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tv   WGN Midday News  CW  September 24, 2014 12:00pm-1:01pm CDT

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now of her and all of the travelers who evacuated terminal one are in the process of trying to make their flights. >> watching some the country. >> it was an absolute mess. >> you're standing next to me. what time did you get here? >> about 10 minutes ago. is your flight delayed?
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>> not that i know of. >> you heard there is a bad bill was suspicious. >> hi think they should if that is what the report is. it took two hours. would you rather have it be like that? super high alert and really cautious about things? >> to ours is a long time. there has to be some strong suspicion. a lot of emergency vehicles. actually pulled up short-term parking. >> a little
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ambiguity. thank you so much. the board looks like flights are on time. there is an unintended that police were alerted to. evacuated part of the terminal. >> second dog was brought in and apparently confirmed that it was nothing there was nothing there and i was potentially dangerous. they look at it. it was an empty bag. lots of times people do that. they leave banks the combined banks to the understanding that it is a big problem.
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there were far away from a terminal. there were not allowed and. talk to a couple of people. i talk to a couple of guys. actually they just came through when the doors opened. they were understanding there and realize there's something wrong. >> >> problems out here. people as you heard someone to get on their plane. two hours is too long. others say in this world that live in since the city is on high alert with everything that is going on in the middle east they say it is better to be safe than sorry. going to put this
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whole thing up for you. >> thank you for an excellent report. chicago police commander is arraigned on police brutality charges. new details emerged about that long list of other complaints. >> live at the criminal courts building. >> and is an interesting case that rests on a key piece of evidence that both sides feel will actually be beneficial to their case. west side commander has been charged with two counts of aggravated battery. the charges stem from accusations by ricky williams that evans
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shoved a barrel of beef surface of revolvers down his throat. >> placed on desk duty. has pled not guilty. asked to check the bureau of evans gun for dna evidence. based on the conclusion he was relieved of his police powers. >> could be an end is not helpful to us. >> be consistent. nobody ever asked him about.
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>> going to be looking very closely. let not guilty as i mentioned. the back in court on october the 23rd. the attorney says she has not decided. at 26 in california. prosecutors in the murder of a chicago woman must now take a step back and investigation. last week the associated press reported on a rate confessed to >> now an attorney says his client did not confess. the victim's body was found stuffed into a suitcase. a funeral will be held the senate. face serious charges after the discovery of debt
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and neglected dogs. then ariane was arrested yesterday on charges of animal cruelty. the manager was arrested at the clinic. police discovered four dead dogs and a drop off the street at the clinic. it is not clear the clinic was in financial trouble. the last the state to shut it down. of the 96 dogs only seven are expected to recover. the prison escapee is back behind bars. barack out of the correctional center yesterday afternoon. about 250 mi. south of chicago. in prison for possession of a stolen vehicle. eligible for parole in january. , about 3 mi. from the prison walking near highway. been transferred to a maximum security prison. you'll be segregated from other inmates. >> after chaining themselves to a statute. the protesters were taken into custody shortly before
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midnight and charged with criminal trespassing on city property. later released. they chained themselves to a statute outside of the office. to protest plans to close the high school. >> the cardinal had cut back on the schedule because he is being treated for an infection. last weekend spokane washington bishop was introduced as the successor and leader of the archdiocese. >> a reoccurring in faction that he has that is just part of the whole. those are things that are controllable. >> schedule to
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celebrate mass later today. the archbishop is delivering a speech at that meeting as well. >> dozens of high- school students walked out of class >> more tensions flare in ferguson >> more tensions flare in ferguson misery. e.
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mereh x
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we have some breaking news. militants pledging allegiance to isis have reportedly been headed a french mountain climber. a video posted on-line shows the man who is a doctor in algeria on sunday being be headed. the group is called soldiers of the caliphate. showing that >> that the american and british hostages. president obama challenges the united nations to face a growing effort from license. he warned isis' militants to stop fighting for a full cost and leave the battlefield. laid up on he will degrade and destroy him. >> fighting to reclaim the community. we'll use our military might to rule backed. mule
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train and equip forces fighting against terrorists. will work to cut off financing and stop the flow in and out of the region. already over 40 nations have offered to join the coalition. the united states in several countries launched military strikes and serious today. defense officials are now assessing the effectiveness of those attacks. and it will adapt to what we have done. >> it is possible another term leader may have been killed the athenian states has not yet confirmed that. >> president obama also called for global cooperation in the battle against people up. >> supported by our
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military. to help contain the outbreak of ebola. we need a broader effort to stop a disease that could kill hundreds of thousands. >> funny bullet cases in liberia and sierra leone more than a million by january. sterno additional interventions are changes in behavior. the world bank estimates the upper it will cost $163 million. for liberia the worst-case estimates of 228 million. >> a respiratory virus that is harmful to children has spread across more than half of the united states. center for disease control says the virus has turned up in 30 states. including here in illinois the cdc says all of the
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cases except when have been among children. often display cold like symptoms. making a very difficult to breed. children with asthma are particularly vulnerable. an arrest warrant has been issued in the case of the missing college student. several surveillance cameras last spotted her in the early morning hours. police say jesse matty was the last man seen with gramm before the disappearance. and is >> seem to the arrest warrant after the search is apartment and collected clothing. world renowned cancer researcher in charge of poisoning and fellow oncologist because chose another woman over. >> accused of poisoning dr. george moonshine's coffee
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with a sweet tasting chemical that is used with antifreeze. >> left with permanent kidney damage. >> including one in which gonzales' try to convince that the other woman poisoned him. >> protest broke out again. a makeshift memorial was destroyed by fire. tensions soared at a heated city council meeting. about 200 protesters filled the street the window of the beauty shop also was smashed. at least three people were arrested. streets of ferguson has been peaceful over the last few weeks. police said the fire may have been sparked by a candle. hundreds of students teachers and parents are protesting to fight proposed changes by colorado school board.
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>> >> only on the positive aspects of the nation. does not teach civil disobedience >> i think that everything that the board does that affect the teachers it affects the kids as well. >> younger kids to have still not had a chance. i'm worried about their future. >> open the preseason last night. still to come by phone
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as other leading brands to help give him the strong body he needs any time chloe needs a lift. ♪ iams. keep love strong with two times the meat. love the iams difference or your money back. and does not cause bigness. it is important this year. wrigley field will not be the same. >> last video free game. opening day in april will mark the beginning of a new era. >> work on me really feel the renovation project could begin as early as this weekend. >> the cubs are not taking dance for a manufacturer on the left field the video
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board. >> are kind of wish they would preserve the stadium how it is. the old stadium in baseball. that is why people like it. a team spokesman says the organization anticipates a decision will be made on the company by december. the screen will be in place by the start of the 2015 season and a beef you're eating or talking or something and you want to see the instant replay. >> some fans say the screen and content of >> tough he says he
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likes to the idea of added technology. >> york to spend the money and making a better team her neighbor who has lived here since 1966 is helping these construction and related restrictions cannot apply to the handicapped spot.
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>> news that carol maintain a looser policy. the hot >> very positive territory. >> it could be a bit too flexible. >> also banned from time to time. to enter the banking business. the largest retailer is preparing with green the bank to offer a checking account. >> customers can afford minimum balance fees over a draft charges and monthly fees. >> will be sold at
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still tied with two minutes >> the preseason games minette, but the injuries are real. >> both needed stitches after the game. said it was a heck of a game and think the team doctor as well as a sellout crowd. the chicago cubs hosting the cardinals in one of the final games. they blew an early lead. gives up a game-tying home run to matt holiday. stayed tied with two outs in the 10th inning. he drives one to right center field for the walk
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off. >> the wrigley finale againstonight. scraps off the rally with an rbi single. still tied in the bottom of the inning. it's a line drive to left field. the winning run scores. detroit maintains a one game lead over the maintains a one game lead over the roils.
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mereh x
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certainly no complaints today. >> this is something
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called the park. the prison like display of colors. some ibm retractable the ice crystals. you get that part of color. >> is this a beautiful shot or not? 100 percent cloud free day that we saw yesterday in the day before. a couple more clout in the sky today. amazing photographic work. he captured the tumultuous wind tossed like michigan waters.
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>> to look tough waves 10-12 ft.. look carefully in uc a daring to a border in the waves. gives you some idea. you can see that quite right there that propels him through the waters. a fellow. another shot from the st. joseph white house. you see a beautiful sunset. sends us the shot from her backyard bird feeder in portland park. >> that is on sunday night. beautiful colors and eliminating the club. produced by the setting sun. what can i state it is. a little bit of
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a difference. it is these. just enough to assure there will not have a third consecutive 100¢ on the day the way we did yesterday and the day before. >> to completely cloud free days together little high cloud off of this >> will not be reined producers. they come in a month that has had 56 percent of the day is at or below normal. >> it is really welcome around here. going to last through the weekend. and into next weekend. the big cool off coming into the area appeared it is not unprecedented to see warmer air. typically the september beyond september days as an average. even three days of the '80s. warm weather can and does occur from this point forward.
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>> here's this little disturbed area of east of us. >> there is the storm that is setting up a precedent for the warmer weather across the country. >> we will show you some temperatures. see how we stay warm going into early next week. ruby breezes off the lake. >> this could bring snow to the iraqis have hidden. a big change at that time. attend a snowfall forecast. you could see how we start getting some snow at the higher elevations. >> for the moment in the 73 in chicago. >> it was snowing there three weeks
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ago. not today. there'll be a big change their next week as well. 74 at o'hare. each is substantial gaia substantial ga. 73 at o'hare. 72 bartlett. 75 over michigan city. low dew points. rear not tapping into the gulf moisture. that is why it is cooling off at night. >> when it is not terribly cool off at night. with in doing that. southerly winds blowing >> even this afternoon. mold spores are moderate. weed and ragweed on the low side. here are some weather but temperatures from calumet city. o
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cooling is going on along the lake is fairly modest. our university can offer an romeoville showing the beautiful sunny skies filtered by some sunlight filtered by some high clouds there. >> there is the view looking in from the north side. paris, sure. the jet stream that marks the weather system is a critical component to the weather. it is doing some weird things to stay. it arcs way up to the north. >> our models continue. no major rain on the way. could put together eight consecutive rain free days.
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>> a gorgeous day of 74 expected. partly cloudy tonight. a low 54. tomorrow more clout than in recent days. a high of 76 tomorrow. co- star evaporation. we will have more sunshine. it looks like a gorgeous of weekend coming up. >> about as close to perfect as it gets. >> could be a lot worse.
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volunteers consumed. the link may be more mental than physical. could be using all your will power just to hit the gym. some people might consider it their reward. not the best ideas sayers' researchersays research >> big soda is cutting back. reached an agreement with the alliance for healthier generation to reduce calories and beverages by 20% by 2025. companies planning to offer smaller portions of soda and to promote water and other non calorie beverages. also plans to launch an education campaign. >> checking your work e-mail. could be taking its toll on your health.
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german scientists to study more than 57,000 people report those who worked in the evenings and on weekends or more likely to complain of insomnia. study appears in the journal. exactly like the all-star. people think i can drink because i've done these runs. they really have to eat healthfully really have to eat healthfully >>e.
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raising funds which helps kids for clewith class or cleft palate. >> i want to show folks with whom. when we talk about this idea. cut to 400 t. people rely on me at work. just want to feel healthy and enjoy life. >> started eating healthy. a before and after picture. before lost the weight. how much have you lost? >> look at that distance it is tremendous. and this is all good stuff. here's the interesting thing.
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actually gaining weight. >> for me my biggest thing is focusing more on protein as opposed to cards. instead of looking at what you can't eat i look at what i have to eat. i want to force myself to have a couple pieces of fruit. then you work around that. some of the things here that you can see obviously >> next different grains. of protein bars bananas or omens. tomorrow you're doing and 20 mi.. definitely need that energy. as a matter of choosing wisely. for me just to fill up on pasta is not the best use. >> have you lost even more weight? >> i kind of stayed
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steady around that 250 number. muscle weighs more than fat. i try not to focus on the actual number. >> and just wanted to be able to tie my shoes without holding my breath. and is important to set goals and try to achieve it. >> you have tonight a little cooking demonstration for all of the meals of the day. >> has been with us literally every step of the way. a great place to train. >> tell me about the cooking demo. basically coming up with a simple dish.
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as a lot of protein. casual lot of energy. something i like to make. i am by no means an amazing nutritionist. i just know what i like. i am inviting people to come. all the money. my son is born with a cleft. having people come and just hanging out >> that is what we're doing. you have ideas for breakfast and lunch and dinner. kinds of takes you all the way throughout the day. >> i think i know it tastes good. some people hear the word and nutritious and it is a turnoff for the way. here it is just focus on what you know make sense. >> it makes things
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explode with flavor. so many things like that. you will have to give us your number when you get it. you're going to do great. thank you so much for being here. good luck with everything. >> in the west loop. 6:00. healthy cooking them all. tickets are on sale at mariano. the event ticket sales benefit smile train. bank of america chicago marathon october 12th. >> fun some fabulous flavor is there. >> fun some fabulous
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we asked on this day and 1936 the creator of the muppets jim henson was born. whic these chet voice? >>the answer is gonzo. >> may have ended up putting together a string of light eight days. the reason is the big stalled high pressure. developing less word again. this holds the stronger winds shown. runs up to texas and streams up to the plains. stays away from us. keeps the air dry and therefore " that night. the low pressure will begin to lift no. word out of the gulf. and is our first chance of rain. was amazing is
12:58 pm
how like the wind is. this is a wind speed forecast. there is tomorrow morning. single- digit wind velocities. same thing tomorrow evening. when there is a blow lightly in off the lake. here the temperatures to mom. '60s at the lakefront. tomorrow will be any cloudier of the next four- five days. will get son to filter to the clubs. well we're in the seven days there some local nineties out in eastern montana. up to the plains states. that is amazing. we are holding the real heat at bay. there is its depiction of the next seven days showing the warm
12:59 pm
colors dominating the weather here. a chunk of that is going to spill into the country next week. p on the forecast. there'll be a big change the following weekend. 76 inland. 79 degree high- temperature senate and sunday. beech is low and mid '70s. the wind turns off the lake monday. showers could be back in the picture again on tuesday and wednesday next week. what a beautiful wednesday next week. what a beautiful spell of weather.
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