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tv   WGN Midday News  CW  September 9, 2014 12:00pm-1:01pm CDT

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acid is been filed against a chicago police commander accused of shoving his gun down the suspect wrote. >> nancy loo is live in downtown chicago. >> the lawsuit was filed in federal court this morning leading to more legal trouble for a police commander bevins. he already faces felony charges for his alleged misconduct against unarmed suspect williams who did not speak here the spawning but his attorney expressed confidence in their lawsuit. attorney outlined the case this morning surrounded by
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a williams and his loved ones. the suit names commander evans and the city of chicago claiming he violated the civil rights of williams back in january when he chased him into an abandoned building in the grand crossing neighborhood that is where evans allegedly shoved his gun down williams throat while also threatening him with a taser to the grind a seat looked for a condition for gun possession. no guns were found after filing a complaint williams dna was found on evanses service weapon. williams' attorney claims the charges may not go far enough. >> we can certainly call it torture when there is a taser pace between your groin and a gun shoved in your mouth that touches the back of your throat. i think some people could characterize that as torture. some could say this misconduct. >> this is something that the chicago police department or any police department across america should never get away with. >> williams lawsuit seeks
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unspecified monetary damages as well as policy changes noting that evan's over the years was continually praised and promoted despite dozens of complaints for excessive force. >> semi truck driver is indicted on 15 counts of reckless homicide today in the deaths of five people died after a chain reaction accident on interstate 55. lives at the will county courthouse with more >> in leg irons and wearing his prison jumpsuit he stood in court for his arraignment. the 51 year-old driver from indiana had already been indicted for allegedly falsifying his driver logs and failing to slow down in the construction zone but at the will county courthouse today a superseding indictment adds
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reckless homicide charges. the new indictment accuses him of acting in a reckless manner and performing acts likely to cause death. the legal definition of reckless homicide. five people died in a july 24th collision. prosecutors say he is blind in the right guy and plowed his truck into a kia killing the occupants. all five died in the tragedy. he is pleading not guilty and remains in the will county jail on a $1 million bond. if found guilty he could be looking at up to 28 years in prison. >> police in merrillville indiana paid tribute to a fellow officer killed in the line of duty. >> officer scholz is the first
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marriage fell police officer to die and the line of duty. this morning his service was saluted by fellow officers who also offered comfort to his family. >> the matter who it is or where they're from we will be there. police >> officers from across northern indiana and even the chicago area made their way to oaklawn this morning to provide an escort for the body of 24 year- old police officer schultz. >> did you know officer schultz? >> i did not. we are a brotherhood and we stick together. >> died sunday morning after he was taken off life support two days after he was shot while responding to a call at a condo complex for a tenant who had been evicted and was trying to move back in. the 10 and shot shoals in the head then shot and killed himself. schulz is the first marysville police officer to die and the line of duty since the department was founded
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in 1971. former franklin college football player had only been on the force for a year. >> it is a very difficult thing. it really does not matter how old the officer is it is always a tragedy but when it is someone who had such a short time and so young obviously it is very hard on everyone. >> with their lights flashing and bagpipes playing over the radio the procession made its way from christ medical center in oaklawn to the cook county medical examiner's office on chicago's west side. >> it is important to show to the family home which means to us that we lost an officer not just for the family but for the public to show the bond that law-enforcement has and how we will stand together and pull together when we need to. >> is the fifth indiana public safety officer to die and the line of duty since june. his family has made a decision to donate his organs.
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>> a fund has been set up to date for the funerals of four children killed early yesterday in a fire in the roseland neighborhood. seven year-old, a 16 year-old, 11 year-old and 13 year-old all died in a bedroom of their apartment. the oldest was found trying to protect one ever younger siblings. the celebrating for angels campaign is raising money for their funerals at the go fund me address on your screen. the children's mother broke her arms and legs when she jumped from the third story window. the boyfriend is hospitalized with scorched lungs. >> warning for students and residents near the university of chicago after a series of armed robberies. there were three within an hour and a half sunday evening. the first and east 54th street. the second on 54th and ellis. the third 54th and university. police do not have detailed descriptions. if you
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shop at home depot recently you might want to check your bank account. the retailer confirms its payment data systems have been breached. this affects customers using credit and debit cards at its stores in the u.s. and canada as far back as april. it does not affect those who bought products on their website. the company says it is taken steps to address malware and protect customer data and also offering free identity production services including credit-card monitoring to affected customers. >> and to cardinal george has begun his experimental treatment for cancer but today it is back to work. he plans to meet this afternoon with the music director of the suburban church was fired for declaring his intention to marry his gay partner. he was released from holy family church. he is hoping the cardinal can use his influence to get his job back. >> this was never meant to be a political statement. never meant to be a challenge. i love this church. i love my work. i just
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want to be back with the people of holy family. >> congo archdiocese calls the visit a pastoral meeting. george's said before the vatican and archdiocese did not get directly involved in hiring and firing decisions at local churches. >> coming up next police in ohio identify the people involved in a horrific ice bucket challenge prank against a teenager with autism. >> ray rice's wife speaks out in defense of her husband after he was terminated by the ravens. >> a wife and australia watches as a shark viciously attacks her as a shark viciously attacks her husband at a popular beach. e.
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and sending rainfall flooded parts of the southwest. yesterday was the single rainiest day in history for phoenix. one woman's car was swept off the road into son as she drowned as they were trying to reach her. a second woman died and she and her husband tried to cross the flood. arizona governor has declared a statewide emergency. check this out in nevada. this is amateur footage along interstate 15 near vegas. this 20 mi. stretch of highway is almost unrecognizable. leaving many drivers stranded. hundreds of kids and nevada were also trapped in the elementary school when a river overflowed. >> the wife of the nfl running back rice is defending her husband and calling the ordeal a
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nightmare. baltimore ravens released him and the league suspended him on definitely after video surfaced of him punching and knocking out his then fiancée in february. here is part of her statement. the ravens and the nfl say they had never seen the new video. >> they want to be able to protect their business interest so the only thing the nfl can really rely on is the dea office in atlanta county. people are mad about the nfl. get mad about the county. all they did was offer one-year probation which his lawyer rejected and
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gave them forced couples county. that is what you get for hitting a woman? >> by the punishment he is likely to keep the $25 million he has been paid. the ravens will offer an exchange for rice jerseys at stadiums stores. >> the controversy that cost brazil levenson his ownership stake in the of land to a hawks. it started in june when his co- owner wanted him to fire the coach for allegedly making racially insensitive remarks. then levenson the admitted he had made racially charged remarks about the team's fan base. >> wanted levinson to be given the benefit of the doubt. how to run his business in a more efficient and profitable way. i do not think it has anything to do with him trying to keep blacks out of the arena where his team plays or in any way saying that black people were the problem. still
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>> levenson agreed voluntarily to sell his stake in the team. >> air ambulance carrying another american ebola patients from west africa arrived this morning in atlanta. a doctor infected with the virus while working in a treatment center in the sierra leone. he will be treated in an isolation unit. it is the same facility where two others were recently treated for ebola. but both have since been released from hospital. in man is dead after a shark attack a popular beach in australia. the victim in his 50s was built in the leg by what appears to be a great white shark as he swam and australia's bay. rescuers managed to pull the man to shore after he was seen floating in shallow water. the victim received medical treatment but died at the scene. beaches in the area have been closed for 24 hours and residents are being told to stay out of the water. >> former chicago gang member has been reese sentence to 21
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years in prison. a federal judge originally gave him more than 17 years behind bars for his 2007 convictions on supporting al- qaeda but an appeals court ruled the sentence was too lenient and he required a longer prison term. prosecutors asked for a 30 year sentence. defense attorneys said his recruiters should have as much if not more to blame. isis millikin to be headed american journalist james foley may have been identified. officials believe they may know who the killer is by using voice and data analysis. another means from the gruesome video. the tories are still trying to determine if he murdered american journalist stephen sell-off. he is believed to be a british citizen tied to a group of extremists in london. u.s. and british officials think he is in syria and are hoping to hunt him down. >> u.s. air marshal is being tested after he was attacked with a syringe in an airport in nigeria. it happened when he was
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boarding a plane to houston. the suspects got away but other agents helped him on to the flight and secure the syringe for testing. when they arrived in houston the air marshal said he felt fine but was taken to the hospital for testing. the fbi has not revealed those in the syringe released a statement saying there's no danger to other passengers. >> dutch investigators released their first report today about the crash of malaysia airlines flight 17. the plane was brought down july 17th near the ukraine russian border killing 290 people. and they say was hit by what they call a burst of high energy objects from outside the they do not specifically blame a missile or point fingers. u.s. and ukraine have accused pro russian separatists of shooting down the plane with a missile. >> playset identify those involved in an incident in which the ice bucket challenge was used to check in autistic teenager. yesterday we showed you the horrible video of an
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ohio teenager drenched with a bucket of urine and feces. authorities are not yet discussing potential charges. but ohio police say they know who did it. june cheri offered a $10,000 reward for their capture. >> parents of small children usually review a list of dos and don'ts before going out into the public. apparently the parents of one small boy did not have that on their list like this one. no headers into the president's couch. check out this picture from the white house photographer. it was taken back in june when that the president shook hands with an outgoing secret service agent and his wife. >> what was said this midday when governor quinn and his rival met with the chicago tribune editorial board as they vie for an endorsement. >> what apple unveiled a few minutes ago as they launched their new gadgets. >> and today's lunch break a
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combination of shrimp and scallops. a healthy seafood yoco
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call brightstar care today at 866-621-0228 gubernatorial candidates go aheahead to head. >> robert jordan is live at the tribune tower with more. >> there was no new ground broken and no mistakes made and both candidates governor quinn and browner were at their old selves before the tribune editorial board but as appearing before a big newspaper board like the chicago tribune is important for a candidate because if they receive the endorsement it can mean several thousand votes. governor quinn and his running mate power and republican all sat on one side
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of the table across from the tribune editorial seasoned reporters who fired off a bunch of questions designed to learn more about the respective positions of each candidate and walt both quinn and browner have made their platforms known tribune reporters wanted to know specifics about many different areas and this brought about some spirited almost angry debates between the two candidates. here is an example when governor quinn called him >> you made a fortune off the misfortune of vulnerable human beings and workers and consumers and will not take responsibility. >> if federal judge >> why were we not ever attacked? we were not. use it to clean up corruption in 2010.
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>> that was just one and there weren't many spirited outbursts like that between the two. the board will meet over the next few days and they will come up with a consensus on which candidate performed better and they will come out with a recommendation within the next two or three weeks. >> u.s. stocks fall this midday extended losses after the s&p 500 biggest drop in the month. as treasury yields rose and apple introduced its newest smartphones. right now the dow was down about 79 points. apple's stock up about 1%. they unveiled minutes ago and iphone
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6 and 6 +. these new phones are all glass and have no borders around the edges. they have to screen sizes. and both will have new screens. epstein ceo calls this the biggest advancement in the history of the iphone. the company will also rule out a smart to watch. its first totally new product in four years. filing for bankruptcy again. in new jersey division of gaming enforcement reports the company lost about $45 million in the first six months of this year. this is the third time trump entertainment has filed for bankruptcy. one of its assets the trump plaza hotel and casino is it going to close later this month. the other could close in november if they fail to reduce expenses. coming up in sports what jay cutler says about the bears' season- opening loss. >> latest on the rare respiratory virus affecting
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now, that's progressive. time for sports the bears are off today before getting back to work in preparation for a prime- time matchup in san francisco. the bears allowed 13 points and three turnovers. it jay cutler interception in the fourth quarter. the coach says he took responsibility during film study
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yesterday and he reiterated it during his radio show. >> the guys know we're not idiots. we have to do better offencively. we'll take accountability. most of the time before the play that happens i could do better here or there. it was much the same today. there was a lot of positive stuff but when we did mess up we messed up pretty big. to that last interception was a tough one. >> the tribune reports garza both suffered high end) on sunday and they could miss several weeks. adam dunn struck out twice in his return. oakland up a run in the ninth with the sox down in the final period tis the game with a solo home run. same score in the 12th. flour is again. going back to the same spot for the first walk off home run of his career. the sox win
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5-4. the cubs visiting toronto for the first time in six years. down 2-0 in the fifth. hits a three run homer. his 32nd of year. the cubs managed just three hits and get shutout 8-0. major league baseball has released the tentative schedule for next year. the cubs open at home against the cardinals while the sox travel to kansas city. six games this year starting at wrigley field in july and sox wrigley field in july and sox park in august. still toa1
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some rain on the way. >> they'd rain overnight by the mississippi river and down state
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and also across iowa. a flood watch just issued for the chicago area it commences at 1:00 tomorrow morning and runs through 1:00 in the afternoon. more on that in just a moment. did you see the harvest moon last night? it is the third super moon of the season. a full moon that occurs when it passes close to earth. this gorgeous shot. this is out in washington park michigan city indiana. that is a neat shot. downtown chicago captures the moon coming through a deck of mid-level clouds last night. off of chicago's lakefront right above the lighthouse. that is a beautiful shot. finally in key west
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florida. a beautiful sunset and key west florida. thank you to all of our photographers. we have more shots and we will share them with you as well. the have sunshine coming through mixed clouds today. big changes on the way. a flash flood has been issued at the weather service and what appears to be the biggest rain event in almost three weeks to come into the area. ranging from the 58 hundreds of an inch on below and to as much as 2.6 in. and averaging about an inch and a half. we have very warm air. coming in contact with a much
12:33 pm
cooler air. look at the temperature dropped over the last 24 hours for the cool air is gaining a foothold. this is coming our way. it will bring us the coolest weather since may. for the time being we are warm as we were yesterday. we have had showers passing to the south. these have really laid down some rain as they come out of iowa. here is the main storms up in the center of the country. it will be energized as the cool air behind the front producing rain and snow. it will not snow here but it will get a lot cooler. notice some of the rain
12:34 pm
totals. a lot of rain with this first cluster. by midnight tonight some of these concentrated rain shafts will be coming in with thunderstorms in the area. there is the forecast by morning. storms will continue in scattered fashion midday through tomorrow letting athlete in the day.up late in the day. l
12:35 pm
generate a lot of wind. here are the flood watches in the southwest where they continue to be hammered by the remnant moisture from hurricane norbert. there's another tropical system forming off the west coast of mexico that may go up that way later on. these extended down to the chicago area as well and other flood watches on the east coast. lots of grain around the country. here is where the showers and thunderstorms will be by morning. still scattered in the afternoon. note to the snow that may get into the higher elevations of wyoming on the backside of this weather system. take a look of some of these rain numbers of our computer models. we could have
12:36 pm
some flooding issues again. severe weather possibilities in our area today and tonight. maybe early tomorrow. that begins the cool down. five consecutive days of 60 degree temperatures around chicago. this afternoon cloudy with filtered sun. no rain today. high-temperature 82. tonight showers and thunderstorms. potential for heavy downpours and a flash flood watch kicks in at 1:00 in the morning.
12:37 pm
wednesday showers and thunderstorms. scattering in the afternoon but heavy rainfall may come down. many areas may get one or 2 in. in some areas more than that. much cooler weather on thursday. just 64 degrees. real autumn air coming into the area. get ready for the rain. >> your live illinois lottery >> your live illinois lottery drawing is coming up next.
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group of cook county jail inmates has filed suit against the county over jail conditions. in names the county board president and county sheriffs and others as defendants convicted killer is the lead plaintiff. he claims there is a sadistic culture of brutality and violence at the jail. a hearing was held this morning. three suburban pet shops suing to stop a new county law that would ban many pet stores from operating. the owners filed the suit to try to prevent the law from taking effect october 1st. the law takes aim at so-called puppy mills by prohibiting stores from selling dogs cats or rabbits from large scale breeding operations. a federal
12:46 pm
lawsuit claims the law is unconstitutional and would put shop owners sought out of business. one of the pez stores have been given a temporary reprieve. arlington heights board of voted to allow the owner to stay open for now. the owner convinced the board to opt out of the cook county law he said it would cause him financial ruin. the board did so but told him they may pass new regulations soon. >> 11 cases of a rare respiratory virus have been confirmed in chicago. it has infected hundreds of children and about 12 states. enteroviruses similar to a cold but more dangerous because it makes breathing difficult. health officials and there are many more unconfirmed cases. there is an increased risk for children with asthma. most of the victims in chicago were hostile lies in the intensive care unit. it is generally not fatal. viruses can spread like
12:47 pm
wildfire contaminating office buildings hotels and even hospitals in a matter of hours according to a surprising new study. researchers used a tracer virus to contaminate 1 doorknob in an office building. within two-four hours the virus could be detected on 40-60 percent of people and commonly touched objects. this is similar to the spread of real illnesses like the norovirus. the study also found good hand washing and using disinviting wipes reduced the virus spread by 80-99 percent. we talk about it all the time. wash your hands it works. >> lunch break is coming up. we have the latino restaurant. >> if we're going to be cooking and i will be washing my hands and i will be washing my hands first. the folks
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mereh x
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latino recipe made with fresh seafood and pineapple. wait until you see the presentation. he is the chef at main street cafe. a wonderful place and you have really outdone yourself today. this looks fabulous. before the big reveal let's talk about how to get started. >> starting with a little extra virgin olive oil. >> we have not told people exactly what we are making. >> i got this and pr. grilled pineapple with a spanish fried rice with strand and scallops. there is a vegetarian option as well. you could make it any way
12:51 pm
you want. with the leftover vegetables from the night before. you can have salmon. so many variations. >> let's continue >> starting with extra virgin olive oil. we pureed the garlic. add to that and then the shrimp and scallops. saute those. have to get the pan super hot. it is all up to you but this is one of the dishes we have. baby scallops. i used kosher salt. it brings up the flavors. fresh cracked pepper. once this is sauteed there we go starting to get it going we're going to add our vegetables. whatever vegetables you may have. we do
12:52 pm
not like to waste anything. the kids can help. we use a whole pineapple. we will sliced lengthwise. just cut it in cubes. did a little ice cream scooper and scoop it out. we use that to make salad dressing. >> wonderful. >> we do not waste anything. >> let's talk about this because this is another dish you have at the restaurant. >> the tomatoes are in season right now. that these are from our own garden. some mchale and aruba ela from the garden. we put some fresh pineapple we got.
12:53 pm
some beats. reduced balsamic. showing off some of our salmon. in a tequila sauce. >> some people may not know you grow your own vegetables. >> do. seasonal garden specials. we're going to add our fresh red pepper and yellow squash and zucchini. you can add whatever you want. something that is healthy and fresh. >> a nice like flavor so it is not overpowering. >> also very colorful. at the kids can help doing the chopping. keep them involved.
12:54 pm
>> studies show as they helped prepare the food they are willing to leave its mark. >> exactly. i am going to add... we have precooked the rice. if you have a rice left over from the night before this is great. it does not have to be yellow like this. it could be any race. add whatever flavorings or favorite spices. we make our own chipotle catch up. the puree that and that a little tomato paste and garlic oil. >> we will have the recipe on our website. >> i like a medium spice. >> tell as with the last two ingredients are.
12:55 pm
>> cannot melt.cocoanut milk. >> this is what it looks like. this is gorgeous. i love it. your food is so good. the thank you for coming in. main street cafe is open for dinner and sunday brunch. follow them on twitter. we will have today's fabulous recipe and a link on our website that ishrf
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you know.... there's a more enjoyable way to get your fiber. try phillips fiber good gummies. they're delicious and an excellent source of fiber to help support regularity. mmmm. these are good! the tasty side of fiber. from phillips i did not have many trivia today so we're going right to the seven day forecast. / >> flood watch has been issued for the chicago area starting at 1:00 tomorrow morning running through 1:00 in the afternoon. rain coming together. here is the broad area in the midwest under a flash flood watches.
12:58 pm
winter storm warnings and snow advisory's there. huge amounts of the brain with this weather systemrain with this weather sy. there will be a lot of the runoff. it is warm now but there is the cool air all the way north into canada. the jet stream will bring that into the center of the country. partly cloudy and much cooler thursday. snow falls in the black hills and now in southwest. for the
12:59 pm
moment is 77 that both of the airports in town. dewpoints are coming up to the '60s. there is the sun burned index. a string of late october level cool days thursday through sunday. the rain is concerning and we will have more on our 4:00 early edition of the news and again at 9:00. >> thank you so much for joining us today. >> had a great afternoon and >> had a great afternoon and remember we are back at 4:00.
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