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tv   WGN Morning News  CW  September 1, 2014 4:00am-5:01am CDT

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a mixed bag on crime in chicago. from murders to shootings, we'll break down the new numbers in a *live report. air strikes in iraq help break an isis siege. what some lawmakers say stands in the way of developing a strategy. and president obama will be north of the border in milwaukee, for a labor day celebration. good morning. i'm dan ponce. and i'm erin mcelroy. thanks for joining us on the wgn morning news at *4 a-m. >> happy labor day. demetrius ivory has a check of our weather. good morning, demetrius. >> are people waking up to see us or are they still up from last night? get to bed. >> erin: i'm jealous. >> we are expecting potentially strong storms today. one person has asked me already about
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barbecue weather. >> is in your family in town? was it your family members? >> here's the deal. make sure you are ready to get inside if you need to we do have potential for strong storms today. a round of rain early this morning. if the cloud cover lenders it will decrease our chance of the storms. if we have more sunshine you can almost place your money on more thunderstorms popping up this afternoon. right now that line is to go west. it will weaken but you can see the big front moving through. there will definitely be showers through the day. typical high, 80 degrees. we make 815 5:00. tonight we dry out and stayed dry. over menlo 67 all sunshine tomorrow. highs near 80 degrees. >> with construction on ashland avenue as a head out this
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morning. between 37 pyrrhic washed for that also closures are in place downtown in the aftermath of the jazz festival which goes through the weekend. watch for that along jackson boulevard. that's a quick look at traffic. >>a car crashed into a day care and pre-school in south suburban university park. it happened around seven last night. the car went through a window, and into a classroom at "the playhouse" on federal signal drive. a witness says the driver was ejected from the car, and badly burned. the owner of the facility says she was told the driver was drag racing with another car at the time. we have quite a bit of damage in the baby room and happy that nobody got hurt. there are occasions where we to family and knights for the parents we could have been here for that. my daughter was here earlier doing
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homework so she could have been there when it happened. >>the facility is closed today. the owner says she will meet with d-c-f-s on tuesday to determine when it can reopen, but she thinks it will be at least a week. there was plenty of gun violence in chicago in august. the police department says shootings are up, but murders and overall crime is down. judy wang is live at police headquarters with more.. judy? the police superintendent plans to discuss the crime numbers later this morning. the statistics showed the city closes out the month of august with the fewest murders since 1963. reporting crime overall down 14% so far this year. police report 21 fewer murders this year compared to last year. but there are 68 more shooting incidents with 94 more people shot. fewer people killed, more shootings and people wounded. this weekend, three people have been killed, 30 others injured
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in shootings across the city. the man shot in the head saturday will city in a vehicle near 100. a woman shot while riding in a car sunday on west 95. police say she managed to get behind the wheel of the car, crashed a car into a bus and another vehicle. and a nine year-old boy lay to rest following the funeral at an angle with church. he was shot multiple times in the 1200 block of east 71. police have made no or arrests. the superintendent says wall crime statistics show progress, the department is not satisfied. the department will continue to put more officers on the streets in high crime areas, work with community leaders and invest in programs to help direct risk kids. the superintendent plans to address the media about this crime efforts at 11:00 a.m.. back to you. >>a man is in custody after a
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shooting at a forest preserve in unincorporated oak forest. the shooting happened after an adult soccer game at the bachelor grove woods forest preserve. police say shots were fired after the winning goal was scored during a playoff game. one person suffered a graze wound to the head. no criminal charges have been filed. a teen died in suburban kankakee county, while having some end-of-summer fun with his friends. it happened yesterday afternoon in aroma park, 65 miles south of chicago. a 15-year-old boy was swimming in the kankakee river with three others, when he drowned. state police are investigating. an autopsy will be performed today on a 49-year-old man from chicago, who died after being pulled from lake michigan near montrose beach. the man was swimming about 25- feet from the shore yesterday morning, when witnesses say he started to struggle and went under. rescue crews found him about a half-hour later. the man was taken to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead. chicago police are looking for the men who beat to death a
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homeless man in the logan square neighborhood. it happened late saturday night in the 19-hundred block of north ridgeway avenue. authorities say a couple of men or boys jumped out of a car.. beat ernesto garcia.. then fled the scene. folks around the neighborhood knew him well.. frequently giving him food and a place to stay. they can't understand why someone would hurt him. >> i don't understand. he didn't have an evil bone in his body. >>59-year-old garcia was an immigrant from guatemala and an out-of-work mechanic. folks in the neighborhood say he didn't have any relatives in the u-s. autopsy results confirm that an 82-year-old elmhurst man fired the shots that killed his wife and two adult children... before taking his own life. frank and joan stack... both 82-years-old were known around their neighborhood for helping others out and for taking care of two of their adult children... frank jr. who was 48 and mary who was 57. they were severely disabled. police arrived at the stack home saturday night to find all four people dead.
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neighbors suspect it was the stack's own declining health that led to the murder-suicide. >> it was a very difficult situation with to severely handicapped children and his wife with her cancer and her arthritis. >>the stacks have two other adult daughters who live in the chicago area. 19-year-old marsharra tate is behind bars this morning and is being held without bail. he's accused of first degree murder. authorities say he shot 37-year- old summer ann moore back in may.. just days before mother's day. moore was outside a home helping to clean up after a graduation party. police say she was not the intended target. 23-year-old johnny reese was also charged back in june. police believe he was the driver of an s-u-v involved in the shooting. there's a push in washington for immediate military action against i-sis in syria. this comes days after the president said he didn't have a plan yet. andrew spencer has more. >> what some lawmakers demand a
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strategy for dealing with the group others say better intelligence must come first. >> you don't just rushed in because the media is talking about it or because other countries are not good to tell us what to do. >> the question is, will we contain them or will be crushed them? that's what it comes down to. >> the u.s. and france making late-night drops of humanitarian aid as the people in the town home to many of the shiite turkman have been running low on clean water and food as being sorted by militants. the siege finally ended this week and broken up in part by a coordinated u.s. air strikes. the u.s. has not taken the same approach in syria. >> iraq is different. we have relationships in iraq. the government wants us to come in. we have intelligence in there. in syria is a different story. >> the latest to question the president's approach is a top democrat. senator dianne feinstein told nbc the president
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was perhaps being too cautious. >>militants in libya had a pool party at the u-s embassy in tripoli. u-s diplomats evacuated the area last month because of heavy militia violence. this video shows militants jumping into the pool at a residential annex in the embassy compound. an official says the men jumping in the pool are also in charge of protecting the compound. the state department says the compound itself remains secure. president obama will be in wisconsin today for a labor day celebration. he's expected to land in milwaukee this afternoon, where he will be greeted by governor scott walker. then they will attend "labor fest", where the president will speak. this is his third time attending the event. he came as a senator in 2008 and in 2010. much has changed for organized labor in wisconsin since then, with the passing of a law that largely eliminated collective bargaining for public sector workers. professional sand sculptors from around the world are putting their skills to the test in san
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diego. it's part of the annual u-s sand sculpting challenge and 3-d art expo. artists can only use water and sand to make their sculptures. the winner will get 60-thousand dollars, and bragging rights. coming up ... an n-f-l player is $60,000. that's quite a lot. >> thus a lot of work. look at that. beautiful art work. >> good morning. early today we're looking at potential foreshores and storms. i know a lot of people are getting ready for their outdoor picnics. unfortunately, be prepared for showers and storms. it won't be an all-day rain but there is potential for some stronger storms. tamara's high temperature will be 79. 83 again on wednesday with sunshine. thursday, 87. and here's a big cooled down coming up. high temperatures will only be in the
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low 70's for the weekend. >> coming up, and nfl player is arrested for domestic violence -- days after new policies went into effect. and -- a landmark casino closes its doors in atlantic city. plus -- five people were killed when a small plane crashed at an airport north of denver. the latest, coming up. and -- we'll show you the medical proof cops used to arrest these two geniuses for a robbery.
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a man killed three people at a primary school in central china and then jumped off a building to his death. six people were wounded in the school attack. they were rushed to the hospital. there's no word yet on whether the six wounded were children. police are investigating. a teacher and five others were wounded. >>five people were killed when a small plane crashed near an airport in colorado. the single-engine plane went down yesterday morning near the municipal airport in erie, which was it's final destination. the plane was a few hundred yards from a runway when it crashed. someone who was driving by the airport called 9-1-1. all five people on the plane, and a dog that was also on board, died. >> we heard the engine cut out and we saw the plane dropped. >> we heard it flying low that we heard it stutter and then it just collided.
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>>the cause of the crash is under investigation. officials say it will take several months to complete. the showboat casino in atlantic city closed its doors yesterday... after 27 years on the boardwalk. nearly 2-thousand employees lost their jobs in the closing. some are hoping to be rehired at other sites. the showboat is the first of three casinos slated to be shut down in atlantic city over the next few weeks. it didn't take long for the n-f- l to get a chance to use its new policy against domestic violence. san francisco 49ers' defensive lineman ray mcdonald was arrested at his home early yesterday morning. he is charged with felony domestic violence. police say a woman was bruised after she was assaulted by mc- donald during a party. >> i can't say much about that right now. but the truth will come out. everybody knows what kind of person i am. >>last week, the n-f-l increased punishments for domestic violence. players will be suspended for six games for the first offense and a lifetime ban for the second.
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mcdonald is due in court september 15-th. that's the day after the 49ers play the bears in san francisco. police had to look deep to find some stolen jewelry. bryan ford and christina schlegel are charged with felony theft. police in utah say ford stole a ring, that's worth thousands of dollars. an officer pulled over the car he and schlegel were in, but he didn't find the ring.. but a hospital did. this is an x-ray of schlegel's stomach. it looks like she decided to hide the ring, by swallowing it. no word yet on how police plan to recover it. >> look at the size of that rock. >> that was not an easy swallow. it may be even worse coming out. you know what i'm saying. >> can i get off camera? when this is played over again i don't want my face to pop up. 74 degrees right now. it's going to be warm. high temperatures in the '80s. showers and
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thunderstorms are on tap. here's the deal, showers and storms popping up of scattered variety. one round today starting around 9:00 a.m.. later today, depending on the weather if we get sunshine there may be potential for stronger storms. this is a labor day holiday were you have to check the weather. don't just go to the barbecue. there is potential for strong storms. 73 at the lakefront. the rain is still on the flip side of the county heading through putnam county. it continues to move through the southwestern counties. this line will weaken up this morning. here's the line that will make its way through chicago before the day is done. potential for showers and storms. possible for large hail and strong wind. it won't be all day but some of us will get it. tonight we try out. partly
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cloudy. tomorrow we're in between systems with sunshine coming. the rain will be back with the heat on thursday. today's high 83. some storms. some could be severe. especially this 67 degrees tonight. wednesday we make 83 was sunshine. the can be much in traffic right? >> don't cut me out just yet. we do have a bit of traffic. all the festivities from the weekend will tell you about it coming up. >> and was booming in china? coming up latest rumors on the new i phone 6 and wind it could be helping out your wallet. >> and heading to the west in sports. we have details on the big white sox trade.
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good morning. another trait of a white sox. for years in chicago he has 106 home runs every 21 a year. he struck out 2100 * tiered averaging 40 homers a year. traded to oakland yesterday, in minor league pitcher was gained. oakland
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picked up 1 million of the 2.3 left on the contract. the white sox have been struggling. telling reporters he may retire after playing out the season in oakland. cubs and white sox, tigers are in town. the rough afternoon. bottom of the third sanchez gets by don kelly and there's a run. the sox live 3-0. next up, tigers made four errors in the game, three unearned runs. there's a hit to left- center. the win 6-2. cubs job to lead in some louis. in the
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fifth, empty a home run but it's a double. it's 5-4. the cubs come back and had their lead. a home run mix's six-four. but there's a tie. the load the bases in the eighth. up the middle, steve lewis wins 9-6. three homers and nine rbis. cubs back in wrigley field against the brewers today. at 1:20 p.m.. >>markets closed out the month of august with yet another day of solid gains. the dow rose 18 points. nasdaq added 22. the s-and-p gained 6. a better job market means better bonuses and higher raises for employees. a new survey from "aon hewitt" shows companies are devoting nearly 13-percent of the
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payroll to performance-based pay. --meaning employee bonuses between ten and 20-percent of their base pay. raises are also going to be higher for the top employees -- about 2-point-9 percent on average, in 20-14... and 3- percent in 20-15. employees in the oil and gas industry will see the highest raises, with the lowest in education. there's a growing market in china... for cockroaches. chinese farmer, wang fuming, says pharmaceutical companies are lining up to buy his stash. crushed roach pills are used in china as a catch-all cure for the stomach, liver, and heart ailments. wang has has been admiring and eating roaches since he was seven years old. he prefers to cook them in peanut oil, and hopes that one day the protein-rich snack will catch on worldwide. >> i got the coffee down before we roll that story. >> is the admiring that? is that the way he said. he admires
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them? >> he doesn't just eat them. >> does he sit back and say that's a good approach? let's talk about the barbecue because of sure a lot of roaches will be waiting for the barbeques. 74 degrees outside. 75 by 10:00 a.m.. by 5:00 p.m. we are at 81. 40 percent chance of showers and storms. don't take that likely there is potential for strong storms this afternoon. be prepared for that. >> still more to come including israel seizing 1,000 a. of west bank land. >> and severe storms put a stop to labor day fund in the north east. >> and texas gov. delete unauthorized post from his twitter account. >> and hollywood in the middle ofgood morning, i'm dan ponce.
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and i'm erin mcelroy. let's go to demetrius ivory for >> in mixed bag on crime for murders to shooting we break down in numbers in a live report. >> it strikes break a siege. but lawmakers say stands in the way of strategy. >> and world war two veteran travels to pearl harbor one more time. >> happy labor day.
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>> let's turn right over to weather. i don't think anybody cares about us it's more about the barbeque report today. >> it is the barbecue report. and it's not good. we are expecting showers and storms to come through. some of these storms could be potentially strong. large hail, strong wind and heavy rain. not all day but we do potential have strong storms in the region before the day is done. the good news is, as you watch the line moving through portions of the eastern counties heading right toward 39 and heading into lasalle county, it is weakening quickly. a lot of that energy is moving down to the south and west. that's good news. we'll watch that as it moves towards ottawa. a big line moving through. lots of travelers are there today. but there's lots of rain out toward st. louis and continuing
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down the mississippi potentially strong storms. >> it's quiet out there so far on the roads. we couldn't get increased traffic as everyone had to come after the long holiday weekend. we do have street closures downtown after the jazz fest. watch for that as well. will have more coming up. >>a car crashed into a day care and pre-school in south suburban university park. the car went through a window last night, and into a classroom at "the playhouse" on federal signal drive. a witness says the driver was ejected from the car, and badly burned. the owner says she was told the driver was drag racing with another car at the time. the facility will likely be closed for a week. the chicago police department just released their crime statistics for august. they say murders are down, but shootings are up from last year. judy wang is live at police headquarters with more.. judy?
4:31 am
>> the city closes out the month with the fewest murders in more than 50 years. the police department reports crime overall is down. the police superintendent plans to talk more about the crime numbers like this morning. in a statement, he says the department still is not satisfied and will continue with a comprehensive strategy. these figures are for the first eight months of the year. police report 21 pure murders compared to the same time. last year. there are more shootings, 68 more incidents and 94 more shooting victims. this weekend, three people killed more than 30 others injured in shootings across the city. a man shot in the head while sitting in a car near 100 south. a woman in the car was shot sunday on the hundred block of west 95. police say she crashed the car into a bus and another vehicle. and this weekend, a funeral for a
4:32 am
nine year-old boy shot near his home. police have no suspect in custody. there is a $13,000 reward for information leading to the killer. police have beefed up the number of officers patrolling a high crime areas. recently getting help from state police. the superintendent says police will work with community leaders and investing in program for at risk kids. the superintendent has said time and again talking about the importance of strict gun penalties. suggesting that without that change police will continue to face an uphill battle. back to you. >>some federal lawmakers are demanding a strategy to take on the terrorist group, i-sis. a democratic congressman is asking the house armed services committee to meet ahead of schedule to oversee possible military action. the u-s has already been using airstrikes against i-sis
4:33 am
targets in iraq, but not in its home base in syria. last week, the president said there was no plan of attack. but some members of congress say the u-s can't wait too long. >> i believe they do plan on attacking the u.s.. the longer we wait the more dangerous they become. >> i've learned one thing, he is very cautious. maybe in this instance the president is too cautious. >>members of the armed services committee are currently in the middle east, but a classified briefing is scheduled for tomorrow. the state department is urging israel to re-think its plans to seize land in the west bank. israel announced that about one- thousand acres near bethlehem will be declared state land. officials did not give a reason why. a state department official says this move will be counter productive to efforts of reaching a long term peace deal between israel and the palestnians. israel and hamas are currently in an open ended cease fire. a palestinian official says this land takeover will lead to more instability. a new round of talks on easing the crisis in ukraine will begin today.
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it involves the so-called "contact group" ... which includes officials with russia, ukraine and the organization for security and co-operation in europe. russia's foreign minister wants the group to establish a cease- fire between ukrainian government troops and separatist forces. 26-hundred people have died since fighting began after russia's annexation of ukraine's southern crimea peninsula in march. taking a look at the *other top stories this morning. a teen died in suburban kankakee county, while having some end- of-summer fun with his friends. it happened yesterday afternoon in aroma park, 65 miles south of chicago. a 15-year-old boy was swimming in the kankakee river with three others, when he drowned. state police are investigating. a man is in custody after a shooting at a forest preserve in unincorporated oak forest. shots were fired after an adult soccer game at the bachelor grove woods forest preserve. one person suffered a graze wound to the head. no criminal charges have been filed. chicago police are looking for the men who beat to death a
4:35 am
homeless man in the logan square neighborhood. it happened late saturday night in the 19-hundred block of north ridgeway avenue. authorities say a couple of men or boys jumped out of a car.. beat ernesto garcia.. then fled the scene. president obama will be in wisconsin today for a labor day celebration. he's expected to land in milwaukee this afternoon, where he will be greeted by governor scott walker. then they will attend "labor fest", where the president will speak. he attended the event twice before as a senator. severe weather across the northeast put a damper on holiday plans... delaying flights. wooster, massachusetts is cleaning up after a possible tornado ripped through the boston area yesterday. high winds downed trees and damaged homes. in new york city, three people were injured in a lightning strike on orchard beach. the strike sent labor day weekend sunbathers running for safety. w-a-b-c reports the three victims were alert and conscious as they were taken to the hospital. severe storms slammed through much of western iowa damaging homes. a meteorologist reporter wind up to 80 mi. per hour.
4:36 am
this town of sergeant bluff. it's about 180 miles northwest of des moines. authorities say no one was seriously hurt. and a huge dust storm is being blamed for a more than 50-car pileup in washington state. take a look at this. strong winds kicked up so much dust... drivers had a tough time seeing right in front of them. nine people were taken to the hospital... none of them are in critical condition. a few dozen minor injuries were reported. governor quinn is trying to gain the travis county picture with beer bottles. the text said i don't always drive drunk. but when i do i invite the governor for calling me out about it. most drunk democrat in texas. arrested last year on dui charges. bitter treating the message was not authorized and he didn't condone it. >> the governor is trying to gain support for raising the minimum wage, by living off of
4:37 am
it himself. quinn says he's begun a weeklong attempt to live on the money he would earn under the current minimum wage of "eight dollars and 25 cents" an hour. travel for state business and campaigning will not count. but quinn says he will only live on just 79-dollars, to show what minimum wage workers go through. >> the bottom line is, we have to take out transportation cost and housing cost. $79 to live for the rest of this week for all your food and any other expenses. >>quinn says he supports raising the minimum wage to ten dollars an hour. voters will give their opinion on that on election day. quinn's opponent bruce rauner says he would support the pay hike if it came with other rule changes. a news culture dedicated in honor of pope john paul the second. the sculpture will be dedicated at the cemetery on saturday. it's made a great granite from a vermont quarry. featuring glass mosaics bills in the pope's visit to chicago. one
4:38 am
of two remaining world war veterans from the uss missouri is headed to hawaii. >> he wants to see the battleship he stood upon over half a century ago. >> of inside terminal 3, history cause commotion. a send off. >> i was excited because it's the one time deal. 89 years old. >> he's about to leave on a trip. to say goodbye to an old friend. >> it was january when the retired police officer wrote the words telling of his four years aboard the uss missouri as an a gunner during world war two. salt the bomb dropped on hiroshima. >> and survived a kamikaze attack caught on film. here's the plane. and there's said.
4:39 am
>> it's wind blowing to know somebody who was there during those times. >> his friend paul came to see. >> along with folks from the navy and the police and fire department, this sailor was quite of the draw. >> it shows that our country still appreciates what they did. >> it's that history that sparked a tribute from american airlines who offered to fry and to pearl harbor to commemorate the 69th anniversary. victory in japan. and is one of only two sailer still alive who were there when the japanese surrendered. they app surrendered aboard his ship. >> it will be my last trip there. >> his friend ... >> it's my wish that's what my wish was before i leave.
4:40 am
>> as he left, water cannons. a heroes salute to the sailor making one last voyage to the place where he became a man in war. >> i loved every bit of it. i would do it over again. does what i think about when i leave. >> at o'hare airport, back to you. >> listed another look at the labor day forecast. >> good morning. the deal is showers and thunderstorms are expected today. not all day but of our forecast shows the secret to meteorology, if you don't say rain and it does rain become for your head. so i'm going to say some showers and storms not all day. it may be sunny for much of the day but there will be a period where we see stronger storms. probably this afternoon. 72 degrees and bartlett. currently its 72 in joliet. we have one line of very weak
4:41 am
thunderstorms peter now to in portions of western counties. just moving out of northeastern putnam county. that is certainly nothing to write home about. this line is weakening transferring energy back to the west. as you look further to the west, you can see this large scale feature that is going to migrate into the region bringing the potential for showers and storms. lots of sunshine early today. it will raise the chances for strong storms this afternoon. cloud cover early on. that keeps us from warming up. that will decrease the chance of seeing severe weather later. the storms potential will be there. today's high temperature 83. to my back down to 67. we are dry by midnight. back to you. >> still had, violent protests intensified in pakistan. >> and ferguson police officers are sporting new gear. and
4:42 am
controversy after a two month old baby is doused with cold water during an ice bucket challenge. >> and hundreds of celebrities have nude photos leaked on line.
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4:44 am
at least four people are dead after a building exploded near paris yesterday morning.
4:45 am
two of the dead are children. about 150 emergency workers searched through the rubble... trying to find four more adults still unaccounted for. officials say the explosion was likely caused by a gas leak. eleven people were injured. some of them seriously. violent protests continue against the pakistani government. demonstrators are taking on police as they demand the resignation of their prime minister. three people were killed in the fighting on saturday. protesters continue to close in on the prime minister's official residence. military forces had to storm the headquarters of the state t- v channel after protesters stormed inside and took the channel off the air. the prime minister refuses to step down after he won the election in may. but thousands of demonstrators say it was rigged. protesters in hong kong have been speaking out over beijing's ruling on open elections. several people were escorted from a government speech. yesterday a committee from china's national people's congress voted to change the way hong kong picks its chief executive... saying candidates can only run if they're first nominated by a panel. the protesters say it stifles democracy. they've been protesting for weeks and vow to continue.
4:46 am
the drug that saved the lives of two americans with ebola, just saved two more people. the world health organization says two liberian medical workers have recovered from ebola after they were treated with z-mapp. that's the same experimental drug given to two infected americans, who are now out of the hospital. ebola has killed about 700- people in liberia, which is the most of all west african nations. a u-s judge has temporarily delayed enforcement of a louisiana law... that would require abortion clinic doctors to get local hospital admission privileges by today. the temporary order allows clinics to stay open until a hearing is held. the doctors could have faced a $4-thousand dollar fine per violation and could potentially lose their licenses. several louisiana clinics sued the state on august 22... arguing the law may force the clinics to close... depriving women of their right to abortion access. police officers in ferguson,
4:47 am
missouri, are now wearing cameras. two private companies donated about 50-cameras to the police department. this comes after the angry response to the deadly police shooting of 18 year old michael brown. police say the officer shot brown multiple times after a fight over his gun, but witnesses say brown was surrendering. the officer to see if he should be charged with a crime. trend in this morning,jennifer lawrence is one of the latest hollywood celebrities to get caught up in a nude photo scandal. posts on multiple social media sites claim to show nude photographs of the academy award-winning acress. her publicist released a statement sunday, slamming the posts as a "flagrant violation of privacy", adding anyone who posts the "stolen photos" would be prosecuted. other celebrities announced on their twitter that they had also been hacked. tony stewart returning to racing after the accidental death of kevin ward jr. on august 9 stewart started the race in 12th but his race came to an end when he made contact with the wall and blew a right-front tire...there is major damage to the front end of his car and he had no choice but to retire from the race.
4:48 am
he declined to speak about it after the race. miami heat star dwayne wade and actress gabrielle union wed satruday, the couple tied the knot at the chateau artisan... a secluded miami-area castle with a moth. is that supposed to be invoked? let me just read on. the newlyweds instagrammed photos on friday using hashtags "the wade union" and "the night before." this is the second marriage for both of them. most. >>singer ashlee simpson is once again a married woman. according to several media outlets, simpson married hunger games actor, evan ross, sunday night in connecticut. e-online reports that ross's famous mother,diana ross, officiated the nuptials. simpson's son walked her down the aisle. jessica simpson's children were the ring bearer and flower girl. this is simpsons's second marriage. she was previously married to bronx's father, fall out boy bassist, pete wentz. coming up... we'll show you who
4:49 am
ice bucket challenge which with his two month old granddaughter. video shows the man dumping ice water on himself. also the baby girl and she sat below him. the child's father says he and the family are outraged and says he's going to divorce the girl's mother. some on-line say they called children and family services the agency will confirm in the investigation but said they're getting more and more abuse cases through social media. >> apple has agreement with credit-card companies to give the next i phone the ability to make payment. they're expected to announce the new version on september 9th. also reporting agreements on american express. the payments system would turn into a mobile wallet allowing consumers to pay with a touch of their finger at stores. also a larger display the next generation of phones could be 2- 4 centimeters' larger than the current version. >> when you got?
4:50 am
>> showers and storms. not a rainout. but we do have potential for strong storms later today. one of those days where you need to make sure you are checking the weather. can't have to the barbecue and forget about it. potentially strong storms in the region. a chance for rain is about 40 percent. 73 degrees right now downtown. radar shows we have generally dry conditions. a weak line of storms. the just dying out across the western periphery. we'll watch that line both think strong storms will be here after lunch. today, high of 83. tonight, 67 tomorrow back to 79. wednesday, 83. there's a chance of rain we climb to 87 degrees. >> coming up, who turned up to a suburban wedding. >> and divorce rumors were a
4:51 am
faith in the beyonce case. we have more coming up.
4:52 am
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mccarthy married her new kids on
4:54 am
the block love, donnie wahlberg yesterday in saint charles. here was the scene outside the historic hotel baker in saint charles. television personality sherry shepard... singer jordan knight... and kristin cavalari... were seen entering the venue. reps for both stars confirmed tonight's ceremony to "us weekly" this the second marriage for both. joan rivers remains hospitalized in new york following a cardiac arrest. and today her daughter released a statement saying the family members were, quote, keeping their fingers crossed. rivers spent a fourth day in serious condition. she was rushed to mount sinai hospital thursday after she stopped breathing during throat surgery at a medical clinic. her daughter says she remains unconscious and is being sedated. "guardians of the galaxy" is now the highest grossing domestic movie of 20-14... taking in another 16-million dollars in ticket sales this weekend -- bringing its total earnings to 274-million. "teenage mutant ninja turtles", "if i stay", "as above, so below", and "let's be cops" round out the top five.
4:55 am
jay z and beyonce may have pulled a "jedi mind trick" on us matthew knowles, beyonce's father and former manager told "the roula and ryan show' in texas that the divorce rumors surrounding the singer and rapper husband, were drive up sales for their "on the run" tour. after the famous elevator fight, he said ticket sales and solange's album sales went up by 200-percent. knowles also sparked rumors of a 'destiny's child' reunion, claiming to be their manager.. he has not managed beyonce for years. >> cause they need more attention? >> we play like we don't get along hoping that someone will turn us on. is it working? >> we should have a big news fight but the other stations won't show up. looking at our day to day, potential for showers and thunderstorms. 73 degrees right now. 68 in dekalb. 72 and morris. looking around the region, the screen is petering out. a lot of times the
4:56 am
showers can fire up again. rain moving to portions of lasalle county here's the big front coming in from the west. today's high temperature climbs up to 83. tonight we drop down to 67. to 67. >> your morning
4:57 am
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