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tv   WGN Morning News  CW  September 12, 2014 4:00am-5:01am CDT

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breaking news early this morning ... the judge delivers her final verdict in the murder case of blade-runner oscar pistorius. we're also following developments in the prison escape of a teenager who killed three students. and chicago public schools prepare for a fast-spreading respiratory virus striking kids. details in a *live report. good morning. i'm dan ponce. and i'm lourdes duarte. thanks for joining us on the wgn morning news at *4 a-m. tim mcgill is in for demetrius -- with a check of our weather. good morning, tim. >> we call him captain happy here. that his nickname. are you happy about the weekend? >> not really. a nice weekend for november but not september. it feels awfully cool. not going to get much warmer. we may climb
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another 45 degrees. 51 degrees along the lakefront. we have in north east wind 5-12 mi. causing some like affect showers. most of what you see is ground cover. as a look near the lake shore the little plume off to the shore down to the city missing a few sprinkles. like affect brain than a broad area of rain across iowa will reach us around midday. some showers this morning a few showers in the afternoon. 55 degrees. that is near record cold temperatures. scattered showers today. tomorrow looks good up looking good for the weekend. mostly sunny. >> erin is shaping up greenwell but another cup of coffee would be good. we have the roads out of their booking good. he
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conceded the man though we have wet pavement and some he is. the weather is factoring into the drive. we could see more rain through the morning. that could slow things down. here is the dan ryan cramp. looking drier than we saw earlier. we want to alert you if you take metra, you are going to be seen big delay starting monday last in a whole month. we have track construction between these areas the p. wessel and 30,000 passengers per day on 59 trains. it's pretty expensive project. we have a lot more construction their trenches squeeze it in while the nice weather lasts. more details coming up. >>we begin with breaking news in the oscar pistorius trial. pistorius just heard the verdicts for all the charges against him. this morning, the judge confirmed that she found pistorius *not guilty of pre- meditated murder, for the death
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of his girlfriend-- reeva steenkamp but she did find him *guilty of culpable homicide, which means he unintentionally, but illegally, killed someone. pistorius was also found guilty of one of three gun charges that he was facing. that was for shooting a gun in a restaurant. sentencing is at the judge's discretion and will be given at another time. there is no minimum sentence-- the maximum is 15 years. the judge is could still decide this morning whether pistorius could remain free on bail. another breaking story overnight: a convicted high school shooter is back in custody after he escaped from prison. t-j lane shot and killed three students in 2012. andrew spencer has the latest. >> a terrifying development comes to a relatively peaceful close in ohio with three men escaped from prison thursday night. one of them is t.j. plane
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who entered his high-school in 2012 and randomly opened fire on his classmates. >> he scaled the perimeter fence. this is an ongoing investigation. >> gone for hours, the warden said he never made more than 100 yds. >> i can confirm we have heard from officials that he is now in custody. >> under the shirt he wore to his sentencing last year he revealed the t-shirt with the word killer written across the front. he gestured at the family of the victims showing no remorse after killing three fellow students in 2012. the judge would order him to serve three consecutive life sentences. in light of the escape, officials announced the schools would be closed friday. his capture comes as a relief to the community but also raising big questions for the oak wood correctional institution. the warden says they are investigating. >> nobody wants this to happen.
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but i am happy to announce that we have mr. lane back in custody. >>australia is raising its terror alert level. the country created a four-level alert system in 2003. now, australian leaders say, for the first time since the system was put in place, they consider a terrorist attack likely... not necessarily imminent, but likely. australia's prime minister says his intelligence people know of no immediate plot against the country. instead, he says there are people with the intent and *capability to launch attacks. the pentagon is now authorized to launch attacks to take out individual leaders of the terror group "isis." the most valuable target is the group's founder and top leader, abu bakr al baghdadi. american intelligence is tracking "isis" movements in syria. a new c-i-a assessment says "isis" membership has grown to 31 thousand fighters. the highest previous assessment was *20 thousand. the c-i-a says "isis" is recruiting more aggressively, and fighting more. c-p-s officials are trying to
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stay ahead of a virus that has sent hundreds of children to the hospital in the midwest. judy wang is live outside abraham lincoln elementary in lincoln park with more. >> good morning. the memo went out two principles asking to share information with parents about the virus. 11 confirmed cases in that the city. the health department says there is still a lot the medical community does not know about the virus and what we're seeing could just be the tip of the iceberg. the virus also is rare. symptoms are similar to those associated with a cold. emergency rooms across the chicago area report children are showing up the symptoms including breathing problems. children with asthma appear to be the most at risk. the cdc reports 82 confirmed cases but suspect there are many more cases in as many as 12 states.
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there are some guidelines, as gps is giving parents recommendations including frequent hand washing, cleaning frequently touched surfaces and avoiding close contact and sharing food the sixsick people. >> we don't have a lot of information about it as we get more information about those who are getting sick will be better able to describe who is the greatest risk. >> one piece of good news, doctors say in many cases the patients to get better on their own. one hospital does report the pediatric unit is overwhelmed. another says it doesn't look like there is any sign that this virus will slow down any time soon. >> stories this morning. a convicted sex offender who lives in summit was arrested
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outside a school on chicago's southwest side. police say karl trujillo was walking up to children in the 63-hundred block of south new england wednesday afternoon. when police arrived, trujillo began running. he's charged with entering a school zone as a sex offender, reckless conduct and resisting a peace officer. a jury could get the case against john wilson by the end of the day. wilson is charged with breaking into the home of 14-year-old kelli o'laughlin of indian head park three years ago... then killing her when she walked in on him. photos of the girl's corpse were shown to the jury yesterday. wilson's d-n-a was found on a cap inside o'laughlin's house. police released several surveillance photos in hopes of catching nine people who robbed the louis vuitton store in oak brook mall. one of them drove a van through the front door early sunday, while eight others in masks looted the place. they took 50 items worth 120- thousand dollars. several community organizations are raising money for the family that lost four children in an apartment fire this week. that fire happened, near 112-th
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and vernon, early monday morning. shanaya coleman jumped from a third floor window, but her children couldn't escape. she's still hospitalized in fair condition. her boyfriend also jumped out the window and remains in intensive care. yesterday our nation remembered the terror and the bravery of that awful day 13 years ago... september 11th. in manhattan, two beams of light... an eerie remembrance of the twin towers that once stood tall near the new york harbor. hijacked planes killed nearly three thousand people in new york, pennsylvania and at the pentagon in 2001. the president and the first lady... along with family members of the victims, honored those who lost their lives with a moment of silence. and the names of the victims were read out loud in new york. in evanston, fireman's park is a place where people came to reflect on the day. making their way from the north tower of the trade center, other survivors from the area say it's a memory that will never forget.
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>> it is ingrained into my mind. >> the image of a woman and then in man walking down the stairs arms in front of them wanting no one to touch them. severely burned. the smell of jet fuel everywhere. >> story after story were told. survivors say it helps in the killing of the day that his change them forever. new video shows the moment a volcano in iceland shot lava into the air. the bardarbunga volcano has been erupting for two weeks. no one has been hurt, but scientists who are studying the volcano have been inhaling noxious gases. residents in the region also report an unpleasant fish-like odor. that does not sound good. >> but you got to say the name of the volcano. you said it grew well. >> starting off with temperatures on the cool side. light like the fact wriggles and
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showers along the lakeshore. it is cool this morning. mildest rain can be found here calumet city is at 54. soldier field at 53. colder down in places like harvard. 46 a month . 47 in crystal lake. we won't warm up in my. record cool high temperatures today. feels more like november. you can see these chances where we had these widespread showers. 56 today. better for the weekend. the g7 on sunday a few shares monday back into the '70s by next week. >> coming up, its third american is sickened by the ebola virus and gets you need help from another doctor. >> an update on the rover on the mars who reaches its key destination.
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and after 4:30 -- we'll tell you about a brawl up in alaska involving the palin family, that's trending all over social media.
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the beheading of journalist james foley shocked the country and rallied the nation against the terrorist group "isis." now, foley's mother is saying, all the outrage is coming too late. foley's family says he was a
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storyteller... and he wanted to be a voice for the underdog. his mother diane told c-n-n, an effort to rescue her son, just came up short. >> he was sacrificed because of just a lack of coordination or communication or prioritization. as a family we had to find our way through this. on our own. >>the foley family says it is praying that other hostages' families don't have to face what *they faced. a charitable foundation is being established in james foley's memory. the third american being treated for ebola is making progress thanks to the blood of another patient. doctor rick sacra is being treated for ebola in nebraska. his family says his condition turned around ever since he received a blood transfusion. the donated blood came from doctor kent brantly, who was
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the first american ebola patient flown in from liberia. brantly has the same blood type, and his blood has the antibodies for the same strain of ebola. sacra is also being treated with an experimental drug. doctors have not revealed which one. after a two-year trek across the mars landscape... nasa's mars curiosity rover has finally reached its destination. the rover pulled up to the base of the red planet's mount sharp. it's a mount rainier-size mountain at the center of the 96-mile wide gale crater on mars. the rover is now set to begin its main science investigations. curiosity will exam the mountain's lower slope as it makes it's way up the mountain. >> that is the kind of cool stuff that you know the weather does love. >> your giving me all excited this morning. it feels like november out there with high temperatures in the low to mid 50's. right now it's not too bad but these temperatures are not going to go up too much. it
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is 48 degrees at the waukegan airport. wind at 5-15. a little bit of the wind off the lake and have to cause some like affect sprinkles and showers. you can see the green of the east coast of waukegan. it's not quite on the shore the we do have some to wrinkles. the we had the chance for more widespread showers today. this system is pushing the rain across southwest ohio. it will get here around midday or water to a clock. crowded skies today. kohl. spotty showers more numerous showers this afternoon. should be on the light side for the most part. tonight, a few lingering showers. over the weekend we still have a cooler than average high. i will make it up to 62 but will be mostly sunny saturday mostly sunny sunday-67. >> revenue crash will want to
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give you a look at. eastbound 88 all lands shut down here because of a serious crash involving several cars. the had to block it off to the ticket emergency responders in there to clean it up. no specifics on injuries at this point. we do know all lanes remain down east at 88. they are diverting traffic at i 39. we have resurfacing work downtown that has the street blocked off from them during. that will be in place to the end of the day. more traffic coming up in just a bit. >> coming up, what the government threatened to yahoo. >> and an incredible discovery. we are going to tell you about the first known dinosaur? >> you may not recognize some of the bears wide receivers when the take on the forty-niners and
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the night. sports is next. the blackfor more bears missed prace
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thursday. not good preparation for the tough fight on sunday.
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brendan marshall says he will play unless he doesn't. >> marshall says he will play sunday. a sore ankle has kept him out of practice all week. he is worried about further damage if he goes. >> it's a possibility. you only get so many opportunities. there is a big goal and we dropped one last week so if i can help them out there that's part of the game, it's volatile and risky and i'm going to go down swinging. >> jefferies hamstring if it does improve color will have to deal with some unfamiliar receivers. homes, but perhaps even williams who just resigned today. >> he's our guy. witches have to make sure that we know exactly where we are going.
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>> he's done an outstanding job is working to the practices with the guys that we are practicing with. he has been a coach out there, a mentor, he has stated, and relaxed throughout. >> seven point underdog on sunday night. keep in mind in the nfl, things can change on a dime. last week the dallas cowboys carry them. the toe. >> here's our bulls schedule for the year. regular season opener from the garden. we will have two games against new orleans. davis may get to come back and play in chicago 24 games and six more on our broadcast partner. the white sox beat the oakland a's on thursday 1-0. that's
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morning sports. >>u.s stocks ended mixed on thursday. the dow lost 19 points. nasdaq up 5 points. s-and-p gained 1. "yahoo" has just won a six-year legal battle over the privacy of its user information. in 2008, the government demanded that "yahoo" hand over that data. yahoo fought it in court. now, hundreds of pages of documents, filed in connection with the case, must be *released to yahoo. the company says the documents will reveal that the government threatened to fine yahoo a quarter million dollars a day, for every day it refused to surrender its user information to federal investigators. burger king in japan is out with a new burger that may not look all that appetizing. it's called "a black pearl" or "black diamond" burger. the bun, cheese and sauce are all black. the mayonnaise however, is still white. the burgers go on sale later this month in japan for a limited time.
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what you think? do we like that? kennedy looks burt. but i would try it. >> he would try anything. it's good to be cool again today. near record cool high temperatures. yesterday only made 56. the coolest september 11th we've ever seen. we have some light rain downtown. 21 degrees below average for the day. spotty showers near the lake. tomorrow, we start to dry out becoming mostly sunny. slowly but surely we warm up. back into the '70s by tuesday night. >> good news. a bidding war shut down the spent 88 days just opened up all leaned so everyone is getting through. no detour there anymore. heads up if you take this cta green line it will be impacted over the weekend appears suspended all service along that stretch for work on the sir mac mccormick station.
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they will be shuttling people basically between 36 and brownsville with the shuttle bus. tomorrow morning at 5:00 a.m. there will be any service they're leaving that station. numbers look good. we will break it down coming up. >> coming up, following developments in the prison escape of a teenager who killed three students. >>and -- the chicago connection to a man from south carolina who admitted to killing his five children. plus -- the bears weigh-in on the fate of n-f-l commissioner roger goodell in the ray rice video investigation. and -- dean reviews the new movies out this weekend -- including the return of "winter
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breaking news early this morning ... the judge delivers her final verdict in the murder case of blade-runner oscar pistorius. chicago public schools prepare for a fast-spreading respiratory virus striking kids. details in a *live report. and, senator mark kirk is preparing for a challenge by michelle obama. we'll tell you about it. good morning, i'm dan ponce. and i'm lourdes duarte. let's go to tim mcgill for a check of the weather. hi, tim. or as dan hasn't called you, captain happy.
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>> i don't have a happy five today. i'm not feeling good. a normal day for november in the '50s. it's 50 degrees at the british school. we of light rain and sprinkles. some like affect stuff not a big deal but it is kind of cool. 54 degrees downtown. forties in the outlying areas. the big blog in the center is there. we have some light rain chance for more widespread scattered showers this afternoon. with a few sprinkles this morning. better chance for showers after midday. 62 tomorrow becoming mostly sunny. slowly but steadily we're warming up. here's a look at the weather. >> everything has reopened eastbound 88. a serious crash. could have been fatal. that's what the ongoing investigation was happening. once again, no lover detouring people at 539.
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all of the accidents are off to the shoulder. taking a quick peek at the rails. we have service suspension kicking off marled impacting service between roosevelt and 35th. they're continuing to do work on the sir max station that will be under construction through monday. service has been suspended tomorrow and sunday. it will provide shuttle buses between roosevelt. california's top of the blue line to the middle of october. that's the western and logan square book ending that california stop. you can also take the 56 milwaukee bus this morning. that's the latest traffic. >> we continue to follow breaking news out of south africa. the verdict hearing for oscar pistorius ended this morning. he was acquitted of pre- meditated murder, but he still faced other serious charges. >> the accused is found not
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guilty and is charged instead he's found guilty of culpable homicide. >>pistorius was found guilty of culpable homicide. that means he unintentionally, but illegally, killed his girlfriend last year. the judge found that he acted unreasonably when he fired several gunshots at his bathroom door. pistorius was also acquitted of two of the three gun charges he was facing. he was found guilty of firing a gun inside a restaurant. a judge will sentence him at a future hearing. the maximum sentence for culpable homicide is 15 years. another developing story. convicted high school shooter t- j lane is back in custody after he escaped prison. lane is serving three life sentences after he murdered three classmates at his school in ohio in 2012. last night, he and two other men, escaped from the allen oakwood correctional institution. authorities captured lane about 100 yards away, six hours later.
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but his time out of prison was enough to shake up the community, as local schools will be closed today. one of the prisoners who escaped with lane was also captured. but the third prisoner is still on the run. there has been an undeniable profound impact on our entire community. i want to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to seek out the support we all need at this time to read in the healing process. >> people were told to stay inside and locked the doors. the other prisoner who escaped was also captured. the pentagon is now authorized to launch attacks to take out individual leaders of the terror group "isis." the most valuable target is the group's founder and top leader, abu bakr al baghdad. american intelligence is tracking "isis" movements in syria. a new c-i-a assessment says "isis" membership has grown to 31 thousand fighters. the highest previous assessment was *20 thousand. the c-i-a says "isis" is recruiting more aggressively,
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and fighting more. the other international story the white house is watching closely....russia. america will join forces with other european nations in handing down more sanctions against that country. russia blatantly pulled off military and tactical moves against ukraine....ignoring calls not to. the sanctions will hit several key areas--including financial markets, trade, energy alliances, and in the defense sector. the white house will release more details today. c-p-s officials are trying to stay ahead of a virus that has sent hundreds of children to the hospital in the midwest. judy wang is live outside abraham lincoln elementary in lincoln park with more. >> health officials say they don't want to alarm parents but they do want to make recommendations to prevent this situation from getting worse. sepias memo goes out to principles asking them to share information with parents about the virus. the virus is a rare.
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symptoms are similar to those of nicole. 11 confirmed cases in the city but emergency rooms across the area report children showing up with reading problems and other symptoms. children with asthma seem to be the most vulnerable. the cdc report 82 confirmed cases in six days and suspect hundreds more in as many as 12 states. cases began surfacing in august when many children started school. how it started and spread, but the things doctors still don't know. no vaccine. among the tips they are giving parents is washing hands, cleaning frequently touched surfaces, avoiding hugging and kissing and sharing food with sixsick people. >> we recommend in terms of prevention is the same for all respiratory viruses. it doesn't make a difference if it's influenza.
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>> an official with one local hospital says he sees no signs that the virus is slowing down just yet. some hospitals go as far as to ask children not to visit patients at the hospitals. we're on the north side. back to you. >>taking a look at the *other top stories this morning. lake county reports its first human case of west nile virus this year. a 48-year-old man from gurnee tested positive. there were six human cases in lake county last year. officials credit the decline to a cool, wet summer ... virus carrying mosquitoes thrive in hot and dry conditions. a jury could get the case against john wilson by the end of the day. wilson is charged with breaking into the home of 14-year-old kelli o'laughlin of indian head park three years ago... then killing her when she walked in on him. photos of the girl's corpse were shown to the jury yesterday. wilson's d-n-a was found on a cap inside o'laughlin's house. the sheriff of rock island county is quitting, after he admitted aggressively texting a woman he met at a gym.
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the woman says jeff boyd's text messages grew insulting, and then threatening, when she rejected his advances. boyd will give up his sheriff's pension, and drop his re- election campaign. he had been running unopposed. survivors of the 9-11 terrorists attacks marked another anniversary yesterday. throughout the area, survivors and their loved ones gathered to remember those who lost their lives... when hijacked planes killed nearly 3-thousand people in new york, pennsylvania and the pentagon. survivors also recounted their stories of that day 13 years ago... the day they say they'll never forget. we told you the story of a man from south carolina who admitted killing his five young children. we can now tell you, he was orginally from illinois... and he had a police record. timothy jones junior grew up in carpentersville and algonquin. he was convicted in 2001 of robbery and car theft. last week, jones confessed that he murdered his children, ages 1 through 8, and dumped their bodies near a highway in alabama. the bodies were retrieved.
4:38 am
jones could spend the rest of his life in prison. hazmat crews are combing through a house in blackstone, massachusetts... where the bodies of three infants were found yesterday. it's not clear how the children died. but authorities say the home was infested with vermin and was in such squalor... that it was condemned. authorities said four other children were removed from the home last month. police say a woman who lives in the home was arrested on charges related to the living conditions at the house. senator mark kirchner says michelle obama may try to follow in hillary clinton's footsteps and run for the senate. a fund- raising letter raises the thoughts of her returning to chicago after their presidency ends and actually challenging marc kirk. shoeless declaring no interest in a senate bid and the youngest daughter will still be in high school in 2017 so really there's no certainty that the family will actually returned to illinois. >>the obama presidential library
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foundation is reportedly dropping two chicago locations from consideration. the sun-times reports the sites without university affiliations are not advancing to the next round. they are the lakeside location on the southeast side of chicago, and the former michael reese hospital site in bronzeville. the library foundation is expected to announce the short list of finalists next week. the university of chicago is expected to make the cut. a professor who posted tweets scientists have discovered what they believe to be the first species of dinosaur to rule the prehistoric waters. the fearsome spinosaurus... measuring in at 50-feet long was built to swim. research, co-authored out of the university of chicago... suggests this 95-million-year- old predatory creature was 9 feet longer than the t-rex. that makes it the largest predatory dinosaur to walk the earth. but features like short legs, wide and flat feet, and jutted teeth made for snapping up fish, suggest it spent most of its time in the water.
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>> that is actually an artist rendering. not an actual picture. >> he scared me for a second. >> nobody took that with their i phone? that's amazing. thanks for clarifying. we start off cloudy and cool. it's 54 at midway. we won't really move much from where we are right now. near record cold temperatures. we may get up to 55 or 56. wind between 5-12 mi.. light like a factory near the lake shore. a lot of this is ground cover you see across the area. this is actual rain pushing on shore downtown has some light rain. we do all have the chance for showers later this afternoon. it's from this system out to the west and nebraska. that will spread showers in around midday. let's show the like affect chairs and sprinkles. lots of clouds to the morning and the rain arrives this afternoon. light and patchy
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overall. to 10:00 we have the chance of showers and then in moves off to the east. hopefully we can to clear up. today, 56. 20 degrees below average. near the lake sure we do have that chance after midday. i think mostly cloudy tonight. the weekend is looking better. dry and sunny. sunshine sunday high of 67. >> still had, the doctor is in studio talking about pat memorial day. >> and the bets--the front office talks out about the race situation. >> we have to see this together. after her family was involved in a brawl of the alaska, we will talk about sarah pailin. >> and the big change at saturday night live update desk involving one of chicago's own.
4:42 am
involving one of chicago's own. so this board gives me rates on progressive direct and other car insurance companies? yes. but you're progressive and they're them. -yes. -but they're here. -yes. -are you... -there? -yes. -no. -are you them? i'm me. but the lowest rate is from them. -yes. -so them's best rate is... here. so where are them? -aren't them here? -i already asked you that. -when? -feels like a while ago. want to take it from the top? rates for us and them. now that's progressive. another report questions how
4:43 am
4:44 am
honest n-f-l commissioner roger goodell has been about ray rice. e-s-p-n reports that, during a meeting in june, rice told goodell that he punched his fiance' in an elevator. that's according to four
4:45 am
anonymous sources. this contradicts goodell, who said rice was *ambiguous about what happened in that meeting. he also said the video was inconsistent with what rice told him. back in chicago, the bears say they're well aware of how important this investigation is. >> what i have seen is that they are always good to work in the best interest of what best for the lead. >> a lot of guys in this week, one incident doesn't label the rest. >> the bears chairman says he welcomes independent investigation saying our family has complete faith in the commissioner. his initial response was not adequate. we agree in the assessment and we're encouraged that he took a stronger stand. here are a few stories that are trending online this morning ... two of sarah palin's kids got
4:46 am
into a drunken brawl at a party saturday. the party was held at the end of a snowmobile race. jeffpolice in anchorage say palin's son track and daughter bristol were there. witnesses say track got into a fistfight with a man... and bristol even threw a few punches. no one was arrested... but the palins were asked to leave. michael che will replace cecily strong on the "weekend update" anchor desk. che will be taking strong's spot for the 40th season of saturday night live. he will serve as co- anchor alongside colin jost, who the desk about halfway through last season. both jost and strong were placed on the show after longtime anchor and writer, seth meyers, moved to te nightly "late night" slot in february. strong will remain a full-time member of the "s-n-l" community. a high school student in upstate new york is fighting for the right to make this his senior yearbook photo. draven rodriguez wanted the picture to include two of his favorite things ... his cat, "mr. bigglesworth", and lasers.
4:47 am
school officials said it doesn't fit their format. but they also said that if it's not included in the portrait section, it will be added somewhere else. why not? >> that is the best picture in the history of the world. >> it's sort of looks like you that we like it so much. i just call it out. >> mr. nichols worth. that was my name in school. even have the same hair. >> a cloudy and cool this morning. light like a factory in downtown. glen school chicago checking in a 54. its 54 in calumet city. mid-50s at soldier field. in mchenry its 45. 46 in crystal lake. we make it to the 50s today. 21 degrees below average. lakefront stuff then we
4:48 am
all have that chance for a shower later. sunshine sunday. back into the '70s by tuesday. slowly but surely it warming up. >> look at the rewet roads. slicker conditions limited visibility. this all could change based on what we said about the morning rush we may have more sprinkles coming down the will add to the commute to time for this morning drive in. a quick update on this earlier accident. fatal accident is that 88 everything was shut down for some time. looks like everything has opened again. this was a fatal accident, a wrong way driver killed on impact. driver of the other car was airlifted to the hospital reportedly in serious condition. on the rails, union pacific west starting this weekend where they
4:49 am
have a track construction causing the delays and really kicking off on monday. that will last for about a month. they will have shuttle service back- and-forth. breaking down some of these changes as well as changes to the green line the kickoff tomorrow. >>it's always a tough decision when you have to say good bye to your pet. "pet memorial day" is sunday. dr tony kremer is here with more on this very personal decision. dr. tony kremer ... thank you for joining us. i have to admit i didn't know there was a pet memorial day. >> there is a day for everything. a good time to recognize the importance of remembering a beloved lost pet. at the same time it's a good time to think about the future. probably the toughest decision people who have pets will make. it's something a lot of people put out of their minds of the don't have to think about it. but there's lots of things to
4:50 am
consider before you get to a point where you have to make these tough decisions. >> i know it's a sad topic but let's talk about these decisions. at what point do you decide maybe it's time to put your job or your cat to sleep? >> what is the right time? something to talk to your veterinarian about when it comes to the medical part. so you can find out what are the chances of treatments helping your pet or curing them or just try to make them more comfortable? once you have the discussion, look at does your pet have more good days than bad days? during the normal things they enjoy like playing? chasing a ball? are they losing weight? these are questions that will help you make that decision and find out if indeed it you're closer to that time. >> a lot of people may be deciding whether to keep their pets alive based on cost. have you seen cost come down to some
4:51 am
of these procedures. >> to be honest, and that jury medicine we are able to do so many more medical procedures for pets much like humans to the point where sometimes cost is an issue. that is the discussion to have with your veterinarian. what of the chances of these treatments of protocols are actually giving our pet better quality of life? just keeping them alive is not important. we want good quality of life. sometimes you have to weigh that to whether you go through extensive treatment. >> pet moral day is on sunday. >> think about a. talk to your veterinarian. talk about it with your family. even within a family there's lots of different decisions on when the right time is. if you think about it beforehand he could decide how you are going to take care of your pet and that to make a big difference and be easier when that time comes. >> thank you for coming in. >> to keep up with dr. tony
4:52 am
huang on twitter and through his e-mail. coming up, see what movies its dean predicts will knock guardians of the galaxy for the top spot at the box office. >> a hand, it's not that one.
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up to a hit from a few years ago, about rescued dolphin "winter", who was nursed back to health and surviving with a prosthetic tail. the entire cast is back again, looking to find a companion for "winter". dean says the story is sometimes a little simple, in which names like harry connick jr, ashley judd and morgan freeman, seem wasted.... but it's the dolphins who are the real stars. it's a deans list "b" "the drop" stars "dark knight" villain, tom hardy and james gandolifin in his final film. it's a confused story about a soft-spoken bartender whose saloon is a drop-off point for the russian mafia's dirty money, dean say, the story is watered down by several unnecessary sub-plots... only one is interesting, thanks to gandolifini in his most "tony- soprano-ish" character. "skeleton twin" stars snl favorites kristen wigg and bigg hader, who play brother and
4:56 am
sister brought together after 10 years apart. dean says, wigg and hader are great, but in a meandering story and overly artsy direction distracts from their genius, who came so close to charming several times, but could never seal the deal. it's a dean's list "c plus".
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