora. rest of the region has dry conditions. some high clouds. but later today that disturbance will move through and we have the potential for asia or. 78 degrees today. that will feel warm. two local high is at 82. tomorrow's high temperature is 77. still cooler along the lake. that will drop our temperatures into tomorrow. 82 on friday. a thunderstorm possible litter in the day. >> a baby was born on the
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eisenhower. and we're pretty sure it's not one of our employees this time. a little bit of overnight roadwork to watch out for as a head in bound on the eisenhower, the ramp is blocked with work scheduled to be picked up at 5:00. >> breaking news overnight in some louis missouri. another police involved shooting. the man was critically wounded by police officers-- after he reportedly pointed a gun at officers who were chasing him. >>there's no word on whether this stems from any of the protests that have been going on since last weekend, when an unarmed teenager was shot and killed by police in ferguson. karen kaifa has more on the protests there. >> protestors and police line the streets once again tuesday night. the protesters seeking justice for the teenager shot and killed by police. >> they have to bury a boy whose dreams ... whose hopes ... who
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everything they may not have made they could make through him. >> the rev. al sharpton joined the parents on tuesday night at one community forum. the major questions remain unanswered. i witnesses continue to counter the story of police who say brown tried to take an officer's gun. >> the weapon was drawn. we were trying to get away from the aim of the weapon besides going toward it because it was drawn at as already. >> police have not released the name of the officer who pulled the trigger. the police chief said that for the officers' safety. speaking at a meeting on tuesday he addressed the frustrations. >> i what would you want. i want the truth and justice. i want to have it as soon as possible. >> the president issued
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condolences to the family calling for a home. the fbi and federal civil-rights investigators remain on the case. >>the a-c-l-u is calling for an end to consensual car searches by police in illinois after a new report reveals a racial disparity. nancy loo is live in the south loop with the story. >> despite heightened awareness about racial profiling, it's still happening. according to a new study by the american civil liberties union which is calling for an end to consentual searches of vehicles during traffic stops. the aclu reviews law-enforcement data over a tenure. and found clear evidence of what many african-americans and latinos have long since ths. more likely to be searched during traffic stops the rate
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was lower with illinois state police but still more than twice as likely. but the aclu review found whites were more likely to have drugs and contraband during vehicle searches. cpb and state police dispute the study pointing to department training programs to combat racial or falling, the state police spokeswoman says trippers are trained not to request consent for a search unless there is reasonable suspicion. the study found similar results statewide, blacks and latinos marc twice as likely to be asked for consensual vehicle searches. but it was white some who were nearly 50 percent more likely to possess drugs or contraband. back to you. >> advisers are on their way to northern iraq, where islamist militants continue to sieze more territory. the new advisers will look for ways to help iraq's kurds defend themselves... and help
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thousands of yazidi iraqis who have fled the invaders, and thousands more who remain trapped near iraq's border with syria. one american helicopter delivered emergency supplies, then took on 25 refugees... but it crashed shortly after take- off, killing the pilot. taking a look at the *other top stories this morning. a man is dead after a fire in a south side apartment building. it happened last night at about 5:15 on 79th and rhodes. firefighters arrived to find smoke pouring from the windows of a second floor apartment. a man in his 60s was found laying in a bed and badly burned. his name has not been released there were no other injuries. the cause of the fire is under investigation. several cars were vandalized in uptown, and some of it was caught on video. a large group of teenagers left an event at a park district fieldhouse and trampled on top of cars near leland and beacon street. cars were dented, scratched, and windshields were broken. the local alderman is demanding more police involvement. the condition of arrowstream c- e-o steven lavoie has been
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upgraded from critical to stable. lavoie was shot in the head and stomach july 31st by disgruntled employee tony defrances then shot and killed himself. lavoie's wife posted an update on her husband's condition, saying he is breathing on his own but not speaking or eating. about 25 midlothian residents came out last night to walk around the neighborhood's metra station. this comes after a fourth woman was attacked after getting off the train. the group is a part of the local citizen's policing committee.. which focuses on keeping an extra eye on the neighborhood. signs have been posted at the midlothian metra station to remind residents to stay alert... and to call 9-1-1 if they're scared to walk home alone. a father and son remain in the will county jail, after pleading "not guilty" to the bat-beating death of a man in romeoville. mark ballard attended yesterday's hearing by video hookup from the jail. his 15-year-old son adam was in the courtroom both are charged with first- degree murder. 55-year-old richard pollack was attacked at his home sunday morning, in a dispute over the theft of his son's skateboard. mark ballard is jailed on 5 million dollars bond... his
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son, on a 1-million-dollar bond. a mother of five was killed in a crash on interstate 57 early yesterday. lynetta shorter was driving her mini-van southbound on i-57 in matteson just after 2 a-m when she was rear-ended by another car. shorter was ejected from the van. her five children, ages 8 to 13, were also in the car but they suffered minor injuries. >> the ticket for granted sometimes you take it for granted like your corn to see them again. >> she was faith and love. all the time. >>shorter was a minister at a west side church. she and her kids were on their way home from a revival at that church. the driver of the car that rear- ended shorter was taken to the hospital in critical condition. they were ticketing for speeding. actress lauren bacall has died. the legendary performer, one- time oscar nominee, and two- time tony award winner, epitomized sultry sensuality on the screen... and became known for "the look."
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>> that's what started. just try to keep my head steady. >>lauren bacall married her co- star humphrey bogart, and had two children with him... bogart died in 1957. she was engaged briefly to frank sinatra... and she later married and divorced actor jason robards. their *son became an actor. despite her legendary career, her only oscar nomination was for her performance in "the mirror has two faces." lauren bacall was 89. we are learning more details about the death of actor robin williams. in los angeles, fans are paying respects at williams' hollywood walk of fame star. while, officials are now saying it was his personal assistant who found him in his northern california home monday morning. the 63 year old chicago native was reportedly seeking *treatment for depression. his death is being tentatively categorized as asphixiation due to hanging. toxicology reports are being done to see if williams had chemicals in his system. chicago and the white sox are
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hosting a viewing party for the city's first team in the little league world series in more than 30 years. *jackie robinson west is already in pennsylvania for the tournament. the team includes eleven and twelve year olds from chicago's south and southwest sides. their next game is tomorrow afternoon. a viewing party will start at one-thirty at jackie robinson field on south aberdeen. former sox players and the sox mascot southpaw will be there. our own marcus leshock will be in pennsylvania. you can catch his reports with the team, later today, on wgn. that is cool. i feel so excited about that story. >> we will cheer them on with sunshine. today's sunny skies are coming. a bit warmer. yesterday's high was only 70. typically we are in the '80s. here are the current temperatures. much cooler in some locations like sycamore at 52. we are dry and we will be
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dry this morning. this afternoon we have potential for a shower to pop up. widely scattered showers could pop up. 80 degrees for the high today. 60 degrees tonight 77 tomorrow. sunshine for thursday, showers and storms develop friday and the rumble of an onto the weekend. temperatures will be a bit warmer into the '80s. >> coming up, robin williams death is putting the spotlight on addictions and mental health issues. we'll take a look. and -- how canada is helping in the fight against the ebola outbreak. plus -- the pranksters who put white flags on the brooklyn bridge.. come forward. we'll have details. and -- beating jet lag. why you may want to pack a *lemon on your next trip.
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canada is donating an experimental vaccine to fight the ebola outbreak in africa. the canadian government will donate up to one-thousand doses of the vaccine, which has never been tested on humans. but it is proven effective in animals. the medicine is different from the one given to two infected americans in georgia. more than one-thousand people in africa have died from ebola. the world health organization recently decided that it was ethical to use an un-tested drug
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in this situation. two weeks ago, we showed you images of two white flags that suddenly appeared atop new york's brooklyn bridge. now, we know who did it, and why. the bridge was designed by german engineer john roebling, who died in 1869. two german artists say they replaced the bridge's american flags with white flags, to honor roebling's birthday, july 22-nd. they say they meant no disrespect, and they're surprised at the negative reaction their stunt generated. they're back in germany now. robin william's death is drawing attention to mental health problems, drug and alcohol addictions and suicide. after hearing about the actor's death by suicide... the community counselling centers of chicagowent in to action -- more than before -- to help those who need it. >> people tend to pick up the phone and call when they are having the scale tipper. they think if it can happen to this guy with his wonderful family and money in career, my life is
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nothing like this so why should i keep going on? >>they -- along with "rebecca's dream" focuses on helping those who are struggling. they offer support online and over the phone... for others living with mental illness... it's also a place for friends and family to learn the signs.. including isolation and the changes in appearance and habits. new research shows beating jetlag may be as simple as changing what you eat when you reach your destination. researchers in japan say insulin plays a role in synchronizing the body clock and raising insulin levels could help your body adjust to the time change. they recommend eating carbohydrate-rich foods, such as pasta or rice, to trigger the release of insulin to fall asleep. to stay awake even longer, try protein or fat --such as bacon and eggs -- to trigger a lower insulin release. some other tips--- suck on lemon slices to stay awake. fast for 12-to-16 hours before arriving at your destination. and visit a museum to avoid daylight and adjust your body clock. nothing on there about visiting
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cinnabon... >> that seems like a lot of work. >> what about little refreshments that they bring you, those little bottles. here's the current temperatures. wind at 6 mi.. yesterday we reached only 70 degrees. typical high is 82. the good news is today we to warm up a bit. it is officially jacket weather. as a lakefront 59. 61 the and midway. sunless composite shows we are dry. this afternoon is a different story. a weak disturbance system will drop through. it will bring potential for a shower to pop up. i think the biggest thing is the temperature drop today's high in
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the upper 70's and low 80s. it'll be more like fall on thursday. we have afternoon showers possible. he probably will and not major umbrella. just light rain tomorrow. cool and quiet night. 77 on thursday friday we have a 20 percent chance of rain. that's later in the day. friday's high temperature climbs up to 82. >> good morning. talking about another baby born on the roadways. the word is a vehicle is traveling trying to get to the hospital on the eisenhower. they pulled off the ike just south of the eisenhower at lexington that's where police joined the party and a baby girl was born there. this all happened about two hours ago. another roadway baby. right now
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we have a project on the chicago river walk. another big closure of a bridge. that will be blocked off at 6:00 today taking it through august 23rd. also dealing with the construction on the night. outbound has been blocked until 5:00. >> coming up taking a to a one- of-a-kind job fair for strippers. >> and macy's is find after a factory worker is decapitated. >> and the bears break camp with the question of who is going to be j cutler's back up?
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good morning. the bears are ready to bid a fond farewell to camp for another year closing out this portion of training camp they held their last practice yesterday and the players looked like they had the last day of school feeling. calling for celebration even though the season is a long way for if being over and they are still working on positions. fighting for the right to be j cutler's backup. thursday night against jacksonville bill have
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another chance. it's been a learning experience. >> i did all right. making plays. there are some things are left out there but overall it was good to get out there. >> running the offense and trying to do exactly what they want to do. getting a bottle, the have a few more preseason games. >> i spoke to both of them. nothing is set in stone from last week. we're watching all the tapes and making corrections with each of them. fifth still a competition. if they know it. >> the cubs even up their series with milwaukee with a 3-0 victory. the rookie pitcher was out. the play again tonight. the white sox want to beat seven cisco in 10 innings 3-2. have a great day.
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>>stocks ended in the negative territory tuesday, as developments in ukraine and russia continue to worry investors. the dow dipped nine points. the nasdaq fell 12. and the s-and-p lost three. macy's has been fined nearly one million dollars as part of a settlement in an employee's death. 65-year-old roy polanco was killed in 2009 after he fell into a machine at a distribution center in east los angeles. prosecutors say he fell into an opening of a machine that had been modified to run uninterrupted and was decapitated. macy's is scheduled to pay the 950-thousand dollar fine at a hearing friday. perhaps you've been to a job fair or two in your life. but you've never been to one like this. a group of strip club owners in san francisco hosted a job fair monday, and invited young women to apply and audition. and not surprisingly, they got a pretty good turnout. strippers are pretty well-paid. still waiting to see the auditions ... >> and not going to happen. keep
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reading. >> they are pretty well paid. >> 200-400 per night. >> being an entertainment is an honest living. it's legitimate. we're not doing anything wrong. >> if you have a nice body why not show it off? >>to be fair, the clubs were looking, not just for dancers, but also managers, hostesses and bartenders. >> tell them what you're working with. >> the only news station in the country and i don't think we have any problem steering that story or talking about it. >> is for 20 5:00 a.m.. >> it's only 2:00 a.m. on the west coast. >> let's get to it. shows what you're working with. >> look at that. get in on it.
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>> i need of beat. plus look at the weather. it's 78 degrees by 2:00 p.m.. by 5:00 p.m. its 78. 9:00 p.m. down to 69. >> and you need a poll as well. >> you guys are too modest. >> look and her enthusiasm! the mother left hanging dancing all by yourself. >> let's look out here heading inbound i hear your beat demetrius get it. 83 to wetlands blocked until 5:00 a.m.. watch for that to be slowing you down early on. it will be picked up until after 5. >> half-hour. are the yellow lights too short? >> and accusations that civil rights are being violated at public schools. >> and the clippers have a new
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owner. >>, and who is playing a video game drawing scores of followers on line.
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another police shooting near st. louis. three days after a police officer shot and killed a teenager. >> a release to the end of the police searches. >> where you can catch the viewing parties for the jackie robinson little league team. good morning, i'm dan ponce. and i'm tonya francisco in for erin. let's go to demetrius ivory for a check of the weather. hi, demetrius. today should be warmer. >> yesterday was fall to a little too early. much better today. we do have a potential show are popping up this afternoon. good morning to you in lincoln park. at the british school its 60. the kids go back to school in about two weeks. some of them are in nous of those parents are celebrating. we find dry conditions. no rain today but this afternoon is a different story. 78 degrees by
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5:00 p.m.. here is that forecast. we make 84 the official high. tomorrow we're back up to 77 was sunshine. friday 82. nice and warm for the upcoming weekend. >> just getting word of a closure on st. charles at 31. everything in shut down in both directions just west of the fox river on 31 all because of a serious crash involving a car into a pole. they're working on that right now everything is shut down both ways on 31. in the meantime, the state street bridge closes at 6:00 it will be closed through august 23rd all continuing for the river walk project. we've been talking about it, a new expressway baby. we have some video to show you. a baby girl born early this morning on the eisenhower. the baby couldn't wait. happened in the minivan on the way to the hospital. that's when police
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arrived to help out. eric will have more in the next hour. >> following breaking news near st. louis. there was a third night of protests over the deadly police shooting of an unarmed teenager. a police officer shot and killed michael brown in ferguson, missouri, saturday night. four men wearing ski masks and carrying shotguns approached a crowd of people early this morning. the people took off running. police say an officer shot one of the gunmen after he pointed his weapon at him. the suspect is in critical condition. police say a gun was recovered at the scene. the her in three nights of protests. they say the original suspect, " brown was shot by police on armed. police had used teargas to break up the protests. the father is among those asking the community for
4:33 am
peace. >> i need you to come together and do this the right way. so we can get something done. >> i want what you want. i want the truth. i want justice. >> officials say they're not releasing the officer's name because they have been hearing death threats. the officer is on paid leave. >>the a-c-l-u is calling for an end to consensual car searches by police in illinois after a new report reveals a racial disparity. nancy loo is live in the south loop with the story. >> good morning. despite heightened awareness about racial profiling, it is still happening according to the aclu. it is calling for an end to consensual searches during traffic stops. the aclu reviews law-enforcement data over a 10 year. and in chicago last year, blacks and latinos were four
4:34 am
times more likely than whites to have their vehicles surged during traffic stops. the rate was lower with illinois state police but still more than twice as likely. however, the aclu were found it was a whites were more likely to have drugs and contraband. the study confirms what many drivers of color have long suspected. >> anybody can tell you that. just an assumption. >> cpc disputing the findings pointing to department training programs to combat racial profiling. also noting consentual searches are just a small percentage of all traffic stops. state police say troopers are trained not to request consent unless there is
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reasonable suspicion. >>another 130 american military advisers are on their way to northern iraq, where islamist militants continue to sieze more territory. the new advisers will look for ways to help iraq's kurds defend themselves... and help thousands of yazidi iraqis who have fled the invaders, and thousands more who remain trapped near iraq's border with syria. one american helicopter delivered emergency supplies, then took on 25 refugees... but it crashed shortly after take- off, killing the pilot. the cease fire between israel and hamas is less than a day from expiring, and there's no peace deal in sight. israeli and palestinian officials will hold more indirect talks in egypt today. neither side appears to be giving in. hamas' demands include an end to israel's economic blockade on gaza and the release of prisoners. israel wants hamas to disarm. the current truce is set to expire this evening. rocket attacks from both sides resumed shortly after the last cease fire ended last week.
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taking a look at the *other top stories this morning. a man is dead after a fire in a south side apartment building. it happened last night at about 5:15 on 79th and rhodes. firefighters arrived to find smoke pouring from the windows of a second floor apartment. a man in his 60s was found laying in a bed and badly burned. his name has not been released there were no other injuries. the cause of the fire is under investigation. several cars were vandalized in uptown, and some of it was caught on video. a large group of teenagers left a park district fieldhouse and trampled on top of cars near leland and beacon street monday night. cars were dented, scratched, and windshields were broken. the local alderman is demanding more police involvement. about 25 residents came out to walk around the neighborhoods metro station. this is after a fourth woman was attacked after getting off the train. the group is part of the local citizens police committee which focuses on keeping an eye on the neighborhood. signs have been posted at the metro station to
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remind residents to stay alert and call 91 if they're scared to walk home alone. >>closing arguments today in the bethany mckee murder trial. her lawyers claim she did not know about the murder plot in joliet. but, prosecutors says she's guilty... because of her alleged participation in the plan that left two people dead. w-g-n's julian crews has more on today's proceedings. the u-s department of education is investigating possible civil rights violations at two chicago public schools. the kenwood oakland community organization of chicago filed the complaint on behalf of african-american students at dyett high school and mollison she didn't know what to do. shouldn't commit murder or have any part of it. >> i want to see something. i can't see my son. my son is gone. they can visit their child in prison. >> the co-defendants are awaiting trial. one of them pleaded guilty and testified
4:38 am
against the suspect. >> the u.s. department of education is investigating possible civil rights violations and to public schools. the organization filed a complaint on behalf of african-american students at two schools. the group says the schools are separate and unequal... in violation of the supreme court's famous "brown versus the board of education" decision. they claim the students are falling behind. c-p-s says it is committed to working with the community to ensure students in the north kenwood and oakland discrimination is very much alive in this city. they have closed up our schools which have been a hit crime to me because our kids are being hurt. >> they're working with the community to make sure that students in the north can neighborhoods have access to with an oakland quality education options, and is cooperating with the investigation.
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the red-light camera controversy is expanding into a new color -- the yellow lights are being scrutinized. yesterday, a judge looked at five separate speeding tickets, and threw two out after ruling the yellow times lasted only 2- point-nine seconds. by law, the yellow light must last at least three seconds. the city is under fire for a spike in red-light camera tickets. the chicago tribune reports thousands of drivers received tickets they didn't deserve over the past seven years. the los angeles clippers have a new owner. former microsoft c-e-o steve ballmer signed the papers jackie robinson west is already in pennsylvania for the little league tournament. they include 10 and 12 year-old from the south side. the next game is far afternoon. the viewing party will start a 130 at jackie robinson field. former white sox players and the white sox mascot will be there and markets will be in pennsylvania you can catch
4:40 am
his report later today on wgn. >> to students got a fellowship grant and here's what they did with the money. they talked a fish have to play pokey opokemo. his movements sent information to the characters. he already acquired his first card and won a battle. you can keep track of his progress on line. >> demetrius, how is the weather? >> anything is better than yesterday. it was cloudy and probably felt more like september. a change is coming today high temperatures in the '80s. sunshine but still the chance of a shower is later today. the radar shows we are dry. you may be able to make out this week cold front from the
4:41 am
north of bringing the slight chance of a shower popping up this afternoon. not the type of stuff you want to write home about. don't wash your car today. wait until tomorrow. today's high temperature is 80 degrees. you may need the umbrella. light rain will be developing. mostly clear, cool and quiet tonight. that meteor shower starts happening after midnight so get out if you can to take a look at. 77 degrees on thursday. friday we make 82. >> still ahead, and look at the myths of privacy. >> and a controversial twitter hashed tag is a trend in this morning following the shooting death of the st. louis teenager. >> and many are mourning the death of a robin williams including one very special friend.
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the l.a. clippers have a new owner. steve ballmer signed the papers yesterday after a court judge gave shelley sterling the right to sell the club. her husband tried unsuccessfully to fight the sale even though he was banned for life over offensive remarks he made. she convinced the court her husband was mentally unfit. >> new privacy concerns about
4:45 am
the fees book app. some of the words come from injury the users. the act requires permission to access contact and other information which led to articles about this book taking control of your device. but users or the hand over access when they install office book and the first place. fees book needs to access some information on your device of the act can work. >> a few stories trending this morning. the controversy following the police shooting death has led to a hashed tag activism. this was a picture taken from his face book page. some say it's a peace sign some say it's a gang sign. atwitter users are using in new cash check. >> a drive-by shooting happened near the set of straight outta
4:46 am
compton, a biopic of the rap group. the crew was filming outside of the courthouse when gunmen fired shots nearby. there were reportedly inning of people in the neighborhood next to the set. one person in the neighborhood was shot the other is expected to be ok. nobody from the movie cast was hurt. >> people are still remembering robin williams. >> the genie has the story of a comedy giant seemed to the eyes of a simple giant. >> shore, robin williams made us smile. but what made him smile? tickling and eight? >> it was an encounter he called mind altering, holding hands with a gorilla. famous for understanding sign language taught by her surrogate mom. >> who is that? >> profiled by cbs the cover girl and national geographic in
4:47 am
2001 robin williams asked to pay a visit. >> she was very drawn to him. >> she wore his glasses. investigated his wallet and mostly she asked for a tickle. and it tickled and tickled. note robins hairy arms. >> look of the guerrilla. >> she looked at me and said where have you been? >> years later still using this as material at the time of the visit. >> so quiet and respectful and just present. >> making a guerrilla swoon. >> it was there one and only face-to-face meeting. cocoa was already familiar with robin williams as she had watched a documentary he did on dolphins and watched awakenings over and over. >> it's interesting to be hit on by another species. >> coco had an obsession with a certain body parts. >> she wanted me to lift my
4:48 am
shirt. she reached out and grabbed my nipples. i said i like you. >> their relationship was and it in the bud. >> you don't pension. >> of a sudden she grabbed my hand and tried to take me to the back. that's when i see the translators say no. he doesn't want to play bump, bump with you. >> funny stuff. try making a guerrilla laugh. back in two dozen one cocoa was 30 years old and sad about the death of her companion named michael. she hadn't smiled in six months until this funny man tickled her fancy. penny patterson says cocoa news something was amiss listening to phone calls on monday. >> i said cocoa we lost a dear friend. do you remember robin? >> how could she or we forget him? >> that was so touching. i need
4:49 am
a tissue. take it away. >> let's look at our day. temperatures will climb into the upper '70's and low 80s. yesterday only 70. fall preview or something. we did ask for all we got it. it is chilly outside. still jacket weather. satellite composite shows we are dry. later today chance of showers popping up. by 9:00 p.m. we are down to 69. 77 degrees on thursday. all sunshine tomorrow purified a chance of showers developing and friday and saturday and sunday as well. chance of rain this weekend but warmer into the '80s. >> problems in the st. charles area on 31 everything shut down in both directions. all because of a crash involving a vehicle that hit a pole and a tree and
4:50 am
some wires are down. expect things to be slow. it should be picked up in the next hour. but for now, watch for 31 to be blocked off. delays on i 55 heading north found near county line road. two right lanes are blocked until 5:00 a.m.. once you get past that point everything looks good all the way into lake shore drive. >> coming up, how what robin williams protected his kids before he died. and justin bieber makes a deal in a miami street racing case. details coming up.
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so this board gives me rates on progressive direct and other car insurance companies? yes. but you're progressive and they're them. -yes. -but they're here. -yes. -are you... -there? -yes. -no. -are you them? i'm me. but the lowest rate is from them. -yes. -so them's best rate is... here. so where are them? -aren't them here? -i already asked you that. -when? -feels like a while ago. want to take it from the top? rates for us and them. now that's progressive. actress lauren bacall has died.
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she won two tony awards and was nominated for an oscar. she epitomized sensuality on the screen and became known for the look. >> the local was new. just something to keep my head steady. >> she married humphrey bogart and had to children with him. he died in 1957. choosing gaged
4:54 am
briefly to frank sinatra and later married and divorced actor jason robards. their son became an actor. despite her legendary career and her only oscar nomination was for the mirror has two faces. >> robin williams protected his children by creating a trust according to tnt. the trust was created five years ago and gives his kids monday money in steps. he has three children. each received one-third of the money when it turned 21. when they turn 25 the got half of what remained when the each turn 30 they will get the full share. the trust was not dependent on his staff and is not known how much was in the trust. >> justin bieber will plead guilty to misdemeanor charges in connection with his arrest for drag racing. he was charged with dui and resisting arrest. the details of his plea agreement will be repealed at
4:55 am
the hearing this afternoon he will not appear in person. >> new photos from the set of the new batman vs. superman movie. you can see he's looking dapper in a suit and tie. i guess. the movie comes out march 2016. >> demetrius will be there opening night. >> that's right. i'm waiting for that. pat doesn't like much but what ever. they will blow stuff up. up to 80 degrees today. 77 tomorrow we are dry thursday friday, 82. >> with a closure this morning in kane county route 31 blocked off in both directions their silver glen road. 55 has heavy delays approaching county line road because of ongoing construction schedule to be cleaned up in the next five minutes. >> another police shooting near st. louis where a teenager was shot three days ago.
4:56 am
>> and more about the baby born on the night this morning. >> and what one woman found on her mcdonald's sandwich. that story is coming up.
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