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tv   WGN Morning News  CW  September 9, 2014 4:00am-5:01am CDT

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a police escort for the body of a northwest indiana officer, killed in a shooting. we'll have a *live report. chicago teachers union president karen lewis makes a big donation to her own campaign. the latest on her race for mayor. and part of an interstate gets washed away in flooding, as record rainfall has flooded parts of the southwest. good morning. i'm dan ponce. and i'm lourdes duarte. thanks for joining us on the wgn morning news at *4 a-m. demetrius ivory has a check of our weather. good morning, demetrius. yesterday was another keeper. >> today will be just as nice. big change in terms of a cold front that will bring us the chance for showers. unchanged on the way. eventually temperatures will drop. that will be at the
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end of the week. today, early and late we have precipitation sun and clouds mixing early. cooler conditions along the lake with a high temperature reaching the '80s in many areas. yesterday bieber just below that. 63 today. 68 in chicago. 60 in valparaiso. 63 in joliet. we continue to see showers will linger all to the west as get into dew page and kane and kendall county. the line of showers and storms is there. they will move through early another chance of rain later generally after the sun goes down. 79 decreased by 5:00 p.m.. high temperature will be 82. that's a forecast. >> we have construction with a few projects right off the top
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of the hour, riverside water main work lining of the water mains that crossed under the river. two big closures there from forced to park place the next on park place from greenland to woodside. this will last through the end of the month. it will cause some detours for people in that area. belgian-o'hare big mess near o'hare when volume is really like not causing any problems that the on ramp does remain closed through september 10th. getting close to seeing this wrapped up and in the meantime it's a doozy for people getting out by the airport. the numbers look good so far. it will break it and with a full traffic hit coming up. >>police officers are gathering right now in the south suburbs to provide an escort for a merrillville officer who was killed in the line of duty. he died at crest medical center
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after a hot shot in the head. this happened saturday. users money to a call and a condo complex when someone said an evicted reza was trying to come back in. he exchanged shots with officers before killing himself. the procession will go from the hospital to the cook county medical examiner's office. it will begin around 430 a m. tonya will have to live report coming up. >> a preliminary report was just released about the crash of the malaysian airlines flight. it came down july 17th on the border of ukraine. two-thirds of the people who died were dutch. reports say the plane broke up in the air as a result of structural damage caused by high speed of checks that penetrated the aircraft from the outside. the crash site was not to tour for many days to report found no evidence of manipulation of the flight recorders. record rainfall in parts of the
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southwest washed out an interstate and trapped hundreds of kids in a school. andrew spencer has more. >> with muddy water streaming across the asphalt, drivers could do almost nothing find themselves trapped on the interstate north of las vegas. floodwater cover the interest it completely shutting down a 20 mi. section. >> we're not going anywhere. >> it's unfortunate that people are stuck in the town have any control. >> he's located at the house right now. it's troubling. >> the water did more than just wash up rude wash part of it away. this is all that is left of one section. floodwaters' temporarily trapped as many as 200 kids inside an elementary school. the nearby river at flood stage, officials expect the flooding to continue through tuesday. in tucson arizona, there were able to rescue a man who had been swapped away in his
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car. >> we had to smashed the window to pass some equipment because the windows didn't go down and the more. >> earlier in the day a woman drowned in her car as rescue workers were trying to reach her. the governor declared a statewide emergency amid the green. heavy rain caused flooding in and around palm springs california as well. >>hundreds united outside an apartment building, where four children were killed in a fire. the fire happened early yesterday morning at 112-th and vernon. seven year old eriana smith, 16 year old carliysia clark, 11- year old shamarion clark, and 13 year old carlvon clark, all died in a bedroom. carliysia was found trying to protect one of her younger siblings. their mother broke her arms and legs when she jumped from a third story window. her boyfriend is hospitalized with scorched lungs. fire officials say all were trapped as the fire spread from the second floor to the third. one of the children's fathers attended a vigil outside the
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building last night. >> i'm going to miss my babies. i called them last night before i went to bed at to make sure they were all right. i will miss my babies. >>there were no working smoke detectors where the fire started...or even in the family's apartment. the building itself has had 38 building code violations in the past six months. it failed its most recent inspection in june. taking a look at the *other top stories this morning. police are warning students and residents about a string of armed robberies around the university of chicago campus. there were three robberies within an hour and a half sunday evening. the first occurred on east 54th street. the second on 54th and ellis, and the third on 54th and university. the suspects are two males and possibly a female... but police do not have detailed descriptions. the second presbyterian church of chicago is being sued over the falling stone that killed a
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woman last week. sarah bean was talking past the church building at 19-36 south michigan, when a part of a gargoyle fell off the building, and hit and killed her. her boyfriend, lance johnson, fathered one of bean's two children. he's suing the church for negligence, and says the building has a history of violations. the city of chicago will pay 150 thousand dollars to an attendant at a tanning salon in the noble square neighborhood. police raided the "copper tan and spa" when an undercover officer said he was offered sex for money. surveillance video caught officers shoving jianqing klyzek to the floor, hitting her, threatening her with a taser, and using racially insulting language. one officer is still working...but was demoted to desk duty. eleven cases of a rare respiratory virus have been confirmed in chicago. that virus has infected hundreds of children in about 12 states. "entero-virus d-68" is similar to a cold, but can progress to the point where breathing becomes very difficult. health officials think there
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are many more unconfirmed cases. most of the victims in chicago were hospitalized in the intensive care unit. the disease is generally not fatal. she's not officially running for mayor yet, but chicago teachers union president karen lewis is spending money like she is. lewis has contributed 40- thousand dollars of her own money toward her campaign fund. lewis says the money is for a campaign office and hiring staff. she says this means she's *seriously considering running against mayor emanuel next year. last month, a chicago tribune poll showed lewis with a slim lead over emanuel. chicago alderman bob fioretti is expected to make an announcement about running for mayor on saturday. he has talked about challenging the mayor and raising enough money to do so. he says a survey of his supporters shows that he might not need as much money as he originally thought. last month's tribune poll showed fioretti far behind emanuel. last night, the harvest moon and supermoon combined to make a super harvest moon.
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this is what it looked like when it first started rising. the full moon is at its closest point to the earth... making it appear orange. while the name harvest moon is associated with the fall.. it's actually the final full moon of the summer. >> it's like christmas and new years combined for demetrius he loves that. >> there are so many notes about this. i will probably have to release them later today in the tribune. this is one of the earliest harvestman you will see. it was a spectacular sight. the moon will still be out later tonight but we won't see it much we have cloud cover. showers and storms generally to the west. but if you live in chicago and you're watching us, expect grain very shortly. just some showers to the north but south of 80 or 80 and 39 meat, generally west of 39 we have a line of heavy rain moving through. extreme southern and western counties we
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continue to see that line as it moves through heading toward el paso. in the next our thunder and lightning could be seen. here's the satellite radar. shares and storms are isolated it will move through towards sunshine with more rain promised for later today. 82 degrees today down to 66 tonight. potentially strong a thunderstorm wednesday when states has 79. 63 thursday 62 for a high on friday. >> demetrius will be back to answer your questions "hey demetrius" segment, coming up in about ten minutes. i didn't even know we had that. >> if you will love it. plus -- the city council in ferguson, missouri, is proposing some changes after an officer fatally shot a teenager, last month. and -- why this woman was allowed to wear a pasta- strainer on her head, for her driver's license photo. no joke. investigators in tenney
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a human skull, discovered sunday near the town of darden, is that of missing nursing student holly bobo. bobo vanished in 20-11. her brother said a man in camouflage was seen leading her away from her home. bobo's family and friends broke down upon hearing the news of her death. two men, jason autry and zachary adams, are charged in connection with her disappearance and death. the local prosecutor plans to
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seek the death penalty if they're convicted. changes could be coming to the police department, and the justice system, in ferguson, missouri. the ferguson city council is meeting tonight, for the first time since the death of 18 year old michael brown. nearly two weeks of protests came after brown was shot and killed by a ferguson police officer. the justice department is already investigating the police department. now ferguson's city council is considering a citizens review board, to work with police. the council may also change how much the city makes in court fines, after accusations of racial profiling. a woman in oaklahoma was allowed to wear a colander on her head for her driver's license photo ... because she said it was her religious headwear. shawna hammond is an atheist. but when she put the spaghetti strainer on for her photo, she told the d-m-v worker she is a pasta pastafarian. >> in 2005 and man wrote an open letter to the kansas state board
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of education. it was about teaching creationism in school. and he came up with the flying spaghetti mosser saying it had as much man marriage. it's freedom of religion and whenever religion that we prefer or even lack of religion. >> you want to wear a colander on your head? go for it. hammond was allowed to keep the photo because it followed the other rules for wearing a religious headpiece. don't laugh. she is very serious. >> i dislike the music that goes behind they're planning some chanting music. it sounds like the monks. >> it is your god-given right to wear that demetrius parent >> at the crazy stories ... i love it. 65 degrees today. wind out of the south as 60. showers and storms early this morning. rain continues to the south and
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west. the heaviest of the rain is west of 39. that area will potentially see thunderstorms today. 63 in waukegan. 61 in lansing. bartlett is a 65. you may notice between yesterday and today, much cooler temperatures still in a comfortable range with overnight lows in the '60s and upper 50s. the green is almost all to the south. heading right through cook county. if you're watching us from chicago good morning. the heaviest of the brain is west of 539 continuing to travel to the south and east. this will all change shortly. in el paso account pontiac a run 55 toward midway we are expecting showers and storms. the heaviest of the rain moving in shortly. here's the first disturbance. sunshine for the middle portion of the day. more rain comes through
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tonight with the big cold front moving through on wednesday this will drop temperatures to mckinley. filtered sun shine high temperature 82. morning shower. tonight on the 66 tomorrow, 90 percent chance of rain. 90 percent means it's going to happen. >> we're taking advantage of the nice weather and the trend to squeeze in some construction projects for the season. we have a number of their tiered division street bridge work will ride through the end of october. everything is closed from halsted over to hooker also impacting some boss's boss 132 n + 70. resurfacing work has a lot of things tied up along state street. a good stretch from the van buren to wacker where they are doing the work causing the tours through that area. that is finally going to be wrapped up on friday. it looks like that is october 10th. not tomorrow.
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watch for that it will cause delays there. right now the numbers are looking good. nice light volume on the roads. we will see how the rest of the day goes. yesterday was messy in terms of commutes. hopefully things will be better today. >>"hey demetrius" is coming up next. plus -- apple will try to wow the crowd with new gadgets at today's big event. we'll have the latest speculation, after 4:45. next in sports -- jay cutler knows he'll need to tighten things up for the bears to have success... and where the cubs and white sox will open the 20-15 season. hey marcus! them up before we get to that, we will behind-the-scenes at motorola. last week they unveiled their own new product. in the smart phone and the mode 0360 smart watched. their first smart watched. what does it do? what does it cost? we will break it down to let you know if you can get your hands on one of those.
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good morning. turn the page, that's the month we're getting from the bears. the buffalo game is best forgotten. have to hope
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it doesn't come back to haunt them when playoff time rolls around. cutler, a contributor on sunday on the radio monday afternoon, he threw a couple of touchdowns in the game but with the game on the line, third down and one and he threw it right to the bills' defensive tackle. cutler didn't want to talk much about that in the post game but he did take ownership during his radio show yesterday. >> you guys know. we are not idiots. we have a veteran group offensively. we'll take accountability. most of the time before the play even happens people say where they've got to do better. much of the same today. not as many of those plays. lots of positive stuff but we did seem to miss a pretty big and we did it. that last interception was a tough one i had to throw the ball and run. >> anytime you are in a position to run and throw to take care of
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the ball, chase spoke out immediately and said he has to do a better job. guy throw it away. that's just a matter of throwing it away. >> in the meantime, making his lance coaching debut against the giants a good time because patrick was all over the skies. matty stafford buying time. how'd you lose the magnetron in the open field? 67 yd touchdown. seven catches 1 54 yds. the lions beat up on the giants' 35- 14. the tentative base of schedules are out. cubs open a home april 6th against the cardinals. white sox begin the same day on the road in kansas city. sox home opener friday april 10th against the twins. six across town games this year. three at wrigley before the all- star game and then three in the middle of august. derrick rose and team usa take on slovenia in the round of world cup basketball. the bulls are
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reportedly reaching out to ray allen about the season. that morning sports. >>other sports note to pass alongthe white sox beat the oakland a's, 5-to-4, late in the 12-th inning. and the cubs lost, 8-nothing, to the toronto blue jays. game highlights, at five. >> this is serious. don't laugh you haven't even seen it. >> the system hard-hitting work. are you ready?time for another edition of "hey demetrius". return the microphone over to demetrius. >> who picks the questions? >> the duress' send them and i pick them to what i can answer. here's the question. "what do you think of the farmers' almanac forecast of a cold winter approaching?" >> tell us. >> the farmers' almanac posted a winter that will be colder than normal. typically i am against
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this. i went out to disprove this farmer's almanac if it has any level of accuracy. i don't know if i found it. check this out. >> i will admit, i always thought the farmer's almanac was hogwash. they say they make their forecast by some in should message that has been around for hundreds of years within never tell anyone what the method is. so went back to last year to prove it if it was accurate or inaccurate. guess what i found out? it was right on. the forecasted a colder than normal winter with a snowy super bowl. remember the super bowl was in new york. also from this article and man from the washington post who really ripped on the farmer's almanac about how our reaches the forecast was. here it is in print. a respected scientist and journalist now has egg on his
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face because he dared to stand against the farmer's almanac. i won't be like that. as a meteorologist, i know what it's like when people a wrong forecast. >> if it's wrong with the mad. >> what should the punishment before a wrong forecast? >> a seven day suspension for the first 14 for the second. >> i would make you pick up my dog poop. out in the park. >> obviously if you satisfied customers there. but that won't happen to me. i am increasing the almanac i will use it to propel me to the best forecast i can do. and using it in my forecast even if it's a day-to- day thing i'm always checking with the almanac. all the meteorologist will wonder how i'm so good. i'm not going to give them a message just yet. >> what are you reading? >> just a book ... >> there to farmer's almanac's.
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it was the new farmer's almanac that had the crazy forecast. but it is fun of reading. i will talk about the accuracy but all i know is my numbers are going up. now i know how thomas killing doesn't. i stole this book. >> if you have questions you could always e-mail him. but stories nine at g-mail dot com* or on twitter *at d meterologist.* what is set for today? where's your book? >> let's take a look. showers and storms moving through the region. the heaviest of the rain is to the south. as you look at the 74 cast, 82 degrees will be the high on tuesday. crossties 79. thursday we make 63. a lot of gardening tips, i know you are terrible a cardinal gardening. lots of recipes are out there. fun stuff in the
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farmer's almanac. joining in. you can learn a lot. >> i just buy them in bulk. was to look at the new achsah we're watching in bound kennedy at edison to left lanes open everything else was blocked a few minutes ago. i do have some relief there. the fire department is right now blocking the far right lanes for a car fire. also, could mention of the ongoing construction happening on the california blue line. that will be continuing for some time. also impacting some shuttle buses to go through there. basically if you look at the western or logan square stations these are options. also corn to be an option to take that 56 milwaukee bucks. the blue line station will not open until october 16th. more coming up in terms of traffic and the hot spots coming out there i will have more. >> still more to come.
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>> the terror group isis' releases new combat video as we get closer to learning who be headed the american journalist. >> and baltimore cuts race after video shows he knocked out his girlfriend in the elevator. >> and no more test scores or transcripts. one college modern take ona police escort begins sy
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for a northwest indiana officer, killed in a shooting. we'll have a *live report. part of an interstate gets washed away, as record rainfall floods parts of the southwest. and cardinal george will meet with a fired gay music director, later today. good morning, i'm dan ponce. and i'm lourdes duarte. let's go to demetrius ivory for a check of the weather. hi, demetrius. >> yesterday was picture perfect. this summer we have finally found our group. but we only have zero weeks left. >> its credit change in a big way. warm temperatures and a. chance of showers and storms. a good chance this morning and another chance after sunset. middle portions of the day will have sunshine but we are still
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expecting to see grain as the cold front comes through. . of the current temperatures. these numbers are where they should be. green indicates light rain yellow is heavier rain. red is where it's really heavy. heavy rain along i 39. that area has been hit in the last week with that heavy rain. in the southern counties we can see some showers. here in the midsection we just have some light showers. the train going through portions of dew page county. oak brook and glen ellen are looking at the rain which will continue through the morning. we will talk about temperatures dropping but for today, you'll like this 82 for the high today. that's the forecast. it's busy on the roads let's check in with erin. >> accident in bound kennedy at addison this is a car fire that
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had all lands down. there were able to clear this quickly fire department off to the shoulder minor gaper delays. really good news for people who've been dealing with all the construction out at o'hare. this is great get on to the ramp at irving park family going to be opened again tomorrow it's been blocked for a few weeks looks like september 10th is the date they will open this it should increase the flow of traffic through here. more travel times coming up. >>police officers from merrillville have gathered at christ hospital in oak lawn, to escort the body of a murdered colleague to the medical examiner's office. tonya francisco is there with more. >> good morning. not only officers from mayor bill but also from all over indiana as well as here in the state of illinois oakland police officers
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have been taking part in the solemn ceremony. sunday morning, 24 year-old nicklaus shot succumbed to his injuries from the shooting late friday night in which he was responding to a situation at a condo complex where and evicted president was trying to get back into his home. the resident wearing body armor exchanging gunfire with police officers and unfortunately the officer was shot in the head. joining me now is the chairman of the fraternal order of police, indiana's critical incident and response team. thank you for joining us. it has been a tough year for you. five officers since june. tell us about this morning's ceremony. >> this morning we are here to honor your brother and escort him to the medical examiner's office. we will take back that every time he is transported he will be transported under the
4:36 am
american flag and he will be escorted by police escort. >> why is it so important that you do this for him and his family? >> we are a family. this is one of our brothers. our fallen brother and the matter what color uniform we wear, no matter our color we are all brothers and sisters and we all believed blue. we are here for our brother and his family to let them know there will always be part of the family. >> thank you for joining us. now it is important to note that the officers organs were donated this is why it took so long to transport his body. he will be taken to the cook county medical office for autopsy. his funeral arrangement is still pending. that is expected to take place between seven-8:00 a.m.. we will be here for the ceremony through the day. for now, and live in oakland. >>"isis" just released a new propaganda video, showing its
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members conducting combat operations. the images include heavy weaponry the "isis" terrorists seized when they took over an air base in syria. it is now their primary stronghold. one iraq combat veteran who saw the video suggests it was *staged, because it doesn't show anyone shooting *back at "isis." on a more positive note, iraq's parliament completed its work on creating a new government, just one day before its constitutional deadline. former prime minister nouri al- maliki will be one of the country's three vice presidents. the united states is closer to identifying the man who beheaded american journalist james foley. american and british investigators have examined the "isis" video in which foley was displayed, both before and after his brutal execution. two american law enforcement officials say they are pretty certain they know the identity of the actual killer. he's believed to be connected with a group of extremists based in london. there is still no *official confirmation of who killed foley. record rainfall flooded parts of the southwest. a woman whose car was swept off the road in tucson, drowned as
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rescue workers were trying to reach her. yesterday was the single rainiest day in history for phoenix. arizona governor jan brewer has declared a statewide emergency. hundreds of kids were also trapped in an elementary school in nevada when a river overflowed. torrential rain also shut down a 20-mile stretch of interstate 15, near las vegas ... leaving drivers stranded. >> it's unfortunate that people are away from their family and they don't have control. >> my father has alzheimer's and he's a the house alone so it's frightening. >>the rain was due, in part, to the remnants of hurricane norbert. rate rise is out of football after security video shows him punching his then girlfriend. they're now questions about how the nfl handle the situation. at&t posted this video showing how he hit his fiancee after the get into the elevator. she
4:39 am
lunges at him that he hit her again and knocked her out. the nfl initially suspended him two games after a different video just showed her on the floor. after this video went public, the nfl suspended him indefinitely and the ravens terminated his contract. >> something we saw for the first time today. it changed things of course. it made things different. >> the an f else says they never saw the video inside the elevator until yesterday but apparently there were never asking for it. also they say the only recourse to law enforcement information which was limited because the criminal case was pending. francis george has begun his experimental treatment for cancer but today back to work. plans to meet with the music director of this church who is fired for declaring his intention to marry his gay partner. released from the holy family church in vernon, is hoping the cardinal can help him get his job back. >> it was never meant to be
4:40 am
political for to be a challenge of church. i love the church. i love my work. the just want to be back with the people. >> the chicago archdiocese called the four colonels visit a pastoral meeting. he said before the vatican and the harsh choices and to not get involved with hiring and firing at local churches. >> a maryland college is telling his school seniors they comply with the transcript without s.a.t. scores. instead, they will accept a selfie and video as a substitute to all those things. prospective students can submit a two minute video talking about who they are. administrators say it's just one option to apply. the video would stand on its own. no great or as a team scores would be needed. would have been nights when i went to school. i wouldn't have had to study so much. >> if you could pick your own major. steady a selfie.
4:41 am
>> you could make something out of that. >> it's called the one man to stand. horrible news stories everywhere. 65 degrees right now. wind of the south at 6 mi.. jars and storms may early but then they will return into the evening. pack your umbrella chances are you needed a run lunchtime as temperatures warm up. but more rain comes after dinner. 63 rate now in waukegan. these numbers are worthy should be. typically during a rainy night temperatures don't drop much. but continue to see the line of showers moving through cook county. generally to the south of willamette. as you continue further to the west, the rain continues through downers grove and westmont. showers right up along their than south of 80 the heaviest of the rain continues to move to the southern and western counties. the heaviest is right there along 39. it will slow
4:42 am
down today. passing showers this morning. filtered sun shine high temperature 82. tonight and 66. big rain comes tomorrow as a cold front comes through high reaches 79. 63 on thursday. >> still ahead, marcus takes us behind the scenes at motorola to get a close look at the news marked watch and other high-tech products. >> hehere are a few stories thae
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trending online this morning ... it was once the fastest and tallest roller coaster in the world... but on monday, it erupted in flames. fire broke out at the colossus ride at magic mountain in california . no one was on the ride at the time... and the park was closed for the day. the fire started while the coaster was being disassembled. firefighters doused the ride with water but part of the coaster still collapsed. apple users will get the news they've been waiting for today. the company is expected to unveil its latest products. this could include 2 new iphones with larger screens, a smartwatch and a mobile payment system. it's anticipated to be the type of new product wave that apple fans have been waiting for... since c-e-o tim cook succeeded steve jobs in august 20-11. the next "ghostbusters" movie is expected to feature an all
4:46 am
*female cast. and bill murray is offering his picks on who *he'd* like to see as his successors. murray tells a toronto newspaper, if it were up to him, he'd choose melissa mc- carthy, emma stone, linda cardellini from "mad men," and kristen wiig. how could you leave it alone. bill murray would have to be in it. how could he not do it? let's take a look at our day. we are expecting showers in the region. we will be slimed by rain showers today. get it? anyone? i have lots. even at this early in the morning and bring it. heaviest of the rain is mainly south of the. continuing to move through the county. would continue to see light shower. here's the heaviest of the rain to the south. right through evans.
4:47 am
pontiac and white characters clipping southern lasalle. here's the seven days forecast. edt today. 66 tonight. small, 79 degrees. save me. >> you should have stuck with a today forecast because it all went downhill after that we avenue accent you're watching at the intersection here looks like they're close to getting this cleared up. a few projects, resurfacing work downtown along state from them during to wacker and heavily traveled area cannot pick up until october 10th. watch for that. we also have the division street bridge work which will go through the end of october which has the vision closed to hooker impacting the number 7132 bus. numbers look good. will break it down for you coming up. >> did you design the star in your logo? >> it took three years to design that. clad it paid off. it does
4:48 am
look better. all eyes on apple as they prepare to announce the new line of products. a few days ago malraux motorola had the spotlight opening the doors of their headquarters to media from around the country. then build four new products and we were there to get a sneak peek. >> the tech business is all about keeping secrets. the motorola company wants its customers to take a look behind the curtain. >> we have invited a number of members from the press to see our global headquarters. >> that's the motorola president talking to us at the company's first major product launch event inside their new merchandise mart headquarters showing members of the press where all the latest innovations were created. among those introduced, the highly anticipated motorola 36 the smart watch. >> time for a modern timepiece ...
4:49 am
>> it sports a large, round, touchscreen. eden choose between different watch faces. it also features sensors that can monitor your heart rate and tractor steps. it gives notification for your apps running on your injured smart phone and you can use your voice to send text messages and get directions. >> i use it for things like counting my steps to understand how far i've gone in a day. it's pretty useful. >> the 360 sells for $249. the initial production runs have sold out already. >> we think it solves a key problem with some of the early introductions in the category. he really is a classic timepiece. it's about being a watch that also has additional functionality. and that has been the focus all along. trying to design something that people would not feel bad about wearing. we think it's beautiful. >> in addition to the news more
4:50 am
watch, they unveiled new accessories like the hint. a tiny blue to a headset that sits in your ear. also a new version of their smart phones now sporting a larger 5.2 in. screens and the ability to silence calls and check notifications with the wave of a hand. it sells for just $99 with a two-year contract. the company also announced a new version of the inexpensive g phone which gets a display of greed and it better camera selling for $179 come through the unlocked. >> it's been the best-selling smart phone of all time. we've sold more of these than anything. a huge hit. it's driven us to create more of from the world. in india we're now the no. 4 market share. in brazil we are number 2. in the uk we went from 0-60. >> they are all very excited
4:51 am
with these products. you can go to their website even on my website i have my review of the 360. i've been wearing it for a few days. i don't even notice it. it's definitely taken a while to get used to award a watch for quite awhile. so putting it there it was pretty bold. but you get used to look for a while and it has a neat features. i will have to send it back though. >> coming up, at a record breaker to jennifer lawrence's rose in may. that's coming up.
4:52 am
so i get invited to quite a few family gatherings. heck, i saved judith here a fortune with discounts like safe driver, multi-car, paperless. you make a mighty fine missus, m'lady. i'm not saying mark's thrifty. let's just say, i saved him $519, and it certainly didn't go toward that ring.
4:53 am
am i right? [ laughs ] [ dance music playing ] so visit today. i call this one "the robox." jennifer lawrence has set a
4:54 am
world record. the guiness world records announced j-law as the "highest- grossing-action-movie-heroine" for her role in the 'hunger games' franchise. she has portrayed katniss everdeen in two movies.. and more are still in production. the films have made over 1 point billion dollars worldwide. hunger games is also the highest-grossing-post- apocalypse-movie. the third part of the movie will be released in november. >> charts and storms coming our
4:55 am
way. generally light rain. fremont is heaviest south of 80. it will continue to move in that direction to the south and east. more rain coming today. here is the seven days forecast. 82 degrees today 79 on wednesday. a big temperature drop highs only reaching the low 60s through much of the weekend. on sunday we get sunshine high of 66. monday it will feel like fall high of 68. >> a look construction outbound 67 this morning. it's taken a look a what we're talking about, right lane will be blocked until 6:00 a.m. between u.s. 6 and 80. also, crash's cleared and north and noble, the three had emergency responders on the scene. and construction continues in riverside with a sore installation. that's where they are putting this to work pipes, lining them under the river causing some delays on park place. more traffic coming
4:56 am
up. >> your top stories are next. >> your top stories are next. stay with us.
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>> now a paid presentation for meaningful beauty advanced by cindy crawford. >> with special appearances by debra messing. >> valerie bertinelli. >> christa miller. >> and stars from tv's royal pains and the mentalist. >> and, brand new for 2014, our best offer ever, including $95 in free gifts. >> brought to you by guthy-renker. >> hi, everyone, i'm beauty and style journalist katrina szish on location in beverly hills. in just a few minutes we'll meet one of the most beautiful women in the world, supermodel cindy crawford. at age 45, cindy still looks impossibly young and gorgeous. >> oh, my god, she's just stunning. her skin is just amazing, and so i feel like now i have a chance. >> what's cindy's be s


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