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tv   WGN Morning News  CW  September 5, 2014 4:00am-5:01am CDT

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three people were shot overnight - two of them critically - after an attempted armed robbery at a fast food restaurant in the western suburbs. a tragic accident: a woman walking in the south loop is killed after she's hit with a piece of facade that fell from a nearby church. chicago broadcasting legend and former wgn radio personality roy leonard has passed away. good morning. i'm dan ponce. and i'm erin mcelroy. thanks for joining us on the wgn morning news at *4 a-m. >> and just barely standing. >> i think dan watched football. >> it was too much cheering i guess what, voice sounds like that. it was a rough start.
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>> under the weather on friday ... petard. is it wooden nickels thursday last night? >> it was nichols appears. >> of to look at our day. showers and thunderstorms to the day. early on we are dry. it is 76 degrees in union. 76 in morris. satellite and radar composite she is generally dry conditions. but later today we have potential for showers and storms. a cold front is coming through it should have been here close to 7:00 a.m. but probably not getting here until lunchtime. the chance of rain will pop up. dan will leave the bar open for you. today's official high is 81. cooler on saturday in the '70s.
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>> with construction hotspots the road to where construction began yesterday it will be picked up by 6:00 tonight. still going to be slow for people approaching their between 41 and the illinois state line. at 555 we had some ramp work that goes through december at the intersection of 30 impacting north and south bound ramps. a driver was killed when he crashed into a pick-up truck on i-57 a few hours ago. this happened near 159-th street, in south suburban markham. police say the driver was heading south when it rear ended a construction truck that was parked on the left shoulder. the driver died at the scene, and he has not been identified. the truck was empty at the time. no one else was hurt. all southbound lanes on i-57 are closed. three employees were shot during an attempted robbery at a kentucky fried chicken in aurora. patrick elwood is live outside
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the restaurant on the city's near east side with the latest. >> good morning. not a lot of information at this hour but we can tell you two people hospitalized in critical condition after an attempted robbery at this k at sea last night. three people shot in all as part of the robbery. police say the trouble started about 8:30 p.m. when employees were getting close to closing up. the two men walked into the restaurant and announced a robbery. sometime during the robbery things went wrong and shots were fired and three employees were hit. >> it was getting pretty ugly lately there's been a lot of shootings. people are scared for the community. >> police are telling us that two people are in custody in connection with the attempted
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robbery and it appears it will be business as usual with a food truck making a delivery here's a few moments ago. >>a woman was killed by a piece of facade that fell from a church in the south loop. sarah bean was walking to lunch with her fiancé in the 19- hundred block of south michigan yesterday afternoon, when a piece of decorative metal came off of the "second presbyterian shaw church". the metal knocked a stone gargoyle off the building, which hit bean ... killing the mother of two almost instantly. >> the fiancee said he felt something hit him in the shoulder and he stepped back and when he stepped back he must have moved toward an turnaround and by that time the fragment had already hit her. i could see something coming down. as it came down i just saw her fall down on the ground. >>buildings department records show the church, which was built in 1874, failed a string of inspections between 2007 and 2011.
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a longtime member of the wgn family is gone. roy leonard passed away last night at evanston hospital. from 1967 to 1998, leonard was a popular radio host, celebrity interviewer and entertainment critic. he hosted wgn-tv's "family classics" upon the passing of frazier thomas in 19-85. his family says leonard had been battling health problems... and this week he suffered a sudden drop in blood pressure, and needed a transfusion. last night a priest was called to his hospital bed... his family was there when he passed away. roy leonard was 83. new york state health officials are investigating the clinic where joan rivers underwent surgery a week before her death. according to the new york fire department, the 81-year-old comedian was undergoing a minor procedure at the yorkville endoscopy clinic last thursday when she suffered cardiac and respiratory arrest. so far the clinic has not made any comments regarding the investigation. funeral services for rivers will be held on sunday. katie tong takes a look back at river's rise to stardom. >> joan knew she wanted to be a
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star. instead she became a pioneer. >> i come from a town called larchmont and if you are a girl and not married and you are 21 you are better off dead. i was the last girl in larchmont. >> brooklyn-born, raised in long island share originally dreamed of a career in theater. but in between auditions, something happened when she worked to pay the bills. she found out she was funny. and so did everyone else. the a figured if the lord wanted women to cook it would give her aluminum pans. >> she found herself on the tonight show with johnny carson. he said god you are funny. after numerous appearances she was named johnny carson's permanent
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guest host in 1983. >> i have no sex appeal. last that i said to my husband edgar would you call me attractive woman and he said call your own. >> they became one of the most famous duos. he banned her from the tonight show after she got her own late-night program on fox in 1986. recently jonah melissa had been best known for the fashion police on the channel e. >> police and the jury it was more crap on this woman then you would find in the entire sky mall catalog. >> should continue to do stand- up until the night before she went into cardiac arrest. in may 2014 she returned to the tonight show for the first time in 26 years. or as she said, for noses ago. >> it's special to be back. very special. >> helping to launch her stardom
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almost 50 years ago. >>, bless him he said you are born to be a star. >>rivers sharpened her skills in chicago, working at second city as a writer and improv artist. >> joan was a force. we are so honored the issue is part of our family. only here for a short period time in the '60s but the career she had was extraordinary. >> a true inspiration and friend. unfiltered. one of the nicest women you would ever want to meet. >>rivers was scheduled to perform at the chicago theater two months from now. time she took the stage there since 1986. for more photos and videos on the life and legendary career of joan rivers you can go to our website w-g-n-t-v dot com slash joan rivers. and ahead at 6:45 a.m. comedian patti vasquez joins us on set to talk rivers' life and legacy. taking a look at the *other
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top stories this morning. this man being held, without bond, for the murder of a retired chicago police officer. 18 year old jesse kazmierski is charged with the murder of elber brown. brown was shot and killed during a home invasion in march. prosecutors say kazmierski and two others knocked over brown's wife before they demanded him to open his safe. this man was also denied bond for a murder that happened in 1992. 71 year old robert serritella is charged with the murder of 15 year old david chereck. chereck was strangled with his own scarf before he was dumped in a forest preserve. prosecutors say they brought charges after re-examining evidence and interviewing witnesses. they say serritella was always a suspect, but the trail went cold. federal officials say a hacker breached the "health care dot gov" website. it happened back in in july... and investigators say malware was loaded onto the server, but no personal data was taken. congressional critics are calling for a hearing on website security.
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new dinosaur fossils suggest... the worlds largest dinosaur *ever has been found. remains were found in argentina... and has been identified as a new species dreadnoughtus. scientists say this dinosaur was nearly 85 feet long... weighing about 65 tons. they resembled the giant brachiosaurus... but about twice the size. about 70-percent of the dinosaur's skeleton was in tact.. making it one of the best-preserved, large dinosaur's ever discovered. >> that's a big name. >> it sounds like a transformer. i think they realized dinosaurs needed: names that they teach the kids. the mad if he is last in line you have to debate. today's high temperature 85. chance for rain 60 percent. a burly spikes this afternoon as the front takes its time to get through. that 85 is going to be an early date time high. 74 small. sunday's 76. nice football weather. not to want, not too cold. monday we make 77.
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tuesday and wednesday and thursday chance of showers. back to you. >>coming up ... world leaders meeting for the final day of the nato summit, vowing to take swift action in response to the isis threat. plus -- the third american aid worker infected with ebola returns to the u-s, now why doctors say he can't receive the same treatment as the other two americans who contracted the virus. and -- garth brooks makes his big return to the stage right here in chicago. we'll have all of the details from his first show at all state arena coming up later on.
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fast food workers took to the streets in 150 cities, to demand a higher minimum wage. here in chicago, police arrested about 50 people when they spilled into the street and disrupted traffic... all to draw attention to their campaign for a 15-dollar-an-hour minimum. the workers say they can't support themselves or their families on the state minimum wage of 8-25. >> we are just trying to feed our families. we can't do it on this salary. >> these people out here are working families. there are homeless families out here. if you can't pay for life with this money. >>31 demonstrators were arrested in cicero... and 19 in
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chicago's chatham neighborhood. the fast food chains say a higher minimum wage would force them to raise prices, cut employee hours and lay people off. the nato summit continues today in wales, as president obama looks for allies in the fight against i-sis. the official agenda of the summit included ending the afghanistan war and resolving the conflict between russia and ukraine. but the president and british prime minister david cameron are using their time to form an international coalistion to take on i-sis in iraq. the terrorist group has beheaded two american journalists and threatens to wipe out non-muslims in the region. >> this extremist narrative is not just in iraq and syria, which ceded in somalia and in afghanistan when hosted by the caliban. this is a generational struggle. >>prime minister cameron says he has not ruled out airstrikes against i-sis forces in iraq and syria. so far there's no talk of nato sending in troops like it did in afghanistan twelve years ago.
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a third american health worker infected with ebola in africa -- will return to the u-s today. dr. rick sacra is expected to arrive at the nebraska medical center in omaha. it's one of only four facilities in the country equipped to care for people with dangerous and contagious diseases. officials say the staff is fully prepared. we have several different types of protective equipment that will be determined based on the patience and self of what kind of sentence he's having what we are concerned about. >>dr. rick sacra was infected while treating maternity patients in liberia. there are no more doses left of an experimental drug, which was given to the two other americans who caught ebola. the drug takes months to manufacture. health officials don't expect more until next year. catching a fish is always fun.. but how about catching a fish that's almost 700 pounds? 17-year old adam sattar was fishing off the florida coast when a fish bit his line... but not just any fish... a massive swordfish. it took nearly 4 hours to make
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the catch near north palm beach. the fish measured more than 14 feet long and a weighed a whopping 693 pounds. dozes of people on the dock were treated to swordfish steak. adam and his dad are seeing if the catch is viable for a world record. you know if you catch things in florida to take into the restaurant will cook their right for you. >> i am on the side of the animal ... how about it only fed dozens. 700 lbs. and only dozens? they all get 20 lbs. apiece? still have 600 lbs. to go. 78 degrees is the current temperature. this is really a cry for help. and not try to state my case. 77 degrees rate not the lakefront. 76 in
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bartlett. 76 in aurora. here's the deal. one temperatures early on. will have high temperatures in the '80s. showers and storms will come through. this cold front initially would have arrived around 7:00 today. it's slowed down and significantly the warm air not getting through yet. this front will move through but it will be around lunchtime. showers and thunderstorms with the chance of rain increasing with each hour into the afternoon it looks like some this rain could linder into the evening. scattered showers and storms. into tomorrow, it's a different story with clouds on the breakup. decreasing from northwest to southeast. cooler temperatures in the wake of the passing. 85 degrees. that's an early a date time high. it will probably be more like the mid to
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upper '70's. 61 tonight scattered showers most aquatic could do what for friday night football. traub, 7420 percent chance of rain early on. sundays are dry high temperature 76 degrees. >> we are dealing with a big mess on a 57 after a serious accident several hours ago. right now it looks like all lanes are down south bound 57 at 159 while the investigation continues. all traffic now being diverted off at 147. the northbound lanes not far from their full name closures up to 50 minutes at a time. that's happening on the northbound and a bad crash outbound. this is a big mess this morning. the numbers look good a systemwide volume looks good will bring down with another traffic hit a few minutes.
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>> coming up,details on how apple is stepping up the security of i-cloud after some celebrities accounts were hacked and nude photos leaked. if and next in sports -- one of the most maligned bears of last season is healthy and ready to start putting 2013 behind him sunday against buffalo...dave eanet has the details.
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the biggest question about the did bears defense has been who will play safety. a few newcomers and a rookie in the mix along with players coming off of surgery and most recently a concussion. now with the green light to play practicing not known if he will start. but if cleared he will be in the game against the bills. injured in the seattle game two weeks ago, that was his only action since that nightmare finish against the packers last january. >> i am excited. it was a good warmup in seattle and now it's the real deal. i know how excited everyone is.
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>> i feel like we've got a good group and the chemistry is pretty good. >> he has made a commitment to come back and be at his best. he said everything he can do he will do what he can to play and will continue to assess his play just like we do everybody else's. >> a reminder, don't miss our bears a preview special. there will be a preview of the season tonight at 10:00 here on wgn. that's sports. hope you have a great friday. >>stocks were down thursday. the dow fell 8 points. the nasdaq down 10. s-and-p lost 3. apple is planning to launch security alerts to i-cloud users. this comes after celebrity accounts were hacks... and nude images were leaked on the internet. the alerts will be push notifications -- anytime someone tries to change a password, move i-cloud data, or access an
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account from a new device. the company is also planning to secure it's logins.. by requiring more personal information before logging in. a celebration took place last night at chicago's national museum of puerto rican arts and culture. the museum celebrated the completion of its second floor. w-g-n's very own ana beleval was there for the premiere and fundraising event. and... this weekend is the 12th-annual barrio arts fest. it's a celebration of the arts, crafts, music and performances that encompasses humboldt park. >> hoping for a good weekend. >> here's why. the bears. time for football. we have four seasons and one of them is football. buffalo bills this weekend. 70 degree cookickoff. nothing but the best for that game. 78 degrees right now. we
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will be up to 84. a big cooled down as the front comes through we will drop to about 78 by 5:00 p.m.. mary by third quarter it will be 71 with the chance of rain. >> work along the dan ryan were intersects with the stevenson really busy thoroughfare. luckily it will be picked up at 5:00. cars will be slowing without any delay. traffic is now being forced into the express lanes. over on 57 a huge mass of all liens are blocked southbound at 159 from accidents several hours ago. still try to clear that up. ongoing investigation taking place. on top of that on the northbound side, intervention and full lane closures. there will be picked up in about 30 minutes. heavy delays
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northbound everything south bound everything is focused on the hot spot right now. >> still more to come in the next half an hour. >> outrage after elementary school students have access to pornography on school laptops. plus -- we've now learned just how much money the cubs are asking for in federal tax credits to renovate wrigley field. and -- the u.s champions jackie robinson west little league team hits the road again. details on where they are headed this morning.
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three people are injured after an attempted armed robbery at a suburban fast food restaurant. broadcasting legend and wgn radio personality roy leonard has died. the new york health department is investigating the circumstances surrounding joan rivers' death. good morning, i'm dan ponce. and i'm erin mcelroy. let's go to demetrius ivory for a check of the weather. hi, demetrius. >> big change this weekend in terms of temperatures. yesterday was 85. it rained all morning. this began, " temperatures. you will have to fish through your closet for heavier jackets. put the white pants away. they're done. there's always coral or
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salmon leftover. whenever the boat shoes match. it's 70 degrees right now. at the lakefront its 75. sutlej river are composite shows we are dry but the left-hand portion of your screen shows the cold front coming true. showers and storms will complete the day. there's a good chance the rain makes its way into the region as a move into the latter portion of the morning. seven days forecast in a bit first traffic. >> lots of construction an accident causing some problems here saw that 57 wall, traffic being diverted off at 147 due to the earlier crash they are continuing to investigate. northbound we have full plane closures 15 minutes at a time. that's causing delays between 159 and the tristate. seeing heavy delays at this hour where
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80 turns into the tristate some of that may be gaper delays. a lot of police activity still on the scenes outbound. watch for that this morning. >>three employees were shot during an attempted robbery at a kentucky fried chicken in aurora. patrick elwood is live outside the restaurant on the city's near east side with the latest. >> information is filtering through. with don't have a lot. two employees are in critical condition this morning. the condition of the other person we don't know after the attempted robbery. police say the trouble started at about 830 when two men walked in and announced that it was a robbery. something went
4:33 am
wrong later. shots were fired. three people were hurt. two of those people listed in critical condition. overall, three employees were hit. >> it was getting pretty ugly. this battle lot of shootings of the early lead. people are scared for this community. >> police are saying they do have two people in custody and it appears the restaurant will be open for business later this morning. >>a longtime member of the wgn family is gone. roy leonard passed away last night at evanston hospital. from 19-67 to 19-98, leonard was a popular radio host, celebrity interviewer and entertainment critic. he hosted wgn-tv's "family classics" upon the passing of frazier thomas in 19-85. his family says leonard had been battling health problems... and this week he suffered a sudden drop in blood pressure, and needed a transfusion.
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last night a priest was called to his hospital bed... his family was there when leonard passed away. roy leonard was 83. the entertainment community is mourning the loss of a less legend. >> to know what it's like to go and take off official must and realize you're not wearing one?joan rivers appeared on the w-g-n morning news a couple of times. the week after going into cardiac arrest. she died. she went to become an actor but then relies shoes funny. in 1965 she first. on the johnny carson show. a regular for 20 years after that eventually becoming a substitute host. >> a very special to be back. very special. he said you'll be a star. god bless him. >> she was 81. her funeral will be on sunday in manhattan. >> she. on the wgn morning news
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several times. back in 2006 they asked her about her face lifts she even joked about it. >> when did you get your first procedure? >> you should do it before the notice. that's the trick. so when you see them to lay you know. they said dew will bits and pieces not all once. >> also on the morning news earlier this summer talking about her new book, diary of a mad the back. joining us now to talk more about or leonard and joan rivers rivers is entertainment critic dean richards who joins us via skype from toronto. hi dean. >> quite a day yesterday. >> thanks for joining us so early. you have shared many lively conversation with joan over the years. how will you remember her current? >> i will remember the times
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off-camera. we all know the on- camera persona the biting humor and quick wit. but while setting up the lights were getting things ready, she would take your hand and say hello are you doing? what's new with you? tommy about yourself. she was, for all of her with and people been so scared of her, she was really quite a nice person. that's what all remember the most. >> and turning to roy leonard for second. you do television and radio. lots of people say it's hard to convey the warmth on the radio the same way when the dew on tv but that's a lot of people said he had class and warmth and he was at top of his game for 31 years. >> 31 years when he retired from wgn radio and wgn tv. nobody brought forth that wharf like roy. nobody ever will. nobody
4:37 am
could take a piece of paper with words on it and make it seem as though it was coming off the top of his head and inject dimension and warmth into a script. but that the way roy was. anybody who knew him new it was a natural curiosity, the intense intelligence of this man. he was so passionate about entertainment in chicago. even when he retired and passed the baton to me, what i remember most about him was the day when he retired, he leaned over to me and said congratulations, you will do a great job covering entertainment. i'm so glad i don't have to cover the junk you'll have to cover. he was happy to now go to movies and plays that he wanted to go to not the ones he had to go to. he was completely active in the
4:38 am
theater world in chicago up until the time last april i think was the last time i saw him face-to-face. we've gone to the performance of the sound of music at the pacific opera house. walking down the street together, i was ahead of him and he took a nasty spill on the sidewalk. he fell face down and somebody told me that he had fallen so i ran back and he was down on the sidewalk bleeding profusely from his head and we got some napkins to try to stop the bleeding. i was talking to them and he said i'm fine. he said how about that first act? how about the performance from the lead singer? all he wanted to do was reviewed the play we had just seen even though he was bleeding on the street. when the paramedics came to pick him up he was still reviewing the play.
4:39 am
he said he was fine. >> the key for your time this morning dean will check in with you later. >>elementary school students in huntley-algonquin district-158 have been using school laptops and tablets to access internet porn. parents raised the issue at the school board meeting last night. >> doing searches from home for eight weeks if the district is truly following the rules and doing the exception reporting, on what the tablets are getting too, over that period of eight weeks someone would have contacted our families and said hold up, but you are looking at inappropriate material. >>five thousand kids use the tablets. the problem came to light a couple weeks ago. kids were able to view those images both at home and at school. district 158 is working to fix the problem. the school board took no direct action on it last night.
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the latest road block in the wrigley field project involves federal tax credits. the cubs plan to spend 375- million dollars on the project. they're also looking to receive 75-million dollars in tax credits from the national park service. the chicago tribune reports that agency has not signed off on the new outfield signs over concerns that could alter the stadium's historic character. they say they're waiting on more information before they make a decision. the cubs do not need the agency's approval to begin construction at the end of the season. the celebration for the jackie robinson west little league continues today.. as the team heads to disney world. the boys and their families are set to fly out of o'hare this morning.. for a three night stay at orlando's disney world resort. a send off party is set to happen at eight this morning in the airport. the team from the south and southwest sides won the little league national series.. but fell short of the international title by losing to south korea. >> when you were a kid and you played sports you're lucky to make it to little caesars.
4:41 am
>> these kids are rock stars. other kids will be playing this weekend. we're talking high school football. it's going out tonight we're looking at showers and storms of the chance of rain will diminish around 7:00 p.m.. that's good news for kickoff. we are dry for the bears game sunday. 77 at the lakefront. 78 at midway and o'hare. satellite composite is dry. we have showers and storms to the north. we'll watch this rain as it moves closer to us. the chance will spike around lunchtime. you'll probably need it later in the day. this green here is the rain. very little if any rain from lunch. but after that the front continues to move through and we have a spike in the chance for precipitation. showers and storms as well for the day. high temperature to 85. that's the early date time i. to cool down quickly tonight. 61
4:42 am
for the overnight low. 74 on saturday. sunday we are dry up to 76. >> still ahead, garth brooks makes his return to stage right here in chicago. >> at driving the minivan into the ocean with her kids inside now she speaks out about what really happened. >> and a new app that lets you ride with strangers and save some cash.
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you do a lot of things great. but parallel parking isn't one of them. you're either too far from the curb. or too close to other cars... it's just a matter of time until you rip some guy's bumper off. so, here are your choices: take the bus. or get liberty mutual insurance. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. see car insurance in a whole new light. call liberty mutual insurance. the defense for a mother who
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drove her van into the ocean, with her kids inside, is blaming 'low blood sugar.' ebony wilkerson is charged with three counts of attempted murder. her attorney says tests show she had hypoglycemia, which led to her acting erratically. a hearing on that issue will be held today. wilkerson was seven months pregnant when she drove off the florida coast, with her three children, in march. witnesses went in the water and rescued them. you can save money on a cab ride, if you don't mind sitting with a stranger. cab sharing is a form of carpooling that can save you money. fortune magazine reports several companies offer a service that matches up people who are going to the same place. this can come in handy in places like airports and hotels. you just tell the companies where you're at and where you're going. then you just split the bill after you get to your destination. limits can of like match but
4:46 am
without the dating. >> it's the same thing. here are a few stories that are trending online this morning ... the super bowl champion seahawks look ready to defend their title. they beat the packers 36 to 16, in the first game of the new n- f-l season. running back marshawn lynch rushed for 110 yards and two touchdowns. the packers lost two starters to injuries. right tackle bryan bulaga left the game with a knee injury, and running back eddie lacy was treated for a possible concussion. the new teasers are out for "american horror story: freakshow" ... and they seem to be living up to the freaky the trailers you see get a glimpse of terrifying clowns... and a sword swallower -- shoving a giant blade down his throat. the freakshow installment of the american horror story series premiers october 8th on f-x. i don't do well with those kind of shocks. not afraid of spiders but i'm afraid of that.
4:47 am
>> were just good to let that story go. clowns ... if >> bring back jason and freddy krueger. >> the '80s scary people were so much more family friendly. >> remember gizmo and stripe? the kremlin's? then they turned into something scary. look at the forecast. 85 degrees today. chance of showers and storms. tonight we're back down to 61. mark, 74. sunday we make 76. we are dry for the bears game. back to work monday. to me notice temperatures ticket tumble after today. each day looks normal or cooler than normal. >> we have a trouble spot out here this morning crash on southbound side just reopened all those lanes at 159. finally some good news. it's been slow
4:48 am
for several hours since that accident in the early morning hours. in bound kennedy off ramp also reopened. police activity earlier now it's wide open and clear. finally, new crash northbound the short drive at 31. car slammed into a light pole emergency crews pulling up on the scene right now so watch for gaper delay is a people heading north. that's a look at traffic. >> coming up, and garth brooks is in chicago. details after the break.
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he's back and better than ever. country power-house garth brooks kicked off his world tour last night at the allstate arena. >> explains about chicago. 11
4:52 am
shows. i'm a smart guy. i know where the people barack. they've got it. the turnout and the support and they sing. they have fun. >> i don't know i go with the cowboy hat the baseball hat doesn't really do it. brooks was greeted with thousands of enthusiastic fans for his official return to the stage last night. it was the first of hi 11 shows in the chicago suburb of rosemont... which will go through the 14-th. he brought much of his old energy back.. right along with his old crew and band. wife, trisha yearwood, even joined him 45-minutes into his set. this is brooks first tour, since he retired from touring and recording in 2001. >> you know he still hasn't. scarlett johansson is a new mom.the 29-year old and her fiancé, romain dauric welcomed their first child together.. a baby girl name rose dorothy. johansson's rep said mother and daughter are doing well. but in as normal name for a celebrity baby. >> i didn't even know she was
4:53 am
pregnant. >>the couple got engaged last semptember and have yet to reveal any wedding plans. >> to movies and two theaters this weekend. >> and marking the 20th anniversary of forest gump. >> preachers' kids don't dance the way you do. >> it just happens. >> the identical, the elvis movie not about elvis. ray liotta also acts in the film and a first-time director apparently wanted to make a movie about what would happen if the twin brother of elvis had not died at birth. there were two in the world with similar voices and looks and a calling to make music. i am guessing an agreement couldn't be made with the elvis presley estate to use his name and image and music so instead you get it watered down the generic version of a character like elvis and every other similarity without getting
4:54 am
sued. watered-down want to be story whose plot and songs are painfully generic made worse by mostly awful acting. it's a heartbreak hotel filled with a hunk of the-. and, the last of robin hood starring kevin kline as the dashing of legendary actor a role flynn. he may have been born for the role with his own dashing demeanor the movie focuses on the last two years of his womanizing often tragic life. only a slight glimpse into who he was. i would have liked more but still enjoyed the filmed it gets a b minus. >> i am forced. forest gump. >> 20th anniversary of forest gump. this movie is not like a box of chocolates. you know exactly what you get from this heart warming the list and a. to get my weekly movie reviews to your phone just text 97999.
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brought to by million-dollar quartet. dean richards wgn news. >> demetrius, you're treading for a marathon you feel like forest gump? >> as soon as i get over that fifth mile i will be fine. i still have to run the other 20 something. it's good to be a big sale for me. here are the current temperatures. temperatures are on the warm side early on. we are dry. showers and storms, our way there will be here through lunchtime and evening. today's high, 85 degrees. >> great news everything has open began on 57. if you're heading south bound approaching a 159 you should be able to get through. and it looks like killing closures on the other side are being picked up. we are watching an accident or public short drive at 31 a car into a light pole. emergency responders
4:56 am
are on the scene. minor gaper delays approach in that spot. >> your morning headlines are next. we will be back.
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