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tv   WGN Midday News  CW  August 22, 2014 12:00pm-1:01pm CDT

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some owners in the southwest suburbs of a lot of cleaning up ahead of them thinks to serious flooding. >> we welcome our viewers for watching us around the country. patrick l. what does liven all gone. >> those totals are unbelievable. we have some video from this area earlier today. we arrived at 5:00 a.m. hour. i
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kid you not that the death of the water to plant five-3 ft.. people out and about trying to clear out and clean up their basements. so many callers were trashed because of that heavy rainfall. >> >> how many times did you want to throw that out? >> first time i took about two years ago. i said no more in my garage. one day came and i could use it. >> look who is the smart guy now. >> have you ever
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seen it like this before? >> the president of the water metropolitan water district can add to that. she said there's absolutely nothing they could do because there rainfall was so much in such a short period of time. >> this is the kind of scene that you are seeing repeated over and over. people cleaning up the basement in trying to get their car is working once again. this gentleman right here is faced with the prospect of having to get indycar altogether because his insurance buddy and has minimum liability. what are you going to do? >> let's hope things work for him and the other people here in that area. firefighters rescued a man from a flooded viaduct. if that happened just after 3 this morning. the
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man drove his car into water that was just too deep. the car got swept away. the car was almost covered as you can see right there. >> you have to figure out ways to get by. his drivers to avoid flooding. the returned to the sidewalk to bypass the high water. residents who lived in nearby village raining so hard. to come into the toilet. >> this is a problem and needs to be fixed. there is now
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my basement smells like and how the house. >> makes you want to move into a high- rise. the chicago fire truck got stuck high standing water. a tow truck had to be called up. >> equally as bad with much of that area under water. hours after the rain stopped flooding remains a widespread problem in burbank. hundreds of residents suddenly have waterfront homes. >> kyack traffic is up. a lot of people get stuck. >> make sure everybody is okay and the stock for ever. >> just try to make the best of it. the
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sound of pumping water is common a lot of water still runs through a lot of neighborhoods. residents continue to question the effectiveness and purpose of sewer blockers. >> 2-5 in. of rain. residents are dreading the prospect of even more rainfall later today which will likely make this bad situation even worse. >> reporting from burbank. you could see all the video and pictures that we have collected >> to track the
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weather in your area throughout the day. >> will update us and about 20 minutes. the men accused of shooting two police officers during a 20 hour hostage standoff in the south suburbs appeared in bond corp.. >> took to adults and six children hostage during a burglary at a home and harvey tuesday afternoon. a shot to police officers responding to the scene. the standoff ended peacefully wednesday morning. jordan was on parole for killing a cabdriver. >> community and religious leaders have now donated more than $13,000
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for information leading to the rest of the death of antonio smith. >> he was shot to death wednesday afternoon in the 12th on the block of the 71st street. parented mourners held a vigil yesterday. police have not made any arrests. >> chief keef in more trouble with the law appeared orderly $50,000 a bench warrant after he failed to appear at a pretrial hearing on the lie charges. the hip-hop musician missed a pretrial hearing he is accused of driving under the influence of marijuana. reportedly living in california. recently celebrated his 19th birthday performing at an l.a. club. >> this man is accused of being in a letter lollapalooza. that is as much our tour. accused of attacking two people during the first night of lollapalooza.
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investigators did not say led to the arrest. >> a team from chicago play in the u.s. fine of the little league world series. >> advancing to the final four. twinning 6-5. plays nevada tomorrow afternoon. only team to beat them so far. when a play for the world championship on sunday. >> the government issues a warning about the threat to the united states. there's a chicago connection. >> nigeria confirms to more cases of ebola virus. >> bahrain today on corruption charges. >> bahrain today on corruption charges.
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soon the cases have emerged in the air outside the group of caregivers with direct contact. the nigerian health minister says both are spouses of two medical workers were treating the liberian american man. flew in to
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nigeria last month. pass the virus on to 11 others before he died. patients tested for ebola and sacramento california has been released. if he tested negative for the virus. centers for disease control conducted the test. the patient is not going to be identified recent travel to west africa. thousands of demonstrators marched the street last night without any reports of violence. the governor of missouri has ordered the national guard to withdraw. >> what the governor to replace the lead prosecutor in the case. grand jury investigation is underway. >> as many as 18
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suspected israeli informers were publicly executed in the cause of stroke. this comes one day after essen'an israeli air strike. palestinian militants fired rockets into israel today. 76 palestinians have been killed. the israeli government says they'll target anyone who tries to harm the citizens. >> something in alarm about isis. he says the as long as terrorist group poses a danger beyond anything the united states has ever faced. he suggests the near containment may not be an option. america may have to go to war. >> >> the merry ideology. sophistic creation of strategic and tactical military
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prowess. they're tremendously well funded. spices has seized control of several towns of northern iraq and syria. u.s. warplanes continue to strike targets in northern my rock. >> the wgn investigation found an online war of words and images between a pair of followers. >> nasty and sometimes discussed in mudslinging. right near the post as a photo of a landmark michigan avenue buildings. 3 07 north michigan. the message says roughly soldiers of the islamic state will pass from here soon. the other tweets which include a picture of the mice is flareups of the white house uc
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here americans. new security or the fbi or sickness service or chicago police have any comment. >> affecting rescue efforts. torras to 52 people are still missing. the least 40 people were killed. police say the death toll could more than double. 14,000 people have evacuated homes in anticipation of another downpour. >> national day of mourning in malaysia. the bodies and ashes of 20 people killed on malaysia airlines flight arrived home. shut down about eastern ukraine. remains of the 20 victims were identified. 43 for from malaysia. >> a russian
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supplied missile shot down, to emit about the church's response to is not think the catholic church should be held legally responsible. >> calling the cardinal's remarks. a special commission started investigating abuse. >> book on corruption charges earlier this week. one fully threatening to veto a bill that would have funded a unit that vested political corruption. >> if you're a
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victim of flooding expert tips to help you file insurance claims. still to come an ice bucket challenge was horribly wrong.
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>> that is our the contamination is. but everybody does their run to get a bottle of bleach. >> would not do anything to kill the older mildew. >> an insurance expert talk to her says there's a difference. that is if water comes up through the sewers. you have coverage for every determinant your agent. if it came into the windows he needed special flood policy that is dictated by the federal government. >> else got nicholson. he says
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the next up is to call an insurance adjuster to come out and assess the damage. stocks climbed a flat this mid-air. rest of the week. >> moreno of dollars in negative territory down and just upon nine points still above that 17,000 mark. circulating in fact and computers with a virus that attempts to steal computer customer information and pass words. j.p. morgan chase confirmed the scam. they believe most of the mills were stopped by filters. >> the top nine u.s. major passenger airlines more than doubled net profit in the first half of this year. according to an industry group. southwest
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american chicago- based united along with the others collectively earned a net profit of $3.8 billion. that is up from about 1.6 billion. airlines for america says lord of fuel prices and amos expenses helped the airlines contain cost. >> an ice bucket challenge what horribly wrong in kentucky leaving for firefighters injured. the fire department in the town of campbell's joe was helping students from a local college to a mass of ice bucket challenge when the hydraulic arm of the fire engine got to close to the power line. >> and arco occurred striking the two occupants who were in the bucket. >> cross severe injuries to both of them. both severely burned by the high- voltage electricity.
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the bears will visit super bowl champions for the most important game of the preseason. will likely play most of the first half. -7 yds on seven carries. on clear how much santa o'neill homes will play. likely will make his preseason debut. >> put him ahead with back-to-back home runs. the giants tied it with three. the chicago cubs lose 5-3. the chicago cubs waded through another two hours to finish the game from tuesday. same score in the ninth. the giants with the go-ahead run the board. gets the grounder to end the game. the clubs
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hold on to win 2-1. white sox still making moves after the trade deadline. a great preseason. he has struggled since them hitting just .221 this season. derek rose returned to practice with team usa and expects to play the exhibition. he missed a few days of practice with knee soreness. depending on how he feels he would travel to spain for the world would travel to spain for the world cup. fow
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two police officers
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during a 20 hour hostage standoff. >> if at one point holding the gun up to their heads threatening to blow their heads off with formal charges against the hostage takers. we're learning a horrific details about what happened in that harvey home with one of the adult female hostages. peter williams of chicago and david jordan of six more are charged with aggravated criminal sexual assault. in addition to attempted murder of a police officer home invasion and aggravated kidnapping. investigators say one of the two women and harvey home if sexually assaulted. two women in six children were taken hostage. the home invasions armed with three handguns.
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beginning a 22 hour ordeal. did not end until specially trained katishia if police stormed the house ending the standoff on wednesday. for the terrified hostages the emotional recovery time to be significant given with the indoor.they endured. >> tried to force her a gun point. >> children were affected as well. it is a very emotional time for them. the time frame. 21 hours being held against your will. with the emotional to anyone. the two men burst into the home demanding $50,000 from the homeowner. their only able to find $700. both of these suspects are on parole for previous crimes. if one of the man was
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sentenced to 47 years in prison he only served half of the time. >> to our other top story the weather. just look at this. lots of flooding across the area. this comes in. these extreme range of events becoming more and more numerous. they're putting in and around swimming pool. even without having filled it and completing it. look at the rain that has accumulated. at this rate the bill not even have to put water in themselves.
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>> shows us the extent of the flooding. the will county fairgrounds. >> shares some of the damage shots there. these of clouds on the other side of a thunderstorm. beautifully photographed in the rising sun this morning. lots of action across the area. we have many more to go through. we'll be sharing them with you in a future broadcast. a lot of cloud cover in the wake of the big brands. we have to have four ways of rainfall go across the area in the last 24 hours. >> they come through in waves. here is the radar view of the storms retreating to the south. in a quiet situation. the big grain >> more are
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developing off to the west. 200that is about as high as a cat's. incredible reservoir of moisture. ring of fire pattern. 100 degree temperatures. the storm clusters rotate around the periphery of it. we're moderating the heat a little bit. you can see the stripes of rain forest here. just southwest of fort wayne that had 10.8 in. of rain. >> we've had huge amounts of rain. 6.18 in.. half an inch of rain. scott
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this is our last month. living up to the expectation. midway airport's 4.5 in.. 86 years ago. tell us the 3.95 in. that fell in a single hour. that is like the rain that come down in a hurricane or tropical storm. >> the extraordinary amount of rainfall. more thundery downpours are on the way. local flooding can occur with any one of these.
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>> can't be kept in place. scattered storms in place. this is a today said in a movie. everyone of those exploding clusters as a thunderstorm complex. again rotating around this big hot air dome that is down to the south of us. we had 80 in chicago. look at the area with 100 degree heat and the seas. 90 degree heat indices to south of us. mistimed the wind will become more southeast. it was sliced in off of the lake and cool the areas modestly. the committee will be to prove fall weekend. >> this hot air
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don't is developing. being hung up by warm air pool to the north. we've warm humid weather. >> 6 mom to get all the water into the rhythm system. excessive heat warnings in effect. here you concede my model forecast. this is late afternoon. look at the rain that is coming down. keep in mind these are model estimates. thunderstorms are uniquely prolific. the sweep moisture from their environment concentrated in too heavy downpours. well there's 2 in. of water that you can squeeze out of a column of air recall that the reciprocal water value. a
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thunderstorm contains multiple columns squeeze them in one area and you get multiples. >> new dumper generating thunderstorm scattered across the area later today and tonight. widespread hayes. high of 89 that is in the end. tonight thunderstorms' summer heavy and cloudy. it's with fog patches >> moral of the standoff with the lake. we'll have 89 well in the end but with the beaches. areas of fog and then mixed sunshine emerges with scattered light day thunderstorms not of the question. low clouds possible sunday morning giving way to sunshine hot humid weather in the end. >> the hurricane forecast watching the weather system that we will show you later on out in the tropical atlantic. this thing could be making its way towards the bahamas.
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>> will talk more about the. i think any one of these. we've seen every one of these eruptions in the last 24 hours. problem summary and as you get one area. any one of these storms and the sublime and can be heavy rain producers. we have a saturated soil situation saturated soil situa[ male announcer ] don't just visit miami.
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can fly long distances. the good news is floodwater miskitos do not tend to carry diseases with them. researchers are questioning the merits. the august issue of the american journal of clinical metrician published to studies that found eating breakfast is not increased metabolism
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>> declared in may after the disease reemerged in at least 10 countries. >> lunch break is coming up. we have a well-known chef. have a celebrity here. we're making a classic greek salad. here. we're making a classic greek salad.
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making a crisp green salad. he is in town for tonight's 8 magnificent tasting event. the shopping festival. a fan favorite. i was on top chefs season to. maybe because i put the best. we'll go with that. you're in town for this food festival. explain what that is. this is chicagos premiere of dirk culinary event. i'm headlining with 11 other really great chefs. and in doing
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little plates and tastes. getting everybody excited. we are here to benefit common threads. a great organization. trying to raise awareness. >> speaking of cooking. let's get to making this salad. one of my favorites. i did not realize a greek salad to such a part. they serve it with every meal. they're really great crisp and fresh. i like to start with an heirloom tomatoes. this is just like a 123 really quick and easy little salad. fresh tomatoes have
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a little bit of oregano. fresh is better. for a little the twisted and charred onion. >> conditionally take on a flavor of its own. really easy. the the twister like to do is a quick pick, cucumbers. a little bit of is in to the dish. red wine vinegar. the american-led. cannot have greek salad
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without that. for the final touch here we're going to do a little bit of cheese. >> going to have some of oil. some really great of oil. a little bit of that. so easy to. >> are you going to make that at the center? collard greens and the pimento cheese elite. what does the growing to the lemon do? >> i do want to
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mention your book. for anyone who wants to be healthy really. it is written by a diabetic obviously. really recipes their health focused natural there's no way sure there is no white flour. thank you so much. the magnificent tasting event is tonight from 530 until a 30 at the pioneer court. >> >>
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it is hard to think about more rain today we really do not need it. the one thing that is interesting the upper air. in a thin out the thunderstorms. still with a happen tomorrow afternoon in scattered fashion. they'll be heavy rain producers. storm clusters rotating around it. all is quiet now. we are ready warmer than those readings. 80s across a good part of the area. dew points and 73 are really muddy. >> rule of thumb is if you have less than a 10 mi. per hour organized and you get a light breeze to come in and. water
12:59 pm
temperature is 76 today. quite interesting. the water temperature is exactly where it was last year at this time. tomorrow the wind blows off of the lake. inland and should head into the low 90s. the index could approach 100. you can see right there with a the indices' tomorrow. >> little tempering of the heat on the lakefront. >> we will keep you posted. thank you guys for joining us.
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len: a lot of boring shirts and jerseys walking the streets of chicago. the orioles have been here all week. we just saw the san francisco giants, as well. interleague play continues. great to have you with us. hot and steamy at the ballpark as the cubs host the baltimore orioles. it was a crazy series against the giants. tuesday night, the game was called. had one. 24 hours later, the giants protested. the protest was upheld. the cubs couldn't get anything going yesterday offensively, but h


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