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tv   WGN Midday News  CW  September 19, 2014 12:00pm-1:01pm CDT

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ha chicago police holed four suspects in the shooting death of one of the city's young guest on victims of 2014. and tony smith died after being shot four times. the welcome our viewers or what to mess around the country. livened area central police headquarters with our top story. massive investigation into last month's tragic shooting appears to be yielding results. four young men are in custody. they have been arrested in connection with the shooting of the nine rules. him and
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said bystander in an area primed by gang violence. in areas where rival factions have been battling for control the four men in custody range from age 19. the suspected triggerman said to be an 19 year-old alleged gang member with a tattoo in blazoned across his chest their reeds blessed. >> learn that top police commanders are possibly organizing a press conference later today at 35th and michigan. of course there would mean charges coming down. we talked to the fifth ward aldermen about the problem of street violence which she says is a much larger problem. >> it is an ongoing
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process. it takes everyone. texas city it takes the state. >> it takes everybody to put ian end to this. led the charge and a fund- raiser to offer a reward more than $13,000 in reward money that was put up in order to get information leading to an arrest. it appears for individuals may be in police custody. >> a 16 year-old boiler shot and killed on the city's north side. an officer was injured while responding.
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there may have been two gunmen involved. the boy was shot just before 9:00 p.m. last night. an unnecessary two suspects on bicycles fired on a teenager. no arrests have been made. >> he was taken to hospital in good condition. >> patrick l. wood has more on the warning to parents police on a look of for in trying to spread the word about an incident that happened on the southwest side school. >> as the story goes the kids are recessed about 1130 yesterday when a man pulled a boil off of some playground equipment. staff went to go confront the man and his behavior got stranger. instead of
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walking away he then how'd another girl and another student peer differ on him than he ran away. people here say he ran self. other than that they really do not know where he is app. the career and a gray mustache. he was last seen wearing a jacket and long pants. he wears glasses as well. people we spoke to out here for some of them the parents first time they've heard anything like this. the scary. this is why i walked in to school. it is horrible. >> who knows if this behavior is criminal. they want them to talk to him. find out what is going through his head. we have calls into cbs asking for
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further information. what exactly happened in terms of these seven the information. >> your ass to call chicago police. you're asked to call chicago police. >> there's been a major break in the search for missing university of virginia student. have not elaborated. police executed search warrants for an apartment and a vehicle earlier this morning. some of it reveals a man may have been following the 18 year-old. the video shows the white male looking over his shoulder and then stepping into a doorway. then shows gramm walking with the same man some distance behind her. >> two women have died from the west of virus. >> one woman was in the '70s. the other was in her 80s.
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another to chicago residents of the virus have recovered statewide health officials of the port of 15 cases. i was doing a can of shula and a luxury hotel last month did not approve of his relationship with the daughter. police said 18 all technologies she helped crammed body in a piece of luggage. the result to fill mr. investigation and file with prosecutors before of the detention period ends next month. >> begins deliberating the case of a man charged with murdering his ex- girlfriend and injuring her mother. >> gun down 15 year- old outside of her home in romeoville last forever. there
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were shot as they sat on the car and the driver. prosecutors said my was angry that brown had broken up with him. the mother testified she moved her family from djakarta room grand jury indicted. >> accused of shoving his gun girl then a man's throat. >> placed on desk duty. as a title to a swift trial. >> police have arrested six of illinois university students in connection with sexual assaults. both victims were 18 years old. >> sexual violence on college campuses has been an issue across the country >> the white house launched a new campaign. finally
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getting most of the fire department bac. 16 of the firefighters were stranded in a cup balsamic is for four days. >> took a turn for the worst. the storm's 150 m.p.h. winds cut electricity and grounded flights. >> the tonight show is returning to chicago for the first time in more than a decade. >> 2.4 million books over the summer. many of wager. the mayor made the same bet a year before and when he lost it took the polar plunge. a man asked fallon to take.
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>> asked for your how to get everyone there. with 200 something people that have to go with us. if you have room in your house we will, and we will hang >> he hadn't yet sick and slam my house. nfl commissioner plans to respond to to controversial issues plaguing the league. >> doesn't put on a three day locked down to prevent the spread of ebola. united >> kingdom will stay intact after a >> kingdom will stay intact after a
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running laps as part of a gym class. the running around which is an attention this. >> about 25 minutes. as a stand here right now. a broken finger. >> and we're looking at the greek root canal. some crew members around here. trying to figure how to secure the. can you give. it is 10 ft. deep. is pretty
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amazing. what is sometimes of the part of valor. thankful that she was not injured further. >> is there water down their? >> a lot to feet of water. there's a concrete divider in the middle of this pipe on one side of the divider as a ladder. >> looks like the locals blowing to reoccurrence.
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>> holding news conferences afternoon to address a number of playing the lead over the last two weeks. has been mostly silent. >> at least five plans have been benched or suspended. you cannot watch the news conference at 2:00 p.m. central. police in florida say the man who shot and killed his daughter and six grandchildren was not allowed to have a gun. coleman went after the mass shooting. it is a convicted felon and therefore was not allowed to possess a gun. spent time in prison for accidentally killing his son. he was released in 2006. so far is on known how he obtained a gun he used. no motive has been given for the murders. >> and no one is
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allowed to leave their homes for the next three days. volunteers to use that tough to visit homes and remove people who are sick. ebola has killed about 2400 people in west africa since december. >> a french bombs destroyed air logistics depot in northeast iraq. french president says other operations will follow in the coming days. conducted more than 150 air strike since august. given final approval on a measure to train and arm syrian rebels to fight back. the house and off on the measure on wednesday. >> an american combat troops from the ground. it is hard to determine who the good guys are in syria. u.s.
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intelligence officials. smuggling bombs on planes are heading into the united states. the set was more of an immediate threat. stepping down as first minister. >> the move comes one day after the party was dealt a devastating blow. an historic voter turnout of 85%. >>
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>> the iphone 6 goes on sale. how long the lines are for the new iphone. celebrating national ishrf
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one big story. shares debuted on the stock exchange. the stock is soaring. yesterday, said its price at $60 a share. it quickly shot up to $99. some thai premier two hours behind schedule. the largest ipo in u.s. history. expected to raise $22 billion. the company had revenue of a plafonds billion. would he still says 56 million credit cards were compromised. >> amal where has
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been removed from the networks and the united states and canada. the company has already finished a new encryption program. the breach occurred in april and september of this year. they're offering free and then the protection services to any customer shop during that time. >> and a look of what ta look at what the morning looked like. quite the scene. hundreds of apple fans were lined up to get their hands on the new iphone 6. the first person in line had been waiting since 2:00 p.m. on comes in and
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4.7 in. and features performance of states. 5.5 in.. two of the biggest iphone apple has ever released. here in downtown chicago showing off and phones. we got to get hands-on into the iphone. >> a 4.7 screen which is a little bit larger. microprocessor sorcerer their new ability to attract their pressuretrack and pressur. a group has been stopping to see this. the six plus was really cool. and for which the screen. you'll see red now have it in landscape mode. it
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is really giving you the most usage. >> slides down eligibility. >> he did tell me that this is the most typey has seen for an iphone release. it sold 4 million units already in pre order last week. apple says that as a record for them. it is up to 10 million iphone this weekend. hawks return to the highs.
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the bears as the jets on monday night football. the four starters missed practice yesterday. the bears' offense
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is going against a top rushing defense and york. >> their most dangerous when i get out of the pocket. the coverage cannot hold up all day. they know where they're going on the field we don't. it is kind of like backyard football. >> visiting atlanta on thursday night. falcons update in the second. 56-14. there will hold three days of workouts there before heading back to chicago. more
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than a billion dollars over the salary cap. players will have to be traded before the season starts. scott >> the cubs play three run lead.blew a three run lead. >> they lose 8-for snapping a three game winning streak. game two is right here today. >> that is a look at sports. he might >> that is a look at sports. he might
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a warm-up but maybe a little wet. could be a few scattered thunderstorms late tonight. even more during the way tomorrow.they tomorrow.
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>> and this kind of nice because it is obvious. check this autumn like scene. a banner year his crop of pumpkins. the biggest one ways an estimated thousand pounds. the air photographers grandchildren. >> that is what they're doing right there. in libertyville and illinois. of course flooding has been an issue in the southwest. east of a texas. the remnants still causing some havoc on the air. he sentenced a shot from lubbock texas. you've been there
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before. happenings in rome. send us the shot from the four story room overlooking the piazza barbara and after a sharp past. boy is that beautiful. >> had the camera out and she is flying. >> in the middle of it. a glacier national park. the rope around was closed because there are pleasant conditions. it is always kind of interesting to intercept the first of the year when you're on a trip. it happens there a lot earlier than it does here. a little bit of haze in the area. some moisture returning. it is not humid by any stretch of the imagination. not many clouds in the sky at the moment.
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kostis south wind dominating. pushing temperatures into the '70s today. and as warming by double digits across a good part of the midwest. kind of modesty now. as the winds blow in the heating goes on we will pompey's temperatures up to a little bit more. it is 71 here in chicago. the warm air is taking control after a long stretch of cooler weather. 72 at midway. the dew points still in the upper 40's. they're heading for the mid- 60s tomorrow. that is not a gulf coast level humidity's. >> strong southerly wind blowing. 14 mi. per hour sustained at of hair. the humidity just 49 percent. the water
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temperature at 62 and up. moderate mold spores. here are the sun burned times. tbilisi appear to the north as to whether system that comes in. it is a cold front. behind a pretty good slug of cooler air. that one up here until sunday. no problems today. our model pickup on some scattered showers. the day he took up. they get additional thunderstorm development in the afternoon and evening. at that time we have some windshear around other conditions that support fairly vigorous thunderstorm. i'll look for possible severe weather the storm prediction weather. the most numerous showers and thunderstorms will be in the warmer hours. that doesn't have the most bland see in the air. the area so outlook for severe weather is right here. just
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added a secondary up by the live in northern wisconsin. cold fronts it's right there in the trough line. pumping a southerly wind in here. coming in with gusto. that is why moisture levels increase. a couple of showers to develop tomorrow. this canadian hydrops and. we've been in this territory before. >> try turning north northeast and off the lake. sunday night we could have a couple of little effect rainshowers. >> on sunday only in the mid-60s cubicle: denied monday morning. >> tds up to the west of us. tomorrow we're in the '80s.
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it is kind of nice. blowing in here from the warm her trip from goes through. the drop into the 60s on sunday. some pretty cooler air. some thirties and wisconsin. maybe all in northwest illinois by monday morning. just in time for the official start of autumn. 70 at a hearing yesterday appeared sunday to it that way. the southerly wind is blowing with gusto and warming this up today. already above those levels and some parts of the area. temperatures are fairly warm. here is our forecast. a gorgeous day. we wrapup another workweek.
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high temperatures 77. tonight partly cloudy it will be windy and milder few widely scattered showers. maybe it thunderstorm towards the morning. some clout makes for the first day of the weekend. warmest and 15 days around here. scattered thunderstorms. high temperature of 82 tomorrow south wins develop 12-24. >> some like a perfect lunch hours. we warm up again. a woman than normal. coming into their. we may go into october with warmer temperatures. >> not bad at all.
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is national breakfast month. ceo and executive chef of healthy infused cuisine. he is here with kid from the recipes that pack tons of flavors. also quick and easy. also cost-effective. we're talking about the most important deal of the day. it is very true. it is important to kids get the jump start on their day. >> it is been linked to a positive attitude for kids. making sure to inform his defense if it is true. we're getting started with some very simple healthy but flavorful breakfast options. dallas a pizza. they want the leftover pizza from the night before. i say why
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not turn that pizza and to something for breakfast? >> you're using breakfast food. using breakfast ingredients. this is my shift and hot sauce to other use. it is all natural. a lot of kids are hypersensitive to hot sauce. it is mild. >> you get a lot of the flavor. >> i put a little bit of that on the bottom. >> they have completely different taste buds. this is really 2 servings. the results peppers to divide it.
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>> we're using just a sample of oil. a little bit of the day can there. the kind of scramble among up. >> this is to portions. half ago to one nephew the other half to the other. this is what you get right here. very simple and very easy. >> is really feeling. make sure the healthful stomach when they go. >> they do fruits
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and vegetables. why not do a smooth thie? >> i like your curlicues straw that you have going. you can also put that in a to go cup. >> you can make this stuff the night before peter really kind of half do. it is a lot of work for in the morning. it can be a lot of work but a cool idea that i have for those that are pressed for time is use the ziploc beck's. bags. >> all we have to do is pop in the oven. not your own brand of sauce here. >> kids cannot mind that. one of those young hot sauce was really sensitive
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>> not any more. it is a lot of flavor. kids like flavor. just like adults. >> here is another idea for kids. it is super simple. take a little bit of honey and a little bit of sentiment. it is super simple. >> take this write up of the tray.out of the trade >> happy friday to up of the tray.out of the trade >> happy friday to you.
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and may produce a few scattered showers. in the afternoon that is when we get more act of thunderstorms to develop. they'll be poking out into an active jet stream. this combined to produce what could be severe weather situation in parts of the area tomorrow afternoon and evening. after the war comes as cooler air pores and again. an extended warm spell starts to develop. how to lift. it will be
12:57 pm
punctuated by wind off of the lake. with the jet stream that buckles and brings the cooler air. >> of portland goes very light. this means no organized a grain systems. >> 82 is the forecast. 50-60 percent of the area could get in on those. >> could be a little cooler because of breezes awful the lake. >> more
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len: the dodgers are in town for the weekend. this generations sandy koufax on amount. clayton kershaw goes for his 20th victory. a gorgeous day here at wrigley field. we will be out in the bleachers today. i am len kasper. 8-4, the final. the dodgers took game one late last night. it was a long ballgame. the dodgers put big five spot in the seventh. the cubs played a sloppy game defensively. one error by logan watkins led to four uneru


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