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tv   WGN Midday News  CW  September 3, 2014 12:00pm-1:01pm CDT

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another jolt to consumer confidence. home depot may be the latest retailer to be targeted by actorshackers. >> live at the home depot store in oakland. >> home depot has yet to confirm that an actual breach occurred. if it turns out to be true chicago area fraud and identity theft expert says this could be much bigger than the breach that it target back in december that affected 70 million customers. >> it could be boggling the number of credit cards that were stolen. >> the professor
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actually praises home depot security team saying he has met with them before and they're on top of most security issues. he says this goes to show how sophisticated these hackers really are. cyber security journalist was the first to report the possible pack. saying yesterday and massive batch of stolen credit and debit card information was posted online for sale. the bridge may have happened in late april or early may. could involve all 2200 home depot stores in the united states. there are reports that the attack may have also been performed by the same group of eastern european hackers. >> i think we're really only at the beginning of the storm. they're going to be more of bricks occurring. we have been complacent. we have been secure. now individuals have
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to be more proactive. more vigilant watching over their funds. >> the professor says fraud never sleeps. people check their credit card statements and bank accounts they looking for any suspicious activity. even a small amount. they suggest changing passwords as often as every four months. making it difficult by including letters and numbers and punctuation marks. also suggests having different passwords for every account. also suggest people check their credit report as often as they can. and that the sign up for some type of protection service. what is really needed is new technology that exists where you put the actual information on a chippe. some credit- card companies are doing it. says this is something that we as consumers should pressure our credit card companies and
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banks to get involved with. these hackers have yet to infiltrate that type of technology. home depot is continuing their investigation. they will contact customers if it is determined that they had actually took place. >> president obama vows to degrade and destroyed a militant group license. says justice will be served for the be heading of the second american journalist. a gruesome murders >> isis' released the video yesterday. u.s. intelligence has since verified it is authentic. the president says it was an act of barbarism and includinsist indebted states cannot be intimidated. >> we cannot even
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begin to imagine the agony that everyone who love stephen is feeling now. especially his mother and father. >> the militant is believed to be the same person who be headed the american journalist james foley. and both videos the killer has an english accent. >> the crisis between russia and ukraine will be a major issue. he plans to send airforce units and aircraft overseas to ease the concerns of estonia lahti and lithuania. also skeptical about a possible ceasefire between ukraine and russia. he points out a truce has not worked yet because russia has not supported it or pretend it is not controlling progression rebels fighting in eastern ukraine >> a new round of sanctions are in the works. the european union will pitch proposals to there. expected to target individuals linked
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to separateness and russia's economy. members are reportedly rejecting a plan to sanction russia's high profile sports events. >> to thousands of people are displaced. more from >> the suburb> the oak park fire department spent the morning dousing hot spots >> the good news nobody hurt in this fire. about 60 residents are in need of temporary housing. >> the fire broke out around 4:30 a.m. in the house still was under renovation along the 500 block of north country. the residents of 12 apartments to the north suddenly had to be evacuated. they were amazed by the site next door. >> it was gone. the flafire was going
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higher. it was not like a room. it was the whole place. >> firefighters had the fire under control in about two hours. the roof of the three story apartment building post a dangerous challenge. >> because of the construction of the roof basically the fire chase through all round the perimeter of the roof. we could not send people into the building because the tiles were coming down. >> the roof is not quite there anymore. the good news is it could have been worse. i'm thankful that these guys save our place. at least we still kind of have a place to live technically. >> the two-story home next door and historic structure over 100 years old is a total loss. >> prosecutors described a brutal stabbing of a high- school freshmen during opening statements at a long
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awaited murder trial. julian crews has more on the dramatic proceedings. >> a chilling start to this murder trial. prosecutors describing the brutal attack three years ago. the multiple stab wounds in her chest piercing the teenagers a your leaving a pool of blood in the family room. her house became her tomb >> ladies and gentlemen there is a killer and the court room with us today. pointing towards the defendant as he walks toward him. his name is john wilson jr.. prosecutors will focus on the knit cap wrapped around a rock used to break the back window. discovered in the victims home in october of 2011. testimony from experts pointing to sell phone towers
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april to trace wilsons were bonds. investigators also say will soon send taunting messages to the family using the phone he allegedly stole from the dying victim. the defense attorney tells jurors in opening arguments that despite other evidence investigators cannot prove wilson ever set foot in indian head park. he says the defendant was a handy man looking for work in the southwest suburbs where he would visit a girlfriend. aside from a loved ones in the courtroom today to cook county state's attorney anita alvarez. >> the man has been charged with first- degree murder after he stabbed a woman 22 times with a steak knife. a judge ordered rivera to be held without bond for the murder of fernandez. rivera stepped fernandez during an argument in a stairwell in the albany park
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neighborhood. she died later at a hospital. police arrested rivera on sunday after he fled to india and returned. he is being held at the cook county jail. >> someone tried to kidnap her two year- old son while they were waiting at baggage claim. the 24 year-old forcibly picked up the boy at the lower terminal baggage area around for 45 yesterday afternoon. tried to go down an escalator with the toddler but the boy's mother was able to stop her. arrested and charged with aggravated kidnapping and battery. >> the fbi and u.s. attorney's office has opened investigation and a handful of police shootings. the probe will focus on cases in which an offender the gun was never recovered. neither in the turn your fbi says which shootings are being investigated. >> over in nine days. tires were stolen off of at least seven cars.
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these tests have all happened between all hours of the day and night. the vehicles were left on blocks after the tires were taken. >> the battle against ebola. >> we thank you for your prayers. prayer's from all over the world. >> we will hear from one of the american patience >> the popular drug store banning the sale of cigarettes. >> game 3 is tonight for the chicago sky and eastern conference chicago sky and eastern conference finals.
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>> all three work with the christian charity and charlotte n.c.. once thone american ebola patient is speaking publicly for the first time about her battle with the deadly virus. in the meantime she is talking about how people helped her. her battle with the virus and how frightened she was. contracted ebola while working in a
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missionary clinic. was released from emory university hospital in atlanta. shares the mall with her husband broke the news about the diagnosis. >> the also need to tell you that you have ebola. and i got up out of bed. as i got all out of bed david came towards me to give me a hug. he put his arms around me. i knew how dangerous that was. i said no. i said david is going to be ok. >> meeting in switzerland to map out their response to the ebola crisis. already announced a $25 million contract with the makers of z map to begin trials. >> a michigan man who claimed fear and
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self defense has been sentenced to release 17 years in prison. theodore wafer was found guilty of second- degree murder. he shot her in the face last november when she came to his door confused and intoxicated after a car accident. prosecutors say she is looking for help. the judge peered up when he read the sentence. saying this is one of the saddest cases. >> the ground continues to slide and the ball more than a week after an earthquake struck northern california. caps have opened all over the area. the cracks commonly known as after slips are slow to appear and can continue for up to one year. water main breaks plate that wplayed the area. the governor is asking president obama to scare to clear the state
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and major disaster area. >> melissa rivers says her mother has been moved out of intensive care and into a private room. it has been nearly a week since the 81 year-old was rushed to hospital after suffering cardiac and respiratory arrest. doctors brought her up as a medically induced coma earlier this week to determine the extent of any possible brain damage. no new details have been released about her condition. >> the store that is stopping the sale of cigarettes. >> mayor emmanuel takes action on the minimum wage. >> a lower calorie fettuccine alfredo with grilled chicken and asparagus.
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>> robert jordan is live with the details.
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>> the mayor signed the executive order in the offices of a small business owner because he wanted to show that raising the minimum wage to $13 an hour would not be disgraceful. he says his goal is for all workers to eventually lift themselves out of poverty. the mayor signed the executive order which will require contractors to begin paying a minimum wage of $13 an hour. this will affect about 1000 contractor employees who work in various fields like security officers landscaper's maintenance workers or custodial workers. the mayor called this group the first step group. what he hopes will eventually spread to over 400,000 employees in the city of chicago. >> towards a goal
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that would impact 400,000 individuals in the city of chicago. this is the first thousand. will set a standard in the city of chicago that if you work you do not raise a child in poverty. when asked a taskforce to look at this months ago to come up with a policy to increase minimum-wage and do it in a way that people could afford to live and work in chicago. >> the city currently has a living wage standard which currently pays $11.93 an hour. this would and eventually increase that by about $1. people living at that level in makes a difference. >> on the money reports of a ceasefire gave
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global markets a lift. the s&p making an all-time high this morning. the unemployment report may dictate whether u.s. stocks continued their remarkable six month rally. >> gun violence is costing american taxpayers half a billion dollars. according to a study from the urban institute about 73% of gunshot victims are uninsured. leaving taxpayers to cover the hospital bills. more than $600 million in total hospital costs since 2010 are due to gun violence. the cvs drugstore chain kicked the habit sooner than expected. plans to remove all tobacco products but next month. company officials say all 7700 stores are not tobacco free. long known as cbs care the company is now planning to read brand itself as cvs health. forgo
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nearly $2 billion in tobacco related purchases. >> breaking news to tell you about. two schools in suburban geneva have been put on lockdown. school district real forces williamsburg's elementary school is on soft locked down because of police activity in the area. unrelated to the school. all students are safe. st. peter's catholic schools on lockdown. we will continue to follow the story. coming up in sports we're previewing tonight's game 3 for the chicago sky. live music from carli sky. it is all to raise money and awareness for prostate cancer. you can still get tickets. [music] [music]
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singles to left for is a eighth rbi since his call-up last week. when castro comes up slides awkwardly >> the chicago cubs are calling an ankle sprain. the chicago cubs: 7-1. giving a well-deserved day off in minnesota. the twins up to- nothing in the second. it is his first multiple homer game of the career. tied at 3 in the 10th. he gives the white sox the lead with his 18th home run of the year. >> the chicago bears are off minister. >> the move allows
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the bears to reassign the cornerback. the bears returned to practice. the coach excused him from practice on monday. the bears open the season sunday against the bills. we have a special preview this friday night. the first openly gay player to be drafted in the nfl. the st. louis rams waived him over the weekend. cowboys are hoping he may be able to help the team's pass rush on the defensive line. struggled again for team usa. sets up the value for it to be davis. led all scorers with the only field goal of the game. what 1-6 in just three
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points. advanced to the round of 16. the chicago sky just one win away from the debut nba finals.w nba finals. >> struggled with a stiff lower back in the past two games. >> still to come tom >> still to come tom
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another great day. strap and we have quite a ride on the
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temperature express. we're going to zoom up to 90 tomorrow. the first full weekend of meteorological autumn. ito tell us look back at the beautiful labor day afternoon courtesy of barry butler said shot. choses out of sugar groove. i cleared up in the afternoon. it is out of the west point lighthouse around puget sound and seattle washington. as looking at the stormy skies for the rains there. chosen as the beautiful sunflower waging in the breeze. of course this past weekend pick thunderstorms especially on saturday night made for quite a show in the southern horizon. the storm
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down to the self produced the report it million inches of rain. passed to the south of the chicago area. one last look at park avenue beach. the labor day and everybody out there. turned out to be kind and nice day. we have a gorgeous day going in chicago. third day of september. lots of sunshine and warm temperatures. it is going to get even warmer tomorrow. the big temperature drop coming over the weekend. nothing in the way of rain here. the big grain is down to the south. flooded highs this in atlanta this morning. katie big rain comes out of kansas and to missouri. some near the minneapolis area. none of them destined. as this growing dome of warmth through which a lot of tropical moisture is from
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comes into the area. >> is that he telson he indices up to 9100. hundred degree readings and the western end of the state. it is going to cool off. dramatically for the weekend but in in this fashion. the '70s are forecast. >> we cannot have any hot days. 16 above normal days. the first time this happened in two years around chicago. we take note of that. >> more typical of
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late december that are in october. low pressure spawned by our standards. >> you'll see in the seventh day animation how the cooler air collapses and. the sun is set up in northern north america on july 28th. looking up the alaska for instance. they have a plus hours less daylight now than they did back then. we lost about two hours. the days shorten much faster up north. which is why cooler air begins developing. not right away. we look for heat and the seas of 85 here to
12:35 pm
there. look at tomorrow how hot it is going to get me combine temperatures. the chance of rain today. 40 percent chance of some storms late tonight and tomorrow morning. cash 40 percent chance of some renown for it. greetings already in the mid '80s. low 80s and the north side of chicago. these are other temperatures. flirting with or in the low eighties for the most part. beautiful day on the beach. if
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>> bad news on the pollen front. the mold, as high. grassley and ragweed moderate. 2357 minutes. we have some tropical action. if you know anyone heading down to cobble sam lucas is a hurricane that is going to be flirting with that area. here is where it is right now. a couple san lucas is up there. about a hundred 20 lois off of there. with this wind law and how it will further with the southern baja peninsula. these are forecast range. you see how heavy the rainfall will be. the forecast from the various models take the storm just west of the peninsula. that could bring the highway if. -that he
12:37 pm
saw some video those in southern california. the surfers were out there in fine form. pfft it will be producing waves that hit the west coast once again. sonny warm in moderately humid. southwest winds at 8-18 mi. per hour. tonight becoming partly cloudy will turn windy warmer and more humid. low temperatures 72 consultants 11-23. >> and thunderstorms in the morning. mixed sunshine and clouds. 94 a high tomorrow heat index up in the upper 90s. scattered storms could form at night. >> the front passes. a cold front passes during the day. we'll go cloudy with
12:38 pm
scattered showers in the afternoon. we're going to show you a long range forecast. we're pulling to get the school spill's every now and then from this point forward. >> the first city in what is now the united states was founded in september 15th 65. founded in september 15th 65. >> this is kathleen. setting up the perfect wedding day begins with arthritis pain and two pills. afternoon arrives and feeling good, but her knee pain returns... that's two more pills. the evening's event brings laughter, joy, and more pain... when jamie says... what's that like six pills today? yeah... i can take 2 aleve for all day relief. really, and... and that's it. this is kathleen... for my arthritis pain, i now choose aleve.
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needed double the sec agreed to reduce the risk of cancer. it is not stopping women from going on under the knife. following the footsteps of a high- profile celebrity. raise the profile of breast cancer risk. there is an increase of women getting tested for the breast cancer gene. the doctors say is not necessary. could double in diabetes risk. also of high blood pressure. one wondered if the remains of the body
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the greater negative effects the can have a glucose metabolism. results from a harvard study were presented. >> your mouth has were presented. >> your mouth has been watering. a1 im
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they light take on an italian favorite. rimouski and cut fettuccine alfredo. the executive chef that muzzy on those. it smells just like
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it has all of the calories. i hope it tasted good. we're taking a third of the calories of. generous portions with a third less calories. >> this coming monday that it rules out of four of our restaurants. so for people love it. a low 8-10% traffic. that is great. we have a few dishes here. we have a chicken piccata with our hand cut fettuccine. of a chicken parmesan which is actually half the calories. we're going to make our fettuccine alfredo with broccoli. a third of
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the calories. how the protein in there with the chicken. i like this recipe. 11 of the glider presentations. detective from are classics. we've done them a little bit differently. instead of deep frying the pinko bread crumbs and then saute it. it does not observe as much bread crumbs. does get to this recipe. our thought process with this was how do you make a great cream sauce with a third less calories. we took out some of the heavy cream. please have a chicken stock to it. still has a nice consistency.
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>> and take our handcuff fettuccine. will he tell the. he'll take some grilled chicken breast. it is health and wellness. you think about grilled chicken is think about asparagus. pfft >> specific locations going to have. sacramento
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opened yesterday. in california. we have won the opening account and virginia. >> a very generous portion. a little bit of cheese on the top. >> find a location near you. ffss
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>> one of our photographers recalls hurricane dora in 1964. what you're looking at are the highest bid out tomorrow had for 90 degrees across a good chunk of the midwest. we hit 83 early afternoon friday. northeast winds have lowered temperatures to the '70s. look what happened saturday night and sunday morning. forties' into rockford. >> you'll see how
12:57 pm
things begin to cool off during the season and just intended jet stream forecast parent a big school for text develops and turns the winds and from canada. but inextricable turn cooler again after we warm up as you can see back to the '80s on tuesday and wednesday. we're getting close bills to come in. they will not be in tomorrow. nor are they in today. a gorgeous day in chicago. baby shower in the afternoon of friday. >> about eight degrees below normal. i'm not complaining the battle. >> thank you so for joining us again today.
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the people are represented by two separate yet equally important groups: the police, who investigate crime and the district attorneys, who prosecute the offenders. these are their stories. i had a lady once. swore a rat rolled a wheel of parmesan right out of her fridge while she was sleeping. right here. it's the super. got the exterminator here. anybody home? miss knowles? having some trouble here? oh, my god. oh, get help. it'll be all right. it'll be okay. victim's cecilia knowles. she's 36 years old. she was a mess. her clothes were ripped, eyes glazed over. e.m.s. rolled her to mercy trauma. what'd the neighbors have to say? downstairs apartment heard noises


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