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tv   WGN Midday News  CW  September 25, 2014 12:00pm-1:01pm CDT

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will announce today that he is resigning. we welcome our viewers were watching us around the country. >> will really is stepping down. he is held the top spot at the justice department for nearly six years. he will remain in office until a successor is confirmed. the political analyst says a possible replacement is the solicitor general. it may also play an important factor. given that he is the
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only african- american in the cabinet think there's going to be some pressure. >> i'm getting some sense from the african-american community members that they're not happy. >> is seen highs and lows during his time as attorney general. he has also been out front. the earlier this month >>. ferguson police chief apologizes today to michael brown's family and to those who protested peacefully. i want to say this to the brown family. i'm
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truly sorry for a loss of a son. but also sorry that it took so long to remove michael from the street. >> the shooting sparked large demonstrations. some of them violent. jackson acknowledges most of the protesters were peaceful and are sorry if they feel like he did not do enough to protect constitutional right. there were others who had a different agenda. >> illinois attorney general leading an investigation into the credit and debit card breach of jimmy johnson. live in the loop with details. >> to involving a total of 216 all over the country. no surprise to the attorney general. the illinois based chain is cooperating with her brand new investigation. the
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chain is known for freaky fast gourmet sandwiches. did not deliver news of a data breached. >> one of the situation so or you would not go back necessarily. makes you think of using derek dove occurred are credit-card other places. and his target and my clothes and neiman- marcus. now it is jimmie jones. has added jimmie jones to the list of companies to investigate. there britches' first detected on july 30th. >> my understanding so far is that all they were alerted on july 30th people's information may have been taken
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up to september 5th. we're going to go in and find out exactly how it happened and did they have enough security in place. offering free credit protection. >> 23 of the affected stores are in illinois. 16 and the chicago area including four in the city. >> to live in a world where people are going to do that. hope it does not happen. hopefully the problem will be resolved in fixed in the end. it posted a full list of the jimmy jones locations on our web site. the attorney general manager urges consumers to check their bank accounts for any suspicious activities. also set up transaction alert so you're notified every time.
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>> preschools and like villa are still on soft lockdown because of a police manhunt. police issued the lockdown because of police activity in that area. police say a man ran from around the lake each police into around villa at around 8:30 a.m.. it is not known what the man is wanted for why he ran from police. parents are asked not to go to the schools because no one is allowed to enter or leave. >> and is of playing a role in the killing of the 73 year-old elmer brown. cheyenne killed during a home in the nation.
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>> served on the force. also charged with his murder. several people have been wrought near a red line stop. demanded money. the men sometimes made threats or used physical force. sometimes worked in pairs. emphasizing the need for writers to always be on alert. internet hackers are threatening students opposed to an on-line list of accused rapists at the university of chicago. prompted a last minute demonstration on the hyde park campus. >> the group that first posted what is being called the hyde park west says it is not a rapist or rather individuals sued one friends about because of troubling behavior.
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>> almost 200 students marched silently. an outdoor movie screening. all in response to a threat posted online. >> and was pretty powerful. the organizer to pull together the march in a matter of hours as it refined to a message posted wednesday morning by the vigilante group. they were responding to the weekend post. named current and former students who they say are known to commit to various levels of gender based violence. if
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total in the name of a student activist who is also essential so survivor. she has denied doing so. the posting said feminist social justice of warrants need to be reminded who is boss. this action was not in support of the list. many people who were here did not support it. and is never okay to threaten. >> under federal review for handling of sexual assault cases. says they're working with law- enforcement authorities concerning the access list and run web site. >> much participants decided they need to show love and support.
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now i think something unfortunately has happened that is bad enough that people have to pay attention. at the it ministration needs to respond. >> it has been an eventful week on the usc campus. class is for the new quarter have not even started there. >> getting support on the walk to school. >> now includes 133 schools this year. guard thomas street the garden from home to school for $69,000. funded in part by $10 million grant. the head of the chicago public school says this will help more students focus on the studies. >> 400,000 students.
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fanthe retrial begins. arrest a man in connection with the arrest a man in connection with the disappearance o oe.
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mereh x
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u.s. and coalition partners launched another round of air strikes. air strikes by the u.s. saudi arabia and the united arab emirates targeted dices
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headquarters and checkpoints and syria all france conducted new strikes and the rock. human rights monitoring group says the attacks killed released 14 militants and five civilians. cream that cutting off fyces revenue. u.s. officials estimate the terror group makes at least $2 million a day by smuggling oil refining and producing about 500 bar. a day. then selling the oil on the black market. >> the suspect is now in custody. >> for arrested yesterday on a beach in galveston. believe he was the last person seen what the missing college stood before she vanished nearly two weeks ago. >> opening statements come under way today in the retrial of a florida man accused of killing a teenager. michael
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was convicted of killing a 17 year- old. prosecutors say done kill davis by firing a gun 10 times into a vehicle with fourteens inside. convicted by previous jury of attempted second- degree murder. gun faces nearly 60 years in prison. grandeurs cleared nascar driver of any criminal wrongdoing. in a sprint car ran sony struck and killed kevin ward jr.. the not of his car after a bomb into a wall. he then hit him as he came round the next lap. toxicology request revealed that he was under the influence of marijuana appeared
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>> most of the personal belongings. for more information just checkout our web site. >> the industry may get the green light from a james beard finalist parent he is here previewing this weekend's ishrf
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first update left some people without phone service. others could not connect to blue tooth. problem mostly affected the new iphone 6 model. in an up day in a few days. in the meantime provided direction for a work around. we have more information on how to fix your iphone. >> link to general motors vehicles. maybe first cash offering to about 15 people this week. as set aside $400 million to cover compensation costs on behalf of people killed or injured in crashes. they say were caused by that switch. at least $1 million for each claim or more. hundred and 75 claims were filed just since last friday.
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>> for the aviation association could announce today that it dro will allow the itnes in movie and tv production. >> an industry source says the agency expected to approve term used for all seven. before this week they granted permits to only two companies. both in remote areas. >> bears are coming off a big win. that means they have less time to prepare for the packers. the bears' only held a walk through yesterday and returned to practice today. a broken hand. >> the packers are
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off to a slow start but they have won the division the last two years. following one in two starts. >> it is a green bay packers game. obviously you know we do not like them. i think everybody in the city has some sort of connection to green bay. >> we have to go and continue to keep sending messages. >> causing carnot's planning the final game at wrigley. >> also provided his own offense. breaking a scoreless tie in the fourth. >> to cubs go on to win three-one. they finished 41-40 securing their first home winning record.
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>> the white sox lead the tigers in the sixth. the benches cleared. cooler heads prevail. the timing run would score. still tied next inning. >> five unanswered runs. they lose six- one. got no decision. >> that is a look at sports. a music teacher who is hitting all of the right notes with her hitting all of the right notes with her students. it's about getting to the finish line. in life, it's how you get there that matters most. like when i found out i had a blood clot in my leg. my doctor said that it could travel to my lungs and become an even bigger problem. so he talked to me about xarelto®. >>xarelto® is the first oral prescription blood thinner
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and is proven to help support a healthy immune system. i take care of myself, so i can take care of them. experience the meta effect with our new multi-health wellness line, and see how one small change can lead to good things. our teacher of the month segment is back in session. a show stopper. petition and the spotlight. bursting with self- confidence. >> the sound is so important. i know sometimes they're
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coming and just to release the stress of the day. i now have some untapped potential. our september teacher of the month. she teaches music at the elementary school. >> make great dance moves forward. >> students who entered her name for a teacher of the month consideration. he had multiple surgery to correct the problem but he still felt left out. when he came in last year is such a shy timid fourth grader. he was very timid with his movements. >> as to get into is a class and stay after school for choir. when we start singing and dancing
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in motivating the children every day now those fears are not there anymore. >> goes to mrs herring and it takes the basic music scale to another level. with hand signed going with it. we might add a drum beat. we have to use our fingers. our feet are going to the shoulder with apart. >> >> students who belong to the school choir she conducts have appeared at several venues in the chicago area. says that time spent in the classroom as important. >> and makes them feel good about themselves. it is
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something positive. they start off from scratch. at the end when we perform >> it makes them feel like they have accomplished something great. they feel good about themselves. their self-esteem is built up. their light is shining. >> we like to present to this award >> congratulations. >> if you are a student and have a teacher who is making a difference we want to hear from you. we want to hear from you. e.
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mereh x
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it is very nice. no rain. we think in this couple of days are going to see the rain fade away. the fall colors are a lot. show us the shot from cannon falls. >> beautiful colors. even of last. he is just the act from yellowstone national park. definitely ahead of us. received an
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avalanche of fall. check this one up. in north lake and the appearance with the fiery sky. >> sends us the shot of buckingham fountain. developing a rainbow. one of the largest funds in world. these are the minutes of local clubs. fairly inconsequential. there uc little patch of the clubs. it is interesting that the light winds slowly from ground level upton to the chechen
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levels are contributing to the amazingly colorful some runs. fifth >> probably throwing some particulates in the air. you get these gorgeous sunrises and sunsets. i will tell you one thing. generous funds mix clubs making the skies interesting. the changes later next week to cooler weather. c. the 77th. those are among the the two warmest temperatures of the last two weeks. how does it stay warm around here? does not
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happen for well over another month. >> >> it is 70 at this hour. many locations around town. creeping higher as atmospheric moisture creeps up. some areas have no window. 52 dew point translates to 65. mold, as moderate. >>, kept the temperatures across our area.
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>> that is the shot from our southern suburbs. here is looking in from the north shore. lantos sunshine out in that area. little spotty showers the last couple of days. >> this is where the river system is sweeping northward. some of the moisture from the atmosphere. you can see the doppler plot of rainfall. in our area some cloud mixed today. same thing tonight with just little patches of clubs. tomorrow diesel tend to fade out a little bit. we
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get a couple little shop hours as the weekend goes on. the fact is plain, he the coast. >> cuss and to the cuts into the northwest. one of the most unusual path of events seemed utterly in years. >> you kind of stand as nice as a mass with temperatures in the '60s. the flair with 80 in some spots in the end. here's the big picture. but look at the warmth of here in the plains states. mrs. a
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midsummer pattern. we go into all the men here it is. storm tracks >> still command the jet stream> with the changes out west. when you get a big trough you get a storm to form. that is where the maximum lift is in the atmosphere. the air rushes and at low levels. per metric pressure readings drop. the side of the letter later next week. filters to the extensive highs.
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>> partly cloudy and mile tonight. tomorrow increase sunshine. enough up there to make the sky interesting. beautiful mostly sunny star to the weekend. >> do you realize this is the last weekend in september? >> kind of some action in the face. >> after the summer love some of us are wondering where was summer. >> love got some
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trivia 4 yes.i've got some triva for a >>
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the official droid via more lottery. >> >> the number \ moving on to fireball for pick3. 5-8-9 fireball is 3. moving on to pick4 join us for lotto 3.5 million. mega millions 93 million dollars. >>
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moving on to fireball. that number is 4 >>jackpot 300,000 dollars.
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for interest of breast cancer increases with the widening of the wasteland. women who go up a skirt such
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as every 10 years of a 33% more likely to develop the disease going up to size as it is even worse pushing the chances of cancer up to 77 >> over 08 kane is a risk factor. it may seem that a senior moments. >> more research suggests lapses may be warning signs of remorse serious problem to come. >> could be significant. problems are not showing up on cognitive tests. the diagnosis of mauled cognitive impairment came about 12 years after it started. >> even if they had
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no observational cognitive impairment. >> exercising can lead to more cavities. researchers studied a group found during intense exercising. >> stopping exercise completely will not guarantee a perfect smile. >> another highly regarded chef. so distracted by the smell of cooking in here. >> a finalist for the 2014 james beard award. the 2014 james beard award.
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fixodent. and forget it. an italian meat sauce. an award winning chef. in a children's book coming out. several restaurants in cleveland ohio including the greenhouse tavern. he is in town for this week in chicago corn day. >> i am glad to prepare lunch for everybody today. my absolute favorite meal of all time. >> it is the simplicity. >> what i like to do is fit this similar to all of the recipes. a simple ratio that everyone can get involved in. >> you can make
12:51 pm
recipes just like this. the ratio is one detail 21 egg to 1 c. of flour. is that simple. i'm going to have a mix up my leg and to the mount vesuvius. >> i'm gun to jump in with my hand. i'm going to put air little bit of sage leaf, the branch. a little bit of butter. those are essentially going to seize and the butter. i like to take the seeds directly out of the women. >> you want to flower your hands
12:52 pm
before you work with any doubt. i'm going to pull this together. and help keeps it off of your hands. >> i'm just pulling out a little bit. the humidity is different every single day. we do not want to overwork this. if i'm working too fast for everybody make sure you show up this sunday to the event. we will demonstrate this recipe. we made a little cake. the next act as we're done to make >> you can jump in here. let's roll this out into snake form. >> we will take those and cut them into little pillows. >> this reminds them
12:53 pm
of in and out of wood. i'm going to drop these into heavily salted water. i would like to let them sit for lennar. >> i do not like to boil too hard. we're preparing these very soft the delicate colors. >> you just want to have just enough to cover the base of it. >> i have to that actually dropped in there. i'm going to get these babies out.
12:54 pm
>> this is so easy. we want to make sure you pull that off of the heat to you do not flame up too much. i'm gonna take my place and we're going to take one of these as they're getting color. liggett and nice and crispy. i'm going to pull out my lemon. i have already put a little bit of freshly grated parmesan. we're going to take one more of these babies. >> it is delicious. we're running out of time. that looks amazing. >> chicago corn may goes on all weekend. it is on its eighth annual year. his
12:55 pm
demonstration. >> chicago corp. may sunday at 1230. the millennium park. to learn more go to if learn more go to if
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you know.... there's a more enjoyable way to get your fiber. try phillips fiber good gummies. they're delicious and an excellent source of fiber to help support regularity. mmmm. these are good! the tasty side of fiber. from phillips the first female u.s. supreme court justice. who seek did you filhe fell off? >> the good stuff is going to continue through the weekend. i wanted to show you a high temperature map from yesterday just to show you how warm it is out west.
12:58 pm
among the readings of their boise idaho yesterday hit 95. the reason that is interesting is because with this 10 day animation.look at this 10 dy and the leaanimation. >> you'll see the cooler colors diving into the west. the lead chicago but they're going to set up a storm. this is a 10 day snowfall forecast. an area in the '90s yesterday. >> for us it is just one to get cooler at that time. a week and half off. these are current ratings.
12:59 pm
readings >> that is the norm mata. that is warmer than the normal high this time of the year. it is going to stay in place. high pressure is locked in. in graphic form here is our 7 day forecast. >> 77 monday. a first chance of rain may not be until wednesday or appears may not be until wednesday or appears to it. stem,
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the people are represented by two separate yet equally important groups: the police, who investigate crime and the district attorneys who prosecute the offenders. these are their stories. greevey: the computer age. logan: they made mistakes before computers. greevey: mixing up a homicidal maniac and a turnstile jumper? "bruno walker" sounds like "brutus walker." yeah, only brutus carries bigger guns. here, 2330 saint nicholas, apartment 4-d, mills. my money says we get nothing out of the girlfriend. really? where's the first place you'd go you get released early? plus, rumor has it, she's been hooking out of her apartment. oh, how entrepreneurial. while her man's in the slam. ( screaming and crashing ) greevey: officer rennick, miss sandoval, you know this gentleman? sandoval: he came from walker's girlfriend's apartment. rennick: i never seen this guy. well, it ain't walker, brutus or bruno.


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