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tv   WGN Morning News  CW  September 18, 2014 4:00am-5:01am CDT

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more than a dozen suburban firefighters are trying to get home -- after getting stranded in mexico after hurricane odile. we'll hear from them in a *live report. the senate is expected to vote today on a plan to combat isis in syria, as australia pulls off a massive terror raid. and bears' receiver brandon marshall is thrown into middle of the n-f-l abuse scandal. details, coming up. good morning. i'm lourdes duarte. and i'm tonya francisco in for dan. thanks for joining us on the wgn morning news at *4 a-m. demetrius ivory has a check of our weather. good morning, demetrius. he is surrounded by ladies today. >> walked in today and said fantasy football, and up next we are going to talk about changing
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your tires. >> of but iraq talk about the lingerie bowl. >> use of the bright lights go on. we dedicate this forecast to have a very. just of the guys could watch. blows in the mid- 60s today. temperatures are on the cool side. it's 54 a chicago. yesterday we were down in the upper thirties. there is a bit of improvement there. visibility looks like this. with a two and a half mile visibility was some fault. be on the lookout for fog early on. satellite composite shows dry conditions. the next chance of rain is this weekend. cooler than normal today. 66 degrees by 5:00 p.m.. the 3 day forecast shows we are up to 67 this afternoon. 2 mi. high 76
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degrees. saturday, a warmup into the low 80s by the afternoon. next brought to talk action movies. >> i've had a cold for a week and have so i take no responsibility for better responses. outside, we have some good news for people over by oak brook terrace south bound 83 the great plane had been closed but it looks like the family picked that up last night. it should be a much easier drive for people who have been trying to get through that area since monday. ongoing work of the jane addams bridge has everything shifting over from 31 to 25 that is to stretch of east than 90 at the fox river bridge. that will be in place for some time causing delays. right now volume is light. no big backups but we are watching that. more travel times and traffic hotspots coming up.
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>>25 hoffman estates firefighters are still trapped in mexico's cabo san lucas this morning... after hurricane odile. nancy loo is in hoffman estates with the latest on their efforts to get home. >> growing concern with every hour. over one dozen firefighters from the department, friends and relatives stranded at a mexican resort in what should have been a week in paradise for a destination wedding. but the hurricane slammed into the area on sunday, one day after the wedding. a category 3 storm causing widespread damage, and electricity is out, many groups are still not passable. looting is said to be rampant. thousands of americans are among the stranded tourists camped out in the resort. we spoke with the lieutenant last night and he
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described the conditions as desperate and dire since food and water are running low. about 50 people from the northwest suburbs had converged on the resort for the wedding with no electricity, very limited flight activity at the airport. and getting there is a challenge. >> there is no safe transport for us to airport anywhere in the area. it's going to turn bad. we are worried if we get onto one of these taxicab still tickets to an area and take our money. >> help and relief should arrive today. american airlines just announced added flights out of the area along with the drop-off of humanitarian supplies. also, federal and illinois state officials have been in touch with the mexican government along with the officers from
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senator kirk and senator dick durbin. back to you. >>another n-f-l player has been arrested and charged with domestic violence. jonathan dwyer is the back-up running back for the arizona cardinals. phoenix police say they arrested him for two incidents that happened in july, but they were not reported until last week. they involve a woman and their 18-month old child. dwyer faces several charges including aggravated assault causing a fracture and assault involving a minor. the cardinals deactivated dwyer after his arrest. the carolina panthers placed defensive end greg hardy on the "exempt commissioner's permission list." that's the same thing the vikings did with adrian peterson cash following his child abuse charges. hardy is appealing his conviction for assaulting and threatening his ex-girlfriend. he's getting a new jury trial on november 17-th. like peterson, hardy is now barred from team activities
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until his case is resolved. the panthers let hardy play their first game, but then they deactivated him for last sunday. bears receiver brandon marshall's troubled past is resurfacing. attorney gloria allred held a news conference with a friend and the father of rasheedah watley. they say n-f-l commissioner roger goodell never took them seriously, or investigated, when marshall was accused of hitting watley in 2006. he was found not guilty of battery charges in 2009. yesterday's presser did not involve any new accusations. allred says the n-f-l needs to consider the victims in domestic violence cases. >> of victims are entitled to process. how can the nfl have a hearing and put a penalty or fail to put a penalty on a player if it doesn't interview the victims or excludes them from the process? >>since his legal troubles, marshall has since been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. he has not been arrested during his time with the bears. last night, the bears issued a
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statement supporting him. the senate votes today on a bill to arm and train moderate rebel groups in syria, to stop a takeover by "isis" terrorists. the house endorsed the bill yesterday... but passage in the senate may be less certain. >> i want to in particular think speaker john painter and democratic leader nancy pelosi for showing us that when it comes to america's national security, america is united. >> i strongly believe if our military arms and trains rubbles we will be involving ourselves in a ground conflict that we cannot resolve. potentially everyone involved would be our enemy. >> 40 nations have pledged support for the fight against "isis." one of them, australia, just detained more than a dozen muslims suspected of plotting a series of so-called "demonstration killings." police say their action disrupted at least one pending attack.
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taking a look at the *other top stories this morning. close call for an 8-year-old boy. he was shot in the face but survived and will be ok. it happened on the south side last night at 77th and loomis. the child was taken to the hospital with a graze wound to the nose. police say this was the result of a domestic dispute between two older males. the boy is listed in good condition. chicago police are searching for the man who attacked a 14- year- old girl as she was walking to school yesterday morning, in the 47-hundred block of south evans. police say the man pushed the girl down and tried to remove her pants. she got away. anyone with information on the incident is urged to call police. a third person has been arrested in the shooting death of a retired chicago police sergeant. nicholas heisler is in custody in indiana, awaiting extradition to illinois. he and two teens are accused of killing 73-year-old elmer brown during a home invasion last march. police say the three forced their way into brown's home on the far south side, thinking brown kept a lot of cash in a safe.
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a woman from highland park will serve at least three and a half years in prison, for driving high on inhalants, and hitting and killing a little girl. carly rousso passed out behind the wheel of her father's car in 2012. the car plowed into a family on a sidewalk. 5-year-old jaclyn santos- sacramento was killed. her mother asked for a 14-year sentence for rousso. defense lawyers asked for leniency, given rousso's childhood traumas with bullying, rape and a dog attack. prior to the sentence, the defendant once again offered an emotional apology. >> i want to say i am so sorry for what happened back then. i wish it would have been me. >>rousso actually got a 5-year sentence and a 4-year sentence. but they'll run concurrently... and she could knock a year and a half off her sentence with good behavior in prison. state senator's name came up in
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a trial about a possible bribe. the trial involves a man charged with illegally lobbying lawmakers on behalf of the government in zimbabwe. lawyers want to cross-examine him about allegations he was given $2,000 during an undercover sting. the d.a. says no evidence he ever accepted any of the bribe money. >> cruz and wisconsin working to clean up a spill in at a dairy farm. 640,000 gal. of menorah leak from a storage facility near green bay. officials say the spill was contained before it could reach a nearby creek. but, others are worried about groundwater contamination and the smell. the clean-up is expected to take several days. >> you would have to got uncovered some sure you would be a word about that smell.
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>> today, temperatures are agreeable. cooler than normal readings this afternoon. right now at the old st. mary's school we have a nice number. here at soldier field its 57. cooler elsewhere. in one chicago its 45. no rain coming today. some clouds. not too many. mostly sunny skies high-temperature 67. to book a high 74. mars has 76. saturday we warm up more with the highs reaching 81. sunday we cool down after a cold front moves through. sun is high, 73. >> you caught me with my tea. coming up, the hunt continues for a pennsylvania cop killer as we learn more about his terrifying life. plus -- an uproar in wisconsin, where some stores are selling "slenderman" costumes. why they're not coming down. and -- ahead in about 30
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minutes -- reggie bush is under fire for his comments on how he disciplines his one-year-old child.
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piecing together a profile of the sniper who, they say, shot two troopers, one fatally. here's what they've got so far. eric frein is described as a loner. acquaintances say he has made angry statements about the police. he also belongs to a group that
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re-enacts military battles. right now he's believed to he hiding in the woods near the town of blooming grove, where the troopers were ambushed outside their barracks during a shift change. the ferguson police officer who shot and killed michael brown, told his story to the grand jury. a local newspaper reports officer darren wilson spent four hours on the witness stand yesterday. witnesses say wilson shot brown while he was surrendering, but police officials say the two were fighting over the officer's gun. wilson had only told his version of events to investigators. a grand jury, of seven men and five women, will decide whether he will be charged with a crime. a controversial halloween costume is being sold in wisconsin, where the character has struck a nerve with many residents. costumes of the fictional internet character "slenderman" showed up at "party city" and "spirit" halloween stores in the milwaukee area. here's why this is controversial...two local 12- year-old girls who stabbed a
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classmate 19 times, and left her to die in the woods last may ... said they did it to impress "slenderman". spirit's parent company says they carried the costume before the incident. it's taken nasa's maven craft 10 months and 442 million miles to get there. but nasa's latest mars- explorer... is geared up to enter the planet's orbit sunday night. the maven will help scientists figure out how ancient mars changed so dramatically to the planet we know today. it will be the first mission devoted to studying the upper martian atmosphere. scientists believe that will help them understand the history of climate, water and habitability on the red planet. >> sounds like hard stuff. >> that is cool. that should have been my story. when there is something big you are there around the city. but if it is mars, it should be me. >> live long and prosper. i can do that.
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>> this is not cool. let's take a look at the day. you are going to send me to the unemployment line. here are the core current temperatures. two point is that 49. it's 52 in waukegan. in 45 in aurora. temperatures are cooler today. we still have a warmer temperatures overnight but as a travel to the south and west we will be in the mid '40's and even lower in some areas. talking about dry conditions today. further across the region is the same thing. a weak cold front to the north. it won't really get here. high pressure remains in control ring as sunshine. typical high 74. we're not even close this afternoon we hit the upper 60s. tomorrow is a different story we are on the backside of that high. warm air coming in from the south and west. that means we will see our
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temperatures back into the '70's and even the '80s as we get near saturday. today's high 67. 76 degrees tomorrow with sunshine. saturday we make 81 to greece. >> the morning. a quick look outside. dan ryan already taking out three lanes leaving a single lane for people trying to get through. that's the inbound. follow us along at 18th street car fire causing big delays. even the singling getting by is hitting the brakes hard to check it out. big issues for people on the dan ryan. resurfacing work from laramie to pulaski. that will result in learning closures through the middle of november. if you other spots out there will talk about coming up. >> she's the best looking traffic person ever.
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>> if i could just change my voice would be all good. >> coming up, on line therapy, does it work? and apparently a black market for the blood of the ebola survivors. we will tell you about that coming up. >> and he's out for the season, but charles stillman sounds like someone who was not ready to retire. >> we are talking about a brand new music festival kicking off this weekend in chicago. we will tell you about the foundation mentoring young people here in the city. and do you have a pet question? post a question for our resident a veterinarian dr. tony. or send us a message and we will answer the questions live monday morning at 4:00 a.m..
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back to practice preparing for the jets charles stillman will be on the practice field but not in uniform. in good spirits last night at avery branding party, torn triceps sunday night toward again is more accurate, it devastated for one of the
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leaders. out for the season, we too early to talk about his future. he is playing well and now he's an adviser. >> taking a back seat. if i see something out on the field i could help out with, if you lend me his year i will tell him everything and anything he wants to know. >> at wrigley field wednesday picking up minor league player of the year award. aa and aaa. he's currently on vacation. he was told to take september off after this season he had. ever the wonders when he will show up in a cubs uniform. >> that is not up to me. it's up to the guys in charge. my job is to make it hard with them. i've done that this year that's all i'm going to do for the rest of my career. a local of there for
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spring training and give it all i got. watching all these guys up here, it's definitely fun. definitely gives me the extra drive. going to work real hard so i can join them next year. >> continuing tonight against dodgers. the white sox had to tampa bay for the series. >>and in baseball --- the sox scored first, but it didn't take the royals long to take the lead in the third inning. the sox lost 6-to-2. and the cubs beat the reds, 3- to-1, and sweep the three-game series. the dodgers come to town tonight. markets closed on a high wednesday. dow gained 24 points, closing on a record high. nasdaq up 9 points. s-and-p gained 2 points, passing the 2-thousand mark again. can online therapy really reduce stress and anxiety? the study by surrey university
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and the mental health foundation says it can. it specifically explored 'online interventions' using practice of mindfullness. in psychology it's the practice of developing awareness of thoughts and allowing them to pass. it found the intervention can reduce negative work-related anxiety and also, improve sleep quality. >> what to sing? >> do we use it? >> maybe not-. >> just take a nap. it will help you. >> everybody else is up at 4:25 a.m. ... there you are. anything about sleep, i am asking for tips. 66 is our temperature tonight. now we go to erin for traffic. >> just because i have coffee doesn't mean a one it. traffic
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heading inbound. car fire on the dan ryan. speed bumps as slow as 14 mi. per hour leading up to this. three left lanes are down at 18th. that's the big ticket item on the roads. some road work on the edens, to left lanes down until 5:00. that's a look at traffic. >> coming up, a real holiday grinch who stole hundreds of toys from charity. >> and a possible motive in the murder of five children in south carolina. what the former illinois man said about his kids. and the polls are open in scotland where voters are working to break away from the bed kingdom. >> and the rudest and grossest >> and the rudest and grossest airline passengers
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looks like we're about to board. mm-hmm. i'm just comparing car insurance rates at is that where they show the other guys' rates, too? mm-hmm. cool. yeah. hi. final boarding call for flight 294. [ bells ring on sign ] [ vehicle beeping ] who's ready for the garlic festival? this guy! bringing our competitors' rates to you -- now, that's progressive. here is a picture of the
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destruction that left more than a dozen firefighters stranded in mexico. >> of new development in the suitcase murder from bali. why a new lawyer has joined the case. >> and brendan marshall is in
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the middle of the nfl of the scandal. >>good morning, i'm tonya francisco in for dan. and i'm lourdes duarte. let's go to demetrius ivory for a check of the weather. hi, demetrius. >> we are warning that a bit today. are people like in the weather or hitting it? cooler than normal. >> maybe not the mornings. >> 55 degrees is the current temperature. we are dry. it's been that way for some time. cooler than normal for seven days in a row. this will change but not until the weekend when high pressure finally breaks down. today, 66 degrees by 5:00 p.m.. if you like the cooler temperatures you'll like today. typical high is 74. 67 will be the high today. 76 will be our high on friday. sunshine there. rain returns coming our way saturday afternoon and evening.
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sunday's temperatures drop. next week is like this week with cooler than normal temperatures. erin, and nobody believes you were sick. >> if i cough and off you may get some sympathy. maybe not with this crowd. this is the car fire with been watching. all lanes completely closed down in bound at 18th. still a big issue. single lane out there. on top that with construction on the kennedy. after the dan ryan this is when you get. this is outbound a cumberland. two right lanes closed until 5:00. causing a minor back up. a lot of areas where we have construction try to get this done early on. we will break this down for you coming up. >>25 hoffman estates firefighters are still trapped in mexico's cabo san lucas... after hurricane odile's devastating storm over the weekend. w-g-n's nancy loo is in hoffman estates with the latest details on the story.
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>> good morning. a lot of concern here lately over two dozen firefighters, their friends and relatives stranded at a mexican resort. it should have been a week in paradise for a destination wedding. but the hurricane slammed into the area on sunday, a day after the wedding of a veteran firefighter group. the storm caused widespread damage, electricity is out. many roads are not possible. looting is said to be rampant. thousands of americans are among the stranded tourists camped out in the resorts. we spoke with the attendant last night. he described the conditions as desperate and dire saying food and water are running out. about 50 people from the northwest suburbs have converged on the resort for the
4:33 am
wedding. no electricity leaves a limited flight activity. getting there is also a challenge. >> no safe transport for us to an airport anywhere in the area. it's going to turn bad. we are really worried if we do get on one of these taxicab's they will take this out to an area to take our money. >> this situation should improve today. a number of airlines have announced added flights out of the area today. and federal and illinois state officials have been in touch with the mexican government about adequate security, food and supplies. >> it seems the grinch has visited catholic charities of lake county. toy thieves stole about 150 toys and gifts from the charity... which were left over from last year. the items were stored in a building on lewis avenue in
4:34 am
waukegan. now the charity is asking the community for new donations. last year, catholic charities was able to distribute 15- thousand gifts to families in need... helping make their holidays a little brighter. the n-f-l continues to face new allegations of domestic violence. this time it's an arizona cardinal who has been arrested. backup running back jonathan dwyer was arrested in phoenix. he faces several charges, including aggravated assault. the alleged incidents involved a woman and their 18 month old child in july. but they were not reported until a week ago. the cardinals say they deactivated dwyer when they heard about the arrest. the issue of domestic violence in the n-f-l is digging up chicago bear brandon marshall's past. attorney gloria allred held a news conference, in atlana, with a friend and the father of rasheedah watley. they say n-f-l commissioner roger goodell never took them seriously, or investigated, when watley accused marshall of hitting her in 2006.
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marshall was found not guilty of battery charges in 2009. allred didn't make any new accusations, but she says the n-f-l needs to consider the victims in domestic violence cases. >> victims are entitled to due process. how can the nfl had a hearing and put a penalty or fail to put a penalty on a player if it doesn't interview victims or excludes them from the process? >>since his legal troubles, marshall has since been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. he has not been arrested during his time with the bears. last night, the bears issued a statement supporting him. taking a look at the *other top stories this morning. an 8-year-old boy was shot in the face on chicago's south side. it happened last night at 77th and loomis. the child was taken to the hospital with a graze wound to the nose. police say this was the result
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of a domestic dispute between two older males. the boy is listed in good condition. a judge sentenced carly rousso of highland park to five years in prison -- 3 and a half with good behavior -- for the impaired-driving car crash that killed 5-year-old jaclyn santos- sacramento. rousso huffed a cleaning chemical, passed out behind the wheel of her father's car, and plowed into jaclyn's family on a sidewalk, two years ago. a new lawyer is joining the case of heather mack, the chicago area woman accused of murdering her mother in bali, and stuffing her body into a suitcase. mack is three months pregnant. she retained the lawyer to ensure that her unborn child gets proper medical care in the event mack is sent to prison. australian authorities have rounded up a dozen muslims suspected of plotting "demonstration killings" in support of "isis." and later today, the u.s. senate votes on a bill to arm and train moderate syrian rebels to fight an "isis" takeover. there is word that they've captured 16 villagers in northern syria in just 24 hours.
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the father of five murdered children in south carolina, says he was afraid of them. that's the explanation timothy jones junior is reportedly giving to the police. jones had custody of the children, ages 1 to 8, after he and their mother were divorced. when jones was arrested earlier this month, he led police to a roadside in alabama where the children's bodies had been dumped. a sheriff's affidavit says, jones was afraid his kids were going to kill him, and feed him to their dogs. texas carried out the rare execution of a woman who was convicted of killing a child. >> the united kingdom has held together for more than 300 years but advocates for independence citadel like the current government. people as young as 16 are being allowed to vote. the poll suggests it will be a close call. the ebola crisis has created a black market for *blood. survivors of ebola have antibodies in their blood that can help fight off the virus. american aid worker rick sacra
4:38 am
is being threated in nebraska, with blood from fellow american kent brantly. this is not a proven cure, but the world health organization says more patients are trying to buy survivors blood from the black market. demand is rising since hospitals in west africa are overflowing with patients. but this can also spread more diseases. 25-hundred firefighters are battling an out-of-control wildfire in northern california. the fire is threatening more than 2-thousand homes and another 15-hundred structures... as flames consume huge swaths of timber land east of sacramento. hundreds have been ordered to evacuate. the fire has burned nearly 44 square miles of trees and brush and is only 5 percent contained. in the town of weed, fire destroyed 110 homes and damaged 90 more. it's 60 percent contained after burning 375 acres. nik wallenda is facing obstacles well before he plans his tightrope walk over the chicago river. wallenda plans to walk on a rope from marina city's west tower to the leo burnett
4:39 am
building on november second. he will then walk, on the ground, to marina city's east tower before he walks another wire to the west tower. wallenda says he has to train for how cold it could be. wallenda is not using a harness or a safety net. >> the only thing i can't plan for is how cold it is. i will train in the wind. i will train in of the rain. i do everything to inspire people. i want to inspire them to go for their dreams. that's what it's all about. >> not using a harness, not even a safety net. but a state law requires that he takes some kind of precaution in case of a fall. city officials say they're talking with the state about that. a former flight attendant is using social media to shame passengers who behave badly. she created the facebook page
4:40 am
"passenger shaming". it features countless photos of actual passengers with their shoes and sock off, putting their feet up ... or even clipping their toe nails. others are of men who take their shirts off. then, there are the ones of disgusting things people leave behind ... like a diaper in the seat pocket, chewed gum in the safety card and even dentures on a seat. which is worse? dentures or clipping the toenails? >> cook in the toenails. >> what about underwear? >> that is hair? >> think of all that toad jam. >> what a way to go. >> good morning hope you're eating breakfast. here are the current temperatures. wind is at 3 mi.. another nice day but we are cooler than normal. typically we should be in the
4:41 am
'70s. not close to that today. mid to upper 60s. 48 in berlitz. 46 in dekalb. we are looking for fog this morning. not much. but current visibility is 2 mi.. just south of lansing would drop down to about 5 mi.. you can stay dry but we could slow down a bit. samlet composite shows we are dry. no chance of rain today or tonight or tomorrow. best chance of rain is this weekend. 67 degrees today. cooler along the lake. stay cool tonight. the three days forecast shows from its high 76. back to you. >> still ahead, toronto's crack smoking mayor about to begin at chemotherapy for cancer. and reggie bush is defending his comments on punishing children in the wake of the nfl abuse scandal. >> and trending, one-of-a-kind
4:42 am
job offer from a rap star.toronl
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undergo 40 days of chemotherapy to treat his cancer. he's in the
4:45 am
hospital with a rare type of cancer. the tumor is growing in his abdomen. doctor said it will use chemotherapy to shrink the tumor. his cancer forced him to drop out of his reelection bid. his brother is taking his place. here are a few stories trending online. detroit ryadetroit lionh is defending his remarks on corporal punishment. on tuesday he was asked about the adrian peterson child abuse case, when bush said he disciplines his one year old daughter. yesterday he said that he doesn't spank his one year old and that he should have kept the discipline methods private. he also said some of his words were taken out of context. apple's new operating system is here... but without the health- kit fitness apps. ---that's delayed for a couple weeks due to a bug.
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did it? health and above?some features you will find include -- sports scores and weather updates. you can also answer phone calls on a mac, and ask siri to identify what song is playing on the radio. *i-o-s eight is available to i-phone four-s, five, five-c and five-s owners. one of the most recognizable motorcycles in america is going on the auction block next month. and a rapper is hiring a personal blunt roller. the perfect candidate would make a yearly salary of $50,000. some things to do come in handy. to apply simply use the high shagged i cannot roll. he said later on the position had been filled. but if he doesn't fulfill his duties he will be it replaced. >> he's not the first one. snoop dog has had one for years. it's
4:47 am
hard to get that job. >> you have to roll the dice and tight. >> let's move on! >> you have to roll. he does like six an hour. but stich a look at our day. 46 degrees is the current temperature in homewood. visibility looks ok. in joliet 2 mi. is not bad. we are on the lookout for some fog. sublets composite shows dry conditions. we stayed dry for the day. by 9:00 p.m. we're down to 60 degrees. in the 70 forecast, 67 degrees thursday. tomorrow we're back up to 76. saturday we make 81. think about your demo. who's watching us this time of the morning? >> dan asked for thursday and friday off ... that's right.
4:48 am
this is a car fire. all lands just reopened they were able to get this off to the side. these travel times are recovering. hopefully they will continue to get better in the next few minutes now that they're off the shoulder. with two separate construction projects. the first one at 5:00 this is outbound from morgan. too brightly is out until 5:00. for the to the north, on the edens only the in downside has this. coming into the city, to left lanes are down. squeezing it down to a single lane. watch for that this morning. all the speed limits in place with a construction zone. more traffic coming up. >> good morning. how are you guys doing? >> you look very nice. >> you always look fantastic. even you look great. chicago native launching a music festival this weekend. we will
4:49 am
tell you about the proceeds of a going to the common ground foundation. the organization mentoring young people across the city. >> the foundation has done more for me than the foundation or being a support group they feel like a family supporting me. it's like extension of me. >> one of the more than 60 young people participating in a common ground foundation, in the mentoring program. a team of volunteer mentors guide them through three years of their lives. >> they stay in your life. the down to see you. ec them in everyday life. >> it has taken me away from being out there. >> eric jones is out there as well. >> the mentors take a real look at your life. it's not like is
4:50 am
only one time you see them. the zero is taken up on me every week say haori doing? do need any help? that's like one of the biggest things. they take a real interest. >> the doctor here is the president. >> i would say the foundation is about creating good citizens. taking young people from where they are and developing them and molding them. using various aspects in order to make good contributions to society. >> speaking of creating a contributing members to society, the doctor had some personal experience with that. she is, and smother. >> more than anything i want to prove to the world and hopefully help people live out their dreams. >> i am proud of the
4:51 am
accomplishments he has made in his career. but i'm more proud of the man that he has become. >> when you sit down and think about it, this man could be doing anything he wants to do anywhere in the world. but he chooses to take time out of his schedule to come be with us. he actually cares about us. when he comes to c.s., he's like a regular person. he's like my uncle or something. >> you can see him this weekend. union park on sunday. there are a number of celebrities that will be there. we have special guests will. as well. all they would say is the special guest begins with the letter k. i'm guessing kenny blog vince. you can guess who it is. who would it be? thank you for that. coming up, melissa rivers on tv for a first time since her
4:52 am
mother's death
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4:54 am
fans of the late joan rivers can look forward to a full day
4:55 am
of her on friday. the "e!" network will host "joan day" with an all day marathon of "fashion police," featuring some of her funniest moments. it will end with a 90-minute special called "fashion police: celebrating joan." daughter melissa rivers will join the fashion police family, in honoring her mom. this will be her first tv appearance since her mother's death. it wouldn't be a wedding without a little tequila! good morning. for thursday, more sunshine. high temperatures in the upper 60s. cooler than normal. we are grown to expect our high to reach 57 today. 53 tonight. no rain tonight or tomorrow. chants of storms on saturday. cooler next week. >> and looking at the dan ryan. you can see travel times have recovered. just to give you a reminder, it was as low as 13 or 14 mi. per hour through their
4:56 am
but now that the car fire is on the shoulder everything is looking good at this point. >> your top stories are next.
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