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tv   WGN Morning News  CW  September 3, 2014 4:00am-5:01am CDT

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isis releases video showing the beheading of another american journalist, while the president sends in more troops. mayor emanuel issues an executive order raising the minimum wage for some workers. details in a*live report. and home depot is the latest victim of hackers, who may have stolen credit card information. good morning. i'm dan ponce. and i'm erin mcelroy. thanks for joining us on the wgn morning news at *4 a-m. demetrius ivory has a check of our weather. good morning, demetrius. >> it's pretty nice. weakness wonder today. we're in between systems. that means sunshine but then are temperatures will go out of it. but right now we have a break. a wonderful wednesday. we are expecting to pitchers to corn very quickly into the upper '70's. 82 degrees
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yesterday. mostly sunny today. some spotty storms coming through. maybe you can get the kids out entire amount after school. 60 degrees at the lakefront. 58 toward union. 60 in kankakee. floodlit composite shows not much action. some complex showers and storms off and west. that will miss us. the next whether maker is into tonight. potential for showers and storms developing and a very warm and moist air mass. today, 83 degrees. 9:00 p.m. down to 75. high temperature of 84. thursday to make 90 degrees. we didn't make 90ยข-a-in of this since 1985. the big cool them for the weekend. those details, app.
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>> yes and construction out there they're taking advantage of the weather while it lasts. here's the exit ramp closed was punched to 90 just as to get on to 294. it should be picked up within the hour. heading south bound of the trustee and heading eastbound same deal. the exit ramp is closed until 5:00. the bridge maintenance continues. will be picked up until the end of december. church road is blocked off over 88. that's a quick peek at traffic. >>we begin with breaking news: there is word that russia and ukraine have reached agreement on a cease fire. ukraine's president announced the deal within the hour. president petro poroshenko and russian president vladimir putin agreed to a full ceasefire in the eastern ukraine region. they also reached mutual understanding on steps that would lead to a more permanent peace deal. russian separatists have been fighting ukraine forces since april. the cease fire comes just as president obama visits estonia in a show of solidarity with nato allies who are concerned about russia's moves in the
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region. nato is scheduled to meet about the ukraine crisis this week, and the european union was expected to vote on further sanctions against russia tomorrow. a second american was beheaded by "isis" terrorists. andrew spencer reports on the latest crisis, and what is being said and done about it. >> the killing of another american journalist brings even more western attention. >> he was my hero. traveling to the most dangerous public places on the planet to he could report the story of human suffering. >> islamic state militants took american hostages. u.s. lawmakers to need to call for more action. some criticizing the president's approach. >> this only brings home the nature of the enemy we are facing and the scope. >> others stressed the u.s.
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cannot handle the group on its own. >> those who have been letting them across our border for a long time including the turks and the saudis who have been looking the other way will many people have been financing this group. they need to get into this fight. >> video in june apparently called showed them catching iraqis near to crete. more than 1000 family say their loved ones, iraqi security forces were still missing. demanding answers more than 100 people stormed parliament inside the green zone of baghdad tuesday. the u.s. embassy has beefed up their own security as obama of raises the employment of 350 troops to protect diplomatic facilities and personnel in baghdad. hamasmayor emanuel is taking it upon himself to raise the minimum wage for some workers. nancy loo is live in the loop with the latest. nancy? >> the mayor will sign an
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executive order later today. here at the offices of environmental tonight design international one of many city contractors that will be required to pay a $13 minimum wage. the mayor's office says the order will apply to all contractors and subcontractors who enter into deals with the city starting october 1st. the order comes amid a growing push nationally and on the state level for a higher minimum wage. hundreds of fast-food workers pushing for $15 per hour are planning acts of civil disobedience tomorrow. organizers say dozens of rallies in the past year some are willing to be arrested tomorrow in order to highlight their cause. supporters argue $8.25 an hour is not enough to make ends meet. the mayor's executive order today is not unexpected.
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just last week revealed plans to ask the city council to raise the minimum wage paid by all city employers by 2018. >> course to take steps necessary to get us higher for the minimum wage because it's relevant to making sure that people can afford to live in our city. >> of the state level, voters will weigh in on raising the minimum wage in a non-binding referendum on the the member ballot. today's mayoral executive order will affect about 1000 contracted employees for the city such as maintenance workers, landscapers, and ginners. back to youthe janitor >> may outfit its officers with body cameras. police superintendent garry mc- carthy supports the idea. cameras could shed light on situations that escalate into
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violent confrontations, and even fatal shootings. the police *union admits, cameras could gather evidence that clear officers unfairly charged with abuse. but union officials worry that those cameras could also pick up some very candid personal conversations. home depot could be the latest victim of hackers overseas. the company says its investigating a credit card data breach. right now home depot is only saying that its working with banks and law enforcement to look into some unusual activity. it's being reported that russian hackers stole customer'' credit and debit information. that information is now being sold on the black market. this is similar to what happened to 70-million target store customers. but this one dates back to may and could affect even more people. taking a look at the *other top stories this morning. opening statements begin today, in the trial of a man accused of murdering a suburban teenager. prosecutors say john wilson junior broke into the home of 14-year-old kelli o'laughlin in indian head park... and when she walked in on him, he stabbed her to death. a jury for the trial was chosen yesterday. 30 years! that's the sentence 27-year-old demetries thorpe got for killing his girlfriend's baby.
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the zion man pleaded guilty in july to first-degree murder in the death of five-month-old joshua summeries. authorities say he admitted putting his hand over the child's mouth to stop him from crying then putting the baby into a backpack and throwing him in a garbage can. the baby's body was never found. the first lawsuit has been filed regarding last friday's bus crash at o'hare airport. the bus crashed into a concrete median on its way to the terminal area. 13-people were injured. a woman, who claims she suffered broken bones, is suing the bus company and the driver. a couple is suing a hammond police officer and the city for shooting their family dog. lilly the pitbull survived being shot in the face june 9th outside norma maldonado and dario lemus' home. they say the officer fired three times, when the dog was next to a seven-year-old. the officer claims the dog was loose and lunged at him. we are waiting to find out first day attendance totals after classes resumed for 400- thousand chicago public schools
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students. the new year comes with some changes. c-p-s students will have daily gym classes for the first time in 20 years. the district will also provide free breakfast and lunch to all students, regardless of their economic status. and the city's safe passage program was expanded to cover another 27 schools, bringing the total to 133 schools in its second year. governor quinn welcomed students back to schmidt elementary school, where he took a tour of the classrooms. he also used it as an opportunity to criticize his opponent's education plan. >> it would blow a big hole in our education budget. this is a school district and they would lose nearly $1 billion. no way you could have better schools by slashing the budget. >>bruce rauner was focused on veterans. he said a lack of economic growth under quinn's administration is to blame for high unemployment among illinois' servicemen and women. >> the unemployment rate for post 9/11 veterans is 13%. four points higher than the national
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average. this year alone illinois has lost 4000, 200 jobs. we're not growing and not creating jobs. when that happens, are returning veterans struggle. >> rauner claims patronage hiring excluded job applicants who were veterans. his campaign launched a veterans coalition with senator mark kirk, a navy veteran ... and congressman adam kinzinger, a former air force pilot. an 8-year-old boy in china tried to smuggle his pet turtle onto a plane in his underwear. the turtle did not go quietly however. he started moving around... and airport security noticed something was amiss. the boy had tried to sneak the turtle onto the plane because he didn't want to leave it behind after spending the summer with his grandparents. airport security allowed the turtle to fly home with the boy. in the cargo hold. demetrius, did you have a ferret and a wild bird in your pants at one point? >> it did not end well. it's the circle of life that wins in the end. let's take a look at our
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day. at the british school is 70 degrees. old st. mary's at 70. lane tech at 69. lincoln park will be at 70 early this morning. sublets composite shows no rain. expected to try to the day. a fairly nice day in the '80s. we are dry today. thursday we go back up to 90 with a chance of showers and storms. friday a cold front comes through the muggy day saturday and sunday temperatures will drop big time highs in low to mid '70's. >>coming up ... an extreme burglary is caught on camera. the crooks left behind a very obvious clue. and -- an instructor convicted in an air force sex scandal is now dead. plus -- the broncos will lose its wide receiver wes welker after he tested positive for drugs. details, next. and after 4:30 -- yet another fight over a reclining seat diverts a flight. we'll look at why this keeps happening.
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love the iams difference or your money back. the n-f-l is suspending denver
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broncos wide receiver for 4- games for using a banned amphetamine. welker tested positive for the drug, adderall. it's usually used to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and its a league banned stimulant. welker appealed the suspension two weeks ago, but that appeal was rejected.
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he will not be allowed to play until october 12-th. he told the denver post that he was shocked and that he would never knowingly take a substance to gain an advantage. a former air force instructor has killed himself, two years after he was convicted of using his power to obtain sexual favors from recruits. luis walker's convictions for rape and other misconduct could have sent him to prison for 40 years. but friday, he was found hanged in his cell at fort leavenworth prison... and he died sunday. in all, 35 instructors at lackland air force base were investigated for sexual misconduct with dozens of recruits. the set repeatedly smashed into a convenience store trend to steal a atm machine they're caught crashing into the building with a van. one man try to get to the cash. why didn't work the crash of the van into the building again and again. in the and they couldn't get the atm because it was bolted to the ground. they didn't get any cash either.
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>>the search continues for seven this reporter in ohio was in the middle of a live report, when a gust of wind turned her umbrella inside out. she initially tried to fight it, but she was already soaking wet. she finished her report, and even says she was able to salvage her umbrella afterwards. she was able to salvage the umbrella? >> and looks like a paper airplane at this point. just let it go. >> it greenbacks memories of you and the blizzard. >> she's a trooper. >> she's pretty stubborn. she does need a day off. wind of a western about 5 mi.. we get a day off from the showers and storms. we saw some scattered across the region. we had some heavy rain on labor day but today we are in between systems we get sunshine. it's 65 at
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o'hare. 68 in chicago. sun electric are composite shows we are dry. we do have some rain on the flip side of kansas city. a cluster of thunderstorms will miss us. another disturbance in southwestern minnesota. tonight, as warm air funnels in and pumps in from the self things get more unstable. in moist environment as we get into tomorrow. potential for showers and storms early in the day and then as we get into tomorrow afternoon another chance. and then a cold front comes through friday morning. it's a big game changer dropping our temperatures bring as showers and storms. today's high temperature 84. mostly sunny. warm and dry today. tonight slow down to 68. that's the warm overnight low. typically we are in the low 60s. trowel's high temperature back up to 90. first time will make
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90 and over a month. on friday we have a high temperature of 83. >> we have some traffic for you. a project that is ready to wrap south bound 94 impacting the exit ramp over to grant. there will be finished with that so some relief there. also, the division street bridge work that continues to the end of the month. division closed over to hooker impacting the cta but 70 and #132. >> coming up, why someone is being sued over a chicago mex. >> and cvs starts stop stop selling all but one particular product. and city workers say they still haven't been paid for a summer job. >> and next in sports, a veteran linebacker tries to open a restaurant and skips practice.
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the morning. the bears go to kinglake for days until they face the buffalo bills as the continued to fine-tune their roster and put a promising receiver on the injured reserve list that allows him to return. the brought back a quarterback.
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the first unofficial listing a starting safety . or the controversy over brakes who attended a new restaurant and since from the practice. the coach said he was excused for personal reasons. the 12 year veteran is expected back for practice today. there's a pretty special to get ready for 2014. joined by two bears players to look at the upcoming season 10:00 friday night and wgn. edger dame and michigan getting ready to play for what will be for now last meeting. both are 1-0 with the irish rolling over. without a player they lost to michigan last year 4130 going into that game the coach stirred things up by suggesting
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michigan was an early arrival anyway. he was more careful this time. >> we understand the great tradition and the rivalry of the michigan game and it could have worked, it would have worked. but it does open up some exciting games in the future. i think that is the silver lining. how did i do with that? was that pretty good? i got out of it without getting into it. >> should be a good one saturday in south bend. >>and in baseball news -- the cubs beat milwaukee, 7-to-1 -- handing the brewers their 7- th consecutive loss. they'll play again tonight. the white sox in minnesota..... stocks ended tuesday with mixed results. the dow was down 30 points. but nasdaq added 17. s-and-p didn't change much. a chicago popcorn icon is being sued over its "chicago mix." the target---garrets mix of
4:24 am
caramel and cheese-flavored minnesota-based candyland incorporated says it has the trademark on the name... and is suing three companies, including garrett's. candyland says 'chicago mix' is its biggest seller. a spokesperson for garett's says their 'chicago mix' was being rebranded prior to any lawsuit.. changing the name to 'garret mix'. >> don't recall windy city mx?a major drug store chain is out of the cigarette business. c-v-s will say today that it has completed its withdrawal from selling tobacco. its last pack of cigarettes has been sold, a month before its self-imposed deadline. tobacco accounted for about 2 billion dollars a year in sales at the company's 77-hundred stores. but now, c-v-s plans to re- brand itself as "c-v-s health." when you're looking for a snack... what do you reach for? cookies or fruit? a new study finds if it's cookies you crave... you may be able to train your brain to leave your bad habit behind. researchers took two groups. one was offered healthy meals for 6 months. the other was not.
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at the end of the 6 months, both groups were shown pictures of healthy and unhealthy foods. m-r-i scans showed that the healthy food photos stimulated the brains of the group who ate healthy foods... but didn't work on those who ate unhealthy foods. >> it's a bunch of hogwash. if the was true my kids would be eating all those aureus. of an offering healthy food but they still eat oreos. but so is mom. >> who's the one buying it? it's a learned behavior. >> stop buying those oreos. >> but you from blame the kids when you have them. >> let's take a look at our weather. some problems start early on we know that. all sunshine today. the storms and the cooled down all in the forecast. >> some construction on 57 of there. a quick map shows you
4:26 am
where you will encounter the slow traffic from 1 to 7 082107 left lane closed until 5:00. more traffic in a bit including construction into the park. >>there's more to come in our next half-hour. --including, cell phone video reveals what led up to a small child getting run over by an s- u-v. and -- how a man's *chest hair played a role in his death while aboard a southwest airlines flight. plus -- we'll hear the 9-1-1 calls from a girl's fatal shooting of an instructor at an arizona gun range. and -- disney is not letting this franchise go -- we'll have details on a "frozen" sequel out next year! out next year!
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another american journalist while the president sent in more troops. >> federal investigation looks into shootings involving chicago police officers. >> the major issues an executive order raising the minimum wage. details in a live report. ,and i'm erin mcelroy. let's go to demetrius ivory for a check of the weather. hi, demetrius. are you frantically typing try to blast it in there? >> i was asking if you are if this was a good time to plant moms. but i believe the stories
4:30 am
you are reading are important. >> he should know the answer to that. >> i like how you engage your viewers. >> i reach out to the community. >> i think those fantasy football. >> whenever the fed just yet. let's take a look at our day. 69 degrees right now let's be honest, how many people actually pay attention during weather. no anchors. some light composite shows are day planner. all sunshine for the day. by 5:00 p.m. we're up to 83. we are dry today. temperatures continue to warm up thursday. there's a we make 90. friday, 83. saturday and sunday with a cooler conditions. >> you brought the one on yourself. let's look at the tri- state we have ongoing construction of see how that impacted in the commute. impacting south bound all the way to 159. getting a big squeeze. reduced down to three
4:31 am
lanes. that will be working on the new tri-state interchange: all the way through october. it's not going away anytime soon. get used to the slower conditions. with a lot of construction taking place. here's another stretch 65 and 30 impacting rams north and south bound. trying to widen the set so it's going to be long term project. not expected to wrap until december. >> ukraine and russia have agreed to a cease-fire. presidents from both sides spoke on the phone agreeing to a cease-fire in the eastern region. also reaching an understanding of steps the lead to more permanent peace deal. russian separatists have been fighting the forces since russia in a scrimmage in march. one in 2200 people died. nato was scheduled to meet about the crisis in ukraine this week and the european union was expected to talk about sanctions against
4:32 am
russia tomorrow. >> the president commented this morning since the video of the new be heading. >> the reporter was captured by the group. the group says this all the other americans hostage try to leverage them to stop american strikes against the group. the president says the u.s. will not be intimidated and they're just killing innocent americans. american lawmakers are divided. >> this kind of by varity only brings home the nature of the scope of this. >> the turks, they been letting isis crothem, crossed and the ss have been looking the other way. they all need to get into this fight.
4:33 am
>> the president ordered another 350 american military advisers to iraq. diplomatic facilities there. we want to warn you about this next video. it shows how an argument led to a baby getting run over by an s-u-v. a witness video recorded an argument happening at 75-th and cottage grove early monday morning. you see a woman and her seven year old son arguing with the driver of the s-u-v. police say this started when the driver, joseph fults, hit the woman and the boy. the video then shows the driver giving the baby to the woman. but after the baby slips out of her hand, the s-u-v moves and runs her over. >> and not sure if he knew the baby was under the car or not. that's when the car ran over the baby. she is hitting him so he didn't have any choice but to drive off. the baby girl is fine after suffering bruises. joseph fults is in jail on bond for misdemeanor battery.
4:34 am
mayor emanuel is making city contractors give minimum wage workers a raise. nancy loo is live in the loop with the details.. nancy? >> the mayor will sign an executive order late this morning. here inside the offices of one of the contractors, one of many that will soon be required to pay a minimum wage of $13 per hour. the mayor's office says the order will apply to all contractors and subcontractors to enter into deals with the city as of october 1st. the orders come amid a growing push nationally and on the state level for a higher minimum wage. hundreds of fast-food workers pushing for a $15 per hour increase our planet x. of civil disobedience tomorrow at fast-food restaurants all over the city. some are willing to be arrested to highlight their cause. reporters argue eat $25 cents an hour is just not enough to get
4:35 am
by. the mayor's executive order is not unexpected. just last week revealed plans to ask the city council to raise the minimum wage paid by all city employers by 2018. >> are going to take the steps necessary to get us to that $13 because it's relevant to making sure that the people can afford to live here. >> on the state level, voters will get to weigh in on raising the minimum wage in a non- binding referendum. today's mayoral executive orders will affect about 1000 contracts did employees with the city which include workers such as men's workers and landscapers and janitors. >>some workers with chicago's summer jobs program for young people say they have not been paid in weeks. they were part of the city's
4:36 am
"one summer chicago" program through saint sabina church. the workers received a text message from a supervisor letting them know they would not be paid on august 29th. but, some say it's been even longer than that. the text did not give a reason, only an apology. >> me and possibly thousands of others have no information given to us by the ones who are responsible to give us that information. >> it has really affected my life because i wanted to go to college and i have to use my checks to pay off my school fees and couldn't do that. >>the city says the employer, in this case saint sabina, is responsible for paying workers up-front ... then submitting paperwork to the city for reimbursement. a church spokeswoman told w-g-n it ran into cash-flow issues, because there were three pay periods in august. she says saint sabina is waiting on 200-thousand dollars in city funds in order to issue checks to the unpaid workers. the city says it will investigate the delay.
4:37 am
taking a look at the *other top stories this morning. the f.b.i and the u.s. attorney's office have opened investigations into a handful of police shootings in chicago. according to a defense lawyer, the probe will focus on cases in which an offender's gun was never recovered after he was shot. neither the attorney nor the f- b-i said specifically *which shootings are being investigated. the chicago police department may outfit its officers with body cameras. images from those cameras could explain how confrontations escalate into violence or even death. the police *union's* primary objection is that those cameras could also pick up some very candid personal conversations. opening statements begin today, in the trial of a man accused of murdering a suburban teenager. prosecutors say john wilson junior broke into the home of 14-year-old kelli o'laughlin in indian head park... and when she walked in on him, he stabbed her to death. a jury for the trial was chosen yesterday. home depot says its investigating a possible data breach of its customers credit and debit accounts. that information is reportedly
4:38 am
being sold on the black market. this is similar to when target stores were compromised in december. but this is reported breach dates back to may and could affect more people. there's a new wave of speed cameras in school safety zones in chicago. a camera went into effect today at juarez high school at laflin and cermak. warning tickets will be given for the next thirty days. new cameras will also go on line on friday... at taft high school on the northwest side, mulberry park at paulina and archer, and a third near frazier elementary on the west side. if >> a man having a heart attack during a flight from l.a. to albuquerque in april. his wife says passengers had to perform cpr on her husband but the on board the for the letter was in use. she asked the flight attendant why not and was told his chest was to harry. eventually the machine was hooked up but it was too late. he died at the airport. >> a flight diverted for the third time in a week because of a dispute over legroom. a delta
4:39 am
flight was forced to make an unscheduled stop on monday after a passenger got into an argument with a woman who declined who reclined receipt. the pilot stopped in florida before carrying on to west palm beach arriving nine minutes late. experts say there's been an increase in reclined rage. brookline reach is what they call it airline seats have gotten smaller. >> penn state isn't looking for a new mascot, but there's a leading contender if it was. check out "sneezy the squirrel'' a penn sate junior has become known on campus as a "squirrel whisperer." that's because she's been able to dress up this squirrel in different costumes and have it pose with props. she says all she does is feed it. the pictures are posted on a facebook page for "sneezy the penn state squirrel." that page has more "likes" than one for penn state's official mascot, the nittany lion.
4:40 am
>> if you feed may i will dress up in pretty much anything to. fair enough feed her oreos. >> they work. >> today, wind of the west at 5 mi.. elsewhere we have dry conditions. clear conditions. if you're able to have outside last night it was a starlit night. today we get some sunshine. clouds on the increase. i expect showers and storms coming tomorrow. 68 degrees right now. 67 in union. it's 60 degrees down towards more spirit sunlight composite shows no action. we do have some shares and storms and clusters of rain just south of kansas city. our next chance of rain is tonight into tomorrow as warm air pumps in through the south making things unstable. good chance for some thunderstorms in the morning. today, 85. increasing clouds. widely scattered showers and storms. 90 degrees on thursday. first time in over a
4:41 am
month that we hit 90 degrees. friday with a 40 percent chance of rain. >>still ahead ... in prize in tailgate fax. >> and a teenage boy sues the dmv because they would not let him wear makeup in his driver's license picture. >> and marcus has the latest development in the celebrity a nude photo scandal.
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ever since we launched snapshot, my life has been positively cray-cray. what's snapshot, you ask? only a revolutionary tool that can save you big-time. just plug it in, and the better you drive, the more cash you'll stash. switching to progressive can already save ye $500. snapshot could save ye even more. meat maiden! bringeth to me thine spiciest wings of buffalo. hearing the first recorded 911
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call from a gun range in arizona where an annual growth excellently killed her instructor. >> we got some shots. >> someone was shot? >> send an ambulance ride away. he was shot in the head. >> 911 is on the phone. >> reporting of an accidental shooting. shot at the gun range. >> this happened in poland springs. small children practice with submachine guns at the range. the girl lost control and shot her instructor in the head. the girl's family said she is devastated. >> to news organizations want to see the michael brown police
4:45 am
records. he had no adult criminal records. the petition may shed light on whether he had any criminal history as a juvenile. critics say his past record is not relevant. the question is whether excessive force was used. >> a big increase in tailgate theft. national reports that showed take steps rose by nearly one-third between 2012-2013 to nearly 1100. the most in texas, california and arizona. most say they're often resold as scrap metal. >> a transgender teen is suing the south carolina d-m-v for discrimination. d-m-v officials told chase culpepper to remove his makeup before taking his driver's license photo. he did. but he wants the photo retaken to look the way he normally does. the d-m-v said no. >> i'm a human being and i have
4:46 am
rights just like everybody else. >> culpepper says he's not looking for any money. he wants the south carolina d-m-v to rewrite its picture policy and allow him to take a new photo. >> good morning. taking a look at what people are talking about on line. the celebrity photos scandal just keeps getting worse. apple and authorities are looking into how actors were able to access private images of more than 100 celebrities. the photos have. on on-line message boards and other places. among those taking action is an olympic gymnast. she says alleged naked photos of her popping up on line for taken when she was under age. reps have contacted the adult website to a hosted the images. they're demanding they be taken down. we are talking about this yesterday into how this could happen. a lot some of the celebrities are saying they're
4:47 am
using the i cloud service. apple is looking to that. perhaps it was a fishing scam retype in a password into a site but it's not really a will website that they get access to your information. the big lesson is never take your password anywhere other than an official site. on a lighter note, christmas morning in los angeles the first ever dunkin donuts store opened in town. fans were camped out for hours. the one to be the first to get into the store. >> i group on the west coast and we didn't have dunkin donuts. but now i'm a complete convert. >> every morning she's there. >> they know me by a first name basis. >> and the first 100 people godfrey bags.
4:48 am
>> that a good deal. but some bond. >> providing an authentic surfing on real surfboards in one machine. >> looking at plans for chicago surf. a surf park coming to montrose beach featuring a 16 ft. surf stream machine letting guests get a full surfing experience all summer long. also planning to build a beach side cafe with a full restaurant menu. it's scheduled to open in may. the serving season is like in december and january at around here. that's when the servers, and hit the waves. i did a story about that in january they're out there in the wet suits. but the new park allows them to do it in the summer. >> will get you to do that next year it'll be a great live shot.
4:49 am
>> make sure your insurance is order first. >> if something goes down ... looking at the weather, 68 degrees today. soldier field is reading at 69. the sunlight shows we are dry. today by 5:00 p.m. it's 83. sunshine. 9:00 p.m. down to 75. 7 a.m. we're at 70. today's official high is 84. fred will make 83. four percent chance of rain. this weekend we will have highs only in the low to mid '70's. sunday the bears play the buffalo bills it will be 75. good football weather. >> with a roll over we're watching and michigan and ohio they're working to clear this off the road but heads up their that intersection is being shut down for the time being. with ongoing road work park down 570 with 21070 in the far left lane
4:50 am
for another 10 or 15 minutes. numbers look good. no big delays on any of the expressway's or tollways. we will have another traffic hit coming in just a few minutes. >> details on a frozen sequel coming out next year. >> and justin b
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justin bieber just can't seem to law-- even on vacation in canada. police in ontario arrested the singer last friday for assault and dangerous driving. after his a-t-v collided with a mini-van, authorities say he got into a fight with the other driver. he was released on "promise to appear" at a hearing in ontario, where he will be brought up on charges. bieber could face jail time.. and the case could cause his probation for a vandalism incident in los angeles to be revoked. ceelo's t-b-s show "the good life" has been cancelled following his controversial rape comments. an online petition from women's right group, ultraviolet, got 30,000 signatures in less than 3-hours... asking that the network cancel the singer's new show. on friday, green pleaded no contest to slipping ecstasy to a woman he had dinner with in
4:54 am
2012. he was charged with three years probation. no rape charges were filed because of lack of evidence. "women who have really been raped, remember," he wrote on twitter. he apologized and deleted the comments soon after. joan rivers remains on life support at new york's mount sinai hospital. in a statement released tuesday, melissa rivers, said her mother would be overwhelmed by the outpouring of kindness and prayers from everyone. the comedian was put into a medically induced coma last week after suffering cardiac arrest during a throat procedure. her show "fashion police" has been cancelled for the next two tapings, according to e! rivers is 81-years-old. disney confirmed a short animated sequel to the mega-hit "frozen" due out next year, titled "frozen fever". elsa, anna, and kristoff will all be back... with an appearance by olaf the talking snowman. the characters will come together to celebrate anna's birthday... but elsa's icy powers may put everything at risk. and i'm laughing because its coffers and fever and you said frozen forever. if it's frozen
4:55 am
forever there can be a sequel. >> i got that wrong!and there'll be new songs, too! "frozen" is the highest grossing animated picture of all time... it brought in 1-point-2 billion worldwide. frozen fever. not frozen forever. >> maybe that could be the new weather graphic going into winter. >> i'm sure there will be trademarked before the day is done. or talking about conditions that are going to be pretty nice. 84 degrees today. thursday read first time making 90 and over a month. chance of showers and storms. friday, 83. saturday and sunday with cool down a bit into the '70s. >> we're watching a fire crews are staging a long humphrey and chicago in oak park. we will keep tabs on this and get you more information as soon as we get it. >> coming up, the president is talking about the american journalist be headed by isis.
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that's coming next.
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