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tv   WGN Midday News  CW  September 4, 2014 12:00pm-1:01pm CDT

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>> fast-food workers hit the streets of chicago to fight for 15. one of dozens of protests around the country. >> we welcome our viewers were watching us around the country. >> remain behind bars during his court appearance earlier >> >> it appears we are
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having audio problems. back to our top story. >> little difficulty with that as well. we apologize for the police are looking for a man suspected of fondling a woman on a cta train yesterday >> more on the red line chicago stop. >> than asking for tips and asking for women to be aware of their surroundings. take out those earphones. pay attention. inappropriate
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contact is what happened here on a red line train. between chicago >> a look at the man they believe to be responsible. between 510 and 6 ft. tall. committee has been itching. >> and passing out fliers asking for help finding this man and woman writer said have to do their part to avoid any conflict. >> aware of your surroundings. even if it is croton in the morning or at night. >> i stand the light. where people can see me. when the
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boss comes and i get to the train i go and the light where there are a lot of people. >> trouble can happen anywhere including public transit. that is why she watches who is getting on her bus or train car. i pay attention. >> the guardian angels to advise. >> i do not always have my headphones all the way up. >> you cannot be too cautious. >> if you know anything about this you're asked to call police. >> back to our top story. >> the fight for 15
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to did the plane managed to hold off just in time for this morning's protest to be finished. a bit of political theater as the protesters decided to exercise a bit of civil disobedience. >> protesters took their sidewalk demonstration to the streets literally. shutting down 87 straight to make a point. >> the arms locked. popular protest and union song >> after 15 minutes chicago police moved in. >> protesters did not move out. police started making arrests.
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>> >> the flight to increase the minimum wage began almost two years ago. fast- food workers across the country banding together to try to raise the minimum wage to $15 and the hour. >> new were struggling before the recession we're struggling during the recession be found herself struggling after the recession. >> i believe it is unconscionable that someone has to work 40 + hours a week and still be considered living in poverty. >> us take the fight to the streets. let's take the fight to the board room.
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let's take the fight to the legislatures and city council all over the country. we need to win the fight for 15. >> hand up arresting 19 protesters appeared on a gun to the police station there were given tickets >> the judge orders the man to remain behind bars of his court appearance earlier today. >> live in skokie with more on the development. >> steve hunched over barely able to stand up due to a heart condition and bad news. he stood before a county circuit court judge she had the courthouse. the cook county state's attorney and county sheriff cold case unit extradited him from the l.a.. long
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been the prime suspect in an unsolved 1992 murder. always manage to stay one step ahead of investigators until now. accused of murdering a teenager in 1992. the victim's body was found in a morton grove forest preserve. coroners determining human struggle to death. if questioned by investigators at the time. as detectives grew closer it was revealed in court today that he telephoned the victim's mother and an apparent attempt to deflect attention away from himself. >> he denied he kill david. he also told the mother that he saw someone and man picking up david and a white sedan shortly before he was killed. investigators believe he was just trying to deflect attention away from himself.
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>> let's subtly trying to run over a 14 year-old boy after the boy apparently rebuffed his advances to expect to secure an indictment in the weeks ahead. >> to want it tough to run for families in suburban floss' more. a woman is sexually assaulting her home. assays sexually assaulted the woman of her bedroom. cent to 14 year-old mother text messages. one of those messages
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apparently read she wanted me to tell you something before i killed her. kelly's father also testified yesterday. >> the parents of a woman accused of trying to kidnap the child said she suffers from mental illness and maybe offer for medication. 24 year- old appeared in court yesterday. charged with aggravated kidnapping and assault. for taking it to year-old boy from his mother at the hair. not a criminal. but say she has been missing for a week. the judge made no mention of a mental condition during a court appearance yesterday. >> since watched him win the attention of. a suburban manager at the center of a child sex assault case. from arlington
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heights. charleston wisconsin. pleaded not guilty and is heading to trial next month. to set a little be cleared up. and i invited to an upcoming tournament of champions. >> indictments may be soon on the way for some chicago alderman. >> inspector general and is the first six months of this year he says he has received 57 sworn complaint against alderman. for a the hamas offer any specifics or names. some complaints were forwarded to the city's ethics board. the city council fall back but limiting his ability to personally investigate some of those claims. if >> grand jury indicts a georgia father and eight counts and a hot car death of his son. >> will launch an investigation into the shooting death of an unarmed man.
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>> also ahead the of an unarmed man. >> also ahead the family peta1 im
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military authorities investigating the death of a baby in a car in a naval air base. the 15 month old boy was found in a parked car. >> paramedics tried to revive the infant but was pronounced dead at the scene. authorities say the baby was left in the car by his father. daytime temperatures were in the mid '80s. they say it appeared the boy had been in the vehicle for the entire day. the grand jury in georgia has invited the man accused of deliberately leaving his toddler and the car to die. to >> i shall malice murder and felony murder. >> harris told police he forgot cooper was in the car went to work that day. harris was unhappy in his marriage and wanted a child free life. he was sexting girls at work. >> the search continues for the baby who was reported missing eight days ago. a
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man and a woman of dr. the infant after pistol whipping the father into unconsciousness >> turned up no sign of the baby. repeated the question family members and a search warrant was carried out at the home. fbi is assisting indianapolis police and the investigation. >> about 20 teenagers discovered outside of their rooms without permission earlier today. >> son could be seen on the ground with baseball bats and metal pipes. guards had to use right shields as they rounded them up. >> the justice
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department is launching a silver rights investigation. it follows last month's fatal shooting of an unarmed black teenager by a white police officer. officer claimed he acted in self- defense. sparked days of protest. >> the major issue. contributing to the botched lethal injection of an inmate. >> according to the state report. several major issues to deal with.
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>> may not albinus from across the world have stood shoulder to shoulder. >> an unprecedented international effort. we've done all we pledged to do. national tourism in afghanistan. staying in afghanistan passed this year are uncertain. the u.s. is waiting on a signed agreement that would allow u.s. service members to stay. the u.s. will withdraw completely. >> calling for a coalition.
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>> we've seen in somalia and molly and hosted by the taliban. this is a generational struggle. president and prime minister wrote an opinion article. cannot turn into an isolationist group and cannot be intimidated. >> then in the summit is also focusing on the ukraine russian crisis. ukraine president is in wales a meeting with president obama and the prime minister. expected to ask for military and technical assistance. the first time in years is not being represented. claims its interest will be threatened if ukraine joins natal.
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ukrainian military claims and may reach a cease-fire deal. the two sides have been battling for months in eastern ukraine. preliminary report on the investigation into the plane crash will be released on tuesday. the safety board says the report will be based on the source is available. further investigation is needed. >> melissa airlines recently created an uproar on social media after launching what is called the ultimate pocket last campaign asking customers to this thing is the most wanted to do before they die. the airline lost two planes this year. disasters that took 537-. >> i was at the vatican to discuss the current cease- fire. >> the growing crisis in the middle east. " france is visited israel earlier this year and met with peres and palestinian authority president
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for a torah of peace. >> the family cannot figure out why they were missing so many socks until they're great dame started throwing up. they rushed the dog to the veterinarian. they didn't x-ray and found all of those socks and the dog's stomach. performed emergency surgery and removed 43.5 stocks. the dog was able to go home the next day. >> second place prize of $500. put the money in a fund that helps low income families pay their veterinarian bills. >> i have one removed from my little dog. it took surgery. >> announces they're joining forces with a major technological company. the food producer that is eliminating the use of most antibiotics.
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u.s. stocks up this midday. news the european central bank is trimming main interest rate to a record low. and is up about 31 points. the pharmaceutical giant is teaming up with the calico biotech companies to develop drugs. the company is makinmako invest. will build a research and development facility in the sentence is the bay area where researchers will work to develop drugs and bring them to marketing. virtually stopped using human antibiotic some chickens. >> most chickens
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will still use in animal only antibiotic to protect them from diseases. the move makes per do the first major u.s. chicken producer to and the use of human intervention x regardless of product. >> the percentage of freshmen admitted to the champagne campus could decide to enroll has been declining for the past two years. school officials say tuition cost is the main reason students have rejected offers. >> calls for more tuition hikes. the school is also planning to increase financial aid to $84 million to attract new students. >> a vegetable that can help curb cravings for sweets. >> history is made for the chicago sky.
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the bears in just a few days away from the season opener. the bears had full participation yesterday at practice. use limited. return from california where he opened a restaurant in his home town.
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not worried about criticism. most people do not work on labor day. >> i poured my heart on the field. every game and every play. people questioning whether i care more to be there than to be here a history has always spoken for me. take that how you want to appear at >> is tomorrow night at 10. w nba east conference finals. the layout and the fall. she scored 17 with 7 rebounds. upton a few minutes later. fourth three- pointer. she led all scorers with 24 off the bench. advanced to the finals for the first time in
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team history. the five a series starts in phoenix. >> it to run home run off of the former chicago cubs. same score next inning. >> he has 10 rbi in the last week. utterances' sixth win. >> and high ankle sprain. : 3-0 1/4. >> the sox would tie it at 3. the a real single to ken the vargas. will not escape the inning after giving up seven her and runs. the white sox lose 11-4. >> announced in a schedule for the
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chicago blackhawks 2014-15 season. >> throughout the season wgn will carry markey matchups >> for the complete schedule just go to our web site. >> don't just visit new york.
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visit tripadvisor new york. with millions of reviews, tripadvisor makes any destination better. could afternoon everybody. his stormy morning and early afternoon and parts of the metro area. starting to wind down. storms came into this. from our friend another
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ominous looking sky here. we felt a lot of these lately. the rain cooling air comes out. >> produces a new cloud. trixie hemispheric them. >> shows us the storm's coming in there today. tom and springfield do that some big brains. >> from tim harmon in michigan city indiana a boiling cumin and this club. finally allison of oak brook illinois shows us the mushrooms will really getting a lot of reports in the wake of all this rain. springing up something of an epidemic. why not after all of that wet weather this past week and
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summer. >> you're either shot or is looking north from the hancock building. sweeping across parts of the metro area. rain never falls evenly. certainly it is illustrated as a sure your buddy storms here. but to the vast area and have it has been shrinking. >> here's the untaught view. showing a decrease in the areas of yellow and orange the represent the heaviest showers. >> the low level flow of warm humid air into a storm complex. >> the unlocked furniture breaks down and the shower is evaporates peers soon we will get some sunshine. >> still coming down at a good pace. down here in parts of western will come to. the couple more out by the rockford area. >> big storms in
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northern wisconsin during the course of the morning as well. >> one of our viewers up in the hayward area. >> lot of damage up along lake nelson. suggest to the folks up there have been a tornado. that is up near the jet stream. here you see were the heaviest rains come down. and particularly this area up here in galesburg. so has the area up around madison wisconsin. >> 4.2 in.. there is flooding in madison this morning. special marine adviser is the storms go out into northern lake michigan. there he advisories and parts of st. louis with
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wind the big story out west as cooler air rushes into that area. >> there will be severe weather north of us. we've not been in the right set up for severe weather. 42 uproar wind gust a la chicago whitewater chicago >> couple of whether blood use of the rain coming into the area. years northwest suburban hartford. out in kane county west or high school. rain has fallen there. there's a view from our southern suburbs. >> here is our model forecast showing the rain exiting the area. the clouds pricking as the afternoon goes on. a warm night with maybe a shower thunderstorm developing in the northern counties. some additional development tomorrow afternoon and evening ahead of the cooler air. but 60 percent of the area would have gotten a sharp letter time this day ends.
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mainly northern sections late tonight. about half the area can see a shower during the day on friday. if temperatures are going to surge against the sun comes up. southerly winds blow with cooler air and. you'll see these temperatures takeoff. 87 the kansas city. this is the air that has few of those thunderstorms. after a 83 yesterday and in 86 midway. 73 days above 80. 70 is normal. despite what appeared to be a cool summer we actually had more eighties this year than typically the case. >> we're in the '70s. it is cooler because of the rain. the dew points are steamy. up there in the '60s. . of seen some of the wind gust test still going the vicinity of some of the showers. >> organize severe weather is not expected. that will be mainly up in northern wisconsin. >> a hurricane that
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is going to brush california. the remnants of tropical storm the went to mexico. actually bring some rain to the southwest. we'll talk a lot that on the update coming up. this afternoon sunshine to break through the clouds. scattered thunderstorms winding down. >> hi up around 86- 88 degrees. the indices will be running up into the '90s. in my part of a cloudy when the warm and muggy. chance for a few scattered thunderstorms. low temperature only 74 tonight. soft wind at 12-24. >> to clusters of showers and storms. 82 not quite as warm as today. >> much cooler by the weekend. cloud give way to mixed sunshine. much cooler and less humid. >> pretty comfortable weekend. >> pretty comfortable weekend.
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the official drawing of the illinois lottery. >> >> third and final
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number of tenis >> moving into a fireball from pick three. >> >> third lucky
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number is. >> fourth and final number this afternoon. >> the number is 9. here we go. fireball 44. it is five. time to play lucky day lottery. this afternoon jackpot $200,000. third winning numbers 39. followed by the fourth number. >> your fifth and final is 19. >> neck and millions of 33 million.mega millions is 3
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>> neck and millions of 33 million.mega millions is 3 million.
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this is holly. her long day of outdoor adventure starts with knee pain. and a choice. take 6 tylenol in a day or just 2 aleve for all day relief. onward! time for news from your family. mystery illnesses making dozens of children sick. about 70 kids ended up at the hospital in quincy illinois over the holiday weekend with a respiratory violencvirus. dr. >> 7 not yet
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confirmed exactly which viruses. urging parents to watch all for high fever trouble breathing and a rattling cough. now restricting visits for children younger than 12. doctors are concerned if the kid to may be carrying the virus could pass a gun to vulnerable patients and hospital. eating spinach could help you eat less overall. scientists discovered a spinach extract containing green leaf membranes. curb's food cravings by nearly 95%. study shows by suppressing cravings it could help other control appetites. >> researchers say the membrane's gradually slow down the digestive process. marijuana is widely believed to be non addictive. that may not be the case after all. scientists at massachusetts general hospital studied teenagers being treated at an outpatient substance-abuse clinic here among those indicated marijuana was the substance to use most often 40% short
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withdrawal symptoms. 84 percent of the marijuana users my criteria for dependents including increased tolerance and unsuccessful efforts to stop or decrease use. study will be published in the journal of addiction medicine. >> >> there was amazing because of a so- called for so long. >> we are learning to recipes that can use up this overab
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>> what to do this
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time of year. the vice-president. albans has fabulous ideas. mention your mother. i was talking to her this morning as those driving in. what do i do with all of these tomatoes? >> happens slowly. i think there was one all year in my garden. >> also the pepper is the other sort of popping in the garden. to middle and pepper sauce. and you allot of peppers and different colors. the easiest way to cut the pepper apart. >> open it up like a book and out comes. that is now ready.
12:52 pm
it is real easy. >> with a whole bunch of bell peppers. what i did along with some onions is just stew them in all of oil. nice and gentle until it gets good and soft. it will be good. while that cox >> or we're going to do when you need to take the seats up. >> slice right through the middle of a to manner. >> taken in just squeeze it. >> that is so easy.
12:53 pm
rear ready to go. we just dice them all. wonderful. to make our sauce. >> 6 palms of chopped tomatoes. by the end of that he will be >> one measure normal paprika. which has an unbelievable flavor. i'm going to let you help me with those too. the secret ingredient. about 40
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ounces are so. cut into little strips. because of that little something. take this and cook as for about one of our. it looks like this over here. lace and delicious. one more thing to do with tomatoes. this is our plum tomatoes. a slice in half. i just going here and scrape all of the seeds. when it is done it looks like this over here. to make it all have to do is a little olive oil. >> some men stopped garlic. a little bit >> some men stopped garlic. a little bit of time.
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in the criminal justice system the people are represented by two separate yet equally important groups: the police, who investigate crime and the district attorneys, who prosecute the offenders. these are their stories. good morning, mrs. hallenbeck. time for us to... mrs. hallenbeck? did they take my mother already? she wasn't supposed to go till 9:30. must be down the hall somewhere. isn't it your job to keep track of the patients? your mother's around, darling. we'll find her. marjorie hallenbeck, 53, mrs. there are two deep bruises on the torso. this one on her head. caused by what? looks like somebody punched her twice she fell, hit her head. which one's fatal? head wound knocked her out. i doubt if it killed her. best guess now is internal bleeding. how long would that take? a minute, a day. i won't know till the autopsy. time of death? given the temperature and lack of rigor


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